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🤖 | "Netflix" Ryohei Kimura, Junichi Suwabe and other talk events!Latest anime presentation, YouTube ...

Photo Ryohei Kimura, Reina Ueda, Sumire Morohoshi, Junichi Suwabe

「Netflix」木村良平、諏訪部順一らのトークイベントも! 最新アニメ発表会、YouTube…

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This event is a two-part system, and in the first part "Netflix Anime Lineup Presentation", we invited model Rio Uchida, who is known as an unrivaled anime lover, as a special supporter and announced the latest information on "Netflix" animation at once.

"Ne ..." to announce the latest information on "Netflix" anime works distributed from the latter half of 2020 to 2021 to the whole world → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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Uchida Rio

Rio Uchida(Uchida Rio, 19919/27 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,Gravure idol.. 『MORE』Exclusive model (October 2015-)[5].

TokyoBackground[6].Repro entertainmentBelongs.Nihon University Tsurugaoka High School,Nihon University Faculty of LawGraduated from the Department of Business Law.


2010 year 4 month,Nippon TV"Idol's Hole-Search for Nippon Telegenic!-』Debuted.In June of the same year, "Nippon TelegenicSelected as "2010"[6]. July of the same year,magazine"BLTThe office unofficial unit "BLTRAVEL fan event bus tour" formed from the project "BLTRAVEL fan event bus tour"LPGBecome a member of.

On November 2013, 11, he was selected as a member of the "LPG (Office Official) Event Vol.27" (January 1, 2014).

August 2014, 3,Theatrical company Matsumoto KazumiSelected as a regular member of the 1st gen[7][8].

Graduated from Nihon University on March 2014, 3[9].

From March 2014TV AsahiOf seriesSpecial effectsTV drama"Kamen Rider Drive』, Played the role of Kiriko Utashima and made her debut as an actress in earnest[6].. From October 2015fashion magazine"MORE』Become an exclusive model[5][10].

2016 years,movies"Bloody Sukeban Chainsaw』First starring[11]..The official fan club was opened on September 9, the same year.

In addition,Nico Nico Live Broadcast"WOWOW Plus(Every Monday-delivered from 19:30 on Friday), I am in charge of MC[6].

2019,Uncle love』(TV Asahi system, April 2018 period) by acting 4ndDaily Sports Drama Grand PrixAwarded Best Supporting Actress[12].

2020 year 7 month,YouTubeOfficial channel "Dario CHANNEL" opened in[13], The number of subscribers exceeded 8 as early as August[14].


  • hobby:Comic,Anime, Illustrations, games,karaoke
  • Special skills: Anison singing, norimaki can be rolled well, piano, trumpet
  • Favorite character: Bell
  • Origin of the name:ReasonIs from his father's name.CentralMeans "to be in the center of everyone"[15].
  • I have one younger brother under 3 years old[15].


  • When I was in elementary schoolChaoThe illustration on the reader page was a postcard craftsman.After being recommended by my cousin, "Kaiji』(Fukumoto Nobuyuki), And the first manga I recommended to my friends when I was in junior high school was "Kaiji".[16].
  • What made you enter the entertainment world?scout..事務所に入って1週間で『日テレジェニック2010』のオーディションを受けOne week after entering the office, I auditioned for "Nittelegenic XNUMX"[17],Swimwearso"Hare Hare Reyukai"(Television Animation"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya』Ending theme) sang enthusiastically while dancing and passed, and will appear in" Idol's Hole-Find Nittelegenic! -2010 "[18]..初回収録時は、デビューして2週間だったAt the time of the first recording, it was two weeks since I made my debut[19]..The catchphrase in the program is "Do Rookie Idol".
  • Anime"K-on!I used to form a band when I was in high school.[20].
  • Yokoyama Rurika(OriginalIdling!!!The date of birth and blood type are the same as No. 9). "If you lose, it will be discontinued! The program competition No. 1 deciding match" (Enter! 371-Pigoo HD, January 2011, 1) for the first time.
  • "Idol League!As a project of the idol group "predia"Study abroad" for one month. 1å¹´2013月11日にはメンバーとしてライブに出演Performed live as a member on November 10, XNUMX[21].
  • On February 2014, 2, "Dario Republic" was founded at the 11th image DVD "OVER Ganbario" event.[22]..Inaugurated as president.
  • Manga"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure』(Hirohiko Araki) Big fan[23]..シリーズで特に好きなのは4部と5部で、一番好きなキャラクターはI especially like the XNUMXth and XNUMXth parts of the series, and my favorite character isKishibe Rohan[24]..At home, anime goods such as comics and figures are collected.
  • Manga"Silence fleet』(Kawaguchi Kaiji) As a triggersubmarineAddicted to[25].
  • Even before the appearance in "Kamen Rider Drive" was decided, I was watching the Heisei Kamen Rider series in general.I especially liked "Kamen Rider Kabuto』.The main character, Souji Tendou (Hiro Mizushima)'S hero image is fresh, one of the heroines and "fighting girl" Renge Takatori (Yuka Teshima) Was longing for[18].
  • "Tensou Sentai Goseiger』(2010) auditioned for the guest role, and although it was about to pass, it was not appointed[26]..同作品でプロデューサーを務めた『仮面ライダードライブ』チーフプロデューサーのThe chief producer of "Kamen Rider Drive" who was the producer of the same workTakamori OmoriHowever, he found Uchida's name in the audition materials for "Drive" and recommended it, which led to his appointment.[26].
  • Uchida said he was thinking of retiring from the entertainment world if he wasn't appointed to "Kamen Rider Drive." I've always thought about quitting if I couldn't, and I was going to get a job when I quit. "[27].
  • Sleeping with the stuffed dog "Bell-chan" (I've been using the same individual since I was 1 year old).家族やペットと同様の感覚であり、ロケや旅行の際にも必ず連れて行っているIt feels like a family or pet, and I always take it with me when I'm on location or traveling.[28].
  • From the letter to each other's fansRio YasudaIt was often mistaken for, and he performed for the first time in "Dario CHANNEL" on July 2020, 7. On the YouTube channel, he shows off his many hobbies such as sex books and submarines.[29].



  • Beyond the Rainbow (July 2011, 7, Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc., MHCL-27) --The theme song for the Repro Happiness Project.Sing as a member of the Happiness Music Club (1944 people in total).
  • Sorrowful Gotokat (January 2013, 1, amusic party, ILCD-31) --Idol ☆ League! Debut single


  • Kojimachi Minamidai Conference Room (February 2014, 2, amusic party, APKD-26) --Idol ☆ League! 10001st album

Video work

  • Nittelegenic 2010 Rio Uchida Piri Odo (September 2010, 9, VAP)
  • Pure Smile (January 2011, 6,Take Shobo)
  • Next door (January 2012, 1,Line Communications)
  • Love ♡ Rio (April 2012, 4,Jinyusha)
  • Dario Honey (November 2012, 11, Line Communications)
  • DokkiRIO (March 2013, 3, S Digital)
  • Kajo. (June 2013, 6,Air control)
  • Rio Koi (September 2013, 9, Line Communications)
  • OVER Ganbario (December 2013, 12,Aqua house)
  • FINAL FANTASY ~ The 10th period ~ (July 2014, 7,E-Net Frontier)
  • Magical Dreamer (July 2015, 7,Crocodile books)


TV drama

Web drama


Short film

  • Thread (February 2012, Director: Motohiro Tajima)[58]

original video

  • Drive saga(2016)
    • Kamen Rider Chaser-Kiriko Shijima
    • Kamen Rider Mach / Kamen Rider Heart-Kiriko Tomari
  • Retribution (November 2017, All In Entertainment)[59]
  • Retribution 2 (December 2017, All In Entertainment)[60]

TV program

Web show

  • Idol Nicoden (December 2010, 12,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
  • INSIDE Xbox (December 2011,Xbox 360)
  • WOWOW Plus[Urgent special program Plus and Girls theory! ] (April 2013, 4,USTREAM・ Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • Karaoke PASERA video "Paselab + PLUS +" (July 2013, 7-August 4, 2015, updated every Thursday,HiBiKi Radio Station)
  • Live broadcast "Chari ☆ chan" from Matsudo Bicycle Racetrack (February 2014, 2, Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
  • nottv"Mobile Sherlock" x "Nico Nico Live Broadcasting" collaboration project "I tried Mobasha" Rio Uchida,Yuki Asakura(March 2014, 3, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • Let's solve the mystery with an idol "100 million yen mobile Sherlock ~ solve the mystery with a smartphone ~" Rio Uchida, Yuki Asakura (March 2014, 3, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • Dario Chubu (February 2015, 2-, YouTube / LesPros Entertainment)
  • AniLabo (September 2015, 9-March 3, 2017, updated every Thursday, HiBiKi Radio Station)[61]
  • Looking for Rio Uchida's otaku!(November 2016, 11-September 20, 2017, every Friday,AbemaTV)
  • (July 2018, 2-September 23, 4,Amazon Prime Video)[62]




  • Alice in Deadly School (October 2010, 10, Shinagawa ・Rikugyo Hall) --Tamako Takeuchi (Daily guest)
  • Falling Girl (February 2011-2, 3,Shibuya Cultural Center OwadaTraditional Hall)-The role of Rei Aoyama
  • Stranger than Paradise ~ Deep Love ~ (August 2011-8, 9,Theater green) --Machiko Kato
  • Sky blue drop (January 2012-1, 11, Nakano The Pocket)-Kaori Mishima, grandson of Kaori Mishima (two roles)
  • Moon Orchestra (April 2012-4, 11, Theater Green)
  • Private Guri Guri Gakuen (May 2012-5, 4,Shinjuku Cultural Center)
  • Onikirihime -ONIKIRIHIME- (June 2012-6, 6, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Tradition Hall)-The role of Mogami Kanae
  • Sunflower Sorane (July 2012-7, 18, Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER) --Daily Guest
  • Girls Rocketeer (January 2013, 1-23th, Nakano The Pocket)-Tsuko Sasaki (Miyako Sasaki)
  • Falling Girl (February 2013-3, 7,Theater Sun Mall) --Aoyama Rei
  • PIRATES OF THE DESERT (July 2013, 7, Theater Green) --Daily SP Guest
  • Marriage deviation value Stage (January 2014, 1-22th, SPACE26 Shinjuku)-Love detective Alisa Shitara
  • Theatrical company Idol League "Phantom Training School Girls' Club" (March 2014, 3,Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Hall) --Guest appearance, role of Phantom King Satan
  • Are you crying !! A sign of life (March 2014-3, 12, Nakano The Pocket)-Masami
  • The rules of reading! (2014å¹´5月28日 - 6月1日、新宿村LIVE) - 日村アリス(恋愛探偵 設楽アリサ) å½¹(May XNUMX, XNUMX --June XNUMX, Shinjukumura LIVE) --Alice Himura (Love Detective Alisa Shitara)
  • Good Morning, Ice Person (July 2014-7, 24,Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West) --Guest appearance
  • Recitation drama LOVE LETTERS ~ 2016 New Year Special ~ (January 2016, 1,Parco Theater)
  • Theatrical company children's troupe "Chop, guillotine, vertical fall" (October 2017-10, 17, OsakaHEP HALL / November 2017st-11th, 1, Asakusa Kyugeki, Tokyo)[68]
  • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION presents TOKYO KABUKI GIRLS (September 2018th and 9th, 15, OsakaNew Kabukiza Theater)


Music video


  • 近藤晃央『なきむしキルキとわらってばかりのアイリー』(2016年)[71]



Magazine serialization

  • MORE(October 2015-, December 10 issue-, Shueisha)-Exclusive model[5][10]

Photo album


  • PENTAX K-5 Owner's Book --Portrait model



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注 釈

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