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🤖 | "Detective Conan"'s "too mine" snow globe (9800 yen) is inundated with criticism!

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Criticism rushes to the "too mine" snow globe (9800 yen) of "Detective Conan"!

If you write the contents roughly
It is said that it is completely made-to-order and reservations started around September last year, and it was shipped from mid-October at any time.

"Detective Conan" series that men and women of all ages are enthusiastic about, from children to adult women.Taking advantage of popularity, various collaborations ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Made to order individually

Made to order individuallyWhat is (Kobetsu Juchusei-san)?Manufacturing method of manufacturing industryone of.It is a form of designing and producing after receiving an order for a product, and is characterized by having almost no parts inventory of the product.Make-to-order (MTO, Make to Order), make-to-order design (ETO, Engineer to Order)[1],Individual design production[2]Is almost synonymous.In addition, build-to-order manufacturing, make-to-stock production,mass production,High-mix low-volume productionThere is.
Mass productionAgainst個産There are many consultants who call it, but it is necessary to be careful because the abbreviation is not transmitted accurately.


As a manufacturing form for individual build-to-order manufacturing, as a production preparation process before mass production, a department called a machine machine that manufactures production equipment (jigs, molds) for mass production, prototypes, etc., and a mold maker , Prototype maker, dedicated machine maker, heavy industry maker, plant maker.Also (although generally not included in the manufacturing industry)Construction industryAlso falls under the business category of individual build-to-order manufacturing.
In individual build-to-order manufacturing, the desired product cannot be produced according to the initial design at the time of ordering, so a process called correction or repair occurs near the final process.Correction and repair are also called rubbing techniques, but to put it simply, they are manufacturing techniques that repeat trial and error and converge.


In individual build-to-order manufacturing, work changes occur due to changes in specifications, reviews due to improvements in manufacturing methods, manufacturing defects, etc. before and after receiving orders or during manufacturing.In particular, in the plant equipment of heavy industry manufacturers whose manufacturing period is half a year or one year, the R & D department and the design department make daily specification changes and design changes for improvement and cost reduction.As a result, work procedures and man-hours are frequently changed during production.In addition, as a production preparation process for mass-produced products, in the machine-machine department that manufactures production lines, production equipment, jigs, molds, etc. for mass production, repair products from the mass-produced department must come in as a jump-in order. There is.Since the production of the mass production department cannot be stopped, the machine equipment department needs to respond to these limited express orders as soon as possible.Due to such events, the manufacturing site is often kept in a chaotic state at all times.

In addition, in individual build-to-order manufacturing, not all specifications are determined at the time of ordering, so work such as specification approval and customer approval of drawings occurs after receiving an order, which causes a great influence on the delivery date. ..

Difference from build-to-order manufacturing

The difference between individual make-to-order production and make-to-order production is that individual make-to-order production involves development and design after receiving an order, but make-to-order production involves development and design before receiving an order, but does not involve development and design during production. There is.In build-to-order manufacturing, production is performed based on design drawings and CAD data specified by the business partner, and in individual build-to-order manufacturing, production is performed with development and design based on the product specifications from the business partner.

Problems of production management of individual build-to-order manufacturing

Take up hereMade to order individuallyProduction management is based on product specifications from business partners, and production is carried out with development and design.In a broad senseBuild-to-order manufacturing[3]For exampleiPhoneThe factory that produces the parts ofア ッ プ ルBased on the product specifications from, we receive orders with development and design, so it is made-to-order, but production after receiving orders ismass production(Repeat production).Made to order individuallyProduction controlIs characterized by the fact that even after receiving an order, production is carried out while developing and designing.Production management in a broad sense is make-to-stock,mass productionIn many cases, this is the premise, and the current situation is that appropriate production management methods for individual build-to-order manufacturing have not been generalized.Individual build-to-order manufacturing involves development and design after receiving an order, so it is the basis of production management.BOM (Bill of Materials)Cannot be prepared in advance.
BOM (Bill of Materials)Is an important element ofProcess controlFor doingBOP (manufacturing)Process flow like (Bill of Process)Process planningMay not be prepared in advance,Production controlIt makes the whole thing difficult.generalBOM (Bill of Materials)Then, the process for each part can be defined as BOP (Bill of Process), but the process between parts cannot have a dependency relationship.In individual build-to-order manufacturing that is not premised on mass production, branching and merging across parts occur in the entire process flow, so the structure type is premised onBOM (Bill of Materials)It may not be possible to express with, which makes it difficult to apply a general production control system.

System example

Currently, the business is being computerized, and the following are the main systems specialized for individual build-to-order manufacturing.


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Reference document

  • Akihito Ito "Plant Engineer Visualize Process Control of Individual Order Design and Production to Create Flow of Things" 2012 Vol. 44, No. 7 Japan Plant Maintenance Association
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