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🎥 | Incorrect answer "XNUMX days around the world" that I got rather than the correct answer that someone gave me


Incorrect answer "XNUMX days around the world" that I got rather than the correct answer that someone gave me

If you write the contents roughly
Well, by the way, I had to prepare the rice cooked with red sea bream a while ago.

Jinsuke Mizuno's movie and story about curry vol.12 (Jinsuke Mizuno traveling the world to clarify the whole picture of curry ... → Continue reading


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Red snapper

Red snapper(Splendid alfonsino,Beryx splendens) IsBeryciformesBerycidaeBelongs toDeep sea fish.


Around the worlddeep seaInhabits.


EyeIs named "Kinmedai" because it shines golden and the color of the fish is red.Red seabream,BlackfishSuch asPerchPercoideiPorgiesIs a different kind.

Approximate species

BeryxIn addition to KinmedaiAlfonsino,(English edition,German version)There are two types, and their body shapes and characteristics are slightly different. It is said that the taste is inferior to that of Kinmedai (this Kinme) and the market price is a little low, but when it is sold as a fillet, it is often distributed as Kinmedai.


Although the season is winter, it is often greasy throughout the four seasons, soSimmered dishesIn addition to being particularly delicious, it is white and can be used for all kinds of dishes. Because it is soft and has few small bones, it is easy for the elderly and children to eat. However, since the season is winter, the stability of fishing cannot be ensured due to the influence of stormy weather, and the catch is decreasing year by year due to the decrease in the number of fishermen who handle it, and the landing is the most.Izu PeninsulaEtcLocal productionAs part of the branding, prices have continued to rise and distribution volumes have continued to decline.

sashimi,Boiled fish,Dried fish,Miso pickles,Pickled rice cake,Hot pot,bouillabaisse,Meunier

Relationship with humans

When viewed as food, a small amount contained in the body of Splendid alfonsinomercuryYou need to be careful. Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfarePregnant womanLists the amount of food as one of the seafood to be careful of, and according to the announcement on November 2005, 11, if the amount of food eaten at one time is about 2 g, the food of Splendid alfonsino is up to once a week ( About 1g per week) is a guide[1].


  1. ^ Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Food Safety Department, Standards Examination Division (June 2003, 6).Regarding the review of precautions regarding the feeding of fish and shellfish to pregnant women and mercury (Q & A) (November 17, 11)". About mercury contained in seafoodMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare. As of March 2013, 3オ リ ジ ナ ルMore archives.2013/4/15Browse.



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