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🎥 | Netflix "ARASHI's Diary -Voyage-" episodes 18, 19 and 20 will be delivered ...


Netflix "ARASHI's Diary -Voyage-" episodes 18, 19 and 20 will be delivered ...

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A Chinese restaurant where Masaki Aiba and Shunsuke Kazama, allies of the "Sobu Line" team who went to the lesson on the same train during the Jr. era, rushed to a toast.

Netflix original documentary series "ARA ..." exclusively distributed worldwide from December 2019, 12 → Continue reading


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Aiba Masaki

Aiba Masaki(Aiba Masaki[3], 1982<Showa 57>12/24[3] -) isJapan Ofsinger,An actor,talent,chairperson.Male idol group-stormMembers of[3].ChibaChibaBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs. Nickname is "Aiba-chan""Aiba-kun""Ma-kun'[4].


ChibaChibaBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs. 1999TostormMade his CD debut as a member of[5].

In addition to music activities as a member of Arashi, "Shinjuku Boy Detectives], [Pika☆nchi LIFE IS HARD, but HAPPY], [MIRACLE Devikuro's love and magic"such asmoviesstarringEtc.An actorIs also active.

Also,"Tokyo Live 22:XNUMX], [~ Charge! Nice to meet you Variety ~ Ichigen-sanI have experienced the moderator of variety shows such as "", and in recent years, "Good! SportsIn charge of MC of sports programs[5].. Selected as "Enthusiastic High School Baseball 100th Special Navigator".

"NHK Red and White Singing Battle』, As a storm61 times( 2010), After being in charge of the white group moderator as Arashi for 5 consecutive years67 times( 2016) Is an individual moderator[5]..Furthermore, in 2019 and 2020Yumi Nagashima(Fuji TV announcer) And the 45th anniversary "FNS Song Festival』I served as the general moderator.


Joined Johnny's office

After the formation of Arashi

  • Arashi was formed on September 1999, 9, and on November 15, 11, "A ・ RA ・ SHIMade a CD debut with[3].
  • 2002 year 3 month,Lung pneumothoraxWas forced to be hospitalized[6].After undergoing surgery, he was diagnosed as having a full recovery of 1 month, but was discharged in 5 days.[Source required].
  • He has appeared on many variety shows, and since April 2004, 4, "Genius! Shimura Animal Garden』It was decided to appear as a regular alone[3]..In this program, we interacted with various animals andI was creating tools to entertain animals[Source required].. On April 2013, 4, the TV Asahi affiliated program "Aiba Manabu』Started broadcasting. From April 2016, 4, NHK's sports program "Good! Sports], In charge of MC.November 11, 12, 2016The 67th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWas selected as the moderator of[7].
  • As for the activities of the actor, "MIRACLE Devikuro's love and magic』, Played the movie starring alone.Appearance in the TV drama was broadcast on August 2006, 8.Triple kitchen』As a quasi-leading actor.
  • Broadcasted from October to December 2009, "My Girl] Became the first starring in a serial drama. Broadcast from February to April 2011, "bartender』Starred.The first starring role in the Golden Time drama series was "" broadcast from April to June 2012.Detective calico cat Holmes].Even in the Fuji TV series drama, "" broadcast from January to March 2013Last hope, Broadcast from April to June 2015Welcome to my home, Broadcast from April to June 2017Aristocratic detective』And has been starring three times so far.
  • On the stage, 2005's "Station with Swallows" starred for the first time. In May 2010, he starred in "Kimi to Miru Sen no Yume", and the DVD of this stage isOricon chartWon the overall top spot in the weekly DVD ranking of[8].
  • 2011/6/28[9], Complained of chest pain and was hospitalized again.The next day, he was diagnosed with "left spontaneous pneumothorax" and needed to be hospitalized for about a week.[6], Broadcast from July 7nd to 2rdGymnastics Japan Cup 2011』Cancelled appearance on the broadcast program[10]..He was discharged on July 7th of the same year, and on the following 4th, "VS Arashi』Returned to the scene by recording[11].
  • 2011 year 10 month,Best Jeanist Award JapanWon the general selection category[12]..In October of the following year, he won the Best Jeanist General Selection category.[13]..Furthermore, in October 2013, he was awarded the Best Jeanist General Selection category for the third consecutive year, making him the sixth person in the Hall of Fame in history.[14].
  • In the ranking, "Yahoo kids] In the 2012 popularity ranking, he has won the first place as a male entertainer. 1 "Ranking of the number of companies using commercials"Nihon monitorIn 1, it became the number one male celebrity in the number of companies appointed in the first half of the year, and in 2015, it became the number one male celebrity in the number of companies appointed in the first half of the year. Won the place. In the 1 "Commercial Employed Companies Ranking Nihon Monitor", the number of companies hired in the first half was also the highest among male celebrities, and the number of companies hired annually was also the highest among male celebrities. In 1, "Nihon Monitor, the ranking of the number of commercials appointed," ranked first among male celebrities in the number of companies appointed in the first half of the year. In 2016, in the "Commercial Employed Companies Ranking Nihon Monitor", the number of male celebrities appointed in the first half will be the same as the number one male celebrity, and the annual number of appointed companies will also be the same rate among male celebrities.In 1, he was also selected as the number one male celebrity who wants to be his lover in the 1th "Oricon STYLE". In 2017,OriconORICONSTYLE ”10th Selected as the number one male celebrity who wants to be a lover. In 1, he was selected as the 2018th male celebrity who wants to be a lover in "Oricon STYLE".
  • 2010~ 2014Served as the white group moderator as Arashi, 2016Was in charge of the white group moderator by Aiba alone[15].. Regarding the content of the program in 2016, many opinions were received from viewers, mainly on the screening method.The average audience rating was 35.1% in the first half and 40.2% in the second half.[16]..Arashi has the highest audience rating in the Kanto area.One Love43.7% of the scene where Aiba was impressed when he started singing, and the highest audience rating in the Kansai area was 45.8% when he finished singing "One Love".[17].


Motivation for entering the entertainment world


  • Among the members of Arashi, it is the only type AB from Chiba prefecture (the other four are all type A from Tokyo), and this may be mentioned by members and guests on the program.
He has a big bruise on his left shoulder by nature, but he likes it and says he is unwilling to fix it in magazines etc.[19].


  • I'm from Chiba, soChiba Lotte MarinesIs a fan of[20].
  • In the same officeShunsuke KazamaBest friends with[21][22],CM[23][24]Also co-starred in programs[25].
  • Voice actorHiro ShimonoFans.The trigger was "Attack on Titan"ofAnimeI liked Connie Springer (whose voice is in charge of Shimono), so when I looked it up, they bothBest KaraagenistIt turned out that he was a regular of, and he said that he had a sense of familiarity from the common point.[26]..Shimono will appear regularly in "Voice actor and night play』(AbemaTV) Is also watched every week[26],Recommendation! Arashi RemixIn commemoration of the 1000th anniversary, Shimono made a guest appearance at the request of Aiba.[26]..Since then, he has been in private contact with Shimotsuke and has invited him to his home.During the exchange, they developed into a relationship called "Kou-kun" and "Masaki" in a short period of time after the encounter.


  • About a year from the first year of high school to the debut at the age of 1Hideaki TakizawaI lived in my house.Aiba said, "He cooked and did the laundry and took care of me." "Takizawa taught me various things."There are 5 self-produced video works starring Aiba taken by Takizawa at that time.[27].
  • "Genius! Shimura Animal GardenKen ShimuraHe was loved like his son and was often taught life theory.According to Sho Sakurai, other Arashi members are watching with warm eyes as one of his son's friends.[Source required].


Solo song

CD recorded songs

CD not included

Cover song

Unit song


  • Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Autumn Drama Leading Actor Award: "My Girl"
  • The 29th Best Jeanist General Selection Category Male 1st[13]
  • 30th Best Jeanist General Selection Category Male 1st (Inducted into the Hall of Fame)[28]
  • Best Karaagenist Idol Division[29]
  • Best Karaagenist Male Idol Division[30]
  • The 25th TV LIFE Annual Drama Awards 2015 Best Actor Award "Welcome to my home"[31]
  • Best Karaagenist Male Idol Division[32]
  • Best Karaagenist Male Idol Division[33]
  • 27th TV LIFE Annual Drama Award 2017 Leading Actor Award "Kizoku Tantei"
  • Best Karaagenist Male Idol Division[34]
  • Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Autumn Drama Leading Actor Award: "Me to Shippo to Kagurazaka"
  • Best Karaagenist Male Idol Division


*The starring works areTaiziNotation

TV drama


Television Animation


  • STAND BY ME(July 1997th and 7th, 26:Osaka Drama City, August 8-August 8:Tokyo Art Sphere)- Gordie Lachance (Gordie) Role[39]
  • Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO (August 1997, 8, September 29, 9,Kyoto Theater 1200[39]
  • Station with swallows (September 2005, 9-October 6, 10)- Keiji Takashima Role
  • Unforgettable People (October 2007, 10-November 22, 11-11)- ア ダ ム Role
  • Green Fingers (February 2009, 2-March 23, 3-10)- コ リ ン Role
  • A Thousand Dreams with You (May 2010-5, 2)- Haruya Ikebe Role

Entertainment shows

Currently appearing / scheduled to appear
Past programs
  • Ai LOVE Junior(1996-March 1998, 9,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
  • Music jump(April 1997, 4-6, NHK-BS1999)
  • SHOW-NEN J(October 1997-March 10, TV Asahi)
  • I want to hug Gyu!(April 1998, 4-May 5, NTV)
  • 8 o'clock J(October 1998, 4-September 15, 1999, TV Asahi)
  • Idol ☆ Super Stage ~ Let's Go Young '98 (October 1998, 10, NHK BS23)
  • Kyoto Bistro Journey (November 1998-March 11, TV Asahi)
  • The fact that it was happier to not know (April 2009, 4, TBS)
  • Masaki Aiba's struggle for coverage in the Netherlands (October 2010, 10, Fuji TV)
  • Earth Travel Thinking about True Eco-The Power for Tomorrow- (June 2011, 6, NTV)
  • Circle of 21 people-Days of 6th graders and teachers in the disaster- (June 2011, 6-April 4, 2012,NHK E Tele) - Narration
  • Masaki Aiba's Bartender Operation (January 2011, 1, TV Asahi)
  • Saturday Aiba-chan (April 2012, 4, NTV)
  • Masaki Aiba's debut kids (September 2012, 9, Fuji TV)
  • Tokyo Live 24:2014 ~ Can Johnny's troubles be solved live !? ~ (April 4, 2, April 4, 9, TV TOKYO) --MC [Note 3]
  • Masaki Aiba's NFJ (Nippon Food Journal) (April 2014, 4,NHK General) --Caster
  • Circle of 21-Children 5 years after that Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture- (March 2016, 3,NHK E Tele) - Narration
  • Tokyo Live 22:XNUMX(October 2014, 10 --March 18, 2017, TV TOKYO) --MC (appears on a weekly basis)[Note 4]
  • Nice to meet you!Farthest Relatives (August 2019, 8, February 13, 2020, NTV) --MC
  • Genius! Shimura Animal Garden(April 2004, 4 --September 15, 2020, NTV) --Regular panelist → zookeeper[Note 5]

Sports program

Music program


  • Aiba Masaki's recommendation! Arashi remix(July 2003-, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
  • Chapara ☆ FIGHT Johnny's Jr. Monday (April 1997, 4-May 14, 1999, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
  • Midnight Boys (October 1997-September 10, ABC Radio)
  • Johnny's Jr. DOKIDOKI After School (April 1998-September 4, Nippon Broadcasting System)
  • Arashi / Masaki Aiba's LIPS Arashi Remix (October 2001, 10-June 5, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
  • Muteki's Aiba Kun! Presented by Kose Esplique Precious (May 2009, 5,TOKYO FM

Video work

  • Real face 2 (September 1999, 9)
  • Thousand dreams to see with you (April 2011, 4)


  • Morinaga Milk Industry Eskimo pino(April 1998-5)
  • Bandai Tamagotchi Male and female (1998) --Co-starred with You Yokoyama and Jun Matsumoto
  • House food
  • House wellness foods C1000 Refresh Lemon & Lime (2007)
  • Ikeda Model Hall
    • Liquid Muhi S (2010-)
    • Muhi Alpha EX (2010-)
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance W Stage Future Design (April 2011-March 4)
  • Taste sugar
    • Throat lozenges (November 2011-November 11)
    • Throat lozenge EX (November 2011-November 11)
    • Shigekix Zerosh (July 2012-7)
    • Gumi Garm (March 2013-3)
    • Kororo (November 2014-October 11)
  • Kirin Beverage
    • Kirin Mets Coke (December 2013 --February 12) --Co-starring with Satoshi Ohno
    • Kirin Mets (March 2016 --November 3) --Co-starring with Satoshi Ohno and Jun Matsumoto
  • Duskin Mister Donut(October 2014-March 5)
    • Cotton Snow Candy (June 2014 – 6)
  • Mercedes-BenzJapan
    • smart (November 2015-October 11, April 2016-April 10)
    • Safety and Security Campaign Radar Safety Package (April 2017-April 4)
  • Kose Cosmetics Port
    • Jureme (January 2016-)-Co-starring with Jun Matsumoto
    • Softimo Nachusabon Select (July 2017-)
  • Ebara Food Industry
    • Ebara Yakiniku Sauce Golden Taste (March 2016-)
    • Ebara Sukiyaki Sauce (November 2016-)
  • Calbee
    • Frugra (April 2016-March 4)
    • Potato Chip Scrisp (August 2016-March 8)
    • Jagabee (May 2017-March 5)
  • GungHo Puzzle & Dragon Cross (July 2016-)
  • Lion Saffron with aroma and deodorant Premium Deodorant Plus (March 2017-)
  • Asahi beer Asahi Luxury Squeezing (March 2018-)
  • Meiji Meiji delicious low-fat milk (April 2019-)


  • Lawson PRESENTS ALL Johnny's Jr. 1st CONCERT (February 1998, 2 and 1, 11)
  • Johnny's Jr. Summer Concert '98 (July 1998, August 7, 29, 8)
  • 80 timesNational High School Baseball ChampionshipOpening Ceremony (August 1998, 8)
  • Johnny's Great Athletics '98(1998 10 年 月 日 25)
  • Johnny's Jr. Winter Concert (December 1998, 12-January 27, 1999)
  • Fresh Spring Concert '99 Johnny's Senior Junior (May 1999, 5-June 2, 6)
  • Taiwan Great Earthquake Charity Baseball Tournament March of 2000 (December 1999, 12)-"J2000Participate as


Magazine serialization

  • Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri x Official Series "Cat's Hand, Borrow" ("Weekly TV guide』April 2012 issue-)
  • Welcome to my home x Official serialization "Welcome to my home!" ("Weekly TV Guide" April 2015 issue-)
  • Welcome to my home x official serialization "Aibaban" ("Weekly"The television』April 2015 issue-)
  • Welcome to my home x anan collaboration series "Masaki⁉ no Yakata" ("mother』April 2015 issue-)
  • Kizoku Tantei x Official Series "Salon de Aiba" ("Weekly The Television" April 2017 Issue-)
  • Aristocratic detective x anan collaboration serialization "Aiba noble" ("anan" April 2017 issue-)

Irregular serialization

  • Mgirl 2009 Spring / Summer Edition (Practical Encyclopedia) (April 2009, 4)
  • Mgirl 2009-2010 AW (Practical Encyclopedia) (October 2009, 10)
  • Mgirl 2010 Spring & Summer (April 2010, 4)
  • Mgirl 2010-2011 AW (October 2010, 10) (Overseas version available)
  • Mgirl 2011 Spring & Summer (April 2011, 4)
  • Mgirl 2011-2012 AW (October 2011, 10)
  • Mgirl 2012 Spring & Summer (April 2012, 4)
  • Mgirl 2013-2014 AW (October 2013, 10)


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外部 リンク

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine
Mother cooking
Eight major cooking systems
一 Shandong cuisine
Beijing food
Court cuisine
two Sichuan cuisine
Yunnan cuisine
Guizhou cuisine
three Hunan cuisine
four Jiangsu cuisine
Shanghai cuisine
五 Zhejiang food
六 Anhui cuisine
Seven Fujian cuisine
Taiwanese cuisine
Eight Cantonese cuisine
Chaozhou cuisine
Hakka cuisine
Shunde cuisine
Other systems
Pure cuisine
Hubei cuisine
Jiangxi cuisine
Macau food
Super system food
Yakuzen cuisine
Vegetarian food
Taiwanese food

Chinese cuisine(Chinese food,繁体字: Chinese food,Simplified characters: 中国 菜,pinyin: Zhōng guó cài, John Guo Tsai)ChugokuHas been eaten inCuisine, Or its techniqueseasoningMade usingCuisineIs.In China, which has a relatively large land area, the climate, geography, history, andFoodstuff・ There are uniquely formed cooking methods and seasoned dishes due to differences in eating habits.Widely used worldwide including JapanLocalizationIs also progressing.


With a variety of techniques and tastes,The world's three major dishesIt is listed as one of.Excluding Russia,EuropeIt has a vast land area comparable to the total area of ​​all the nations ofGeographyof,climateIn China, where the characteristics of each region are different, such as the conditions, the ingredients are different in each region, andHan peopleAssimilated into, or once dominated the Han ChinesePeopleBecause it is based on, there are large regional differences in its cooking method and seasoning (Regional classificationSee).Strongly influenced by the Chinese civilizationJapan,Korea,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEven in neighboring countries such as, it has a great influence on the cooking method of that country.Also, since modern times, he has traveled all over the world as an immigrant.OverseasThey brought it to the country of immigration, so it was transmitted to many countries.Among them, "Chinese food" that has evolved not seen in mainland China, fused with the cuisine of the country brought in, used ingredients that do not exist in mainland China, and devised by local chefs. There is also Chinese food that should be called "wind".

For this reason, it is difficult to mention the character common to Chinese food,Former generationSince then, in China, it has been emphasized to eat hot cooked meals, soWokUsingJapanese cuisine,Western cuisineUses stronger firepower thanStir fryIs conspicuousoil(lard,Sesame oilEtc.) tend to be used a lot.vice versaRaw vegetablesUse less or cold dishes (traditional dishes include cold noodles, powdered skin,Apricot tofudegree).Cold water is not preferred for drinking water in Chinese culture[1]Served in the form of tea, plain hot water or room temperature[Annotation 1]..As for seafood, overall except for the Cantonese region near the sea and the Guangdong region.Freshwater fishIs more likely to be used.

Also in ChinaReligiousTypicaltabooByBuddhismSword (Tibetan BuddhismExcept),TaoismFor believersVegetarian foodAsVegetarian dishAndIslamFor people豚 肉And its processed products, do not use lardChinese Islamic(Pure cuisine), But there are similarities in cooking utensils, techniques, unavoidable ingredients, and seasonings.


Ancient timesChinese food was quite different from what it is today.Stewed, grilled on an open fireCaneThere are many (hot things), and today they are goneDeafness(sashimiRaw meat and fish dishes like this) are also often eaten, and "discipline and blow the roasting" and "roast the population" ("roasting" is grilled on an open fire).Grilled meat) ”, Etc. from ancient Chinaこ と わ ざ-慣用 句You can also see.For ancient Chinese food, see "General civil arts] Is detailed.

The stir-fry technique that requires strong heat, which is often used in current Chinese cuisine, isNorthern Song DynastyOriginally in the age ofcoalProcessedCoke(Coke)But磁器Used in the production of, it is for cookingFurnace,FurnaceIt was created by being diverted to[2]..After thatSouthern Song DynastyからyuanStir-fried foods became popular over the generations.From around the same timeWoodblock printingDue to the development ofRecipesMany collections (recipe)PublicationCame to be[Annotation 2].

Since then, it has evolved by actively incorporating ingredients and seasonings from all over the world, digesting and applying them, and creating original dishes.Mabo tofu OfRed peppersAndBlue crab meat Ofgreen pepperEtc. are indispensable ingredients for Chinese food, but what was introduced to China16st centurySince then, it is an ingredient introduced in the early modern period from the historical background.Also,Cantonese cuisineIndispensable forOyster sauce The19st centuryDeveloped at the end20st centuryIt became popular after enteringFujian cuisineOften used in Cantonese cuisineSatayThe source isインドネシア,MalaysiaIt incorporates the seasonings that came from.

In addition, while Chinese food has a great influence on foreign countries, the method of Chinese food is alsoJapanese cuisineIt is not uncommon to be greatly influenced by foreign cuisine, including, and to achieve its own development.From the style of separating the dishes served on the platterFrench cuisineThe dishes served for each person are served in the order of the course, and the ingredients and cooking methods are modernly refined.Nouvelle ShinovaIs an example.

Greater ChinaNot only by the World Chinese Food Association, which gathers Chinese food related organizations from all over the world including Japan 1992The world championship of Chinese food is also held from[5][6].

Regional classification

In ChinaEight cuisinesThe regional classification (XNUMX major Chinese dishes) is most commonly used.In addition, there are a number of ways to divide it, such as rough four major vegetables and detailed classification methods.In JapanFour major Chinese dishesIs generally classified as (described later)Four major Chinese dishes in JapanSee also).

Eight major vegetables (eight major Chinese dishes)

Cooking method

As it is commonly said, "Cantonese people eat anything other than their parents if they have two legs, desks and chairs if they have four legs, cars other than cars if they run, submarines if they swim, and airplanes if they fly in the sky." The ingredients are diverse and diverse.For this reason, there are an extremely large number of types.The same applies to the cooking method.How to fryThere are nearly 10 types of stir-fry, such as stir-fry, stir-fry, stir-fry, stir-fry, and stir-fry, depending on the technique and the length of time.Furthermore, if the seasoning used for this is changed, more than 100 kinds of dishes can be made with the stir-fried green vegetables alone.As a result, one Chinese cook can cook tens of thousands of dishes.


Fry with a small amount of oil.
One of the standards of Chinese food.
A cooking method that cooks in a short time.
"fryA method of frying at once over high heat.
How to cook fried food.
Cut the ingredients to the same size and shape so that they are cooked evenly and fried evenly.
A cooking method that bake both sides well.
Ankake..Thicken and finish.

Water system

Stew (on a simmering fire), simmer.
Boil the fried ingredients quickly.
Stew the fried ingredients.
Boil quickly.Hot water.
Steam.Pass steam.puff.
Lightly boil the sliced ​​ingredients.
Make it shabu-shabu.

Water and oil mixture system

One of the standards of Chinese food.

Stewed or roasted cooking method.

Add seasoning and simmer over low heat for a long time.It may also indicate baking over low heat.

Fire Department

A cooking method that is grilled over an open flame.
Soy sauce(Gien)


Salt it. (Widely) Put it on miso, soy sauce, etc.


Stir, mix.Dare.

how to cut

Sliced ​​and sliced.
Dicing, diced.
A void(Soon)


Cantonese cuisineone ofDim sumIn the case of, when you make tea, tap the table with your index finger.This is a thank you to the person who pours it.this is,点心When you eat, you usually enjoy talking and eating, so if you thank the person who pours the tea, you will break the conversation with other people, so this is to prevent it.

When eating Chinese food in many, do not hold the plate by hand.For soupsLotus flowerThat's why it comes with (dust).Also, when eating soups and noodles, do not make a noise.[7]..Rice and soup are spoon spoons, side disheschopsticksuse.Basically, there are no chopsticks on the platter, and each one uses their own chopsticks directly, so the chopsticks are thick and long.[8].

When visiting as a guest, there are many dishes that cannot be eaten.In addition, because there is a culture of taking leftover food home, there are many stores in China where you can "take away" leftover food.

When ordering in the course, the noodles and rice come out last in the order of appetizer, soup, main dish, and other dishes.




Chinese food in the world

Mainly by Guangdong Chinese, Western and Japanese,Southeast AsiaIt has become widespread in such countries and is being localized."Original" Chinese food that does not exist in China also exists in each country, for example, Japanchilled Chinese noodles,America OfChapsui,インドネシアEtc.Nasi goreng, South Korea OfChajangmyungAnd so on.In Southeast AsiaGuangdongに 加 え てFujian ProvinceMany immigrants fromFujian cuisineIs also popular.Shabu shabuIs "rinseLamb(Schwann Yang Roh, pinyin: Shuàn yáng ròu) ”is said to have been devised in Japan with a hint of a lamb pot.AlsoTaiwanOriginatedMongolian barbecue(Mongolian barbecue) is based on teppanyaki of lamb called torture lamb, and is a popular dish in the United States.Both of these have their roots in the best way to eat lamb in Mongolia (later China).Do not keep the original shape[Original research?]..In addition, there are many chefs around the world, including Japan, who are aiming for new creative Chinese cuisine that incorporates ingredients and cooking methods of other genres.


Chinese food has become established as one of the daily and / or hare day meal options in Japan, and there are many local Japanese cooks as well as Chinese and overseas Chinese cooks in Japan.Japan OfChinatownMost of them are said to be of Cantonese origin, and onlyNagasaki Shinchi ChinatownOnly Fujian has been considered, but in recent yearsNortheastern ChinaThe number of immigrants from various places is increasing.Former ManchuriafromRepatriatorA dish derived from northeastern China (partly due to the influence ofGrilled dumplingsEtc.) are also quite pervasive.Also in JapanSichuan ProvinceNative chefChen Jian NHK"Today's dishes”, And the recipe was released.Shrimp chili,Mabo tofu,Dantan noodlesSuch asSichuan cuisineIs widespread.Arranged according to the tastes of Japanese people, it is widely used not only for eating out but also for home cooking.RamenAnd shrimp chili,sweet and sour pork,Babao, Mapo tofu, etc. are often different from those in China.Okinawan cuisineEven inOkinawa regionDeeply related to China from the historical background ofRafute(Dongpo porkPork dishes like (Dongpo pork) is the originator)ChamplooSuch as popular tofu and stir-fried vegetables, "OkinawaThere are many Chinese dishes that have been made.

Also, in JapanChinese cuisineWhen we call it, it refers to popular dishes (so-called "Chinese food" style) created by devising seasonings and cooking methods for Japanese people, and ramen and dumplings are often the representative dishes.Chinese food(Or give it a region name and say "Cantonese cuisine","Shanghai cuisine","Beijing food","Sichuan cuisineWhen we call it, it often refers to the original Chinese cuisine.

Four major Chinese dishes in Japan

Types of Chinese food[9]
系統Concrete exampleIngredientsFeature
Northern system

(Beijing foodSuch)

Peking duck,Zhajiangmian,boiled gyozaWheat, pig, sheepStrong and salty
Western system

(Sichuan cuisineSuch)

Mabo tofu,Inui-yaki Etsuhito,Hot and sour soupRice, pork, chicken, soybeansSpicesThere are many spicy dishes using
Southern Department

(Cantonese cuisineSuch)

(Chinese version,English edition,Fried rice,Kashaki,Wonton,ShrimpRice, pork, seafood, rock pasteMake the best use of the taste of ingredients with a light taste

(Shanghai cuisineSuch)

Babao,Steamed Shanghai crab,Small basket parcel,Shengjian mantou,WontonRice, pork, seafoodStrong sweetness

Main menu popular in Japan

South Korea


WesternEven in countries such asChinatownChinese food is popular, but Western Chinese residentsGuangdongImmigrants fromOverseas,Chinese) Was also a backgroundCantonese cuisineThere are many.In some cases, the seasoning is changed according to the tastes of the locals.For exampleAmericaThen.ketchupIt is much sweeter and deeper than in China, with plenty of it added.Since these dishes do not fit the Chinese tongue, there are cases where the same dish is prepared in two types, one for Americans and one for Chinese.[10]..Due to such localization, the taste of the same store has long been changed within a few months after opening.[11]There are also factors such as the purpose of matching the taste and the difficulty in obtaining authentic seasonings.


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注 釈

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