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🎥 | Drama "Co-star NG" Complicated SUMMERS, Hitomi Tanaka announcer appears!

Appeared in the photo "Co-star NG"!Hitomi Tanaka Announcer

The drama "Co-starring NG" Complicated SUMMERS and Hitomi Tanaka announcer will appear!

If you write the contents roughly
"Co-starring NG" is a romantic comedy that depicts the uproar that occurs at the production site of a new drama, with Kiichi Nakai as the lead and Kyoka Suzuki as the heroine, and only the actors of "Co-starring NG" are gathered.

Hitomi Tanaka of TV TOKYO, also known as the 2th assistant of the popular variety "Complicated SUMMERS 4" ... → Continue reading

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Kiichi Nakai

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2017/9)

Kiichi Nakai(Kiichi Nakai,1961May 9 -) isJapan OfAn actor-singer..Same real name.Office Takaki affiliation.Blood TypeIs type A.Height 181 cm, Weight 70 kg. TokyoSetagayaI'm fromSeikei UniversityGraduated from the Faculty of Economics.


Seikei Junior and Senior High SchoolThroughSeikei UniversityFaculty of Economicsgraduate.Father is an actorKeiji Sada, My sister is an actressEssayist OfTakae Nakaiso,Yasujiro OzuNamed "Kiichi" by[2].. He lost his father in a car accident just before his third birthday.When I was in high school, I was so absorbed in tennis that I even thought about making a coach a profession.BlushHe said he had never thought about becoming an actor, but his father's 17th anniversaryDecreeAt the time of the movie directorMunee MatsubayashiBe scouted by[3]..It was the one who started acting as an actor in earnestSeikei UniversityWhile in school1981The public movie directed by Matsubayashi "Union fleetDebuted by appearing in.In the same workJapan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award.

1982ToNHKWednesday period drama"Noboru Tachibana Youth Handbook』First appearance in a TV drama and starring for the first time.Next time1983ToTBSWas broadcast on the systemRandom applesThe name recognition of Nakai, who played the leading role in the movie, soared in combination with the big hit of the work.This work has become a popular work in which 15 series are produced for about 4 years.1988NHK Taiga drama "Shingen Takeda』In the leading roleShingen TakedaPlayed. The average audience rating approaching 40% and the highest instantaneous audience rating of 2%, which is the second highest in history, were recorded.

"XNUMX thugs''Mibu YoshishidenFrom the serious role played in historical drama such as "Sleeping turn"DC cardThe wide range of performances that can be performed in the comical roles shown in TV commercials has gained the support of both the audience and critics, and he has steadily continued his career regardless of the place of activity.After the appearance of "Takeda Shingen" mentioned above, "Turbulent 1750 days''Polar war martial artsSuch asYakuza movieAlso appeared in.

2004In the Chinese movie "Heaven and Earth Hero of Tenchi』Appeared.Over the whole storyChineseI was asked to have a conversation in Japan, but after special training, I succeeded in shooting safely and made an overseas expansion.He said that the appearance of this movie led him to think deeply about "nationalism" and "patriotism."2005Published “Aegis of the Extinct Country, And the performance of "a spy in a certain country who is hostile to Japan" was also praised from all sides.Also, the movie "Mibu Yoshishiden] InKanichiro YoshimuraStarring in the role,Japan Academy AwardとDaily Sports Movie AwardsWon the Best Actor Award.The "When the Last Sword Issei" distributed by Shochiku was also a hit in terms of business.

2007PublicJapan-ChugokuIn the collaborative movie "Phoenix", he starred and acted as a producer.

2008The drama aired onWind garden], In order to play a doctor who will die of terminal cancer, he went on a cabbage diet for half a year and lost 9 kilograms.Ogata fistHe played Sadami, an anesthesiologist who was taken care of by his father, Sadazo, who plays the role of a doctor.[4].

In 2012, the drama "Penultimate love] InKamakura cityHe appeared in the role of Wahei Nagakura, the chief of the Tourism Promotion Division of the government office, but later became the Kamakura City International Tourism Goodwill Ambassador.[2].




Short film

  • I feel like I can say it now (delivered on April 2020, 4, YouTube channel "ROBOT CONTENT LAB") --Jinno[17]

TV drama



  • NHK Special
    • Confession of Nagashima and King 50th Year (2009, NHK) --Narration
    • Mystery of Chinese Civilization (October 2012-December, NHK, 10 times in total) --Navigator
      • "Chasing the Source of Chinese Phantom Dynasty" (October 2012, 10)
      • "The Secret of the Birth of Kanji Dynasty" (November 2012, 11)
      • "Ambition for the Qin Shi Huang" Chinese "Empire" (December 2012, 12)
    • Legend of Heroes Revived in Ancient China (January-February 2013, NHK BS Premium, 1 times in total)[24] --Navigator
      • "Qin Shi Huang and the Vassals of the Rebellion-The Road to the Unification of the Spring and Autumn Warring States" (January 2013, 1)
      • "King Ziya and Taiko Nozomi-Dynasty Change: The Greatest Battle in Ancient Times-" (January 2013, 1)
      • "Legendary King Yu the Great-The Mystery of the Oldest Dynasty-" (February 2013, 2)
  • 2 (January 2010, 1, TBS) --Reading
  • Dream door +(April 2011 --March 4, TBS) --Narration
  • Meissen 2013 Years of Time Travel-Historical Mystery Hidden in European Kilns- (November 11, 2, BS Nippon Television) --Narrative
  • BS-TBS 15th Anniversary Special Project Kiichi Nakai Traveling to Europe ~ Challenge from Genius Da Vinci ~ (2016, BS-TBS) --Navigator[25]
    • First night "Da Vinci's real face and truth" (March 2016, 3)
    • The second night "The trap and identity of the masterpiece Mona Lisa" (March 2016, 3)
  • Kiichi Nakai Europe Travelogue II (2017, BS-TBS) --Navigator
    • First night "Invitation to the ultimate renaissance! Artist dream competition" (June 2017, 6)
    • Second night "Vatican exclusive shooting! Approaching the essence of Michelangelo" (June 2017, 6)

Other TV programs

Theater animation

  • Jungle the Great(August 1997, 8, Shochiku) --"Jungle Emperor" cheering party * Special appearance[26]






Release datespecificationStandard product numbersurfacetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerRemarks
1984EPWTP-17592AOath of youthTokiko IwataniKunihiko KaseHiromoto TobisawaTBS drama "Youth thieves Toru and Yukiko] Theme song.

In this song "The Best Ten''Night hit studio』First appearance as a singer.

BSecond heroAkira OtsuSuzuki KisaburoEiji KawamuraToho movie "F2 Grand Prix] Theme song.
1984th of February 7EPWTP-17640ARumored loose girlTakashi SatoShiro Sagisu
BSmall diameter of encounterTokiko IwataniKunihiko KaseHiromoto Tobisawa
1985EPWTP-17666ALove call only for two peopleKazumi YasuiKazuhiko KatoIzuzo Seo
BYou are tropicalLater on the radio program "Kosakin DE Wow!''SCHOOL OF LOCK!』It becomes a topic.
1985th of February 6EPWTP-17731AMadonna just for meKazumi YasuiKazuhiko KatoRyoichi Kuniyoshi
BFriendship albumDaisuke InoueDaisuke Inoue

Ryoichi Kuniyoshi

1987EPRT07-2022AMy beloved SabrinaEiko KyoNakazaki HideyaKazuo OtaniFuji TV drama "Why neither woman nor man is disciplined] Theme song.
BRainy riversideFundamental point
1987EPRT07-2098AA person who looks good in blackTakashi MatsumotoNakazaki HideyaShiro Sagisu
8 cm CDXT10-2011B1999



  • "F2 Grand Prix" Original Soundtrack (1984)
  • Aoi Dessan (1984, Toshiba EMI Eastworld)
  • Private Theater (1985, Toshiba EMI, Eastworld)
  • KIICHI NAKAI SPECIAL EDITION (1987, Toshiba EMI, Eastworld) --Best Album
  • BLUE SHADE (1988, Toshiba EMI Eastworld)
  • Off Off Mother Goose (1990) -Participated in "Grandma Kago" and "Death of Komadori"
  • Japanese Poetry Kotaro Takamura (2005) --Reading Collection
  • "Confidant Kizuna" Music File (2007)-Participated in "Okay Song-Louis B Edition (Live Recording)"



  • Diary "Heaven and Earth" Stay in China (Kinema Junposha, 2004)
  • Diary 2 "Phoenix My Love" Stay in China (Kinema Junpo, 2007)


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