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🎥 | Movie "Brain Paradise" Kaho Minami, Seiko Ito on stage to commemorate the public commemorative stage greetings!


Kaho Minami from the movie "Brain Paradise" will be on stage to commemorate the public commemorative stage greetings by Seiko Ito!

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Soran Tamoto "I'm glad that you can watch a movie at the cinema.

The cast and director of the movie "Brain Ten Paradise" released from November 11th will be a public commemorative dance held in Tokyo on November 20st ... → Continue reading


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Kiyoshi Arashi

Tamoto Soran(Tamoto Sora,1991å¹´11/12 -) isTokyoFromJapan OfAn actor.Versatile Entertainment,GMB ProductionAfter that, from September 2018ASH & D CorporationBelongs.

Koto Ward No. XNUMX Sunamachi Junior High School,Tokyo Metropolitan Asakusa High Schoolgraduate.Taisho UniversityCurrently enrolled in the Human Science Course, Department of Human Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences.

October 2018, stage nameTamoto KiyoarashiWas renamed to his real name, Soran Tamoto.


Father doing design related work (Osaka University of ArtsHe has lived with two people since he was a child (graduated from the Department of Imaging Planning, Faculty of Arts).

Mainly from around 3 years oldIndependent movie-Reproduction drama-モデルEtc. are mainly active. At the age of 12, he was selected as the first protagonist in the movie "Goggles".

Drama"Furuhata Junior High School StudentThe role of Otokichi Mukojima in the movie "Journey to the Ascension SansoWas selected by watchingKoki MitaniTalks on his blog.


TV drama



  • 2002 Eikichi Yazawa Acoustic Tour (Nagoya / Tokyo / Osaka Performances) (2002)
  • Kamegamori's Kappa (Theatrical Company Furusato Charaban) (2002)
  • Viva Mexico My experience in Mexico (Drama Education Company) (Aoyama Amphitheater) (2001) --The role of Marcelino
  • Stage Tumble (TBS) (Akasaka ACT Theater, Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze) (2010) --Atsushi Kaneko
  • New Hinomaru Restaurant (DHE @ stage) (Owlspot) (April 2011-4, 9) --Yuji Sakaki
  • Kizuna Boy, hold a large piece of paper! 2011 (TBS) (New National Theater Tokyo / Middle Theater) (October 2011-10, 20) --Direct role of Mt. Yoneyama
  • High School Opera Company ☆ Otokogumi (DHE @ stage) (Galaxy Theater September 2012-9, 12) --Kawamura Wataru
  • 3150 million seconds, a little (Galaxy Theater) (February 2013-2, 15)
  • Girl things(ABC Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West) (January 2016-February 1, 23)
  • Screaming and screaming, this night's life (Rikkoukai Hall) (February 2016th-2th, 24) --Iwao Iwao
  • Stage version Memoir / Union Red Army The journey to Asama Sanso (Shinjuku SPACE miscellaneous tour) (March 2017-3, 9) --Standing up criminal
  • Superendroller LIVE “scene05” “365 days, 36.5 ℃” (October 2019, 10-November 30, Sumida Park Studio, Tokyo)- Scenery role



  • (Released on September 2012, 9,iPhone) --Kouichi Niihara
  • Superhero generation(Released on October 2014, 10, PS23,PS Vita) --Cancer Zodiats[5] / The role of Cancer Nova
  • Kamen Rider Buttoba Soul (February 2017) --Natsuko Onijima / Cancer Zodiats[6]



Dubbed (drama)

  • AXN"Rush Hour" Episode 12 (2016)

TV program

  • ・ Saturday classroom "Let's try volunteer" (TVK, 2004) --The role of Hiroshi
  • Special program "Warning! Wanna lurking in a comfortable future ...!? Nippon Future Banashi" (ANB, 2004) --The role of Solan
  • Chichin Puipui"Today's sagging?" (MBS, 2005)



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