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🧑‍🎨 | I want to see it forever ♡ "Autumn / Winter x Mirror Nail" that makes you addicted to glitter that is not too flashy


I want to see it forever ♡ "Autumn / Winter x Mirror Nail" that makes you addicted to glitter that is not too flashy

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The Instagram of the nail salon "Sugarray" that we run introduces other trendy and elegant nail designs, so please check it out!

Mirror nails have an attractive luster, but many people have a summery impression.It suits the style of autumn and winter ... → Continue reading


"Lifestyle magazine to enjoy Kansai more" of Yomiuri TV. Every day, we will provide you with useful information from Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama, where women in the Kansai region would want to talk to someone, “Ah!

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Nail salon

Nail salon(Nail salon) IsclawDecoration (nail art) And a store that specializes in maintenance. In Britain and Europe, it is more common to refer to nail bars and nail studios as general nouns.

The nail salon can be opened in a relatively small space. It is operated using one of the following facilities.

Used for nail art and artificial nailsOrganic solventMany of the materials of the system have a strong odor and are highly flammable, and some of them have a possibility of adversely affecting health as liquid itself or volatilized gas. Therefore, it is necessary for the nail salon to be fully equipped with ventilation equipment, and to pay sufficient attention to the effects on surrounding tenants and the health of employees.


The Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in the revised version of the Japanese Standard Industrial Classification (revised October 2014, enforced April 4, 25)[1] "Major category N Life-related service industry, entertainment industry"-"Middle category 789-Washing / barber / beauty / bath industry"-"Minor category 7894 Other laundry / barber / beauty / bath industry" Nail service business: A business establishment that uses cosmetics and equipment to perform nail treatments such as care, modeling, repair, reinforcement, and decoration of the hands and toenails. ○ Nail salon; manicure business; pedicure business ” It is provided as a single sub-category item.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in September 2010[2] "Guidelines for hygiene management in nail salons (September 22, 9, Health Issue 15 No. 0915)" has been issued.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in September 2010[3] "Guidelines for hygiene management in nail salons (draft)" have been announced.


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