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🎥 | Liam Neeson's new action debuts at No. 1! [Consideration of US box office]

Photo Liam Neeson fights back again – Samuel de Roman / WireImage / Getty Images

Liam Neeson's new action debuts first! [Consideration of US box office]

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Liam, who has established a solid position as an action star with the "96 Hours" series at the top, played the infamous bank robber Tom Carter in this work.

The US Open rankings were announced last weekend (October 10-16), with Liam Neeson ... → Continue reading

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96 hours

"96 hours』(Kyujurokujikan, original title:Taken) Is 2008ProductionFrance-AmericaCollaborativeAction movie..The script isLuc BessonとRobert Mark Kamen, The directorPierre Morel..Luc Besson'sEuropaCorpProduction. In 2012, the sequel "96 hours / revenge, But in 2014, the third work, "96 hours / Requiem] Was produced.

The Japanese title is from "the grace period in which the victim of the kidnapping is considered to be safe", which is spoken in the work.


CaliforniaFormer living inCIAOf the operativeBrianIs a divorced wifeLenoreAnd a wealthy remarriage partnerStuartA 17-year-old daughter who lives with herKimStrive to maintain a close relationship with.Brian saves Sheila from a violent stalker while working as a bodyguard at a concert by popular female singer Sheila.As a token of gratitude, Sheila offers to help Kim want to be a singer.Finally, the opportunity to meet Kim alone comes, but Lenoir also appears as an attendant at the restaurant.Before bringing the story from Sheila to Kim, she's a friend of mineAmandaAnd just two peopleParisWhen he wants to go on a trip, he asks his father, Brian, to sign a permit.At first, Brian refused to sign, saying, "It's dangerous to travel to Paris with just two teenage girls," but he allows him to contact him on time.At the airport, actually two peopleU2Know that he is about to chase his European tour.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle AirportThe two who arrived atピ ー タ ーI got acquainted with a young man who called himself, and shared a taxi, so his address was known.The two go to Amanda's cousin's apartment, but her cousin is absent in Spain.Amanda is abducted in the living room as Kim calls her father.Kim hides in the bedroom according to his father's instructions, but Brian expects Kim to be found and explains to Kim what should happen.Kim portrays the kidnapper on the phone as he is being dragged out of his bed.The kidnapper picks up the phone but silently passes it, and Brian threatens the kidnapper.The kidnapper just says "Good Luck" and hangs up.

Brian's old friend and former colleagueSamIs notorious for the kidnapper because of Kim's portrayal and voiceAlbanian mafia OfHuman traffickingOf organizational membersMarcoI guess it is.Sam gives Brian this information and warns that if he doesn't find Kim within 96 hours, he'll be gone forever.Brian is Stuart'sPrivate jetUse to fly to Paris, search for an apartment and retrieve Kim's cell phone.The data card shows Peter reflected on the door of a pay phone at the place where Kim asked Peter to take a two-shot with Amanda, and he knows his face.He finds Peter at the airport and tries to catch him, but while being chased, Peter is run over by a truck and dies.

Brian, who died as the only clue, was a former French intelligence agent familiar with his face and now works at his desk.Jean-ClaudeRely on.Jean-Claude teaches the area of ​​the Albanian Mafia brothel, but advises not to get involved.Brian hires an interpreter to stare at a brothel on an obsolete construction site.Dressed as a construction worker, he enters a brothel and finds a daughter in Kim's jacket.Fight the gang, take her daughter to a hotel run by her old friend, and take care of her to escape the effects of drugs.

The next morning, Brian hears from her daughter about a hideout where the Albanian Mafia kidnaps her daughters.Brian infiltrates pretending to be Jean-Claude.Pretending to negotiate a pin splash, he notices Marco from Kim's portrayal. After confirming by speaking the word "Good Luck", Marco attacks Brian but is suppressed.Brian kills all the mafias on the spot except Marco and finds Amanda who has died from overdose.In the basementElectric chairBrian cross-examines Marco.Marco says virgins like Kim can sell quickly at high prices in the underground market.Marco is the buyer's namePatrice St-ClairBrian leaves Marco in an electric chair and kills him.That night, Brian visits the Jean-Claude family, tells him he knows the business behind him, and injures and threatens his wife to find out where San Claire is.

Brian goes up for auction at San Claire's house.When Kim is put up for auction, he forces Arab Abil to buy Kim.However, when he tried to leave the auction hall with Avil as a shield, he was caught and tied to a pipe.Meanwhile, Abil takes Kim away from San Claire's house.At the moment when San Claire's instructions are about to get rid of him, Brian escapes from the predicament and kills everyone, including San Claire.San Claire leaks when Kim is on a boat on the riverbank before he dies.Brian catches up with the purchaser's Arab millionaire Raman's boat in the stolen car, jumps from the bridge into a single boat and sneaks in, killing all the escorts including Avil while being stabbed.Raman points a knife at Kim and tries to trade.Brian shoots Raman's face without hesitation.Brian returns to the United States with Kim, and Kim is greeted by Lenoir and Stuart.Later, Brian takes Kim to Sheila for a singing lesson and audition.


Bryan Mills
Performance- Liam Neeson, Japanese dubbing- Ishizuka Unsho
hero.CIAFormer agent of.Fighting,Sniper,bombEven now that he has retired, his abilities have not diminished, and he lives while occasionally guarding important people who his old friends are doing.He has an old-fashioned work style or a meticulous personality, but he can't keep his promises and rules very much.When he was active, he couldn't balance work and family, and divorced his wife Renoa.Although she has lived away from her only daughter, Kim, she still has a deep affection for her.Knowing that Kim was kidnapped by someone in Paris, he struggles to get her back.
Performance- Maggie Grace, Japanese dubbing- Kaori Akashi
Brian's daughter. 17 year old high school student.After her parents divorced, she lives with her mother, Lenoir, and her remarriage partner, Stuart.However, he still longs for Brian and only tells him that his dream is to be a singer.When I traveled to Paris with my girlfriend Amanda, someone took me away.
Performance- Famke Janssen, Japanese dubbing- Rika Fukami
Brian's ex-wife.Nickname is "Lenny".After divorcing Brian, who didn't care for his family, he remarried a wealthy Stewart and is now living happily.Perhaps because of those past events, he still has a cold attitude towards Brian and refuses to listen to his advice.
Performance- Leland Orser, Japanese dubbing- Ushiyama Shigeru
Brian's friend and former colleague. Former CIA agent.He is still close to Brian and sometimes works as a bodyguard with him.Help Brian by analyzing information.
Performance- Jon Gries, Japanese dubbing- Masaki Tani
Brian's friend and ex-colleague. Former CIA agent.Like Sam, he is still close to Brian.
Performance- David Warshofsky, Japanese dubbing- Fukumatsu Shinsa
Brian's friend and ex-colleague. Former CIA agent.Like Sam, he is still close to Brian.
Performance- Holly Valance, Japanese dubbing- Kinoshita Sayaka
Popular female singer.Brian saves his life from a thug at the live venue.
Performance- Katie Cassidy, Japanese dubbing- Mina
Kim's girl friend.A free-spirited personality compared to Kim.Taken away by someone with Kim.
Performance- Xander Berkeley, Japanese dubbing- Shinpachi Tsuji
Renoa's remarriage partner.A millionaire who runs a number of companies.
Performance- Olivier Rabourdin, Japanese dubbing- Yutaka Nakano
Deputy Director of the French Land Monitoring Bureau.He used to be an agent at a French intelligence agency and is familiar with Brian.Brian, who is causing a series of uproar in Paris, is in danger and he is watched.
Patrice St-Clair
Performance- (English edition)
A member of the French trafficking organization.
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Masanori Takeda
FrenchAlbanian criminal organizationLeader.Tropoja DistrictFrom.The main criminal who took Kim away.
Performance- (French version)
Jean-Claude's wife.
ピ ー タ ー
Performance- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Tadashi Mutou
A member of the French trafficking organization.At the airport, he called out to Kim and Amanda and passed on their information to an Albanian criminal organization.


Critics' reaction

RIn 167 reviews, 58% supported this work, with an average score of 5.8 / 10.[2].MetacriticScored 31 points based on 50 critic reviews[3].

Blu-ray / DVD

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment JapanFrom December 2010, 3Blu-ray Disc/DVDReleased 2 formats. The Blu-ray version can display a "real-time counter" on the screen, and you can listen while checking the "number of dead", "number of injured", "remaining time", and "distance traveled".

  • Blu-ray
    • 96 hours
  • DVD
    • 96 hours


TV drama

In September 2015, the drama "Brian Mills tells the story before he got married.TakenWas announced to be produced[4].

The role of Bryan Mills is the drama "VIKINGS Vikings-The Champions of the Sea- / (Vikings) ”, Etc. Clive Standen (Clive Standen) Is appointed[5], Was broadcast on NBC from February 2017, 2. Season 27 of 2018 episodes began broadcasting on January 1, 12.

in JapanAmazon videoso"96 Hours The Series』It is delivered as.


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