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🎵 | "Galaxy Express 999 Theatrical Version" Cinema Concert in Tosaka!Yukihide Takekawa participates as a guest

Photo "Galaxy Express 999 the Movie" Cinema Concert

"Galaxy Express 999 Theatrical Version" Cinema Concert in Tosaka!Yukihide Takekawa participates as a guest

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<Voice appearance>
Tetsuro Hoshino: Masako Nozawa / Maetel: Masako Ikeda / Claire: Yoko Asagami / Carkeeper: Kaneta Kimotsuki
Captain Harlock: Makio Inoue / Queen Emeraldas: Reiko Tajima
Mt. Ooyama Tochiro: Kei Tomiyama / Promethium: Ryoko Kinomiya
Narrator: Tatsuya Jô
Theme song: "Galaxy Express 999 / THE GALAXY EXPRESS 999", Insert song: "Taking Off!

The cinema concert of "Galaxy Express 999 the Movie" will be held in Tokyo and Osaka in February 2021!Special game ... → Continue reading


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Galaxy Express 999

"Galaxy Express 999] (Ginga Tetsudo Three Nine,Galaxy Express 999) IsReiji MatsumotoWorkSFComic, And TV based on itAnimeprogram,Anime movieIs. The abbreviation is "999(Three nine).

This section mainly describes manga works and related works. For details on anime programs and movies, see "Galaxy Express 999 (Anime)"checking.


By the time Matsumoto was feelingSpaceI was interested in.Kyoto Sangyo UniversityIs the founder ofToshima ArakiThe author's "Cosmic journeyIt was said that reading "" when I was an elementary school student had a great influence on my later life as a manga artist. The main character name of "Galaxy Express 999" is "(I.e.Although it is "Tetsuro", the name of the main character of "Travel in the Cosmos" is "(I.e.It is "Soraichi". The last name of the main character of both works is "(I.e."Is a coincidence, but Matsumoto said in an interview.The name "Hoshino" in this book may have been unknowingly imprinted on me."[1][Note 1].

From 1977 to 1981,Shonen Gaho-sha"Boy king,” was serialized as a signboard work for the magazine. All 18 volumes of hit comics. 23rd (1977)Shogakkan Manga AwardMasterpiece of Reiji Matsumoto who won the prize. During the serialization, it was made into a TV animation and a theater animation and it became a big hit to secure the origin of the animation boom,Space Battleship Yamato SeriesIt also caused the Reiji Matsumoto boom in the 50s.

The series ended in 1981, and initially it was completely completed and there was no sequel.[2].

After that, extra short short films for events were being made, but in 1996Shogakukan"Big goldThe serialization of the sequel begins in the magazine. After the suspension of "Big Gold" magazine in 1999, "Big comicAfter that, it was serialized on the Web irregularly, and Matsumoto wanted to draw up to 999 episodes.[3].. In the related book, "Reiji Matsumoto's Large Anatomy: Infinite Zero-Dimensional Space," the "Shonen King" version is divided into "Andromeda" and the new work from 1996 is divided into "Eternal".[4].. The Eternal edition was made into a theatrical animation in 1998, and its sequel to the story's completion was scheduled to be released as a theatrical animation in 1999, but it has failed.

Kenji Miyazawaof"Galactic train night"WhenMaurice Maeterlinkof"Blue BirdWas started as a hint[5][6][7].. The framework of the story is based on the Galactic Railroad that appears in "Galaxy Railroad Night", but the details of the train and operation system areNational railwayIs used as a model. Matsumoto himself, together with "Galaxy Express Night" and "Blue Bird",SLIt says that it is based on the youth experience of going to Tokyo by train[8][9].

In the title 999, the meaning of the end of unfinished youth before becoming 1000 of an adult is put[10].

Work description

OriginallySpace Pirate Captain Harlock] Was also an animation project. When it wasn't possible to make it into an animation, and it was unavoidable to serialize each manga, Reiji Matsumoto was also involved.Space Battleship YamatoThe boom has come. Both works were made into TV animation[11].

According to the explanation by Matsumoto himself in the program of NHK radio drama (described later), "Harlock", "Emeraldas" and "999" were originally envisioned as the same story. It was reconstructed as a story of. Such remarks are also found in interviews in other media.

The Eternal edition, which was started in 1996, has 2004 episodes published by 41, and four newly drawn episodes were published in the special edition of "Big Comics Superior" commemorating the 2005th anniversary of Matsumoto's manga artist in 50. No new episode was drawn at the end of, and many of the hints remain uncollected. The Eternal edition is not a pure sequel to the original Andromeda edition, because the settings for the second movie version of the theater have been incorporated. However, the book is numbered and published as a continuation of the Andromeda edition.

From this Eternal edition, Matsumoto actively expanded the world view and changed the setting, and other works "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" "Queen Emeraldas''Shintaketori Story 1000 Queen''Nibelung's Ring』And the story is linked, the relationship between Maetel and Emeraldas was "rival" in the manga Andromeda edition and the television animation based on it, but in the Eternal edition it has been changed to "twin sisters" ..

Game information magazine "2008"Famitsu』Even in 999, we touched on the Eternal edition in an interview when drawing the cover of the Galaxy Express 999 according to the number of 999, and also touched on the concept of the final story "I have not added the end mark" "serialization "It's not an end, it's just an interruption."

In 2012, 2013Masachi Wachi"GALAXY EXPRESS 999 ULTIMATE JOURNEY" was announced. This is the continuation of the Eternal Edition, but the setting of Space Battleship Yamato and the animation project "New Space Battleship Yamato" → "Great Yamato", and even the animation project "Cosmo Super Dreadnought Mahoroba -Super Dimension Battleship-" It is involved and rebuilt. The setting of this novel is also reflected in "".

In 2018, as ``999 40th anniversary'', as a reboot-like work of Eternal EditionShimazaki"Galaxy Express 999 ANOTHER STORY Ultimate Journey" has begun to be serialized in Champion RED magazine.In addition, unlike Matsumoto's Eternal edition, this work is clearly depicted as a sequel to the two old theatrical versions.
In the same year, it was also made into a stage drama and a live-action TV drama.


It basically consists of a series of short stories, one episode per planet where 999 stops.


Draw Tetsuro's journey until he arrives at a star that rides No. 999 with Metel and gives me a body of a machine in the Andromeda Nebula for free.

Regarding the Andromeda edition, the world view is slightly different between the original / TV anime version and the two feature-length theatrical versions.

In the original and TV anime versions, there are many episodes about human stupidity, loneliness, weakness, economic disparity, and the absurdity of the world against the backdrop of a powerful society.In addition, many of the worldviews are thought to be based on lessons learned from human history.In addition overallノ ス タ ル ジ アIt has a structure that makes you feel strongly, and SL is appointed for the train[Note 2]Including that, Maetel is projected on the image of the mother, JapanDowntownThe word "nostalgic" appears many times in the play, as opposed to the theme of "future" as a science fiction work, such as the planet where the natural scenery is reproduced.

In the theatrical version, while partly following the above-mentioned world view, the cohesiveness of the swashbuckler and youth works has become stronger.

Consistently, "What is life?" "Is it really happy to live forever?"View of lifeThe search for is a big theme.

Eternal Edition

The stage is one year after the Andromeda edition. Draw until Tetsuro rides No. 1 again with Maetel and arrives at the terminal station, Eternal, which is in the Artemator system.

Andromeda edited by the original, TV animation version, theatrical animation version have different developments, each with different endings, and although this work is an expression form of manga, it is not a direct sequel to the original Andromeda version There is an expression that can be taken as a sequel to, and because it is not clear, various interpretations have been made about the eternal edition. In the actual composition, many situations developed in the Andromeda edition by any media are depicted so as not to be chained, so that the contradiction is as small as possible from any of manga, TV anime, and animated movies.

Elements inherited from the movie version
  • There is no description that Emeraldas is sick. In the original Andromeda edition and the TV version, it is said that he suffered from illness and his life expectancy was low. However, in the first part of "The Ring of Nibelung" linked to "Eternal Edition", there is a scene in which Metel cares about Emeraldas' body.
  • In the scene where Tetsuro refers to the reason why the mechanized person was killed, it is said that the supply of energy capsules from the planetary Andromeda has stopped and the mechanized person on the earth has been annihilated, the food of the mechanized person in the second movie It is based on the setting of the energy capsule that appeared as.
  • When Tetsuro picked up the warrior's gun again,Tochiro(Tetsuro has no acquaintance with Tochiro in the original and TV versions. The original owner of the warrior gun inherited by Tetsuro is not revealed, so it is concluded that it is Totiro. Can not).
Elements inherited from the original Andromeda edition (TV animation version)
  • This trip is called "the second trip"[12].
  • Claire died in the asteroid belt (ghost) tunnel[13].
  • Tetsuro thinks Antares is still alive.

Regarding the ending station in the original Andromeda edition and the end of the planetary Andromeda, it was mentioned in the words of Metel that it is the true center of the Andromeda Nebula, "being drawn into the supergravity graveyard where even light cannot escape", In the Eternal edition, it is an expression that went further in the words of Metel on Pluto, ``Planetary Andromeda was sucked into a black hole and destroyed'', and that it followed the same end route as the terminal station of the TV animation version / Planet Promesum Is being told.

Regarding Hermazzaria, in the form of shedding the wish she was asked just before taking her breath, she couldn't see Tetsuro in trouble?Metel tells Tetsuro immediately after that, but Tetsuro later tells Hermazzaria's child. There is also a contradiction, such as when I met them, I thought that I should have forgotten that and lived.


On the stage, each planet in the galaxyGalactic railwayThe future world connected by a train running in outer space called (TV animation versionThen set the year 1 in the narration at the beginning of the first episode). Many wealthy people in the universe transferred their souls to mechanical bodiesMechanizedHe enjoyed an eternal life next time, but the poor were unable to get the body of the machine and were subject to persecution by the mechanized. Meanwhile, the protagonist Tetsuro Hoshino whose mother was killed by a mechanized personA star that gives me a mechanical body for freeWith the mysterious beauty Metel, I board the Galaxy Express 999.


* Unless otherwise specified, the cast is for the TV version. For the performers of the TV drama version,#TV dramaSee section.

Tetsuro Hoshino
Voice- Masako Nozawa
The protagonist of this work. You will get a pass from the Galactic Super Limited Express 999 that can go to the touching star that will give you a mechanical body for free, and you will travel with her with 999.
The appearance differs greatly between the original/TV version and the movie version. This is because we are going to make "999", which is different from the TV version that was already broadcast.
Voice- Masako Ikeda
The heroine of this work, another hero.A mysterious beauty who invites Tetsuro to a journey of 999.It looks a lot like Tetsuro's mother.In the jacket illustrations of his works and related products, it is overwhelmingly that she is drawn instead of Tetsuro, and in a sense, he is in a position that can be said to be "more than the main character."
Voice- Kenta with liver
Conductor working at No. 999. He has a serious personality and will never forget to serve his customers. You can't see any physical appearance other than your eyes. The rules are very strict, and there were times when parents and children who disguised themselves as Tetsuro/Materu and tried to board without a ticket were thrown out from No. 999.
Locomotive / C62 Unit 48 / C62 Unit 50 (TV anime version)
Voice- Shunji Yamada→Koji Toya / Hidekatsu Shibata(2nd movie version) / Koichi Yamadera(Third movie version)
999 No.The computer (artificial intelligence) of Galaxy Express 62, which is a locomotive (C999 type steam locomotive) that pulls passenger cars and has a personality. High pride. However, there are scenes in the anime version that did not go against Maetel. The traction locomotive is the 48th machine that actually existed in the original and the movie version, but only the TV animation version is a fictitious 50th machine.
Mysterious voice
Voice-Takashi Tanaka (laterGalactic Manjo) / Goro Naya(1nd movie version) / Reiji Matsumoto(WEB animation immortal space orbit)
A mysterious voice that gives instructions to Maetel. The identity is revealed at the end of the story.
Tetsuro's Mother / Kanae Hoshino
Voice- Tsuboi Akiko / Kumiko Takizawa(Immortal space orbit)
On a snowy night, he was attacked by the Count of Machines on the way to Tetsuro and Megalopolis and shot dead at the beginning of the story.
In the TV animation version, it has appeared frequently through Tetsuro's recollections.
Machine Count
Voice- Hidekatsu Shibata / Hidetoshi Nakamura(Immortal space orbit)
A mechanized person who attacked Tetsuro Otoko. Hunting her after shooting Tetsuro's mother with a rifleTrophyThen, I decorated it in my reception room and gave a toast with my friends. Tetsuro, who came to take revenge, killed all his friends, and his mansion was set ablaze by being set on fire.
In the first movie version, he is regarded as a mechanized hero, and because he stands in front of Tetsuro as the boss of the castle and time castle that can cross the universe, he is the main character who appears as Tetsuro's nemesis until just before the end, but in the TV animation Kanae It is the same as the enemy who killed, but as mentioned above, it is treated like a guest character who is killed by Tetsuro early and suddenly leaves the story in the first episode.
Planet Heavy Melder Diva Crown (Voice- Noriko Ohara) Is a mistress.
It also appears in "Matel Legend".
Voice- Masao Imanishi / Yasuo Hisamatsu(1nd movie version) / Itohiro(1997 radio drama) / Daisuke Gosato(Playstation gamesReiji Matsumoto 999 ~ Story of Galaxy Express 999 ~)
Train robbery that hit 999.He is a genuine human being, and many energy bullets are unexploded and enthusiastic about his body. Trainjacked 999 and changed course to the asteroid where he lived.Tetsuro maintained the warrior's gun that he got in Titan and told himEven if you beg for life, make your heart a demon and shoot before you are shotI preached the ruthless rule to survive in the universe.[14]..The unexploded ordnance in the body is in a situation where it can explode at any time, but it does not seem to be particularly concerned, saying, "Someday these (unexploded ordnance) will explode, leaving nothing behind and disappearing." It also shows the excitement of laughing away.
A father with many children, he had not been home for more than two months. In the TV version, he was told that his wife had been killed while trying to rob mechanics of his supplies, and he refused to remarry Metel.
In the first movie version, she appeared as a bandit boss with a hideout in Titan and was feeding the orphans whose parents were killed by the Count of Machines. The body is slimmer than the original and the TV version, and the appearance is also fearless. In order to avenge the orphans, he rushed to the rescue of Tetsuro, who got into the castle of the Count of Machines to avenge his mother. Knowing that Matel is not a mere person, he makes a will to Tetsuro to be careful.
This movie version has reached its end, sticking to the bulletproof glass that the Count of Machines and Crown escaped, exploding unexploded ordnance inside the body, and as the word says, the body disappears without a trace.
Voice- Chiyoko Kawashima / Yoko Asakami(1nd movie version) / Yuko Minaguchi(Third movie version)
A mechanized person made of crystal glass. I work as a waitress for 999 part-time jobs to buy back my real body. It is also possible to increase the vibration of energy in the body and make the body emit light like a firefly. He died in a tunnel of asteroid belts, smashing his body to help Tetsuro. In the original work, the piece of Claire's body that Tetsuro had at this time will be a key item to save Tetsuro's crisis at the terminal station. Played by someone in the Eternal edition, he works for 999 dining cars (labeled "CLAIR RESTAURANT 999" on the cover of the menu). Sometimes, instead of the conductor, Tetsuro gives explanations and advice about the stopping stars. The original body was stored on Pluto, but it was stolen by someone.
In the first movie version, it passed the asteroid belt tunnel safely, so it appears until the end. Even though he had a love affair with Tetsuro, he could be seen all over the place when he noticed that Tetsuro had a favorable interest in Maetel.
At the end of the game, he destroyed and shattered the half body of Promethium, who tried to kill Tetsuro, in exchange for his own life.
It is a rare existence that keeps the human mind, which is rare for mechanized people, and at the same time, it stands out from other mechanized people in that its body is made of crystal glass.
However, Mirai, one of Promethium's aides, also has a body made of glass like Claire.
Because of his gentle personality, Tetsuro has a great deal of trust, and Tetsuro sometimes calls him "Claire-san" and "san".
Voice- Mieko Shinsawa / Yoshiko Fujita(Third movie version)
A mechanized person who is the guardian of Pluto, and is called "The Shadow of the Lost Star". Although it became the body of a machine, it was not as beautiful as the face when it was a real body, so the face was ridiculous.
I regret having become the body of a machine.While I wanted to return to a beautiful body, I couldn't give up my eternal life, and I was at a loss.In the television version, he was trying to take away Tetsuro's soul, which he needed to return to his living body, by showing him his mother's vision and pulling him away from Maetel.In the first movie version, he couldn't stand the loneliness of himself and aimed at Tetsuro, but Maetel pointed out his doubts and gave up.In the second movie version, 1 did not stop at Pluto, but only passed through, but only one cut appeared looking up at 2.
In Eternal Edition, he runs Hotel Shadow on Pluto and is called Mrs. Shadow.
Voice- Haruko Kitahama
A mechanized person who lives in a house at the bottom of gravity and has the ability to manipulate time. As a result, the 333 was derailed, and the time inside the car was advanced to change the passengers of the 333 to white bones. He is a train derailer and says he will be the 999th train on the 20. Because of the loneliness of living alone, he tells Tetsuro to take Tetsuro to his house and give him a mechanical body on the condition of living together, but he refuses it. Crown told Tetsuro to live together after talking about how he became a machine, but when he saw Tetsuro's firm willingness to give up on it, the time came when Tetsuro would decide whether to take Maetel or take freedom. And released him.
According to Crown, she turned her body into a mechanical body just as a man he was dating 500 years ago said, and was abandoned by this man. It was said that the situation was drawn in detail on the TV version. As a result, she was once a flamenco dancer and the name of the man she was associated with was Baron Croque (voice- Tokumaru Kan) Was revealed.
Fake Herlock / Kageo
Voice- Yasuhara Yoshito / Akio Otsuka(1997 radio drama) / Makio Inoue(Reiji Matsumoto 999)
A mechanized person who reigns as the ruler of the planet Heavy Melder. Kageo is a credit notation in anime. He deceived Harlock and did all he could to do wrong. The first movie version has been released prior to the episode "Pirate of Time Castle", in which Fake Herlock and Reluze, which will be described later, appear, and Time Castle will be the residence of Fake Herlock. In addition, it is clear from Nisehar Rock and his subordinates, "Castle that can walk from past to future," that it also functions as a time machine.
Even in the battle of Maetel, it was a cowardly act of slipping Tetsuro on the night before his mother was killed by a pit in the castle, but at the end it was betrayed by his mistress Reluze. As a result of advancing the time, the body will be erased leaving the electronic brain.
Maetel's depictions are such that they can be taken as friends who have traveled together with each other in the past, and when they see the appearance of only an electronic brain, Maetel sheds tears, and Fake Harlock is like Tetsuro once. He says he was a young man with a strong heart.
In the TV version, a depiction of the dark place and the extreme dislike of light was added, as well as the scene of adding violence to Reluuse. It is portrayed as an unforgivable enemy for Maetel, and there is no depiction to pity him at the end of his life. However, even in the TV version, it was told in the words of Metel that they were once trying to restore justice to the universe together with Metel, and it is said that he was a coward who betrayed her and killed many friends. It is also said that he kept taking Maetel's initiative and did not give her a chance to fight back.
Voice- Kaori Kumiko / Yuko Kobayashi(1997 Radio Drama)
He is a tavern diva in Heavy Melder and a mistress of Fake Harlock. Crowne's sister who lives at the bottom of gravity, she is also a mechanic. It has the ability of time slip and can move in the flow of time. Appearing to be a young woman, she is certainly older because her sister, Crown, is over 500 years old.
It is a character equivalent to the mistress and crown of the machine count that appeared in the first movie version, and from the lyrics it can be seen that "Do not be gentle" sung by the movie version of Crown is singing at the bar. He takes Tetsuro who follows Meetel to Time Castle, but brings back Tetsuro who was dropped into the flow of time. At the end, he betrayed Fake Herlock and advanced the time of the castle with themselves and shared his fate with the castle.
In the TV version, he sings "Memori Midairo". In addition, the story from when my sister's crown disappeared until I met Fake Herlock was also drawn. In the original, there is no depiction of when she is at the end, and while Mattel also mentions Fake Herlock as a depiction after the fall of Time Castle, in the television version the depiction is split by Reluez. Time that collapses It is depicted that the body is decaying while playing the guitar in the castle while singing "memorable dark colors", following the movie version of the time castle collapse scene. A scene was also drawn where Tetsuro found Reluez's guitar from the wreckage of the castle left behind and returned to the tavern to hand her guitar to the tavern master.
S・F・Metal Mena
Claire's successor waitress who appears only in the original. A mechanized person with a big-mouthed sister-like appearance. His words and deeds were quite violent, and he even shot Tetsuro's "warrior's gun" in the car of Galaxy Express XNUMX, but as a result, he helped Tetsuro. There are many mysteries because of his ironic and hated personality when he is grateful. It appeared in several episodes in a row and was a meaningful existence both inside and outside the story, but after that it does not appear as if it had never happened.
Metal Mena (voice-Yoko Asakami) will also appear in the second movie version, but there is nothing in common except for the setting of Claire's successor and mechanic.
Voice- Ryoko Kinomiya
The mother of Metel and the queen of the mechanical empire. Wait for Tetsuro at the terminal station. We are promoting not only human mechanization by the body of machines but also mechanization of the entire universe.
Voice-Akiko Tsuboi (1997 Radio Drama) / Hiroko Emori(Reiji Matsumoto 999)
A mechanized person who works as an aide to Prometheme in the original work, and does not appear in anime. Claire's mother turned her body into crystal glass. According to Claire's dialect, it's a great look. In consideration of the human beings who will become the bodies of machines from now on, their faces are blunt and black to avoid prejudice.
At Tetsuro Catalog, a transit station near the terminal station, he appears in front of Tetsuro as a machine catalog delivery person. At the temporary stop, "The Last Supper," just before the terminal station, I was observing the behavior of Tetsuro in the guise of a young woman.

Characters from Eternal Edition

*Characters that appeared in the third movie version "Eternal Fantasy" are also listed with voice actors.
Electronic fairy canon
Voice- Keiko Toda
999 human-shaped parts. 999 avatars, but with their own ego. It was said that he could not get out of the locomotive because it was a part, but it is possible to confirm the appearance of a canon that appears from the passenger car before departure from Destiny.
The tabby cat, who lived with Tetsuro, who had been confined on Earth, both boarded 999.
Dark queen
The enemy role in the Eternal edition. It controls the methanoids and promotes the extinction of organic life forms. However, since he did not show tears to soldiers of the planet Aphrodite who died unprofessionally, and did not harm or read Tetsuro who was invited to his body, he was a ruthless villainous villain. Not so, and Maetel describes her as "not a villain." Regarding that matel, there is a possibility that he avoids a direct confrontation, saying, "If there is a collision, he may take his universe with him." In addition, I am aware that the methanoids that are under control are "not necessarily betraying myself someday." (In fact, it was later suggested that some methanoids, including one of Hermazzaria's children, Rowell, were resisting Dark Queen.)
Volkazanda III
Voice- Kiyoyuki Ryota
The person himself who took the earth and extinguished it at the command of Dark Queen. The original is said to be a proud military officer of Hermazzaria, but in the movie version it is the same person as the president of the earth that appeared at the beginning of Eternal Edition, and was executed by Hermazzaria under the responsibility of missing 999.
Voice- Noriko Hitaka
The only owner of a hot spring inn on the planet Breitling Firefly. Father (voice- Kazuya Tatebe) And live together.
The planet was destined to be destroyed because it was destroyed and destroyed by the hands of Dark Queen.
Voice- Ryoko Sakakibara
A female warrior of Methanoid who is loyal to Dark Queen and is called "Knight of Our Lady". I was beaten against Tetsuro.LowellとTear (Mewell)He was worried that Tetsuro had done the same thing as the Count Earl who killed his mother when he met them. Later, Rowell was killed in the battle with Dark Queen, and Tia grew to look like Hermazzaria, and reunited with Tetsuro on the planet "Poison."
"Nibelung's Ring] Has also appeared.

There are very few regular characters, only Tetsuro, Metel, and conductor (from Eternal Edition Canon and Claire, Mie-kun is also regular). This is because the story composition is highly weighted by guest characters.

Characters that appear in other Matsumoto works such as Harlock and Emeraldas, which did not appear much in the original, also appear in the front in the movie version. In the Eternal edition, as well as in the movie version, both appear as main characters, and the relationship with Tetsuro and others is increasing compared to the Andromeda edition.

The original author Matsumoto wrote about the characters in a message to fans in a roman album that featured the second movie version, ``Harlock, Emeraldas, Meetel, etc. They are all “teachers of life” for Tetsuro.”

Work world commentary

Galaxy Railway Co., Ltd.
A private railway company that manages all railways that run in outer space. The spatial railway network extends throughout the universe and occupies an important position as a means of transportation in space travel. In addition, it has its own military and police powers, and it is almost impossible to destroy the planet in order to eliminate danger to operating routes and vehicles.
Galaxy Super Limited Express 999
It is the protagonist of this work, and it appears as the fastest limited express train among the operating trains of the Galactic Railway. The appearance is old-fashionedC62It is an ultra-modern space train made by introducing the technology discovered from the remains of outer space, although it imitates a steam locomotive.
Stop station
The 999 stop that appears every episode.As the lyrics of the second chorus of the TV anime theme song say "Star is a stop in space", the stop station of Galaxy Express 2 is a planet, but due to troubles caused by the attack of space pirates, it is a place other than the original stop station. It may stop at.The theme is roughly one episode per planet.I can't talk about the humans living on each planet in detail, but one of the episodes, "The Cowardly Elder Star," is said to be an old colonial star, according to Maetel. In some scenes, "Children" also said that "people have moved", and the inhabitants living on the planets that appear in this work are immigrants who have moved from the earth to each planet.[Note 3]There are many planets, but there are also planets that have only indigenous people who originally lived on the planet.
Warrior Gun / Cosmod Lagoon
One of the important items related to the work world. Tetsuro Hoshino was on the way to No. 999,Saturn OfsatelliteTitanI have this gun in.
It's often misunderstood, but in the original and TV anime versionsAnother gun that beat Machine EarlIs. This is a laser rifle that Tetsuro borrowed from Maetel, and it's something that Tochiro's mother who lived in Titan would even say, "It's more like a toy than a warrior's gun."
Mechanical empire
A mighty empire founded by the hands of Maetel's mother, Queen Prometheum. In order to realize its own ideals, Prometheme realizes eternal life by becoming a machine body, and those who overcome the fear of death spend the eternal life in the shape of Utopia. Its capital, Mother Star, is the home of the mechanics and is located at the center of the Andromeda Nebula.


  • Shonen Gaho-sha Hit Comics "Galaxy Express 999"
    • All 18 volumes: Andromeda edition, original. Out of print.
  • Shonen Gaho-sha comics library "Galaxy Express 999"
    • All 18 volumes: Volumes 1-12 are Andromeda, 13-18 are Eternal.
  • Shogakukan Big comics gold"Galaxy Express 999"
    • 21 volumes already published. Due to transfer to Shogakukan "Big Gold". Volumes 1-14 are Andromeda, Volumes 15-21 are Eternal. Volume 21 is GaidenGalactic railway story] Is mainly recorded, the main story of Tetsuro et al. is small.
  • Shogakkan Monographs "Galaxy Express 999" Shogakkan Monographs
    • A favorite edition of 10 volumes.
  • "Galaxy Express 999" My First BIG (convenience store comic book version)
    • 28 volumes already published. Volumes 1 to 20 are Andromeda and volumes 21 to 28 are Eternal. An interview was added to each volume of the convenience store comic version. Instead, episodes of "17 million Lumpen stars", "Absolutely mechanical zone", "Duel of Blue Melon", and "Dr. Stupidity except me" are deleted. Includes episode 6 of Eternal. There is no display of the number of windings on the cover, and a subtitle is attached instead.


During the "Shonen King" series, two TV animations and feature animations for the theater were produced, and then a middle-sized theater animation based on Eternal was produced.

  • TV series
    • Galaxy Express 999 (1978-1981)
  • movies
    • Galaxy Express 999 (1979)
    • Galaxy Express 999 Clare of glass (1980,Toei Manga FestivalAs one of
    • Goodbye Galaxy Express 999 -Andromeda Terminal Station- (1981)
    • Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy (1998)

In addition to the above TV and theater animations, many web animations and planetarium screenings have been produced.

Radio Drama

Kirin Radio Theater
Before TV animationNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Was broadcast onRadio Drama.. The role of MaetelRihoko Yoshida[15].
Music story
Before TV animation1978May 4From 22:20NHK Radio First BroadcastRadio drama broadcast on[16].. The facilitator of the programReiji Matsumoto, The voices of Tetsuro and other menMasachika Ichimura, Acting as an actressKurano Akiko, The voice of the departure announcement from the platform at the beginning of this volumeShinji Nakae.. Music isTomita Isao, Adapted by Sadanori Suganuma.NHK-BS2Was broadcasted on August 2010, 8 in "All stations stop! Galaxy Express 10 show all" (999nd night), which was visualized in the form of a modified original manga under the supervision of Reiji Matsumoto[17].
Two people's room
From January 1978th to March 11th, 20NHK-FM broadcastingIt will be broadcast in the frame of the 10-minute band program "Futari no Mamoru" from Monday to Friday. It was broadcast from 11:20pm to 23:10pm from November 50th to 11rd, and from 11:24pm to 12:1pm from November 11th to December 5st. All 11 times. Cast, Reiji Matsumoto,Masachika Ichimura,Kurano Akiko.. Episodes are "Memory of Female (Part XNUMX/Part XNUMX)" "Singing voice of El Alamein" "Knight Mother of the Snow City" "Titan's Sleeping Warrior" "Morning Star of the Mist" "Sakanzan Continent" "Fossil Warrior" " The pirate ship Queen Emeraldas (Part XNUMX/Part XNUMX).
All Night Nippon
Immediately before the release of the movie version of "Goodbye Galaxy Express 1981" in 999 (broadcast at midnight on July 7, dated August 31, the day of the theater release)All Night NipponBroadcast as a live radio drama on Nippon Broadcasting System in the special program. The story ends halfway through the movie version. During the anime boom, a similar special program was being broadcast in the "Space Battleship Yamato" series.
Radio drama Galaxy Express 999
In conjunction with the release of the animated movie "Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy", from October 1997, 10 to 10, Nippon Broadcasting Corporation's "Junko Iwao and Akihisa Soguchi's super anime smash hits TOP 10] AndABC RadioWas broadcast on. All 18 episodes extracted from the original. Later, it was put together on three CDs and released. The content is a simplification of the Andromeda edition and the beginning episode of the Eternal edition.


Galaxy Express 999 40th anniversary work stage "Galaxy Express 999" ~GALAXY OPERA~

2018 stage work. The first movie version released in 1979, "Galaxy Express 999Based on the story[18].

ス タ ッ フ


Stage "Galaxy Express 999" Goodbye Mael ~ My eternity

Performed in 2018 as a sequel to ``GALAXY OPERA'' performed in 2019[19].. The role of MaetelAnju InamiとHaruka KinoshitaDouble cast.




Galaxy Railway 999 in SKD

Shochiku Opera Company(SKD) musical work. The content is a reconstructed version of Andromeda.International theaterにて、1980年2月23日 - 3月30日までの期間と、同年9月28日 - 11月30日までの期間で上演。約20万人を観客動員した[21]. afterwards,Lalaport TheaterIn 1982 April 4-May 29 was replayed during the period.

  • Matel-
  • Tetsuro Hoshino-
  • Conductor-
  • Claire-
  • Antares-
  • shadow -
  • Harlock-
  • Emeraldas-
  • Promise-
  • Machine Count-
ス タ ッ フ

Galaxy Railway 999 A Trip to the Transparent Palace

A musical work by Shochiku Opera Company. September 1986, 9-October 21rd.Aoyama Theater.. The content is a completely original story that does not belong to Andromeda or Eternal. The period setting is the 40th century. The boy "Daimichi" who lives on the planet Euphrates, the last man of mankind, leaves for the dream of riding the legendary Galaxy Express 999. However, immediately after that, Euphrates was destroyed by the attack of Metal Human Metallion. The cruiser reaches an ice planet, where it falls into a frozen state. Six thousand years later, it was Metel who appeared before the awakening tour. Maetel invites Pai to the legendary Galaxy Express 6, and Pai travels with Maetel to restore humanity. Despite being exposed to Metallion's attack, No. 999 arrived at the abandoned earth, and Pai rescued the last girl of humanity who was imprisoned in a transparent palace deep underground. The story of two boys and a girl becoming Adam and Eve. At the production announcement conference, Reiji Matsumoto said that it will be released in 999 and there is a plan to animate this musical, but it has not been realized[21].

In this work, "methanoid" is called "metallion". Yuma, a girl trapped in a transparent palace deep underground, is reminiscent of a girl who has been frozen in the deep underground, which appears at the beginning of the original Eternal edition.

  • Earth Tour-Okano Yuri
  • Maetel-Beni Emi
  • Conductor-Miki Yuzuru
  • Negative Queen-Chiho Tachihara
  • Fraises-Chidori Thousand
  • Heartless-Hikari Hatsune
  • Zero-Kurara Hosato
  • Yuma-Kumi Wakakusa
ス タ ッ フ

GALAXY EXPRESS 999 The Musical

Art sphereMusical work by. The performance period is November 1997, 11-December 5. The content is a reconstructed version of Andromeda.

  • Crown- apricot
  • Captain Harlock-Hiroshi Miyagawa
  • Machine Count-Akira Abs
ス タ ッ フ
  • Original/Structure Costume Supervision: Reiji Matsumoto
  • Music composition:Shun Tokura
  • Lyrics: Douglas A. Brayfield
  • Writer: Melanie Mintz
  • Direction and choreography: James Rocco
  • Translation/translation: Naoyuki Matsuda
  • Art: Atsushi Moriyasu
  • Lighting: Tamotsu Harada
  • Sound: Satoshi Matsuki
  • Costume: Fumiko Maeda
  • Stage director: Tsukasa Takahashi

TV drama

BS SKY PerfecTV!From 2018:6 on June 18, 20, as ``Galaxy Express 00 999th Anniversary Commemorative'',Galaxy Express 999 Galaxy Live Drama] Broadcast. As it says "Live Drama", about 60 minutes of dramaLive broadcast(After the drama, there is a 30-minute talk part with the guest actor, Akinori Nakagawa, starring the above-mentioned theater version "-GALAXY OPERA").

ス タ ッ フ
Drama part production- The Works

Spin-off works

Matel Legend
OVA work (2000 - 2001, All 2 episodes). 『Shintaketori Story 1000 Queen] And the story that connects this work. The birth episodes of the Mechanized and the Queen of Machines, Promethume, and the Girls' Generation of Metel and Emeraldas are depicted.
Space Symphony Poem Metel Galaxy Express 999 Gaiden
TV animation works (2004 - 2005, All 13 episodes). Sequel to "Meter Legend". This work can be said to be the beginning of "Galaxy Express 999" (edited by Andromeda), but there are also expressions that have difficulty in matching with each work. The episode at the beginning of the conflict between humans and mechanized people is depicted.
Galactic railway story
The first TV series "Galaxy Railway Story" (2003 -2004, all 26 episodes), the second work "Galaxy Railroad Story-Branch to Eternity" (2006 - 2007, 2 episodes in total including 26 episodes that have not been broadcast), and OVA "Galaxy Railroad Story: Planet when Forgotten" (2007, all 4 episodes) were produced. There is also a manga version by Matsumoto, but the main character is different from the anime version. A work depicting the Galactic Railway Management Bureau and its staff in the world view of "Galaxy Railway 999". 999 appeared in the first episode of the first TV series when the protagonist: Yuki Manabu's older brother: Yuki Mamoru departs from his hometown. In addition, OVA "Planet when Forgotten" is a story to rescue No. 1, and in addition to the conductor, Metel and Tetsuro will also appear. The manga version is included in the book "Galaxy Express 999".
Yuma's Story ~Symphony No.V~
Web work. Audio drama with images. Delivered as "Reiji Matsumoto/Station Zero" from March 2004, 3. A story of Yuma five years after "Galaxy Express 26 for Planetarium". PlanetHeavy MelderIt was owned by Tetsuro Hoshino on the stageWarrior gun A boy, Hammer Redrill, who will inherit (No. 4) appears.


The first and second feature animations for the theater, "Goodbye Galaxy Express 1", have been novelized by each company. In addition, the following works are original works.

The plot prepared by Reiji Matsumoto is made into a novel as the final version of Eternal. The author isMasachi Wachi.. Initially published as a doujinshi, the two volumes above and below were published by GlideMedia in 2012-2013. Many characters from past Matsumoto works will appear in the showdown with Dark Queen and Methanoid.


  • Expo of flowers"Jusco Adventure Cruise" (1990)-The image character is Maetel, the TV commercial of the water ride by Maetel was also made.
  • SuntorySoft drinkDAKARA(2006)-TVCM. In the ballad style, when Metel sings "Jojo Bijo", Tetsuro puts a hand with "Buer".
  • PC classroomAviva"ExcelFree trial seminar” (2013)-TVCM[22].. The competition isAyano Washisu.. Meetel appears on the original train called Skill UP Exless, and there are 3 broadcasts: "Skill UP Express PC", "Skill UP Express Free Trial", and "Carrier UP Express Qualification".
  • Chap-up "Maetel, Hair, Shining Tel" (2017) --Image character of hair-growth shampoo & treatment agent[23].


Freedom fighter
In 1, the movies of the first and second movie versions were diverted.Gun shooting gamesformulaLaser disc games.. Released from Millennium Game Products. Released only overseas, not imported to Japan. In some parts, newly created scenes will be added, and in addition to three types of hover cars that did not appear in the movie version, motorcycles, sports cars, trucks, side cars, taxis, etc. will appear. Also, the routes for the trucks are slightly different.
Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy Driving Simulation
A computer game released by Inner Brain. Released on September 1998, 9.It is a simulation game based on the third movie version "Eternal Fantasy", and it is a hybrid specification that can be used on Windows 21 & 3 and Mac.Players will drive Galaxy Express 95 towards the shining firefly star, Planet Technologya[24].
Reiji Matsumoto 999 ~ Story of Galaxy Express 999 ~
BanprestoReleased on June 2001, 6 as a PlayStation game. The genre is action adventure. Based on the world view of "28", the content is linked to works such as "Harlock", "Emeraldas", and "Yamato".
Galaxy Express 999 Galaxy Express
2001To SEGA (laterSega interactive) On sale. The company's medal game,Galaxy DreamThe version is based on this work, and the basic way of playing is the same as Galaxy Dream. 6 stations, up to 12 players can play at the same timePusher games.. The case uses the same one as the Galaxy Dream, and the 999 orbits with a medal on the center of the case.
Galaxy Railway 999DS
Nintendo DSSoftware.Culture brainReleased on October 2010, 10.The genres are simulation and board games.Initially, it was scheduled to go on sale on September 14rd.There are two types, the regular version and the limited edition (premium BOX) that includes an alarm clock with Maetel's voice and two Maetel figures.The terminal station is a planetary promethium, and the content is based on the TV anime version.[25].

In addition,Nippon TelenetBased on the original versionMega cdIt was planned to be released as an adventure game for, but it has not been released yet. This unreleased game is mentioned in "Adventure Game Side vol.2013" released on August 8, 9, and "Game lab It was also mentioned in the June 2009 issue of the game production staff interviewed by the magazine.Shojiro EndoAccording to the report, Masako Nozawa, Masako Ikeda, and Kenta Kimotsuki have all finished dubbing the visual scene itself.


  • Pachislot Galaxy Express 999 (2012,Yamasa)

Electronic delivery

Manga movie "Galaxy Express 999"
Although this work has been digitally distributed to mobile phones and PCs, the first one as the first distribution content "manga video" for iPhone and iPad that appeared with the touch of "a new genre different from manga and animation" The story has been delivered since January 1, 1.
This is to use an original picture of a colored manga and attach it to the sound to move it. Motion media is in charge of content production. STAR GUiTAR's "PiECE" is used as the theme song, and pianist Yuko Toyota's "The Departure to the Galaxy" is used as the insertion song. The voice actor is different from the anime version.
Currently distribution has ended, but of the video posting sitethe UAF YouTube-channelYou can watch the promotional video at.

Event train/wrapping vehicle

Since this work is related to railways, the event train (Extra train-Group trainEtc.) orWrapping vehicleWas operated several times.

Japan National Railway
1979(54)May 7 - 23 Day2 days ofJapan National RailwayTie-up with the first movie versionMystery train(Group train)Ueno Station - Karasuyama Station"Galaxy Express 999" was operated in the meantime. At the beginning of the sale, the train was called "mystery train with unknown destination", and this train became a hot topic because it was widely reported in advance. However, on the Karasuyama Line where Karasuyama Station is located, a temporary schedule was announced on the day, at Utsunomiya Station on the way.Electric locomotiveEF65 1007からDiesel locomotiveDE10 100It was estimated that the destination was the Karasuyama line, the only non-electrified line in the vicinity, among the railway fans.
The total number of applicants for two round trips and two round trips was 2 when the train name was twisted, but there was a long line in front of the Ueno station where the application and lottery was held, and the ticket competition rate became 2 to 999 times. In addition, it is said that nearly 70 people got on board, including illegal rides. 80 series passenger car 1,200-car train. Not only the author, Reiji Matsumoto, was on board as the conductor, but also Masako Nozawa, who played the role of Tetsuro Hoshino, Masako Ikeda, who played the role of Meteor, Kaneta Kitsuki, who played the role of conductor, Makio Inoue, who played Harlock, and Yoko Asakami, who played Claire. .. I was planning to hold a screening of the first movie version at the venue near the terminal station, but because of the trouble I could not screen all, so the author, Reiji Matsumoto, went on the stage and apologized, and the mystery train I explained that if you take your ticket to the movie theater, you can see it for free.
Karasuyama station kept the Andromeda station sign at the station entrance for several years thereafter. This train also became the dawn of the mystery train that is often seen on the JNR and JR lines, and in addition to this, the "Galaxy Express 999" was operated in various places during the summer vacation.
The head mark at this time isTokyu Toyoko LineYutenji StationIt is displayed in the famous Niagara train curry shop nearby.
Oigawa Railway (later Oigawa Railway)
1997(9)May 9``9May 9In commemoration of the day of "9 rows" ofOigawa RailwayThe Galaxy Express 999 Memorial "Night SL Train" ran. It was unavoidably run on September 9th because September 9th is a weekday. The dayC56 44+C11 227 OfDouble headingThe train is a night train with the C56 44 towing train. Of "999"Head markThere was also a picture of a turntable with a light on, and the night train on the way back at this time was operated as a membership beer train.
East Japan Railway (JR East)
Also in 1997, in commemoration of "September 9, 9"East Japan RailwayA mystery train tour was planned in, and Reiji Matsumoto accompanied him.Shinagawa StationDeparting,Gotemba LineViaNumazu StationTurn back at and return only for freightKanagawa coastal railwayVia.
In addition, the East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. has released the "999 unlimited ride ticket" which allows you to ride on the whole line for one day only (price is 9990 yen).
From August 1999st to September 8th, 1, "Anime Dream Train 9" was held at Shinagawa Station.Umekoji Steam Locomotive MuseumIs stored in the C62 2 Was forwarded and rented, and exhibited with 999 head marks. It was planned to be scrapped at that time as an event space113 series-103 seriesWas used by being painted on grape color No. 2 which imitated a passenger car.
Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu)
1999August 7-August 18,SL Aso BoyAs "Galaxy Express 999"Hohi Main LineでKyushu passenger railwayDrove. On the 999 head mark, an illustration of the "999" Maeter/Tetsuro Hoshino was posted on the charcoal turbine. In addition, a stamp rally was held and a special orange card was released.
Hokkaido Chihoku Plateau Railway
2002(14)May 11FromOldness and galactic lineThen, I wrapped the illustrations of Maetel and Tetsuro Hoshino.vehicleWas operated. Maetel's hair colors are white and yellow. They were named "999 White" and "999 Yellow" by the open call for participants, respectively. Illustrations are posted in the car, April 2006, 4Waste lineContinued to run until. Old after abolishedRikubetsu StationDynamically preserved on campus.
Joshin Electric Railway
2008(20)10Than,Joshin Electric Railway Of500 typeOne of the trains is wrapped with illustrations by Metel, Tetsuro Hoshino, and the conductor, and is operated as "Galaxy Express 1".
Seibu Railway
2009(21)May 5Than,Seibu Railway Of3000 seriesOne of the trains was the "Galaxy Express 1" Design Train, which was wrapped with illustrations by Maeter, Tetsuro Hoshino, and the conductor. 999 (Heisei 2014)May 12 OfSeibu Stadium Station → Ikebukuro StationFinished the operation on the temporary train between the trains (Reiji Matsumoto also boarded as a guest)[26].
2016(28)May 10,20000 seriesOut ofIkebukuro LineStarted operation of the second-generation "Galaxy Express 1 Design Train" using one train set[27].
Kitakyushu High Speed ​​Rail (Kitakyushu Monorail)
2010(22)May 3Than,Kitakyushu High Speed ​​Rail Of1000 typeThe "Galaxy Express 999" Wrapping Monorail, which is an illustration of the Metel, Tetsuro Hoshino, and conductor, is in operation. On the day of the departure ceremony,Kokura StationAt the ceremony, a departure ceremony was held in which Reiji Matsumoto and the Asian Beat Cosplay Ambassador participated, and a commemorative ticket was released.[28].
Hisatsu Orange Railway
2010(22)May 7Than,Hisatsu Orange Railway OfHSOR-100 typeAmong them, the "Galaxy Express 1", which wraps the illustrations of Metel, Tetsuro Hoshino, and the conductor on one of the event cars, is in operation. In addition, vehicle exhibition events were held and commemorative admission tickets were sold.

Celebrity fan

yuanSMAP OfKimura TakuyaIs a variety show that you are a fan of this workSMAP x SMAP], in addition, in the same show in the show "Arcadia" as a story, dressed as Harlock, co-starring with the original author Matsumoto. See Kimura's section for details.

Fashion modelapricotIs also a fan of this work. In commemoration of the release of the Blu-ray video of the three movie versions on September 2009, 9, at the event ``Galaxy Railway 9 Film Festival'', which screened the first HD remaster version of the movie version on August 3-8 of the same year, The first day, August 8, was labeled "Special Night," and appeared as a Maetel at the stage greeting at Shinjuku Baltic 14 in Tokyo. It appeared with the original authors Reiji Matsumoto, Masako Nozawa, Masako Ikeda and Hidehide Takekawa. Apricot from August 1th to August 999th, 8NHK-BS2Also appeared in the appearance of Maetel in the "All stations stop! Galaxy Express 5 all show" broadcast for 999 nights.


  • OnceEpson Shinagawa Aqua StadiumAmong the attractions was an indoor coaster "Galaxy Express 999" with this work as a motif. There was also a 999-related goods shop, but it was closed at the end of October 2014.
  • Japan Post 2006May 2ToSpecial stampIssued 999 types of postage stamps for the Galaxy Express 10 as "Anime Hero Heroine Series"[29].. The design is based on the anime version of TV, with Claire and the conductor as well as Yutaka Moriki and the Count of Machines. The 999 also shows the C62 car 50. Also, Harlock and Emeraldas have appeared. The printing of stamps is done by the Carter company in France.
  • 2007 is a popular series of brass bandNew Sounds in BrassAtIsao SasakiSingGalaxy Express 999"(TV version)GodaigoSingGalaxy Express 999"(Movie version),"Space Battleship YamatoA song that is a medley of three songs is also made.
  • In 1999Tsuruga PortAs a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the port,FukuiTsurugaA total of 999 monuments of "Galaxy Express 28" and "Space Battleship Yamato" were built in the city. This is because the port of Tsuruga has played an important role in trade and transportation for a long time, and the European and Asian international connecting trains operated from Tokyo to the port in the Meiji era. Because it matches the image of the railway 999 and the space battleship Yamato.[30].
  • To celebrate the 2007th anniversary of the birth of manga in 30,Commonwealth of Tuvalu GovernmentIssued a commemorative coin with 1 ounce gold coin and 5 ounce silver coin[31].. In addition, in 2013, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Reiji MatsumotoCommonwealth Cook Islands GovernmentThe pattern of Tetsuro Hoshino, Maetel, 999 of this work is also used for gold coins and silver coins issued by[32].
  • JTB timetable"Galaxy Express 999" No. 2009 and Maetel were used on the cover of the April 4 issue, the first issue of No. 999. This is the first time that a cartoon character has been displayed on the cover of the magazine.[33][34][35].
  • "Space Monster Gamera], there is a scene in which the 999 flies in space with Gamera. Video is diverted from animation[36].
  • 2012 OfKyushu ShinkansenThe "Galaxy Express 999" was designed on the box during the entire tripEkibenWas released. This is for the author along the Kyushu ShinkansenFukuokaKurumeFrom the edge that you are from.
  • Since the author is an honorary resident of Nerima Ward, he actively participates in activities to publicize "Nerima Ward, an anime town." Illustrations of "Galaxy Express 999" No. 999, Maetel, Tetsuro, and conductor are printed on the issuance form of each certificate such as a copy of the resident's card of the ward, proof of family register, taxation certificate (2009 August 8-Limited to August 3, 2013). Also, from August 8, 2, we have produced original plates with Metel color illustrations on license plates for motorized bicycles. Only 2012 copies will be issued.
  • The author livesOizumi AcademyIn "City of Animation and Video: Galactic Railroad 999" is set as the catch phrase. Inside the station, a life-size adult version of the conductor is installed. The shopping street in front of the station was renamed "Yumeteru Shopping Street" and Matel was used as the image character. However, on August 2012, 8, the original character "Yumeteru-chan" designed by the author was announced. This character is located in Princess Kaguya-Queen of 3-◎-Queen Lar Metal-Maetel/Queen Emeraldas in the lineage "◎" (which is said to be the ancestor of Maetel). Setting for elementary school students who are living today[37].
  • On April 2015, 4, a bronze statue of a manga work related to Nerima Ward was set up on the pedestrian road "Oizumi Anime Gate," which is directly connected to the north exit of Oizumi Gakuen Station. The Galaxy Express 4 was selected from Matsumoto's work, and a bronze statue by Metel and Tetsuro is displayed.[38].
  • From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJapan Net Bank"Galaxy Express 999" was appointed as a loan advertisement for[39].
  • 2014 year 3 month,TokyoMinato-kuDaibaHotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA (currentlyGrand Nikko Tokyo Daiba) A concept room with the image of the world view of this work appeared[40].
  • A game distributed by Asobiism for a limited time from April 2017, 4 ``Dragon pokerHeld a collaboration event in[41].
  • With Matel on June 2017, 6Kao"BioreCollaborates on the sale of skin care items designed by Maetel drawn by Matsumoto[42].
  • From August 2018, 8, based on the original work by Reiji Matsumoto,Ishihara MakochinThe new serial "THE Silver Iron 999 (Thank you)" dealing with manga isPiccomaStarted at[43].  


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