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📺 | [Overseas drama starting this week] A new series by the famous British combination "Simon & Nick" has landed in Japan!


[Overseas drama starting this week] A new series by the famous British combination "Simon & Nick" has landed in Japan!

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The cast includes John Cusack ("High Fidelity"), Rainn Wilson ("The Office"), Cory Michael Smith ("GOTHAM") and others.

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Gautam Or Gotham (Gotham) IsThe United Kingdom OfNottinghamshireThe name of an existing village in the countryside.

ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クGotham, the city's nickname,バ ッ ト マ ンA fictional metropolis that appears inGotham CityIs derived from this village.


The name of this village is "goatTown of (got = goat) (-ham = home,Chatham,Buckingham,NottinghamUsed in many place names, etc.), and Gautam (/ˈꞬoʊtəm/) Is pronounced[1].. However, due to the effect of spelling,バ ッ ト マ ンThe name of the city that appears in is Gotham (/ˈꞬɑθəm/) Is usually pronounced.


This village became famousGautam's Sage (Wise Men of Gotham)” In English, "the wise man of Gautam" is an idiot, which may be related to the fact that goats were considered stupid animals.[2].. One anecdote says that he was just pretending to be a fool. Tried to build a national road near the villageEnglandkingジ ョ ンSent a messenger to ask for village support, and all the villagers who didn't want to bear the cost of that were fleeing by pretending to be innocent idiots.[2].

19th centuryThe United States of AmericaWritersWashington IrvingIs "Mother GooseBased on the stupidity of "Gautam's wise man" who also became "," satire newspaper "Salma Gandhi" (Salmagundi)of1807May 11Issue called New York City "Gotham"[3].


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Coordinate: North Latitude 52 Degrees 52 Minutes 8 Seconds 1 degrees 12 minutes 18 seconds west longitude /52.86889 N, 1.20500 W / 52.86889; -1.20500


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