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🤖 | "Space Battleship Yamato" Stasha & Teresa co-star for the first time in a dream!Special omnibus "Selection of 2202 AD" Keybi ...

Photo "The Age of" Space Battleship Yamato "Selection in 2202 AD" Key Visual (C) 2012 Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Production Committee

"Space Battleship Yamato" Stasha & Teresa co-star for the first time in a dream!Special omnibus "Selection of 2202 AD" Keybi ...

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"The Age of" Space Battleship Yamato "Selected in 2202 AD" will be screened in theaters from January 2021, 1, and will be released on Blu-ray special limited editions and digital cells.

The special omnibus "The Age of" Space Battleship Yamato "Selected in 2202 AD" will be screened in theaters from January 2021, 1 ... → Continue reading

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Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamato Series > Space Battleship Yamato

"Space Battleship Yamato』(Uchusenkan Yamato) is1974 To讀賣TV broadcasting-Nippon Television NetworkbroadcastWas doneTelevision Animationand,1977 Of the omnibus released in theatersAnimated moviethe work. "Space Battleship Yamato SeriesThis is the first work of.Known as "first work" "Yamato" "Yamato 1" "Part 1".


Depiction of battle as a war, human drama and growth of the hero in itSFOfGadgetDetailed settings such as at the time of broadcasting (1970s)ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンAs a work, it is a serial work that incorporates a novel attempt.

Initially, it was broadcast at the same time.Alpine girl Heidi』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), "Army of monkeys』(TBS) Etc.Audience ratingIs sluggish.Original planned number of times (39 episodes in total)[1]Was shortened to all 26 episodes.

But,re-airBy the time the re-edited theatrical movie was released, it was a big boom that could be called a social phenomenon.It was widely shown that there was a wide range of viewers from middle and high school students to adolescents in the anime works that were thought to belong to children.After that, "Galaxy Express 999''Mobile Suit Gundam''Super Dimension Fortress Macross''Neon Genesis EVANGELIONIt became the forerunner of the anime boom that led to.

movies,record,Novel,Comic,Anime magazine,Radio Drama,characterHe left a lot of footsteps in the anime business, such as products.latervideo,CD,LD,DVD,Video gamesEtc. have also been released.Sequels and remakes ("Space Battleship Yamato 2199]) Was also produced.

Of the work of this workcreditIs an office academy, and there is no so-called original (manga, novel) that preceded in the form of novels and manga.[2].. (For more informationSpace Battleship Yamato Series #Special Notes on Intellectual Property RightsSee).


2199 ,地球Is a mysterious alien nationGamirasu EmpireWas invaded by.PlutoGamirasu, who built a front base in Japan, is against the earthPlanetary bombThe sea evaporates and the earth turns reddish-brown as it continues to make indiscriminate attacks.radioactivityContamination kills living things on the ground.Mankind builds an underground city,Earth Defense ForceHowever, there was no way to do it before the difference in scientific power, and radioactive contamination progressed underground, and it was almost a year before the destruction of humankind.

Meanwhile, one ship that came from outer spaceSpace ship 火星The communication capsule is collected by crash landing on.Among them are 14 from the earthLight yearsDistantLarge Magellanic CloudIt is inIskandar starTo the earth, "Radioactivity removal device Cosmo Cleaner DPlease come to pick up the message and necessary for outer space voyage.warpTo enableWave engineThe blueprint of was stored.

The earthKyusyu OfBouno MisakiOff the coastWorld War 250 years agoSinked insideJapanese Navy OfBattleship"YamatoThis wave engine is mounted on a spaceship built to resemble a cover, and for receiving Cosmo Cleaner D.Space Battleship"YamatoTo complete as.Juzo OkitaAs the captainAncient progress,Daisuke Shima,Yuki MoriWith a crew of such as, Space Battleship Yamato embarks on a round-trip 1 light-year journey, entrusted with the last hope of humankind, in a limited grace of one year toward Iskandar.

Defeat Gamirasu Pluto Front BaseSolar systemYamato who left the universemineIt breaks through the traps of Gamirasu such as gas creatures and natural phenomena such as primitive star clusters and steps out of the galaxy.On the other hand, Gamirasu began to think about the existence of Yamato.PresidentDeslarIs a shogunDomelIs given the responsibility of subduing Yamato.dimensionDomel, who decided that Yamato was a strong enemy after fighting at the fault, invited Yamato to Baran, the middle point of Yamato's route, and planned and executed a strategy to destroy the entire Baran base, but due to the notification of his subordinates who rebelled against the operation content It fails and loses only the base.As a result, Domel is sentenced to death, but Dessler crushes the execution.

Given the last chance by Dessler's warmth, Domel leads the aircraft carrier fleet into a decisive battle between Yamato and the Seven-Colored Star Cluster.YamatoInstant mass transfer deviceStruggled with a surprise attack by aircraft warp inDrill missileOf the trump cardWave CannonIt is in a predicament that it may be blown up from the inside, but the enemy fleet is destroyed by the discharge and explosion of the drill missile.The surviving Domel is Yamato No. XNUMXbridgeAfter coming alongside and exchanging words with Okita, Yamato was involved and self-destructed.Yamato barely survived, but the sacrifice was great, and he performed a space burial for the crew members who died in the war and began to proceed to Iskandar again.

Yamato finally reaches the Large Magellanic Cloud, where not only Iskandar but alsoDouble planetThere was also a Gamirasu star.Yamato, who was trapped and dragged into Gamirasu, is desperate, but he shoots through the submarine fire mountains with a wave cannon, induces large volcanic activity on the ground, and finds a chance.After a fierce battle, the ancient times, when they saw the ruined Gamirasu star with no living, are keenly aware of the mistakes they made.Then, they realized that what they could do now was to head for Iskandar, and started Yamato again.

After arriving at Iskandar and receiving Cosmo Cleaner D, Yamato rushes back to Earth, but is attacked by Desler, who survived the battle on the main planet of Gamirasu with the Earth up close.Moriyuki, who activated Cosmo Cleaner D in the battle, died due to a malfunction of the device.As a lover, ancient times are saddened, and with the earth in front of them, they take the body of snow to the first bridge and look at the earth together.Okita, who is in front of the earth, burns his appearance into his eyes and quietly takes his breath.After that, the snow that had been brought to the first bridge was revived, and the joy spread to everyone who was on the bridge, including ancient times.

Then, in 2200 AD, Yamato returned to Earth.The earth has revived and regained its original blueness.

Main characters


Juzo Okita
Captain Yamato. 52 years old.
Although he is a veteran warlord, he is suffering from cosmic radiation disease.Thinking that the trip to Iskandar is worth the life, he boarded Yamato.
Ancient progress
Yamato battle team leader. Eighteen years old.
Brother in the Pluto battleAncient guardianI didn't trust Okita who didn't bring me back, but I gradually started to trust him.With a bloody personality, he often violated orders and acted arbitrarily, but grew up during the voyage and was appointed by Okita as acting captain after the battle on Baran.
Yuki Mori
Yamato Life Group Leader. Eighteen years old.
Yamato's only female crew[Note 1]..Later, he fell in love with ancient times.
Daisuke Shima
Yamato voyage team leader. Eighteen years old.
Ancient is a close friend and rival.In contrast to ancient times, he has a calm personality and gives top priority to voyages to Iskandar.
Ancient guardian
Captain Yukikaze, the destroyer. 28 years old.
Refuse the withdrawal order to the enemy fleet in the Pluto battleSpecial forcesHowever, it goes missing.In the anime version, it turns out that it is protected by Iskandar stars, but Leiji Matsumoto,Hio AkiraIn the manga version, he controls a mysterious spaceship and helps Yamato's voyage.

Iskandar people

Stasha (Starsha, Stacia)
Queen of Iskandar.Reach out to the earth.
Sasha (Sasha, Sasha)
Stasha's sister.He heads to Earth with the blueprint of the wave engine, but crash landing on Mars under the attack of Gamirasu.It was already dead when ancient times and the island were discovered.


In the play including the manga version of Leiji MatsumotoradioactivityIt is described as a race that can only live in the atmosphere, including the Earth, and its nature is described as earth pollution by planetary bombs.Desler shipIt is used for a side attack on Yamato by.

The president who governs the Great Gamirasu Empire.Plan to move to Earth.
Vice President of the Great Gamirasu Empire.
Commander-in-Chief of Operations for the Solar System.A famous general who has survived the battle, he volunteers to subdue Yamato after returning to Japan from the Ruby front.
Deputy Commander for the Solar System.Formerly a commander, he was demoted with Domel's arrival.I have a bad deal with Domel.
Gamirasu Pluto Front Base Commander.We used planetary bombs to remodel the global environment.

Main appearance mechanism

Earth Defense Force


Space Battleship Yamato
The leading battleship of this work.The total length is 265.8m.The number of crew is 114.
First on Earth with blueprints for wave engines provided by Iskandarspeed of lightI made a breakthrough.An immigrant ship originally built to carry selected humans and escape the earth.
Okita Ship
A space battleship belonging to the Earth Defense Fleet.The only survivor in the Pluto battle.
Assault Space Destroyer Yukikaze
A missile ship belonging to the Earth Defense Fleet, with Mamoru Kodai as the captain.Many ships of the same type appear, but all ships are sunk.

Aircraft / spacecraft

Cosmo Zero
YamatoCarrier-based aircraft..The position of operation is basic, battle team leader and formation commander machine.
black Tiger
Yamato carrier-based aircraft.

Gamirasu Army

Gamirasu army ship

Destroyer destroyer
The most popular ship in Gamirasu.Earth ships older than Yamato have performance that is completely incomprehensible.
High speed aircraft carrier
A disk-shaped aircraft carrier owned by Gamirasu.Ambushed Yamato before the start.
Dommers II
The flagship of the Domel fleet in the Battle of the Seven-Colored Star Cluster.On both sides of the bowInstant mass transfer deviceWas installed, and a surprise attack on Yamato was carried out by warping the carrier-based aircraft.
Three-stage aircraft carrier
Gamirasu's elite aircraft carrier. It has four flight decks.In the Battle of the Seven-Colored Stars, three ships were summoned from the Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond Fronts.
Combat aircraft carrier
Gamirasu's elite aircraft carrier.By flipping the flight deck, many gun gates can be exposed and artillery battles can be conducted.Convened from the Omega Front in the Battle of the Seven-Colored Star Cluster.
Desler ship
Deslar's seated ship, formerly the Presidential Office Building in the Gamirasu Ceiling City.The same principle as the wave cannon on the bowDesler cannonIt is equipped with.

Gamirasu Army aircraft and spacecraft

Gamirasu fighter
Fighters deployed at Pluto Front Base, etc.Later, one of the reconnaissance aircraft was captured by Yamato.
Domel DMF-3 high-speed fighter
A fighter mounted on the first aircraft carrier in the battle of the seven-colored star cluster.Known as "Gamirasu Fighter".
Domel DMB-87 dive bomber
A bomber mounted on the second aircraft carrier in the Battle of the Seven-Colored Star Cluster.
Domel type DMT-97 type torpedo bomber
A torpedo bomber mounted on the 3rd aircraft carrier in the battle of the seven-colored star cluster.
Heavy bomber
A large bomber mounted on a battle carrier in the battle of the seven-colored star cluster.A drill missile was launched at Yamato's wave muzzle.

Various weapons of the Gamirasu army

Planetary bomb
A meteorite-shaped bomb dropped on the earth drove cities on the earth to ruin and contaminated the surface with radiation.
Reflective satellite cannon
A base defense weapon deployed at Pluto Front Base.It can fire through reflective satellites and has virtually no blind spots.

Appearing forces / celestial bodies

Solar system
The third planet of the solar system.The surface of the earth is being radioactively contaminated by Gamirasu's hands, and the radiation is also contaminating underground cities.
Earth Defense Force
An army formed to protect the earth.It was exhausted in the battle with Gamirasu, and the last request, the Earth Defense Fleet, was destroyed in the Battle of Pluto.
The fourth planet of the solar system.Sasha crash landed during the Pluto battle.
The fifth planet of the solar system.Yamato, who had an abnormality in the wave engine, was caught by the attraction and was drawn to the Jupiter sphere.
Floating continent
A continent in satellite orbit in Jupiter's clouds.Occupied by Gamirasu, but disappeared by Yamato's wave cannon.
The sixth planet of the solar system.
Saturn's moon.A small amount of cosmonite is buried.
9th planet of the solar system[Note 2]..Gamirasu's front base is set up.
Solar system sunzer
A star system within the Large Magellanic Cloud.
The eighth planet of Sunzer.Gamirasu is a double planet.
Gamirasu Empire
An interstellar nation whose mother star is the 8th planet of Sunzer.Since the beginning of the 20th century in the Earth's calendar, it has been steadily invading space, but as the life of the mother star is approaching, it plans to move to Earth and plans to eliminate humankind on Earth.
Octopus Primitive Cluster
Eight near the boundary between the galaxy and the outer universeProtostarA star cluster composed of.Yamato will be stuck here for three weeks.
Beemera star
A planet that exists in the intergalactic space.Insect typehumanoidHowever, it is now under the control of Gamirasu, and the reign of terror is being carried out by the Queen, who has become a puppet of Gamirasu.
Balun star
A planet located just halfway between the galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud.There is a Gamirasu base.Although it is a dark star without a main star, the artificial sun launched by Gamirasu orbits the planet.
Seven-colored star cluster
A cluster in front of the Large Magellanic Cloud.A hybrid cluster of six stars in different environments and a gaseous dark nebula.A decisive battle was held between Yamato and the Domel fleet.

the term

Wave engine
Introduced from IskandarstarInter-navigation engine.Takes in and compresses cosmic energy, faster than lightTachyon particlesConverted to and powered by it.
Space km / space knot
A fictitious unit used in this work.When the space kilometer represents the distance in outer space, the universeknotIs used to represent the speed of ships in outer space.Both space kilos and space knots are often used not only in this work but also in Matsumoto's works set in space, but the conversion to the actual distance and speed has never appeared clearly in the work.
Cosmic radiation disease
Yamato's first captainJuzo OkitaReceived in repeated space battlesWounded in actionIt is caused by.It has already been eroded before the departure of Yamato, and it deteriorates during the voyage.As a respect for this work, "Aim for the top!",Continue"Aim for the top 2!], A similar disease name appears.
Cosmo Cleaner D
IskandarStar-ownedradioactivityRemoval device.Iskandar starStashaThen, the message "If you don't want to be destroyed, come to pick it up" is sent to the earth, and Yamato will leave.
On the Iskandar star, it is delivered in parts, and due to the schedule, it is on the way back to Earth.Shiro SanadaAssembled at the ship's factory.Immediately before arriving at the earth, it started without a test run due to an unexpected situation, in the process of removing radioactivity from the airLack of oxygenIt turned out to create a condition and was refurbished.
And, with the return of Yamato, the scene where the devastated earth regains its original blue color became the last scene of this work.

ス タ ッ フ

Background of production

The beginning of the project

This work isMushi Pro TradingZuiyo EnterpriseProducer of the Office Academy who was also enrolled inYoshizaki Nishizaki Exhibition Mushi Production OfKoichi YamamotoLaunched the project in early 1973[3][4]..Previous 2 works ("Sea Triton], [Wansa-kunNishizaki, who ended up with a commercial failureRobert A. HeinleinInspired by the story of "Escape from the Earth's crisis and seek a place of migration to space" in "Escape from the Earth" (later renamed "Children of Methosera")[5].. to thisToyota TsuyoshiAnd Crystal Art Studio (Studio coloringIt was created with the participation of human resources in the science fiction world, such as (predecessor of).Toyoda, who wrote the script for Mushi Production in the early days of TV animation, was away from the anime world at that time, but participated in response to the request of Nishizaki and Eiichi Yamamoto, who is from Mushi Production.[6].

Nishizaki was a kidUmino Juzo[Note 3],Yoichiro MinamiInspired by the science fiction adventure work by, I longed for transparent airplanes and flying battleships.[7].

The first plan isKeisuke FujikawaAnd Aritsune Toyota were created in a competitive manner.

The title in Fujikawa's proposal is "Space Battleship Cosmo (tentative title)"[8].

On the other hand, the title in Toyota's proposal is "Asteroid 6』. "Journey to the WestIn the basic story of going to a distant alien to get a radiation removal device that saves humanity[9], This Toyota proposal became the original draft of the proposal for submission.As the social situation at that timePollutionProblems orOil shockLarge-scale social problems frequently occur, such as "Godzilla vs. HedorahAnd 'Japan sinking''The Great Prophecy of Nostradamus''Drifting classroomIn the early 1970s, works with the themes of "destruction" and "pollution" became a boom.[10][11], The content of the destruction and resurrection of the earth due to radioactive contamination was conscious of such pollution and the end boom from the beginning of the project.[9].

Toyota's spacecraft is小 惑星It had an engine built into it and was called "Rock Spacecraft Icarus".[12]..Crew members also gather from all over the worldUnited NationsIt was conceived in a format, and drafts such as name and personality were also created.After that, it was changed to the idea of ​​"Asteroid Ship Yamato" with a battleship built inside the rock spacecraft.In case of emergency, the remnants of the setting of crushing the bedrock to make an asteroid ring can be seen in the main story.The battleship is "MikasaFrom the image of ""NagatoBecause the name value is low in Nagato,YamatoIt became a story that it would be okay[13]..Designed by Crystal Art StudioKenichi MatsuzakiWas done, and it was Hachiro Tsukima, the background director, who drew it in the proposal (described later).[14].

After that, the former Mushi Production writerIshizu Arashi, ScreenwriterKeisuke FujikawaAs a result of repeated examinations with the addition of Kazuaki Saito in the illustration and Hachiro Tsukima in the background art, the enemy changed from a computer to a Rajendra alien, and Yamato sought a radiation removal device to save the radioactively contaminated Earth. The outline of aiming for the Iskandar star has been completed.Due to the fierce battle with Rajendra and the rebellion of the crew, only the main character "Shinobu Kotake" will live a year later and return to the earth, and at this point gimmicks that symbolize Yamato such as warp navigation and wave cannons were devised. There is.

A proposal bearing the name of "Space Battleship Yamato" by the end of the summer of 1973[15]Is completed.The 55-page proposal is "Poseidon AdventureStarting from the introductory part that touches on "The Sinking of Japan", a plot of all 52 episodes, a command system diagram inside the Yamato ship, the specifications of the Yamato main body, the schedule and process until the arrival of Iskandar, the uniforms and weapons of the crew, various planets, Various settings related to aliens, spacecraft, etc. were summarized with images and illustrations[16].

Around April 1974,Reiji MatsumotoWas asked to participate as a design staff member.This is a setting productionYoshihiro NozakiWas recommended by[5]..Participation was at the stage when the title of "Space Battleship Yamato" had already been decided to be broadcast on Yomiuri TV.[17][18]As a result, he becomes deeply involved in the production of works such as character and individual story making.Matsumoto renewed the character setting and mechanical setting in the above-mentioned 1973 plan, and wrote the first draft of the basic story on May 1974, 5. It is in this article that the name "Gamirasu" was first used.[19].

In addition, Eiichi Yamamoto, who was scheduled to serve as a director, was forced to leave Yamato at the end of June 1974 for other work, and Matsumoto also served as a director with the support of Noboru Ishiguro.[5]..Matsumoto designed the characters and mecha, and also said, "Shinsengumi blood recordWas composed of a group drama of young people[20][21].

In one theory, "SexaroidWhen Nishizaki approached Matsumoto to supervise the design, he was once refused, "unless he could take care of everything," but as Yamamoto left as mentioned above, Nishizaki decided to accept Matsumoto's conditions. Is said to have become[19]..In a 1978 essay about this, Nishizaki sympathized with the depiction of machines and humans coexisting well in "Sexaloid," and stated that the image of a woman in the same work became her ideal image.[7].

Broadcast decision

Nishizaki brought the project to a TV station and sold it to Yomiuri TV in August 1974.Pilot filmWas produced[22]..In this way, the broadcast frame of "Space Battleship Yamato" was decided on Sunday at 19:XNUMX on NTV.At the beginning of the project, animation production by Mushi Production was planned, but Mushi Production went bankrupt.[23], This work will be planned and produced at the Office Academy.In addition, the planning of "Space Battleship Yamato" was done in Zuiyo, where Nishizaki producer was enrolled, and the counterprogram of Fuji TV system "Alpine girl HeidiWas a production program by Zuiyo, so there is also the view of Shigeto Takahashi of Zuiyo that it was produced by another company due to moral issues.[24].

In addition, although it was 52 episodes in the original plan, it was shortened to 39 episodes when the broadcast was decided.[25].

Since it became a counterprogram of "Heidi", it did not target infants who are viewers of "Heidi", and this work is "Lupine III (old)''Zero tester』It was decided to take in junior high school students and above[26].

Production system

Produced by Yoshinobu Nishizaki, directed by Leiji Matsumoto (also in charge of storyboards, art, and setting design), and directed by Noboru Ishiguro.The character design based on Matsumoto's original character design is Nobuhiro Okaseko. The SF setting is Aritsune Toyota.Many of the staffMushi ProductionOccupied by people from (former Mushi Production)[27].Koichi Yamamoto, Fujikawa, Miyagawa, Noboru Ishiguro and other main staff members are Mushi Production produced by Nishizaki in the previous year.Wansa-kun』From[28].

Directed by Noboru Ishiguro, he supported director Leiji Matsumoto, who was the first to participate in the anime, checked all the storyboards, and performed directing work to reflect the images of Nishizaki and Matsumoto in the screen design.Ishiguro also likes science fiction, so he created an explosion form unique to Yamato such as an explosion in zero gravity, and also worked on effect animation of various natural phenomena.[29][30]..On the screen, with OkasekoToyoo AshidaWith Mushi Production and Kenzo Koizumi's studiomatesTakeshi Shirado OfTiger productionAnd mainly Toei Animation (currentlyToei animation) Was mainly divided into drawing productions.Therefore, the face of the character differs depending on the animation director, which in turn contributed to making anime fans recognize the individuality of the animator.[31]..OpeningbankKaoru Izumiguchi was in charge of drawing Yamato[32].

Of film directors credited for composition and supervisionToshio MasudaWas asked by Nishizaki Producer to supervise the director and the story, but the Toho movie "The Great Prophecy of NostradamusBecause of my work, I attended the planning meeting only three times and did not actually touch the TV series directly.[33].

Aritsune Toyota, who was an early planner and devised the basic setting, became one of the original authors of the counterprogram "Saru no Gundan", so he did not write the script and gave advice on SF setting from the standpoint of supervision. Stayed at[34].

Eiichi Yamamoto, who participated from the planning stage and compiled the plan, is of "Space Battleship Yamato"logoDesigned.I used to cover overseas for another job, but returned at the request of producer Nishizaki.In addition to being in charge of the rough of each story and writing the script, he shifted Yamato to the center of human drama, and also played the role of checking the script and storyboard.[35][36][37].

Yoshino Tomino,Yoshikazu YasuhikoAre participating as production staff, mainlyStoryboardWas in charge of.However, Tomino was reluctant to participate in the production of "Yamato" from the beginning, and he did not like the story of the storyboard that was ordered forcibly and falsified the content, so participation was limited to the fourth episode.Tomino recalled in his own book that he sold a fight to break the ties because he knew it was a work led by Nishizaki.[38][39]..However, Tomino evaluates Nishizaki as a producer and says, "Mobile Suit GundamIn order to overthrow Nishizaki, who is evaluated as a rival, the reason for producingRobot stuffIt is professed that it was to crush Yamato even with[40][41].

Regarding the director, it was not the credited Leiji Matsumoto, but Yoshinobu Nishizaki, who was in effect the executive producer.In a pachinko proceeding between Sankyo and TohokushinshaTokyo District CourtBased on each evidence, "The director of this movie was designated as an assistant participant P1 in the display in the movie, but P2 performed the actual directorial work in the production" "Judgment of this court" Is down[42]..Matsumoto himself confirmed in a settlement letter signed with Nishizaki in 2004 after the moral rights trial that he was in charge of "total setting, art and design" and that the "director" was Nishizaki. Are[43].

On the music side, Nishizaki, who emphasized the fusion of music and story from the beginning, said, "Wansa-kun』Assembled inMiyagawa YasushiContinued to appoint, and while consulting with Eiichi Yamamoto, asked to produce music that was powerful and emphasized the basic theme of the program.[7]..With Nishizaki's strong intention, the full orchestra (the first work is exactlyBig bandThe theme song and music with the model) as the background were composed by Hiroshi Miyagawa.Before "Yamato", there were not many such cases due to budget constraints.From this work, of anime musicsoundtrackIn an era when the number of orchestras increased and video was not yet widespread, drama editions were released along with music editions.[44].

Production status

The production studio is large, and the mass of the staff is enough to produce 4 series of ordinary TV animation, but Yoshikazu Yasuhiko who participated in the storyboard said that schedule management had collapsed due to a series of meetings by Yoshinobu Nishizaki. Testifying[45]..Therefore, it is said that the site was in a very harsh environment.[46]Yasuhiko speculated that the discontinuation was not due to the low audience rating, but because the film could not be delivered in time for the broadcast schedule, so it might have come off from Nishizaki's side.[45]..The video was not in time,scenarioI just recorded itVoice actorThere is also a testimony ofSaburo KatoWas appointed to the roleKeaton YamadaHowever, he couldn't grasp the role because he recorded only the scenario and the materials on the site were scarce, and he acted like a villain, which he said, and will be new from the next week.Akira KamiyaThere is an episode that was appointed and was dropped[47]..Takeshi Shirado, the representative of the same production at that time, said that the seven-color star cluster battle during the work was "a schedule (9 days with 50 original drawing men) that could crush Tiger Pro (drawing production)". There is also a testimony of.[48]One of the factors is that there were many meetings due to Nishizaki's conference principle, and there was no time to draw at the production site.[45][46]..According to materials such as the romantic album released by Tokuma Shoten in later years, Kenichi Matsuzaki said that the pictures drawn to explain the ideas that came out during the meeting were adopted as they were.[49].

In addition, NishizakiYasuo OtsukaI once invited him to participate in this film as an animation director, but he was immediately refused because he couldn't understand that the battleship was flying in the sky.[50][51]

Another version

There are different versions of episodes 1, 2, and 22 that are not used in the main broadcast or have not been used since the rebroadcast due to various reasons, and are "NG version 1st episode" and "re-broadcast," respectively. It is called "Broadcast Episode 2" and "Main Broadcast NG Episode 22".These are recorded as video benefits in "Space Battleship Yamato DVD Memorial Box" and "Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX".[52].

Episode 1
In the first episode of the NG version, the voice of Daisuke ShimaNakamura HideoWas a newcomer, notShinji Nomura(In this broadcast, the role of Yoshikazu Aihara) played, but played an ancient voiceToyama KeiIn this broadcast version, it was changed to Shusei Nakamura, who was calm, and only the voice of the island was re-recorded.Besides, it is stored in Okita shipType 100 submachine gunThe warehousing angle is slightly different, and OP and ED singersIsao SasakiNot Akira YamazakiMakoto KomonSinging in the wind.The master of this NG version episode 1 is currently lost, and it is simple in the memorial boxtelecineIt is recorded from the home video version recorded in.
Episode 2
In the second episode of the rebroadcast versionImperial Japanese NavyBattleship YamatoIn the sortie scene and the battle scene that follows,Warship march"ButBGMIt is used as.Director Matsumoto and Susumu Ishizaki, who want to avoid being labeled as war praise animation at the time of the main broadcast, strongly opposed the Nishizaki producer, and the film print was not in time just before the broadcast, so the Niigata region is excluded. Nationwide, the part of the warship March was switched to Yamato BGM with tape and broadcasted.[53].. However1975 から1978 In the rebroadcast up to, there were regions that were broadcast on the Yamato BGM version of the main broadcast and regions that were broadcast on the "Gunkan March" version of the film.
Episode 22
What is the 22nd episode of this broadcast NG version?1975 May 3In the main broadcast version aired on, the space background of normal Yamato is basically dark blue, but the space background in the battle of the seven-colored star cluster in this episode 22 is a mixture of dark nebula on the Domel fleet side and seven colors on the Yamato side. It should have been distinguished from the bright universe of the luminous star region, but it was photographed with the usual dark blue universe background.In addition, the Gamirasu fighter and the dive bomber, which should not appear on the same screen, overlap, and in the last space burial scene, the mouth moves even though there is no ancient line, so-called "MouthThere was an NG scene such as.
Due to the delay in production, it was broadcast shortly after the NG scene was corrected, but immediately after the production of episode 26, re-shooting and editing work was done,1977 A newly printed modified version is being broadcast on subsequent reruns[Note 4].

Unused setting

Mamoru Kodai is Matsumoto's original characterCaptain HarlockIt was planned to reappear under the name of, the battle in the Small Magellanic Cloud, and the sabotage of the female soldier Irose who infiltrated the Yamato ship, but the number of stories was reduced due to the low audience rating and it ended up being unused.[54].

At the beginning of the broadcast, a large-scale rebellion was planned during the voyage.[54].

The mastermind was Chief Engineer Sanada in the initial plot, but director Eiichi Yamamoto misunderstood that the mastermind was Chief Engineer Tokugawa, so the depiction that the chief engineer who was on the bridge at the beginning of departure was in the engine room increased , The hints such as confrontation with the island voyage chief were drawn.

In the middle of the series, other staff members pointed out that the subordinate Yabu engineer spoke a line that ignited Tokugawa, and Yamamoto also noticed a misunderstanding, and the organization led by Tokugawa due to the shortened broadcast due to the low audience rating The rebellion of the members was omitted, but as a remnant of that, Yabu will revolt in Iskandar.[55].

Theme song

Opening theme "Space Battleship Yamato"
Ending theme "Red Scarf"
Both songs are written by - Yu Aku / Composition / Arrangement --Yasushi Miyagawa / Song - Isao Sasaki,Musical academy(Initial release version), Isao Sasaki,Royal Knights(Late release / re-recording board)

The opening "Space Battleship Yamato" sings about the purpose of Yamato's voyage and the belief that it will be accomplished.According to Sasaki's testimony, the producer Nishizaki instructed him to "love a man with all his thoughts," and the music director Miyagawa instructed him to "disgustingly."In the recording take, it seems that it was decided that after a considerable amount of NG came out, the singing voice of Sasaki who sang his voice was reminiscent of a tragic romance.[56]..The ending "Red Scarf" is a content that a man after leaving can think of the earth.

Chorus group when re-recordingRoyal KnightsChanged to (members are almost the same[57]).In the subsequent commercialization, the Royal Knights version ("Space Battleship Yamato III』Opening song) was customarily recorded.The musical academy version2000 in springMail orderThe limited edition "Leiji Matsumoto Music Taizen" was commercialized (first CD) since the first edition, and was recorded in the best album "Isao Sasaki Songbook Greatest Best" released in the same year. Officially revived in the regular market.2001 , The musical academy version is recorded in "Space Battleship Yamato ETERNAL EDITION File No.10 Yamato The Best" which contains all the songs used in the main part, and on the contrary, the Royal Knights version is extraordinary, and other main parts are not yet It was recorded in "Yamato The Best II" along with the songs used.

Sasaki was the theme song in an interview in 1978.Makoto KomonWas involved (singer)auditionParticipated in).About this at that timeNippon ColumbiaI belonged to the literature clubMitsuko HorieStates that Shimon may have sung at the audition[58]..At that time, Nippon Columbia used the basic method of creating a theme song and then selecting a singer by audition.Inside is "Kamen Rider''Kamen Rider V3There were cases where recordings were made by different singers, but it is unknown whether the Shimon version was recorded in this work. In 2005NHK-BSIn a TV program aired on an affiliated station, Sasaki said at that time, "Several singers have already recorded demo tapes, and one of them is Masato Shimon. ".However, Sasaki himself did not have the opportunity to actually listen to the demo tape of "Yamato", which is said to have been infused by Shimon.By the way, before the hit of "Yamato", "Go! Taiyaki-kunWas so popular that after the hit, Sasaki was jokingly saying, "I should have made it to Shimon after all" and "I thought it was done!"[59].

The opening theme isC minorHowever, it was handed over earlier when recordingMusical scoreIt is,Key signatureI forgot to writeC majorIt was.After listening to the orchestra's performance, he noticed the situation, and in an hour he re-learned the score and started recording.[60]..Also, at the beginning of the theme song productionIn D minorHowever, it was changed to C minor by Nishizaki's intention, and he also testified that the offer came earlier after re-recording the orchestra.[59][61][62].

"Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors"Yamato Fan Club Headquarters" newsletter and "Adventure kingIn the September 1978 issue, OP Nos. 9 and 3 written by Yu Aku himself were published.[63]..There is a theory that it was sung somewhere, but it is unknown whether the sound source exists.Also, in the TV scenario version (1979) of "Space Battleship Yamato Complete Records", OP 1, 2, 3, and 4 are published from Yu Aku's autograph manuscript.

For the ending theme "Makkana Scarf", producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki encouraged the fan club to make a request.Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Won first place in the request program of[64][65].

The opening theme has been around since the beginning of the 21st centuryhigh school baseball OfCheer songIt ’s a classic song,Hanshin Koshien StadiumAnd so onbrass bandIs playing frequently.others,J League-Kashiwa ReysolIt is also used as a cheering song for.Toshiaki KarasawaWith the cover of the Japanese TV drama "Earth gorgeous night』\ It was also used in the ending of the third episode.

2006 May 3It was used as a funeral song by a will at the funeral of Hiroshi Miyagawa, who died in Japan.[66][67]

In the 2007 league match, quoting the story of this animation, every time he won the match, a banner was put up saying "Points to win until the destruction of the earth."

The opening theme "Space Battleship Yamato" was published in a high school music textbook in 2009.[68].

Yokohama DeNA Baystars OfYamato (Yamato Maeda)It is,HanshinFrom 2012 to 2014, it was adopted as an admission song after his own name.2013 May 7FromJR West JapanKure LineKure Station OfApproaching melodyIs also adopted in[69].. As of January 2015,au shopYamato store(FM Yamato) Is used as a CM song.

JMSDFThen, in addition to being played frequently when the escort ship departs overseas,Music bandOften played at concerts, etc.[70]. Also,Maritime Self-Defense Force Tokyo Music CorpsWith the album "Beyond The Sea" released in 20132016 Album released in March "Sound! Bravan Heroes』The cover song is recorded.

2017 May 2ToNHK BS PremiumThe live broadcast program "Countdown LIVE Anime Song Best 100!』, The opening theme ranked 16th, which is the highest in Showa songs, and the ending theme ranked 225th.[71].

Broadcasted on NHK synthesis on December 2018, 8NHK Throat』(HokkaidoToyako Town), A 40-year-old man who sang "Red Scarf" was selected as the champion of the week.[72], It was an extremely rare time that the anime song was selected as the champion of this week on the same program.

Broadcasted on TV Asahi on September 2020, 9, "13 people vote for anime song general election], The opening theme was ranked 3rd and the ending theme was ranked 78th.[73].

Variations of opening and ending

The opening video recorded in the video software is roughly divided into the following four types.Furthermore, there are a wide variety of variations, including differences in the combination of video and songs, differences in telop display timing, and detailed retakes.There is no document that records the exact usage status at the time of the main broadcast, but at the time of the rebroadcast in 4 when the record remains, there were 1978 types of opening video including minor differences.[74].
  1. Singing "Farewell Chikyuyo Tabidatsufune is Uchu Battleship YamatoThe part "" is only a chorus and flows at a slow tempo (used in episodes 1-Episode 7 and 23-Episode 25).
  2. A short bridge song edited at the beginning of the song (used in episodes 8-11).
  3. The song recorded on the record is played (used in episodes 12-21).
  4. The 22nd and 26th episodes are special editions that are the introductory part of the main story without the theme song.In episode 22, "Space Battleship Yamato" was used as the ending (the same video as the opening was used).
In addition, the ending method is different from the full size for records, and it fades out while repeating the part after the first (the part corresponding to the interlude in the full size).
In the video, Stasha's face gradually rises in the chorus part of the song, and then moves away toward the upper right of the screen.In the first episode, Stasha's face gradually moved away in the chorus part of the song.Also, in the 1th episode (final episode), a special edition that is silent and only the staff roll is displayed.
In the cut of Stasha's face, the staff accidentally broke the original picture after shooting the ending of the first episode, so in the ending of the second and subsequent episodes, traces of correction can be seen on Stasha's face.[74].
Some of these opening and endings do not have the original negative film, and the LD-BOX and DVD-BOX are as close as possible to the state at the time of the main broadcast by using the broadcast prints of that time. However, the materials may be unified from the viewpoint of image quality, etc. at the time of rebroadcasting or depending on the video software.
"Space Battleship Yamato 2"
The intro sound effects are different.
"Space Battleship Yamato III"
A song in which the last part of the song (after "Leave the Galaxy") is replaced with another version of "Space Battleship Yamato" (the version 3 & 4 used in "Space Battleship Yamato" without echo).The ending part is shortened.
Another take of Akira Yamazaki singing in the style of Masato Shimon of the first episode NG version is recorded.
"English version SPACE CRUISER YAMATO"
Single board..Publisher: Japan Columbia.Item No .: CK-517.Release date:1978 October[75].
  • Side A: SPACE CRUISER YAMATO (2 minutes 12 seconds).
  • Side B: THE RED SCARF (3 minutes 00 seconds).
Both songs are Japanese original versionskaraoke(Composer / Arranger-Yasushi Miyagawa), translated by Donald P. Berger and sung by Isao Sasaki (no backing chorus).
"Yamato, Space Battleship"
An English translation version of the album "Happy Child! -Uta in English Children's Song Minna no Uta-" released on April 1997, 4.The song is by Michael G.
Foreign version theme song
  • Star Blazers-Iscandar (Star Blazers' first theme song, singer unknown)
  • Star Blazers-Comet Empire
  • Star Blazers2

Program insert song (scat) Is the singer'sKazuko KawashimaIs in charge.

List of stories

Each subtitle isDubbingAs written in the script.In addition, the following changes were mainly made to each episode in the movie adaptation.

  • One episode complete episode that does not affect the composition of the entire series is cut.In the TV series, the episodes and battles that spanned the front and back parts are not only summarized in one episode, but also redrawn for the movie version.Especially in the latter half of episode 1, storyboards by Noboru Ishiguro and new drawings by Toyoo Ashida and others are being performed.
Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardDirector assistantAnimation directorback groundEdit reflected in the movie versionDays until the destruction of humankind
Episode 11974
May 10
SOS Earth !! Revived Space Battleship YamatoKeisuke FujikawaReiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
Shuji IuchiToyoo AshidaRyoo StudioReflected because it is the beginning of the story.-
Episode 2May 10No. XNUMX gun !! Space Battleship Yamato started !!Takeshi ShiradoReflecting the beginning part and the flashback scene while integrating with the third episode.364 days
Episode 3May 10Yamato starts !! Challenge to 29 light years !!Ishiguro Noboru[Note 6]Ishizaki SusumuToyoo Ashida
(Drawing direction)
Junichi MizunoReflecting the process of starting while integrating with the part of the second episode.363 days
Episode 4May 10A world of wonder !! Yamato jumped over the lightYoshino Tomino
Ishiguro Noboru
Shigeo KoshiTakeshi ShiradoToshihisa HigashishinoReflected mainly on the warp test.362 days
Episode 5May 11Escape the floating continent !! A wave cannon that calls for a crisis !!Reiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
Ishizaki SusumuToyoo AshidaJunichi MizunoThe wave cannon test is reflected in the digest.361 days
Episode 6May 11Space destroyer Yukikaze sleeping on the ice field!Tamura MaruYoshikazu YasuhikoShuji IuchiTakeshi ShiradoToshihisa HigashishinoCut for a complete episode.359 days
Episode 7May 11Yamato sank !! Fateful fortress capture battle !!Keisuke FujikawaReiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
Shigeo KoshiToyoo AshidaJunichi MizunoA digest of the Pluto base capture battle.356 days
Episode 8May 11Desperate Yamato !! Defeat the reflective satellite!Yoshikazu YasuhikoIshizaki SusumuToshihisa Higashishino354 days
Episode 9May 12Rotational protection !! Asteroid belt !!Shigeo KoshiJunichi MizunoCut for one episode complete episode.
However, only Schultz's killed in action and the asteroid belt are used.
338 days
Episode 10May 12Farewell to the heliosphere! With love from the galaxy !!Tamura MaruFumio IkenoShuji IuchiTakeshi ShiradoToshihisa HigashishinoCut for one episode complete episode.
However, only the separation from the solar system is reflected.
315 days
Episode 11May 12Decision !! Gamirasu Absolute Defense Line Rush !!Keisuke FujikawaYoshikazu Yasuhiko
Ishiguro Noboru
Shigeo KoshiToyoo AshidaJunichi MizunoThe strategy meeting of Gamirasu is integrated with the 12th episode and reflected.311 days
Episode 12May 12Desperate !! Orion's wish star, hell starTamura MaruYoshikazu YasuhikoIshizaki SusumuTakeshi ShiradoToshihisa HigashishinoReflects the battle of Orion and the onset of Okita.308 days
Episode 13May 12Hurry Yamato !! The earth is sick !!Keisuke FujikawaKenzo Koizumi
Ishiguro Noboru
Yasuo HasegawaKenzo KoizumiCut for one episode complete episode.
However, only the appearance of Domel is reflected.
305 days
Episode 141975
May 1
Trials of the galaxy !! Start in 2200 AD !!Yoshikazu YasuhikoShigeo KoshiToyoo AshidaJunichi MizunoCut for one episode complete episode280 days
Episode 15May 1Desperate escape !! Yamato of another dimensionTakeshi ShiradoIshizaki SusumuTakeshi Shirado273 days
Episode 16May 1Beemera, the death row prisoner in the dungeon !!Koichi YamamotoYoshikazu YasuhikoKazufumi NomuraNobuhiro OkasekoToshihisa Higashishino267 days
Episode 17May 1Charge !! Baranodon Special Attack UnitKeisuke FujikawaReiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
Shigeo KoshiTakeshi Shirado263 days
Episode 18May 2Floating fortress island !! Only two suicide squads !!Yoshikazu YasuhikoIshizaki SusumuToyoo Ashida260 days
Episode 19May 2Nostalgia for the universe !! My mother's tears are my tearsKoichi YamamotoIshiguro NoboruShigeo KoshiNobuhiro Okaseko255 days
Episode 20May 2The day when the sun falls on Baran !!Yoshikazu YasuhikoYasuo HasegawaKenzo KoizumiCut for one episode complete episode.
However, some reflections such as the cut of Baran Star Base.
253 days
Episode 21May 2Domel Fleet !! Challenge of DeathKeisuke FujikawaKazuo TeradaSaburo SakamotoReflects the introduction to the Seven-Colored Star Cluster Battle.215 days
Episode 22May 3Decisive battle !! Battle of the seven-colored star cluster !!Reiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
-Takeshi ShiradoReflected almost uncut.214 days[76]
Episode 23May 3Finally came !! Magellan Nebula wave height !!Koichi YamamotoYoshikazu YasuhikoIshizaki SusumuToyoo Ashida
Takao Ogawa
(Assistant animation director)
Uses Yamato's arrival and Gamirasu's strategy.164 days
Episode 24May 3Deathfight !! God, cry for Gamirasu !!Shigeo KoshiKenzo KoizumiReflected almost uncut.161 days
Episode 25May 3Iskandar !! Perishing or the star of love !!Ishizaki SusumuNobuhiro OkasekoMost of the photos taken after arriving in Iskandar.131 days
Episode 26May 3Earth !! Yamato is back !!Keisuke FujikawaReiji Matsumoto
Ishiguro Noboru
-Reflected with new drawings.
Deslar's counterattack and snow killed in action are cut.


Broadcast and influence

1974 May 10から1975 May 3Up to 26 times, Yomiuri Telecasting was broadcast as a key station.

Initially, a maximum of 39 episodes (51 episodes at the time of planning) will be broadcast,Small Magellanic CloudA story such as the base defeat was prepared.Audience rating TheVideo researchAverage 6.0%,NielsenAccording to the survey, the average was 7.3%.[83]..However, it gained popularity from science fiction fans,Japan SF competitionBy fan votingNebula AwardTo win.

In addition to the low audience rating, the above-mentioned harsh production, and the budget of 1 million yen per episode cost 500 million yen.[84], Because when I made one episode, I got a deficit of 1 million yen[85], The extension to the 3rd course was abandoned during the 1st course, and the hint to the final stage was deleted and it was produced and aired after being reconstructed into all 26 episodes.

As mentioned above, this broadcast failed, but rebroadcasts began in the Sapporo area in September 1975 and on the Yomiuri TV system in January of the following year, and as rebroadcasts continued in other areas, "Space Battleship Yamato" It came to be re-evaluated, and recorded a 9% audience rating, especially in the Kanto region.[86]..This rebroadcast and movie adaptation gained popularity as a social phenomenon, and brought about various influences not only in the Yamato boom but also in the anime boom described below, as well as in the history of anime.

Doujinshi sale event OfComic marketInitiallyShojo mangaWas the center, but with this work, the participation of anime circles began to increase.[87].

1970 eraから1980 eraThe voice actor boom is said to be the influence of the anime voice actors' attention due to the hit of this work.[88][89].

Even in the manga market, "Space Battleship Yamato" has become complicated and intimate, and it is hard to say which is the main subject of the relationship between manga and TV animation.Media mixThere is an evaluation that it was a turning point for the market expansion by[90].

It had a great influence on the creators later,Hideaki Anno,Hiroshi DebuchiThey say that without Yamato, they wouldn't be who they are now.[91][92].

Regarding the reason why this work became popular with middle and high school students at that timeSociologistからmoratoriumHas been pointed out.At that time, the high school enrollment rate and university enrollment rate were increasing significantly, and as a result of the expansion of the moratorium period, it is said that junior and senior high school students could afford to enjoy animation like this work.[93]. Also,Student movementDue to the decline of society and the immobilization of society, young peoplesub cultureIt is said that by flocking to ", I became drowned in the world of fantasy.[94].

Outside Japan

Not only in JapanAmericaThe movie version of "Space Cruiser Yamato", which was re-edited in 1977, was released, and since 1979, it has been televised in urban areas as a syndication program under the title of "Star Blazers". The audience rating of "STAR BLAZERS" is not so high, and its popularity is not all over the United States.East coastIt stayed around. "Science Ninja Team GatchamanCompared to the modification of "STAR BLAZERS", the modification of "STAR BLAZERS" was limited to violent depictions and the deletion of battleship Yamato.The name of Space Battleship Yamato isGreek mythologyArgo (Argo ship), And the charactersWRenamed to the wind[95][96].

Re-exported from the United StatesAustralia,イタリアThe same is true in countries such as.

In Asia South Korea1981 "Space Battleship V" (우주 전함 V 호) Is broadcast under the title[97], "Galaxy Fleet Earth" (은 하함대 지구호) Has also appeared[98].Hong KongThen it was broadcast as "Taiku Kikan", and both were manga versionsPicture book,Mook OfPirated versionWas also published[29].TaiwanWas broadcast under the title of "Space Battleship" (however, only the first and second TV versions).

English notation

The movie version of the first movie re-edited and exported in 1977EnglishThe notation was "Space Cruiser Yamato".Producer Yoshinobu NishizakiCruiserIs said to have owned[99]..Also, in English-speaking science fiction works, like Star Trek, "The word Battleship is stupid, so I don't use it for space battleships."Currently it has been changed to "Space Battleship Yamato".

The United States of AmericaThen,STAR BLAZERS"[100] It was televised under the title of.

Anime boom

In the form of taking over the boom of this work that occurred in the rebroadcast, "Galaxy Express 999''Mobile Suit Gundam』Has gained popularity, and it has been well-established that it has become a catalyst for the anime boom, not just the Yamato boom.[101][102].

After the end of the main broadcast at the end of March 1975, the right to rebroadcast was granted by Nishizaki producer's cash flowWansa-kunSold to Tohokushinsha by tying[103]It is said that, in reality, the rebroadcasting rights were not sold at the time of the rebroadcast in 1975, and Tohoku Shinsha was rejecting Nishizaki's proposal to sell the rebroadcasting rights, and only outsourced the rebroadcasting business.The rebroadcast was carried out independently by Nishizaki and made a big hit.After that hit, he was the representative of Tohokushinsha at that time.Banjiro UemuraThere is an anecdote telling Nishizaki that he regretted that he should have bought it at that time. In the summer of 1975KinkiRebroadcast started from, and will be held nationwide from the fall of 1975, increasing in popularity[104]..Besides getting a high audience rating[105], Fan clubs are formed all over the country[104][106]..It is said that the fan club had 851 groups and 15 people nationwide at its peak.[107]..In response to the call from producer Nishizaki, the fan club made a request for the theme song to the radio program and put up posters when the movie was released, which helped to boost the Yamato boom.[108].. In December 1977, the office academy presided over, Nishizaki was the chairman's official fan club "Space Battleship Yamato Fan Club Headquarters" was established, and the magazine "Space Battleship Yamato" was published.[109][110].

Then, an anime magazine was born for fans of middle and high school students and high teens who were born by "Space Battleship Yamato".At that time, the TV magazine for children, "TV magazine"TV Land" "Adventure King"Anime magazineDoes not exist, and first started as a subculture magazine "Monthly OUTWas featured in the June 1977 issue (first issue No. 6).This Yamato special feature is for fans who were doing doujinshi activitiesMasanobu Komaki,Ryusuke Hikawa, Hideaki Ito (Kedderman) was appointed as a writer and written[111], It became an unusual reprint for a magazine[112][113]..This is the first time that Yamato has been featured in earnest in a commercial magazine for young people.[111], It is said that the 50-page Yamato special feature of this "Monthly OUT" was the spark of the Yamato boom.[114]..Furthermore, it was released in August of the same year.Tv landThe special edition "Roman Album Space Battleship Yamato" received a great deal of feedback from people who were not in the fan club, and "AnimageCreate a flow of anime magazines that leads to[115][116].

For the generations formed by Yamato, researching the success and failure aspects of this work, "Mobile Suit GundamWas planned[117]This is testified by Masao Iizuka, who was enrolled at Sunrise Japan, and former presidents Eiji Yamaura and Takayuki Yoshii.Originally, the project of "Mobile Suit Gundam" was planned with the space carrier Pegasus as the leading role.[118][119].BandaiFor Yamato's plastic model know-how,GunplaIt was decided to be utilized in (DetailsSpace Battleship Yamato Series #ToysSee).

Impact on society and dark areas

Not only the positive impact on the general public as mentioned above, but alsoCultIt also affects the dark side of society.EspeciallyAum ShinrikyoIt has been pointed out that is influenced by various subcultures, and the influence of this work is also mentioned as one of them.Specifically, of the air purifierCosmo cleaner, Of the action unitWhite love warriorThe name, the cockpit and costume of the spaceship in the cult's independent animation, the motif of saving the endangered human beings, etc.[120][121][122].

Movie version

1977 A re-edited version of the TV broadcast version that was released in theaters.

The official title is "Space Battleship Yamato", which is the same as the TV broadcast version, but to distinguish it from the TV broadcast version, it is written as "Space Battleship Yamato (theatrical version)" in video software.


After the TV broadcast, episode 22 was retaken[86]..The story was broadcast on TV with the NG scene included due to the overcrowded schedule (#Another version(See), Episode 21-Episode 22 (Battle of the Seven-Colored Star Cluster) was to be revised on the assumption that it would be sold to a film rental company as a 1-minute novella movie.From here, the idea of ​​making a theatrical movie was born.[86].

Initially, it was re-edited for export outside Japan with the cooperation of Toshio Masuda and Eiichi Yamamoto, but considering the existence of domestic fans from Asahi Sonorama employees who had a connection with the novel version in early 1977. Get advice on how to make it domestic[125].

However, at that time, Nishizaki was still an unknown producer, and because it was a work that failed commercially on TV, the major movie company that saw the previewToho,ShochikuAnd the distribution of Western moviesToho Towa,Japanese herald movies"I can't make money like this"distributionKicked[126][127][128][129][130][131][132][133][134], NishizakiToei OfShigeru OkadaCrying at the president (at that time)[133]Requested distribution at Toei[126][128][129][130][133], Okada decided to distribute after confirming that it was interesting to watch[133]..The reason Okada bought it is "because we have no other works".[129].

OkadaTokyu RecreationDiscuss with[128],Tokyo metropolitan areaIs Tokyu Recreation (4 theaters in Tokyo), in rural areasToei Western-style filmDecided to distribute in the theater chain[128]..Okada says, "I discovered Mr. Nishizaki's talent."[128]..At first, Nishizaki planned to withdraw from the anime at the end and release it to the theater for a week for fans by the independent distribution of the Office Academy.[135][136].

Okada was enthusiastic about the strange idea of ​​floating a battleship in the sky, saying, "That idea is never born in a movie shop like us. The scary thing is an amateur."[137][138], Confidant producer Tatsu Yoshida sent to Office Academy for two and a half years[139], Yamato series work was in charge of taking in Nishizaki[139]..Okada took charge of Yoshida for strangers from the outside[140]..The Yamato series strongly impressed Okada with the power of anime movies.[139][141], Toei became an opportunity to produce many anime movies[139][141][142]..Okada said, "Filmmaking is fashion. What the public is looking for is constantly shaking. In order to keep up with this, it is necessary to put in something with a completely different idea.Kadokawa HarukiThat's why I asked Kun to put in a shashin, and Nishizaki Kun came in and revolutionized the anime movie. "[143].

Contents of re-editing

In May 1975, re-editing for theaters began.Initially three and a half hours or five hours long[142]However, it was shortened by about 13 hours by deleting the entire episodes 19-2 with a policy of focusing on the story of Captain Okita under the supervision of Toshio Masuda.[86]..In addition, the script of the Iskandar arrival scene was rewritten, and the final Deslar re-attack scene was deleted, shortening it to 2 hours and 8 minutes.In the Iskandar scene, Noboru Ishiguro created a new storyboard with the setting that Stasha has already died and will appear in a three-dimensional hologram.[144][145][86], Toyoo Ashida's studio drew[86][146]..Therefore, there is no survival or re-appearance of Mamoru Kodai.The version containing this scene is commonly referred to as "Stasha Death Edition".The additional scene was shot on 16mm film because it was originally produced as a omnibus for 16mm rental film and the budget was insufficient.Therefore, the image quality is coarser than the reused part from the TV version shot on 35 mm film.[86][145].

In addition, this work has two versions, Yamamoto version and Masuda version, and it is said that Yamamoto chose the Masuda version after comparing.[147].

After-recording was mainly done by replacing some lines, and a new recording was done by the main cast.[148].

Trends in Japan

Special article on "Monthly OUT"

The existence of the movie version "Space Battleship Yamato" became publicly known in the June 1977 issue of "Monthly OUT" magazine (released in late April, the second issue).[149]..In the same issueYamato AssociationWith the cooperation of a fan club called (YA), a total of 60 pages including an interview with Yoshinobu Nishizaki, an episode guide, a character guide, and a Yamato encyclopedia.[Note 7]Yamato special feature was published[150].

"Monthly OUT" will feature "Space Battleship Yamato" again in the August issue (released in late June), and will be released in theaters from August 8th.Originally, it was planned to hold a one-week screening for fans only at a movie theater in Shinjuku by the independent distribution of the office academy, but in response to the favorable response of fans to the June issue of the magazine, 6 Tokyu recreation theaters Has been decided to be released.The issue also describes how to obtain advance tickets, and sells a large number of advance tickets.

The information that only the Tokyo screening in this "Monthly OUT" magazine will develop into the nationwide release described later.[124].

Movement around

1977 year 7 month,Nippon ColumbiaThe TV version of the soundtrack LP (CS-7033) was released and became a hit.The "soundtrack" in this case is "edited from the original TV sound.Collection of famous scenesIn the sense of[Note 8], At the beginning of the OP theme song, there was a familiar narration and sound effect on TV, "The Universe that spreads infinitely ...".Also, on the obi, it was written, "Do you remember! That hot blood !!"

In addition, the popularity of reruns and the activities of fan clubs will be reported one after another in newspapers.

The night before the release

"Monthly OUTWill be featured in the September issue (released in late July) for the second time in Yamato.[150][Note 9].

On the night of August 1977, 8, with the release scheduled for the next morning,Cel pictureFans looking for gifts lined up in front of the theater.Until then, the American movie "exorcist』, But it is said that it was the first movie version of Yamato that the all-nighter group appeared for the first time in a Japanese movie.[151][152][153].

Nishizaki and his colleagues, who saw the TV report that "fans line up in front of the theater," rushed to the theater the same night.AccompaniedIshiguro NoboruAccording to Nishizaki, it was a momentum that could shake hands with all the fans in line.[149]..At this time, the number of fans who lined up all night was over 2.[149][154].

Theater release

On August 1977, 8, the movie version of "Space Battleship Yamato" was released in four buildings in Tokyo. The 6 hour and 4 minute "Starsha Death Edition" was screened in Japan in the summer of 1977.[146][155][156][157].

When the August issue of "Monthly OUT" mentioned above conveys information about screenings only in the four theaters in Tokyo, there is a growing demand for screenings nationwide, and the office academy also requests songs from radio stations through fan clubs. Strategy to put up a poster and become a topic of the media[124]..Due to these responses, Shigeru Okada, President of Toei Co., Ltd.[158], Distribution in local citiesToeiWas in charge of the nationwide distribution of Toei Western-style films[158]..On August 1th, one week after the release in TokyoSapporo2 buildings were scheduled to be releasedAsahikawa,Hakodate,MuroranWill be expanded to the public[159][149]) Starting with that, local bookings will proceed and the national road show will be decided.[124][153][160].

The number of screenings in rural areas has increased because of the American movie "Black SundayIt was also partly because there was a local movie theater that had a hole in it due to the screening cancellation incident.Eventually, it mobilized 225 spectators, raising 2000 million yen in distribution revenue and 9 billion yen in box office revenue.[124], Became a hit movie that recorded the 1977th place box office record in the 9 Japanese movie[161].

At that time, the feature-length anime movie was for younger ages by Toei Animation (currently Toei Animation).Toei Manga FestivalAlthough it was a situation of being alone, the movie version Yamato's hit broke this situation, and there was also an anime movie boom in which re-edited versions of TV animation and new feature-length animations were released one after another for high-teen anime fans. Woke up[162][163].. When "Space Battleship Yamato" was released in theaters in August 1977, the word "animation boom" was born.[164], From the big hit of this work, the animated movie that had been crowded in the evening time zone for children on TV has been enlarged and advanced to the theater[165]..Toei Animation, which had been sluggish for a long time, revives with this work[129][141], Became the driving force for the Toei Western films distributed[130]..On the advertising side, instead of the traditional "manga movie", the word "animation" was pushed out all over, and the techniques that are common in later anime movies, such as advance tickets with benefits, stage greetings on the first day, and cel gifts, were used. It is this work that became[153][149].

TV broadcast

The year after the theatrical release, "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors1978, the day before the releaseMay 8What was televised on TV was "Stasha Survival Edition," which took 146 minutes in line with the TV series that Stasha was alive and had a romantic relationship with the rescued Mamoru Kodai.[155].. Re-edited as "Survival Edition", Tokugawa bowed to Stasha and went out, despite the story that there was no rebellion of bushes (when returning to Earth, the bushes can be seen on the first bridge). There is a scene in which snow is injured in the scene of farewell to Mamoru Kodai and Stasha (the rebellion was not drawn because the bush appeared in the scene of watching the last earth). It doesn't make sense if you don't think it wasn't there).

The broadcasting station of the movie version "Space Battleship Yamato" is not the Japanese TV series of the TV series,Fuji Television Network, IncIt competed with Nippon Television and acquired the broadcasting rights for 5000 million yen.Audience rating is 31.9%[107][166]..After that, "Stasha Death Edition" is no longer the official history of the Yamato series and will not be screened when it is re-released.[167][168]The following year, in 1979, Fuji TV broadcast "Space Battleship Yamato A new departureIs the first TV version based on "Starsha Survival Edition" and "2』It is a sequel to.

At the "Space Battleship Yamato Festival" that started on July 1979, 7, "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Ai no Senshi" and "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Ai no Senshi" produced by Yoshinobu NishizakiSea Triton』And with threeRoadshowThe "Survival Edition" was also screened when it was released (distributed by the Toei Western Film Department).The distribution income at that time was 5 million yen[169].

Video software and variations

The first video software of this work was made in 1983.Toei videoからVHSBeta max,Nippon VictorFrom VHSVHD, LD was released by Nippon Columbia[170].

Of these, a stereo version of the audio was newly produced for the video software released by JVC.The video is the same, but the BGM is replaced or pseudo-stereo.[170].

"Stasha Death Edition", which had been sealed for a long time, was released in 1990.Laser discFirst recorded as a bonus video of "Space Battleship Yamato Theatrical Version Perfect Collection"[167][168]..This video privilege was originally produced as a omnibus film for 16mm rental film, but also includes the scene of Yamato's diving and the scene of Stasha's palace sinking when it was released to the theater.[145][171].

In the later DVD version and BD version, you can select and watch the survival version and the death version by selecting on the menu screen, but the death scene does not include the sinking scene of the palace.[171].

As of 2015, there are "Stasha Death Edition" and "Stasha Survival Edition" in this work, and a monaural version and a stereo version respectively, and after the DVD, you can select a total of four variations.

Deployment outside Japan

By 1976, Office Academy had been engaged in overseas sales of Japanese movies, and "Space Battleship Yamato" was added to the lineup.[86]..At that time, it was easier to sell if the screening time was shorter, so the scene related to Orion star (Episode 12) was deleted and it was shortened to 1 hour 38 minutes.[86].

In May 1977, the English dubbed version of "Space Cruiser Yamato" ("Starsha Death Edition") was released.30th Cannes International Film FestivalWas exhibited in[172][86]..English versionFlyerAlso distributed, United States,メキシコ,カナダ,The United Kingdom,FranceContracts with distributors in 11 countries[160][86]..In the United States, not only screenings in movie theaters, but also some television broadcasts[Note 10][86].

Evaluation outside Japan

The movie review of "Space Cruiser Yamato" was published in the second issue of "Starburst" magazine (British science fiction and fantasy magazine) published in March 1978, but the author was "Space Battleship Yamato".Star Wars』I misunderstood that it was a latecomer, and criticized it by listing the common points of both works[86].

Olive Related Products

1977 year 11 month,Nippon ColumbiaReleased a boxed LP record of "Space Cruiser Yamato". The contents of the LP were edited from the English dubbed version of the audio track and summarized in 54 minutes, and the attached booklet included a script in both Japanese and English, and a poster drawn by Studio Nue was also included.[86].

In December 1978, Nippon Columbia released the English version of the theme song single "SPACE CRUISER YAMATO / THE RED SCARF" sung by Isao Sasaki.#Theme song) Was released, but this is not directly related to the movie version of "Space Cruiser Yamato"[86].

Pilot version

Produced to market to Yomiuri TV in August 1974Pilot film..The music by composer Hiroshi Miyagawa has not been completed, and the BGMDeodorantof"Zaratustra talks] OrQuincy JonesThe movie "GetawayThree songs were used from ready-made sound sources such as "Love Theme". Although it is recorded as it is in LD, it is impossible to completely record audio on DVD and BD due to copyright issues, and the original audio with narration and sound effects is replaced, and the whole volume is BGM "Infinitely expanding cosmos "Yamato flying off the earth" is only played.

August 1974/8 minutes /Eastman color

  • Narration-Goro Naya
  • Iskandar Star Starsha-Michiko Hirai
ス タ ッ フ
  • Storyboards-Nobuhiro Okaseko, Noboru Ishiguro
  • Directed by Nobuhiro Okaseko
  • Original picture-Nobuhiro Okaseko, Toyoo Ashida, Seiichi Nodate, Kozo Masanobu

Video software

TV series
In addition to the following, a total of 3 times from 4 companiesvideoHas been transformed[173].
Space Battleship Yamato TV Series PART1 Perfect Collection
Distributor:Bandai visual / Release date: July 1990, 7
All 7 discsLaser discBox.Includes NG songs as audio benefitssoundtrackWas recorded.
In addition, the pilot film of the video privilege is the only medium in which this LD-BOX can listen to the original sound source at the moment.
Space Battleship Yamato DVD Memorial Box
Product number: BCBA-0530 / Distributor: Bandai Visual / Release date: July 2000, 07
All 5 discsDVDBox.It was produced with the intention of reproducing the first broadcast, and the main video is based on the broadcast film dropped from 35 mm negative to 16 mm positive.[173]..As a bonus video, the first episode NG video of home video recording is recorded[173]..The video was recorded with the best resolution analog signal at the time[173]..Contains many video benefits such as the pilot version and the first episode of the NG version.[173].
64 pages in totalCommentary booklet"Space Battleship Yamato DVD Memorial Box Hokaku File" is included.
In addition, since the box was released before the rights issue of this work was solved, the telop of "Original / Total Setting Reiji Matsumoto" will be played at the beginning when playing.
Space Battleship Yamato TV DVD-BOX[174]
Product number: BCBA-3167 / Distributor: Bandai Visual / Release date: July 2008, 02
A 7-disc DVD box.High definitionIt was produced under the supervision of Yoshinobu Nishizaki by the HD remastering project that was set up while the number of compatible TVs began to increase.[173].. 35mm originalnegativeSince, the video is remastered in HD and recorded.[173]..There is no kind of video privilege.In addition, when creating this DVD-BOX version, some parts such as color specification mistakes in the main part and lip-syncing misalignment were digitally corrected (the same applies to BD-BOX).
A 27-page commentary booklet "Space Battleship Yamato TV DVD-BOX Record File" is included.This booklet is created as a sequel to the above "Space Battleship Yamato DVD Memorial Box Hokaku File".[173].
Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX[175][176]
Product number: BCXA-0451 (standard version), BCXA-0452 (luxury version) / Distributor: Bandai Visual / Release date: July 2012, 07
All 5 discsBDbox.35mm HD negative made with the above "TV DVD-BOX"telecineHigh-quality video that has been readjusted based on the master is recorded.Storyboard main story playback and first broadcast version reproduction mode, andMitsuru Kashihara,Hideaki Anno,Hiroshi Debuchi,Ryusuke HikawaIncludes audio commentary by appearance as a privilege.In addition to the deluxe edition of the first limited production, a bonus disc containing video benefits, storyboards, original pictures, etc. recorded in the DVD Memorial Box has been added.
A 36-page commentary booklet "Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX Standard Edition File" is included, and a 64-page "Space Battleship Yamato TV BD-BOX Deluxe Edition File" is also included in the deluxe edition.[Note 11].
Movie version
Before the following products, as mentioned above, in 1983Toei videoからVHSBeta max,Nippon VictorFrom VHSVHD, LD was released by Nippon Columbia[170].
Space Battleship Yamato Theatrical Version Perfect Collection
Product number: BELL-315
A total of 5 LD boxes containing a total of 8 movies and TV specials.
Space Battleship Yamato Movie version
品番:BCBA-0250、BCBA-3081(メモリアルBOX)、BCBA-3707(廉価版) / 販売元:バンダイビジュアル / 発売日:1999年08月25日、2007年08月24日(メモリアルBOX)、2009年11月25日(廉価版)
DVD.In addition to being able to switch the audio between stereo and monaural, "Stasha Death Edition" is recorded.The screen size is Vista size, which is cut up and down from the original standard size. In 2007, as a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Space Battleship Yamato series, it was made into a box together with other movie version DVDs, and the DVD label has specifications according to it.In 2009, a low-priced version of "EMOTION the Best" was released.
Space Battleship Yamato Movie version[177][178]
Product number: BCXA-0714 / Distributor: Bandai Visual / Release date: June 2013, 6
BD that remastered the video in HD. In the DVD version, the size was cut up and down, but in this BD it is standard,VistaBoth can be selected. The recording specifications of "Starsha Death Edition" are the same as the DVD version.

Media development


Space Battleship Yamato (Drawing-Leiji Matsumoto)
In parallel with the broadcast of the animation, "Adventure king』Magazine1974 From April issue1975 Serialized until the April issue.Matsumoto's weekly anime broadcast and manga serialization in a monthly magazine were paralleled, so the serialization became "a considerable digest version", and the serialization was "still a considerable digest version", and the book with more than 4 pages added was also "still". He recalls that it is incomplete, and says he wants to release a complete version if he has the opportunity.[179].
In addition, the contents after the end of the second volume of the book and the first volume of the paperback book are "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors''Space Battleship Yamato 2"belongs to.
  1. Released on July 1975, 7,ISBN-978 4253063302
  2. Released on July 1979, 4,ISBN-978 4253063319
  3. Released on July 1980, 4,ISBN-978 4253063326
paperback(Akita Bunko
  1. Released in July 1994,ISBN-978 4253170178
  2. Released in July 1994,ISBN-978 4253170185
Space Battleship Yamato (Drawing- Sei Yuki
Monthly magazine for children "Tv landSerialized from the November 1974 issue to the March 11 issue[181]..The final episode ends with a scene in which the Domel fleet's total attack is evaded by the Great Magellan Nebula, Yamato dodges with the spatial distortion of the warp, arrives at Iskandar, and bury the dead Captain Okita.Since its publication, only a limited edition of 300 douujinshi for research materials has been published, and it has never been officially reprinted or published as a book. The first issue of "Separate Volume TV Land" released in 1975 featured an original episode of a Gamirasu POW from the colonial star as an extra edition.[181],This is"Hyper hobbyReprinted in the July 2012 issue[182].
Space Battleship Yamato (Drawing- Hio Akira
From 1974 to 1975Asahi SonoramaPublished by Sun Comics in all three volumesComicalizationthe work.Keisuke Fujikawa, who was in charge of the script for the anime version, composed and was in charge of the original manga.In the anime version, the omitted Harlock and Irose played an active part, Juzo Okita died in the middle of the voyage and was buried in space, and since then the ancient has served as the captain, showing a different development from the story of the anime version. ..Even in the Gamirasu main star decisive battle, General Domel, who is equivalent to the anime version of Domel, challenges Yamato with a large fleet instead of an aircraft carrier.After getting through this, Yamato bombed Valeras, the imperial capital of Gamirasu, and arrived at Iskandar.After sending out Yamato, Stasha blew up the stars of Gamirasu and Iskandar to help him return (3 volumes).In addition, the story of the old 39 episode version is also drawn.[183].
In 2005media FactoryFrom to the paperback, and in 2009, "Space Battleship Yamato RevivalWith the release ofConvenience store comicsWas transformed.
Book (Sun Comics)
  1. Released on July 1974, 11,ISBN-978 4257915393
  2. Released on July 1974, 12,ISBN-978 4257915386
  3. Released on July 1975, 2,ISBN-978 4257913047
Paperback book (MF paperback)
  1. Released in July 2005,ISBN-978 4840112154
  2. Released in July 2005,ISBN-978 4840112161
Convenience comic (MF Comics
  1. Released in July 2009,ISBN-978 4840129329
  2. Released on July 2009, 12,ISBN-978 4840129497
Space Battleship Yamato Eternal Jura Edition (Drawing --Reiji Matsumoto / Planning Cooperation --Yoshinobu Nishizaki)
"Play comics』Magazine1976 Published in the August 8 issue[184]..A new one-shot project of a famous manga by the original author that was popular at that time[Note 12]A side story drawn as part of.The only work that depicts Deslar's wife and children.


Space Battleship Yamato Earth Destruction Edition / Space Battleship Yamato Earth Revival Edition
Author: Arashi Ishizu / Original draft: Yutsune Toyoda / Publisher: Asahi Sonorama / Release date: October 1974, 10 (Earth destruction edition), February 20, 1975 (Earth revival edition)
It is composed based on the idea of ​​Toyota and others who died at the planning stage of this work, Starsha is a computer, and Deslar is a temporary life form created by Starsia.Most of the Yamato crew are killed in action or accidentally killed by the time they arrive at Iskandar.Be told that the radioactively contaminated Earth is irreparable and will undergo ecological remodeling to adapt to its environment.The story and settings are significantly different from the anime version, such as destroying the creator, Starsha (Iskandar), in order to defeat the temporary life form Deslar.According to Aritsune Toyota, "99.9% Ishizu's work"[186]..In addition, a part of the setting of the final stage was utilized in the movie version of "Starcia Death Edition".
Reprinted on November 1975, 11 in the Sonorama Bunko (ISBN-978 4257760016).
Space Battleship Yamato Start / Space Battleship Yamato Death Fight / Space Battleship Yamato Kaiten
Composition: Yoshinobu Nishizaki / Publisher: Asahi Sonorama / Release date: July 1977, 7 (starting edition), August 20, 1977 (death fighting edition), August 8, 1 (kaiten edition)
Reprinted in Sonorama Bunko on December 1978, 12.
Sonorama Collection
Space Battleship Yamato
Author:Ken Wakasaki / Supervision: Yoshinobu Nishizaki / Publisher:Shueisha / September 1978, 9
Shueisha Bunko Cobalt Series.ISBN-978 4086102285.
Space Battleship Yamato
Author: Chiru Maki / Supervision: Yoshinobu Nishizaki / Publisher: Shueisha / Release Date: November 1978, 11
Space Battleship Yamato omnibus
Author: Kiyoshi Miura / Supervision: Yoshinobu Nishizaki / Publisher: Shueisha / Release date: November 1978, 11
Monkey paperback.
Hot-blooded novel Space Battleship Yamato
Author:Hitomi Takagaki / Publisher: Office Academy / Release Date: July 1979, 7
A novel created by Takagaki in tune with Nishizaki's enthusiasm to "leave Yamato as a literary work"[187].
It seems that it tried to resolve some of the contradictions in the animation, the message arrived two years ago, it took a year to build Yamato, and the Gamirasu people have developed intelligence to that extent. Instead, he overlooked Sasha's spaceship and was tactically defeated in the battle with Yamato.[187].

Picture story

Fantasy sciencePicture storyVersion
At the same time as the anime broadcast,XNUMXth grade』Serialized 1974 times from the October 10 issue to the March 1975 issue.The composition and text are Keisuke Fujikawa, and the picture is Leiji Matsumoto.The final round is centered on the decisive battle of the seven-colored star cluster with the Domel fleet, and the battle against Gamirasu and the descent of Iskandar are completed with 3 lines of text. In 6, all 32 episodes were reprinted for the first time in "Is there such a manga? The unknown sequel to the masterpiece manga, Gaiden"[188].. Then2010 ToShogakkan CreativeIt was reprinted in the "Unreprinted Science Fiction Works" of "Leiji Matsumoto Early Science Fiction Works" published by.This book also includes "Machine Doji" ("Bokura Magazine" 1970, Kodansha), which became a model for Sasha Ship and escape capsules.
Picture story version
At the same time as the anime broadcast,XNUMXth grade』Serialized 1974 times from the October 10 issue to the March 75 issue.Text: Keisuke Fujikawa / Picture:Shigeto Ikehara..Immediately before the final episode, the 8th episode of Pluto base destruction operation was posted, and in the final episode, the Gamirasu main star offensive and defensive battle was posted and ended.


Space Battleship Yamato
Selling agency:SKILL / Release year: 1985 / Genre: Command shooting
Commercial laserdisc game(arcade game).
Space Battleship Yamato
Selling agency:Beck / Release date: July 1992, 7 / Genre: War simulation
Game boyuse.
Space Battleship Yamato
Selling agency:Human / Release date: July 1992, 12 / Genre: War simulation
PC engine(SUPER CD-ROM2)for.
The audio is diverted from the TV version,Ichiro NagaiOnly the narration by is newly recorded.
Space Battleship Yamato The Far Star Iskandar
Selling agency:Bandai / Release date: July 1999, 2 / Genre: War simulation
PlayStationfor.It is divided into several stages, progressing on a flat strategy map, and when it comes into contact with an enemy, it switches to a three-dimensional tactical map and becomes a three-dimensional battle.In addition to the normal (fleet battle) map, there is a hand-to-hand combat map, and in some cases both proceed at the same time.In this work, the character design has been arranged to be closer to the style of painting by Leiji Matsumoto, and as an original character, Schultz's older brother, Schultz.CorsacAppears.
Space Battleship Yamato
Publisher: Bandai / Release Date: February 2001, 2 / Genre: Simulation
Wonders One Coloruse.


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