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📺 | 2.5-dimensional actors' drama "I'm home! Three brothers in the small" Finally on air on 21st tomorrow!

Photo (C) Three Brothers Koyamauchi Production Committee

The 2.5-dimensional actors' drama "I'm home! Three brothers in the small house" is finally on air on 21st tomorrow!

If you write the contents roughly
《Recently, Kei Tanaka has appeared too much in the drama, and I'm tired of it, and my face is noisy》
《I'm tired of Kei Tanaka and I didn't know what was “Kiwado” >>
《Kei Tanaka I'm tired of it.
《This person liked the supporting characters rather than the main characters》
《I'm tired of it, Kei Tanaka, please be aware. There are other people involved in TV. Actors who have good faces and are good at acting》
《Why does this guy apologize for having caused the police to act as a detective?

The long-awaited situation drama "Don't sleep? Three brothers Koyamauchi" that was broadcast on Nippon Television last October and gained popularity ... → Continue reading


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