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🎥 | Alafor women's autobiographical struggle comedy "Chansil has a lot of good fortune" trailer released


Alafor women's autobiographical struggle comedy "Chansil has a lot of good fortune" trailer released

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In addition, Kim Young-min, who played a wiretapping clerk called "ear guy" in the Korean drama "Crash Landing on You", which was distributed on Netflix in Japan, appeared in the role of a man who insisted that he was a big star in Hong Kong. It is also attracting attention for being there.

Following "Hachidori" and "Kim Ji-young, born in 82", Korean female director Kim Cho-hi's feature-length debut "Chansil ... → Continue reading


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Youngmin (영민, Young-Min, real name:Cho Young Min(조영민, jo Young-Min, Zhao Eiyi), 19954/24 -), South KoreaFromKorean Ofsinger..Male idol group "BOYFRIENDMembers.The position is sub-vocal and lead dancer.Height 183 cm, blood type A, constellationTaurus..The family consists of two fathers, mothers and younger brothers (one in the same group)BOYFRIENDGwangmin).


  • Born April 1995, 4.Twin brothers of the same group Gwangmin
  • Graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School
  • The youngest of the groupBOYFRIENDMinu, but the same year

Music activity 



  • 2015 KBS drama "가족 을 지켜라-Save the Family"
  • 2010 MBC Sitcom
  • 2003 MBC
  • 2002 KBS


  • 2010 <The Warrior's Way>


  • Over 1 commercial appearances from 300 year old

<M / V>

  • SISTAR "Push Push"


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