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🤖 | "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" Makoto listens to the taxi driver whose son was killed ... Episode 4 Pre-cut

Photo "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" Episode 4 Pre-cut (C) Ira Ishida / Bungeishunju / IWGP Production Committee

"Ikebukuro West Gate Park" Makoto hears the story of a taxi driver whose son was killed ... Episode 4 Pre-cut

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The TV anime "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" episode 4 "Waltz for Baby" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, AT-X and others from October 2020, 10 (Tuesday).

From the TV anime "Ikebukuro West Gate Park", the 10th episode "Waltz for ..." will be broadcast from October 27th (Tuesday). → Continue reading

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Ikebukuro West Gate Park

"Ikebukuro West Gate Park』(Ikebukuro West Gate Park)Ishida IraSeries ofCollection of short storiesseries. Abbreviation, "IWGP"[1][2].. Volume 1 "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" is the 36thAll Detective Story New Face AwardAwarded, "All thingsAfter being serialized in文藝 春秋From 1998 to 2010, 1 volumes of the first season were published. Five volumes already published in the second season have been published since 10, three and a half years later.

laterTV drama,Comic,musical,Television AnimationA wide range of media mixes were made.


In TokyoIkebukuro West Exit ParkMakoto Mashima, the son of a nearby fruit shop, is also called a "troubleshooter in Ikebukuro" and aims to solve the difficult cases requested one after another and maintain the happiness and order of the residents.

The style is a first-person novel, in the form of a memoir of the main character, Makoto. In almost all works, the mysterious recollection at the beginning is spoken to the reader, and then the development of the case is followed. The stage is mainly in Ikebukuro, and most of the characters are so-called "" regardless of the leading role or supporting role.LosersIt is a marginal existence that is classified as "silent minority" or "silent minority".

This work is set to divide one episode into four seasons and one year passes for each book, but 1 years have passed in the first season due to long-term serialization, so reset once from the second season and restart I'm calling.

As a Gaiden, "Monkey" that appears in the main story is "Red (Rouge) / Black (Noir)" that plays an active part with the main character who is not Makoto, and "King Birth" which is the day before the second season setting with Takashi as the main character Ikebukuro West Gate Park Youth Edition』(There is a depiction that contradicts this work in the first season).As an extra edition, the comic "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward"Ikebukuro ⇔ Kameari Express" is included in the novel version as part of the 30th anniversary commemorative project.


Ikebukuro West Gate Park
After graduating from technical high school, Makoto (Makoto Mashima) is helping her mother's fruit and vegetable shop in Ikebukuro.When I'm hanging out with Masa (Masahiro Mori), a college student, Shun (Shunji Mizuno), a design school student, and Hikaru (Mitsuko Shibusawa) and Rika (Rika Nakamura), who are gals, let's play together. become.Two attempted strangulation of high school girls occurred at a love hotel in Ikebukuro.After that, the news that Rika was strangled came in, and Makoto was investigated by detective Yoshioka.After Rika's funeral, Hikaru confesses to Makoto that she was dating a suspicious man whom Rika calls "Sensei."Makoto had Shun draw a portrait of Sensei and contacted King Takashi (Takashi Ando) of the G Boys in Ikebukuro.Caricatures are distributed to Ikebukuro, and the boys start a large search for a strangler. Four weeks later, Makoto and his friends finally catch a caricature man.However, although the man admitted choking play, he denied Rika's murder.Makoto summons Hikaru and tells him that it was Hikaru who killed Rika.Hikaru was mediating a man to Rika, but when Rika was scared, she tried to confide in Makoto, so she ordered Makoto's classmate Yamai to kill him.Hikaru had been sexually abused by his father from an early age.Makoto ambushes Hikaru's father and beats him in a bag to squeeze his feelings.After that, Hikaru stabbed his father with a knife and entered the facility.Makoto began to play the classical music that Hikaru was listening to at fruit and vegetable stores.
Excitable boy
Makoto has started to solve problems in Ikebukuro since the last incident.Takashi brought in the missing case of Mao Amano, the daughter of the mistress of the gang leader Hazawa.Makoto searches for Mao's attendant monkey (Fujio Saito) and Mao.Makoto notices Kazunori Morinaga, a hikikomori who monitors Mao's favorite Seven-Eleven.A black van that abducted Mao was found in Kazunori's memo.The monkey tied up the criminal Haruhiko Okada, headed to Tokorozawa with Makoto and a van, and found Mao's body in the mountains.The monkey sends Makoto back on foot to settle with Okada.Mao remains unknown, and Okada is on the run for assaulting a woman.
Oasis lover
Makoto bought used Mackintosh in Shun, Kenji (Kenji Sunaoka) and Akihabara.Chiaki, a mistress, asks her to search for her lover, Iranian Kashif.Kashif was in trouble with the seller, Heavy E, who sold the stimulant in Chiaki, and was chased by the gangster, Tendoukai.Makoto hides Kashif in the store.Makoto prepared a radio and a voyeur camera familiar with Shun, Kenji, and machines, took a voyeur of heavy E stimulant sales, and eavesdropped on the phone with the Tendoukai.Report anonymously to the police and send evidence.Heavy E and other Ikebukuro sellers were arrested all at once, and Kashif was deported for illegal stay.
Sunshine Street Civil War (Civil War)
The conflict between Red Angels and G-Boys led by Kyoichi Ozaki intensifies in Ikebukuro.Makoto falls in love with Kana Matsui, a video journalist who covers the conflict.Makoto gets acquainted with Red's executive, Isogai.The conflict finally causes death, and Makoto is attacked by someone.Rumors of advancing to the Kyogokukai, which is in conflict with the Hazawa group, enter Ikebukuro.Makoto secretly dubbs a video of Kana shooting Red and asks Chief Yokoyama to look it up.It turns out that Isogai is a member of the Kyogokukai, and Makoto marks Isogai with Shun, Kenji, and Kazunori.Voyeur of Isogai entering the hotel with Kyogokukai Yoshimatsu group leader.Makoto spreads rumors that Takashi and Kyoichi are one-on-one Thaimen.Red Angels and G-Boys members gather at Westgate Park and wait for a duel.Makoto, who became a witness, makes Shun and his friends spread the big screen and shows the images of Isogai and Kyogokukai.Isogai is seized and the conflict is over.Kyoichi leaves Ikebukuro to become a dancer.Makoto was introduced to the work of a magazine column by Kana, who had finished her love, and started serializing.


Makoto Mashima
The main character of this work, commonly known as "Troubleshooter in Ikebukuro".Blood type O type.Height is close to 180 cm.
local·IkebukuroAfter graduating from an industrial high schoolhomeless"(Part-time worker), And while helping the fruit shop of my parents' house and earning pocket money,Ikebukuro West Exit Park= I'm spending time at Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Later in a fashion magazinecolumnistWill also serve.
He is well known in Ikebukuro, and everyone, including the color gang leader Takashi, has a glance at him. Difficult requests are often brought to his house, but his curiosity and goodness make him stabbed in the neck and solve them in a wild way. Originally a famous defect, his personality was a gift of his mother's education or a strong-willed justice man, and he was involved in the early stages of the work.Classical musicAppreciationReadingAwaken to cultural hobbies such as. My car is for purchasing at the storeDatsun.
Takashi Ando
Put Ikebukuro under powerColor gang"King" of the group "G-Boys" (team color is "blue"). Blood type A. Height is 175 cm. Fair and slender.
With the ability of fighting backed by genius reflexes and motor nerves, he brings together bad boys and girls on the street with his own charisma. According to Makoto, his body is "thin and thin like a model," and his arms and legs are "tightened like a wire rope that has been squeezed to the limit." Even the police have an eye-opening mobilization power, and their existence has become something that cannot be underestimated even in the underworld. Makoto is a classmate and best friend when he was in technical high school. He has been paying attention to Makoto's qualities since high school and has been soliciting him several times. "A man who is cool enough to freeze", Makoto when he is with him completely disappears from the sight of women. However, there are many people who respect and awe him because he is doing "purge", which can be called brutal, but few people can be called close friends.
Shun Mizuno
The first appearance is the first episode of the first volume. Blood type B.
A vocational school student who is good at illustration.Makoto and Masa were found in a bookstore to shoplift a collection of French anime painters, and although they were taken to a coffee shop for the purpose of shaving, they were released because of the mysterious glue, but after that they should stay around Makoto without permission. Became a companion.I have a lot of shyness, but for some reason I miss Makoto.AnimeGeek.. Makoto created an opportunity to get to know the radio. Similarly, "Amazing Boys".
Makoto's mother.
He runs a fruit shop "Mashima Fruit" on the outskirts of the Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park shopping street, and has grown Makoto by himself. For Makoto, it's a tancob above his eyes, and he's a strong man who doesn't have a head at all. The threat of a thug does not move one eyebrow. Makoto says "final weapon". Occasionally the line of sight may even change to that of a "ruthless murderer." Her name is unknown in the original (never called by full name or first name).
Detective of the Boys' Division, Life Safety Department, Ikebukuro Station.
He has been working in Ikebukuro for a long time and is familiar with Ikebukuro.I've known Makoto since he was guided at the age of 13.I'm short and my hair is thin.I scratch the head from beginning to end and fly dandruff.Makoto often deceives the name as a pseudonym.
In "Novel version Kochikame"Ryotsu KankichiSaid, "Synchronization of police academy."
Reiichiro Yokoyama
Chief of the Ikebukuro station.Tokyo UniversitySentence I graduated career superintendent.
Makoto has been acquainted with Makoto since he was a child, and for him he was a "neighborhood brother".A good young man, but Makoto is a sharp person.However, at the station, it seems to be pushed by the site side, and there is not much real power.Therefore, I am working on writing a dissertation on criminology.The address is a luxury condominium in Mejiro.
The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX, "Sunshine Street Civil War."
Fujio Saito (monkey)
Partition IkebukuroGangsterA member of "Hazawa-gumi".Blood type O type.
He was an attendant of Mao Amano, also known as "princess", the daughter of the group leader.Makoto's junior high school classmate.I used to be a bullied child.Although he is 155 cm tall and has a small body, he is very competitive and has a calm judgment.The reunion was triggered by the fact that the leader asked Makoto to search for the missing princess.Since that incident, I have been grateful to Makoto for the convenience of providing information.
The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX. After "Gaiden Red / Black", he has been promoted to acting general manager / young head.
Hideki Hatano (Radio)
Radio enthusiast.Blood type A.
He is a master of eavesdropping, voyeurism, video editing, and various other radio-related issues, and is helping Makoto with his special skills.It features a mushroom cut that takes your eyes.I work at a convenience store.A member of Makoto's "Akire Boys".
The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX, "Oasis Lover".Lives in Ekoda.
Zero one
A great hacker.An information store that has been hacking the family restaurant in Nejo all year round.
Characterized by a voice like a gas leak.The hair is a skinhead, but two elongated metal pieces are planted on the head so that a "message" can be sent at any time.I like ramen that isn't on the family restaurant menu, so I've had Nanao's ramen delivered.
Yoshimi Hitaka
In charge of finance of the Kanto Showakai Hazawa group.Hyotaka group leader.The boss who reports to the monkey.On the face of it, the president of "Hyotaka Creative Co., Ltd."One of the candidates for successor to the leader of the Hazawa group.
It looks like a lonely bank clerk, and he is a brain-minded person. The success of Komine and Monkey in "Gaiden Red and Black" has solidified his position as the successor to the Kanto Sanwakai.
Tatsuki Hazawa
Head of the Kanto Sanwakai Hazawa group.The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX.It features a sharp nose like an eagle.
Kenji Sunaoka
The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX.Shun's part-time friend and computer master.
The owner of "a person looks good, but a smile that seems to be missing one". Cooperated with Makoto as "Absurd Boys".
Morinaga Kazunori
The first appearance is Volume XNUMX, Episode XNUMX, "Excitable Boy".Makoto's junior high school classmate.
He was the most talented in the grade, but he was severe.Social withdrawalWill be.However, Makoto's week-long visit and conversation made him a comeback. Mens of "Amazing Boys".He has the patience of a professional when it comes to staking.
Twin Towers No. 1 and No. 2
The first appearance is Volume 1, Episode 2, "Excitable Boy". Twin brothers of G Boys members.His real names are Yasushi Ogura (No. XNUMX) and Minoru (No. XNUMX).Takashi's bodyguard.
The origin of the Ada name is height (ho is 196 cm, actually 195 cm).It has agility that does not suit its body.It's hard to trust people other than each other. After graduating from G Boys in the 4-volume "East Exit Ramen Line", he opened a ramen shop "Nanasei" (reading pseudonym is "Nao". Named because he was born in July).My father is a cook at a Western-style restaurant.形見は使い込まれたThe keepsake was usedChef's knife.
Wataru Komine
The main character of "Gaiden Red / Black".A video producer who cannot sell.33 years old from Yokohama.He has the ability to memorize the scenery he sees with his eyes as if he were taking a picture.
After being drowned in gambling, he has a large amount of debt and is involved in the Kyogen robbery.However, after being robbed of all the profits by the betrayal of his friends, he was caught by the formerly closed Hyotaka group of the damaged casino and forced to make a "slave" contract.He had no choice but to regain all of his profits before he was released, and he began an unreliable investigation with the guard monkey.

Book information


★ is the original for the TV drama version, and ☆ is the original for the TV anime version.

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Otobank OfFeBeIt has been made into an audiobook with, and currently up to 9 volumes have been distributed.真島誠役はThe role of Makoto MashimaEndo Daisuke.

Side Story


"Ikebukuro West Gate Park The Legend" (Recorded in the original text)

Shonen Counting Machine (Volume 2, Episode 2)
East exit ramen line (Volume 4, Episode 1)
Waltz for Baby (Volume 4, Episode 2)
Chikawa Fallout Mother (Volume 8, Episode 1)
Non-regular resistance (Volume 8, Episode 4)
North Exit Smoke Tower (Volume 11, Episode 1)
YouTuber @ Arts Theater (Volume 12, Episode 2)
G Boys Winter War (Volume 7, Episode 4)


Based on the manga "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" by Sena Arito, a movie comic with added voice, SE, and effects is available.BeeTVAll 2011 episodes were distributed on "Bee Manga" from 2012 to 30. The cast is Makoto MashimaKaname Endo. The theme song isKuroyume"Heavenly (Aibum ver.)』.

TV drama

Kankuro MiyatoFrom April 2000, 4 to June 14, 6, according to the script ofTBSIt was made into a TV drama. Later, as a special version, "Soup no Kai" (Original: "Bone Sound" and "East Exit Ramen Line") was also broadcast on March 2003, 3. There are many differences from the original, such as major differences in some character settings.


The compilation album "Ikebukuro West Gate Park Classic Edition" (WPCS-11850), which was selected by the original author from among the classical music that appears frequently during the work, was released on April 2005, 4.Warner ClassicsIt was released from. The song commentary is also written by Ishida.


"Ikebukuro Westgate Park SONG & DANCE』Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterandHoriproIn the planning and production ofmusicalFrom December 2017, 12 to January 23, 2018Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterFrom January 1th to January 19st at Theater WestHyogo Performing Arts CenterPerformed at Hankyu Hall[3].

ス タ ッ フ

Television Animation

Video studioAnime works produced from October to December 2020AT-XWas broadcast elsewhere[4].. Initially it was scheduled to be broadcast from July of the same year[1][2],New coronavirus infectionWas postponed due to the influence of[5]..In the XNUMXth episode of the final episodeYosuke KubotsukaAppeared as a guest in the role of client[6].


ス タ ッ フ

  • Original-Ira Ishida[1]
  • Director-Tomoaki Koshida[1]
  • Series composition- Fumihiko Shimo[1]
  • Character Design - Junichiro Taniguchi[1]
  • Sub-character design-Akiko Toyoda, Maho Yoshikawa[4]
  • Prop Design-Akishino Denforword weather[4]
  • Art Director-Norifumi Nakamura[4]
  • Art setting-Takeyuki Takahashi, Misato Shiokawa, Midori Aikawa, Reiko Shinagawa
  • Color design-Yuka Ito[4]
  • Cinematographer-Takehiro Wu[4]
  • Edit-Daisuke Hiraki[4]
  • Sound Director- Masaki Tsuchiya[4]
  • Music-Daijiro Nakagawa,Ryuichi Takada[4]
  • Music production- Nippon Columbia
  • Music Producer-Shunichi Uemura
  • Producers-Norifumi Kikushima, Takuto Yasue, Hajime Kamada, Makoto Hojo, Norifumi Ikeuchi, Gaku Kimura, Hiromichi Takagi, Yuki Uchiyama, Kozue Kaniwa, I Kinsei, Chiaki Tanimoto
  • Production Producer-Shingo Saito, Ryo Kobayashi
  • Animation production - Video studio[1]
  • Production-IWGP Production Committee[1]

Theme song

"Needle knot"[4]
THE PINBALLSThe opening theme for the lyrics, composition, arrangement, and singing.
"After song"[4]
INNOSENT in FORMALThe ending theme that is composed, arranged, and sung by.The lyrics are Poorusumisu
"As you wish"
An ending theme composed, arranged and sung by INNOSENT in FORMAL.The lyrics are Poorusumisu.
"Oblivion Sky (25th Anniversary Ver.)""
KiyoharuIs the ending theme of the 7th episode of songwriting, composition and singing.Arranged by Kiyoharu and Ken Sandai.Drama versionTheme song.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Episode XNUMXNorth Exit Smoke TowerFumihiko ShimoTomoaki Koshida
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Shun Sawai
Junichiro Taniguchi 2020
Episode XNUMXWest Ichibangai Black BiteHiroaki YoshikawaHiroshi Haraguchi
  • Keigo Nagao
  • Tamami Izawa
  • Nakamoto Hisashi
  • Momoko Yano
  • Maho Yoshikawa
  • Junichiro Taniguchi
Maho Yoshikawa10/13
Episode XNUMXZeta Moover @ Arts TheaterHidekazu HaraKim
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Takeshi Nou
Mai Matsuura10/20
Episode XNUMXWaltz for BabyTomoaki KoshidaRyota ItoSatoshi Toba
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Shun Sawai
  • Ukulele Zenshiro
Junichiro Taniguchi10/27
Episode XNUMXDragon TearsMasashi SogoTakenori MiharaHotaka Mt.
  • Momoko Yano
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Tamami Izawa
  • Takeshi Nou
  • Keigo Nagao
  • Hiroyuki Ogura
  • Nakamoto Hisashi
  • Daichi Nakajima
Maho Yoshikawa11/3
Episode 6G Boys Winter War, Part XNUMXHiroaki YoshikawaMidori Yui
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Ukulele Zenshiro
  • Jumondou
Mai Matsuura11/10
Episode XNUMXG Boys Winter War, Part XNUMXHiroshi Haraguchi
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Keigo Nagao
Junichiro Taniguchi11/17
Episode XNUMXSenkawa Fallout MotherHiroaki YoshikawaKim
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Ukulele Zenshiro
  • Tamami Izawa
  • Ken Miyano
  • Hatakeyama
Maho Yoshikawa11/24
Episode XNUMXHatred paradeFumihiko ShimoTakenori MiharaIssei Kawagoe
  • Momoko Yano
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Nakamoto Hisashi
  • Hiromi Ariga
  • Mighty Max Movie
  • Lee Seong-jin
  • Song Hyeon-ju
  • Han Eun-mi
  • Ken Miyano
  • Hatakeyama
Mai Matsuura12/1
Episode XNUMXBeast and ReunionMasashi SogoHiroaki Yoshikawa
  • Midori Yui
  • Tomoaki Koshida
  • Keigo Nagao
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Ukulele Zenshiro
  • Hiromi Ariga
  • Daichi Nakajima
  • Ken Miyano
  • Hatakeyama
  • Mayumi Fujita
  • Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Mai Matsuura
Episode XNUMXSunshine street内 戦(Civil War)・Part XNUMXFumihiko ShimoTomoaki KoshidaSatoshi Toba
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Tatesaki University
  • Nakamoto Hisashi
  • Tamami Izawa
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Keigo Nagao
  • Mayumi Fujita
  • Hatakeyama
  • Maho Yoshikawa
  • Junichiro Taniguchi
Episode XNUMXSunshine Street Civil War, Part XNUMX
  • Tomoaki Koshida, Hiroaki Yoshikawa
Tomoaki Koshida
  • Masaaki Yamano
  • Momoko Yano
  • Shun Sawai
  • Hiroaki Otsuji
  • Keigo Nagao
  • Tamami Izawa
  • Akiko Toyoda
  • Tatesaki University
  • Yukiko Kawamoto
  • Ukulele Zenshiro
  • Michiyo Sugawara
  • Sayaka Ueno
  • Hatakeyama
  • Kim Jung Lim
  • Mai Matsuura
  • Junichiro Taniguchi


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[7]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [8] Remarks
May 2020-June 10, 6 Tuesday 21:00-21:30 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
May 2020-June 10, 7 Wednesday 0:30-1:00 (Tuesday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
May 2020-June 10, 8 Thursday 0:00-0:30 (Wednesday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Thursday 0:30-1:00 (Wednesday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
Thursday 1:35-2:05 (Wednesday midnight) KBS Kyoto Kyoto
2020/10/21[9] - Wednesday 2:25-2:55 (Tuesday midnight) Shizuoka broadcasting Shizuoka "Anime 6 Wards"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[7]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2020/10/7Updated around 0:15 on Wednesday Amazon Prime Video
2020/10/21 Updated Wednesday 0:30


rollRelease date[10]Recording storyStandard product number
上Scheduled for December 2021, 1Episode 1-Episode 6ZMAZ-14451ZMSZ-14461
underScheduled for December 2021, 2Episode 7-Episode 12ZMAZ-14452ZMSZ-14462


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