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🎥 | Sayuri Yoshinaga "Anytime Dream" Shinobu Otake "Ah! Nomugi Pass" was an infectious disease movie!Because it's Corona now, in the movie ...

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Sayuri Yoshinaga "Anytime Dream" Shinobu Otake "Ah! Nomugi Pass" was an infectious disease movie!Because it's Corona now, in the movie ...

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It features the youth stories of Hikaru Mihara (Sayuri Yoshinaga), Katsutoshi Kimura (Mitsuo Hamada), and Akiko Matsumoto (Chieko Matsubara) who attend part-time high school.

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Sayuri Yoshinaga

Sayuri Yoshinaga(Sayuri Yoshinaga,1945(20)May 3[2] -) isJapan OfFemale actor,singerIs.His real name is Sayuri Okada.Maiden name, Yoshinaga.TokyoShibuya WardYoyogi Nishihara Town (currently Nishihara)I'm from

1960 eraPopular to representmoviesactress. Appeared in more than 10 movies in 70 years.Tadashi YoshidaAs a student of (composer), manyrecordIs sent out to the world.Waseda University Faculty of Letters IIGraduated from Western History[2] Then,Bachelor of lettersReceived the title of.HusbandFuji Television Network, Incdirector,Shared TVTaro Okada has served as president, chairman, and advisor to the board of directors.Fans saidSayuriIt is called.



Actress activity

  • "NikkatsuAs a signboard actress "Mitsuo HamadaFor Nikkatsu at the time when the traditional male action movie line was becoming a rut, causing a big sensation in the Japanese movie world in the 1960s, the pure love & youth movie line of the Yoshinaga-Hamada combination will attract new Nikkatsu movie fans. Gathered support.In particular"City with Cupola, A movie adaptation of the bestsellerStaring at love and death] Etc. attracted hot attention from the world. In the 1960s, Yoshinaga's bromide disappeared from stores due to excessive sales, and sales increased explosively.Also,Chieko MatsubaraとMasako IzumiTogether with "Nikkatsu three daughtersWas also called.
  • In 1969, instead of appearing in two or more Nikkatsu films a year, other companies' works and self-produced films were understood by Nikkatsu.[4] If you get it, you will re-contract on the condition that you can perform freely.But at that timeYakuza movieWas in full swing, and it was already difficult to produce pure love and youth works for Yoshinaga.[5].
  • Although it overlapped with the decline of Japanese movies, the marriage with Okada did not fit the image of the role, and it was reported that there was a misunderstanding with parents who oppose the marriage.[6].1973In the Japanese art world at that time, many young actresses who boldly played modern women appeared without quitting nudity, and the image of "innocent lady" that Yoshinaga continued to play in the 1960s seems to be a typological relic of the past. I had an impression.It can be said that the skin from the daughter role to the adult woman did not go smoothly, as is often seen in actors from child roles. 1975 (Showa 50), "Youth Gate』Started with the acting to escape from the" innocent lady ".
  • "The man is painfulIn the series, he appeared in the role of Utako twice, and there was a third re-appearance in Heisei, but the schedule did not match. "And if I play the same role many times, I think I will become a rut. Is also the reason,Kiyoshi Atsumi 1996After he died in the series, he said, "I should have appeared again. I wanted to appear in any form if I knew it was the last. I regret it."[7].
  • 1984 movieHeaven Station HEAVEN STATION』(Toei) masturbate[8],Tomokazu MiuraIn the scene where he was pushed down and put his hand in the chest of the kimono, Miura said, "Sayuri-san is extremely aggressive, and I repeatedly said,'Do it more boldly.' I'm already sick. He was so aggressive that he was surprised even in a wet place, saying, "I got NG more than 20 times." However, he seemed to be reluctant to become nude, "I have a small chest, so I can't help it." "WhenSaito KoseiWas telling[9].
  • Shima Iwashitaと と も にstageKnown as an actress who does not appear in the play[10][11], Stage inexperienced[12] Is. In 2001TohoBut"Nagasaki Brab"Imperial TheaterIt was performed at, but also at this timeIsao MatsuokaChairman Toho (at that time)Shigeru OkadaToeiHe asked the chairman (at that time) to "please persuade Mr. Yoshinaga," but he refused, "she is no good."[10].
  • Except for the debut eraTV dramaIt seems that there is no connection to the movie, but when the number of movie appearances began to decrease,Toshiba Sunday Theater"NHKTaiga dramaHas also appeared in. 1981 (Showa 56) "Yumechiyo Diary』(NHK) expresses the inner feelings as an adult woman richly, and from this time on, while critics have difficulty acting, he has been favorably evaluated as an actress with the personality of a big actress. I started to receive it. The reinstatement of "Sayurisuto" was also around the same time, and appearances were regularly produced even during the winter of Japanese films.
  • Currently, his TV appearances are mostly commercials, and he is active mainly in movies.

Regarding anti-war and anti-nuclear power


  • Father Yoshiyuki Yoshinaga (KagoshimaAfter graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, Kyushu Refractories, and commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he runs the publishing company "Cine Romance".Tadashi Iijima,Juzaburo FutabaAlthough he published the movie fan magazine "Cine Romance", he failed in the business.My mother's KazueOsakaBorn in[17],Shishiwa-gun(CurrentHyogoShishiwa CityYamazaki Town) Growing up until I was in elementary school[18],Tide soundBelong topoetMet.
  • It is often thought that Yoshinaga lived a happy life without any inconvenience when she was a girl, but due to the failure of her father's business mentioned above, there were days when there was no grain of rice in the rice bowl at home.When I was in elementary school, there were times when debt collectors rushed in.When she saw it, she said, "I will deliver the newspaper," but her parents stopped her.After that, as he appeared on the radio, his life at home became easier little by little.[19].
  • Tomoyuki Kawada, the president of Daikansha, an English publishing company, is his maternal grandfather.To my auntLady pictorial"Editor-in-chief,"Amnesty InternationalYasuyo Kawada, a founding member of the Japan Chapter, has a deep connection with the world of writing.
  • A singer in a distant relationshipNaomi Sara(The wife of Naomi Sagara's maternal uncle, Akio Yamaguchi, and the mother of Sayuri Yoshinaga are sisters)[20] またNaozumi YamamotoWife'sMasami Yamamoto(Masami Yamamoto's sister's husband's mother is Yoshinaga Sayuri's mother's cousin's wife and sisters)[20].
  • At the age of 28, he married Taro Okada, a TV producer 15 years older than him.[6].

Hobbies / favorite things


  • When I was 12 to 13 years old, personally for voice trainingHibari Children's ChorusI had attended (I was not a member, but I was taking private lessons), and then I was the founder of the Hibari Children's Chorus.Kazuko MinagawaThe movie debut from Shochiku was realized by the introduction from.
  • Yoshinaga sang "Kasugano in Nara(Characteristic of the lyrics of "♪ Hung Hung Hung Kuromame ♪") is the single "From Temmabashi" ("From Tenmabashi") originally released in 1965 (Showa 40).The 16th NHK Red and White Singing BattleIt was a B-side song (participating song), but in 1987 (62)Akashi familyWas taken up as a gag, so the record was re-released (side A was changed to "Nara no Kasugano") and became a hit.
  • At the age of 15, when shooting the movie "Angel chases me" (1961)Miki no RiheiKissed.This became my first kiss[25] When I am speaking at the 1999 April 4 broadcast "Hello from the studio park".
  • From January 1962, 3イタリア OfMilanFor the "Milan Japanese Film Trade Fair" held from April 4th to April 15th at the "Milan International Trade Fair" held in Milan, April 4th,Masashi Shimizu(TohoWith the president) as the leaderNagamasa Kawakita,Toru Okuyama, And the representative actresses of other movie companiesRyoko Sakuma(Toei),Yuriko HoshiDeparted for Italy as a Nikkatsu representative actress with (Toho) and others.Keiko KishiIs joining in Milan with local participation, not from Japan.Yoshinaga is in the same country with the starsヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アIs also visiting. Returned to Japan on April 4.At that time, it was a valuable visit to Italy before the liberalization of overseas travel.
  • In 1963, a man with a knife and pistol attacked him in his room at home (the criminal was an enthusiastic fan of Yoshinaga).[26]..In the same year, a total of seven threatening letters arrived at Yoshinaga's home (Sayuri Yoshinaga threatening case).
  • Although it was not realized, many times since the end of 1960, "NHK Red and White Singing Battle』I was listed as a candidate for the red group moderator.
  • Also the original author of the movie starring YoshinagaYasunari Kawabata-Yojiro IshizakaKawabata is in the mountains because he wants to meet Yoshinaga.Dancer of IzuSuddenly visiting the location site, Ishizaka spelled out the work assuming that Yoshinaga would play it.
  • Haru SanbaOften thought to be the song "Hello from the world of country』Record,Japan World ExpositionIt was released at that time (it was a competition by 7 kinds of singers in all).When this song was first announced in the media a few years before the expo, Yoshinaga, not Haruo Minami, sang it on the spot.Also,Matsushita Electric IndustrialMade to commemorate the expositiontime capsuleThe record that Yoshinaga sang was put in.
  • Refers to Waseda University female students,BunkaraAnd he ’s more active than a man.Waseda womanYoshinaga is often mentioned as a representative OG.
  • The theme of my graduation thesis at Waseda University Faculty of Letters XNUMX is "Aeschylusof"Prometheus BoundInAthensAbout the democracy of (Athens) ".
  • Fujimi Manami-Kazuko YoshiyukiWhen Yoshinaga was still in his twenties, the theme of "Let's sing a barre phrase (a sexy phrase) today" was put up at a phrase meeting in which actresses and literary figures also participated. "Lick and suck again", and has been selected as an excellent work (heaven, earth, people, heaven).[9].
  • Akiko WadaWhen he took pictures of each other when he traveled with him, he looked at Wada's face and said, "Mr. Wada looks like me."Wada must believe that even if he brags about it to othersSelf-deprecation storyMay be.
  • 2005 years,Seibu Railwaygroup(Seibu LionsWas the owner at the time and was a fan of Yoshinaga.Yoshiaki TsutsumiReported that he bought a villa in Karuizawa at a bargain price (Weekly BunshunMarch 2005, 3 issue).Yoshinaga explained, "We are doing it based on a normal sales contract."
  • Mizushima ShinjiCartoon ofAbu-san』Also, such as coming to the Seibu Stadium in the opening game of the 1993 season.
  • Released in 2015,Original ChitoseAlbum ofFirst year of peace』Write down the title.


  • Fans of the generation who walked the youth with Yoshinaga are especially "Sayurisuto" ("Sayuri" in English meaning "...ist" or "person"SuffixIt is called (coined word with "-ist"), and is often seen in baby boomers-the generation in their 70s. There are a wide range of people who identify themselves as "sayurisuto", not only Japanese movie fans and the general public, but also celebrities and celebrities.[2].Chen NaitoAdvocates calling it "Sayuri Samast" because it is disrespectful to include abandonment, but it has hardly penetrated the world.
  • Self-identify as a "sayurisuto"TamoriIs also known as a "sayurisuto"Akiyo NosakaPointing to "That person is temporary,Momoe YamaguchiI ran to, but I'm Sayuri Sama. "Tamori and Yoshinaga were enrolled in the Second Faculty of Letters of Waseda University at the same time (Tamori was one year younger in the same year, but the entrance year was the same in 1. However, Tamori dropped out in three years), and Yoshinaga at the student cafeteria. There is an episode that when he happened to discover that he was eating, he was wondering whether to eat Yoshinaga's leftover food and then dropped out.
  • After all, I am a junior at Waseda UniversitySatoru KomiyamaIs also one of the "sayurisuto".
  • Comic talkHouse'sAyakoji KimimaroIs also one of the people who identify himself as a "sayurisuto".Yoshinaga is also a fan of Ayakoji, and Yoshinaga's starring movie "Maboroshi no Yamatai], At the request of Yoshinaga, he requested Ayakoji to appear, and Ayakoji agreed, "Come as one of the Sayuris."For Ayakoji, this is her debut as a real actor.
  • IncidentallyKurihara KomakiFans (whose birthday is the day after Yoshinaga) were called "comakists."

Award history, etc.



TV drama

Television Animation


Radio Drama



  • NHK Red and White Singing Battle(※See below)
  • Japan Record Award10th Anniversary Concert (December 1968, 12, TBS)
  • Night hit studio(フジテレビ) - 1969å¹´3月31日放送(同番組のカラー放送開始初回)で歌手として初出演、当時の新譜「愛ある限り」を披露。以降、同年8月4日放送・1970å¹´4月20日放送の計3回に歌手として出演。また、1984å¹´10月1日放送では、当時の自身の主演映画「RiceSing the theme song of the same nameHiroshi ItsukiAs a support guest of, the original author of the workChiyo UnoHas a special appearance with.
  • Star thousand nights(1972-1976, Fuji TV) --Moderator, Guest
  • Japan Kayo Award(Fuji TV) -1972 moderator
  • FNS Song Festival(Fuji TV) --The 1-4th General Moderator
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga Show (1966, NTV)
  • Did you see Hiroshima ~ Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (August 1982, 8, NHK General TV) -Narrative
  • YOU(November 1983, 9, NHK education)
  • This person, Sayuri Yoshinaga show(July 1985, 6, NHK General)
  • A woman who can dream-Kikuko Inoue, a famous jockey without a horse (January 1987, 1, NTV) -Narrative
  • (NHK, 1987)
  • Gifts from the Future-A Story of Traveling on This Star (March `Sun, 1995, TBS) -Narrative
  • Hiroshima Girls 50th Summer (August 1995, 8, Fuji TV) -Narrative
  • (1986, Cinema Work Co., Ltd.)-Narrative[44]
  • (1997, 1999, 2000,NHK-BS2)
  • "Pu" SumaSpecial Pushuma VS Sayuri Yoshinaga Entertainment World "Heaven and Hell" (Secret) Hazukashi Hardening SP !! (September 2000, 9, TV Asahi)
  • NNN document"Chinchin Train and Schoolgirl 2003 / Summer / Hiroshima" (2003,Hiroshima TV)-Narrative
  • Special dialogue program "Sayuri Yoshinaga Fukuko Ishii 34 Years of Bonds" -For the 100th Anniversary of Shugoro Yamamoto's Birth- (2003,TBS channel)
  • Mitsuko Mori "Wandering Record" Great Journey (May 2005, 5, NHK General TV) -Narrative
  • 60 years after the war Special project "Hiroshima" (August 2005, 8, TBS) --Reading
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga I want to spin peace in words (August 2007, 8, NHK General TV)
  • Japan where "Tora-san", a superb view and humanity archipelago, traveled (August 2008, 8,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)-Narrative
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga A-bomb65 yearsHiroshima-Nagasaki(July 2010, 8, NHK General)
  • Testimony Eighty Years of Truth-Nagashima and Norway- (November 2010, 11,Sanyo Broadcasting)-Narrative
  • NHK Special"Resurrection~Yoji Yamada-SLTake a picture ~ "(July 2011, 7, NHK General TV) -Narrative
  • You can laugh!Grand Finale Appreciation Super Extra Large Issue (March 2014, 3, Fuji TV) -Presenter to Tamori
  • SMAP x SMAPAutumn Super Luxury SP (October 2014, 10, Fuji TV)
  • Tetsuko's room (TV Asahi, such as December 2015, 12) --Has appeared several times.He has also appeared with Ken Takakura.
  • The world that Matsuko does not know(March 2018, 3, TBS) -Starring movie "Northern cherry treeAppearance that doubles as an announcement.He revealed the secret story of his marriage to his husband, which he hadn't talked much about before.
  • Professional work style"Sayuri Yoshinaga Special" (October 2019, 10, NHK General TV)

Music works


Victor Records

  • Cold morning / unknown flower (April 1962, 4, VS-20) -Side A,Hiroshi Wada and Mahina StarsWhen.
  • Daughter cutting grass / Bell of Santa Maria (July 1962, 7, VS-5)
  • Always dream / Tomorrow's bride (September 1962, 9, VS-20) -Side A,Yukio HashiAnd duet.
  • Cute Flower Story / Rain and Lady (December 1962, 12, VS-5)
  • Nijiko's Dream / Love in the Mud (January 1963, 1, VS-5) -Side A with Hiroshi Wada and Mahina Stars.
  • If you're a snow boy / man (Koichi Miura) (February 1963, VS-2)
  • Disappearing in the rain / The sun is always (March 1963, 3, VS-5)
  • Flower Nippon / Tokyo Olympic Games Ondo (March 1963, SV-3)
  • Under the roof of young Tokyo / Bruce at night (Yukio Hashi) (April 1963, 4, VS-20) -Side A is a duet with Yukio Hashi.
  • The Izu Dancer / Flower News (May 1963, 5, VS-5)
  • Until the day of marriage / Towards the heavens (August 1963, VS-8)
  • Even if the setting sun sets, you, the light of Tsutenkaku (September 1963, VS-9)
  • Harbor of Waves / Beautiful Calendar (October 1963, VS-10)
  • Silent Night / Jingle Bell (October 1963, PV-10)
  • Young singing voice / Even if you call Hana (November 1963, 11, VS-5) -Duet with Yukio Hashi.
  • Shining Sea / Hello 1964 years old (January 1, 15, VS-1181)
  • Fresh Tokyo / Kotoshi no Haru (February 1964, VS-2)
  • Green River / Maiden's Tango (April 1964, SV-4) Side A isKoichi MiuraAnd duet.
  • It was a blue sky / Sky blue Waltz (April 1964, 4, SV-)-Side A is a duet with Yukio Hashi.
  • Under this evening sky / I'm sorry Chico-chan (Akira Mita) (May 1964, 5, SV-20)
  • Wind, trees, and sky / Someday to you (July 1964, SV-7)
  • Theme of Love and Death / Maiden's Journey (September 1964, 9, SV-20)
  • Seto no Uzushio / Udon no Uta (November 1964, SV-11)
  • Two young Shinsaibashi / Itohan Kawaii (October 1964, 10, SV-25) -Akira Mita and duet.
  • Happiness of Love / Little Women Story (March 1965, 3, SV-5) -Duet with Yukio Hashi.
  • Let's bloom tomorrow Let's bloom flowers / Let's spoil Mama (Aiko Ito) (April 1965, 4, SV-5) -Akira Mita and duet.
  • Minor / Town with Cupola (May 1965, SV-5)
  • Sayuri Okesa / Koi no Okesa Kasa (June 1965, SV-6)
  • Daughters' Koyomi / Red Apple (August 1965, SV-8)
  • From Temmabashi / Kasugano, Nara (September 1965, SV-9)
  • Sayuri's Flower Poems / Spring Maiden (December 1966, SV-12)
  • Nemu no Ki no Komoriuta / Nemu no Ki no Komoriuta (Instrumental music) (March 1966, SV-3)
  • Dreaming Port / That girl goes to town (April 1966, 4) -Duet with Yukio Hashi.
  • Sorrowful Amsterdam / City with Windmills (June 1966, SV-6)
  • Happiness found me / with flowers and love (September 1966, SV-9)
  • Courageous / Crying in the sea (October 1966, 10, SV-30) -Side ATony'sWhen. B side is Tony's only.
  • I am Marimo / Goodbye Memories (February 1966, SV-2)
  • Country from Hi / green square of the world (March 1967, SV-3)
  • Pigeons in the city / Let's go together (March 1967, SV-3)
  • World of Love / Lovers (May 1967, SV-5) -With Tony's.
  • Memories record (June 1967, SV-6)
  • Even when I'm alone / I love you so much (July 1967, SV-7) -Side A isAraki IchiroWhen.
  • Joy of love / Under the orange tree (September 1967, SV-9)
  • The daughters are now / going in the wind (November 1967, SV-11)
  • Maria in the setting sun / Memories of the starry sky (February 1968, SV-2)
  • I in the mirror / My walking path (April 1968, SV-4)
  • Slope Club / Midnight You (June 1968, SV-6)
  • Youth in the Wind / Santa Monica in Love (October 1968, SV-10)
  • Maron's Love / Juliet in the Snow (December 1968, SV-12)
  • The sun is about to rise / Silver trumpet (August 1969, SV-8)
  • As long as I have love / Let's go far (October 1969, SV-10)
  • Nomugi Pass / Lullaby in the Hida region (October 1969, SV-10)
  • Something in the future / Goodbye youth (July 1970, SV-7)
  • Crackerbox Palace / So only today (March 1970, SV-3)
  • Small life / Let's go back to nature (October 1970, SV-10)
  • Beyond the distant sky / Birds fly naturally (August 1971, SV-8) -Side B,Five red balloonsWhen.
  • Michifuri Akabeko / Kohagi Doll (February 1972)
  • Yume Chiyo Diary / From the Dream (November 1984, 11, SV-21)
  • Cabaret flamingo (April 1986)
  • From Kasugano / Temmabashi in Nara (March 1987, SV-3)
  • Happiness is a little far away (November 1995, 11)


Victor Records

  • Sayuri Yoshinaga hit song (1962)
  • Sayuri and you (1963, JV-5089)
  • Sayuri-chan's dream piano album (1965, SJV-92)
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga Recital ~ Poet ~ (1966, SJV-213)
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga Best Hit World of Love (1967)
  • With Sayuri Yoshinaga (1967, JV-256 / 57-S) -Live Album
  • Hometown Toy Song (2007)
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga Movie Kayokyoku (Nikkatsu Edition) (2008) -Recorded the singing voice left in the Nikkatsu movie from the movie sound source (67 songs in total).
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga Best 100-Dreams anytime, dreams forever- (2012)

NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen participation history (as a singer)

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1962 (Showa 37) /13 timesFirstcold morning12/25Kyu Sakamoto
1963 (Showa 38) /14 times2Dancer of Izu11/25Kenji Kitahara
1964 (Showa 39) /15 times3Seto eddy tide23/25Yukio Hashi
1965 (Showa 40) /16 times4From Tenmanbashi15/25Morishige Hisaya
1966 (Showa 41) /17 times5Courageous15/25Yuzo Kayama
  • The 14th, 16th, and 17th videos of Yoshinaga's songs still exist (the 16th is a color video).
  • In the 13th and 15th episodes, the audio of the radio broadcast of Yoshinaga's song still exists.

(important point)

  • The number in parentheses () of the opponent singer's name indicates the number of competitions with the singer, and the number () next to the bird in the remarks etc. indicates the number of times the bird etc. was served.
  • The number (○) after the song title indicates the number of times it was performed in red and white.
  • The appearance order is expressed as "(appearance order)/(number of participants)".

Reading CD

  • Second movement (1997) --Reading the atomic bomb poems of Hiroshima
  • From the second movement, Nagasaki (1999)
  • Second movement, "Umigame and Shonen" from Okinawa (2006)- Akiyo NosakaRead aloud a collection of war fairy tales
    • "Second movement: Hiroshima wind" (Kazuo OgaPicture,Kadokawa Bunko, 2000)
    • There is "The Second Movement from Nagasaki: Paintings" (Kazuo Oga, Kodansha, 2000).
  • Second movement, thoughts on Fukushima (2015)



  • "The Continuation of Dreams" (Sekai Bunka, 2007)
  • "Sayuri Yoshinaga Sayuri Album" (Magazine house, 2004)
  • "Sayuri Yoshinaga Street Story" (Kodansha, 1999 / Kodansha + α Bunko, 2003)
  • "Dreaming for a trip" (Kodansha, 2003) * Travel essay
  • "Yume Ichigo" (Shufu to Seikatsusha, 1988 / ShueishaBunko, 1993) * Autobiography
    New edition "Human Records 122" (Nihon Tosho Center, 2000)



  • "I want to convey the wind of Hiroshima, the atomic bomb" (Kadokawa Tsubasa Library 2014 years)
  • "I want to convey the life of Nagasaki, the atomic bomb" (Kakugawa Tsubasa Bunko 2015)

Biography and others


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