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🎥 | Yuriko Yoshitaka & Ryusei Yokohama also ask Takahiro Miki a question!The movie "Your eyes are asking" teach-in event


Yuriko Yoshitaka & Ryusei Yokohama also ask Takahiro Miki a question!Teach-in event for the movie "Your eyes are asking"

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Even an ordinary martial artist fires two such beautiful high kicks where the axis shakes!

A teach-in event directed by Takahiro Miki, who took the megaphone of the movie "Your Eyes Tell Asks" released last month ... → Continue reading


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High kick

High kick(High Kick) IsMuay Thai,Kickboxing,Taekwondo,wrestling,総 合格 闘 技,karate OfFighting sportsInKicking techniqueone of.simplyYesSometimes abbreviated as, and in karateUpper kick(Jodanjiri) orUpper stage mawashi geriIt is called (Jodan Mawashigeri).


Roundhouse kickIt ’s a kind ofshinAnd the instep of the opponentfirst, Of the headchin-TempleIt is a technique to hit your kick foot from the side.

Muay Thai, kickboxing

Shake the hand on the kick foot side behind the waist, raise the knee of the kick foot to the front with respect to the opponent, and rotate the heel and waist of the shaft foot (the foot that supports the kick foot) in this order without tilting the upper body backward. By doing so, hit the shin of the kick foot.When it comes off, it depends on the situation when fighting, but when practicing, kick it so that the body rotates 180 degrees.In Muay Thai kickboxing, it is also a technique to kick with a switch in the case of front legs.What is a switch? A high kick is released by exchanging the forefoot and hindfoot (back foot), but if you kick with the front foot as it is, the weight will not be put on and the power will be weakened, so switch to increase the power like kicking with the back foot. do.It is a technique that performs the action of stepping on the back foot and kicking with the front foot lowered to the back while lowering the front foot about half a step from the stance.


Traditional karateThen, when raising the kick leg, bend it and raise it to the side of the waist, without turning the axis leg toward the opponent.MidfootKick in.If you hit the opponent, return it to the trajectory when you kicked the kick foot.On the contraryFull contact karateThen, the movement of the upper body and hands is almost the same as Muay Thai and kickboxing, but depending on the school, the heel of the shaft foot should not be rotated up to 180 degrees, and the kick foot should not be raised to the front but the waist like traditional karate. After raising it to the side of, kick it in and hit the instep (called the back foot) in addition to the shin.

Jumping high kick

It is a technique to stand in front of or diagonally in front of the opponent, make a big jump on the spot, and at the same time give a high kick.To the opponent who runscounterBut also used.Sometimes it is used as a run-up.Also,Jumping face kick(Jumping Ganmen Kick),Jumping face kick(Jumping cancer),Flying kickIt is also called (Ganmengeri).

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