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🤖 | Cosplayer Kitaro shows off Marie's costume from "Pokemon Sword Shield"


Cosplayer Kitaro shows off Marie's costume from "Pokemon Sword Shield"

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Marie is a Pokemon trainer who appears in "Pokemon Sword Shield".

Cosplayer Kitaro updated his Twitter on October 10th, "Pocket Monster Sword Seal ... → Continue reading

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Pokemon term list

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Pokemon term listIn (Ichiran like Pokemon), the game "Pokemon] Explain the terminology of the series and related works.

About Pokemon

A creature that appears in the film.mainly,monster BallAn organism that can be captured by.Currently 898 species have been confirmed.
Most of the detailed biological definitions are unknown.In the anime version, with PokemonAnimalBasically, no animals appear in the work because it is difficult to distinguish between them.
It is a disease that Pokemon develops, and its pathogen, and the probability of being infected with it is much lower than the probability of appearance of different colors.When infected, the effort gained is double that of the uninfected state (healing remains effective, and after healing, antibodies are produced and infection is stopped).

Occupations related to Pokemon

Pokemon trainer
A term that refers to all people who raise Pokemon.Among them, it refers to those who perform Pokemon battles.The Pokemon Coordinator and Pokemon Breeder, which will be described later, can also be said to be a type of Pokemon trainer because they "grow Pokemon".
Trainers who will fight mainly in towns and roads have titles such as "Mushitori Shoen", "Tanpankozo" and "Miniskirt" respectively.
"Super Smash Bros. XIn the name of "Pokemon Trainer Boy"Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green"ofBoy heroCharacters of the design of are appearing.
"Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers SPECIAL], Under the name of "Pokemon Trainer Girl", of "Pocket Monster Fire Red Leaf Green"Girl heroCharacters of the design of are appearing.
There are many teenage boys and girls, but there are also many adult trainers.Some trainers have reached the level of old people.
Gym leader
The person in charge of the facility "Pokemon Gym" for competing for the strength of Pokemon, and the person with the highest ability.RPG OfbossPlays the role of.There are more than 8 people in each region other than the Arora region.It is voluntary to run a side job, and all Unova gym leaders, except Iris, have other professions.
The job of a gym leader is to fight the challenger to the gym, and if the challenger winsGym badgeIs to be awarded.Also, as a representative of the town where the gym is located, he may play a role in improving security.
Most gym leaders are good at one type, but there are some exceptions, such as Tokiwa Jim's Green.
There are no Pokemon gyms or gym leaders in the Arora region (7th generation).That is "captain"Or"Shima King / Shima QueenThe captain gives a big trial for Shimameguri, Shima King, and Shima Queen, and by clearing it, you will be given a Zenryoku pose and a stamp of achievement of the trial to activate Z tricks instead of the gym badge. ..
Four heavenly kings
Four trainers who will fight in the Pokemon League where you can challenge by collecting 8 gym badges. You can challenge the champion by defeating all four.Until the 4th generation, the order of challenges was limited, but after the 4th generation, you can freely challenge in any order.Along with this, until the 4th generation, the four heavenly kings became stronger as they went deeper, but after the 5th generation, the combination of Pokemon levels possessed by the four four heavenly kings is the same.
In the Galar region (8th generation), the four heavenly kings themselves do not exist, and you will be able to challenge the champion by winning the tournament battle between the gym challenge passers (trainers who collect 8 gym badges) and the gym leader like the anime version. ..
A trainer at the top of the Pokemon League.Defeat the champion to be inducted into the Hall of Fame[1].
Before the 6th generation, after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, you will be able to continue to challenge the champion as a challenger, but after the 7th generation, once you are inducted into the Hall of Fame, you will continue to be treated as a champion in the story.
Pokemon coordinator
Pokemon contestA trainer who pursues performances that make Pokemon more attractive for the purpose of participating in and winning the championship.
Pokemon breeder
A trainer who trains and trains Pokemon in all technical aspects, focusing on Pokemon health management.Tournaments are often held according to a certain theme.
Dr. Pokemon (-Researcher)
Those who study Pokemon.Especially in the Department of Mobile Veterinary MedicinePhDRefers to a scholar who has acquired.Also,FieldworkEspecially for those who study and observe Pokemon mainlyPokemon watcherCall.
Many studies not only on ecology but also on coexistence with Pokemon, and some protect endangered Pokemon.
On the other hand, it has dangerous ideas such as trying to abuse the ability of Pokemonmad scientistAlso exists.
Pokemon Ranger
A profession or a person who works in cooperation with Pokemon, such as "Capture Styler" for the purpose of protecting nature and Pokemon.
Based on the scattered ranger bases, we also carry out rescue activities in the event of a disaster.It is also in solidarity with the police and responds to administrative requests.
Pokemon hunter
Appeared in the anime version.A person who has a profession that robs other people's Pokemon or wild Pokemon and sells it to clients.Although getting Pokemon itself is permitted, it is illegal to capture other than monster balls or to capture protected Pokemon.It is said that there are criminals who perform such acts on a large scale during the work, and they are hostile to the police and Pokemon Rangers.
Pokemon Doctor
Appeared in the anime version.A doctor specializing in Pokemon who treats and examines Pokemon.There are trainers called "Doctor" and "Nurse" in the game, but it is not clear whether they will treat Pokemon or humans.
Pokemon sommelier
Appeared in the anime version.A profession or person who diagnoses the compatibility of Pokemon and trainers and gives advice to deepen friendship.In the case of women, it is called "Pokemon Sommelier".
It is the birthplace of the Unova region, and according to Dent, it is a profession that is not well known outside the Unova region. There are 4 classes, S, A, B and C.
Pokemon performer
Appeared in the anime version.A trainer who participates in Try Pokemon and attracts Pokemon's charm and partnership with Pokemon with performance.Participation conditions are women only.
The winner will be given the title of "Kalos Queen" as the top Pokemon performer.

Events and competitions related to Pokemon

Pokemon battle
Pokemon trainers fight each other's Pokemon.Pokemon battle according to the trainer's instructions, but in some cases Pokemon will do it alone.
It seems that Pokemon originally have an instinct to fight, and most Pokemon do not refuse to fight, although there are individual differences. According to Akagi's memoir in "Platinum", the Pokemon caught by the ball is not able to exert its original power, but so far, there is no effect of intentional program operation in the game.
Pokemon league
The setting of the Pokemon League is different for each work.
Settings in the game version
A place to compete for the top of Pokemon trainers, where only trainers who have collected 8 badges can participate.The headquarters is located on the Sekiei Plateau.By defeating the four heavenly kings and champions here, they often enter the Hall of Fame and reach the ending.[2].
Once in, you can't turn back until you win or lose in the middle. After "Fire Red Leaf Green", there is also a version in which the level of the four heavenly kings and champions after the second lap has risen.
In the Pokemon League of "Sword Shield", it will be a tournament battle like the anime version, and it will be possible to return in the middle of the tournament.
In order to establish a new Pokemon League, approval from the Pokemon League Headquarters is required, and it seems that the person leading the bid for the Pokemon League will have tests such as fighting with the gym leader.
Settings in the anime version
A general term for Pokemon battle competitions held in each region. The top decisive battle of Pokemon Battle, where you can win at 1 or more Pokemon gyms in one region, collect 8 or more gym badges, or pass certain conditions such as passing the certification test.The final tournament will be held at Pokemon Stadium, the main venue for each tournament.
The tournament is held at least once a year, and the city of the venue is bustling like a festival.
In addition, there is a league match in which only the winners of the league match gather, and above that, there is a champion league that fights against the four heavenly kings and champions as in the game.
In the Orange Islands, there is an "Orange League" as a Pokemon battle tournament.The match against Jim in the Orange Islands is special and often differs from other regions.Four people called Southern Cross of the Orange IslandsGym leaderChallenge, collect gym badges made of four shells, and finally battle with the "Orange League Head Leader" who stands at the top of the Orange League gym leader at the Winners Cup held at the stadium on Kankits Island, and if you win, you will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Recognized as an honorary trainer for the Orange League.
There is no league in the Arora region, but it was held at the suggestion of Dr. Kukui.There is no full battle other than the exhibition match, so you don't have to have 6 of them until then.
Settings in Pokemon SPECIAL
"Pokemon SPECIAL』Introduces the Sekiei League, which has simple rules to win the tournament and decide the strongest, and the Saiyu League, in which the winner of the tournament final can get the right to challenge the four heavenly kings and champions.
In addition, from Chapter 3 onwards, trainers who have collected eight badges from that region will be entitled to unconditionally participate in the main tournament, ignoring qualifying.
Pokemon contest
A competition to compete for performances that make Pokemon more attractive.It is popular in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions.
Pokemon Beauty Contest
Appeared in the anime version.One of the Pokemon breeder competitions.It is said that the breeder who can bring out the true beauty of Pokemon will win this tournament.
A competition to compete for performances that fascinate the charm of Pokemon and the partnership between Pokemon and trainers.It is popular in the Kalos region.

Facilities related to Pokemon

Various facilities related to Pokemon will appear in Pokemon.The facilities are introduced below.

Pokemon Center
Pokemon治療A facility where you can recover and recover for free.Located in almost all towns and some roads.monster BallIf you deposit the Pokemon that has entered, you will be treated instantly.Also deferredcomputerYou can also use to deposit and withdraw Pokemon.
It is a facility that will be used for communication battles and communication exchanges. "Diamond pearl』(XNUMXth generation) and laterWi-Fi communication facilityIs done, but "X/Y』(XNUMXth generation) is abolished.
Real PokemonGoods specialty storeIt is also used in the name of (→Pokemon Center).
Anime versionsettings of
In the anime version, PokemonPhysical strengthIn addition to recovery and Pokemon exchange, monster ball maintenance, trainer宿 泊,RestaurantThere is also a setting.There are many scattered around, and depending on the book, it is said that "every town has it", but in some towns there is no Pokemon Center.
Basically the use of the facilityFreeIs said to be[3]There is also a depiction that Satoshi was angry because Kasumi refused Kasumi's proposal while eating at a restaurant in the Pokemon Center of Nibijim in episode 5 of the unbranded story.
The management of the center is basically that of a female doctorJoeyAnd graduated from a vocational schoolnursePokémon·ラ ッ キ ーDo (in the Unova region)Tabunne, In the Kalos regionWigglytuff, In the Arora regionBlisseyとKuwawa).
Protecting the natural environment around the center and the wild Pokemon that live there is also an important role of the Pokemon Center.
Some centers are equipped with not only the basic facilities mentioned above, but also venues for Pokemon battles and Pokemon contests, and some facilities are equipped with hot springs.Also, when a large-scale tournament such as the Pokemon League is held, a temporary center may be set up.
You can send Pokemon with a transfer machine, but in the game it is sent to the person who made the machine such as Masaki, while in the animation it is sent to the person who gave the picture book such as Dr. Orchid and Pokemon to the parents' house like Haruka and Shinji Is often sent to the place where you deposit.In the event of an emergency in the center, you can transfer the monster balls kept by the trainer to the Pokemon Center in the nearest city and temporarily evacuate them.[4].
Pokemon gym
Pokemon trainer fights Pokemon with each otherTrainingTo pile updojoThere are 8 facilities in each area.Players must fight the trainers in the gym to win.And as a general rule, there is one "gym leader" in each gym, and by finally defeating thembadgeWill be presented.
Defeating gym leaders in various places is one of the purposes of "Pokemon".
As mentioned above, there is no Pokemon Gym itself in the Arora region.That is the trial and great trial of "Island Tour".
Anime version settings
In the anime version, it is clearly stated that there are many original Pokemon gyms from the anime other than the gyms that appear in the game.[5]..Also, you can only get badges at Pokemon League official gyms, not at non-official gyms.
The number of Pokemon that can be used by gym leaders and challengers is predetermined.Also, the gym leader cannot be replaced until the Pokemon becomes incapacitated, but in many cases the challenger's Pokemon can be replaced freely.[6]..Basically, the number of Pokemon that can be used by gym leaders and challengers is the same, but in some gyms, there may be many Pokemon that can be used by challengers.[7].
Friendly shop
It is a store that sells tools related to Pokemon.Typical tools include "monster balls" necessary for capturing Pokemon and "scratches" that restore the physical strength of Pokemon.In addition to buying, you can also sell your own tools.From the 5th generation onwards, it is also used to receive distribution items and Pokemon at out-of-game events.Since the 1th generation, it is included in the Pokemon Center, and in the Kalos region, there may be a clerk on the right side depending on the city, and products such as machines and special monster balls are handled.At the beginning, there was one clerk per store, but from the 1th generation, it has changed to a two-person system.
The size of the storeconvenience storeIt is a one-story building similar to the one in each town.In addition, some towns do not have friendly shops, private shops, and some department stores, which will be described later.
Pokemon contest venue
Appeared from "Ruby Sapphire" at a facility that holds a "Pokemon Contest".From the same work, the techniques can be divided into 5 categories corresponding to the 5 items of the Pokemon contest, "coolness", "skillfulness", "toughness", "cuteness", and "beautifulness". To show off and aim for the championship.
Also, if you give Pokemon "Polock" or "Poffin", the 5 types of conditions corresponding to the 5th type will rise, and it will be easier to get a high score.
Department store-Department store-Shopping mall
Larger than the friendly shop, Tamamushi City (Tamamushi Department Store Friendly Shop Main Store) in the Kanto region, Kogane City (Kogane Department Store) in the Johto region, Minamo City (Minamo Department Store) in the Hoenn region, and Tobari City (Tobari Department Store) in the Shinou region. It is a facility that exists in such a big city.In the Unova region, "Shopping mall It exists on the 9th road as "R9", and the movement is only stairs.There is no such facility in the Kalos region, and the role corresponding to it is handled by the friendly shop clerk on the right side mentioned above.
Generally, the products we handle are only related to Pokemon.Department storeThe structure is the same as what is called.It has a structure that spans multiple floors.Stairs,escalatorOrエ レ ベ ー タ ーUse to move.
There are more items than the friendly shop, "Purposely machineYou can also buy "energy drinks" for Pokemon to drink.Also, on the rooftop (5th floor because there is no rooftop in the case of Tobari department store), a drink that is rare in this workvending machineIs installed (in "Black and White", it is installed in various places such as towns).
In "Platinum", a basement has been added to the Tobari department store, where poffins are sold.This is also the only opportunity available without making Pollock or Poffin.
Underground store
It exists only in Koganesity in the Johto region.Unlike ordinary store products, there are many cases where special items are sold.In addition, ordinary products may be sold at a bargain.
Tools that are not often sold elsewhere are sold in the Hoenn region of Kaina City (Kaina Market), the Sinnoh region of Nagisa City (Nagisa Market), and the Johto Region of Safari Zone (Safari Zone).Stall), It exists in Hodomoe City (market of Hodomoe) in the Unova region.
The Kaina Market sells goods, energy drinks, and special machines placed at secret bases.The Nagisa market sells stickers for ball capsules.On the safariNutrition DrinkAnd special monster balls, at the Hodomoe marketHerbal medicineYaoko and Momo milk are on sale respectively.
You can also get a "Ganbari Ribbon" except at the Johto Safari Hodomoe market.
Safari zone
The venue for safari games.A safari game is a paid Pokemon capture facility where you can pay a fee and capture Pokemon in the safari zone until the dedicated ball is exhausted or the limit number of steps is exhausted.Pokemon battle is not possible in the facility, a command dedicated to the main character[8]Will capture Pokemon. Until the GBA version, the Pokemon that appeared in the safari zone was fixed, but in the DS version, the Pokemon that appears will change depending on the day.
In "Heart Gold / Soul Silver", the appearance of Pokemon has changed by replacing the map itself and gimmicks in the safari zone, and the types of Pokemon that appear have increased significantly compared to before.In the same work, you can also play on safari made by other players by communication.
In the series, "Gold / Silver / Crystal", "Black / White / Black 2 / White 2" and "Sun Moon / Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon" do not have a safari zone. In "X / Y", it appears as "Friend Safari", and you can enter the safari of a friend who has registered a friend code.Which type and which Pokemon will appear depends on the friend, and up to 3 will appear.All Pokemon that appear here are level 30, and may have hidden characteristics, and their internal stats are also maximized in two places.In addition, unlike the conventional safari zone, it is a system that battles and captures Pokemon.Also, in "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire", unlike before the remake, the admission fee, safari ball, and step limit have been abolished, making it a normal battle.
Battle tower
A Pokemon battle facility where you can play battles.
Battle subway
A gear station in Rimon City in "Black and White".On the train, each car will win the battle with the trainer in a total of 1 cars.In short, the rules are almost the same as the battle tower in Battle Frontier. You will arrive at the station every 7 wins and get BP according to the number of consecutive wins.There are three types, single, double, and multi, and there are normal and super, respectively.Normal will end in the 7st race against the subway master, the super will be endless, and the 3th serious subway master will appear.As for the subway master, single is Nobori, double is Kudari, and multi is both.
In addition to the battle facility, there are also trains bound for Kanawa Town from here.
Battle house
Battle facilities at "XY" and "Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire" in Kinan City and Battle Resort.Like the battle subway, there are normal and super, and triple battle and rotation battle have also been added.6 bodies will be entered in the triple and 4 bodies will be entered in the rotation.Normal is over if you win Battle Chatelaine with 20 consecutive wins, Super is endless, and Battle Chatelaine who is serious about the 50th person will appear.Unlike conventional battle facilities, you can earn BP for each win, and you can interrupt it there.The record of consecutive wins will not be interrupted even after the interruption, and even after resuming, the battle can be continued from the record of consecutive wins.
Battle tree
A battle facility at "Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon" at the innermost part of Poni's steep road.The format is the same as the battle house, but triple battle and rotation battle are abolished in the game system.As a legend trainer, Red will appear in single battles, Green will appear in double battles, and both will appear in multi-battles.In the normal, if you win 20 consecutive wins and beat the red or green, it will end, the super is endless, and the red or green who is serious about the 50th person will appear.Also, if you win a certain number of consecutive wins at the supermarket, characters from the main story and characters from past series such as Sirona and Mitsuru may appear, and if you win, you can become friends in multi-battle. In "Ultra Sun Ultra Moon", there is no level limit on the player side in the normal rank (the opponent remains at level 50 uniformly).
Battle Frontier
A Pokemon battle facility where you can play various battles.
Battle tent
A place in the Hoenn region where you can enjoy the same rules as Battle Frontier in the town.The difference is that the lower limit level is set to 30. Only "Emerald" appears.
Pokethron Dome
The venue for Pokethron.Pokemon is the human world that appeared in "Heart Gold Soul Silver"triathlonIt is a sports competition in which a trainer and Pokemon work together to perform various competitions.
Aim to win by performing 5 types of Pokemon's 10 abilities of power, speed, stamina, jump, and technique for each course from all 3 types of competition.A sub-game that uses a touch pen on the game.For this game, there will be drinks made from bonguri called "Bond Link" such as Pollock and Poffin in the contest, and using this "Bond Link" will raise or lower one of the five corresponding abilities.
The upper and lower limits of abilities are fixed for each Pokemon, and there are various Pokemon that are suitable or unsuitable for each course.
You will be given Slon points according to your grades, and you can exchange them for various tools and data cards that record your scores on Pokethron.
Pokemon Battle Club
Appeared in the anime version.A facility where Pokemon trainers can freely battle with each other in various parts of the Unova region.On the bulletin board in the facility, the profile of each trainer's Pokemon and what kind of opponent you want to play against are registered.The manager (battle manager) is Don George.
Trainers school
A school for aspiring trainers and beginner trainers to learn about Pokemon.It basically exists in the early towns of the game.
Jewel beetle university
Located in the jewel beetle city of the Kanto regionUniversity..School rules and college songs (lyrics: Tomomi Aida, composition:Hirokazu Tanaka) Exists.
The name does not appear in the original game and can only be confirmed in manga works and tie-up projects.
1998summer,Shogakukan learning magazines by gradeConducted "Jewel Beetle University Doctoral Examination" at.For those with excellent grades, I learned the work of "Ryu no Ikari" by lottery.MagikarpHowever, the Game Boy software "Red / green / blueIt was presented as data for.
To prominent graduatesmonster BallProfessor Nishinomori, the developer of Pokemon, Masaki Sonezaki, the developer of the Pokemon custody system, and Pokemon researchersDr. Orchid, Dr. Rowan and others.Dr. Orchid is an emeritus professor at the Faculty of Mobile Beasts, Jewel Beetle University.
Pokemon in the north of Virbank CitymoviesShooting site.There is also a theater.The model isHollywood.
Shooting involves exchanging techniques according to the script.There may be a selection of dialogue on the way.Automatically after shootingVFXIt can be processed and published in the theater.Eight movies can be released.Any one of them must be closed.
The more you follow the script and select the lines that the producer is satisfied with, the higher the evaluation and the higher the box office revenue.Actions that do not follow the script usually fail, but some cult ends have unexpected consequences depending on the action.The box office revenue will increase further for cult ends.The Pokemon used will be a rental Pokemon from the Pokewood production side, but once you have succeeded, you will be able to use your own Pokemon and shoot the sequel.
Pokemon school
Anime"Pokemon Sun & MoonThe school of Melemelejima, which is the stage of.
Black star
If a trainer Pokemon who attends Pokemon School loses in a battle, it will be displayed on that PokemonblackStar.

Evil organization

In Pokemon, a huge organization that does evil things appears.Fighting this organization and blocking ambitions is also one of the goals of the game.The organization that appears depends on the version.Also, even in the same organization, the purpose may be slightly different depending on the version.[9].. In "Ultra Sun Ultra Moon", in addition to the Rainbow Rocket Team, leaders of each organization of past works will appear (however, not strictly speaking, they are not themselves.Parallel worldClose to).

In addition, it appeared in "Sword Shield"Ale groupAlthough they were treated in the same way as the old evil organization, they are more of an extension of the Pokemon Jim and rival battles than the evil organization.[10].


  1. ^ In "Sun Moon", the champion does not exist yet because the Pokemon League was completed after the main character embarked on an adventure journey, and the main character will be inducted into the first champion Hall of Fame when the four heavenly kings and the Pokemon League bidder are defeated. ..
  2. ^ However, in "Black and White", the league will be taken over by the Plasma team at first, so it will not be possible to enter the Hall of Fame, and instead the ending will be reached by defeating the Gates of the Plasma team.It will be after the second lap to fight the champion and enter the Hall of Fame. In "Sun Moon", the main character is inducted into the first champion Hall of Fame when he defeats the four heavenly kings and Dr. Kukui, the bidder of the Pokemon League, but the ending comes after defeating the legendary Pokemon Cap Kokeko.
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  5. ^ During the Sekiei League, Shigeru challenged at least 11 gyms and collected 10 badges, and in the DP edition Denji told Satoshi, who has 7 badges, to go to another gym.AlsoBWIn the editionBlack WhiteYou can see 2 gyms that appear in both Black 2 and White 11.
  6. ^ This setting is from the Orange League.If the gym leader is replaced by the challenger's Pokemon skill, or if it is replaced by the Pokemon skill, it does not mean that the Pokemon has been replaced.
  7. ^ Currently, the Tachiwaki Gym in the Ish region and the Shoyo Gym in the Kalos region are the hits.
  8. ^ A specific example is throwing a special safari ball, bait, or stone.
  9. ^ In Ruby Sapphire and its remake, Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire, one of the two opposing organizations is on your side.However, in "Emerald", you will fight both organizations.
  10. ^ He interfered with other gym challengers for his rival character Marie and his affiliated Spike Town Gym, but for no further purpose or action.


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