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🤖 | "Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear" 100 goblins !? What is Yuna's subjugation idea?Episode 3 Preceding Cut

Photo "Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear" Episode 3 Preceding Cut (C) Kumanano / Shufu to Seikatsusha / Kuma Kuma Bear Production Committee

"Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear" 100 goblins !? What is Yuna's subjugation idea?Episode 3 Preceding Cut

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The third episode of the TV anime "Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear" "Kuma-san, Rampage" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from October 3, 2020 (Wednesday).

From the TV anime "Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear", a synopsis of the third episode "Kuma-san, Rampage" broadcast on October 10 (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading

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Bear Bear Bear

"Bear bear bear bear』(Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear) isKumananobyJapan OfLight novel.2014ThanLet's become a novelistSerialized in the book versionShufutoseikatsushaPublished by (PASH! Books).イ ラ ス ト The029Is in charge of[2].. As of September 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 4 million.[3].

As a media mix, it has been comicalized on Shufu to Seikatsusha's Web comic site "Comic PASH!" Since March 2018 (drawing: Seugei) and others.[4], TV animation has been produced since October 2020[5].. From September 2020, the spin-off manga "Kuma Kuma Bear-Today's Kuma Kuma Hiyori-" is being serialized in "PASH UP!"[6].


Due to various reasons while being 15 years oldSocial withdrawalYuna, the main character who lives a life.One day, when I log in to my favorite VRMMORPG "World Fantasy Online", due to God's mischief (?), I am sent to another world with the rare equipment "Kuma Set" equipped.When he wanders around without knowing the reason, he discovers a girl being attacked by a monster and helps the girl with the power of a bear set.In the end, the girl (Fina) guided me to the city and made a living as an adventurer in the world ...


The voice section is the voice actor of the TV anime version.

main character

Voice- Maki Kawase[7]
hero. Real name is Yuna (how to read is unknown)[8]So, I sometimes use the pseudonym "Yuna".Black hair that reaches the waist[9]Long hair. Although she is a 15-year-old girl, her growth (height, chest, etc.) is worse than that of a girl of the same age, and she is also concerned about that.He is willing to interact with his noisy parents and troublesome classmates, and has been living withdrawal for about three years.As a great trader, he earned hundreds of millions of dollars in stock trading, and until he was summoned to another world, he lived alone in a luxury condominium that he bought with that earning.Due to his brain and talent, he is expected to be his successor by his grandfather who runs a large company.[8], Yuna himself wasn't willing to take over the company, but he admired and respected his grandfather. One day, when I logged in to the VR MMORPG "World Fantasy Online", I was blown into a different world that looked exactly like the game world with God's mischief (?), but in addition to doing that game considerably, it is a rare equipment There is too much cheat performance of "Kuma Set", and he succeeds in earning a living in another world without any particular effort. He is an adventurer, and his current rank is C (I had a chance to become Rank B, but I have not seen it because I do not want to stand out). Because all the adventurers involved on the day when I registered as an adventurer are bounced back and killed, even after that I hunt powerful monsters in succession and bring them to the guild in a bloody state (because of the characteristics of the bear box), Known as the "Bloody Bear" by adventurers in the city of Crimonia, it is feared. As the proof that the king is the most trusted adventurer from the history of defeating the XNUMX monsters that attack the royal capital, the "Mark of the Kingdom of El Fanika" is engraved on the adventurer card, and only guild master class humans You can read the information. It should be noted that only the former withdrawal worker, the athletic ability in the bare state not equipped with the "Kuma set" is less than the average Japanese of the same generation. Furthermore, if you don't have a bear set, you won't be able to use magic or skills, so if you're out, you'll be equipped with a bear set costume.[10].. In addition to being an adventurer, he is also a merchant and is registered with the Commercial Guild. Good at cooking, even in a different worldPudding,pizza,HamburgerThe dishes of the earth are reproduced by one's own hands.Later, as those dishes became popular, he became the owner and opened restaurants such as "Kumasan's Rest Shop" and "Kumasan Shokudo".In addition, by digging a tunnel that connects the town of Crimonia and the town of Millilla, you have the right to receive a part of the tunnel usage fee, and you can make a considerable profit on a regular basis without doing anything. It is designed to come.The current commercial rank is E, but within the commercial guild it is expected to definitely rise to rank D in the near future.When I was living in Japan, I heard that there was a time when I was practicing drawing manga, and I am quite good at drawing.Armed with his drawing power and the concept of "deformation" that does not exist in another world, he wrote and published a picture book called "Kuma-san to Shoujo Series", which has gained explosive popularity mainly among people involved in the royal palace.However, in the first place, I just wanted my child (Flora) to be happy and drew it, so I have no intention of making money with this picture book, and I have not paid for it.The beautiful girl in the costume is undisputed, but because she is morbidly insensitive, she is not aware of it, and even if she is praised for her appearance, she interprets it as "flattering" or "because it is what the child says". The surroundings are stunned.I own a lot of bear-shaped houses built using earth magic (because the strength of the house increases when it is made into a bear shape due to the nature of bear magic), commonly known as "bear house", and it seems to be a base. Every time there is a town, they buy land and set up a bear house. As long as it is not a living thing, it has a spatial skill called "bear box (commonly known as a bear box)" that can store no matter how big or how many it is.In addition, since the time is stopped while putting it in, it will not spoil even if the food is stored for a long time.Although he denies it, he has an undisputed friendly nature (especially weak to little girls), and he is grateful as a benefactor from various people because he helps people everywhere he goes.
  • Anime version: The process of being brought to a different world remains the same, but "I will nominate Tilmina as a representative of the orphanage's poultry farm management and" Kuma-san's rest shop "and proceed with the story." It may reveal a more aggressive and lively personality than the original, such as "defeating the prevailing thieves alone."On the other hand, "I cry from fear after running around in the performance test of bear equipment", "I suffer from writhing because I treated Cliff as a bad guy without even examining it because the subsidy of the orphanage was cut off" Orphanage and "As a result of thinking about measures against Kraken due to lack of sleep, I squeeze out only strange ideas." Sometimes it shows a missing side, such as "I can grasp my weaknesses."In addition, in the original, the anime version is positioned as "a creative animation made based on the days that Yuna spent in a different world", and Yuna and others themselves can get information on anime and official websites through the TV given by God. It is set to be able to watch and browse[13].
Kumaru / Kumakyu
Voice- Emi Miyajima(Kumaru)[14] / Yuko Kurose(Kumakyu)[14]
The bear that Yuna can call with the power of the bear setSummoned Beast..The gender is unknown, but the first person in the bonus booklet "Kumagami-sama" of the anime version Blu-ray (DVD) is "I".The black one is "Kumayuru" and the white one is "Kumakyu".Kumayu has a slightly slanted eye, and Kumakyu has a slightly sagging eye.Both can understand human language, but cannot speak (they end up crying "ku-n").The size is Yuna's willPlush DollIt can be switched between two sizes: size and normal size (large enough to carry two to three people).Also, even if it gets dirty, it is a kind design that the dirt will be removed once Yuna is repatriated and then summoned again.If Yuna cares too much about one side, the other side will sneak up, so you have to balance both.Originally, it had a fighting ability that was unmatched by ordinary monsters, but with the power of bear monite (bear spirit stone), it became even stronger dramatically.It can detect signs of people and monsters, and can also detect where herbs are growing.He has various special skills such as fishing and digging bamboo shoots, and is very dexterous and versatile.Like Yuna, you can use "bear walking on the water"[15].
Voice- Aki Waki[7]
The girl Yuna first met in a different world. Yuna is called "Onee-chan" or "Yuna-Onee-chan". 10 years old → 11 years old. The hair is dark brown curly hair, and the large ribbon is the trademark. A person with a strong sense of family. Although he was a child, he had the experience of working as a demon dismantler in the Adventurer's Guild when Tirmina was in the hospital bed, and is currently in charge of dismantling instead of Yuna who is not good at dismantling demons. Since Yuna came to this world, he has been to various places around the world, and I have a hard time, but on the other hand, I am grateful for the fun experience. Originally, it was a very ordinary family house, so I was a little nervous when I met a nobleman and a royal family, but it seemed that Yuna was getting used to it while being swayed in various ways. Nowadays, I think that the aristocrats Noah and Mass are also important friends. Under the guidance of Yuna, simple magic can be used. It is a model of the main character of the picture book "Kumasan and Shoujo series", and he is ashamed of that. Yuna's most trusted figure in the world. I have a bear phone. I have a bear plush toy. Vice Chairman of Kuma-san Fan Club. One of the people who know the existence of "Bear's Transfer Gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".

Residents of the city of Crimonia

Voice- Miyu Tomita[5]
Fina's sister. 7 years old Pure and innocent. A lively girl who is kind to her mother. Her hair is brownish, with two pigtails in the back. I have a bear phone. I have a bear stuffed toy. One of the people who know the existence of "Bear's Transfer Gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water". A member of the Kuma-san fan club.
Voice- Yume Miyamoto
Fina and Shri's mother. Although there was little life expectancy due to illness, Yuna's healing magic picked up her life. I am in charge of administrative and public relations for almost all the businesses that Yuna operates. A hard worker who continues to respond to Yuna's unreasonableness. She lost her husband early and raised a child by one woman, but she was remarried with Genz because of Yuna's backing. A former adventurer who can use magic. One of the people who know the existence of "Bear's Transfer Gate".
Voice- Satoshi Tsuruoka[14]
Adventurer Guild staff.Mainly in charge of dismantling.In order to support the Fina family who cannot work due to illness, Tilmina taught Fina the know-how of dismantling and arranged to work in the Adventurer's Guild.With the support of Yuna, she married Tilmina and became the father of Fina and Shri.Quite a parent idiot.Early on the newlyweds, it is laid on Tilmina's ass.Tilmina and Tilmina's ex-husband Roy are former adventurers, and have the feeling that "if there is something in Fina or Shri, I can't face him."
deceased.Tilmina's ex-husband.Fina and Shri's father.He died before Shri was born.Tilmina and Genz are former adventurers.
Noir Faucherose
Voice- Rina Hidaka[5]
Nickname is "Noah".Daughter of Cliff and Elerora. 10 years old → 11 years old.Blond fluffy long hair.I usually live in Crimonia.After meeting Yuna, she started her career as a "girl who loves bears".I also admire Yuna, but more than that, I'm hoping for the fluffy and fluffy love of Kumakyu, and aiming for an opportunity to come into contact with Kumayu and Kumakyu every time.He has an innocent and free-spirited personality, and is said to be similar to his mother (Elerora).When it comes to bears, they can't see their surroundings and become a little selfish, but basically they are kind and considerate of the other person.Under Yuna's guidance, you will be able to use simple magic.I have a bear stuffed animal, a bear stuffed animal, an oversized bear stuffed animal, and an oversized bear stuffed animal.Founder and chairman of Kuma-san fan club.Although he is one of the oldest and most important characters in the film, he doesn't know much about Yuna's secrets, and as a result, he is often left behind or left behind, and every time he swells his cheeks.
Cliff Faucherose
Voice- Koji Yusa[14]
Noah and Xia's father. A nobleman and a count. Lord of the city of Crimonia where Yuna and Fina live. You can use magic. He was a respectable lord who thought of the territory first, but he did not notice the evil thing Enz was doing, and as a result he pushed the children of the orphanage to the point of starvation, buying Yuna's anger I will end up. Later, he apologized for that and the relationship was restored, but since then, the remnant of that time has caused Yuna to treat him poorly. He is a hard worker of common sense, and is often swayed by Yuna's unconventional behavior. My daughter's Noah has become a serious Kumamania with each passing day.
A maid who works for the Faurose family in the city of Crimonia. It has been five years since I worked. When "Kumasan's resting shop" opened as a master tea brewer, he taught Yuna and others how to brew tea well.
Voice- Hiromichi Tezuka
Butler of the Fochrose family.An old gentleman.Competent and loyal, Cliff's most trusted subordinate.
The escort of the Fochrose family. Ask Kuma House to stay on the way to Gran's birthday party.
The escort of the Fochrose family. Ask Kuma House to stay on the way to Gran's birthday party.
The receptionist of the adventurer's guild in the city of Crimonia. I've known Yuna as a friend since she was a registered adventurer. Beautiful and reasonably popular among the adventurers of the city of Crimonia.
Voice- Youhei Tadano
Guild Master of the Adventurer's Guild in the City of Crimonia.Muscular person.The name is not remembered by Yuna (recognized as muscle Daruma).
Voice-Yuko Kurose
Guild master of the commercial guild of the city of Crimonia. Female. Age XNUMXs, probably Arasa girls in the second half. The style is moderate. Wear glasses. He is a good man and never misses interesting things and money-making. Since I came to town, I really like Yuna, who has a lot of interesting topics, and keeps an eye on her. He has a slightly playful personality and often swings around. For that reason, Yuna thinks that he is not disliked, but is a troublesome person to engage with.
Staff of a commercial guild in the city of Crimonia. When Milene wasn't there, she was assigned the role of Yuna.
エ レ ナ
Voice-Emi Miyajima
Daughter of an inn in the city of Crimonia.Yuna has a connection with Yuna because she was the first inn to stay in this world.His magical talent is crazy, and he envy Yuna and other adventurers who can use magic. In the Web version, he will quit the inn and work at "Kuma-san's Rest Shop" as a cake maker.
Voice- Yuko Kaida
The owner of "Kuma-san's Rest Shop".A widow in her thirties.A woman with a good temperament and a temperament.Once in the royal capitalBakeryWhen I was running, I met Yuna who stopped by the store because of the smell. As a baker at a store opened by Yuna (where she lost her store due to an exorbitant interest-bearing debt in the anime version)scoutAnd came to the city of Crimonia.The taste of bread inherited from her husband is recognized by Zeref, the chef of the royal palace.
Voice- Hiyori Nitta
Morin's daughter. 17 years old.He ran a shop with his mother Morin in the royal capital, but later moved to "Kuma-san's Rest Shop" with his mother and became a clerk.I'm ashamed of Kuma-san's hoodie, which is the uniform of the clerk.I've been working hard these days, but until a few years ago I often skipped work.
In the manga version, Yuna was described as "good at moving others voluntarily," and gave her a chance to remind her that her grandfather once praised her for her management talent.
Morin's niece. When I visited Morin to the royal capital, I met Yuna, and after some twists and turns, I will work as a cake-maker in "Kuma-san's resting shop". Appeared in book version only.
A girl from an orphanage. 12 years old (13 years old on the web version). A leader of children who work at "Kumasan's resting place".
Voice- An Haruno
Chef and owner of "Kumasan Shokudo".A little older than Yuna.Yuna is the daughter of the host Dega, who was taken care of during her stay in Millilla, and she has a good cooking skill. (Especially in the anime versionJapaneseI was scouted by Yuna (because I could make one) and came from the town of Millilla to the city of Crimonia.
A clerk of "Kumasan Shokudo". A woman about 20 years old. I came to Crimonia from the town of Mirara. In the Web version, it was initially called "Aeris".
A clerk of "Kumasan Shokudo". A woman who seems serious. I came to Crimonia from the town of Mirara.
A clerk of "Kumasan Shokudo". I came to Crimonia from the town of Mirara.
Voice- Yoshino Aoyama
An adventurer in the city of Crimonia.Female.Blond (silver hair in the anime version) and slender beauty.Wizard.Originally a temporary member of the Deborane party, he left the party because of Deborane's selfishness.After being a princess, I like the feel of Yuna's costume.He is a common sense person, and his personality is trusted by Yuna. He is entrusted with the escort of "Kuma-san's Rest Shop" and is invited to an employee trip to the town of Millilla.
Voice- Takuya Nakajima
An adventurer in the city of Crimonia.A large and well-built man.Quiet but gentle personality.Favorite by children.Originally a member of the Deborane party, he leaves the party at the same time as Lurina.Contrary to its appearance, I am not good at spicy foods.
Voice- Takaki Otomari
An adventurer in the city of Crimonia.Rank D.male.Although he is good at it, he has a rough personality and bad behavior.Entangled with Yuna who just arrived at Crimonia, she is made bumpy.Bloody Bear Legend, its first victim.He has a history of sneaking a lot of new adventurers other than Yuna, but in reality it is not just mean, but advice because he knows the danger of becoming an adventurer. It was like guidance.Although Yuna's ability to lose completely in the first meeting is acknowledged internally, her pride interferes and she cannot speak it obediently.
Voice- Hiroya Hirose
Adventurer in the city of Crimonia. male. Having a sharp tongue. Members of the Deborane Party. I love Deborane.
Dwarf. Blacksmith in the city of Crimonia. Born in the city of Ludnik. We undertake the manufacturing and maintenance of the dismantling knife of Fina Shri. Gazal is a brother-disciple relationship.
Dwarf. Born in the city of Ludnik. Gordo's wife and childhood friend.
A girl in the city of Crimonia.Born in an orphanage.His hands are dexterous and he is learning sewing under Temoka.I learned the basics of sewing from my dead mother.A leading figure in the production of "Kumayuru & Kumakyu Plush Toys" that is spreading all over the world.Perhaps it will become famous from that source in the future.A member of the Kuma-san fan club.
A seamstress in the city of Crimonia. Men around 30. She teaches Sherry how to sew and wants to be adopted if she wants.
Temoka's wife. About 30 women.
Voice- Akemi Okamura
Director of an orphanage in the city of Crimonia.An elderly woman with glasses.It is loved by children.
Voice- Tokui blue sky
I work for an orphanage in the city of Crimonia. young woman.
I work in an orphanage in the city of Crimonia.A woman who looks like an adult and makes you feel embracing.I came to the city of Crimonia to work at an apricot shop, but when I got in touch with the children of the orphanage, I changed my mind and turned to that place.
I work for an orphanage in the city of Crimonia. young woman. I came to the city of Crimonia to work at Apricot's store, but decided to work at an orphanage with Nief. Appears only in the early versions of the Web version.
A girl who lives in an orphanage. Watch Shelley make a teddy bear and want it.
The administrator of the "bee tree" in the city of Crimonia. He cherishes the bear (wild) that appears around the bee tree.
A new adventurer in the city of Crimonia. A party leader. When I first met, I made a fool of Yuna, but later I was helped by Yuna and reflect on it. He is currently receiving sword instruction from Gil.
A new adventurer in the city of Crimonia. A member of the thin party. One red at the party. Under the magical guidance of Yuna, her ability is gradually increasing.
A new adventurer in the city of Crimonia. A member of the thin party. She is good at bows, and is being taught by Branda.
A new adventurer in the city of Crimonia. A member of the thin party. Axie. The most powerful party.
Ends Roland
Voice- Ikuya Sawaki
Brother of Rutum Roland, the knight leader of the royal capital. Plenty of fat body shape. His wife and child are both executed due to subsidies for embezzlement, embezzlement, assault, murder, illegal trade, and other crimes.

Residents of the royal capital

Sia Foschrose
Voice- 水 瀬 い の り[14]
The daughter of Cliff and Elerora, Noah's sister. 15 years old.A student of the royal capital.The beautiful blonde from Ererolla is made into a roll-shaped twin tail.I usually live in the royal capital with Elerora.After going to an extracurricular class with Yuna, he registered as an adventurer and is currently ranked E.He is good at both swords and magic, and is very good at being selected as one of the student representatives at the exchange meeting with the Euphalia school.He has a serious and common-sense personality, and is said to be similar to his father (Cliff) by others.When I first met, I was repulsed by Yuna, who was a younger girl (looks like) but had escorted her sister Noah to the royal capital, but soon after she played a match and suffered an overwhelming defeat. I regret and apologize.Now he respects Yuna and sees him as an important friend. One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".I have a bear stuffed animal and a bear stuffed animal.A member of the Kuma-san fan club.
Elerola Fochrose
Voice- Yuko Tatsumi
Noah and Xia's mother. Cliff's wife. 35 years old Blonde beautiful woman. A beautiful witch who looks younger than she could imagine from her real age. Unleashed and died. He likes mischief and often swings around. I usually live in the mansion of the royal capital because I work for the royal castle as an assistant to the king, and I am separated from the cliff (relationship is perfect). Contrary to his childish attitude, he is very talented and has a wide face, and helps Yuna in various ways. He loves his daughter (and her husband) with all his heart, and is willing to express his feelings. You can use magic.
People call themselves "I will act as a guardian while I am in the royal capital" about Yuna, who is in the category of children, and boast that she can even adopt her if she is good. ..
A maid who works for the Faurose family in the royal capital. Ask Yuna to help you make a flower bed in the mansion's garden.
Voice- Lynn
Elf.Female.It has a light green hair color.Guild Master of the Adventurer's Guild in the Royal City.Originally from an elf village, he is also the granddaughter of the chief.Good at wind magic.You can call the hawk-like summoned bird "Fargues" and share its visual information. As a witness to "Kuma-san Pants," Yuna has a grudge against her.Because he knows a lot of Yuna's secrets, he has a contract magic that he will die if he tells someone about it (laughs). One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water". In the web version and the book version, there was a depiction that Yuna who escaped (looked like) at the time of the attack on Guruzam was first despised, but in the manga version and the anime version, the whole story was seen with the above summoned bird, so that No such depiction was made.
ラ ン
The receptionist of the adventurer's guild in the royal capital.A different person from the Blitz party run.He lacks the ability to grasp the situation and make judgments, and has a bad habit of making things worse unknowingly.Disliked by readers (including the author), only the Web version is available.It is also excluded from the Web version of the person introduction, saying "Do not appear" or "Please do not have it" directly from the author.
Voice- Kino Hina
Princess of the Kingdom of El Fanika. 4 and 5 years old. Has pink hair. Innocent and straightforward. I love Kuma-san (Yuna), and whenever Yuna comes to Ojo, she runs and hugs her. I have a bear stuffed toy and a bear stuffed toy.
Princess of the Kingdom of El Fanika. Flora's sister. 15 years old. Has pink hair. Student of the royal capital. It is friendly and cheerful, and has a personality that anyone can interact with. It is extremely popular in the school. She is a classmate and a friend. I had long eagerly wanted to see the "bear girl" I had heard from rumors from my family and friends, but I couldn't meet it because it was too late. Finally, in the school festival edition, he finally meets his wishes and meets with Yuna. I have a bear stuffed toy and a bear stuffed toy.
Folk Auto
Voice- Ishida Akira
King of the Kingdom of Elfanica. 40 years old.Handsome man.He became involved with Yuna when he was saved from the threat of XNUMX monsters attacking the royal capital.I am interested in Yuna (mainly cooked food) and like it.He is quite frank and has a light footwork, and despite being a king, he sometimes visits Yuna's house alone without any help.When he finds out that something is wrong with the city of Dezert, he asks him to go to the city of Dezert alone, and he has a strong trust in Yuna's ability as an adventurer.
Queen of the Elfanika Kingdom. A carefree beauty. I am jealous of Erelora with the constitution that I will not get fat no matter how much I eat.
Prince of the Elfanika Kingdom. 20-year-old. married. As a result, Yuna, who always interferes with his work (when Yuuna comes to the castle, Forruth throws his work and heads over there), is so strong.
Flora's nanny. A woman in her early twenties. I have a daughter who is the same age as Flora.
Ange's daughter. I have a bear plush toy and a bear plush toy (only the bear plush on the web version).
A woman working in the Royal Castle of Elfonica. About 20 years old. He is a colleague of Anju and has been working at Ojo for about a year. I had Flora read a picture book about "Kuma-san and Shoujo".
A woman working in the Royal Castle of Elfonica. Anju colleague. I wanted a picture book of "Kuma-san and Shoujo" for my daughter.
Chef of the Royal Palace in the Kingdom of Elfanica.A man with metabolic syndrome.I respect Yuna as a chef.He has a gentle personality, but he is as curious as a child when it comes to unknown dishes.At first, I didn't have a good feeling for Yuna, who is feeding Flora apart from herself, the chef of the royal palace, but when she tasted the sweets made by Yuna, she was shocked and admitted to losing ( Yuna herself thinks that "there are no wins or losses because the genres of dishes that we are good at are different").After admitting the defeat, he was in favor of Yuna, and in the case of the city of Shirin (with the permission of the king), he spared no effort to cooperate with Yuna, such as going to the city of Shirin himself, and also said to the royal capital, "Yuna's He is also in charge of opening a store that handles recipes.
Chancellor of the Kingdom of Elfanica.An elderly man with a beard.A hard-working person who is swayed by a free-spirited king who is the most trusted confidant of the king.One of the few people who can give an opinion to the king.
Gatekeeper of the Royal Castle of Elfonica.
Gatekeeper of the Royal Castle of Elfonica.
Deputy leader of the 15th Royal Corps.
A subordinate of Ranzel. It was accompanied by Erelora who came to visit the city of Silin.
A subordinate of Ranzel. It was accompanied by Erelora who came to visit the city of Silin.
A student of the royal capital.Shea's classmate.Boys. 15 years old.After going to an extracurricular class with Yuna, he registered as an adventurer and is currently ranked E.Good at swords.Cheeky personality.They are active, but tend to see only the immediate future.His father is the captain of the Second Knights of the Kingdom.When he first met, he made a fool of Yuna, but when he was protected by a black tiger, he became strongly respected by Yuna.
A student of the royal capital.Shea's classmate.Boys. 15 years old.After going to an extracurricular class with Yuna, he registered as an adventurer and is currently ranked E.Good at magic.He has an intelligent personality and acts as a brake for his friend Marix.After being protected by the black tiger, Yuna became strongly respected.
A student of the royal capital.Shea's classmate.Girls. 15 years old.After going to an extracurricular class with Yuna, he registered as an adventurer and is currently ranked E.Good at magic.I have a bear stuffed animal and a bear stuffed animal.After being protected by the black tiger, Yuna became strongly respected.
Student of the royal capital. Xia's classmate. Boys. 15 years old. An extracurricular class was held at the same time as the Marixes, and Jade and Mel were in escort. Yuna, who appears as the guard of the Marixes, is ridiculous, and the rage of the Marixes is bought.
Student of the royal capital. Xia's classmate. Girls. 15 years old. Good at swords. Hair is cut short. He is enthusiastic about Tilia and devotes himself daily to becoming a Tilia knight. He was fighting a knight as part of the school festival's feat and was injured by Rutum's scheme, but saved by Yuna's intervention.
Teacher of the Royal Academy. A man about 30 years old. She works in a school where she and Marix go. During the extracurricular class, he met Yuna, and in the exchange battle in Euphalia, he recommended Yuna as a substitute player instead of the student who was down due to lack of magic.
Dwarf. The blacksmith of the royal capital. Born in the city of Ludnik. The creator of Yuna's weapons "Kumayu Knife" and "Kumakyu Knife". The relationship between Gordes and his brothers and disciples. He highly appreciates Yuna's ability, and when Yuna went to Ludonik, he wrote a letter of introduction addressed to his teacher, Rosina.
Dwarf.Rojina's daughter. 18-year-old.Gazal and Gordo's childhood friend. In the Web version, it was called "Ricca".I came to the royal capital from the city of Ludnik, chasing my beloved Gazar.Currently living together at a blacksmith in Ghazal.
Adventurer of the royal capital. Rank D. I met Yuna when I was frustrated because I couldn't get up to rank C and challenged the game. As a result, he was defeated, and later he was promised to become a breakwater for the trouble of landing on Yuna in the royal capital.
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
A magician who was once exiled from the royal capital due to dangerous thoughts.In order to take revenge on the king, he took ten years and his own life to collect XNUMX monsters and set him on the royal capital, but Yuna easily stopped him.In disappointment, he was killed by Forauto.In the anime version, K. Yuna's bear punch. It is O.
Rutum Roland
Count.Captain of the Third Knights of the Former Kingdom.He is also the brother of Ends Roland.There is a case of Ends with Elerora, and he is a friend of dogs and monkeys.The owner of the idea was that women were not suitable for knights, and he was planning to exclude women from the Knights.Although he was proud of his overwhelming ability as a knight, he was dismissed from the position of knight leader after losing the game with Yuna at the school festival, and now he is working as a teacher at the school.
Knight of the kingdom. A man in his mid twenties. He had the second highest ability after Rutum, but lost the match against Yuna. A person with a chivalry spirit.
Former head chef of a restaurant with a large statue of a hawk where Zelev and Botz once worked together. Zelev retires after leaving the store.
A man who succeeded Mologue and became the head chef of a restaurant with a large hawk stone statue. There was a problem with humanity, but I was good at cooking and selling aphrodisiac to a superior person. He fired Botts, who slammed himself at the shield, and pressured the cooking guild not to work in the royal capital.
A merchant in the royal capital.He is obese and has a face like a toad.He has been doing a lot of vicious fraudulent business and has been involved in many crimes.One of the scams he committed was to trick Morin's husband into carrying a large amount of debt, and even forcibly pick up the store even though the debt was not due.However, with Yuna's intervention, everything is in trouble.He tried to hurt Yuna and take Morin's parents and children away, but as a matter of course, he was hit back.He deceived the name of the king by suffering, but he was arrested for the current crime because the real king happened to be there.After that, many bad things that he was doing were revealed and all his property was confiscated.Not appeared in the anime version.

Residents of the town of Mirara

Voice- Kana Azumi
Guild Master of the Adventurer's Guild in the City of Millilla.young woman.Yuna has an outstanding proportion that envy her, and she also wears clothes with a lot of exposure that makes her aware of that.Because I live in a city by the sea, my charm points are a healthy sunburn and a mole on my mouth.
Staff of the Adventurer Guild of the town of Millera. male.
Guild master of the commercial guild of the town of Millera. Young men. Formerly a general staff member, the former Guild Master Zarad was executed for wrongdoing and was executed, so he took the seat of the Guild Master as a pot (inevitable). It is troublesome and often skips work, but its roots are that people who are in trouble with good people can not leave it alone, so it is trusted by the residents. Even during the Kraken riots, they were sneaking out and distributed food to people in need of money.
Staff of a commercial guild in the town of Millera. young woman. Formerly an employee of a commercial guild in Crimonia, he was dispatched to Millira as an education and support officer for Jeremo, a new guild master. With a tough personality, he is hitting Jeremo's butt, which tends to be skipped. He is married and has a child, and later moved to Shilin with his family.
Voice- Tomomi Nishimura
General of an inn in the town of Millilla.Macho, but his cooking skills are top notch.The child has one son and one apricot mentioned above.It's not very similar to apricots.His son also works as a fisherman while helping the inn, and he catches the fish he uses in the inn.There is no name for the inn, and among the residents of Millilla, they go to "Apricot's shop" and "Dega's inn".Long beardBraidedI have to.
Voice- Tohru Inada
Resident of the town of Millera. Young men. Fisherman. Yuna can help where she was in the snow.
Voice- Yarisei
Resident of the town of Millera. Damon's wife. A woman around 25 years old. Yuna can help where she was in the snow. In the Web version, it was initially called "Lagna".
Voice- Amano Satomi[5]
Daughter of Damon and Yura.
Voice- Yu Shinohara
Son of Damon and Yura.Leela's younger brother.
Black grandfather
Resident of the town of Millera. Existence of local fishermen. Old man.
Resident of the town of Millera. Kuro's son, who is now the mayor of the town of Milila, in a semi-pressing manner. Late thirties to about XNUMX years old.
Former mayor of the town of Millera. During the Kraken uprising, they abandoned the residents and fled the town. Later, he returned to the town of Millera and planned to take the position of mayor again, but he refused and abandoned.
An adventurer who was a thief in the town of Millilla.Hired by Zarad, he was attacking the inhabitants leaving the town of Millilla.By making a statement that treats a woman like a thing, Yuna is sharpened, and she is made bumpy until her face changes and her heart breaks. In the web version, it was called "Borg".
The Rad
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Former Guild Master of the Commercial Guild of the town of Millera. He was executed after discovering that he had worked badly (hiring bad adventurers, attacking the inhabitants as bandits, looting money, etc.).

Residents of the city of Silin

Misana Farrengram
Voice-Satomi Amano
Nicknamed "Mass". Daughter of the lord of the city of Silin. 9 years old → 10 years old. Long silver hair. Helped by Yuna while he was attacked by bandits on his itinerary when attending the ceremony to celebrate the birth of King Elfanika. Invite Yuna and Fina to her birthday party. I have a bear stuffed toy and a bear stuffed toy. A member of the Kuma-san fan club.
Gran Farrengram
Voice- Atsushi Takasaka
Former lord of the city of Silin. 49 years old → 50 years old. When the Salvado family is demolished, he gives over the seat of the lord to his son Leonard. Helped by Yuna while being attacked by an orc during his itinerary when attending the ceremony of the birth of King Elfanika.
Leonard Farrengram
Lord of the city of Silin. Gran's son. Gran says that she is "weak". After smashing the Salvado family, he replaces Retired Gran and becomes the lord of the town.
A maid who works at the Farrengram family.Around XNUMX years old.Good at sewing, he helped Misa make stuffed toy clothes for Noah and Fina's birthday presents.
The exclusive cook of the Farrengram family. Formerly the deputy chef of a leading restaurant in the royal capital. I was a colleague with Zerev. The chef at the time caught him and he was picked up by Gran as he lost his job and wandered around. Brad, who was instructed by Gajordo, hurt his arm and cannot cook for a while.
The maid of the Farrengram family. A woman with short hair around XNUMX years old. Originally I served the Salvado family, but when the Salvado family was crushed, Gran took over.
An adventurer in the city of Silin. Party leader. Female swordsman. He has a strong personality, and has earned the trust of the Farrengram family, including Mass.
An adventurer in the city of Silin. Busty woman. Wizard. Members of the Marina Party. He is good at water magic, such as dragging out moles lurking in the soil.
An adventurer in the city of Silin. Swordswoman. Members of the Marina Party.
An adventurer in the city of Silin. A woman who uses a big sword. Members of the Marina Party. In the early days of the Web version, the name was "Lomen", and even in the book version, it was also called "Euri" in some of the SS (short story) collections.
Guild Master of the Commercial Guild in the City of Shirin. A slender man about 30 years old.Due to the fall of the Salvado family, the former guild master who had a relationship with the Salvado family was removed, and after that he took the position of guild master as a kettle.I can't think of Milene, who should be younger than me, because I was helped when I made a big mistake and had a letter of recommendation written to become a guild master.
An employee of the Commercial Guild in the city of Shiering.An excellent staff member who supports Rokochi in Shiering after the fall of the Salvado family.
A man who was hired by Reedent and worked as an instructor to thieves.The Reedent was told that if he could do this job well, he could leave the store to him, but that was a lie and he was supposed to be cut off.After being captured by Yuna and others, he betrayed Redent in response to Milene's negotiations.Later, he will work as a merchant apprentice with the help of Rokochi.
Gajordo Salvado
Salvado family owner. It has been ridiculed by Yuna and Cliff as "Toad" and "Toad". It was revealed that Gajurdo had also committed countless crimes because his son, Randall, kidnapped Mass.
Rundle Salvador
Son of the Salvado family head. Being spoiled, I feel very smart and I can do whatever I want. By touching Misa, she touched Yuna's upside down and was knocked out with a single bear punch. He was stripped of his position and entrusted to his relatives' house in the royal capital.
Salvado escorts. Formerly an adventurer with a rank higher than C, he was considered a problem child because of his poor conduct. He wears a black cloak and is dressed in black. Knife is used in close quarters battle, and magic is used in medium and long range. He was touched by Yuna's reverse scale when he took off Mass and injured Fina and Noah, and was knocked out with a single bear punch. Arrested for kidnapping. Currently, I am also investigating my plea.
A merchant in the city of Shirin.The age is around the late 30s.Originally, he was sucking sweet juice by taking in the Salvado family, but after the Salvado family's demise, the business will be overshadowed.After that, at the end of the fall, he started working as a thief and was captured by Yuna and Milene.A small villain who can't help, such as cutting off his subordinates for the sake of self-protection.

Residents of the city of Laruz

A big merchant in the city of Larousse.There is also a branch in the royal capital.He loves his granddaughter, Arca, and was looking for a picture book called "Kuma-san and Shoujo," which Arca liked at first glance, using various messengers.As a thank-you for giving me the picture book, I will give Yuna a house as a gift.
Letobert's granddaughter. Yuna receives a picture book of "Kumasan and Shoujo series" as a present. I have a bear plush toy.
Arca's mother.The daughter-in-law of Letober's son.There is a parents' house in the royal capital.
A person who serves Letobert.
An adventurer in the city of Laruz. Party leader. Female. I called out to Rui Ming, who was in trouble because of lack of money, and gave him a job. In order to compensate for the loss caused by his own failure, he is trying to save money and buy back bracelets for Ruimin who is no longer selling important bracelets.
Members of the Miranda party. Female. I like cute girls.
Members of the Miranda party. A witch woman.
A merchant in the city of Larousse.Ruimin's mistake breaks the painting that was supposed to be sold to Letbert.I bought a bracelet of Ruimin and kept it, but when I was forced to sell it to Retober who knew the bracelet's bracelet, I was preparing a substitute picture but I was in trouble because I could not reach it, Yuna who just came to the store helped me He succeeded in selling a substitute painting to Letvère, and the bracelet was bought by Sasha, who accompanied him.
An employee of the Doglood store.

Elven Village Residents

Elf.Sanya's sister.It has a light green hair color.Registered as an adventurer, rank E.There is a slightly (or rather) sloppy part.You can summon a summoned bird in the same way as your sister Sanya, but because the magical power of the surgeon Luimin himself is still small, it is about the size of a chick.Meet Fina and Sakura through Yuna and become friends.He has a contract magic that will kill him (laughs) when he tells someone Yuna's secret. One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".I have a bear stuffed animal and a bear stuffed animal.I have a bear phone.
Mumu root
Elf.Grandfather of Sanya, Luimin and Lucca.Talia's father.Chief of the Elven Village.He has lived for hundreds of years (thousands of years?), But because he is an elf, he can only be seen in his forties by human standards.He seems to have traveled all over the world when he was young, and he seems to have been quite capable, such as capturing the labyrinth of the pyramid in the current city of Desert and helping to seal the snake in Japan.It seems that he doesn't remember much about the past, and in many cases he only remembers it after being told by Yuna.He has a contract magic that kills him (laughs) when he tells someone Yuna's secret. One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate".
Elf. She is the mother of Sanya, Ruimin and Lucca, but she is young because she is an elf and looks like a sister only. He has a quiet and playful personality.
Elf. Sanya, Ruimin and Lucca's father. It looks like a slender man in his early twenties.
Elf. Sanya and Ruimin's younger brother. 8 years old (9 years old on the web version). I never met Sanya until I went home with Yuna.
Elf. Sanya and Ruimin's grandmother. Thalia's mother.
Elf. male. Sanya's fiancee. Buys Yuna's ability high.

Residents of Kars town

An adventurer in the town of Kars. He is a bad person, but he is a good person who goes around for the adventurers of the town. I know a blitz party.

Residents of the city of Desert

Karina Ishleit
Daughter of the lord of the city of Dezert. 10 years old. Has a reddish hair color. According to Mumulut, it seems to be a color shade inherited from the ancestor Cyan. When diving into the pyramid to solve the city's water shortage problem, the important crystal plate (map inside the pyramid) that has been handed down to the Ischleit family is lost. Due to lack of water, residents began to leave the city, where they met Yuna when he was sunk with guilt, and decided to dive into the pyramid again. With the cooperation of Yuna and Jade, the crystal plate was safely recovered, and the water magic stone that Yuna brought brought us the solution to the water shortage problem in the city. A girl with a strong sense of responsibility, who fears the existence of monsters that appear around and inside the pyramid, but wishes to accompany him to recover his failure. He has "Kumaru Plush Toy" and "Kumakyu Plush Toy".
Barima Ishleit
Lord of the city of Dezert. Karina's father. Being a bride and groom, the blood of the founder of the city has not been drawn to him, so he cannot use the crystal version handed down to the Ishleit family.
Listile Ishleit
Karina's mother. The blood of the founder of the city.
Norris Ishleit
Karina's younger brother. 3 years old
Karina's younger brother. 0-year-old. When Yuna first visited the city of Desert, it was not born yet. When Yuna travels around the world (at the bear's transfer gate) as a birthday present for Fina, she visits the city of Desert and meets Kuma-san for the first time there. I have a bear plush toy and a bear plush toy.
Carina's caretaker. Female. Has brown skin. In exchange for pudding recipes, teach Yuna how to prepare spices for curry.

Residents of the city of Ludonik

Dwarf.Blacksmith in the city of Ludnik.Master of Gordes and Ghazal.A craftsman who is said to be one of the three fingers in the blacksmith town of Ludnik.After the excellent disciples Gordes and Ghazal left the city, they lost their motivation, but when they saw Yuna's "Kumayuru Knife / Kumakyu Knife", the craftsman's soul was stimulated and they started to hit weapons again. ..
Dwarf. Rosina's wife.
Dwarf. Blacksmith in the city of Ludnik. The Jades often take care of them when making their weapons.
Dwarf. Guild Master of the Blacksmith Guild of the City of Ludnik. Arrange for Yuna to try the "Trial Gate."
Receptionist of a commercial guild in the city of Ludnik.A dwarven (human race in the web version) woman.Yuna went through the process when buying a house in the city of Ludnik.

Residents of Japanese country

A girl from a Japanese country. About 15 years old.An adventurer, a genius who became rank C at a young age.Because of her ability, she is very popular among girls in Japan, even though she is of the same sex. Speak in the tone of "~ ssu".Although it is not explicitly stated, there are many words and actions that seem to be ninjas. He has a summoned horse called "Hayatemaru" and a messenger bird called "Pisuke".With the life from Sakura, he contacts Yuna while hiding his purpose.He has the ability to fight the Wyvern alone, but knowing the existence of a foul class called Yuna makes me think that I still have a long way to go.He has a contract magic that kills him (laughs) when he tells someone Yuna's secret. One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".
Cherry blossom
A girl from a Japanese country. 10 years old.Shrine maiden.You can have a dream of precognition.Her mother is a former princess of the Japanese country, and Sakura herself is the niece of the king.The giant monster "Orochi", which was sealed on the island of Renes hundreds of years ago, revives and has a dream of destroying the country of Japan, and struggles to change its future.I am convinced that the "beast-shaped light" I saw in that dream is the only hope to save this country, and I seek a means to contact its existence.With the cooperation of the King, I tried various methods, but it didn't work out, and when I entrusted Shinobu, who has the highest ability among Japanese women, to come into contact with the "light of hope", it finally worked. said.After that, after many twists and turns, he successfully met Yuna, who is the "light of hope in the shape of a beast", and shed tears when he touched the warm aura that Yuna felt.He has a contract magic that kills him (laughs) when he tells someone Yuna's secret. One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".I have a bear stuffed animal and a bear stuffed animal.I have a bear phone.
A fox that lives for hundreds of years.For many years, he has managed the barrier of the Great Snake Seal in Reness.He is knowledgeable and thoughtful because he has lived for a long time, but he also has a childish part, such as insisting that Yuna (or girls who yearn for Yuna) "foxes are more cute than bears".Originally a bewitching adult woman, she has exhausted her magical power in the fight against the snake, and now she is about 6 years old.It looks like a human in peacetime, but it can also be a perfect fox.When the magical power is perfect, there are nine tails, but if the magical power is insufficient, the number will decrease.Due to the tragedy that the house where he originally lived in the decisive battle with the snake was destroyed in the aftermath of the battle, he is now living in the mansion of the Japanese country, which is Yuna's villa, as a caretaker and residence. I got it.Although he loves alcohol, he is a very criminal picture because he is a little girl now.He has a deep trust in Mumulute because he fought together when the Great Snake was sealed hundreds of years ago, and after watching the growth of Sakura, he decided to leave Japan and move to the elf village where Mumulute lives. ing.He has visited Targui in the past and seems to have something to do with Kruna-Hulk.Currently, among the characters, he has the highest ability next to Yuna.He has a contract magic that kills him (laughs) when he tells someone Yuna's secret. One of the people who knows the existence of the "bear transfer gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".I have a bear phone.
King of Japan. Uncle of Sakura. A mansion with a hot spring is given as a thank-you to Yuna who saved Japan. You have a contract magic that will kill you (laughing) if you tell Yuna's secret to someone. One of the people who know the existence of "Bear's Transfer Gate". One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".
Ju Bay
Master of Shinobu. Men around 30 years old. I usually wear an eye patch, and remove it when seriously fighting. One of the most powerful Japanese people who handles both swords and magic. One of the people who knows "bear walking on the water".
Lily of the valley
Kagari Caretaker.
The daughter of a hot spring inn in the town of Jebel, the country of Japan. About the same age as Yuna.

Euphoria Town Residents

Cereille Foreign
Daughter of the lord of the city of Euphalia.student. 15 years old → 16 years old.Good at both swords and magic.He has a strong belief and tends to impose his own intentions and good intentions.With bloody training from an early age, he has an outstanding ability in his generation (excluding Yuna and Shinobu). At the age of 5, her mother was killed in front of her.At that time, he received a notice from the criminal that he would "reappear in ten years," and since then he has been training hard for that time.Ten years later, the man appeared as previously announced and tried to own Sereil, but with the help of Yuna, he eventually defeated him safely. On his 16th birthday, the thread of tension broke and shed tears as he was successfully celebrated.Yuna, the prince who saved herself, has a section that has more emotions than her friends.
Keith Foreigns
Son of the lord of the city of Euphalia. Sereil's younger brother.
??? · Foreign
The lord of the city of Euphalia. Sereil's father. Three years older than my wife, Shuria.
Surya foreigns
deceased. Sereil's mother. Stalker, who had been thinking about Shuria since his school days, was killed after being jealous and having a monopoly.
Foreign house maid.
A student in the city of Euphalia. Selected as one of the representative players at the exchange meeting with the school of the royal capital. In the team battle, he fought against Yuna in cooperation with Sereil. Good at earth magic.
Stalkers of Schuria and Sereil.After a distorted desire for exclusivity, he killed Shulia, and after that, he aimed for Sereil, which resembles Shuria.It seems that he was once a student of the same school as Shuria.I was studying how to manipulate monsters with Guruzam, who I met by chance.He tried to blame Sereil by taking Keith as a hostage, but as usual, Yuna's entry prevented the plot.At the end, he realized that the plan had failed, and by inviting the attack of Sereil, he pierced his body and ended his life with the hands of a woman who left behind the image of a loved one.

Residents of the city of Galetta

A girl who calls herself an "adventurer".About high school students.I have my hair tied behind me.The chest is small.She has a great attitude toward her first meeting, but her roots are a gentle tsundere girl.They are not thoughtful and often come to short-circuit conclusions.Mia alone often fails because she takes immediate action without even scrutinizing the conclusion.Get on track right away.To say the least, he is a weak type (= stupid), but he is suspicious and has a troublesome personality that he does not believe in people.He came to Heschlag for an adventure in search of treasure.A family of adventurers from his grandfather's generation to generations, he now lives with his two sisters, Marin and Zion, and his grandmother because his grandfather died a few years ago and his parents are missing.He has a bow and arrow magic tool that his grandfather gave him, and his skill is top notch.
A girl who calls herself an "adventurer".About high school students.Mia's childhood friend.The breast is big.With a quiet personality, she plays the role of a runaway Mia stopper.He came to Heschlag for an adventure in search of treasure.

Residents of the town of Heschlag

deceased.Magic tool researcher.He used to research magic tools to control slime in Heshlag, but failed.The runaway slime swallowed most of the town's inhabitants.The magical tool left by Kruna-Hulk managed to stop the slime's activity and create an armor knight to protect the magical tool.After that, I exhausted and died to sleep in the laboratory bed.

Residents of other villages

Voice- Matsuda Risa
Resident of the village of Kokekko.A courageous boy who came to the city of Crimonia alone to save the village from the Black Viper.Help procure moss for running an orphanage in Crimonia.
Voice- Hiromichi Tezuka
Resident of the village of Kokekko.Kai's father.
Voice- Masayuki Kato
Mayor of the village of Kokkokko. For Yuna, who saved the village from the Black Viper, we give him a koukoukou and its eggs.
A hunter living in a village near the town of Crimonia. I am grateful to Yuna for exterminating the wild boar (giant boar) that appears near the village.
Branda's wife. She was pregnant when she first met Yuna, but later she gave birth to a boy.
Branda and Mali's son. 0-year-old. Just recently born. I like the tiger wolf's fur from Yuna.
The Mall
A man selling potatoes in the royal capital.Yuna gets a lot of customers by signing a contract to buy a lot of potatoes on a regular basis.In the anime version, women were selling instead of The Mall.
Mayor of cheese village. When he sold cheese in the royal capital, Yuna got a large number of customers because he made a contract to buy a large amount of cheese on a regular basis.
Son of the mayor of the cheese village.
The mayor of the village that Shia and his friends visited in an extracurricular class. I was annoyed by the goblins that appeared near the village.
A villager visited by Sia and his friends in an extracurricular lesson.

Adventurer (no base)

Adventurer. Rank C. Party leader. He is a swordsman and owns a Mithril sword. grown up. A person who has a personality and is a reliable man who is able to put together party members with strong personality. He is active in various areas such as Crimonia, the royal capital, and the desert. He acknowledges Yuna's ability and professes that he is stronger than himself.
Adventurer.Rank C.Female.A member of the Jade Party.Wizard.A bright and sociable mood maker.Like a witch, she wears a pointed hat and cloak.
Adventurer.Rank C.Shortcut woman.A member of the Jade Party.Use a knife.I own a Mithril knife.Basically expressionless.It's a poisonous tongue, but the target is mainly Toya.
Adventurer.Rank C.male.A member of the Jade Party.Swordfighter.I've been wanting a Mithril sword for a long time, but after successfully passing the Xelo exam in the city of Ludnik (?), I finally got the long-sought Mithril sword.He is in good shape, but he is actually a hard worker.I've loved Kuma Yuru and Kumakyu since I was helped in the city of Ludnik, but I'm ashamed of that and don't admit it myself.
Adventurer.Rank C.Party leader. A handsome swordsman about 25 years old.It is often ridiculed as a "harem party" because it brings only beautiful women.Full of justice, even when the city of Millilla was in a pinch, he voluntarily went to subdue the bandits.
ロ ー ザ
Adventurer. Rank C. A woman over 20 years old. Blitz party members. Wizard. The effective divider for the party. I have a bear stuffed toy. In the Web version, it was initially called "Tomea".
ラ ン
Adventurer. Rank C (There is also a notation called Rank D in the Web version). Girl about 18 years old. Blitz party members. Wizard. I have a bear plush toy.
Adventurer. Rank C (There is also a notation called Rank D in the Web version). Blitz party members. A female swordsman who uses a large sword. Black and tall. He is silent and brave, but has a gentle personality.
Adventurer. Rank D. Party leader. I met Yuna and worked together in the city of Desert. At that time, I received a part of the large scorpion shell from Yuna and made an armor using that shell. The work seems to have been successful, perhaps because the quality of the armor has improved (such as the successful subjugation of the Black Tiger <Black Tiger>), and he is expected to move up to Rank C soon.
Adventurer. Rank C. Great swordsman. The leader of the Baka Ranger, commonly known as the "Baka Ranger Red". It was named by Yuna because of the red hair and armor. We worked with Yuna and Jade to solve the golem problem at the mine. Although his personality is difficult, his ability is certain.
Baka Ranger Blue
Adventurer. Rank C. Members of the Barbold Party. Spear wearer. It is named by Yuna because it is equipped with blue armor.
Baka Ranger Green
Adventurer. Rank C. Members of the Barbold Party. Using a hammer. It was named by Yuna because it was equipped with green armor.
Baka Ranger Black
Adventurer. Rank C. Members of the Barbold Party. Wizard. Equipped with a black cloak, it was named by Yuna.
Baka Ranger White
Adventurer. Rank C. A woman about 30 years old. Members of the Barbold Party. Equipped with a white cloak, it was named by Yuna.
Adventurer.deceased.Mumuroot's adventurer era companion.Woman of the witch.Behaved and enthusiastic about anything that interests you.After capturing the labyrinth of the pyramids in the current city of Desert, he settled in the city that occurred there and contributed to the development of the city.Carina's ancestors.Carina's reddish hair color is hereditary.The first discoverer of the pyramid's crystal plate, only she and her blood-sucker can handle the crystal plate.
Adventurer.deceased.Mumuroot's adventurer era companion.Swordfighter.Cyan's husband, laid on his hips.After capturing the labyrinth of the pyramids in the current city of Desert, he settled in the city that occurred there and contributed to the development of the city.Carina's ancestors.
Adventurer.deceased.Dwarf.Mumuroot's adventurer era companion.Good at releasing traps.
Adventurer and adventurer.Rank is A.He travels around the world and makes various discoveries.It is unknown when he was active and whether he is still alive.

Bandit (no base)

The real name is unknown because it is a pseudonym.The organizer of thieves.He was hired by Reedent to steal the cargo of a nearby carriage on the mountain between Crimonia and Shirin.A person who knows Yuna as a bloody bear and quickly escapes when Yuna comes to capture them.

real world

Yuna's grandfather
The real name is unknown.He is the president of a large company.Because she is the only daughter of her third son, who is extremely poor, she is also the only ally of Yuna, who is estranged from her relatives.
He sees Yuna's talent and brains, and his company is so praised and fond of him that he even wants her to take over rather than his eldest son's family.Yuna, a minor, plays the role of a guarantor for the condominium when she lives alone, but in the anime, she also shows the strength to urge Yuna to quit the guarantor if she doesn't come to see her.


Lower monster. A wolf-like demon with gray hair. Meat is edible. Besides, fur and magic stones are available, and even a beginner can defeat it without much trouble. Due to the large number, adventurer's guild treats the subjugation of wolf as a permanent request.
Snow wolf
Wolf-type demon. Live in the snowy mountains. White hair is growing. If you defeat it, you will get an ice magic stone.
Sand Wolf
Wolf-type demon. Live in the desert region. Reddish brown hair is growing.
Tiger wolf
Intermediate demon. It's bigger than a wolf, and it's even better.
Black Tiger
Intermediate and above monsters.Black coat.Has sharp claws and large fangs.The skin is also hard and cannot be toothed with an iron knife.
Lower monster. IMP. Goblin subjugation is treated as a permanent request even in the Adventurer's Guild, as it increases more and more without permission. Like Wolf, it is a monster that even beginners can defeat, and is perfect for gaining experience. However, it is an unpopular request because there are only materials that sell only magic stones.
Goblin King
Goblin monster. Greatly outstrips normal goblins in size, power, speed, and intelligence. When it comes to being a particularly powerful individual, it may carry a weapon called the "Goblin King's sword" (a normal sword transformed by the flow of the goblin king's own magical power).
オ ー ク
A lower-ranked monster. Bipedal monster like a pig.
Red oak
Demon of lower intermediate level. A higher version of the oak.
Big bore
Boar monster. It has a big body like a bear. There is a horn on the head, and when attacking, magic power gathers and emits red light. When the reddish corner is cut off, it remains as it is, and it is traded at a high price as a valuable material.
A giant squid monster. It lives in the sea and ranges in size from tens to hundreds of meters (however, it was only a few meters when it was a child). The weaknesses are fire and lightning, but the effect of fire-type magic is halved in the sea, and the damage of lightning-type magic causes damage to allies, making it extremely difficult to defeat. When you defeat it, you get a magic stone of water.
Earthworm monster. Attacks the skin and spreads a foul-smelling liquid. As a large individual, it surpasses even the largest black viper, boasting high resilience and agility that does not suit the giant. There are some omnivorous foods that can be eaten by humans in one bite, but large individuals are sometimes treated as delicacies, and conversely, the ironic route of being eaten by humans can be followed. If you defeat it, you will get the Earth Magic Stone.
Worm monster. It lives in the desert region and usually hides in the sand. There are huge individuals as well as normal worms.
Snowman's monster. It lives in the snowy mountains. Hairy. He has a mild temper and does not attack himself.
Snow dharma
Snow that gathered on ice magic stones and turned into demons. It looks like a snowman with limbs. Attacking means hitting the body or blowing snow from your mouth. Physical attacks do not work, so you cannot defeat them without attacking with fire magic.
Sat Golem
Giant monster made of soil. The size is about 2 to 3 meters. You will die if you destroy or remove the magic stone in your body, or keep destroying your body until your magic power is exhausted.
Rock golem
A golem formed of stones and rocks. It flies stones that are part of its body at high speed. The defeat method is the same as the dirt golem, but it is stronger than the dirt golem.
Iron golem
A giant demon made of iron. The defeat method is the same as the soil golem/rock golem, but it is so sturdy that it cannot be defeated unless it is attacked with powerful magic or a mithril weapon.
Mythril Golem
Giant monster formed by the rare ore Mithril. Harder and more formidable than the Iron Golem, but most of the contents are iron, and the Mithril part is the surface only Haribote specification.
A bird demon with a red beak. It is one size larger than a hawk and has a paralytic poison on its beak.
A giant bird monster. It has a chicken-like tosaka, and has a long and thin tail like a snake.
Lower dragon. It flies in the sky and glides while attacking.
A monster like a lizard. Be gentle and do no harm to humans. Some live in the desert and are kept by people as transportation vehicles.
Big hornet
Insect monster.Even the average individual boasts the size of a large bird, and some individuals are about the size of a bear.
Scorpion monster.It lives in the desert and usually lurks in the sand.Even a normal individual is about the size of a wolf, but when it becomes a special individual, the crustacean becomes black, and the size of the body alone is several tens of meters.Both individuals are not good at water.
Camai Tachi
Weasel monster. It lives in the country of Japan. It has sharp claws and can shake the blade of the wind by shaking. The movement is quite quick, and it is difficult to even follow it with your eyes. On rare occasions, a silver-colored individual appears, which is faster than usual and has a sharp sense. Furthermore, the attack is so powerful that it can be cut into pieces with cheap iron armor.
Black viper
A monster like a black snake. The larger ones are over 100 meters (10 meters in the web version) and more than enough to swallow humans.
A giant snake monster with four necks. Each neck controls the magic of fire, water, wind, and earth. For hundreds of years, it was sealed on the island of Leness, a Japanese country. A very powerful and dangerous monster that can destroy one country.
A semi-liquid monster.It is basically a harmless creature that eats insects and leaves, and it is said to be the weakest monster because its weak point magic stone is completely visible from the outside because of its transparent body.However, in rare cases, they may stick to each other and grow larger.In some cases, it is large enough to cover a single city, and has the potential to cause a catastrophe that could be called a "slime flood."In a sense, it is the strongest monster that can change its ecology according to the environment and evolve so that it can live anywhere.There is no vision, and the position of the target is grasped using magic stones in the body.
A spider monster.It's about the same size as a wolf.It has a black body and eight, and puts out a sticky thread to restrain the prey.It is a habit to save the caught prey and eat it later.
King Spider
A high-ranking individual of a spider (spider).It is one size larger than a normal spider and has a red body.Both agility and durability greatly exceed that of a normal spider, and it launches attacks with its legs that penetrate poisonous threads and steel.When using magical power, a golden crown pattern emerges on the body.

Place name

El Fanika Kingdom

Crimonia city
Town where Yuna and Fina live. The Faurose family is governing. The place where Yuna first arrived in a different world. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.
Kokekko Village (tentative name)
The official name is unknown.The village where Kai lives."Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed under the cliff near the village
Royal capital
The capital of the Kingdom of El Fanika. Besides the royal family, Shea and Erelora live there. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.
Town of Millera
A sea town beyond the city of Crimonia and beyond the Elegent Mountains.It used to be an autonomous region that did not belong to any country, but it became a member of the Kingdom of Elfanica in the wake of the Kraken turmoil.We trade with Japanese countries using ships.Yuna dug a tunnel in the Elegent Mountains, which encouraged interaction with the city of Crimonia. "Bear transfer gate" has been installed.In the anime version, the influence of trade with the Japanese country, Japanese food, etc.chopsticksMeals using sushi are widespread.
Shirin town
The town where masses live. The Farrengram family is governing. Previously, the Farrengram family and the Salvado family jointly ruled, but the Salvado family was exiled after being deprived of the throne due to the uncovering of Gajrud and Lanzel's evil.
City of Larouse
A city with a large river that serves as the border between the Kingdom of El Fanika and the country of Solzonak. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.
Kars town
A town just before going to the desert.A "bear transfer gate" has already been installed on a rocky mountain near the town.
Euphalia city
The town where Cereille lives. The Foreigns rule. There is a lake in the center of the city.
Elegent Mountains
The Mt. Ooyama vein between the town of Crimonia and the town of Milila. There is snow near the top. Recently, a bear has dug a tunnel that connects the town of Crimonia and the town of Millera.

Solzonak Country

Elf Village
A place where Ruimin and Mumuluto live. All the inhabitants are elves. It is in the forest and is protected by the barrier. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.
Mount Orval
A mountain near the village of Elves.

City of desert

The desert city where Karina and his friends live.It is governed by the Ishrith family.An autonomous region between the Kingdom of Elfanica and the Kingdom of Triform, which does not belong to any country.There is a large lake in the center of the city, which is an oasis.It was born more than XNUMX years ago when Mumuroot and his party captured the labyrinth of the pyramids. "Bear transfer gate" has been installed.

The city of Ludonik

The city where dwarves live.Built at the foot of the mine, the blacksmithing industry is thriving.Like the city of Dezert, a municipality that does not belong to any country.There is a mysterious gate called "Trial Gate" at the top of the mountain, which opens once a year.There, many of Ludnik's weapons craftsmen challenge themselves with the adventurers of their choice to see how well they are growing. "Bear transfer gate" has been installed.


Once every few years, the "moving island" appears in the waters near the town of Millera. Its identity is a giant unknown creature called Targui, which has a long and large neck like a Plesiosaur. The more appropriate the length in kilometers is, the larger it is than the standard. There are soil and plants on the back, and various flowers and fruits grow naturally. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.

Japanese country

City of Jebel
The city where Yuna first landed in Japan.
The capital of the Japanese country. "Bear Transfer Gate" has been installed.
Leness Island
An island at the center of the four large islands that make up the country of Japan. The snake was sealed and Kagari was in control of the barrier. Currently unmanned.

Town of Heshlag

A town where slime research was once conducted.Various magic tools were made to raise funds for research, and it came to be called "the town of magic tools".I was conducting research on purification of sewage using slime, but failed.The runaway slime swallowed most of the town's inhabitants and destroyed the entire town.The runaway slime was stopped by the magical tools left by Kruna-Hulk, but since then, a large amount of slime has been sleeping in the basement of the town. "Bear transfer gate" has been installed.

City of Galetta

A city located in the south of Heshlag.Mia and Carol live here.

Triform Kingdom

It is located in the south of the Kingdom of El Fanika, across the desert. Good relationship with the Kingdom of El Fanika.

Previous list


There is an illusive cover design for the book version. The design originally announced by the editorial department showed that Yuna's clothes were "bear bear hood.Parker", but the original setting of the novel (bear'scostumeMany complaints were received from readers that it was different from (close to), and an unusual design change was made just before the release[16][17].

Number of turnsJapanese flag ShufutoseikatsushaRepublic of China flag Kadokawa, TaiwanRepublic of Korea flag D & C Media
First edition release dateISBNFirst edition release dateISBNFirst edition release dateISBN
12015th of February 5ISBN 978-4-391-14691-22016th of February 9ISBN 978-986-473-302-62016th of February 11ISBN 979-11-278-3068-7
22015th of February 11ISBN 978-4-391-14755-12016th of February 11ISBN 978-986-473-378-12017th of February 2ISBN 979-11-278-4027-3
32016th of February 3ISBN 978-4-391-14810-72017th of February 2ISBN 978-986-473-517-42017th of February 6ISBN 979-11-278-4159-1
42016th of February 7ISBN 978-4-391-14811-42017th of February 5ISBN 978-986-473-672-02018th of February 1ISBN 979-11-278-4333-5
52016th of February 11ISBN 978-4-391-14812-12017th of February 12ISBN 978-957-853-119-22018th of February 5ISBN 979-11-278-4488-2
62017th of February 3ISBN 978-4-391-14947-02018th of February 4ISBN 978-957-564-134-42018th of February 10ISBN 979-11-278-4657-2
72017th of February 7ISBN 978-4-391-14948-72018th of February 10ISBN 978-957-564-477-22019th of February 8ISBN 979-11-278-5170-5
82017th of February 12ISBN 978-4-391-14949-42019th of February 5ISBN 978-957-564-916-6
92018th of February 3ISBN 978-4-391-15144-22020th of February 3ISBN 978-957-743-622-1
102018th of February 7ISBN 978-4-391-15145-92020th of February 6ISBN 978-957-743-812-6
112018th of February 11ISBN 978-4-391-15146-62020th of February 9ISBN 978-957-743-959-8
11.52019th of February 1ISBN 978-4-391-15278-4
122019th of February 4ISBN 978-4-391-15291-3
132019th of February 8ISBN 978-4-391-15292-0
142020th of February 1ISBN 978-4-391-15293-7
152020th of February 5ISBN 978-4-391-15438-2
162020th of February 9ISBN 978-4-391-15437-5
172020th of February 4ISBN 978-4-391-15436-8


Bear bear bear bear
Number of turnsJapanese flag ShufutoseikatsushaRepublic of Korea flag D & C Media
First edition release dateISBNFirst edition release dateISBN
12018th of February 7[18]ISBN 978-4-391-15218-02019th of February 8ISBN 979-11-278-5172-9
22019th of February 2ISBN 978-4-391-15289-0
32019th of February 8ISBN 978-4-391-15290-6
42020th of February 3ISBN 978-4-391-15435-1
52020th of February 9ISBN 978-4-391-15434-4
52020th of February 9ISBN 978-4-391-15434-4
62021th of February 5ISBN 978-4-391-15611-9
Kuma Kuma Bear Bear ~ Kuma Kuma weather today ~
Number of turnsJapanese flag Shufutoseikatsusha
First edition release dateISBN
12021th of February 5ISBN 978-4-391-15610-2

Television Animation

The first period is from July to September 1AT-XWas broadcast elsewhere[19][20].

The production of the second term was announced after the final episode of the first term.[21].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Aki WakiThe first opening theme by. Lyrics and compositionMayu Miyazaki, Arranged by Shuhei Takahashi.
"you know what."[14]
Yuna (Maki Kawase) The first ending theme.The lyrics are eNu and Yusuke Toshima, the composition is Yusuke Toshima, and the arrangement isKawada Ruka.
In the 12th episode, another version by Yuna and Fina (Azumi Waki)you know what. -loved ones ver.-Was used[21].

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Issue 1
Episode 1Bear appearedTakashi AoshimaHigashide
  • Katsuyuki Wada
  • Daisuke Yamanouchi
  • Tsuyoshi Kogawa
  • Eri Ueda
  • Tsutomu Ono
  • Shiro Kudaka
May 10
Episode 2Bear meets a girlWatanabe ShinichiMasahiro Takada
  • Kazuyuki Iidai
  • Nishikawa Masato
  • Junko Matsushita
  • Ota Eiki
  • Hattori Masumi
  • Masayuki Fujita
May 10
Episode 3Bear rampagesTakamitsu KonoJunichi Kitamura
  • Akiko Kawazoe
  • Eri Mori
  • Yuta Otaka
  • Junichi Kitamura
  • Kwen Yongsang
  • Song hyunjoo
May 10
Episode 4Bear, meet the lordRed and white AoiHisashi IshiiAki Uchinomiya
May 10
Episode 5Bear, raise chicken (?)Takashi AoshimaKenichi MaejimaHarume Kosaka
  • Ayumi Okubo
  • Ayako Ishihara
May 11
Episode 6Bear, watch over sistersSaeka FujimotoNatsumi Higashida
  • Makoto Yasumura
  • Sugimura Enmi
  • Ota Eiki
  • Park Yeonghui
  • Min Hyeonsuk
  • Song Hyeonju
May 11
Episode 7Bear goes to the royal capitalTakamitsu KonoWatanabe ShinichiAki Uchinomiya
  • Shinya Nogami
  • Taihei Nagai
  • Ippei Masui
  • Nasuno sentence
  • Shinichi Suzuki
May 11
Episode 8Bear, unmatchedRed and white AoiHiroyuki ShimazuMasahiro Takada
  • Sugimura Enmi
  • Nishikawa Masato
  • Shiro Kudaka
  • Makoto Yasumura
  • Yasuhiro Tomita
  • Kim Dahui
  • Min Hyeonsuk
  • Park Yeonghui
  • Ahn Hyojeong
  • Lee Seongjae
May 11
Episode 9Bear opens a shopTakamitsu KonoSatoshi ShimizuHarume Kosaka
  • Ayako Ishihara
  • Ayumi Okubo
May 12
Episode 10Bear, go to the seaTakashi AoshimaHisashi IshiiChihiro Kumano
  • Shinya Nogami
  • Taihei Nagai
  • Ippei Masui
  • Keizo Shimizu
May 12
Episode 11Bear fights squid (?)Red and white AoiImokubo Hisashi
  • Makoto Yasumura
  • Ota Eiki
  • Sugimura Enmi
  • Nyki Ikyn
  • Hattori Masumi
  • Nishikawa Masato
  • Shiro Kudaka
  • Park Yeonghui
  • Lee Seongjae
  • An Hyojeong
  • Min Hyeonsuk
May 12
Episode 12Bear and FinaTakashi AoshimaYu ShinodaJunichi Kitamura
  • Yukiko Okada
  • Junichi Kitamura
  • Makoto Yasumura
  • Akiko Kawazoe
  • Mayu Takizawa
  • Masayuki Fujita
  • Eri Ueda
  • Takaiko Nanbara
  • Nyki Ikyn
  • Asahi Kainaga
  • Katsuyuki Wada
  • Tsutomu Ono
May 12


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[19]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [23] Remarks
May 2020-June 10, 7 Wednesday 21:00-21:30AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
Wednesday 23:30-Thursday 0:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo Production participation
May 2020-June 10, 8 Thursday 1:00-1:30 (Wednesday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
May 2020-June 10, 9 Friday 1:00-1:30 (Thursday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
May 2020-June 10, 10 Saturday 1:00-1:30 (Friday midnight) KBS Kyoto Kyoto
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[19]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2020th of February 10 Wednesday 23:30-Thursday 0:00 ABEMA
2020th of February 10 Updated Saturday 23:30 d anime store
After May 2020, 10 Unknown


rollRelease date[24]Recording storyStandard product number
BD limited editionBD regular versionDVD regular version
Issue 1
12021th of February 1Episode 1-Episode 4ZMXZ-14511ZMXZ-14521ZMBZ-14531
22021th of February 2Episode 5-Episode 8ZMXZ-14512ZMXZ-14522ZMBZ-14532
32021th of February 3Episode 9-Episode 12ZMXZ-14513ZMXZ-14523ZMBZ-14533

Mini anime

"Beabeabeakuma!In the titleYouTubeDelivered every Saturday from October 2020th to December 10th, 10[25][26]..The director / storyboard / director is Hisashi Ishii, the mini character design / animation director is Yoshiko Saito, and the script is Saeka Fujimoto.

Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
On the other handI remember spring sleep2020
May 10
NihonmeCrushed beerMay 10
SanbonmeBarrebeeMay 10
YonhonmePants bearMay 10
I'm sorryPower is powerMay 11
RopponmeWhen you look into the bear, the bear is also looking at the bear.May 11
NanahonmeHour, foxtail milletMay 11
HappyDog pudding bearMay 11
KyuhonmeCatch & Destroy BearMay 12
JupponmeAll affirmative bot bearMay 12
JuiponmeNO all-purpose bearMay 12
JunihonmeKuma Kuma Kuma BearMay 12


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