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📺 | Spin-off of popular gossip works landed for the first time in Japan! 11 overseas dramas to watch in November and December

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Spin-off of popular gossip work landed for the first time in Japan! 11 overseas dramas to watch in November and December

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"Cozy mystery" is the opposite of hard-boiled, which unravels the mysteries that occur in everyday situations.

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hard boiled

hard boiled(English: hardboiled) is a literary term that describes violent and anti-moral content in an objective and concise depiction without criticism.StylisticSay.Ernest HemingwayThe style of is an example.MysteryOf the fields ofDetectiveOn the other hand, a detective with a behavioral and hard-boiled personality was introduced, and it became established as a term that expresses a style that focuses on depicting the behavior of such a detective.


"Hard-boiled" was originallyBoiled eggRefers to the state of being hard boiled.It expresses a human character such as being unaffected by emotions such as sentiment and fear, ruthless, mentally and physically strong, and uncompromising.Today it is generally treated as a sub-genre of mystery,SuspenseThere are also works in other genres that draw the main character in a hard-boiled style, such as general novels.Also, in mystery, the main character is generally a private detective, but it is not always a hard-boiled condition that the main character is a private detective.Especially in Japan, where the profession of private detective is not common, novelists (Norio Kono"Livestock named Malice aforethought") and detectives on off-duty days (Toshihiko YahagiVarious occupations such as "Ringo Kid's Holiday") have been proposed as detectives.Also, the main character is an active detective, but in contrast to hard-boiled, the ruthlessness is not brought to the fore, and the moderate and moral work is "Soft boiled(Soft boiled) ".Michael Z. LewinThe Albert Samsung series and the Benny Cooperman series are examples of this.[1].

HollywoodThen.Second World WarMany hard-boiled style movies were made from the inside,Casablanca』(1942年) IsAcademy AwardWas awarded.A French film critic and screenwriter about these hard-boiled-style films made in the United States during World War II.Nino FrankBut"Film noir(Film noir) "[2]Therefore, in movies, the term "noir" is often used rather than "hard-boiled."Although "noir" has since been used as a literary term, there is originally no line that clearly separates "hard boiled" and "noir".France·GallimardPaperback series "Seri Noir (Seri Noir)série noire) ”Is a writer who is considered to be a hard-boiled writer (for example)Dashir Hammett) Is also regarded as a noir writer (for example)William irish) Is also included.

History of hard-boiled novels

The hard-boiled mystery1920 era OfAmericaBegins with.Pulp magazine"Black mask"magazine(1920年The story of the tough and ruthless (hard-boiled) protagonists published in the first issue) is the prototype, and in the same magazine, Dashiell Hammett,E.S.Gardner,Raymond ChandlerContributed by.Especially HammettBlood harvest』(1929年) Or “Maltese hawk』(1930年), Etc., expressed the inner side of the hero with a simple objective behavior description, and established a hard-boiled style. "Great sleep』(1939年Chandler, who made his feature-length debut in ), added conversation and metaphorical wonders to Hammett's style, and has a unique sentimental taste.Farewell, dear woman』(1940年), "Long farewell』(1953年) Such asPhilip Marlowe・ Announced the series.Although the literary term "hard-boiled" has already been recognized in the book reviews for "Blood Harvest," the term "hard-boiled school," which means "hard-boiled school," came to be used at the Second World University. After the war, the first one wasEllery QueenWas allegedly[3]..Again, in "Mystery Aesthetics" (1946), the term "hard-boiled" is used, but in the same book, "The Case of the Early Beginning," E.S. Gardner Is referred to as "the ACTION type of mystery story," and he himself is often referred to as a "master of behavioral mystery."

At the same time that the term hard-boiled was established, writers who were considered to be successors began to appear.Moving target』(1949年) In a private detectiveRyu ArcherIntroducedRoss McDonaldFollowed the style of the pioneer, but added insights and psychological depth about the motives of the characters.on the other hand,"I'm the one to judge』(1947年) DebutedMickey SpillaneDepicted violence and sex in a sensational style and became synonymous with "violent hard-boiled" in this work.Mike Hammer・ The series became a bestseller.

Furthermore, from the end of the 1940s1950 eraA private detective who is good at handling guns, light mouths, and women, mainly paperback original[4]Was produced in large quantities. "" (1947), which made Peter Chambers appear, "" (1950年) Introduced Shell Scott, "" (1953) introduced Ed Noon,The Second Longest Night(1955年) Introduced Chester DrumStephen MarloweAre the main writers.The ultimate is an Australian writerCarter brownso,1958年Appeared in American paperbacks, and released works full of healthy sex appeal and humor at a pace of one book every month.Also, "" (1957年) Appeared inHoney westBecame popular as a sexy female private detective and became a television series.In Japan, these works have always been "Popular hard-boiledIs called,Nobumitsu KotakaCan be confirmed as "Jester detective novel, or popular hard-boiled" as of 1961.[5]..Also, in almost the same meaning as this, "Light hard boiledIs sometimes used, but this isMichio TsuzukiIs known to be the name of[6].

In the 1960s, problems in American society could not be addressed by individual actions alone.Ross Macdonald's Liu Archer becomes introspective as he stares at the incident and stops acting.In response to this, from the end of the 1960s to the 1970s, there were more works that portrayed society through the personal problems of detectives, rather than dealing with social problems head-on.For the main writersMichael Collins,Bill Pronzini,Michael Z. Lewin,Robert B. Parker,Lawrence blockAnd so on.In addition, the works of these writers are described as "Neo hard boiledThis is the name of Nobumitsu Kodaka.[7]..In reality, there are many elements that go beyond the framework of hard-boiled, and in recent years it has become less popular.

It also started in the late 1960s.feminismDue to the movement and the social advancement of women, in the 1980s female writers began to write works with female private detectives as the main characters.FirstMasha MaratAppeared in "" (1977), followed bySarah Paletsky OfVI Warsho SkiBut"Summertime blues』(1982),Sue GraftonAppeared in "" (1982).Since then, realistic female private detective novels have become a major trend.

Many of the works since the 1970s are not hard-boiled in style or character of the main characters, so the mystery that made a private detective a detectivePrivate detective novelIt has become common to call it (PI novel, private eye bovel).

Apart from the flow of private detective novels, there are criminal novels drawn in hard-boiled style.A writer of the same period as Hammett, and the founder of the hard-boiled style, "" (1929, the original of the movie "") and "Postman rings the bell twice』(1934)James M. CainIs. Originally from "Black Mask" magazine, he took his own pathHorace McCoyIs in "" (1935)Great DepressionDraw the youth without tomorrow of the times with a cold brush stroke.Also appeared in "" (1939)James Hadley ChaseIs an EnglishmanAmerican EnglishI announced my work at. Debuted in "" (1951) written in Hammett style, trying to portray American social issues with police officers as the main characters, such as "" (1960).Donald E. WestlakeAlso brought a new twist to hard-boiled novels.The method and style of these works were influenced by the film, and the interaction caused by the film adaptation of many works led to the maturation of the hard-boiled touch.

Japanese hard-boiled novel

Modern novel

The history of hard-boiled JapanSecond World WarIt begins with the acceptance of an American detective novel that was later translated and introduced. From 1950 to several years, the masterpieces of Hammett, Chandler and others were translated into Japanese in quick succession, and due to the influence of movies of the same period, the word "hard-boiled" rapidly spread.However, confusion arose as various elements were introduced at once in a short period of time.From the 20'sKazuo ShimadaHad released a work using a behavioral detective role, but it remained a pioneering work.

It wasn't until the 30's of the Showa era that works that were clearly conscious of hard-boiled were written.At that time, young people around the age of 20 were the bearers. 1955 (Showa 30), at that timeTohoku UniversityWas a student of the Faculty of LettersKojo Ko(Real name: Yoichi Nyui) is a university student, "I" (role name: Takashiro), who follows a murder case in Sendai under US military occupation.[8]("jewelry』January special issue) debuted.The following year, he announced "Cold Rain" (January special issue of "Jewelry") with private detective Jiro Ishihara as the main character.For the debut work "Near X Bridge", see "Domestic Hard-boiled Dawn" (Fuyuki Ikegami)[9]..In 1958, at that timeWaseda UniversityWas a student of the Faculty of EducationHaruhiko OyabuBut"The Beast to DieDebuted in the July issue of Doujinshi "Blue Flame" and "Jewelry"Dainippon Oral Society KodanshaMore booked).Since then, he has released many works in which the tough and ruthless hero takes action.Furthermore, in 1959Norio KonoDebuted in "Going My Way" (December issue of "Jewelry"). In 12, in "Livestock named Malice aforethought"Japan Detective Writers Association AwardWas awarded.It is said that these three people were born in 3, and their debut work was published in the common term "jewel", and at that time they were called "hard-boiled three crows".[10].

Earlier generations made their debut in 1960 with the newly written feature-length novel "The Contract with Evil."The following year, he also released a newly written feature film "White Dizziness". The style, which is characterized by "sophisticated sense, dry touch, and light speed" (a passage of Brave written on the cover of the same book), is "the first time in Japan that orthodox hard-boiled has taken root" (the back of the cover). ) Was described.Since his debut in 1959, he has worked on various genres of mystery.Shoji YukiEntered the field of hard-boiled from "" (1962) and released masterpieces of private detective novels such as "" (1965).furtherHayakawa PublishingWas the editor ofJiro IkushimaAlso made his debut as a writer with "" (1964) and with "" (1967).Naoki PrizeWas awarded.Also from the early 1960sSpy novelWas breaking new ground inToru MiyoshiBegan writing a hard-boiled-style "Angel" series with a newspaper reporter as the main character in 1968.Etsuko NikiAlso wrote an excellent hard-boiled private detective novel in the Mikage Jun series such as "" (1971).Initially, he made his debut as a pure literary writer.Kikumura Yu TheRanpo EdogawaIn 1959, a newspaper reporter who followed the whereabouts of the disappeared man was involved in a drug trafficking case and announced "".Social mysteryHowever, it is also a crime novel with a hard-boiled style, and the following yearKiyojun SuzukiIt was also made into a movie by the director.

Apart from the works that adopted hard-boiled as a method of drawing such social problems, there was also a tendency to enjoy purely American-style hard-boiled touch.The bearer of this was the Japanese version of the American version of MANHUNT, which was launched in 1958.ManhuntThe authors and translators who gathered in the book are the products of this.Koji Nakada"Dangerous Woman" (1961),Yuichi Yamashita"Dangerous Targets" (1964),Michio TsuzukiForgery cart cannon series (1960) and so on.Also, although it is different as a personal connection,Kimiko Koizumi"Do you like murder?" (1962 / serialized), which was serialized in the newspaper under the name of Reiko Tsuda, may be added to this.Although it was later, he made his debut as a professional writer with "Man Hunt" and later contributed to the spread of hard-boiled as a translator and commentator.Nobumitsu Kotaka,Yoshio KataokaAlso creates his own hard-boiled works.

In the 1970s, post-war writers who continued to stick to hard-boiled appeared.Debuted as a novel in the short story "I want to hug you" (1972)Toshihiko YahagiAppeared in the short story "Sentimental Street Corner" (1979)Osawa OsamaIs.These two people have an urban style and built the era of Japanese hard-boiled.Both of them also wrote the original manga.

From the late 1970s to the 1980sAdventure novelBecame a boom, and for the writers who became the bearersYoichi Funato,Joe Sasaki,Tatsuo Shimizu,Tsuyoshi Osaka,Yoshinaga FujitaThere are many people who have shown motivation for hard-boiled.Above allKenzo KitagataHas created a style of Japanese hard-boiled. In 1988Ryo HaraAppeared,SawasakiThe second detective series, "The girl I killed』(1989) won the Naoki Prize.Also in 1989Itsura InamiDebuted with "Double O Back".He made his debut as a writer after being sentenced to life expectancy due to liver cancer, and by the time he died in 1994 at the age of 63, he had released seven hard-boiled novels.

In the 1990sNaomi Azuma,Iori Fujiwara,Ryoichi Kano,Yuichi MahoHard-boiled writers have appeared.Also,N. Kirino"" (1993)Yoshiki Shibata"RIKO Goddess Eternity" (1995), 66th in "Dark Overflow"Japan Detective Writers Association AwardReceived (Short Category)[11]Nanami Wakatake OfHamura Akira series,Tetsuya Hondaof"Strawberry night(2008)Keisuke Matsuokaof"Detective detective』(2014) and other hard-boiled touch works featuring women.

Historical novel

Historical novelAlsoCrotch tripAlthough there were novels with hard-boiled elements centered on things,[12], Hard-boiled in the period novel is "OisoThe main character ofKiryuunosukeBegins withnihilismIt is characterized by the strong influence of the genealogy of.In addition, there is a restriction that the stage background is a feudal society, so there are territorial ties, blood ties, and in-laws.Enemy killingThe unique colors that can be said to be "Japanese" are deeply intertwined, and there are many patterns in which conflicts and struggles are drawn within that frame, which is a major difference compared to modern novels.Among them, as a novel with a particularly hard-boiled elementShugoro Yamamotoof"Mominoki remained』(1956) can be mentioned.Jiro Ikushima said, "I read Chandler," he said, saying that the composition of inserting a fragment that depicts the characters' secret talks in an interactive format between the main parts was not in the conventional era novels, and that the influence of overseas novels was felt. I feel like I was out. "[13]..Also in the 1970sSasawa Sahoof"Withered Monjiro],Shotaro Ikenamiof"Maker/Fujieda Ueyasu』Both series caused a big boom with the TV drama.In this era, hard-boiled-touch era novels became a big boom, as Jiro Ikushima, a writer of hard-boiled proper who is not a period novelist, also wrote the "Wolf of the Wandering" series.In addition, the "Surrai no Wolf" series has also been made into a drama.Perry OginoAcclaimed as "a phantom crotch trip hard-boiled masterpiece"[14].

Representative writers and works


  • : Since the Ed Noon series "Noppo Dolores" (1953), 33 feature films / active until the 1970s
  • Andrew Vax: Burke series "Flood" (1985) ~
  • Don Winslow: Neil Cary Series "Street Kids" (1991) ~
  • Donald E. Westlake: "The Man Who Was Taken" (1960), "Killing Each Other" (1961)
  • John Evans (= Howard Brown): Five feature films including the Paul Pine series "Glory of Blood" (1946)
  • Loren D. Estleman: Amos Walker series "Sugar Town" (1984), etc., from 1980
  • Stanley Erin: "Eighth Hell" (1958)
  • Stuart M. Kaminsky: Toby Peters Series (Set in Hollywood in the 1930s) "Robin Hood with a Lead Ball" (1977) ~
  • Eric Garcia: Dinosaur detective Vincent Rubio series "Farewell, my beloved claws" (1999), etc.
  • Kurt Cannon (=Ed McBain): Kurt Cannon Series Short Stories "Going to the Detective Town" (1958), etc.
  • Sue Grafton: Kinsey Millhone Series "Aribai A" (1982) ~
  • : Miro Series "Pride of Drunk" (1975)-/ Suguru Series "Farewell Sweet Kiss" (1978)-
  • Stephen Greenleaf: John Tanner Series "Fatal Injury" (1979) ~
  • Robert Crais: Elvis Call Series "Monkeys Raincoat" (1987) ~
  • James M. Cain: "Postman rings the bell twice(1934)
  • : 1951 feature films from 1947 to 1967, including the Johnny Liddell series "Bullet Holes" (29)
  • : 1947 feature films from the Peter Chambers series "Martini and the Murder" (1972) to 27
  • : Daniel Kearney Detective Agency Series "Evaporation of Death" (1972) ~
  • : 1960 feature films such as Joe Puma series "Million Dollar Girl" (8) / Active from the end of the 1950s to the 1960s
  • Michael Connelly: Harry Bosch Series "Night Hawks" (1992) ~
  • Michael Collins: 1967 feature films from the Dan Fortune series "The Law of Horror" (1992) to 17
  • Max Allan Collins: Nate Heller Series (Set in Chicago in the 1930s) "Chicago Detective Story" (1983) ~
  • : Mouse's Wine Series "Great Bet" (1973) ~
  • : Red Diamond Series (Hard-boiled Parody) "I am Red Diamond" (1983) and 2 other works
  • Mickey Spillane : Mike Hammer・ Series "I'm the one to judge』(1947) and other 13 feature films
  • Raymond Chandler : Philip Marlowe・ Series "Great sleep(1939),Farewell, dear woman(1940),Long farewell』(1953) and other 7 feature films (excluding unfinished works)
  • : Wraith Williams Series First Hard-Boiled Detective in History / 1923-
  • : 1955 feature films from 1947 to 1970, such as Chicago's Mac series "City of Ruthlessness" (17) / Orthodox hard-boiled from the 1950s to the 1960s
  • Robert B. Parker : Private detective spencer・ Series "The Whereabouts of God Wolf" (1973)
  • : "Little Caesar" (1929)
  • Dashir Hammett : Continental Op・ Series "Blood harvest(1929) /Sam spade・ Series "Maltese hawk(1930)
  • : ・ From the series "Dividend of Death" (1939) to the 1950s, 29 feature films, many other short films and substitutes
  • Sarah Paletsky: VI Warshoski Series "Summertime Blues" (1982) ~
  • : Dave Brandstetter Series "Disappearing in the Dark" (1970) ~
  • : 1957 feature films from the Honey West series "Lending Honey" (1972) to 11
  • A ・ A ・ Fair (=E.S.Gardner): Versa Cool & Donald Lamb Series 1939 feature films from "Sheep in the Slaughter" (1970) to 29
  • Fredrick Brown: 1947 feature films from the Ed & Am Hunter series "Chicago Blues" (1963) to 7
  • : More than 1950 feature films since the Shell Scott series "Erased Woman" (30) / Mainly active in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Lawrence block: ・ Series "Mourning Bell from the Past" (1976) ~
  • Bill Pronzini: Anonymous detective series "Kidnapping" (1971) ~
  • Stephen Marlowe: Chester Drum Series 1955 feature films from 1968 to 20
  • Ross McDonald : Ryu Archer・ 1949 feature films such as the series "Moving Target" (1961), "Witchary Woman" (1964), "Samuke" (19)
  • : "Badge for Murder" (1951)
  • Horace McCoy: "They shoot abandoned horses" (1935)
  • Masha Marat: Sharon McCorn Series "Puppet Night" (1977) ~
  • (= Whit Masterson): Six feature films from the Max Thursday series "Sinful Bystander" (1947) to 1951
  • : "Old Dick" (1981)
  • Walter Mosley: Easy Rollins Series (Black Private Detective / Set in the Past) "Devil in a Blue Dress" (1990) ~
  • : Jacob Ash Series (Jewish Private Detective) "Hard Trade" (1981), etc., 1974-
  • : Arrow Nager Series "Tough Guy is Not a Pattern" (1976)-/ Fred Carver Series "Tropical Heat" (1986)-
  • Jonathan Latimer: Five feature films in the 1936s, including the Bill Crane series "Woman of Morgue" (1930)
  • Michael Z. Lewin: Albert Samsung Series "A Woman" (1971) ~
  • Dennis Ruhein: Patrick Kenji & Angela Janano Series "Tears to Scotch" (1994) ~
  • : Touscent Moor Series (Black Private Detective) "Distorted Yesterday" (1957), 1 other work
  • SJ Rozan: Lydia Chin & Bill Smith Series "Chinatown" (1994) ~

United Kingdom / Australia


Pioneer(In alphabetical order / debut before the 1960s / including writers who are not specialized in hard-boiled novels)

  • Jiro Ikushima: "Catch up" (1967 /Naoki PrizeAward) Other Shiro Shida Series / "Men's Blues" (1970)
  • Haruhiko Oyabu: "The Beast to Die(1958) and others Kunihiko Dateseries/"Gold Wolf revives(1964), etc.
  • Yoshio Kataoka: Translation / Aaron McKelway series of "Miss Rigby's Happiness" (1985) and many other short stories
  • Kikumura Yu: "Sleep of Kemono" (1959), etc.
  • Kimiko Koizumi: "Do you like murder?" (1962 / serialized) / Other short stories
  • Kojo Ko: Short story "Slight Condolence Bell" (1959) / Feature "Cemetery without Grave Mark" (1962)
  • Norio Kono: "Livestock named Malice aforethought" (1963 /Japan Detective Writers Association AwardAward), etc. × Shinichi Tazawa series / "Detective is now on an iron plate" (1976), etc. Taichi Tazawa series
  • Nobumitsu Kotaka: Translation / Explanation / "Detective story(1979) and others Shunsaku Kudo series
  • : "Contract with Evil" (1960), "White Dizziness" (1961), etc. Kitamura Ryoichi Series
  • Michio Tsuzuki: Counterfeit Kurt Cannon "Drunk Detective" (1960 / announced) / Sairenji Go series (short story / 1978-)
  • Koji Nakada: "Dangerous Woman" (1961), "Akatsuki's Deadline" (1964), etc. Takashi Kawasaki series
  • Etsuko Niki: Jun Mikage series such as "Cold Town" (1971)
  • Toru Miyoshi: Angel series (1968-)
  • Yuichi Yamashita: "Dangerous Target" (1964) and others Tatsuya Sone series / "My own burial book" (1965) and others Hitman series
  • Shoji Yuki: "There is no bouquet for the dead" (1962), etc. Saku series / "Dark sunset" (1965), etc. Maki series / Konno Attorney series

heir(In alphabetical order / debut after the 1970s / born after the war)

A writer with experience writing hard-boiled novels(In alphabetical order)

Hard-boiled graphic novel

Video work

Western painting

Japanese movies and TV dramas


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