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🎥 | Movie "Fruit" released The Electric Rengo makes a triumphant return

Nippon Elekitel Rengo attended the stage greeting

Movie "Fruit" released The Electric Union makes a triumphant return

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In addition, director Junichiro Yagi, who is usually the manager of Nippon Elekitel Rengo, said, "I want to convey through the film how I can convey my thoughts and how I can make my dreams come true." I told you.

Along with the screening of the movie "Fruit" at the "Toyooka Theater" in Toyooka City, the Nippon Elekitel Rengo, who will appear in this film, will give a stage greeting ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Nippon Elekitel Rengo

Nippon Elekitel Rengo(Nippon Elekiter Rengo)TitanFemale belongingComedy combination.


Koyuki Hashimoto

(Koyuki Hashimoto), (1984-11-13) 1984May 11(36 years old)-, type A, height 161 cm[2],HyogoToyooka[3]From,Previously TsukkomiResponsible)

Nicknames are "Kokiyu", "Koyuki-chan", and "Hasshan".[4]. "Hyogo Prefectural Toyooka Minami High Schoolgraduate[5] → Kyoto Tachibana UniversityGraduated from the Department of English Communication, Faculty of Letters[6].

Parents' homeKinosaki Onsennearby,GuesthouseManaging "Hashimoto"[7].

My hobby is using a single-lens reflex camera[8], I occasionally upload photos I took on Twitter[9].

When I was a college studentKBS Kyoto TVof"Go onI have been involved in staff, appearances, etc.[10].

Won the audition during the Japan Public Union era,Tenjin FestivalI have been responsible for "Gal Mikoshi"[11].

Experienced studying abroad in Australia when I was a university student[12].

Named "Papi"Guinea pigI have a (skinny guinea pig).The godfather is a senior in the officeYuji Tanaka[13].

TokyoHigashimurayama city内 のGirls barThere was a time when I worked at[10].

There is a cafe club I made before[14], Resumed activities in 2015 after a long absence[15]..The members used to be in sync with Hashimoto and the office.WestlandIguchi was the only one, but with the resumption of activities, he entered a new office.City Hotel Room 3Oshida joined.Hashimoto guides people in the opposite direction of the cafe they are looking for, and researches stores that are not cafes.[16]Oshida was appointed as the director because he could not do anything.[17]..However, Hashimoto doesn't like coffee very much.If you do it alone, you'll report to each other on Twitter.

"I think it's a win if you think what's going to happen" about the comedy policy.[18].

Originally from Kansai, he was in Kansai until college, but since he became a comedian, he has lived more in Tokyo, so he usually lives in Tokyo.common languageAre talking.

Satoko Nakano

(Soko Naka, (1983-11-12) 1983May 11(37 years old) --Type A, height 152 cm[19],EhimeImabariFrom,Previously out of focusResponsible)

Nicknames are "Mimitan" and "Mimiko"[Note 1]"Satoshi-chan".In charge of making material.

Ehime Prefectural Imabari Minami High Schoolgraduate[5] → ArtJunior collegegraduate[20].

The stage name of the "Japan Public Union" era was "Nakano Warehouse"[21].

Special skill isJapanese painting[22].

Before becoming a comedian, there was a time when I worked for an underwear design company[23]..However, I couldn't communicate with my colleagues at all and retired in 5 months.[24]..After that, about 1 year and 6 monthsneatAfter living, he started to become a comedian thinking, "I think it's a job that even a helpless person like myself can do."[20].

He used to have a rabbit, but died in early 2011.A funeral was also held, but the name of the dead rabbit was "Comaneci".[25]The funeral company laughed and I couldn't immerse myself in the solemn atmosphere.After that, he started to keep a rabbit again and his name was a senior in the office.Ota HikaruTo “AndropovThe origin of the name Andropov isBeat takeshiIs derived from the gag of[13].

Previously, I used to work as a bite to measure 245g of azuki beans into the cups flowing at the factory.[10].

Super severe that can not be imagined from the art styleShy[26].

For Nakano, Hashimoto is "a work I created", "I like empty and empty places, and I like the material that can be dyed in my own color.キ ャ ン バ スState like "[27].

2020May 1, Pin entertainer in the same officeMatsuo Atom former police stationAnd married (this dayNaturalization).I had been enthusiastic about Matsuo before this, but I couldn't get along with him.2019May 12Suddenly, I thought of getting married, and when I made a "reverse proposal" to Matsuo on that day, I got accepted and got married on "0 days of dating".[28][29]..But stillsillaginoidFar from holding his hand, he hasn't lived with him yet, and Matsuo doesn't know Nakano's home, so even if he sends it with him, he'll definitely break up on the way.[30].


200710Formed by two people who were active as pin entertainers[31]..Hashimoto made a dogeza in Nakano and formed a combination[31]..Instead of accepting it and taking charge of creating the material, Nakano asked Hashimoto to take care of his surroundings, housework, meals, schedule management, etc., and Hashimoto also accepted it.

Also, the creator of "Nippon Elekitel Rengo" is an actor.Kazuhiko NishimuraThat was2014May 11Was broadcast onDowntown DX』(Yomiuri Television).According to it, Hashimoto was a pin entertainer2007ToKBS KyotoTV program "Go onNishimura, who co-starred when he appeared in the comedy show, later saw Hashimoto appearing in a comedy live and criticized him as "it wasn't interesting at all."On the other hand, Nakano who appeared in the same live was evaluated as "very interesting" and advised Hashimoto "I can not beat that child (Nakano)", but Hashimoto did not retire with this and combined with Nakano Nakano also said that he was reluctant to form, saying, "I made a compromise because I was asked."[32].

Formerly as "Japan Public Union"Shochiku entertainmentWas active in.However, because he pursued reality in Tale and spent too much money on costumes and props, he borrowed a huge amount of money.2009Temporary suspension of activities in October[10].

2010Activities resumed in April.Moved the place of activity from Osaka to Tokyo and changed the name of the combination to "Nippon Elekitel Rengo" in June 4.TitanBecome a affiliation.In addition, Titan has a policy of not allowing female talents to belong, so it is said that it was a special case that they could belong.In addition, I refused to the former affiliation Shochiku Geino, "I can not go back from now, so I will start from zero", and I also contacted when I became a member of Titan.[10].

The reason why I chose Titan as my affiliation isLOL problemBecause I respected him.The debt is supposed to be paid off on December 2010, 12[33]..As of January 2014, before the break, electricity, gas, and water were all in distress.Therefore, I borrowed the New Year's gifts that I give to young people at the New Year's party every year to Tanaka, who is a senior in the office, to add to my life.[34].

YouTube channel opened on August 2013, 8.King of conte2013, 2014 semi-final advance.

The story "No, no, noIs 2014 "New Word/Buzzword Award2014 Grand Prize, XNUMXNet buzzword awardBronze Award (3rd place),Yahoo! Search Award 2014・ Won the comedian category[35].


  • Nakano is a fan of the former combination name "Japan Public Union"Ringo Shiinaof"Bed publicHashimoto didn't know the reason until a while after the name was changed to "Nippon Elekitel Rengo".However, at the time of naming it "Nippon Elekitel Rengo", "Nippon Elekitel Rengo" was also listed as a candidate.However, I made it "public" because "Electel" is hard to say and bites.[36].
  • The "Electric" part of the "Nippon Elekitel Rengo" is derived from the passage "Electel Electric Deer Hunting Electric" in "Bakusho Mondai School VOW" (1999).[37].
  • Previously, it was clearly divided into bokeh and tsukkomi, but Hashimoto's tsukkomi, who was originally in charge of tsukkomi, did not improve, and Nakano realized that both of them were blurry characters, abolished bokeh and tsukkomi, and now it is shared. I'm working without[18].
  • The motto of Tale is "make"When"Cosplay"When"Props'[31]..All the costumes and props used are their own, and each has more than 500 items.Also, to accommodate these, we rent a house and live together.[1].. "If you don't have Tsukkomi, you might be called surreal, but I don't like that, soV-cinema"I play a" drama "while deforming in a way that doesn't become" "I try to give an impact when the stage becomes bright"[18].kabukiHas a large effect.
  • Both of them aren't funny, so I think they have no choice but to become characters and laugh.[38].
  • "Widows Akemi-chan series" with a characteristic line of "No good ~ No good" in the story[39], "Tadokoro-sensei series (mistress VS main wife edition, fierce debate! Men and women edition)[39]"Oiran" "Work clothes and machine guns" "Naniwa Syndrome"[31][40]"Miko and Hiromi[40]"Parole wife Sayuri-chan[39]""Rainbow troutSpirit[40]"Such.
  • The reason why the story of "No good ~ No good" in the "Widows Akemi-chan series" was born2012Around midnightfamily restaurantWhen I was thinking about the story, I felt that the uncle and the aunt who were in the next seat were intense, and as a result I thought that they were connected to this character.[41]..In addition, Nakano's father-style make-up at this time isMiya ShiroIs consciously imitating[42]..Furthermore, this character is "NamahageIt ’s the same stance as[43]..Not limited to this story, NakanoMen'sThere are many controls to do.
  • "No, no, no" has the same materialIchinosuke ShimadaIt was suspected that Shimada imitated it because the Electric Rengo broke, but he was different from his own story, and I am happy that he was attracting attention after the break. When they met, they thanked them for selling their name and said they would rather piggyback on themselves.[44][45].
  • The entertainer they both respectKen Shimura..That's why Shimura is fromTokyoHigashimurayama cityThey have moved to and live together.Both of them"Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV』(TBS), And he said, "I think Mr. Shimura is a textbook without permission."2014May 2Broadcast of "Shimura Ken's Night Bug』(TBS Radio), He directly suggested to Shimura, "Why don't you let me know what you're talking about?"In addition, Shimura once said, "I'm addicted to the Nippon Elekitel Rengo."[46].
  • Youtube channel "Electric shock parallel of Nippon Elekitel RengoThe reason for making "" is that the number of control programs has decreased and there are fewer places to announce, so they said that they made the place themselves.[47]
  • The two of us lived together because we didn't have the money, and after the break, we were able to become independent of each other, so we were talking about living together, but in April 2, Nakano spent three hours. While I was out, Hashimoto left the house like a night escape and moved to about 2016 minute by bicycle.[48].
  • Nakano is a pin entertainer from the same agency who has been favored for a long time, thinking of getting married on New Year's Eve 2019.Matsuo Atom former police stationI respected him the following year because he proposed to him and Matsuo accepted it.Beat takeshiBirthdayMay 1Married without any hands, let alone dating[49]..At first, Nakano couldn't hear the confession because Matsuo's tongue was bad, and he thought he was "Kimoi" and "Uzai" and didn't deal with him at all.However, Hashimoto, who admitted that Matsuo was "thinking about us seriously," taught Nakano how good Matsuo was, while Matsuo also went to Nakano. I advised how to take care of him.From such a background, Hashimoto is two peopleCupidAlso called a role[50].


tv set


  • Fruitful (2020)

Anime movie





  • Titan Happy-Corner: Titan Newcomer Trial
  • Titan Live Rare-Irregular
  • Titan Cinema Live-Even Months Held
  • Weak people 2nd performance "I want to be stronger"[56](June 2016-12, 22,Euro live) Hashimoto only
  • Seiko Oomori Tradition 3DAYS 2 Swastika LIVE "Free Character Rack" (March 2019, 3, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Tradition Hall)
    And many others


  • Sannisky Night (April 2015, 4,Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall)
  • Shijimi Night (March 2016, 3,Za-Koenji2)
  • Electric Gallery (August 2016-8, 12, Asagaya Art Space Plot)
  • Kenkumi's double ban! ~ Dotonbori no Jin ~ (November 2016-11, 1,ABC hall)
  • Sannisky's Feast (February 2017, 2, Za Koenji 27)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo 10th Anniversary & Solo Performance "Pulse" DVD Release Commemorative Fan Meeting (November 2018, 11, Asagaya / Loft A)


Solo performance

  • "Tale Channel of the Japan Public Union" (July 2009, 7, TsutenkakuSTUDIO210)
  • "Parallel Telegram-Kinema Edition-" (February 2012, 2, Suginami Ward Industrial Chamber of Commerce)
  • "Parallel Telegram-Sensory Edition-" (June 2012, 6, Suginami Ward Industrial Chamber of Commerce)
  • "Electel Planet" (July 2014-7, 11, Shinjuku Theater Moliere)
  • "Dead section" (July 2015-7, 24, TokyoSogetsu Hall, September 9-5, OsakaABC hall, September 9-18, Aichi / Chuden Hall, September 19 Okayama / Santa Hall, September 9-21, Fukuoka / Skala Espacio, September 9-22, Miyagi /Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai, October 10 Ishikawa / Kanazawa City Art Hall, October 1 Niigata /Niigata LOTS)
  • "Denkinosha ~ Kakemakumo Awesome Charge Omae ~" (July 2016-7, 14 Tokyo Theater Sun Mall, September 17-9, OsakaABC hall)
  • "" Hell Condenser "with Iwashita's New Ginger" (September 2017-9, 8 Tokyo Shinjuku Theater Moliere, September 10-9 Osaka ABC Hall, September 15 Hiroshima Higashi Hiroshima Arts and Culture Hall Kurara, September 16 Kagawa / Takamatsu festhalle, September 9 Miyagi / Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai, September 17 Fukushima / Iwaki Arios Small Theater)
  • "Pulse" (June 2018-6, 14, Euro Live)
  • "Kimiwara Kotore" (July 2019-7, 18, Euro Live)[57]
  • "Neo Doki-Doki" (September 2020-9, 17, Euro Live)


  • Lotto Numbers "Super" Hitho(SHUFUNOTOMO)-"Nippon Elekitel Rengo Electric Picasso"
  • Tokyo Shimbun- "Weathercock" (May 2015, 5-March 9) Tokyo Shimbun
  • Lotto Numbers "Super" Hitho (SHUFUNOTOMO)-"Nippon Elekitel Rengo Discharge Blues"



  • Serial Electric (October 2013, 10 Publisher:Content league Distributor:Aniplex)
  • Belly and belly electricity (August 2014, 8 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo Solo Performance "Electel Planet" (December 2014, 12 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Goodbye Hughes (July 2015, 7 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo Solo Performance "Dead Section" (December 2015, 12 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Everyone (December 2016, 12 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo's solo performance "Denkinosha-Kakemakumo Awesome Charge Omae-" (December 2016, 12 Publisher: Content League Publisher: Aniplex)
  • Japan Electric Union solo performance "Hell Condenser" with Iwashita's new ginger (December 2017, 12 Publisher: Content League Publisher:Sony music marketing)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo solo performance "Pulse" (October 2018, 10 Publisher / Distributor: Content League)
  • Nippon Elekitel Rengo Solo Performance "Kimi Mosho" (December 2019, 12)[58][59]Selling agency:Titan Distributor: ValueMall)

CD / delivery

  • "HARAETAMAE KIYOMETAMAE" / J-GODS (November 2016, 11) Released a song created for the solo performance "Denkinosha-Kakemakumo Awesome Charge Omae".Lyrics by Satoko Nakano, composition and track making by DJ ISO (Astara Vista-Mellow Yellow) And the producer who has produced many famous artists,Keiichi WakuiWas in charge of the special unit "IWCG".


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