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🎥 | Kaya Kiyohara and Michihito Fujii are special guests of the <Hiroshima International Film Festival> and dance "The Brightest Roof in the Universe" ...


Kaya Kiyohara and Michihito Fujii are special guests of the <Hiroshima International Film Festival> and dance "The Brightest Roof in the Universe" ...

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A father (Hidetaka Yoshioka) who gently supports me and a mother (Maki Sakai) who wraps me up brightly.

On Saturday, November 11st, the movie "The Brightest Roof in the Universe" will be screened and starred as a special invitation film for the Hiroshima International Film Festival ... → Continue reading


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Hidetaka Yoshioka

Yoshioka Hidetaka(Yoshioka Hidetaka, 19708/12 -) isJapan OfAn actor,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン.Saitama蕨 市I'm from My office is Office Bow!.


At the age of 5Troupe WakakusaSoon after joining theOedo investigation network] Debuted. at that time,Hideoka YoshiokaIs a stage name, and has some songs for children. 1976"Mr. Tsutomu of Mr. Yamaguchi"Yumi-chan's moving, Yamaguchi-san's Tsutomu-kun, Minamirambou no Kodomo no Uta" produced by the popularitySeiji Tanaka, The role of mamaWalnut kobatoAnd he is singing "Tsutomu-kun of Yamaguchi-san" in Tsutomu-kun.ビ ク タ ーSometimes recorded in the children's song collection released from).

1977,Yoshitaro NomuraDirector'sYatsugram Village』, played the boyhood role of the protagonist, Tatsuya Terada, first appearance in the movie. 1980Published “Call of the Faraway MountainAt the audition for TakeshiYoji YamadaFound by the director, next 1981Published “The man is painfulThe first work in the seriesIt's hard for a man Torajiro of Naniwa's love』To the 50th work Regular appearance as Torajiro's nephew, Mitsuo Suwa[1], Is also a masterpiece (starringKiyoshi AtsumiBecame ill and couldn't perform flashyThe man is painful My uncle] After that, the number of appearance scenes increased, which became the de facto protagonist).

1981Than 2002Until,"From the northern country”, a regular appearance on the blackboardTomoko NakajimaIt is said to be the role of Naoko, and it became a masterpiece.

2003,Dr. Cotto clinic』And starred in a high audience rating.

Yoji YamadaThere are many appearances in the director's work, and it is almost a regular.

Akira KurosawaIt is also used in many works.

1994Starring in the movie "Last song』In the song of the same name in the play songwriting. It became a hit selling 47 copies and recorded the highest 7th place in Oricon.

His body lines are delicate and his delicate performance is characteristic. When he was young, he played many life-sized youth roles.

Private life

200212 Co-starred in "The Will of the North 2002"actress OfYuki UchidaMarried to.Satoshi KuramotoIs the stage of the produced "Kita no Kunikara"FuranoThe wedding ceremony became a hot topic.

200512/21 Divorced with Yuki Uchida. I had no children with Uchida.


Jiyunomori Gakuen High SchoolThroughAsia UniversityDropout.

Since he is not good at speaking in public, he rarely appears in TV variety programs and talk programs, but in radio programs that appear occasionally,Akira KurosawaFrom the memory story with the director, the failure story on the motorcycle,Studio GhibliHe also talks about relatively private topics, including stories about anime likes and taking a DVD to a location.


  • Ozaki YutakaHe was one of my few friends and was so close that he said, "You can think of me as my brother." It was said that he often threw Ozaki at the garbage dump in the morning after drinking and fighting.[2].. Even now, I always wear the necklace I got from Ozaki.
  • I admire the co-stars in "Man Is Hard".Double Award ChiekoHe still has a lot of relationships and is often asked for special massages. Also,"ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome"soJapan Academy AwardIn a comment when he won the Best Actor Award, "When I don't want to go to the shooting site, I would like to thank Mr. Kiyoshi Atsumi, who is always in heaven with a smile on my chest. "WhenKiyoshi AtsumiThank you.


  • When shooting "Last Song"Sugita ShigemichiWhen I was practicing, I was told that I should practice the guitar, but this time I was told that I should make a song, but I was puzzled, but the song I made was rejected as another theme song was used by. Sugita said, "I knew that Yoshioka's song was so good that it was emotional, so I asked him to write and compose it."Kinema JunpoFrom the late November 2005 issue).
  • "School iiWhen I was playing a student at a school for the disabled, I asked a teacher from my junior high school to actually move to the school for three days.
  • "Four days miracleWhen it appeared in "," the part of the original snow scene was changed to "seaside" in the movie because of the strong image of "from the north". It seems that the director says that if there is Yoshioka in the snowy mountain, the blackboard will be pure, but Yoshioka himself says, "At the beachCottoI think it will be."
  • "August Rhapsody』, Yoshioka, who was the only one of the four grandsons who had never learned a keyboard instrument, played the organ, but it was worth the practicing practice and while singing Schubert's “Nobara” without dubbing I played the scene of playing. Also"Four days miracle], but was the piano performance scene without dubbing, with the intention of director Kiyoshi Sasabe.Piano Sonata No. 14I memorized more than half of the first movement of "Moonlight" (abandoning reading the score).
  • After shooting "School II", I thought that I would be called to shoot "Men wa Tsuraiyo Torajiro Hanenro" from autumn, which had already been decided to be produced, but in Australia when travelingKiyoshi AtsumiHear the obituary. I immediately returned to Japan and opened on August 1996, 8.ToraAttended the farewell party.
  • "The man who grabs the rainbowIn the scene of the movie "Man's Hard", I remembered Kiyoshi Atsumi and cried over and over again, and I didn't get the OK.
  • 2012Co-starred in "From Northern Country" and others on June 6Takeo DiiDied of heart failure. At the "farewell party" held on August 8thKunie Tanaka,Tomoko NakajimaServing as an assistant when Tanaka speaks to the altar on behalf of the attendees when they say "Thank you"[3].
  • At the 30th Japan Academy Awards, Best Actor Award Presenter, "I pray for the ever-increasing development of Japanese cinema and for it to be the light that keeps shining on people's hearts forever." Said his feelings for Japanese movies.


TV drama


Theater animation

short film


  • BUMP OF CHICKEN "Good Luck" (January 2012, 1)


The following are narrators unless otherwise specified.

  • Fifteen years since the Northern Country (15, Fuji TV, talks with Tomoko Nakajima, role of firefly)
  • New Japan Exploration Series (3) Homecoming 19-year-old summer ~ Unzen Fugendake ~ (August 1999, 8,NHK general TV)
  • Ningen Document Losing Akan-Part-time/Nishimiya Nishi High School Boxing Club-(August 2000, 8, NHK General Television)
  • Hi-Vision Special Smoke Far World SL Travel 3rd "Progress" Go 1000km-China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region-(August 2001, 8, NHK General)
  • Documentary "From the Northern Country" (September 2002, 9, Fuji TV, a documentary program focusing on the backstage of "9 Will")
  • A collection of war fairy tales "Forget about a bad story" (4)(2004, NHK Enterprise)
  • Silk Road Roman-At the end of thirty thousand kilometers (January 3000, 2004,Tokai TV, Appearing as a traveler)
  • (Aswan Entertainment)
    • White dog Jake What's Happiness? (2005)
    • Jake, the white dog, goes to the sky! (2006)
  • Gi Gi Gi(2005,NHK educational TV)
  • Porta of the land of the skimmer(2006-2007, NHK Educational Television)
  • Earth Eco 2008 Water Star (January 2008, 1, NHK General)
  • Warm snow (March 2008, 3, Tokai TV)
  • Beautiful Seeds (October 2008, 10-March 9, 2010, Fuji TV)
  • Akira Kurosawa of youth (March 2009, 3,WOWOW)
  • Citizen's Co-op Special "The Boys were Sent to the Battlefield" (February 2010, 2,Shinetsu Broadcasting)-Narrative
  • Mother's picture diary (May 2010, 5, Tokai TV)
  • Mi/Do/Ri ~Recommendation for Midori Yu (September 2010, 9, NHK-BS12)
  • A Japanese otter alone (December 2013, 12, NHK synthesis)
  • Seasonal sea "RAUSU" (May 2014, 5, Hokkaido Broadcasting Production, TBS affiliate 18 stations)
  • Challenge by Taka maker Yamazaki, a man who changed VFX in Japan (December 2016, 12, NHK BS Premium talks with Taka Yamazaki)

Radio Drama

  • Green Summer-I'm sure you (November 1989, 11,NSB)


  • Takugin(1991-1993)
    • "Dream" version
    • "Treasure" version
    • "Letter" version
    • "Tokimeki" version
    • "Seaside" version
    • "Counter" version
    • "Fireworks" version
    • "Train"
  • NTT(1996-1997)
    • "Connecting" man
    • "Connecting 2" man edition
    • "I want to convey" edition
  • Suntory
    • "Special Fruit Sake Series" (1996-2001)
      • "Taiwan Litchi Village"
      • "Hokkaido Yubari Melon Sake"
      • "Tochigi Onamine strawberry wine" version
      • "Kishu-produced Nanko Umeshu" edition
      • "Oita-produced Unshu mandarin liquor"
      • "Grapefruit Sake from Florida"
      • "Yamagata Western-style sake" edition
      • "Kumamoto to Yonoka Ichigo no Sato" version
      • "Yamagata cherry liquor" "Kumamoto watermelon liquor"
      • "Aomori Green Apple Sake" version
      • "California Navel Orange Journey"
      • "Fukushima Hosui Pear Village"
      • "Country of Canada and Cassis"
      • "Onna strawberry liquor spring 2 products" edition
      • "XNUMX sea lions" version
    • Kagetsu green
      • "Moon and Sorakusan" (2004)
    • Malts(2007 -) 
      • "I felt a good town" (April 2007, 4 -)
      • "Moved" version (April 2007, 4 -)
      • "I finally drank it" (May 2007, 5 -)
      • "Helped" (July 2007, 7-) 
    • BOSS coffee"Earth Research Series by Alien Jones"
      • "Station staff" (April 2011 -)
    • Oolong Tea(Narration 2012 -)
      • "Pass" version
      • "Fint" version
      • "Invisible bouquet" edition
  • SHARP Ecology Life Advertising Campaign (Narration February 2004, 2-29)
    • "Aquos and Cat"
    • "Sun Vista and Cats"
    • "Nabika Pika Sara Pika and Cat" Edition
    • "Disappearing cats" version
    • "Sun Vista and Seagulls"
    • "Nabepika present" edition
    • "Sun Vista and Dreams"
    • "Aquos Kameyama Factory"
    • "Aquos energy saving on large screens"
    • "Ecology Class Declaration"
    • "Energy-saving home appliances"
    • "Solar power generation"
    • "The sun is amazing"
  • NTT East(Narration 2005-2007)
    • "Obviously, more and more"
      • "Universal Uniformity" (December 2005, 12-)
      • "Going to Tokyo" (December 2005, 12-)
      • "Maintenance" (January 2006, 1-) 
      • "Rainy Day" (February 2006, 2-) 
    • "With light, more peace of mind."
      • "Children's Peace of Mind" (March 2006-)
      • "Thoughts of Apprentice Yui" (March 2006, 3-)
      • "Disaster Countermeasures" (September 2006, 9-) 
      • "Thoughts of Home Economics Student Yui" (September 2006, 9-)
    • "Light to you."
    • "The light is always by your side."
      • "Living alone with my daughter" (February 2007, 2-) 
      • "Yui Living Alone" (February 2007, 2-)
      • "Everyone's Light Life" (February 2007, 2-)
  • Sun drag "Let's be someone's sun" (June 2007, 6-May 1)
  • Yamasa soy sauceLtd.   
    • "Kelp soup" (2007-)  
      • "Buri de Konbu Two You" (October 2007, 10-December)
      • "Pumpkin and Konbu Two You" (December 2007)
      • "Cold Aso-san" (May 2008, 5-July 21, 2008)
      • "Nabe Bugyo Aso-san" (October 2008, 10-)
      • "Pumpkin Conference" (Mid December 2008-)
      • "Blog" (May 2009, 5-July)
      • "I can't get away" (October 2009, 10-)
      • "Items" (June 2010, 6-)
  • Microsoft Microsoft x ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset '64 (2012-)
  • Daihatsu"Somewhere in Japan" (July 2012-)
    • "Home Island"
    • "My wife's thoughts"
    • "Work at home"
    • "Completion"
  • NCN"100% earthquake-resistant housing" (Narration October 2014, 10-)
  • JA Bank"Agriculture loves you" (Narration 2016-)
    • "Mini tomato"
    • "Yuzu"
    • "Egoma"
    • "Benifuuki"
    • "Cucumber Town"
    • "The Life of Tomatoes"
  • dTV"Teaser" (Narration 2016-)
  • LIXIL"Richelle Pratt"
    • "Let's live in the kitchen." (Narration 2016-)



Release dateLabelspecificationStandard product numbersurfacetitleRemarks
Hidetaka Yoshioka
1976Victorian music industryEPKV-45AYumi's move ~ Goodbye Tsutomu ~Cover of the same title by Hiroshi Kawahashi & Yoshiko Otsuka
BA cat named cat
1977/6Nippon ColumbiaEPSCS-357AFamous grandma (line:Masako Nozawa)
BWhen Dad returns from a business tripAjinomoto Frozen FoodCM song
1977Victorian music industryEPKV-49ARock and roll with sake
BDaddy and my waltz
Hidetaka Yoshioka
1994/1/7Pony canyon8 cm CDPCDA-5051Last songMovie "Last Song" theme song
2Go while there is lightInsert song for the movie "Last Song"
1994/4/218 cm CDPCDA-5641Month
2Looking for me


Release dateLabelspecificationStandard product numbertitle
Hidetaka Yoshioka
1976Victorian music industryLPJBX-114Yumi's moving, Yamaguchi's Mr. Tsutomu Minami Ranbu's children's song
Hidetaka Yoshioka
1994/1/21Pony canyonCDPCCA-492Last Song Original Soundtrack
1994/5/20Pony canyonCDPCCA-568branch point
1996/3/21Pony canyonCDPCCA-896to be continued
2002/7/24Jomon RecordsCDJR-1back



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