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🎥 | The US Open date of "Peter Rabbit XNUMX" has changed again, and "Monster Hunter" too?


The US Open date for "Peter Rabbit XNUMX" has changed again, and "Monster Hunter" too?

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"Monster Hunter" is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 21, 3.

It has been announced that the US Open date for the second hit series, "Peter Rabbit 2 / The Temptation of Burnabus," has been postponed again.Soni ... → Continue reading


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Monster hunter

Monster hunter series > Monster hunter

"Monster hunter』(Monster Hunter) Is 2004Released by CapcomPlayStation 2For (PS2)Hunting action game, And its series works.In this article, "Monster Hunter" and the sequels "Monster Hunter G", "Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)", "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)", "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G", "Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver.", "Monster Hunter 4G HD Ver." Handles "Monster Hunter 4 (Four)", "Monster Hunter XNUMX (Four) G", "Monster Hunter Cross", "Monster Hunter Double Cross", and "Monster Hunter World".

The following abbreviations are used in this item.

  • "Monster Hunter" → "MH"
  • "Monster Hunter G" → "MHG"
  • "Monster Hunter Portable" → "MHP"
  • "Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)" → "MH2"
  • "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd" → "MHP2"
  • "Monster Hunter Frontier Online" → "MHF"
  • "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" → "MHP2G"
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" → "MH3"
  • "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" → "MHP3"
  • "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver." → "MHP3HD"
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G" → "MH3G"
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver." → "MH3GHD"
  • "Monster Hunter 4" → "MH4"
  • "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" → "MH4G"
  • "Monster Hunter X" → "MHX"
  • "Monster Hunter XX" → "MHXX"
  • "Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver." → "MHXXNS"
  • "Monster Hunter World" → "MHW"
  • "Monster Hunter World Iceborn" → "MHWIB"
  • "Monster Hunter Rise" → "MHR"


Monster hunter series(Hereafter MH series) is PSO (hereinafter MH series)Phantasy Star Online), BasicallyonlineThe game is designed to be played, but it is the first game in the series.off-lineThe mode was out of volume due to too much power online.Therefore, in the next MHG, the volume has been increased overall (quests, training centers, addition of weapons, etc.) so that you can play carefully even in offline mode.This flow later became the premise of offline.Monster Hunter PortableIt will lead to the series.After that, based on MH2, which inherited almost all the elements of MHG but incorporated many new elements, it is a MO action specialized for online.Monster hunter frontier onlineWas born in 2007.

In 2009Monster Hunter 3"ButWiiAppeared in. It was touted as "the origin of the new MH", and bold changes such as the introduction of an underwater field and a large number of new elements were added. In 2011, of portable game consolesNintendo 3DSUpgraded version forMonster Hunter 3 (Tri) GWas released.

Of the online modes of the stationary version of "Monster Hunter", the PS2 version and Wii version are paid services. The Wii U version is free.

PlayStation 2
Service ended on January 2011, 6[1].Multi-matching BBThe SCPH-70000 series and later models (thin PS2), which are equipped with an Ethernet terminal as standard equipment, did not require additional peripherals, but the SCPH-50000 series and earlier models did not require any additional peripherals.PlayStation BB UnitOr I needed a PS2 dedicated network adapter.
Service ended on September 2013, 9[2]..Tickets for each period (30 days, 60 days, 90 days)Wii pointsPurchased at. "MHG" comes with a 14-day trial ticket and "MH3" comes with a 30-day trial ticket.

Commentary by work

Monster hunter

Software for PlayStation 2004 released on March 3, 11."Phantasy Star Online] System as a motif, it was released as the first in the series.Before its release, it didn't receive much attention from players and media, but it became popular due to word of mouth.For a while after the release, the server went down due to lack of server capacity, and the server was repeatedly increased.This work, which is the first generation, is commonly known as "Monster Hunter", and is also called "Muji" among players because there is no series notation at the end of the title.[Source required]

Based in the remote village of Cocotte offline and in the big city of Minagarde online, you will travel to unique hunting grounds such as "Forests and Hill" and "Desert Rocks".There are five types of weapons: "one-handed sword," "big sword," "lance," "hammer," and "bow gun (heavy / light)."The armor skill system is not a cumulative number, but a mechanism that activates when you wear armor that bears the name of the same monster.As an exception, there were some armor of different systems that activated the skill in a specific combination.

The end of the TV commercial is a handle-type meat grill ((English edition)) Is used to bake the meat on a bonfire, and the lines that actually enter during the game "I baked it well" flow, and the development team's discourse[Detailed information for identifying documents]Then, it is said that there was a purchaser who ordered "Please play a game of grilling meat with commercials".

Monster Hunter G

PlayStation 2005 version released on January 1, 20.This is a sequel produced in response to the popularity of the previous work.Capcom had a plan to "release a low-priced version of'MH'", but it is said that it was simply reluctant to release it as The Best version.At the same time, one of the staff who was localizing the North American version brought in the motion of "Souken", so it was decided to make "upgraded version of" MH "" instead of "cheap version of" MH "". It was.[Source required]

A new mode "Training Center" has been introduced, and in addition to the introduction of the new weapon "Souken", a large number of weapons have been added to the existing category.In addition, changes and adjustments have been made, such as changing the activation conditions for skills activated by a combination of armor to the total skill points instead of a combination of specific armor.

In addition, "G-class quest", which is a higher stage of hard quest, has been added to the online mode quest, and many variants and rare species with different body colors have appeared in this work.

Monster Hunter G (Wii ported version)

A ported version to the Wii released on April 2009, 4. Includes a trial version of "MH23".TransplantEatingWas in charge.Since it is exclusively for the classic controller, the "Starter Pack" that includes the classic controller with the original guild emblem was also released in a limited quantity.

Wii ported version changes
  • Systems such as "in-box formulation" and "my set equipment" that appeared in "MHP2G" have been added.
  • The number of items that can be stocked in the box has increased to 1 for each type regardless of type.
  • Meals that were only possible in network mode are now possible in single mode.This made it a little less difficult.
  • As you progress through single mode, you will be able to keep Poogie, and if you succeed in the quest by giving a snack or changing clothes, you will be able to obtain a large number of items.Stroking makes it easier to bring back good items that you can get.
  • With the addition of Poogie, "Poogie's snack" and "Poogie's clothes" have been added to the menu of the single mode item box.
  • Added the ability to send items bought at the shop to the item box.
  • Added new quests such as collecting tour quests to village quests.
  • The number of My Sets that can be registered has increased.
  • Added actions and motions such as the big sword and one-handed sword that were not in the PS2 version. (For example, in the case of a one-handed sword, items can now be used even with the weapon out)
  • In addition to the PS2 version, which had only a one-handed sword at the start of the game, it is now possible to equip it immediately with six types of weapons and armor other than the one-handed sword.This made it possible to proceed smoothly.
  • The maximum number of cooler drinks and hot drinks you can carry has been increased to 5, and the required quests for these items can now be played longer.
  • There are 24 types of item possession columns, and the number of pages is divided into 3 pages.
  • Climbing up and down while pressing the R button with a vine or ladder consumes stamina, but you can now move faster.
  • The effect when destroying a part has been changed to make it easier to understand.
  • Jan Cook's ears can now be destroyed.
  • The chance of success in blending pits has increased by 10% to 75%.
  • The speed of stamina reduction has slowed down.However, the stamina reduction speed when found by a monster and running away is the same as the PS2 version.
  • "Controller setting" has been added to the option settings, and you can now select two types of operations.Type 2 is the same operation as the PS1 version, and attacks with the right stick.Type 2 does not use the right stick for attacks, the same operation method as the MHP series.In this case, the right stick is assigned to the viewpoint operation, and it is now possible to easily perform "viewpoint operation while moving", which was difficult in the MHP series due to the arrangement of buttons.
  • The screen supports 4: 3 in addition to 16: 9.
  • Added Wii version promotion video of "MHG" and promotion video of "MH3" to the gallery. The opening of "MH" that was in the PS2 version has also been improved and recorded for the Wii.

Monster hunter 2

Software for PlayStation 2006 released on February 2, 16. While inheriting the world view of "MHG", the number of fields and monsters that will be the stage has increased, and as an existence that surpasses the conventional flying dragon古龍In addition, the concept of day and night and the passage of time, which is the season, was introduced."Tachi" "Hunting whistle" "Gunlance" "Bow"4 types of weapons have been added, and some of the sword-shaped weapons that were previously classified as large swords have been reclassified as swords.Armor can be strengthened.

The title Dos isSpanishMeans 2.When deciding the title under development, the idea of ​​making "Dos Monster Hunter" and the idea of ​​making it "Monster Hunter 2" conflict with "Dos" which means a stronger monster than the normal one in the previous work, and as a result, "Monster Hunter" 2 ”was written to make 2 read as Dos[Source required].

This work was released only in Japan.

Offline, "Jumbo Village" will be the base, and if the conditions are met, you can go to the former base, Cocotte Village.The online base is "City of Don Dorma".The time series in the game will be positioned even later than "MHG" and "MHP".In addition, by linking with "MHP" using a USB cable, there are benefits such as the appearance of special quests and the addition of armor production recipes.

The badness of camera work, which has been continuously criticized by "MH", such as when cornered by a wall, has not been improved, but the phenomenon of being attracted when turning away from wind pressure has been improved. ..

Situations that are disadvantageous to the player, such as the existence of one-way traffic and movement between areas that are always poisoned, changes in the hunting ground that can be reached depending on the season, changes in the area that can be reached by day and night, and the fact that large monsters always move to the area after 5 minutes. There are many.

In addition to the regular version of the software alone, the "DX Hunter's Box" that includes goods such as figures has been released.

Monster hunter 3

Wii software released on August 2009, 8.The second in the series,NintendoMadeハ ー ドSoftware released in.at firstPlayStation 3Although it was planned to be released for the PS3 version, the development of the PSXNUMX version was discontinued due to the transition to Wii.[9].


This work is an MH aiming for "the origin of a new MH", so many new elements added from this work are included, and the influence from the first work of the series was strong "MH1 , And "MHP2" series and "MHF", there are quite a lot of bold changes.

In addition to the regular version of the software alone, the "Classic Controller PRO Pack" that includes the Classic Controller PRO (color is white or black) released at the same time as this work, and DVDs and goods with bonus images are included. "LIMITED EDITION" (exclusively sold by e-CAPCOM), "Special Pack" that includes the Wii main unit and the classic controller PRO (both in black) have been released.

The basic operation method isWii remote+Nunchaku(Freestyle) allows you to perform operations such as pressing buttons while tilting the remote control.It also supports other classic controllers, and is an operation method for users who have played before the previous work.In addition, there are two types of operation styles for the classic controller, which can be set to an operation style similar to PS2 or PSP.

Nintendo, the platform, fully backed up overseas sales and promotion for the evaluation of the series in Japan and the title for core users, which is valuable as software for Wii.The overseas version has a free online mode,Wii SpeakUsedvoice chatThere are changes such as support for.In addition to the classic controller PRO etc., a bundled version pack that also added Wii Speak etc. was also sold[10].

Game content

The stage is not the stage of "MH" and "MH2", but the setting of "isolated island".There is no distinction between "old continent" and "new continent" in the official setting.New fields and monsters with ecosystems different from existing species have appeared, and many new monsters such as "Lagia Cruz", "Kurupekko", "Roaldros", and "Volboros" have been added.On the other hand, most of the monsters that appeared in the past works have not appeared in this work, and a major makeover has been made.In addition, new motions have been added to monsters that have appeared in the past, such as Rio Leia and Diablos.

The offline base is the "Moga Village", which borders the sea, and bartering with trading boats and requests for fishing to hunting boats have been added.There is a "Moga Forest" in the hinterland, where you can hunt, mine, and collect outside the quest.The story is that a hunter dispatched to the village of Moga, which was damaged by the earthquake, is involved in the reconstruction of the village through hunting and subdues the monster that caused the earthquake with the cooperation of the villagers.In the offline arena mode, up to two players can play at the same time, and when two players play at the same time, the screen is divided into upper and lower parts.The online base is "Rock Rack", a town located in the center of the desert, and many large facilities are installed like the online of the deferred series so far.In addition, the volume of quests that can be ordered online is much larger than that of villages, and many of the top quests are particularly difficult.

The biggest feature of this work is that it is possible to swim in the water.This made it possible to hunt monsters underwater.Hunting in the water is more complicated and thrilling than on land, and you can enjoy the unique charm of underwater that is different from land.In addition, the introduction of underwater fields has greatly increased the fun and depth of hunting.Furthermore, when you dive into the water, a gauge called "oxygen gauge" is displayed, and if you continue to dive in the water, the oxygen gauge will continue to decrease, and when the gauge becomes 0, your physical strength will decrease.To recover the reduced oxygen gauge, either expose your face to the surface of the water, touch the air bubbles, or use the new "oxygen balls" and "breathing pills" from this work. There must be.

Other effects such as hostility between monsters, synchronization of monsters, and the concept of stamina of boss-class monsters have been introduced to further enhance reality.There have also been changes such as improved camera work near the wall, which was criticized, and a slight camera pointing in the opposite direction during the avoidance action.

There is a system similar to Otomo Airou that accompanies Airou to the quest and cooperates in the single play introduced in "MHP2G", and in this work instead of AirouBizarre tribeChildChachaYou can accompany the quest and play with a feeling that is almost like Otomo Airou.Cha-cha can be replaced with many masks, which adds special abilities and changes the dialogue of cha-cha during solo play.


In addition to 5 types of unmarked weapons and swords, a new "Slash Ax" has been added from this work.The feature of this slash ax is that there are two types, "ax mode" and "sword mode", and it is possible to attack while switching between these two types according to the battle situation.In addition, as an attack dedicated to this weapon type, there is an "attribute release thrust" that can release tremendous power by releasing the energy of the attribute bin.

Traditional weapons have new behaviors and changes.

With some exceptions, the bow gun has been changed to a method that uses a combination of three parts, the frame, barrel, and stock, instead of the conventional integrated weapon, and depending on the weight of the parts, "light" "heavy", a new class " It came to be classified as "middle".In addition, multiple bullets have been added, such as a slashing bullet that can cut the tail by cutting attribute, a deaeration bullet that reduces the stamina of the monster, and a dragon bullet that emits flame radiation.


Village head
The mayor of the village of Moga.Once a well-known hunter, he has deep ties to the Hunters Guild and trading ships.
Village chief's son (Segare)
At the top of the production unit, he manages delivery requests from villagers.
Guild signboard girl (Aisha)
I'm fine and confused, but I love my hometown of Moga.
Captain of a trading ship
A young captain of the Dragon people.An old friend with the mayor of the village of Moga.The habit is "~ Zeyo".
Wandering cock
I got on a trading ship and came to the village of MogaAirouCook.
Dr. Nyai
An Airou interior craftsman working in the city of Rockrack.
A strange child who becomes a hunter's companion.The key person in the story of this work and the next work "MH3G".

Evaluation / sales

In Famitsu's new game cross review, it got the third out of 3 points as software for Wii.[11].

The number of units sold is 115 million, which is for WiiThird partyIn terms of title, it became the highest number in Japan and became the first million seller in a third-party title for Wii.In addition, as a result, the cumulative number of Monster Hunter series shipped has reached 1000 million.[12][13].

Overseas, the sales result was much lower than in Japan, like the overseas version of other "Monster Hunter" series, but the sales and evaluation are better than those of the conventional series.

Monster hunter 3G

Software for Nintendo 2011DS released on December 12, 10.Initially, it was planned as a portable version of "MH3", but since there were many additional elements presented, "G", which means an upgraded version, was added to the title, and finally the content was further increased in volume.[18][19].. A panel customization function that allows you to move maps, item pouches, etc. is installed on the lower screen (touch screen) of 3DS, and it is virtualCross buttonYou can also add a target camera that looks at large monsters.Also,Extended slide padAlso supports[Note 2].

A special pack with the original design of the 3DS main unit and a version with the extended slide pad were released at the same time. A set reservation sale with a hunter figure (equipped with Lagiacrus) was also made exclusively for e-CAPCOM.

From July 2011, 9, "Good morning Ninja Corps GatchamanThe collaboration animation with ”was delivered on the official website etc.[20].. The number of shipments will be on December 2011, 12.[21], In January 2012, it sold more than 1 million units and became the first third-made 100DS million title.[22].

2012年3月17日には、3DS本体(コスモブラック/フレアレッド)を同梱した「モンスターハンター3(トライ)G はじめてハンターパック」が、2012年11月1日には3DS LL本体(ブラック)に本作のダウンロード版をプリインストールした「ニンテンドー3DS LL モンスターハンター3(トライ)G パック」が発売された。

There is a bug in the game that makes it impossible to obtain "Kensei's Earrings" and "Expansion Earrings" if you follow certain steps.Regarding this, from May 2012, 5Nintendo e-shopThe patch is distributed at[23].

The low-priced version "Monster Hunter 2012 (Tri) G Best Price!" Was released on November 11, 15, and the download version was released on December 3.The game content is the same as the regular version.

September 2013, 2Wii UThe software "Nintendo 3DS version Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tool" has been released.Wii U with wired LAN connection[Note 3]By launching the same tool inMonster hunter portableSimilar to the series ad hoc party, the 3DS version will also allow cooperative play (free of charge) using internet communication. Supports voice chat with the Wii U GamePad microphone.

Outside JapanMONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE(Abbreviated as "MH3U"), it will be released at the same time as the following Wii U version.[24].

Game content

Based on "MH3", most of the monsters added in "MHP3" and new monsters and subspecies monsters such as the fields "Mountain Stream" and "Brachidios" have been added, and "" that appeared in past works "Ganototos" is back.In addition to the 3 types of weapons that appeared in "MH8", 3 types of hunting whistle, gunlance, bow, and twin sword that did not appear in "MH4" have been added, and all 3 types of weapons that are the same as "MHP12" You can now use it.On the other hand, the middle of the Bowgun in "MH3" has been deleted and returned to the two types of heavy / light, but a new function called limiter release has been added."Bombing" has been added as a new attribute, and the specifications of the dragon attribute have been changed.[Note 4].

Higher class quests have also been added to the village of Moga. Reconstructed by adding some monsters of "MHP3" to the quest of "MH3" is a lower class quest.At the beginning of play, you can not go to the Moga Forest at night, and when you can order higher class quests, you will be able to select day and night when entering the forest.The base of multiplayer has been changed to "Port of Tanjia", which is a transit point for trade, and a G-class quest has been added.The subquest has been deleted.

A new rival of Chacha who accompanies the quest, the old friend "Kayamba" has appeared, and in single play you can take Chacha and Kayamba, and like "MHP3", it is separate when playing two people I can now take you to.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate HD Ver.

Wii U software released on December 2012, 12. HD version of "MH8G" ported to Wii U.This is the first time in the series that it will be the launch title of the new hardware.The first report is "September 3, 2012"Nintendo Direct Wii U PreviewWas announced in.

Saved data can be shared with "MH3G"[Note 5], It is possible to play cooperatively with "MH3G" by local communication (up to 3 units can be connected), which is close to the position of "MHP3HD" with respect to "MHP3", but the PSP software was run on PS3 by emulation. Unlike "MHP3HD", it is a ported work that has been programmed by utilizing the functions of Wii U, and the texture has been changed and the screen layout such as text has been optimized for HD display.In addition, cooperative play (free of charge) using internet communication has become possible. The download quest for "MH3G" has been recorded from the beginning.

The "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate HD Ver. Wii U Premium Set," which includes the Wii U main unit (premium set) and the Wii U PRO controller (kuro), is also on sale at the same time as the package version.This was sold by Nintendo.

Download version from December 2012, 12Nintendo e-shopReleased at.Required capacity is 6.2GB or more[Note 6].. The first function update has been implemented since February 2013, 2.In addition to newly supporting voice chat and USB keyboard, it is also possible to operate the viewpoint with the ZL / ZR buttons of the Wii U GamePad as well as the 19DS extended slide pad. The second function update has been implemented since March 1, 3. It is now possible to play only on the Wii U GamePad (without TV).

Monster hunter 4

Software for Nintendo 2013DS released on September 9, 14.Originally scheduled to be released in March of the same year, the release was postponed to the summer of 3 due to reasons such as additional functions.[26].. Concept video at "Nintendo 2011DS Conference 9" on September 13, 3[27](Playable video by the development machine[28]) Was announced[29]..The video was recorded as a bonus video in "MH3G". The title numbers of "2" and "3" were read in a special way, but "4" in this work is read as "four" as in English.[30].

Step or slope the field or move single play bases instead of villagescaravanVarious changes have been made, such as[30].. New monsters such as "Goa Magara" and resurrected monsters from old works such as "Yan Cook" will appear.On the other hand, only some of the large monsters that appeared in "3" and "3G", such as Jinooga, will appear as followers, and other monsters will only appear in materials.If the monster becomes infected with the "mad dragon virus" and the hunter himself also infects and causes the demerit effect of mad dragon disease, or if he continues to attack the monster during infection, the consensus rate will rise to a certain value. Produce merit effect.You can now go to "search" where you can freely hunt and collect.Also, by searching for large and medium-sized monsters, you can obtain a special quest called "Guild Quest" with a certain probability.In exploration and guild quests, you will be hunting in a field called "Unknown Tree Sea".If you advance the story, you will be able to go to the lower search, and if you proceed further, you will be able to go to the upper search.In the case of search, the area of ​​the template where the field is decided is randomly divided, and it becomes a field where it is randomly arranged, and the area arrangement changes every time."Charge Ax" and "Insect Cudgel" have been added to make all 14 types of weapons, and new actions corresponding to height differences and "Excavation Equipment" that can be mined in unknown trees have been added to conventional weapons. (There are dozens of types of armor in 12 types of weapons except Charge Ax and Insect Cudgel in the excavation equipment).The action "riding" that jumps on the back of a large monster is the highlight of this time, and if the riding attack is successful, damage and down will be given, but this action requires a jump attack using a step, and jumping with the weapon alone ( The insect control club that can (jump) (however, there are few types of weapons) is advantageous (the method of jumping because there is a step with a lance and a one-handed sword rush sword is also possible under the condition of rushing).In addition, there are places where the normal action has also been changed, and until the previous work, I climbed the wall slowly, but this time it is climbing relatively smoothly, it is possible to move sideways, and the direction specified with the B button Added the action of jumping up and moving.On the other hand, the acceleration with the R button has disappeared.It also supports cooperative play (free of charge) using internet communication.

In the sales ranking of the release week by Media Create (since it is released on Saturday, it is actually 2 days), it recorded sales of 171.5 million, and including the download version, it was actually 197 million, which was the highest ever in the series "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" It was a good start to exceed the sales of the first week (5 million in 195.1 days)[31].

Internet browser and Miiverse (because it is an internet browser internally) cannot be used while this software is running.[32][Note 7].

Monster hunter 4G

Software for Nintendo 2014DS released on October 10, 11.Released on February 3, 2015 outside Japan, "MONSTER HUNTER 4 ULTIMATE(Abbreviated as "MH4U") corresponds to the foreign version of this work.[34].. An upgraded version based on "MH4" with new monsters such as "Cerregios" and new fields such as "Old Desert" and "Battle Town".

Don Dorma, which was the online activity base of Monster Hunter 2, also appeared.High-ranking quests can be received from Don Dorma, and G-class quests can be received from the Elders.

An "extreme state" that overcomes the infection caused by the mad dragon virus is added.

Monster hunter cross

Software for Nintendo 2015DS released on November 11, 28.The main monsters of this work are "Dino Baldo", "Rizex", "Gamut", and "Tamamitsune".In addition to the newly-appearing "Berna Village", the offline bases will also include "Cocot Village", "Pokke Village", and "Yukumo Village", which were the stages of past works.In addition, many monsters that appeared in past works have been revived, including the large monsters of "3" and "4G" that only appeared in "4".

As new elements of this work, a system "hunting style" that strengthens the individuality of each hunter and a big skill "hunting technique" that can be used by hunters have been added.There are four types of hunting styles that can be used: a well-balanced "guild style", a "striker style" that allows you to use a lot of hunting skills, an "erial style" that allows you to attack from the air, and a "bushido style" that uses just action to fight back.The hunting techniques that can be used are classified into two types: "special techniques that can be used uniquely to weapons" and "common techniques that can be used regardless of the type of weapon".

In addition, "Nyanter Mode" that allows you to operate Otomo Airou will also appear.Unlike hunters, Nyanter can be revived immediately with "Mouichi Acorn" even if he loses his strength.A quest exclusively for Nyanter will also appear in this work.

Monster Hunter Double Cross

Software for Nintendo 2017DS released on March 3, 18.The main monsters of this work are "Ima Diablos", which has unusual horns compared to normal, and "Balfalk", which is a large ancient dragon species called Tenkoryu.The golden mantis "Atral Ka", which can be said to be the last boss, has also been newly added.Also, a power-up version of the complete cross with the addition of many two names as well as the Suma Diablos.And new hunting styles, "Brave style" that can parry attacks, and "Renkin style" that supports hunting using alchemy items have been added.One hunting technique has been added to each weapon, and "SP hunting technique (style power-up hunting technique)" has also appeared.

Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Ver.

Nintendo Switch ported version[39].. Released on August 2017, 8. It was released on August 25, 3 overseas, where the 2018DS version has not been released.

Monster hunter world

Monster Hunter Rise


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  • Edayan --In charge of design and illustration.
  • Masato Koda --Compose the theme song "Proof of Heroes"

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