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🎥 | Visualize the multifaceted talents of my father, Osamu Tezuka, in the movie world.


Visualizing the multifaceted talents of his father, Osamu Tezuka, in the movie world Director Makoto Tezuka's long-in movie "Barbara" ...

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For example, France is a country that has a high respect for the manga culture called Bande dessinée, so I would like you to make it public.

Director Macoto Tezuka, a video creator who continues to play an active role as a visualist.A new full-scale theatrical movie ... → Continue reading


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Bande(Gang) Isスペイン,Galicia,Ourense ProvinceMunicipality.Comarca da Baixa LimiaBelongs to.According to the Spanish National Statistical Office, the population in 2010 was 2,083 (2006: 2,217, 2005: 2,285, 2004: 2,326, 2003: 2,332).The resident name is banduense, which is the same for both men and women.

GalicianThe ratio of speakers to local government residents is 98.97% (2001).


Bande is located in the southwestern part of the Province of Ourense and belongs to the Comalca da Baixa Limia.NorthVereaAnd the eastRairiz de VeigaとPorqueiraAnd the southMuinosAnd the westLobeiraAdjacent to each municipality.The central district of the municipality is the Bande district of the Parish of Bande[1].


Approximately 50% of the municipal population is engaged in agriculture, and they also run livestock farming for cattle and sheep. Immigration to European countries has increased since the 1940s, and the population of municipalities has declined to one-third of what it used to be.

Bande's Population Trends 1900-2010
Source: INE (National Bureau of Statistics of Spain) 1900-1991[2], 1996- [3]


Local government chiefPeople's Party of Galicia(PPdeG) José Antonio Armada Pérez, Municipal Councilor is the People's Party of Galicia: 6,Galician Socialist Party(PSdeG-PSOE): 3,Galician Nationalist Block(BNG): 2 (as a result of the 2007 municipal elections, in order of votes).

Historic sites / famous places


Bande is divided into 12 parishes.Bold type is the parish where the municipal center is located[1].

  • Bande(San Pedro)
  • Os Banos (San Shoan)
  • Cados (Santiago)
  • Carbos (Santiago)
  • Carpathas (San Pedro)
  • Colvege (Santa Maria)
  • Galaveros (San Shoan)
  • Guin (Santiago)
  • Nigeiroa (Santiago)
  • O Ribeiro (San Pedro Fiss)
  • Santa Comba (San Trocard)
  • Villar (San Pedro Fiss)



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