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🎥 | "MIU404" is soaring in popularity!Jun Hashimoto and Akiko Nogi shine even more with the script

Photograph From the movie "Voice of Sin" Gen Hoshino & Jun Hashimoto – (C) 2020 Movie "Voice of Sin" Production Committee

Soaring popularity with "MIU404"!Jun Hashimoto and Akiko Nogi shine even more with the script

If you write the contents roughly
In this work, Hashimoto also performs well with Hajime Saeki, the chef of the small restaurant "Shino" who will be the key person.

Despite being a seasoned veteran actor, in recent years there have been more opportunities to see it in dramas and movies, and he says he knows its existence ... → Continue reading

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key person

key person (key person) Means, as the name implies,組織,Board,Human relationsAmong them, it has a particularly large impact on the whole,keyThe person who becomes English key person Is a sexist alternative to what was previously called keymanPolitical CorrectnessIn other words, it is a paraphrase.


In the real world, when a certain group (family, workplace, school, etc.) decides something and acts,Decision makingA person who has a strong influence on the

fictionIn the work, the person who triggered the story (or the key to solving the case, the key to solving the mystery of the story, etc.).heroHowever, the person who influences the development of the story as much as or even more than the main character, or that the story is developed centering on the description and action content of the person. For most menKey man,children,AnimalIn case ofKey character, For womenKey woman-Back heroineCalled.

Being a key person in the real world

  • Family-father, mother, husband, wife, grandparents, wife, mother-in-law, siblings, etc.
  • Workplace-Corporate executives (chairman, president, executive), boss, project leader, etc.
  • School-teachers, specific students, etc.

Concrete example

  • When a patient is hospitalized due to illness, when he or she chooses surgical treatment such as surgery and medical treatment by medication, when the patient lacks (or is weak) in decision-making ability, he/she plays a central role in the family. The person involved in the selection becomes the key person.
  • In patients with diseases caused by stress, it is necessary to eliminate stressors in order to enhance the therapeutic effect. If this stressor is human, it is called a key person.
  • A person who actively engages in discussions at school or company meetings can be a key person. However, it may not apply because titles are also relevant.

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