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🧑‍🎨 | Adult cuteness comes true ♡ XNUMX "Ribbon Nail" designs


Adult cuteness comes true ♡ XNUMX "Ribbon Nail" designs

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The pastel color, which tends to be childish, adds elegance by combining it with pink beige.

A popular ribbon nail that easily adds femininity from your fingertips.It's a ribbon nail with a strong girly impression, but ... → Continue reading


From "Latest trend nails" to "Nail design for events / scenes such as dates, offices, ceremonies, Halloween, etc." and "How to self-nail", we provide various information about nails.

An original column to read and distribute is also delivered daily.
In addition, we will update advantageous information for nail salon customers and nail artists.

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pastel colour

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Colors may not be displayed properly depending on the viewing environment. (Template: Color)

pastel colour(Pastel Color) is a type of color,パ ス テ ルLike used forNeutral color.Primary color("Red"-tag-yellow-绿Etc.), not a clear shade likeCherry-blossom color,MauveIt refers to a pale color that looks like a mixture of white. The pastel itself can express the primary colors, but it is thought that this name was given because a pale neutral color was used as an expression unique to pastel.A paintingBesides expressionclothes-building物・Furniture・ May be used for personal belongings. And pastel colors are often used for miscellaneous goods these days and are very popular with women.

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