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🧑‍🎨 | Exhibition of works thinking about the relocation of the Miyagi Museum of Art <Miyagi>


Exhibition of works thinking about the relocation of the Miyagi Museum of Art <Miyagi>

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In order to get widespread interest in this issue, about 250 works by people of various ages, such as landscape paintings depicting the museum and its surroundings, are on display at the venue.

An exhibition of works depicting the museum and its surroundings is being held to encourage people to think about the relocation plan for the Miyagi Museum of Art ... → Continue reading

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風景画(Fukeiga) is(I.e.,Valley,The trees,River,WoodsSuch asLandscapePaintedA paintingIs.In many casesOur SkyIs drawn,the weatherIs described.

Especially the paintings on the subject of the seaSeascape paintingEspecially the paintings with the theme of the cityCityscapeと 呼 ば れ る[1].


PompeiiとHerculaneum(CurrentErcolanoErcolano)1st centuryAroundRoman EmpireOf the eraFrescoThe interior decoration of the landscape is left.

traditionalChugokuIn his "pure" landscape paintings, the figures of the figures are drawn very small, only to draw the viewer into the landscape and to show its grandeur.Such landscape paintings still existinkBy the time the painting was drawn, it had already been established.Chineselandscape paintingIt is,10st century~11st centuryToLi Cheng,Fan Kuan,Guo XiProduced masters such as, it was the conventional mainstreamPortraitIt became a situation that surpassed.

15st centuryAt the beginning,EuropeBut landscape painting has established a genre.Although it was still a stage for human activity, landscapes were often depicted in religious themes such as rest during the escape to Egypt, the journey of the three wise men, and St. Geromo in the desert.

17st century Of NetherlandsThen, landscape painting was established as a painting to decorate the richer civil class houses.Jacob van Ruis Dahl,Meindert HobbemaProfessional landscape painters such as have appeared.The sky and clouds were important elements of Dutch landscape painting because of the flat land.

19st centuryOnce in EuropeNaturalismHas become mainstream, denying traditional landscape paintings that draw religious and historical themes and idealized landscapes indoors, and drawing landscapes while going outdoors and observing directly.Barbizon(Camille Corot,Théodore Rousseau) Was born.

19st centuryfirst half,Unprecedented travel boomHappenedJapanThen,Ukiyo-e(Nishiki-e)Famous placeBecame popular,Katsushika Hokusaiof"Thirty-six views of Futaki] OrHiroshige Utagawaof"Tokaido fifty-three paintings] And other masterpieces.Its bold screen composition and vibrant colors were introduced in the mid-19th century.写真Because it was put into practical useRealismIt had a great influence on the European art world, which was looking for a unique expression method for paintings (Japonisme),印象派It became one of the opportunities to give birth to.

In EuropeJohn RuskinNoticed[2],Kenneth ClarkAs the Lord introduced, landscape painting was "a major artistic creation of the 19th century."As a result, from this point onward, people "appreciate the beauty of nature and create landscape paintings are the normal and eternal part of our mental activity."[3]I came to think.According to Clark's analysis, there are basically four approaches in Europe to express the complexity of nature in a single work.Acceptance of symbols, interest in the facts of nature, creation of fantasy to alleviate the deep-rooted fear of nature, longing for the harmony and order of the golden age that may be reproducible.

米 国Then,19st centuryActive from the middle to the endHudson River SchoolIs probably the best known example of landscape painting.They created huge works to achieve their ideal epic paintings.Generally regarded as the founder of the Hudson River SchoolThomas ColeShared many of the philosophical ideals of European landscape painting.It was like a non-religious belief in the spiritual benefits of thinking about the beauty of nature.For later Hudson River School writersAlbert BierstadtSomething that creates works that emphasize the power of nature, which is vivid and sometimes threatening, has emerged.In that workRomanticExaggeration was strongly expressed.

Explorers, natural scientists, voyagers, merchants, migrantsカナダ Of大西洋When they first appeared on the shore, they were blocked from reaching the harsh environment and rugged waters that kept them away.They tried to deal with this troublesome land by mapping it on a map, recording it and claiming it to be their land.Their understanding of the qualities and creatures of the land was very different, and their observations ranged from very scientific and accurate to eccentric and fantasy.The results of these observations appear in the landscape paintings they left behind.The best example of Canadian landscape painting is1920 era OfGroup of SevenCan be found in the works of.

Examples of landscape paintings


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