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🤖 | Shotaro Morikubo appears in the original animation of a company that plays Tsunekichi Takuma, the inventor of Japan's first “domestic boiler”

Photo Shotaro Morikubo

Shotaro Morikubo appears in the original animation of a company that plays Tsunekichi Takuma, the inventor of Japan's first "domestic boiler"

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At that time, the future slips back in time from the roof of the company, meets the founder Tsunekichi Takuma (CV. Shotaro Morikubo) who invented the first domestic boiler, and gets the courage to try new things.

Shotaro Morikubo, Yuri Komagata, and Kohei Amasaki appear in Takuma Co., Ltd.'s original animation "Under the Sky". 202 ... → Continue reading

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Domestic boiler

Shotaro Morikubo

Shotaro Morikubo(Morikubo Shotaro, 1974[2]2/25[4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,An actor,singer.TokyoHachioji CityBackground[2].Ad ninesCEO[5].

Representative workmajor』(Goro Shigeno), "Naruto Shippuden(Shikamaru Nara), "Yowamushi Pedal』(Yusuke Makishima) etc.[6].


1992 years,Nihon University Third High Schoolgraduate[7],Tama Art UniversityDropout. Prior to starting a voice actor in earnest, I belonged to a talent office and started up with seniors from a lab party that I was enrolled in when I was in elementary school.TroupeAuditioned by a voice actor industry scout who saw the performance of "Onigiri Skippers",Bakuso Brothers Let's & Go !!] Debuted as a voice actor in 1996 with a mini four fighter. The film was expected to reach its final story in one year, but since it became a long-term work due to its unexpected popularity, it was transferred from the office that was taken care of during the actor's era to the voice actor office. After that,Anime,ゲーム, Radio personality, music activities, stage, etc.

Sigma SevenAfter enrollment[4],Arts VisionAffiliate officeWimsMoved to

1998, voice actorHideo IshikawaWithAnzu"(Morikubo is the only fruit that was eaten) started the music activity with the unit name. In 1999, added band membersband"AN's ALL STARSFormed. The band "" was formed in August of the same year.

2001 years,Capcom Solo debut from the Serputa label. 2008,LantisMore debut. Held at the end of every yearOriginal Entertainment Paradise"My para"” is performing live as one of the hosts. In 2010, he formed "Buzzy→Bee" as a solo project.

January 2015, bayfm longevity program "KEIYOGINKO POWER COUNTDOWN JAPAN HOT 30] As the second generation DJ.

2016, 10thVoice actor awardToyama KeiAward winning[8].

Exited Wims on August 2018, 8[9]. September 9 of the same year, Inc.Ad ninesWas established and has been appointed as its representative director.[5].

Received the Personality Award at the 2020th Voice Actor Award in 14[10].

People, hobbies, activities

Besides his job as a voice actor,Radio personalityAsbayfm OfDJetc,radioAlso does a lot of work. When I was in the talent office,Tamori's Vocabulary HeavenAnd 'Surprise thigh tree 20th century』Reproduction video, V cinema,Driving schoolHad appeared in videos etc.[11]. "Onigiri Skippers," a theater company in the old nest, once disbanded, but was re-formed as "Onigiri Skippers 2", and the current performance pace is about twice a year.

In singer activity, he works on songwriting for most of the songs. My hobbies are motorcycle touring, playing musical instruments (drums and guitar), and cooking. When I first startedgas stationI worked part-time for about 6 years, where I laid the foundation for vocalization.


firstDubbingAt that time, I made a paper noise because I had no experience as a voice actor at the time. Since the script of the first episode was a long line without pages from page 1 to page 1,Sound director"I wouldn't let you do it if I knew it was such a talking role"[12].Kentaro ItoAre calling each other's best friends[13]. Ito presidesTheater company K-ShowMorikubo has been in charge of the stage music since[13][14].

yuanNogizaka46Members ofMisato EtoI like 20162/12Broadcast of "Money] In the personalityTakehiro KojimaSuffered from influenza,The BAY ☆ LINE] And played with Eto[15].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

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2020 era
  • (2020,Mori William Soichiro[90])-Trilogy


  • A Boy with a Guitar -Kikaider VS Inazuman- (Ichiro / Kikaider 01
  • FAIRY TAIL × RAVE (Hamrio Musica

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  • GetBackers-Recapture shop-Recapture all(Amano Ginji
  • GetBackers-Recapture Shop-Evil Eye Seal (Amano Ginji
  • The Prince of Tennis SmashHit! (Akiya Kirihara)
  • The Prince of Tennis SmashHit!2 (Akiya Kirihara)
  • Prince of Tennis Sweat and Tears2 (Akiya Kirihara)
  • The Prince of Tennis Kiss of Prince Flame (Akiya Kirihara)
  • The Prince of Tennis Love of Prince Bitter (Akiya Kirihara)
  • Fantastic Fortune 2(Ark = Hamilton
  • Rockman X7(X
  • Super Robot War T(Kabuto Kouji)
  • Private Bell Rose School-Rose of Versailles Re*imagination-(Pierre Emperor)[203]
  • Thousand Musketeers(Love ☆ One)
  • WAVE!! (Mori William Soichiro[213]

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  • Prince's Proposal (Keith Alford)
  • From you to your boyfriend... from today onwards, boyfriend (Akiyo Sakuraba)
  • Hakuoki Standing Picture Soshi (Souji Okita)
  • Byakkotai Shishi Ibun (Chitose Kaname)
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  • BraveSongOnline (Charles)
  • Luvinia Saga

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  • Are you Alice? series(White rabbit
  • Asagaya Zippy(Claude Candello)
  • Apocripha / 0 Vol.1, 2 (Ceres)
  • Amatsuki series(Dew
    • Amatsuki Lightning in spring, wind in flowers
    • Amatsuki's banquet
    • Amatsuki Inugami and Himegami
    • Amatsuki Great Harvest Festival
    • TV Animation "Amatsuki" Drama CD Daiichi-Volume XNUMX
  • Ensemble Stars!Makoto Yuuki[214]) * Volume 1 special edition with drama CD
  • Handsome Ooku Drama CD 1 (Shikyo)
  • Let's go! Love battle series (Hattori Hanzo
    • Koi Sen Drama CD ~The dream that Tsukishita Bijin sees~
    • Koi Sen Drama CD ~Red Camellia and White Camellia~
  • Ururun Quest Love Story -Loving love syndrome with a sense of crisis in a fantasy-(deep red
  • EREMENTAR GERAD Drama CD Vol. 1-3 (Rowen
  • O*G*A Tag playing Royal Series (Celestial turbulence
    • O*G*A Playing Tag Royal Drama CD STEP.1 ~The Beginning Season~
    • O*G*A Playing Tag Royal Drama CD STEP.2 ~Glimmer Season~
    • O*G*A Playing Tag Royal Drama CD STEP.2 ~The Flapping Season~
  • Prince's proposal (Keith Alford
  • ALMIGHTY x 10(Fuyuga Riku)
  • The secret game of the man YukakuTakao[215]
  • Yin Yang Life Training Kitan Series (Yuka Enami)
  • Café at Kichijoji Series (Shuta Tokumi)
  • Crisinosuke Gomen Series (Juzo Yagyu
    • Otonoichi board "Poison taste crisis"
    • Otono second edition "future crisis"
  • Galurus Paradise-Reverse Harlem Editing Department-3 (Kirine)
  • From you and your friends... From today on, your boyfriend (Kimikare) series (Sakuraba Autumn Night
    • You and Nise... From today onward, boyfriend: A secret hot spring trip
    • From you and your friends... From today on, my boyfriend
  • You and me. Series (Koichi <Koichi Higashi>)
    • Akira and Ko-chan Edition & Hidamari Kindergarten Edition
    • High school student 2
    • Movie version Shirayuta Hime *POWERED All applicant services
  • Adversity nine(Takada Niryu, Noboribetsu)
  • Forbidden Vampire (Maximilian von Weiselden Bukle)
  • GetBackers-Recapture Shop- series(Amano Ginji
  • Genso Suikoden II(seed)
  • The pirate king who fell in love (Hayate
  • Complex 192 (Kitano Hosetsu)
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuki Volume 9 (Sora)
  • Tea prince 1 (Mika Uchiyama)
  • Happiness Cafe 3-chome 1 (Abe river grass)
  • Cyborg 009 THE CYBORG SOLDIER Drama Album -LOVE STORIES- (002/Jet Link
  • Samurai Drive (Serizawa)
  • Space-time Police Hyperion Gaiden Bakumatsu Ibunden (Ryoma Sakamoto)
  • Jigokudo spirit world communication(Hyuga) *Special Edition with Comics Vol. 6 Drama CD[216]
  • Butler Yugitan (Kyoya Naruse)
  • Shoe pelia series(Exa
    • Shoe pelia
    • Utopia's reflection meeting * Service for all applicants to Gangan POWERED
  • Passenger seat boyfriend 1-The first drive is a childhood friend-(Naoki Sakuraba)
  • Shiratsuyu no Kai Drama CD ~ Dew Leaf ~ (Kiyoharu Senke[217]
  • White(Cheshire cat)
  • New Snow White Legend Prettier series(Howe
  • Shin Megami Tensei Debitil/Collection・1(Kai Setsuna
  • New Kyoka Ayakashi Secret "House of Shadows"[218]
  • Slayers VS Orphen-The Worst Encounter Ever!(Oven)
  • I hate the most in the world(Shin Honjo)
  • Senkaiden Hoshin God(16-year-old Manchu)
  • ZERO ZANY. CODE-1・2 (Fees
  • Snow Flower (Nishina snow
  • SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.7 (Kanade[219]
  • Tiny×Machinegun Tiny McDaniel Investigative File “THE KNOCKDOWN” (Tom)
  • Sun Girl Inca(Letter)
  • Atsumi Yumeso Minerive(Edvard
  • Who has wings(Yang, Kage)
  • DIABOLIK LOVERS(Tsukinami Shin
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS De S Vampire CD VERSUSII Vol.4 Carla VS Shin[220]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE Vol.1 eclipse chapter[221]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS De S Blood Sucking CD BLOODY BOUQUET Vol.7 Shin[222]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS De S Vampire CD VERSUSIII Vol.2 Light VS Shin[223]
    • DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN Vol.3 Tsukinami[224]
  • TOKYO Yamanote BOYS series (Torataro Misaki
    • TOKYO Yamanote BOYS ~Secret.3~ Naiso no Seduction Prince (Sexy Prince)
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  • Dolly Yume Say★You Collection Love Ban (Love guard
  • Don't cry, girl (Masuda
  • Naruto series(Shikamaru Nara
  • Nier Replicant(Thuran)
  • Nietzsche-A newcomer of the Satori generation flew down to a convenience store-(Hisashi Watari[225]
  • Nintama RantaroCD "Nintama has come to the radio! No Dan" And "Nothing like this, No Dan" (Kunamon Zado)[226]
  • Nintama Rantaro Drama CD One-year-old & Ro-gumi no Dan (Kunamon Zado)
  • Nevagiba! 2 (Land)
  • Baku -BAKU- Acts XNUMX and XNUMX (Lanthanum)
  • Hakuoki series(Okita Soji
    • Drama CD ~ Shinsengumi Predatory Reserve ~ Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX
    • Drama CD-Wakaden Dochuki-
    • Drama CD-Chizuru Kidnapping Case Book-
    • Drama CD ~ Shimabara Uproar ~
    • Drama CD-Sakura Emaki-
    • Drama CD-Aizu Secret Book-[227]
    • Drama CD-Kondo's troubles-[228]
    • Reimeiroku Drama CD ~Ryunosuke Tankou Hikari~
    • ~ Collection of voice works ~
    • Anime "Hakuoki" Drama CD
    • Anime "Hakuoki" Drama CD-Renamed Secret Book-
  • Bakumatsu Reika Shinsengumi Drama CD (Nagakura Shinpachi
  • First love monster (Kaneko Juroku) *Special edition with 3 volumes of comics drama CD[229]
  • To you who are in full bloom(Shuichi Nakatsu
  • Barico series (Satoru/DJ Lou)
  • VitaminZ series(Rene Arata
    • VitaminZ Drama CD -Part.1- ~Dokidoki Bitamin ♪ Spectacle with you overnight~
    • VitaminZ Drama CD -Part.2- ~ Harahara Bitamin ♪ Love is always Suriringu ~
    • Dramatic CD Collection VitaminZ ・Happy Vitamin ~Oh! Muco Battle~
  • Byakkotai Shishi Ikki Onban: Ichi, its XNUMX (Chitose Kaname
  • Falcom Classics Original CD drama "Ys I / Memory of the Goddess" (Adol
  • Fantastic Fortune2 series(Ark-Harrington
    • Marine Style
    • Aoi Romance
    • Aqua Balance
  • Fullmetal panic! Drama CD 1-3 (Sosuke Sagara
  • Fragrance Tale CD drama 1-2 (Loki
  • Civilization Kaika Aoiza Ionroku Sakurabana-Drunken Romanki-(Shinmei Kensuke
  • persona 4series(Yousuke Hanamura
    • Drama CD Vol.1-3
    • PERSONA4 the Animation #1-#2
  • I fall in love with my sister series(Yuki Yuri
  • Our miracle(Setosen) ※Comics Volume 7 Limited Edition Included CD[230]
  • PON! and Chimera~ Gakuen Heaven Hen (Keimaru Otobe)
  • Mermaid Prism (Snow grass/Jun Weiz
  • My boyfriend 2 (Kaga Itsuki
  • Magama Hanaden Contract between Mikohime and Sakura (Emperor Zhu
  • Magina! voice-MIX series (Raijiro Sakoi)
    • Magina! voice-MIX ~Collite~
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  • Walker in the attic (Detective Morishita)
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  • The Magic Trial of Louis 1-2-Duras
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  • World Embryo(Youhei Takebe) *Special edition with comics 10 and 11 volume drama CD[231]
  • 1.5.8 -just one time- (Here
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    • "Pole/secret servant" *PSP/PS Vita gameBakumatsu Rock Super SoulFruichi Online/Secondhand Book Reservation Purchase Benefits

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  • Monthly men's picture book sports edition black board (baseball)
  • The Forbidden Vampire-King of Red Rose-(Maximilian von Weisehendenburg)
  • Heartwarming Story Vol.6
  • Heartwarming Story Gaiden Part 3
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari ~Chisou Hen~ (Episode XNUMXYamamoto Kansukestory")
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Chisho & Goji Monogatari ~ (Yamamoto Kansuke Monogatari Gaiden "Shingen no Koi")
  • DEARS Twelve constellations Apollon Side (Pisces)
  • Diaz World Story-Blue Book (Episode XNUMX "Honest Youth and Cats")
  • Diars The World of Dreams ~ Dream Book ~ (Episode XNUMX "The Outside World")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari ~Tosa Edition~ ("Yataro Iwasakistory")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Tosa & Sakuma / Kaikoku Hen ~ ("Iwasaki Yataro Monogatari Gaiden")
  • VitaminZ × Good night with sheep series Vol.4 "Good night considering beauty" (Arata Mine)
  • VitaminX-Z/Candy Vitamin 4 (Arata Rine)
  • Good night with sheep series vol.26 "Good night with your brother"
  • Wonder studio syndrome Original reading CD EPISODE.10 "The Last Wish"


  • Say I love you.(Shihotaro Yoshimine
  • Blue Trail 5 Persona Nongrata (Magera)
  • From morning to morning (Yu Hamura
  • Exotic love romantic ~Sustainable Ginji's Longing for Love~ (Nachi)
  • In love and hate (Makoto Sugiura
  • WEST END 4, 5 (Yatsuka)
  • Radical series (Siculi
    • Love me radically
    • Radical monopoly
    • Radically I LOVE YOU
    • Radically labyrinth
    • Radically heaven
  • Oni Kizuna -KIZUNA- Series (Kuki Torajiro)
    • Leave this shadowy crow
    • Seeking the other sun
  • Bonds-KIZUNA-2, 4 (Tashiro/Roy)
  • Crashshu + Ghost Hunters (Toru Takanashi
    • Crashshu + Ghost Hunters 2 Nightmare Dream Resident (Toru Takanashi
  • Beast series (Kazuki Todo
    • Beautiful beasts.
    • ...Virgin love.
    • The beasts... delusions.
  • Cheer up!-Be Yell-(Kengo Muto)
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    • Hasumi High School Hurricane
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    • Branch point Vol.1 [Starting point]
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    • Anything Ya Nan Demo Ali-Underdog-
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    • Kissing on a ruby
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    • Sweet Collection
    • Ruby Special CD Version AB
  • Nightly flowers (Igarashi
    • Love falls like a flower

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Lee Bum Soo
  • anarchist(Torseok)
  • Oh! Brothers (Bong)
  • More sad story than sadness (Jufang)
  • Love Trap/Nasty Book Student
  • City of Violence -Buddy- (Champil)
  • Jungle juice (Chors)
  • Singles(John Jun)
  • The bride is a gangster/soul wedding (Gichul)
  • President playing the piano (Kyung Min)
Eddie Pong
Jet lee




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  • VOMIC Sugars (Purple gate
  • Comic FestaAnime Zone Sarashina-kun's order is absolutely!!Sarashina Subaru

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* IsInternet distribution.

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  • Ani Store Limited Express 2009 Summer Ikebukuro Flight
  • DJCD Amatsuki and Addictive Radio Volume XNUMX
  • Radio CD "Stand Up! Our Vanguard" Vol.3 (Guest)
  • DJCD "Yamanote Station" Record.I
  • HakuokiWEB radio Shinsengumi correspondence record XNUMXst, XNUMXnd, XNUMXth collection
  • Hakuoki WEB Radio Hakuoki Meeting Broadcasting Volume XNUMX
  • Vol.XNUMX of "Vitamin" series DJ CD "Activities of Private Seiei Gakuen Broadcasting Club"
  • WebRadio Aoi Zagoku DJCD ~Soroku no Sho~
  • Mayonaka Shadow Radio Vol.1-Vol.3
  • Shotaro Morikubo, Takuatsu Terashima ★★★ Produced"Terramori"
  • Chico in love ☆ Ninya Radio CD ready up!

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* IsInternet distribution.

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  • Are you Alice? Sweet Tea Party Public Recording & Live-Honeyed invitation
  • Live Video JAPAN Otome Festival
  • Live Video JAPAN Otome Festival 2
  • Otomate Party ♪ 2011・2012 DVD
  • Sweet junctionRegular holiday theater Nerima Tatsunoyu story
  • Twinkle Date A good sweat or summer!
  • Tsudaken Road Show Radio Nationwide DVD
  • Prince of Tennis 100 song marathon DVD
  • Prince of Tennis OVA National Tournament Commemorative "Tenipuri Festa 09"
  • Tenipuri Festa 2011 in Budokan DVD
  • Tenipuri Festa 2013 DVD
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Cultural Festival
  • Hakuoki webRadio Shinsengumi Telecommunications Business Edition Kamiraku, Sendai
  • Hakuoki Thanksgiving ~ Shinsengumi Communication Business Trip Version ~
  • Hakuouki ~ Cherry Blossom Party ~
  • Hakuouki Cherry Blossom Party 2012・2013 DVD
  • Bakumatsu Reika Shinsengumi Feast of love
  • Bakumatsu Reika Shinsengumi Reika's banquet and dance
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho Vol.1・2
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho Second semester Japanese language, arithmetic
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho Second semester Health/Art
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho XNUMXrd semester morning meeting, after school
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho Returns Cultural Festival/Athletics Festival
  • B's Log TV Love Bancho Returns Homework/Notification Table
  • VitaminZ ~Osaka / Early Summer Team~ Event
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  • VitaminXtoZ Ikuze! Ultimate (Hyper) Explosion
  • Flower Voice World! Star BowlingSeries
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    • Hana no voice actor world! Star☆Bowling barking and laughing from New Year
    • Flower voice actor world! Star☆Bowling Throw a ball without throwing your life. Thanks to everyone, it's summer SP
    • Flower voice actor world! Star☆Bowling Spring team!

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  • Ulful V (UlfulsPV collection. Appeared as a people in "It's Guts!"
  • NissinCup Noodles"FREEDOM-PROJECT(Kazuma)
  • Shotaro Morikubo + Hiroki Takahashi Visual Book The Heart-beat (Hiroki TakahashiJoint photo book with)
  • SHOW DISK (Desktop accessories collection)
  • Tokyo National Museum“Confrontation: Masters' Japanese Art” audio guide (Kaikei
  • Fuji TV One Two Next Ban Narration
  • Love Bancho Official Photo Book
  • Voice Cafe ft. Love Bancho
  • "The oldest dinosaur exhibition on earth"
  • Sound dropSeries
    • Sound drop compact NARUTO Shikamaru Nara
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  • Hakuoki support record bond (charity CD) (Souji Okita)
  • Hakuoki Alarm Clock (Souji Okita)
  • Angel Alarm Clock homme Morikubo Shotaro ver.
  • ToyamaTakaokaTourism Ambassador (Hidenori MatsubaraCharacter Design) Amitanmusume(Amiki)
  • Namco Namjatown Mojamoja Team (Mojav)
  • Anime Major Second Play Ball Soon! (Narration)
  • Cyborg guitarist Ediee Ironbunny (IRONBUNNY) Voice[243]



Release datetitleStandard product numberOriconHighest rank
1st2001/6/20The AnswerCPDA-1016
Out of range
2nd2002/10/2begin the TRYAVCA-14479
3rd2003/8/6Lazy MindCPDA-1022
4th2008/11/26Ride FreeLACM-4540159 bit
5th2009/5/13Parallel worldLACM-4608126 bit
6th2010/12/8Stand downLACM-477084 bit
7th2011/12/21Mr. CLOWNLACM-489040 bit
8th2013/11/20CHAIN ​​REACTIONLACM-1415245 bit
9th2015/2/25FOCUSLACM-1430850 bit
10th2015/10/7PHANTOM PAINLACM-1438639 bit
11th2016/12/7TRUTHLACM-1456160 bit
12th2017/11/29FIRELACM-1469550 bit
13th2020/7/22I'm NobodyLACM-2400151 bit
14th2020/9/16WAY OUTLACM-2401748 bit
15thScheduled for December 2021, 1LIGHT of JUSTICELACM-24076


Original album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
2001/7/18Pith (Zui)CPCA-1054
Out of range
1st2009/12/23Shouting ~kyo~LACA-5961
(Recurrent LACA-15028)
236 bit
2nd2012/10/31Rin ~rin~LACA-1525136 bit
3rd2018/8/29Enhanced BrainLACA-1573344 bit

Mini album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
1st2014/5/28TRIBALISM ~sunrise side~LACA-1540324 bit
2nd2014/11/5TRIBALISM ~sunset side~LACA-1544930 bit

Best album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon highest rank
1st2018/8/29Shotaro Morikubo BEST ALBUM ~Screaming from the marrow and blooming with dignity~LACA-9640 ~ 243 bit

Tie-up song

FOCUSTelevision Animation"Garo <GARO> -Flame Stamp-"Ending theme 2015
TRUTHGame "SideKicks!" opening theme 2016
CANVASThe ending theme for the game "SideKicks!"
I'm NobodyTelevision Animation"The heavenly sky!"Ending theme 2020
LIGHT of JUSTICETelevision Animation"Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Hagure Journey Kimrak Edition"Opening theme 2021

Video work

Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2003/9/25Showtaro Morikubo LIVE TOUR '01 Coward GCPBA-1001
2nd2013/12/4Morikubo Shotaro LIVE TOUR 2013 Heart, Naked, Evening, Chorus PHASE 3LABM-7136
3rd2014/12/3Morikubo Shotaro LIVE TOUR 2014 ~heart・naked・evening・chanting~ PHASE4LABM-7159
4th2016/3/23Morikubo Shotaro LIVE TOUR 2015 Heart, Naked, Evening, Chorus ~PHASE5~LABM-7183
5th2016/12/7Morikubo Shotaro LIVE TOUR 2016 Heart, Naked, Evening, Chorus ~PHASE6~LABM-7206 / 7

Planning Goods/Unit

  • A・G・A・S/dream power To those without wings (Single)
  • God Thank You (Jeminy!Jeans Rice!/Masumi Asano-Yukari FukuiUnit)
  • Zou Nara-Zona Para-WHY! Para Para Remix (Phantom Sonar) (Single)
  • High beam (TRIBE / Shotaro Morikubo ×Takushima Terashima×Kaji Yuki) (Single)
    • High beam (Dorry ☆ variety HYPER ViSUADOLLMOVIE OP)
    • Whenever I go (in the name of Shotaro Morikubo)
  • Ururun Quest Koiyuki Original Soundtrack (Name Shotaro Morikubo) (Album/2 songs only)
    • Beyond the Fog (FULL SIZE VERSION)
    • When you wake up... (FULL SIZE VERSION)
  • Freshly Grated Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers(Single)
  • Complex 192 (Shotaro Morikubo) (Album/Drama CD)
    • PASSION!-Passion seeks stimulation-
  • Brand-new ∞ JUNCTION (Shotaro Morikubo,Tomokazu Sugita,Seiichi Morita) (Single)
  • Small light (Seki Toshihiko, Shotaro Morikubo) (Album/Drama CD)

Cross Chord related

  • shootin'stars (Heart-beat/Hiroki TakahashiWith unit) (Single)
  • CONTINUED (Heart-beat) (Single)
  • Hard Spirit (Heart-beat) (Album)
  • SHOW (Show starring Shotaro Morikubo) (Album)


Mosquito Milk

  • Monkey (Single)
  • Space Surfer (Single)
    • 01. Space Surfer (Star Bows OP)
    • 02. Sunny Day
    • 03. Free Jam Question

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
7/1Super fast spinner LOOP & LOOPShunichi Domoto (Shotaro Morikubo"LOOP & LOOP"Television Animation"Super speed spinner] OP theme
12/6Shin Megami Tensei Devichill Characters File 1 Kai SetsunaKai Setsuna (Shotaro Morikubo"Invisible Hearts"
"Peace and Love"
Television Animation"Shin Megami Tensei Debitil] Related songs
8/24New Snow White Legend Prettier Original Soundtrack Vol.2Australia (Shotaro Morikubo"THE GREAT JOURNEY"Television Animation"New Snow White Legend Prettier] Related songs
2/21GetBackers-Recapture-TARGET GAmano Ginji (Shotaro Morikubo"Born again"Television Animation"GetBackers-Recapture Shop-] Related songs
7/25GetBackers-Takuyaya-Original Soundtrack 2Bido (Kanna Yonen), Ginji Amano (Shotaro Morikubo"TWINS"Related song for TV anime "GetBackers
11/6Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Clovers'Graffiti Vol.7 Chiharu AokiChiharu Aoki (Shotaro Morikubo"Put on a blue bird"game"Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side] Related songs
1/23Magic Detective Loki RAGNAROK Character CD Vol.4Narukami (Shotaro Morikubo"Get Serious! ~ Grab the Sun ~"Television Animation"Detective Loki RAGNAROK] Related songs
3/14Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Image Song Collection -Be Mine-three primary colors(Shinichiro Miki), Wataru Hibiya (Kappei Yamaguchi), Chiharu Aoki (Shotaro Morikubo"Darling love"
"This feeling that cannot be expressed in words"
Game "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side" related songs
5/26The Prince of Tennis THE BEST OF RIVAL PLAYERS XXIKirihara Akaya (Shotaro Morikubo"Red dyed moon"Television Animation"Prince of Tennis] Related songs
8/25Prince of Tennis Wonderful daysPull tabs and cans[Member 1]"Wonderful days"
TV anime "The Prince of Tennis" ED theme
7/21Slayers VS Orphen-The Worst Encounter Ever!Ofen (Shotaro Morikubo"Deep in the Darkest Blue"Image song for the drama CD "Slayers VS Orphen-The Worst Encounter Ever"
7/26Prince of Tennis Cheer Song GatherBlue, bottle and can[Member 2]"Gather"Support song for the movie "The Prince of Tennis"
8/3NARUTO OndoUzumaki Naruto(Takeuchi Junko),Haruno sakura(Chie Nakamura), Rap & Chorus Nara Shikamaru (Shotaro Morikubo"NARUTO Ondo"
radio"Oh! NARUTO Nippon] Generated from
11/25Memories Off #5 Broken Film Premium Collection 2 HarutoKawai Haruto (Shotaro Morikubo"Let's go see the sky"PS gameMemories Off #5 Broken film] Related songs
1/20And your poem ED theme & image song that glitters in this universeGills (Shotaro Morikubo"OUR NEWS"
"Little by little"
game"And your poem sparkling in this universeED Theme & Image Song Radio "Shotaro / Mai / CURE HOUSE" Theme Song
5/25And your poem VOCAL & SOUNDTRACK ~ STARRY WORLD ~ that glitters in this universe"OUR NEWS"
"Little by little"
6/15Are you Alice? Character vocal maxi LIDDELL.White rabbit (Shotaro Morikubo"LIDDELL."Drama CD "Are you Alice?" related song
7/20Shogunate Koika Shinsengumi Character Song & Drama CDNagaha Shinpachi (Shotaro Morikubo"Tsubasa no Uta"game"Bakumatsu Reika Shinsengumi] Related songs
2/22And your poem shining in this universe VOCAL COLLECTIONGills (Shotaro Morikubo"OUR NEWS (Remix Ver.)"
"Little by little (Remix Ver.)"
Game "And your poem that glitters in this universe" ED theme & image song
3/21ZERO ZANY.ZERO (Shotaro Morikubo"UNDER THE WORLD"Drama CD "ZERO ZANY." theme song
12/26Space-time Police Wecker Signa Phase.XYu Oda (Shotaro Morikubo"Sign"Special effects drama "Space Time Police Wecker Cigna] Related songs
Yu Oda (Shotaro Morikubo), Koshiro Orio (Sanshiro Wada"Who am I...?"
6/4Rainbow after rainGoro Shigeno (Shotaro Morikubo) ×The Loose Dogs feat. Maki Oguro"Raining After Rainbow -MAJOR TV ON AIR Ver.-"Television Animation"Major 4th SeasonED theme
7/9Lovely Detective Labyrinth Superman Edition (Best)Shinano purple flame (Shotaro Morikubo"I'm on Fire ~ Flame burning in purple ~"Television Animation"Lovely detective labyrinth] Related songs
7/23NARUTO ALL STARSShikamaru Nara (Shotaro Morikubo"Shooting star ~ shooting star ~"
TV anime "NARUTO" theme song cover album
7/23The Prince of Tennis Akaya Kirihara 1st single Time has comeKirihara Akaya (Shotaro Morikubo"Time has come"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
12/20The Prince of Tennis Rikkai Young Han 1st Single SwordRikkai Young Han[Member 3]"Burning fire"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
1/24Are you Alice? Character vocal maxi THE END.White rabbit (Shotaro Morikubo"THE END."Drama CD "Are you Alice?" related song
7/1Hakuouki recitalSouji Okita (Shotaro Morikubo"Fugetsu"game"Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan] Character image song
8/5VitaminZ Character Song CD Tachibana Yakumo & Mine ArataRine Arata (Shotaro Morikubo"Welcome to the Museum [Museum]"
"Single Match"
game"VitaminZ] Related songs
10/21The Prince of Tennis Rikkai Young Han 2nd Single Love Never EndsRikkai Young Han[Member 3]"Love that never ends"OVA "Prince of Tennis ANOTHER STORY ~ Past and Future Message Vol.2" ED theme
8/131.5.8.-just one time-Here(Shotaro Morikubo) & Bee (Tomoyuki Morikawa"ONE'S DRIVE ~Go Ahead~"Drama CD “1.5.8.-just one time-” image song
11/10The Prince of Tennis Rikkai Young Han 3rd Single SOUL MATERikkai Young Han[Member 3]"SOUL MATE"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
12/8Love Ban "LOVE Monster a GO!GO!" + αBancho (Shotaro Morikubo) Feat.YASU (Takuatsu Terashima)"LOVE ★ Monster a GO! GO!"
"LOVE★Monster a GO!GO!" (Bancho Solo Ver.)
Game "Love bancho, life is short, love is maiden! Love is Power” OP theme
12/17Major Perfect Song CollectionGoro Shigeno (Shotaro Morikubo"Heart picture"OVA "Major" theme song
2/23Bakuman. KOOGY GET UPKOOGY (Shotaro Morikubo"GET UP"
Television Animation"Bakuman."Insert song
4/6TOKYO Yamanote BOYS-HONEY MILK DISCNinomiya Yuto(Kenichi Suzumura), Misaki Torataro (Shotaro Morikubo), Ayumi Momose (Dai Yongyi"Love SYRUP"
"Love SYRUP (Torataro Solo ver.)"
PC game "TOKYO Yamanote BOYS -HONEY MILK DISC-" OP theme
4/15PSP Are you Alice? Theme song maxi Alice? / Maris StellaWhite rabbit (Shotaro Morikubo"Alice?"OP theme for the game "Are you Alice?"
5/11TOKYO Yamanote BOYS -HONEY MILK DISC- Character SongTorataro Misaki (Shotaro Morikubo"Love Passionista!!!!"PC game "TOKYO Yamanote BOYS ~HONEY MILK DISC~" related songs
5/31Charity CD EVER SMILESHOW &KENNwith ALL FRIENDS (Ono Daisuke,Hisayoshi Suganuma,Kenji Nojima,Tomoaki Maeno,Miura Shiro,Yonaga Tsubasa)"EVER SMILE"By charity project "Brand New Love"Great East Japan EarthquakeReconstruction assistance music
8/24Bunmei Kaihua Aoiza Ibunroku Original SoundtrackShinmei Kensuke (Shotaro Morikubo), Kotobuki (Kenichi Suzumura)"Aoi no Kaze-At the end of the clouds"game"Civilization Kaihua Aries] OP theme
9/14The Prince of Tennis Akaya Kirihara 2nd Single HIKARIKirihara Akaya (Shotaro Morikubo"HIKARI"OVA "The Prince of Tennis ANOTHER STORY II-Anotokibokura" ED theme
9/30O*G*A Playing Tag Royal Drama CD STEP.1 ~The Beginning Season~Bright white SEVEN[Member 4]"GO HUNT!"Drama CD "O*G*A Onikko Royale" theme song
10/10The Prince of Tennis Brave heartI'm 300[Member 5]"The theme of Tenipuri Fantastic Bazar"
"Brave heart"
"The Prince of Tennis" related song
10/14Are you Alice? OST-GOOD LUCK, BYEBYE!!White rabbit (Shotaro Morikubo"Wildest dream"Drama CD "Are you Alice?" related song
11/26Nurarihyon no Mago -Sennen Makyo- Character CD Series Ryuji Hanakaiin / Akibo HanakaiinHanakoin Shubo (Shotaro Morikubo"My shining sword"Television Animation"Nurarihyon no Mago-Sennen Makyo-] Related songs
12/14Pleasure [TO] Night opening themeSHOW (Shotaro Morikubo) & KEN (KENN)"Thunderbolt LOVE"
"Pure love mad song (Rhapsody)"
"Dengeki (Thunderbolt) LOVE (SHOW VER.)"
"Pure Love Madoka (Rhapsody) (SHOW VER.)"
Nikosei "Kaikan [TO] Night" theme song
12/21Uta no Prince-sama Debut Unit Drama CD Reiji & Otoya & TokiyaReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Otoya Ichiki (Takuatsu Terashima), Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano"Gumshala ROman☆Tic"Song related to the game "Uta no Prince-sama Debut"
12/28Movie God Voice Original SoundtrackHaruya Oda (Shotaro Morikubo"A heartbreak to Julia"movies"God ☆ Voice] Related songs
1/11O*G*A Playing Tag Royal Drama CD STEP.3 ~The Flapping Season~Ayu Sakuraga (Kenichi Suzumura), Tendoran (Shotaro Morikubo"The Nameless Rainbow"Drama CD "O*G*A Tag Play Royal" ED theme
1/25Renai Bancho 2 MidnightLesson!!! Original Soundtrack ~ Moonlight Legend ~Bancho (Shotaro Morikubo) Feat.YASU (Takuatsu Terashima)"MoonlightScadal"
"New Color"
"MoonlightScandal (Bancho Solo Ver.)"
"New Color (Bancho Solo Ver.)"
Game "Love Bancho 2 Midnight Lesson !!!" OP & ED theme
2/22New Prince of Tennis ENJOYNettle boy[Member 6]"ENJOY"TV anime "The New Prince of Tennis" ED theme
5/21Civilization Kaihua Aoiza Ionroku Replay Early Purchase Bonus CD Original Drama Style CD "Geki-Aoiza Akiiro Performance"Shinmei Kensuke (Shotaro Morikubo), Kotobuki (Kenichi Suzumura)"New Aoi no Kaze-This World Dream Play"OP theme for the game "Civilization Kaika Aquarius Ibunroku Replay"
7/25Uta no Prince-sama Shining All Star CDReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki), Ai Mifuu (Aoi Shota), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno)"QUARTET NIGHT"Song related to the game "Uta no Prince-sama Debut"
7/25VitaminZ Character Song CD Hyakuka Ryoran No.XNUMX ~Yakumo/Arata~Rine Arata (Shotaro Morikubo"LOVE HUNTER"Game "VitaminZ" related songs
8/22Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Idol Song Reiji & AiReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo"Douten Temptation"Insert song for the game "Uta no Prince-sama All Star"
8/22VitaminZ Character Song CD Hyakuka Ryoran No Roku ~VitaminZ's Theme~A4 + P2[Member 7]"I love you Z!!!!!!"Game "VitaminZ" theme song
9/26Uta no Prince-sama Duet CD Reiji & Ranmaru / Ai & KamuReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki)"Rise Again"Insert song for the game "Uta no Prince-sama All Star"
9/26Super Translation Hyakunin Isshu Uta Koi. 1 Blu-ray/DVD bonus CDTeika (Yuki Kaji), Narihira (Junichi Suwabe), Yosei-in (Shotaro Morikubo"Mahorama"Television Animation"Super Translation Hyakunin Isshu Uta Koi.] Related songs
10/3Nintama Rantaro Nintama Family Best SelectionZado Kunamon (Shotaro Morikubo"Tosogaredoki"Television Animation"Nintama Rantaro] Related songs
11/14Uta no Prince-sama Shuffle Unit CD Reiji & OtoyaReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Otoya Ittoki (Takuatsu Terashima)"Hyper x Super x Lover☆"Song related to the game "Uta no Prince-sama All Star"
11/21Card Fight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit Edition Character Song vol.5 Taishi Sanwa "Welcome!"Taiwa Sanwa (Shotaro Morikubo"Welcome!"
"I'm on your "Rear-Side""
Television Animation"Card Fight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit] Related songs
3/27Drama-filled character song CD Byakkotai Shishi Ikki Otoban Vol.XNUMXChitose Kaname (Shotaro Morikubo), Saitaro Kotaro (Kisho Taniyama), Azuma Tsunehira (Shinnosuke Tachibana"Ohka, around the time of the past"App-related song "Shiratorai Sishi Ibunki"
3/27Shimoten no Hana Character Song CollectionHideyoshi Hashiba (Shotaro Morikubo"Love story"Game-related song "Shiten no Hana"
6/26Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% 1 Blu-ray/DVD enclosed CDQUARTET NIGHT[Member 8]"Poison KISS"Related songs for the TV anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000%"
9/18TV animation "Yowamushi Pedal" character song CD VOL.1Yusuke Makishima (Shotaro Morikubo"Long Way to Go"Television Animation"Yowamushi Pedal] Related songs
Onoda slope (Daiki Yamashita) & Yusuke Makishima (Shotaro Morikubo"a little bit more a little bit more"
9/26PSP game "-8 (Minus Eight)" theme song "Kimi dedicated (ONLY) HERO!!!"Maya Fubara (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Ikusa Saeki (Kenji Nojima), Aoba Kuramochi (KENN), Otohiko Tonami (Hiro Shimono), Nijioka Rion (Ryohei Kimura), Mario Ju (Yuki Miyata), Jun Utano (Tomoki Ono), padlock Kageuma (Shotaro Morikubo"Only HERO!!!"
"Beginning of Love"
Game "-8 (Minus Eight)" OP ED theme song
10/30Situation CD + dummy head sensual song SEVENTH HEAVEN VOL.7Canada (Shotaro Morikubo"NEVER ∞ EVER"Situation CD + dummy head functional song "SEVENTH HEAVEN" related song
12/19Smartphone game "Occult Maiden" character song albumYuge Tenyo (Shotaro Morikubo"Un Common SOUL"Smartphone game "Occult Maiden" related songs
12/25Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Theater Company Shining "Masquerade Mirage"Reiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ai Mifu (Shota Aoi), Natsuki Shinomiya (Kisho Taniyama)"Masquerade Mirage"Utano☆Princesama ♪ related songs from the troupe Shining "Masquerade Mirage"
1/29PSP Game "-8 (Minus Eight)" Character Duet Song Collection AlbumRion Nijioka (Ryohei Kimura), Kagema Padlock (Shotaro Morikubo"Tune MASS ∞ GAME"Game "-8 (minus eight)" related songs
3/19Card Fight Vanguard Link Joker Edition Character Song CD We Ride Everyday !!Kai Toshiki (Takuya Sato) & Taishi Miwa (Shotaro Morikubo"We Ride Everyday!!"
"Friendship Overload"
TV anime "Card Fight!! Vanguard Link Joker Edition" related song
4/23Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Music CollectionDJ.COO (Shotaro Morikubo"EZ DO DANCE -DJ.COO ver.-"Insert song for TV animation "Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live"
4/23PSP game "Bakumatsu Rock" theme song CD Whats this?Super soul[Member 9]"Whats this?"Game "Bakumatsu Rock" theme song
4/30Uta no Prince-sama♪ Idol song Reiji KotobukiReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo"To my dear ones"
"Kiss with a wink"
Song for the song "Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret"
5/21TV animation "Yowamushi Pedal" Third Cool OP Theme Be As OneTeam Sohoku[Member 10]"Be As One"
"Dream Believer"
TV animation "Yowamushi Pedal" Third Cool Opening Theme
6/4Bakumatsu Rock Super Ecstasy ★ SongKogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo"Hachinoji distortion"
"A world without gravity"
Game "Bakumatsu Rock" related songs
6/18TV animation "Yowamushi Pedal" character song CD VOL.8Yusuke Makishima (Shotaro Morikubo) & Jinpachi Toudou (Takiya Kakihara"Best Rival"
"Last Climb"
TV anime "Yowamushi Pedal" related songs
7/24Bakumatsu Rock Triangle ★ Rock and RollRyoma Sakamoto (Kisho Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Tatsuo Suzuki), Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo"Rolling Thunder"
Game "Bakumatsu Rock" related songs
8/27Uta no Prince-sama quartet idol songQUARTET NIGHT[Member 8]"Marriage"
"You're my life"
Game "Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret" OP
11/6Bakumatsu Rock Super Soul Mini AlbumSuper soul[Member 9]"Incomplete puzzle"
Game "Bakumatsu Rock Chotama" related songs
2/25DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE "Guilty x Guilty!!!"Carla Tsukinami (Tomoyuki Morikawa), Tsukinami Shin (Shotaro Morikubo"SOS-A to Ω-"game"DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE] ED
6/3Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions Idol SongReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo"NEVER..."
"Hurray x 2 Dreamers"
Television Animation"Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions"Insert song
6/24Evolution eveQUARTET NIGHT[Member 8]"Evolution Eve"
"The dice are cast"
Insert song for TV anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions"
6/26Tokyo Maiden Restaurant DVD Volume 1 Animate Limited Edition Bonus CDArima Tokiwa (Shotaro Morikubo), Akane Kadokura (Natsuki Hanae"Tokyo Maiden Restaurant"TV set"Tokyo maiden restaurant] Theme song
8/19DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST II- Tsukinamiya verCarla Tsukinami (Tomoyuki Morikawa), Shin Tsukinami (Shotaro Morikubo"Dies irae of blood battle""DIABOLIK LOVERS" related songs
9/11Eternal paradise[Note 2]B-PROJECT[Member 11]"Eternal Paradise""B-PROJECT] Related songs
10/14☆ SHOW TIME 2 ☆ Hanasakurakai & OtoriKasakurakai[Member 12]"We, Ayanagi Gakuen Kasakurakai"Television Animation"Star-Mu] Song in the play
11/25Glory UpperMooNs[Member 13]"Glory Upper"
"Over The Rainbow"
"Eternal Paradise (MooNs Ver.)"
"B-PROJECT" related song
12/16DIABOLIK LOVERS VERSUS SONG Requiem (2) Bloody Night Vol.III Carla VS ShinCarla Tsukinami (Tomoyuki Morikawa), Shin Tsukinami (Shotaro Morikubo"Operation X"
"Operation X -Shin Ver-"
"DIABOLIK LOVERS" related songs
1/27Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD Vol.8 TrickstarTrickstar[Member 14]"Rebellion Star"
game"Ensemble Stars!] Related songs
3/23sunTwinkle Bell[Member 15]"Miracle ☆ Twinkle"
"Just one kis"
game"I-chu] Related songs
4/6Brand New StarMooNs[Member 13]"Brand New Star"
"Love Revolution"
"B-PROJECT" related song
6/1Code:Realize -Sousei no Utahime- Character CD vol.4 Impey BarbicaneImpey Barbicane (Shotaro Morikubo"Trip to the moon"game"Code:Realize ~Sousei no Utahime~] Related songs
7/6Heartbeat * AmbitiousB-PROJECT[Member 11]"Beat * Ambitious"Television Animation"B-PROJECT ~Beat*Ambitious~"Opening theme
7/27Star and Moon SentenceMooNs[Member 13]"Dreaming POWER"Insert song for TV animation "B-PROJECT-Beat*Ambitious"
11/30B-PROJECT-Beat*Ambitious-BD/DVD Vol.4 Privilege CDOchauri Haku (Shotaro Morikubo"Thank you Harmony"Related song for TV animation "B-PROJECT-Beat*Ambitious"
12/21Invincible * DangerousB-PROJECT[Member 16]"Invincible * Dangerous"Game "B-PROJECT Invincible * Dangerous" opening theme
"Eternal Paradise""B-PROJECT" related song
Insert song for TV anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star"
1/11DVD & Blu-ray "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star 1" Bonus CDST ☆ RISH[Member 17],QUARTET NIGHT[Member 8],HE ★ VENS[Member 18]"To turn a dream into a song..."Insert song for TV anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star"
"B-PROJECT" related song
1/25Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 2nd Season Vol.10 TrickstarTrickstar[Member 14]"HEART → BEATER!!!!"
"Rainbow Seasons"
Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
3/22iceTwinkle Bell[Member 15]"Mechanical love"
"Chatcha Mecha I love you"
Game "I-Chu" related songs
5/10☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 6 ☆ Mae Hanasakurakai & Akatsuki x Kaede x RenKasakurakai[Member 12]"WONDER FUL WONDER!"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
Akatsuki Koji (Shotaro Morikubo), Yuzuriha C. Rion (Kosuke Toriumi), Ren Sakuya (Wataru Hatano"A DAY IN THE DREAM"TV anime "Star-Mu" 2nd term related song
5/17Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Idol Song Reiji & KamuReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno)"KILLER KISS"Song related to the game "Uta no Prince-sama"
Reiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo"On Your Mark!"
6/21☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 12 ☆ team Otori & team Hiiragi & Yangu × Hachiya × Kitahara × Nanjo & AllcastAll cast[Member 19]"Gift ~Curtain Call~"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
Ai Chu ~Shuffle Unit Mini Album~Wild boy[Member 20]"Do!Do!Journey"Game "I-Chu" related songs
7/19S-Class Paradise WHITEB-PROJECT[Member 16]"S-class paradise""B-PROJECT" related song
MooNs[Member 13]"PRAY FOR..."
11/15Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live theme song CDReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki), Ai Mifu (Shota Aoi), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno)"FORCE LIVE"Theme song for the game "Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live"
12/6Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Vol.10 TrickstarTrickstar[Member 21]"BREAK THROUGH!"
Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
1/17Uta no Prince-sama Shining Masterpiece Show Lost AliceReiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki), Masato Hijirikawa (Kenichi Suzumura), Natsuki Shinomiya (Kisho Taniyama)"Lost Alice"Song related to "Uta no Prince-sama"
1/24Boyfriend (provisional) project Music Album Fujishiro Gakuen #02vanitas[Member 22]"Terminus"game"Boyfriend (provisional) Glitter☆Note] Related songs
4/4flowerTwinkle Bell[Member 15]"Kung Fu Girl"Game "I-Chu" related songs
5/16GO AROUNDMooNs[Member 13]"GO AROUND""B-PROJECT" related song
Ochauri Haku (Shotaro Morikubo"Let's have Fun ♪"
6/27I Jinal SongsYamo small wave (Shotaro Morikubo), youma (Ayano Shibuya"Shout is number one in love!"Television Animation"Magical girl I] Related songs
Code:Realize -Sousei no Hime-kun- Character Song Mini AlbumImpey Barbicane (Shotaro Morikubo"Fly me so high!!"TV anime "Code:Realize -Sousei no Utahime-" related songs
7/16Pleasure EverydayB-PROJECT[Member 16]"Pleasure Everyday"
"After all this time"
"B-PROJECT" related song
Theater animation "Uta no Prince-sama Movie version Maji LOVE Kingdom"Insert song
11/21Uta no Prince-sama Eternal Song CD "Yukitsuki Hana"Otoya Ichiki (Takuatsu Terashima), Masato Hijirikawa (Kenichi Suzumura), Natsuki Shinomiya (Kisho Taniyama), Tokiya Ichinose (Mamori Miyano), Ren Jinguji (Junichi Suwabe), Sho Kurusu (Hiro Shimono), Aijima. Cecil (Kosuke Toriumi), Reiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki), Ai Mifu (Shota Aoi), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno)"Snow Moon Flower"Song related to the game "Uta no Prince-sama"
1/30Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD Ren/Reiji/KiraRen Jinguji (Junichi Suwabe), Reiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Emperor Kira (Daisuke Ono)"Soai Traumerei"Theatrical anime "Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE KINGDOM" insert song
Cum * EmotionB-PROJECT[Member 16]"Cum * Emotion"Television Animation"B-PROJECT ~Climax*Emotion~"Opening theme
"Connect when light and shadow"The ending theme for the TV anime "B-PROJECT-Climax*Emotion"
3/20I-Chu BEST ALBUM Eye EditionTwinkle Bell[Member 15]"Oath of Santa Claus"Game "I-Chu" related songs
4/24Ensemble Stars! Album series TrickstarTrickstar[Member 21]"Rebellion Star (ALBUM Mix)"
"Rainbow Seasons (ALBUM Mix)"
"Welcome to the Trickstar Night☆"
"Infinite Star"
Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
Makoto Yuuki (Shotaro Morikubo"Walking On My Sunny Road"
6/5Million SecretsProud of Surf Junkie[Member 23]"Million Secrets"
"Ever Glorious"
"Ride the WAVE!!-Proud of Surf Junkie Ver. -"
"WAVE!!" related song
6/21Ride the WAVE !!Wave Riding Boys[Member 24]"Ride the WAVE!!"
6/26B-PROJECT ~Cum*Emotion~ BD/DVD Vol.4 Privilege CDMooNs[Member 13]"Connect when light and shadow"The ending theme for the TV anime "B-PROJECT-Climax*Emotion"
"START IN' SHINY FANTASY"Insert song for TV animation "B-PROJECT-Climax*Emotion"
Kitakore[Member 25],MooNs[Member 13]"Unite Contrast"
8/14Stars' Ensemble!Yumenosaki Dream Stars[Member 26]"Stars' Ensemble!"TV animation "Ensemble Stars! "Opening theme
8/28B-PROJECT ~Cum*Emotion~ BD/DVD Vol.6 Privilege CDB-PROJECT[Member 16]"If you dare to say it"Insert song for TV animation "B-PROJECT-Climax*Emotion"
Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live Theme Song CD2Reiji Kotobuki (Shotaro Morikubo), Ranmaru Kurosaki (Tatsuo Suzuki), Ai Mifu (Shota Aoi), Camus (Tomoaki Maeno)"DANCING OVER NIGHT"Theme song for the game "Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live"
Ensemble Stars! ED theme collection vol.1Trickstar[Member 21]"1st SING-ALONG☆"TV animation "Ensemble Stars! "Ending theme
11/6Rough ruff! -laugh life- 2nd RoundRidiculs[Member 27]"Happy!? Life""Rough rough! -laugh life-" related songs
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"Map of the heart"
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Supernova Special Affairs Department XNUMXst Pterosaur Ver.Special Affairs Department XNUMXst Pterosaur Corps[Member 30]"Genesis Prelude"
Rough Rough! -Laugh Life- Final RoundGeraxy[Member 33],Ridiculs[Member 27],Corner Craver[Member 34]"Laugh or Die""Rough rough! -laugh life-" related songs
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OUVERTURE First Press Limited EditionIchu leaders[Member 35]"Magical LOVE Potion!"
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"Masquerade in the mirror"
"B-PROJECT" related song
1/8KING OF PRISM BEST ALBUM "Music Goes On!"DJ.COO (Shotaro Morikubo), Kazuki Nishina (Toshiki Masuda), Yamato Alexander (Takeuchi), Kagami Taiga (Yu Hatanaka"EZ DO DANCE -STREET BATTLE ver.-""KING OF PRISM" series related songs

Participating video works

  • Original Entertainment Paradise “Ore Para” Live DVD
  • Original Entertainment Paradise “Ore Para” 2009 LIVE DVD
  • Original Entertainment Paradise “Ore Para” 2010 LIVE DVD
  • Original Entertainment Paradise “Ore Para” 2011 LIVE Blu-ray Disc/DVD
  • Original Entertainment Paradise 2012 PARADISE@GoGo!! LIVE Blu-ray Disc/DVD Kobe World Memorial Hall
  • Original Entertainment Paradise 2012 PARADISE@GoGo!! LIVE Blu-ray Disc/DVD Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan


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