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🎥 | Speaking of "Monster Hunter", Fire Dragon Rio Leus!Basic information review

Photo Hollywood Live-action Rio Leus – (c) Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

Speaking of "Monster Hunter", Fire Dragon Rio Leus!Basic information review

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Of particular note is the fire dragon, Rio Leus, who decorated the first package in the series.

"Monster Hunter", a live-action movie of Capcom's popular game in Hollywood (March 2021, 3 national public ... → Continue reading

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Flying Dragon (Monster Hunter Series)

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Flying dragon species(Hiryushu) isMonster hunter seriesIt is a kind of classification of monsters that appear in.


Monster Hunter Drama A group of species in the world, many of themEcosystemBeing on top ofreptiles(Archosaurs) Type race.It has a hind leg that develops thickly as a walking leg and extends vertically, and a front leg that becomes a wing, and the wing is between the skeletons of the toes of the forefoot.皮膜DevelopedBat(Exceptionally, Akamutrum etc. do not have wings, but they are classified as flying dragon species that retain the characteristics before the wings were generated from the characteristics of the skeleton).When we generally refer to "flying dragons" rather than biological classifications, we mean all organisms whose arms have evolved into wings during bipedal walking, including some bird dragon species. ing.In addition, there are quadrupedal walking dragons such as Tigalex whose wings retain the function of walking legs, and the fingers of the front legs of the quadrupedal flying dragon are小指Only extended to support the wings and the other fingers became walking organs,PterosaursWith forelimbsLizardIt has a structure that looks like a combination of the forelimbs.

The winged flying dragon has a common ancestor, "Wyvern Rex" of the Sauropodomorpha Rex family, but has undergone a unique evolution suitable for each living area.It has various forms such as horns and fangs, crustacean dragons with hard shells and poisonous tails, and full-scale and giginebra without scales.Wingless flying dragons such as Akamutrum are thought to have differentiated from creatures older than Wyvern Rex, and it is said that the theory that there was an older ancestor called "Wyvern Origin" was proposed in the setting of Wyvern Rex. There is a setting.Although the Wyvern Origin has been advocated by scholars in the playfossilIt is said that it is an unknown existence because it has not been found, but all of the wingless flying dragons are super giant creatures, and in the setting of Tiga Rex rare species, "The ancestor of Tiga Rex (≒ Wyvern Rex) was a giant creature." Etc.[1], It is suggested that it may have been a giant creature.

In general, each individual has a certain range of territory and preys and breeds within that range, so it is unlikely that multiple different species will exist within the same range of action.In addition, large flying dragon species generally give off a loud roar that even a skilled hunter can block his ears and stop moving.


UNKNWON and Mi Lu, who have the characteristics of a flying dragon but are under investigation in the official announcement, said, "Monster Hunter Monster List #Race UnknownSee.

Rio Leia

  • Also known as: Female Fire Dragon / (Subspecies) Sakura Fire Dragon (Okaryu) / (Rare Species) Gold Fire Dragon (Kinkari) / (Two Names) Purple Poison Princess (Shidokuhime)
  • Appearance work (original species): All series. One of the main monsters in the MH series.
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH3G / MH4 / MH4G / MHW / MHWI / MHF / MHXR
  • Appearance work (rare species): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4 / MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHWI / MHF / MHXR
  • Appearance works (two names): MHX / MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Suborder Shell Dragon Infraorder Flying Dragon Superfamily Rios
  • Overall length: Approximately 1645.6 cm / Overall height: Approximately 430 cm / Leg size: Approximately 177 cm
  • Theme song: Ancient Rhythm (MH ~ MHP, MHP2G)[2]

It is called the "Queen of the Land" because it mainly acts on the ground.It boasts the largest habitat range among all monsters, and inhabits all over the world except cold regions (even in submerged forests only in MH3G and MH3).Since eggs are often targeted by small bird dragon species, the number of eggs laid at one time is a little large, 4 to 6, even though it is located at the top of the food chain.During the breeding season, males and females divide their roles (see the section on Rio Leus below), but males only look around and eliminate foreign enemies, and the female Rio Leia basically secures food for juveniles. Do.As the name of the fire dragon, it has the ability to spit out a spherical flame called breath, and can be fired not only once but also three times in a row.There is a spiny protrusion under the chin, which develops during the breeding season and feeds the juvenile with chewed food as a lactator.As the juvenile grows, the prey is brought back to the nest alive to practice hunting.Poisonous spines on the entire back and tail.It has a means of attack called "Somersault" that flips backwards with its strong leg strength and violently hits its tail with its centrifugal force to add poison. After MH3, in addition to the movements so far, attacks from breath that diffuses and explodes after landing and hovering at low altitude have been added.When the attack from hovering hits, it bites while pressing with both feet, and finally it becomes a continuous attack that shoots somersault.You can escape immediately by throwing a Koyashi ball, but each time you are bitten, Rio Leia's physical strength recovers little by little.

The crustacean of the original species is dark green.The crustacean of the subspecies is cherry-colored, and the armor using this is called the Rio Heart series.The rare species of crustacean is golden, and the armor using this is called the Gold Luna series.In addition to flying rocks in three directions during summer salt, the peculiar individual of the original species suddenly delivers high-speed summer salt after threatening or triple breathing.In addition, the action of shaking the head after triple breathing has been completely canceled.The shell is slightly reddish, and the claws and spines on the tail are dyed red, giving it an appearance between the original species and the subspecies.

Like the original species, the peculiar individual of the subspecies has almost no gap after triple breathing, and the attack that jumps back while generating wind pressure immediately after the rush, the attack that swings the tail with poison effect three times behind, accumulate power It has the property of launching a breath attack that causes a large explosion involving a wide area in front of it, and moving to maintain a favorable interval during back jumps.The crustacean of the whole body is purplish and the eyes are blue. Rare species of Rio Leia of MHP3 have attacks such as firing high-power flame breath 3 times or 3 times to deliver Somersault. The variant in MH3G is designed to handle the tail by pretending to be Somersault and launching an attack that swings the tail sideways.Also, in the G class, an attack that emits a flame breath at the same time as biting is used. Rare species of Rio Leia of MH2G may perform a subspecies of Somersault after firing two high-power flame breaths.

Among the rare species, the peculiar individual, in addition to the nature of the subspecies peculiar individual, performs a high-speed rush attack that instantly runs from one end of the field to the other, and a tail shaving attack that shoots while piercing the ground.In addition, the Rio Leia rare species peculiar individual originally appeared as a Rio Leia rare species dedicated to the rigid species aptitude test at the time of season 7.0, as well as the earliest peculiar individual with enlarged whole body spines and blue eyes. At that time, it only made the same movements as the original species-specific individuals that appeared later.

In MHX, a special individual monster called two famous monsters has appeared.

In the G class in MHF, it exerts leg strength enough to crush the surrounding ground when landing after Somersault, and mercilessly blows away hunters approaching the detour.In addition, rare species of MHF have appeared in the G class before subspecies.He jumped up while sweeping the surroundings with his tail, and came down to the surface again with the momentum of rotating at high speed in the air, and learned the great technique of attacking a wide area.

リ オ レ ウ ス

  • Also known as: Fire Dragon, Male Fire Dragon / (Subspecies) Blue Fire Dragon / (Rare Species) Silver Fire Dragon (Ginkaryu) / (Two Names) Black Kokuenou
  • Appearance work (original species): All series. One of the main monsters in the MH series.
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH3G / MH4 / MH4G / MHW / MHWI / MHF / MHXR. MHG's main monster.
  • Appearance work (rare species): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4 / MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHWI / MHF / MHXR
  • Appearance works (two names): MHX / MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Suborder Shell Dragon Infraorder Flying Dragon Superfamily Rios
  • Overall length: Approximately 1629.4 cm / Overall height: Approximately 433 cm / Leg size: Approximately 176 cm
  • Theme song: Roar (MH ~ MHP2G)[3]

The female of the same species, Rio Leia, has its main activity area on the ground, while the male Rio Leus is called the "King of the Sky" because it mainly acts in the air.Like the female Rio Leia, it has a wide range of habitat.When it comes to mating during the breeding season, females perform a clear division of roles on the ground, hunting and guarding eggs, and males monitoring and eliminating foreign enemies from the sky.Therefore, while the eyesight is extremely high, if a flash ball is used while in the air, it will crash.Other body structures are common, spitting fireballs and firing from the air.There are no poisonous spines on the back to reduce air resistance during flight, but there is poison on the claws of the feet, and from the air taking advantage of the developed flight abilityHoveringWhile swooping attacks, the effects of poison and stunning are exhibited at the same time.It has a high attack power, and it is forced to struggle until it gets used to it because it moves frequently in the area and often flies in the air.

The crustacean of the original species is red.The crustacean of the subspecies is blue, and the armor using this is called the Rio Soul series.The crustacean of rare species is silver, and the armor using this is called the Silver Sol series.In the peculiar individual of the original species, all wind pressure changes to dragon wind pressure, and in addition, there is less chance of movement related to flight.Since the peculiar individual has dark and tough wings, it is said that it can fly without problems even if the air resistance increases due to the enlargement of the spines on the back and tail.

In addition to conducting hovering attacks at low altitudes, the peculiar individuals of the subspecies have the property that the breath involves a wide area and diffuses and explodes, and on the ground, the breath is fired five times from left to right.The wind pressure to be generated is the same as the original species, which is the dragon wind pressure, and it is difficult for the swordsman to aim at the landing without the invalidation skill.In addition, the wing claws, spines of the whole body, and eyes are discolored red.

Rare species compensate for the weakness peculiar to Rio Leus that if a hunter comes directly under him when flying over the air, he can not hit a breath or a dive attack, by the action of releasing the breath while shifting the position behind in the air, MHP3 The rare species of Rio Leus has two consecutive attacks from high altitude, high-power flame breath at low altitude, and attacks that restrain hunters while hovering.Among the rare species, the individuals appearing in the Rigid Species Aptitude Test have a dull, shining silver body, and can breathe almost vertically without falling back when in the air.In addition, the attack power has increased to the extent that it is comparable to the rigid species.

Subspecies of MH3G are becoming more mobile, such as hunting down with a relentless assault from the air.Attack methods include a steep kick that accurately captures the hunter from low altitude, and a bite breath from low altitude flight that can be seen in the G class.It also performs a restraint kick while hovering like the rare species of Rioreus of MHP3. In addition to these attacks, the MH3G rare species now also use the Rio Leia subspecies, the ground-biting breath used by the Rio Leia rare species.

In MHX, a special individual monster called two famous monsters has appeared.It has the characteristic that it cannot be dropped with a flash ball unless the wings are destroyed.It is similar to a rare species in that the flame breath explodes.Unleash a powerful explosive rock.

In the G class in MHF, it behaves almost the same as a peculiar individual, and when kicking by hovering, it shows a trick such as attacking a hunter without touching it with a shock wave at all.Initially, the peculiar individual of the rare species of Rioreus was tentatively treated as the above-mentioned "individual appearing in the rigid species aptitude test", but now it is further different such as red eyes and reddish whole body spines. The silver fire dragon with its appearance has officially debuted as a peculiar individual monster.The movement is completely different from the former, and there are many unique attack techniques such as exploding a huge fireball with another fireball and shooting a breath while sprinting in a circular motion.In addition, the rare species has also appeared in the G class quest of MHF following the original species, sniping with many breaths while gracefully flying around in the air, finally spitting a huge breath, plunging itself into it and exploding. Demonstrate the big skill of causing.

The name Rio LeusGreek languageIt is taken from "Rio" which means lion and "Basileus" which also means king in Greek.[4]

"Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker』Has appeared as a guest.It is said that there is a record in the work that "a pirate ship was sometimes attacked by Rio Leus in the ocean where you can not see the island".snake"There can be no creatures that spit fire," he said.In addition, the appearanceWyvernIt is described as being like.Also, in December 2013, the game "The game produced by the same Capcom"Geist Crusher], Collaborated as a large geist (in short, a large monster) named "Hunter Gaileus".In addition, the game "Geist Crusher God], "Alpha Gaileus" and "Silver Gaileus" are also collaborating.

"Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers SPECIAL] As a guest appearance as a boss character, and also appears as an assist figure.

ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エThe company develops "Final Fantasy XIVIn collaboration with "FFXIV", he has also appeared in collaboration with "FFXIV".

CapcomとGungHo Online EntertainmentA game for smartphones jointly developed byTeppen], Each character of Capcom appears as a main character (hero) with the setting to fight in a different world.[5].


  • Also known as: Kakuryu, Sokakuryu / (subspecies) Kokukakuryu / (two names) Ouma
  • Appearance work (original species): MH / MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH3 / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4[6]/ MH4G / MHXX / MHW / MHWI / MHF / MHXR
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4G / MHW / MHWI / MHF / MHXR
  • Appearance work (two names): MHXX. One of the main monsters of MHXX.
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Ceratops Superfamily Bros
  • Overall length: Approximately 1993.4 cm / Overall height: Approximately 535 cm / Leg size: Approximately 174 cm
  • Theme song: Twin-horned desert tyrant (MHF ~ MHP2G, MHXX)[7], Rage of wrath (normal state and runaway state) / Tyrant of slaughter (mad runaway state) (MHXX)[8]

A flying dragon with a thorny collar and two horns above its eyes.The collar-shaped armor and horns on the neck are the actual dinosaurs.CeratopsClose to the tailAnkylosauriaThe tip is like a club.It has sharp fangs but is herbivorous, which is rare for a flying dragon.CactusIs the staple food.On the other hand, it is more aggressive and prideful than a carnivorous dragon, and it is feared to be called a "desert tyrant" because it goes wild when it is harmed or its territory is invaded.The horns are strong and sharp enough to penetrate rocks and rush towards them during battle, but their original use is to compare power in territorial battles between Diablos. In the movies recorded in the works up to MHP, two Diablos entwined the horns and pushed each other, but even then it was not settled, so they also attacked with the tail.The forelimbs are well developed and are mainly used for digging the ground.There is almost no movement by flight.When diving in the sand, it relies on the sound like the ichthyosaur species Galeos, which will be described later, so when it receives a loud noise such as a sound bomb, it will be in the same state as if it got into a pit, but in passionate times. Has no effect when throwing a sound bomb.He does not spit out special breaths, and is good at strong rush attacks, roars, and surprise attacks from the sand.It has a high pride and aggressively attacks when foreign enemies invade the territory.Also, when you get angry, it becomes unmanageably ferocious, and the frequency increases with each injury.

The crustacean of the original species is earth-colored, but during the breeding season, femalesWarning colorAs the shell becomes darker.Females during this period are considered dangerous because they become extremely ferocious, and this is what the guild calls "subspecies."In addition to this, an individual with a vermilion crustacean has been confirmed as a mutant species."Diasolte", a mutant species with a vermilion crustacean, has appeared in the comic version "Monster Hunter 2". Related quests are distributed on MHP2 and MHP2G, but the color is the same as the original species, it has higher endurance and attack power than normal individuals, and one corner is broken from the beginning.Armor based on the mutant species is called the Diasolte series.

The peculiar individual has developed leg strength, and can immediately stop the rush and immediately lead to attacks such as tail rotation attack, tail slamming, and body crushing, as well as quickly protruding the corner forward and a large amount while diving in the ground. Launch an attack such as launching a rock and then dropping it.The crustacean of the whole body is reddish, and the horns are dyed crimson.In addition, the way the corners are broken has changed significantly, one is broken from the root and one is slightly chipped at the tip.

The peculiar individual of the subspecies speeds up the movement of diving into the ground, and immediately before the surprise attack, it vibrates widely and stops the movement of the target.He is also good at on-the-spot attacks such as hitting his chin against the ground and pushing up a hunter who can not move due to vibration, swinging up the horn and then blowing off all directions with his tail, and also making a big jump after the run-up. Make a powerful rush to pierce the ground.It is also called the Black Reaper because it has an abnormally developed left horn and a terrifying white wing membrane, and emits a strong roar that instantly distorts the space.The fierce individual of the original species has the effect of being stunned for a long time when the roar is blown off, and the range of influence is wide.Also, he is always angry.In addition to the above, the subspecies' fierce individuals have less chance after rushing and are very fast when it comes to surprise attacks from the ground.

MH3G's G-class Diablos has significantly improved rush tracking performance.In addition, the G-class Diablos subspecies of MH3G uses an attack that causes an earthquake around the hunter by moving in the ground and raids the frightened hunter from the ground.

In MH4G, both the original species and variants will appear only in G-class quests.The subspecies rushes by turning 3 ° after jumping out into the ground instead of the underground assault after restraint due to the vibration at the time of MH180G.The original species in the extreme state has also appeared, and not only the attack patterns of the original species and the subspecies are mixed, but also the flash balls and sound bombs are invalidated, so if it takes time to release it, it tends to be in a state where you have to keep chasing endlessly.

In MHXX, a special individual monster called a two-named monster appears.

Diablos, which appears in MHF's G-class quest, now has a wave of sand attached to the tackle, dives from the jump as if jumping into the ground, and appears on the surface of the ground toward the targeted hunter. Deliver the technique of launching a jump attack.


  • Also known as: Ikkakuryu / (subspecies) White Ikkakuryu, Hakukakuryu
  • Appearance work (original species): MH / MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4G / MHF
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4G / MHF
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Ceratops Superfamily Bros
  • Overall length: Approximately 2004.2 cm / Overall height: Approximately 535 cm / Leg size: Approximately 174 cm
  • Theme song: Crimson Horn[9]

A closely related species of Diablos, a single-horned flying dragon.The horns grow on the tip of the nose, not on the eyes, and are strong enough to pierce the bedrock.Unlike Diablos, it has a beak instead of fangs, and its head is a real ceratop with the shape of its horns.StyracosaurusSimilar to, with a hammer-like tail in Diablos with thornsStegosauriaIt looks like this.The whole body looks sandy, but the horns are crimson and part of the shell is dark brown.During passion, blood vessels dilate and red spots appear in the middle of the collar.The behavior pattern is not much different from Diablos, but it is less angry than Diablos.

There is an anecdote that the mayor of the young Cocotte village took a month to challenge the monobroth alone and succeeded in subduing it when the hunter profession was not established. Then, it is said that hunting monobroth alone became an act of showing one's courage.Also, in the novel version, in addition to the fact that the village mayor hunted alone, it is implicitly understood that hunting is done alone because the number of monobroths is small, and monobroths appear offline throughout the series and only in quests for one person only. do not do.

The peculiar individual reacts to the sound bomb and becomes passionate, and after diving into the ground, it begins to push up the hunter without a break, attacks that make high-speed rushes many times without preliminary movement, and head butt after hitting the chin. Use an attack that does, or an attack that wipes off your left side at once with your tail.In addition, the description of the monobroth material called "Crimson Horn" is reflected, and the horns are dyed bright red.

In MHF's G-class quests, you may scream and then dive into the ground while swinging around the corners.At this time, the sound bomb can be used even in an angry state, but the monobroth that jumps out in surprise gives a super roar with an attack judgment on the spot, so if you eat this, the attack chance will be wasted.

In MH4G, G-class village quests will also appear, the original species will appear only in the upper G-class, and the variants will appear only in the G-class.The original species has added motions such as wrapping around like Volvoros and shooting two headbutts in a row.As for the variants, the super speedup and high endurance of the past work in the angry state have been retained, but the direction change like Tigalex and the rush from the horribly accurate crouching start have been added.

The variants have left a connection with the legendary Gunner who appears in the game, and are also fighting with rival hunters in Cocotte Village.The crustacean of the original species is sand-colored.The crustacean of the subspecies is entirely white silver, including the horns, and the armor using this material is called the Monodevil series.Subspecies tend to use more "intimidating and then powerful rushes" than normal species.


  • Also known as: armor dragon / (subspecies) black armor dragon (kuroyoroiryu)
  • Appearance work (original species): MH / MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4 / MH4G / MHXX / MHF
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4 / MH4G / MHF
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Sauropodomorpha, Infraorder, Armor, Superfamily, Gravimos
  • Overall length: Approximately 2099.9 cm / Overall height: Approximately 875 cm / Leg size: Approximately 167 cm
  • Theme song: Jiken (MH ~ MHP, MHP2G)[10], Volcanic heavyweight (MH2 ~ MHP2)[11], Raging rocks (MH4)[12]

A large flying dragon that lives mainly in volcanic fields.The juveniles are called the rock dragon Basalmos and are distinguished because their appearance changes significantly as they grow.BacteriaThanks to the symbiosis with, minerals can be used as food, and he prefers to eat hot red lotus stones and explosive volcanic rocks to activate bacteria.By eating minerals, the whole body is protected by a crustacean that is strong and has excellent heat resistance, and as the name of the armor dragon, it has high defense power.For a short time溶岩It can move inside, and it is sluggish but can fly.It is said that the outer shell developed and the body evolved to a large size in order to gain time for the high heat of lava to reach the internal organs (however, the outer shell at the time of the ancestral glademos discovered later). Since the development of the body and the giant body can be confirmed, it is possible that those elements that were originally there were diverted secondarily), and the low thermal conductivity is a drawback in that it discharges heat on the contrary. ing.Therefore, to cool the overheated body,MetabolismAs part of this, it takes action to emit heat waves that erupt from the whole body and heat rays that penetrate even the terrain from the mouth.In addition, Gravimos is also familiar with the fact that heat waves and heat rays can be used for attacks and the poor thermal conductivity of his body, and by storing the heat of the volcano in his body, he is able to act in swamps and the like. ..Individuals with strong heat exhausting ability will have a black shell and a higher frequency of breath firing.Just as Basalmos emits poisonous gas, the original species emits sleep gas from the whole body, while the subspecies emits heat waves frequently.The crustacean of the original species is grayish white.The crustacean of the subspecies is black, but as mentioned above, it is not a biological subspecies because it is a blackened individual with a particularly developed heat exhaust capacity among the original species.

For the peculiar individual, after a long preparatory movement, a super-wide range of "large heat rays" that momentarily scoops away while retreating, and a jump rush similar to the Basalmos peculiar individual are added.The rear tail swing became one and a half round trips, and the hunter was blown away greatly.In addition, a tail shaving on the left side like Akamutrum has been added.Although the size of the fierce individual is small, it emits heat waves during the preparatory movement of the rush, and the heat rays emitted boast a strange attack range and power that completely obstructs the field of vision.However, because this heat ray is so strong, it has weaknesses such as the fired Gravimos itself rolling in reaction.The client's biologist also said, "It was strangely tense and I wasn't sure if it was strong or weak. I'm not trying to look good in front of my child (Basalmos) ..." .. MHF's G class has the property of emitting intense high-temperature gas that instantly burns out an ultra-wide area after emitting heat rays.

In MH4, it will voluntarily launch a rolling attack.The heat rays of the subspecies will hit even in close contact only when they are emitted vertically.The number of parts that can be destroyed is increasing, and especially when the back is destroyed, heat waves and gas are dispersed from the wounds on the back, and the threat when approaching is diminished. From the G-class individual of MH4G, a motion that approaches while continuously emitting a beam like a single fireball was added.The variant not only emits heat waves during this motion, but also adds heat rays while turning around. The durability value of the back of the G-class individual has also increased significantly, and it now takes time to destroy the part with just a riding attack.The original species in the extreme state appears, and the breath of the G class subspecies is added, but since the legs etc. are not hardened, there is a certain chance to take advantage of it.

The peculiar individual of the subspecies has the protrusions of the whole body colored like an active volcano, and in addition to the technique of the peculiar individual of the original species, continuous attacks that release sleeping gas and poisonous gas in order from the struck tail, and flying to the sky While irradiating the surface of the earth with heat rays, it squeezes 360 degrees, and finally performs a body press to blow up the surrounding area.

Like the classification of "Heavy-shelled dragon Infraorder", Diablos and other horned dragon species are closely related species, and they have evolved from a common dragon called "Cragmos" (Cragmos is an evolution tree diagram). It is a species that comes only by name, and its appearance is unknown).In fact, the discovery of Gladmos, the ancestor of Gravimos, reveals that Gravimos was also a dragon that lived in a desert oasis, like the Ceratops.


  • Also known as: Ganryu / (subspecies) Momoiwaryu
  • Appearance work (original species): MH / MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4 / MH4G / MHXX / MHF
  • Appearance work (subspecies): MH4 / MH4G
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Sauropodomorpha, Infraorder, Armor, Superfamily, Gravimos
  • Overall length: Approximately 1297.6 cm / Overall height: Approximately 620 cm / Leg size: Approximately 167 cm

Gravimos juvenile.Usually, he lives in the ground while mimicking the crustacean of his back as a rock.Although it is a juvenile, its outer shell is very tough due to the ingested ore, and it protects itself by releasing poisonous gas from all over the body. In MHP2G, when the crustacean of the chest is peeled off, the ejection power increases and the gas toxin becomes stronger.Occasionally heat waves are also emitted.It may spit out a heat-linear breath like Gravimos, but it is much less powerful than Gravimos and often fails to fire.Eat the food with the surrounding rocks, and the rocks are also inside the bodyBacteriaIt is evolving to live in a volcanic field where food is scarce, by decomposing and ingesting energy.As the energy taken from minerals increases as it grows, it is said that by the time it matures and becomes gravimos, it will eat almost only minerals.

The peculiar individual has a tree on its back, and it launches an attack that does not perform a flame liquid that causes a big explosion, sprays poison to the surroundings while rolling, and radiates heat rays three times in a row without rest.In addition, the eye color of normal individuals is yellow, whereas that of peculiar individuals is blue. From the G class of MHF, when the body shakes, such as frightening and shivering, rotating on the spot and swinging the tail, many rocks "poison shells" containing toxins are shaken off. It was.It explodes over time and hunter attacks, sprinkling poisonous gas.Even if this is a one-sided advantage, you need to be careful because even some motions when you are frightened will be dropped.

In MH4, both the original species and subspecies appear only in unknown trees.A motion that emits heat waves three times in a row while walking has been added.As the name suggests, the subspecies has pink ore exposed from all over the body.Although it is a little flashy compared to the original species, it has a mimicry effect more than the original species only in this field because similar rocks are ubiquitous in the unknown tree sea found.As a subspecies-specific behavior, it sprinkles its own crystals around for threatening and attacking (sometimes there are things left on the field, and rare ore can be collected).

Full full

  • Appearance work (original species): MH / MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4 / MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHF
  • Appearance work (variant): MHG / MHP / MH2 / MHP2 / MHP2G / MH4 / MH4G / MHF
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Rare Hakuryu Superfamily Full Full Family
  • Overall length: Approximately 873.2 cm / Overall height: Approximately 448 cm / Leg size: Approximately 135 cm

In body tissuepigmentWhite without eyes, no ears, and no crustacean like other flying dragon species (strictly on the side of the head)Vestigial organEyes exist)HillA flying dragon with a head like.In addition, when explaining full full material items in the game, "albinoHowever, the whiteness of the full-fledged body is not a pigment deficiency, but a result of the body's pigment loss during the evolutionary process of adapting to a light-free environment, so it is not a substantial albino.Because it lives in the dark, the eyes are degenerated, and that muchSense of smellIs said to have developed sharply.Also,Live foodYou can detect it more sensitively than the corpse (it was said that you only eat raw food in the initial setting, but in later works you will also eat trap meat, feed, dead meat on the field, etc. In addition to olfaction, bioelectric current sensing organs and related species such as Gigi NebraHeat sensing organThere is a theory that special sensory organs are developed[13][14].. My favoriteKerubi..Toes and toenailsTree frogIt has a mucous membrane like this, and can be moved by sticking to the ceiling of a cave or the like.Powerful in the bodyPower generationHas an organ and has a tailGroundInstead, it emits electricity from all over the body, but it seems that it can be discharged and charged without grounding for a short time, and in works after MHP2G, it emits a short time electric shock without grounding or jumps with electricity etc. Also do.The neck is flexible and can be stretched for a short time, but as it ages and its muscles weaken, it loses its shape and hangs down, making it impossible to prey and dying.[14]..Its skin is very flexible and moisturizing, and the Chelicerata subspecies Nelscula has the habit of wearing a predated exodermis as a moisturizing measure in the desert where it spawns.[15]. HermaphroditeSo, it makes fertilized eggs by itself and reproduces.A juvenile called a full-full baby has no hands or feet and spends time parasitizing other organisms, and as it grows, its limbs develop and become adults.Full Full Baby can be obtained as an item depending on the quest, and it will bite the hunter, so the hunter's health gauge will continue to decrease little by little while in possession.

Since there is no vision, blinding with a flash ball does not work, and the eyeball mark, which is the only sign that the player was found, is not displayed in the boss monster.Therefore, the player cannot take the emergency avoidance action that can be done only when he is found and running away (possible because the eyeball mark is displayed on MH4 and the target camera also responds).Also, since it does not become a discovery state, BGM does not flow (strictly speaking, even if another large monster with a low risk such as Dos Gianos is in the same area, BGM does not flow, so "silence" itself is a full full exclusive BGM Is).Slow movement, but stretches its neck to attack long distances, sticks to the ceiling with its front legs and tail and jumps from there, or sticks to the ceilingStrong acid OfsalivaIt takes a lot of very tricky movements and attacks such as dripping, and has high attack power.In particular, electric breaths that discharge from the mouth, discharges from the body, and attacks that use electricity, such as rushing while discharging, not only cause powerful damage, but also cause the hunter to get an electric shock and become paralyzed.In addition, it may stiffen the hunter for a long time and make a strange and loud roar that can only be prevented by the skill of earplugs.Individuals with a total height smaller than humans may appear in certain quests.

The presence of a red-colored subspecies has been confirmed, and the subspecies has a longer neck than the original species.Due to the nature of the skin, some of the blood vessels can be seen through and the blood vessels of the subspecies appear purple, but both are red when bleeding.In addition, the weakness attribute has changed from fire to water.

The peculiar individual performs an astonishing technique of shooting 6 electric shock breaths 18 times in a row at a time.It covers all attacks with gaps with discharge, it flies low while charging the breath and fires at the same time as landing, it also discharges during electric shock breath and jumping, omnidirectional discharge attack is a feint There are far fewer gaps than normal full full, such as 2 continuous discharges.In addition, the blood vessels are prominent, and it has a more eerie appearance than usual.In addition to attacks such as continuous breath and omnidirectional discharge that are common to the peculiar individual of the original species, the subspecies peculiar individual began to use electric shock jumping without preparatory movement from the time of non-anger, and saliva leaking from the mouth The effect of corroding the armor and lowering the defense power is added, and an attack that swings the extended neck while moving forward, and an attack that slams it on the ground after wearing electricity and emits 360 thunderstorms to the surrounding 12 degrees are launched. ..In particular, a peculiar individual of a strange species boasts a tremendous attack power that even a swordfighter can easily kill with a single blow, and is feared by many players. In MHF's G class, the main body is discharged at the same time as the breath, and the breath bullet itself is discharged multiple times, making it difficult to avoid the limit of slipping through the side.In addition, the subspecies has been strengthened differently from the original species, and it causes charged saliva as it walks, but if it touches it, the hunter will be blown away.In addition, he has also mastered the characteristic new technique of rolling around while discharging.

It is a monster that does not have another name in the material item even now, but when it is necessary to write kanji in the quest name etc. centering on MHF, the notation "white shadow" is used for the original species and "red shadow" for the subspecies. Being[16]..Also, in the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Online, "Monster Hunter Online"電竜"Notation is used.However, the Japanese version of "電竜Is the main monster of "Monster Hunter X", a monster hunter.RizexIt is a thing.

Tiga Rex

  • Also known as: Goryu / (subspecies) Kokugoryu / (rare species) Daigoryu / (two names) Ara Kagizume
  • Appearance work (original species): MHP2 / MHP2G / MHP3 / MH4 / MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHWI / MHF / MHXR. The main monster of MHP2.
  • Appearance work (variant): MHP3 / MH4 / MH4G / MHWI
  • Appearance work (rare species): MH4 / MH4G
  • Appearance works (two names): MHX / MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Rex family
  • Overall length: Approximately 1927 cm / Overall height: Approximately 483 cm / Leg size: Approximately 184 cm
  • Theme song: Todoroki stripping fangs[17]

Orange and blue,tigerWith a striped pattern likeTyrannosaurusA flying dragon with a head similar to that of.When you get angry, your eyes turn red, and red patterns appear on your head and front legs to increase your attack power, but your flesh becomes softer and your defense power decreases.It is a powerful monster that has both powerful power and agile speed, and is also called an "absolutely strong man".The skeleton retains the appearance of Wyvern Rex, the ancestor of the flying dragon species, which is why it is considered to be a primitive flying dragon species.In most flying dragons, the wings that should have been developed for flight have the function of walking legs, and move at high speed as if crawling with strong limbs.On the other hand, he is not good at flying, and the limit is the degree of gliding from high places.Since the muscles of the whole body are strong, it takes altitude by jumping even on flat ground, and glide from there to move to the area.It is extremely ferocious in nature and attacks with its developed limbs, claws and jaws.It is also possible to turn at high speed around the front legs.Most of the attacks, including the human bullet battle, take on the dragon attribute.It does not attack with breath, but makes a long-range attack by hitting a rock.

As the name of the roaring dragon, its roar is powerful, and while other flying dragon species block the hunter's ears with loud volume, the roar of Tigalex becomes a shock wave and flips the hunter's body. Has the power to fly.Due to the body's lack of adaptation to cold regions, it usually lives in the desert area, but it is said that it appears in snowy mountains and permafrost to prey on its favorite popo, and it not only attacks wild individuals but also livestock popo. It can also cause damage, which is a serious problem in areas where Popo is the labor force.It also preys on Aptonos.Recently, its appearance has been confirmed in the canyon, which is a land with a harsh environment.

In MHP2 and MHP2G, the event movie at the beginning of the game attacks the player in the snowy mountains, causing serious injuries to the village hunter who helped the player.After that, the internal organ officer who subdues and obtains the same individual is involved in the progress of the story. MHP3 has an element of stamina, and if it runs out of stamina, it will fall when changing direction during a rush, so the difficulty of hunting is lower than that of MHP2G.

The peculiar individual emits a powerful roar that also crushes the surrounding ground, as well as an attack that brings the effect of a roar with a stunning effect in a straight line like a breath, a bind wave, and after a quick bite, it jumps to the left and right in a row. Use a rampage attack that rushes while turning.Also, if you hit the flash ball in normal times, you will be instantly passionate, and if you hit it in anger, the above-mentioned rampage attacks will be repeated, so you will not be able to touch it at all.The ears are longer than normal individuals, and the right eye is one-eyed.The fierce individual has a significantly increased attack power compared to the normal individual, and is always in an angry state.In addition, the number of rocks to be blown has increased from 2 to 3 due to shock waves when rocks are blown using the right front leg. From the G class of MHF, a strong whirlwind that reinforces the attack range is generated during a one-turn attack.

In MH4, a motion that makes a sudden turn has been added. In MH4G, the high-precision drift rush used by the individual of the previous high-level guild quest has been added to the G-class individuals of the original species, subspecies, and rare species.The variants will now roar even in normal conditions, and will also use a roar with a feint.Rare species use a large roar more often, and may be used up to 9 times.The original species in the extreme state also appears and uses a roar.Although the flesh quality of the head, which is a weak point, has not changed, which is rare in the extreme state, it has a high power, a huge body, and an attack speed with a large swing range, so a certain amount of player skill is required to aim and attack.

A variant with a black shell appears in MHP3.Inhabits hot and dry areas such as volcanoes and sandy fields.It has an astonishing cardiopulmonary function, and after taking a deep breath, it makes a strong roar, such as a "loud roar".

In addition, a new rare species has appeared from MH4.Its body color is bronze, with black stripes, and it is called "Dragon Dragon" because it is more than twice as large as the original species and subspecies.In the settingsmutationReverted to a body shape similar to a giant ancestral dragon (Atavism) Is a huge individual, and it is veryMetabolismIs intenseoxygenIt is said that it can survive only in an old tower with a high oxygen concentration even if the altitude is high due to a mysterious force as well as a large amount of oxygen being supplied by being surrounded by jungle.[1]..In addition to attacks that make use of the giant body, explosive dust during attacks and movements (in the setting, old scales that have fallen off due to high metabolism are ignited by sparks from the claws of the front legs that contain metal components.[1]) Is to be scattered.Furthermore, if a certain amount of damage is given in an angry state, it shifts to the "detonation state", which is the second stage of rage, and the muscles of the whole body expand and the outer shell cracks from the inside, exposing the subcutaneous tissue.[1], It transforms into a figure with a red mesh pattern (subcutaneous tissue peeking through cracks) floating almost on the whole body as well as on the face and both arms.The swollen muscles gain tremendous power and speed, and the attack becomes more intense than ever, but the subcutaneous tissue is exposed, so the flesh of the head and arms becomes extremely soft, and when released, it always fatigues. It has become a double-edged sword for the Great Todoroki, such as being in a state.

Although it does not appear in MH3G, it appears with Rio Leus in the concept movie of MH4 recorded in the gallery of the same work.He also made a guest appearance in "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker" and confronted Snake.

In MHX, a special individual monster called two famous monsters has appeared.


  • Also known as: Jinryu / (subspecies) Ryokujinryu / (rare species) Getsujinryu / (two names) Shirohayate
  • Appearance work (original species): MHP2G / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4[6]/ MH4G[6]/ MHX / MHXX / MHWI / MHF-G (from G10) / MHXR. The main monster of MHP2G.
  • Appearance work (variant): MHP3 / MH3G / MHXR
  • Appearance work (rare species): MH3G / MH4G[6]/ MHXR
  • Appearance works (two names): MHX / MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia, Sauropod, Sauropod, Sauropod, Narga
  • Overall length: Approximately 2003 cm / Overall height: Approximately 523 cm / Leg size: Approximately 139 cm
  • Theme song: Red afterglow running in the dark[17]

A uniquely evolved flying dragon species that lives in the forest, it has a nocturnal and warlike personality, and prefers a relentless and cunning way of fighting.Although it is new as a flying dragon whose existence has been confirmed in the guild, there have been eyewitness testimonies in villages near the Jukai for a long time, and the name "Nargakuruga" was also used by local residents.Like Tiga Rex, it has a quadruped walking skeleton, and as the name of the dragon, it can be supple and agile.It disturbs the opponent with movements such as jumping from a distance in an instant or suddenly jumping and disappearing from sight.FelineLike mammalssilhouetteThe body is covered with black fur like a mammal, and has a beak like a bird of prey and sharp fangs inside.The claws at the ends of the wings are shaped like sharp blades, and are good at slashing attacks.I am not good at flying, and I can glide after gaining altitude with excellent jumping power like Tiga Rex.

Thorn-shaped scales grow on the tip of the tail, which has developed as a weapon, and the scales themselves are skipped and used as a projectile.Normally, the thorns are folded so that they do not interfere with movement, but when excited, the thorns stand upright and their killing ability increases, and swinging down after making a unique cry is so powerful that it can be fatal.Furthermore, in the G-class quest of MH3G, a tactic is taken to supplement the gap of pulling up the tail from the ground after hitting it by swinging it down with a rotation attack.This tail could not be cut with MHP2G unless it was in an angry state, but after MHP3 it can be cut not only when angry but also when tired.When excited, the eyes glow red and leave a band-shaped afterglow in conjunction with the movement of the head.In this state, pitfalls that do not work in normal times are effective.It has developed vision and hearing so that it can act even in the dark, so it reacts sensitively to loud sounds and bright lights.When weakened, it hides on a tree to recover physical strength.

A variant with green (camouflage) hair has appeared from MHP3.Like the original species, it makes heavy use of attacks using the tail, butfeintIt is very good at playing with hunters, such as swinging it down twice in a row, shifting the timing of jumping by continuous jumping each time, and giving a stunning effect to the spiny scales that fly from the tail. .. The Nargakuruga variant of MH3G may make two consecutive tail rotation attacks.

A rare species with silver (moonlight) hair has appeared from MH3G.It has acquired the ability to hide itself by reading the angle of fog and light and the instantaneous speed that exceeds that of normal species and variants, and the ability to become transparent while moving (cannot be detected even by the target camera). Have.Poisoning the tail spine, the tail spine began to scatter around with various attacks.In addition, there is almost no chance created after a continuous attack or a rotating tail attack.It is completely nocturnal, and it is said that the investigation of the tower in the past was not found because it was mainly in the daytime.

In MHX, a special individual monster called two famous monsters has appeared.


  • Also known as: Haryu
  • Appearance work: MHP2 / MHP2G / MHP3 / MH4 / MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHF / MHXR
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Akamu family
  • Overall length: Approximately 2994 cm / Overall height: Approximately 977 cm / Leg size: Approximately 304 cm
  • Theme song: Overlord of Hellfire

An ancient dragon-class creature that appears on the battlefield in MHP2, MHF, and MHP2G, in the lava canyon in MHP3, and in lava island in MH4.It is a huge body that far surpasses other flying dragons, and has magnificent fangs and a spiky shell, and the black shell has enough defense power to withstand the heat rays emitted by Gravimos.The biting power is also tremendous, and it has enough biting power to hit Gravimos on the ground with one bite and silence it, and at the time of passion, the spines on the back stand upright and at the same time red light like magma leaks from the gap of the shell.It is also possible to dive into the bedrock of a volcano and raid from underground.Underground magma erupts as the giant submerges in the volcanic terrain.In addition, if you hit a push-up attack from the basement or a push-up attack with fangs when you are angry, your defense power will decrease.Since it does not have a breath-generating organ and cannot spit out flames or electric shocks, it uses rushes and roars to attack enemies at long distances.The movement of the rush attack is slow, but due to its slowness, its trajectory correction ability is very high, and its body width is so large that it is almost impossible to dodge it without using emergency avoidance actions.The shock and vibration of the roar lightly blows off the approaching hunter, has the power to shake the earth and eject high-temperature volcanic gas, and by applying this, the shock wave of the sound called "Sonic Blast" is emitted from the mouth. Release. The Akamutrum that appears in MHP3 uses an attack that suddenly hits the back while looking back, and an attack that wipes off with Sonic Blast when angry, and this attack affects almost the entire area except behind and on the side of Akamutrum.

Since the flesh of the whole body of the variant is greatly hardened and most of the attribute damage is negatively corrected, it is not possible to give effective damage simply by attacking.The peculiar individual is a tremendous individual that, in addition to a strong roar that can only be prevented by ultra-luxury earplugs and a body press that generates large vibrations, spouts underground magma like a tornado of fire in almost every action It has become.In addition, two new types of sonic blasts have been added, a wide range of horizontal sonic blasts with shorter preparatory movements than existing sonic blasts, a large breath, and an ultra-wide range of dome-shaped omnidirectional centers Sonic Blast has been added.Both Sonic Blasts have a halving defense effect as well as a roar that can only be prevented with ultra-luxury earplugs.The existing Sonic Blast is designed to eject magma around the breath.A reverse pattern has also been added to the tail swing attack, and magma erupts from the ground where the tail is struck.

In MHP3, in addition to attacking with Sonic Blast, it began to perform restraint attacks that hold down and squeeze hunters with its huge body.

Appeared on Lava Island in MH4.The ability to raise and sink the bedrock of the field according to the attack is added.According to the film, the mayor of Chico (the wife of the mayor of Cocotte) was sunk by Sonic Blast in Akamutrum when he returned from the subjugation of Monobros, and was washed ashore in Chico and separated from his husband (Cocot). The village mayor recognizes that his wife has died).Akamutrum is considered to be an extremely foreign and powerful existence among flying dragons, and ecological research has not progressed.Furthermore, although there are traces on the forelimbs, it has no wings and walks on four legs, so the Koryu Observatory was also careful in determining whether it was a flying dragon species or an ancient dragon species, but due to its skeletal features, it has a flight ability close to that of Tigalex. It is classified as a kind of primitive flying dragon before the development of.

The name has the meaning of "disaster" in the old word of Pokke village, and the name is written in the folklore, and it is called "black god". It is said that the world will collapse when it becomes a double god with the "white god."


  • Also known as: Horyu
  • Appearance work: MHP2G / MHP3 / MH4[6]/ MH4G / MHX / MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Ukamu family
  • Overall length: Approximately 3188 cm / Overall height: Approximately 1403 cm / Leg size: Approximately 227 cm
  • Theme song: Absolute zero

After a large avalanche, a huge monster emerged from the depths of the snowy mountains that had been isolated until then.It is called a dragon in the guild because it moves while crushing ice blocks and bedrock.It has a heavy outer shell that is hardened white by incorporating minerals.Developed to carve snowscoopCrush the frozen lake surface with a characteristic mandible like this, dive into the lake, and rush while tearing the ice on the lake surface[18]..In the case of a submerged attack, a surprise attack that does not rush may be made, and if it hits, the defense power will be reduced.It emits an ultra-low temperature water flow breath from its mouth, and when it hits the rolled up snow mass, it has the effect of causing great damage to the hunter and at the same time making it a "snowman" state, and if it makes a loud noise at the moment of breathing like Akamutrum , Can be flirted.Although it looks dull from the appearance, it is also good at leg strength, and it shoots a rush attack with a feint mixed in, or jumps and launches a body press attack by a giant body.The roar itself has a damage judgment, it has the ability to blow off the opponent with an impact, and the attack using the tail will become a snowman with great damage.

It is presumed to be a creature close to Akamutrum because of its skeletal characteristics such as quadrupedal walking without wings, and it is classified as a flying dragon species for the same reason.Like Akamutrum, it is known as an ancient dragon-class creature.The name means "white god" in the old word of Pokke village, and it is said that the world will collapse when it becomes a double god with the traditional "black god".Hundreds of years ago, he fought against Tresie and the ancestors of the current village mayor, the Ryujin, but a sudden avalanche during the battle isolated Ukamurubasu in the depths, and the Ryujin could not finish it.Inside the Pokke Farm Cave, the giant sword that the hunter had was left behind.After a large avalanche, Ukamurubasu appeared hundreds of years later and approached Pokke Village, and the guild issued an evacuation order to the villagers of Pokke Village, but all the villagers won the hunter. Believing, no one evacuated from the village, and as they believed, the hunters won and returned.

In MHP3, it appears in the polar region, which is a dedicated field, and actions such as roaring ice blocks falling from the ceiling, standing up and then breathing away, and pushing up enemies behind are added, and some of the attacks The technique of getting rid of ice is added to. In MH4G, it appears in the polar region, which is the same dedicated field as MHP3.Weapons made from Ukamurubasu materials are said to embody the 11 abilities of the "white snow god that destroys the world," and this is stated in the description of the weapons.

The same applies to armor, and the equipment for swordsmen is said to be "worn by the white snow god on the day of fate", and the equipment for gunners is said to be "used by the white snow god to destroy the world". Then, an anecdote about "White Snow God" is written as an explanation that he can acquire superhuman ability and can be given tremendous destructive power with Gunner equipment.


  • Appearance work: MH3 / MHP3 / MH3G / MHXR
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Suborder Mysterious Dragon Lower Eye Poisonous Monster Superfamily Nebra
  • Overall length: Approximately 98.6 cm / Overall height: Approximately 29.0 cm 7 m / Sole size: Approximately 5.6 cm

Gigi Nebra larva.White body colorHillIt lives in places that are not exposed to light, such as caves and the shade of deep forests.Toxins are produced from their own blood, but since Gigi is a small individual, it cannot be produced, and by sticking to other organisms and sucking blood, it produces toxins in its own body.It may spit out this poison and attack.If you stick to Gigi, your physical strength will decrease as if you have a full full baby, but unlike full full baby, Gigi will gradually grow larger and eventually make an attack that spits poison. Become.It can be torn off by repeating the evasive action, but in the case of a lance or gun lance where the evasive action is a step, it is necessary to store the weapon once.Unlike the full full baby, the status change icon also displays the squeaky state with a dedicated icon, and it is also described as a status abnormality in the manual.Sensitive to heat and light, it tries to escape when the torch is lit, and when it is hit directly by the torch, it dives into the ground and escapes.

The egg mass found in the nest of Gigi Nebra is a cocoon of Gigi.In order to overcome the harsh period in the growth process, it spits out filamentous mucus and becomes cocoon-like.In more harsh environments, multiple animals can form cocoons together.

Gigi Nebra

  • Also known as: Poisonous Phantom Dragon / (Subspecies) Denkai Ryu
  • Appearance work (original species): MH3 / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4[6]/ MH4G[6]/ MHXR
  • Appearance work (variant): MHP3 / MH3G / MHXR
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Suborder Mysterious Dragon Lower Eye Poisonous Monster Superfamily Nebra
  • Overall length: Approximately 1092 cm / Overall height: Approximately 397.8 cm / Leg size: Approximately 148.8 cm

A flying dragon species that lives in permafrost.It has a white body color and characteristics similar to Furufur with degenerated eyes, and is said to be a closely related species to Furufur, but its body is flatter than Furufur and its skeleton is the same quadrupedal type as Tigalex.As mentioned above, the eyes are degenerated, so the position of the hunter and prey is grasped by the temperature.Therefore, if you have a torch with MH3, it will be easier to be targeted by Gigi Nebra.The head and tail have almost the same structure, and bite attacks are possible even on the caudal side.In addition, the body pigment has not completely disappeared, and a part of the body is red.In the angry state, the color of the whole body turns black, and in MHP3, the flesh quality of the head and tail is reversed, and the head becomes hard and the tail becomes soft.The skin on the abdomen has a large number of folds that allow it to stick to walls and ceilings and even hang from the tail alone.However, if you take a lot of damage while sticking, it will fall to the ground and you will be completely defenseless.It has poisonous glands on its head, abdomen, and tail, and glows purple in the dark.The poison purified here is used in various states such as being ejected from the abdomen as poisonous gas, being made mucous and exhaled.When the poison gland is destroyed, the power of poison gas attack and poison mucus decreases.It is extremely fertile and lays eggs everywhere.It may lay eggs from its tail during battle, laying guigi, and sometimes laying eggs that emit poisonous gas.The muscles of the neck and tail are as flexible as full full, and the neck and tail can be stretched freely.In addition, the mouth can be opened wide, and the hunter is swallowed and restrained.The fangs grow in a ring shape in the mouth and bite like scraping.

A variant with a yellower epidermis than MHP3 has appeared.It appears to be a mutant species in the guild, and it is said that discovery reports were rare.As the name of the electric monster dragon, it manipulates electricity and blows electricity like full full, and it also discharges on the spot to paralyze the hunter and lay eggs to discharge.When angry, the yellow epidermis turns red (it looks like a full-fledged subspecies).Also, the abdomen turns blue.However, it is no longer possible to lay Gigi eggs. In the G class of MH3G, the action of laying eggs on the back is added.In addition, the G-class variant has been added to lay a discharging egg on its back.It explodes in a certain amount of time, and when it hits, it becomes paralyzed with great damage.However, it is characterized by being easier to destroy faster than the normal eggs that the original species lays on its back.

Like Furu Furu, the flash ball has no effect because the eyes are degenerated.However, if it is found by Gigi Nebra, a yellow eye mark that the other party is aware of the existence of the hunter and a red eye mark that is aware of the hunter will be displayed (music will also change).Therefore, it is possible to take emergency avoidance actions.


  • Also known as: Hyogaryu / (subspecies) Fugaryu
  • Appearance work (original species): MH3 / MHP3 / MH3G / MH4[6]/ MH4G[6]/ MHXX / MHWI / MHF-G (from G9) / MHXR
  • Appearance work (variant): MHP3 / MH3G / MH4G[6]/ MHXR
  • Appearance work (special individual): MHWI
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia, sauropod, sauropod, sauropod, sauropod, berio family
  • Overall length: Approximately 1821.7 cm / Overall height: Approximately 445.3 cm / Leg size: Approximately 133.3 cm
  • Theme song: White Knight below zero[19]

A flying dragon species that lives in permafrost.It is also called a "white knight" because it moves on frozen soil at high speed.The shell and fur are white, and the mouth is amber.Saber tigerTwo long fangs like this are growing.It is considered to be a closely related species of Nargacruga, and its forelimbs also function as walking legs as well as wings.Unlike Tigalex and Nargakurga, which have only the ability to glide from a jump, they can also stay in the air with their wings, and when they are in the air, they can make a dive attack by visually recognizing their prey.Since it is mainly active on ice, it has non-slip spines all over its body, and it uses its claws and tail with bifurcated tips as a weapon, and also kicks the ice wall to make a jumping attack, but the spines on its wings When destroyed, the anti-slip effect is lost and the movement changes.When moving to an area, if you find a hunter who has come ahead before landing, you have the habit of gliding from the air at high speed and launching a first strike.

In MH3, it makes a jumping attack like Nargakuruga, but in MHP3 and MH3G, it uses the side of the body to hit the body.From his mouth, he spits an ice breath that causes a tornado with a snowman effect.

A variant with a bronze body has appeared from MHP3.Unlike the original species, it lives in sandy fields, with a red face and ultramarine fangs.A bronze body color is obtained by mixing the blood of the prey with the sand of the sand field and applying it to the body.It uses the same attack method as the original species, but the ice breath is a tornado-causing breath.This breath will continue to tornado for a while after landing, and will be blown away if approached.In addition, he will carry out a surprise attack on this tornado. The G-class Veriolos subspecies of MH3G produces small tornadoes that move through the area.This can occur in any number of areas, and if it hits it, it will do as much damage as a normal tornado and will be blown away.

In MHWI, a special individual such as Rajan who was in a rage appeared, and this individual is called "Ice Blade Beroros".


  • Also known as: Senjinryu
  • Appearance work: MH4G / MHX / MHXX / MHF-Z / MHXR. The main monster of MH4G.
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Scale Dragon Infraorder Legios
  • Overall length: (normal) about 1671 cm, (angry) 1781 cm / total height: (normal) about 547 cm, (angry) 672 cm / leg size: about 274 cm[20]
  • Theme song: Glittering Thousand Blades

Huge and heavy blade-shaped scales called "blade scales" were assembled in a pine cone shape.PangolinA golden flying dragon with an outer shell like this.In addition to the blade scales, a sharp figure with the whole body wrapped in parts like blades and needles, such as long claws with sharp limbs, huge crescent-shaped horns on the head, and a tail with a spear-like tip. I'm doing.The scales of Cerregios have scales from the tail to the head, contrary to the scales of general creatures (in addition, in the world of Monster Hunter).Reverse scaleRefers to "scales that have turned upside down from the middle of their growth"[21], Unlike Cerregios, scales that extend straight from the root in the opposite direction are not called inverted scales, and Cerregios has inverted scales called "rebellious scales" in addition to blade scales).The scales in the opposite direction are usually laid down and brought into close contact with the body surface to reduce the air resistance during flight, but when turning in the air, the scales and horns are arbitrarily turned upside down to intentionally amplify the air resistance. Scales for attitude controlAerobrakingCan be used as, giving Cerregios excellent aerial mobility[15]..In addition to this, the scales are turned upside down when intimidating or when flying the burst blade scales described later.When angry, the scales of the whole body stand upright, and the figure becomes sharper.With huge and well-developed wings, it has excellent flight ability and can even engage in aerial battles equal to or better than Rio Leus.On the ground, the winged forelimbs are in a position to touch the ground, but they only support their own weight or serve as the axis of direction change, and they move to bounce on their hind legs, and do not become a walking leg like Tigalex (this). The posture is the same as the setting image of Shell Reus described later).The hind legs have a bird-like structure in which two of the four fingers extend backwards, and in battle, they not only kick from the sky but also grab the hunter with these hind legs and throw them away.It was a monster that had been known in the Hunter's Guild for a long time, but it lives only in a very limited area and has a strong territorial consciousness and rarely moves from that area, and that area is also a remote area for humans such as highlands. And because it is located at the top of the ecosystem, the number of eggs laid at one time is small.[15]Furthermore, due to its territorial consciousness and strong fighting spirit, there are constant fierce battles between the same species, and the number of individuals is small, making it a very rare monster.However, one of the Cerregios that lived in the depths of the unknown tree sea was infected with the mad dragon virus and overcame it, becoming an "extreme state" and becoming a new source of virus infection and deviant ferocity. As a result, the virus of the same area fled to other areas all at once, and it was witnessed in various places, and it was confused as an abnormal situation until the individual who became the extreme state of the cause was found. Woke up.Cerregios in the extreme state is easier to fight than other monsters in the extreme state because there is no special attack pattern or fleshy hardening of weak points.

A peculiar behavior of Cerregios is to throw a blade scale like a knife and attack a distant enemy, and the blade scale explodes after landing and attacks a wider area.It is more powerful when the blade scales are standing upright in an angry state.When the blade scales explode, it becomes a "teared state" with deep cuts, and the physical strength decreases with each action such as attack or dash.This condition can be relieved by crouching for a while or resting or eating meat.Originally, this blade scale is not only used as a weapon, but the strength of bursting and the magnitude of destruction caused by it indicate the strength of the individual.markingPlays the role of[15].

Although not explained in the game, the original habitat is a high altitude area such as high mountains, the stronger the individual, the more the nest can be secured at the higher altitude, and the higher the altitude, the wider the field of view and the wide territory that accompanies it. It is said that it can be secured.The superiority or inferiority between individuals is an important factor for the magnitude of destruction by the bursting blade scales that remain on the prey and terrain, and for flying to high places.UpdraftDetermined by the high ability to catch and fly[15](However, as mentioned above, it often develops into a direct life-threatening struggle, not limited to those ritual struggles).

The creature that became the motif is a bird of preySecretarybirdIt is assumed[22].. The name "Cerregios" means "sale" which means claws and "army" which means corps.Legion"And the scientific name of the falcon" Falkor Pereginus ".[15].

Weapons made from Cerregios material have special properties, swordsman weapons automatically recover a small amount of sharpness after a certain number of evasive actions, and bow guns only have one bullet for each evasive action. It will be loaded automatically, and the bow will have the same effect as a smashing bin.

In addition, in the first volume of the setting material collection "Hunter Taizen", as a monster that was a bot proposal and a monster that was set as an extinct species in the middle of the work, Cerregios called "Shell Reus" which is in the middle of the evolution of Wyvern Rex and Rio Leus A monster that is very similar to is posted.


  • Also known as: Denryu[23]/ (Two names) Seidenshu
  • Appearance work (original species): MHX / MHXX / MHXR. One of the four main monsters of MHX.
  • Appearance work (two names): MHXX
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Pterosaur Infraorder Superfamily Zex
  • full length:
  • Theme song: Rebel of Den (Inazuma)

The whole body is covered with a crustacean with countless piercing protrusions that shine in dull golden color, and insects翅脈A flying dragon with a thin wing film that allows you to see through the other side with a fine mesh pattern like, a tail shaped like a pair of scissors, and a huge chicken crest like a thick ax called a crown on the head.It is called "Dragon" in the Hunter's Guild because it possesses a powerful lightning attribute.

Its nature is extremely ferocious and aggressive, and it is feared as a monster that mercilessly attacks opponents who have entered its territory and in some cases causes great damage to the surrounding ecosystem, such as "sky villains" It is also known as the "Den Rebel".Ambush a carnivorous targeted monster from the air, kill it with claw-shaped wing claws, and then prey on it.On the other hand, beetle species have a unique ecology of being exposed to electromagnetic waves generated by their wings and preying on the place where they died and fell.

A lightning-like breath that runs on the ground is spit out from the mouth, and a beam-like electric shock is also emitted from the scissor-shaped tail.Furthermore, it is rare for a flying dragon species adapted to the pure sky to use both wings as weapons, and direct attacks such as smashing or hitting the opponent with its wings, and other head-butts such as swinging the comb of the head Make full use of fighting attacks using the body.However, the biggest feature of Rizex is the ability to store lightning (electricity) in the body like Jin-Oga, and this power charging is not stationary like Jin-Oga, but electricity is accumulated by action. Therefore, there is less chance than that of Jinouga.On the other hand, the whole body is not filled with electric power at one time, but the electric power is stored in both wings, the tail, and the head and each part, and the state where the energy of that part reaches the maximum.Charge stateCalled.The part in this charged state emits a strong fluorescent light, and the power and range of the attack using that part are strengthened.For example, in the case of the head, the color of the eyes changes to green and at the same time the armor of the comb opens and light leaks through the gap, the output of the breath shot from the mouth increases, and the blade that shines from the comb when headbutting Something like that will rush and the attack range will be extended.If it is both wings, the film and wing claws will shine in fluorescent color, a strong electric shock will be emitted when hit by the wing, and a tremendous shock wave will be generated at high speed landing after jumping.If it is a tail, the scissors at the tip are dyed in a fluorescent color, which gives a paralyzing effect to the pinching attack.However, the meat quality of the charged part softens a little, and if it is attacked in quick succession, the stored power will be dissipated, and depending on the part, it may go down at that time.

In MHXX, a special individual monster called a two-named monster appears.


  • Also known as: Fukuuryu / (subspecies) Fuminryu
  • Appearance work (original species): MHW / MHWI
  • Appearance work (variant): MHWI
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Superfamily Paoulmu
  • Overall length: Approximately 1143.36 cm / Overall height: Approximately 348.91 cm / Leg size: Approximately 137 cm

A flying dragon species that inhabits the land coral plateau.It features a bat-like head, pink exodermis, and white hair that covers most of the body.On the other hand, the tail is covered with a hard exodermis, and Paoulmu himself is often used as a weapon.Compared to other flying dragon species, it has a particularly long neck and is covered with more hair, and is called a "floating dragon" because of its characteristic ecology.

It is adapted to the ability to manipulate air on land coral plateaus where various airflows are turbulent.The body has a structure that can store more air, and by storing air in its long neck, it inflates like a balloon and floats in the air.Land coral eggs are the staple food, and when land coral begins to lay eggs, they fly in and ingest eggs with inspiration.As a flying dragon species, it is a little small and often lags behind large monsters that live in the surrounding area.

In normal times, it takes basic actions as a flying dragon species such as rushing and rotating tail attacks, and due to its ability, it frightens foreign enemies by frequently inhaling and exhaling and exhaling compressed air as a breath.When enough air accumulates in the body due to inspiration, the neck expands greatly and the air stays in the air.This state of levitation is the true essence of Paoulmu, and he will use a lot of attacks such as hitting a strong blow with his tail when he is frightened by the breath.On the other hand, when the ride is successful or when a flash bullet is used, all the accumulated air is expelled and the airborne state is released.

A variant appears in MHWI.


  • Also known as: Fuhyoryu
  • Appearance work (normal individual): MHW / MHWI
  • Appearance work (special individual): MHWI
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Pterosaur Superfamily Reigiena
  • Overall length: Approximately 1699.75 cm / Overall height: Approximately 455.48 cm / Leg size: Approximately 299 cm


  • Also known as: Bakurinryu
  • Appearance work (normal individual): MHW / MHWI
  • Appearance work (special individual): MHWI
  • Classification in the work: Saurischia Sauropodomorpha Sauropodomorpha Superfamily Basel
  • Overall length: Approximately 1928.38 cm / Overall height: Approximately 611.4 cm / Leg size: Approximately 259 cm
  • Theme song: Flying noble and outrageous

A flying dragon species with slightly blackish yellow scales and shells.As a flying dragon, it has a fairly large physique and huge wings that match it, while its head is small.As a feature, it has black discolored scales that grow so as to hang from the tail part and the lower part from the head to the neck part, and it is called "explosive scale dragon" because of the ability described later.

Infests every region in search of prey without a specific territory.Body fluids containing explosive components are flowing in the body of this species, and the black scales that grow at the bottom are scaly when this body fluid is discharged.The scales are extremely dangerous because they can be easily peeled off by the trivial behavior of Baselgius and explode with a slight impact.The scales are scattered around and detonated by the vibrations they generate, involving many surrounding creatures. Explode and hunt.

In battle, in addition to spitting breath that explodes when it lands, and rushing and body presses that make use of its huge body, it also scatters its own characteristic explosive scales and detonates it by its own various behaviors and burns the surroundings. Frequently.Although the explosion range itself is not wide, the power of each one is high, and since the scales are almost always scattered during battle, it is dangerous especially in close combat.Occasionally, they fly over the sky, drop scales like bombers, and finally detonate all at once with a dive press.In addition, when the body fluid in the body becomes red hot, the light may appear to leak through the gaps between the scales, and in this state, the exfoliated scales explode instantly, which is even more dangerous.However, due to the consumption rate of the scales, the generation may not catch up, and in that case, the black scales disappear and the scales cannot be scattered around, so there is a chance of a counterattack.

In MHWI, a special individual such as Rajan who was in a rage appeared, and this individual is called "Bazergius full of Guren".


  • Also known as: Ibara Ryu / (subspecies) Kyokusaryu / (rare species) Kyoku Hakuryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 2.0)
  • Total length: about 1700 cm[24]

A flying dragon species that has been the main habitat of the Aokigahara Forest since ancient times and has a hard crustacean and countless red and sharp thorns all over its body.It has a huge spine on its head.The notation thorn dragon is "Ibaryu[25]Read.Although it is a flying dragon species, it is said that it was in a territorial battle with the ancient dragon species, which is beyond human knowledge.[26][27], So-called ancient dragon-class creatures.It has not been revealed what ancient dragon Espinus was in a territorial battle with, but in the forest, you can find the fossilized scales of Kushaldaora, the "steel dragon stone."It usually preys on slow-moving small monsters such as Aptonos, Kantharos, and Moss.[27]..In addition to the green body color, he curls up and hides, but this is not an intentional mimicry, but because the body color is similar to the surroundings and Espinus himself does not move that much.[27]..Therefore, we do not perform the aggressive "hunting" that is usually seen in Rio Leus etc.[27]..In addition to the protective color, there is a setting that the discovery of the race was delayed due to the immovable personality[24].

Whole body spines are both a good defense and a good attack.Even if there is a person who invades the territory, rather than actively trying to eliminate it, there is a "habit of waiting for foreign enemies to give up while protecting themselves with hard crustaceans and thorns"[27]..For Espinus, the lord of the forest, it is said that human beings are insignificant and do not show any interest.[25]..However, Espinus also has "a habit of aggressively attacking and eliminating the enemy when he feels dangerous".[27], When the hunter feels a threat and begins to get angry, he becomes ferocious and flushes the whole body, and with the thorns of the whole body as a weapon, it accelerates instantly without a run-up and launches a rush with amazing speed.This rush is said to be over 50km / h[28] It is faster than the rush of the Todoroki Tiga Rex.[29]..In the excited state, the blood vessels that stretch around the shell emerge, the meat quality becomes softer overall, and the attack becomes easier to pass.

At the beginning of the quest, he sleeps soundly in a specific area, does not wake up when a hunter approaches, and is hard to wake up even if he attacks.Even if he wakes up, he does not take any action other than walking or moving his body until he gets angry, but since his whole body is covered with thorns, even a trivial act such as shaking his tail will hurt the hunter.Since it moves slowly, it is not easy to subdue it, and in normal times the flesh of the whole body is extremely hard, so it will be bounced off with a normal sharp weapon.When he gets angry, he stands up and gives off a powerful scream, which is accompanied by not only sound but also wind pressure.The body is equipped with organs that produce neurological and hemorrhagic toxins, the latter oozing from the tips of the spines.Like the fire dragon, it spits out a breath of fire, but it also spits out with two types of poisons generated in the body, and when it stands up, it can fire three times in a row.Even if it withstands the impact of the breath, poison will enter through the burned wound and become paralyzed and poisoned.

Weapons made from Espinus material have poison and fire attributes (subspecies and rare species have dual attributes of poison and fire), and in hammer and large sword pool attacks, the weapon becomes red tide like angry Espinus. To do.In addition, the color of weapons that are lower in performance is mainly green, but there are some that become flushed green when they become higher weapons due to strengthening.

The peculiar individual has wings larger than the original species and a huge spine on the head, and after accumulating power, it will make 5 consecutive breaths with a rush and an explosion, and a combo attack of shaving → tackle → breath.Also, it is much easier to wake up and get angry than the original species.The fierce individual wakes up from sleep and at the same time becomes passionate, and the breath explosion is stronger than the normal individual. The G-class Espinus wears a strong whirlwind that flips up a hunter at the time of a charge, and charges at a faster speed than ever before.In past event quests, Espinus, which is smaller than a hunter, has appeared.

New variants are added in MHF Season 2.5.It has a slightly dark brown crustacean and lives on the top of an old tower, but you can also see it in the canyon.Another name "Thorn Charyu" is read as "Kyokusaryu"[29]..A deadly poison equivalent to the lethal dose of a thousand Lampos with just one fish[30]In addition, unlike normal species, it now spits out breath mixed with heavy acid that corrodes armor instead of paralytic poison.Even if he exposes a little gap, he has a rather distinctive personality that tries to hunt down prey at once with his powerful technique, and he is good at wiping the corners around with super high power enough to defeat the guard. And.Among them, the most dynamic and vicious technique that makes the Thorn Tea Dragon an "Espinas subspecies", after jumping up, shoots a super-maximum breath to the surface of the earth, and crushes the surrounding super wide area with poison and heavy acid storms and explosions There is a deadly breath attack that blows away instant death class damage.

The peculiar individual of the subspecies has come to attack to some extent even when not angry, and it is possible to fire heavy acid breath three times in a row like Rio Leia without standing up.There are two types of reservoir breaths, one is the same reservoir breath as a normal subspecies, and one is to launch the reservoir breath into the sky and then explode it to make it rain powerfully.In addition, there are differences such as the tips of the spines on the whole body being white.The subspecies' fierce individuals are always in an angry state, and the reservoir breath will now scatter innumerable small bullets at the time of landing, and if you evade an emergency at a halfway distance and avoid a large explosion, you will hit the small bullets that come after that. It has become. Although it is not currently officially implemented in the G class, it appears only in the special event quest that appears at the same time as the rare species described later.Not only has the effect of lowering the defense power as well as poison been added to the rush attack itself, but it also has the threatening technique of firing the accumulated breath of the subspecies' specialty after filling it with heavy acid in the air.Also, in this quest, you may make an attack that causes a big explosion that involves the entire field by colliding with a rare species described later in a rush.

Rare species will be added from MHF season 5.5 and will inhabit the top of the tree.It has a white with a light purplish crustacean, and when excited, the purple pattern develops a deeper color.Another name "Thorn Hakuryu" is read as "Kyoku Hakuryu"[29]..The major difference from normal species and subspecies is that they are impatient and aggressive, so they quickly become angry when they get up.[29]..As an attack method peculiar to a rare species, in addition to a gliding attack after jumping up, it moves backward quickly, flips 180 degrees at a time when turning around, and moves differently from other flying dragons.Subspecies used heavy acid instead of paralyzing poison, but rare species spit breath, a mixture of fire, poison and paralysis, just like normal species.Since it has a different personality, it does not carry out a charge attack like a subspecies, but instead it is described as "Hell's Fire".[31], Has an overwhelmingly powerful breath attack that instantly turns almost half of the area into a sea of ​​fire.When you touch this flame, your physical strength is suddenly reduced and it becomes poisonous, so if you stay on the spot, you will be exhausted in an instant.A unique individual of the rare Espinus species is a technique called "firewall" in which two large toxic pillars of fire that spout high in the sky are lined up.[32]Then, at the same time as the flame breath that spouts a huge pillar of fire and spreads the fire around it, it soars into the sky, and the hunter who stays in the air with the pillar of fire has begun to perform a big skill to point to the todome. Rare species of G-class Espinus are designed to spit out toxic puddles that stay on the ground.Standing on this venom not only poisons you, but also reduces your physical strength due to terrain damage. If a rare species of G-class Espinus is to become a peculiar individual, almost all physical attacks such as rushing and wing attacks are poisonous, and flame breath is also poisonous, paralyzed, terrain damage, and any attack technique dedicated to peculiar individuals or G-class. Also appears in some form of poison and terrain damage areas, and achieves considerable power-ups to become a so-called slip damage expert.In addition, in the event quest that appears at the same time as the G-class Espinus subspecies mentioned above, a breath attack that creates a huge sea of ​​fire that divides the field may be performed.

Espinus is as the name suggests[33]It was devised with the image of "rose thorns", and from there it was also inspired by the action of counterattacking those who normally do not move and approach.[24].


  • Also known as: Mairai Ryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 4.0)
  • Total length: about 1500 cm[24]

A flying dragon species that reigns as an absolute person in the canyon.It features a long claw like a tail extending from the left and right wings, and three tails including a sub-tail that grows side by side next to the main tail.It has excellent flight ability and is called the Mairai Dragon because it flies like a dance.According to the elder, "has power comparable to that of an old dragon."[34]..It was not generally recognized because it lived in a canyon that was previously considered worthless, but with the recent revaluation of the canyon as a hunting ground, its existence has begun to become public. Is the setting[35].

The first large flying dragon species in the MH series[24]In normal times, it basically stays in the air and rarely comes down from itself.It also uses a whip-developed claw to launch a physical ranged attack.In addition, it has an electric shock bag, which is a power generation organ, in its body, and controls bioelectric current in all organs such as horns and protrusions on the back.[24][36]..As a result, a powerful power generation capacity is obtained, and discharge is performed from the mouth, main tail, and claws of the wings.It is not necessary to ground the tail like full full, but in order to protect yourself from strong electric shock, in addition to high concentration fat that does not melt even at high temperature called "insulating fat", it is hard with excellent energization and chargeability It has a shell, scales and mane that are resistant to red heat caused by charging.Traditional monster hunting conventions are to dazzle monsters flying in the air with strong light and crash them, but since Berculos is accustomed to his own lightning, items such as flash balls do not work at all.Poisons are also less effective, completely ineffective in terms of paralysis and sleep attributes, and very resistant to abnormal conditions.

At the time of anger transition, it soars high in the sky, plunges and launches an ultra-wide range attack with instant death level damage and a large discharge kick.There are many discharge attacks with peculiar properties such as charging the earth itself and scattering mine-like electric shock balls in the discharge method of Berculos, but these are to energize the exhaled body fluid or to dissipate dust in the atmosphere with a strong voltage. It is due to precise current control woven by various power generation organs that exist throughout the body, such as charging.[24]..It is said to be the smartest of the flying dragons, and to change its behavior pattern to protect itself from hunters.[37], Every update, a large amount of small spherical electric shocks are emitted, a beam-shaped electric shock is emitted from the mouth, and an attack that emits a barrier-like electric shock from the whole body is added.In certain quests, not only will the hunter be paralyzed when bitten, but the sharpness of his weapon will be significantly reduced.In addition, it is said that there are special scales "charged scales" that continue to be charged after the first discharge in life, and there are only a few scales per animal.Each complex power generation organ is so delicate that it will run away if it is seriously injured.[24]..The runaway electric current runs around the body of Berculos and burns itself up.[24]..In order to make the current of Berculos runaway, it is necessary to accumulate more damage in the part where the part has already been destroyed, and electric leakage occurs in the part where the damage is extremely accumulated.By performing the process at multiple locations at the same time, the final resultシ ョ ー トYou can do a lot of damage by letting it.The damage caused by this short circuit increases as the number of leaked parts increases.

The peculiar individual is characterized by a jade-dyed wing membrane and hugely developed claws.It has all the behavior patterns of Berculos that have been delivered so far at the same time, and shows extremely diverse movements.In addition, it is good at handling claws, such as piercing the claws and then turning at high speed around it, swinging the charged claws, and wiping off the left and right claws and then releasing a high-powered super discharge. Also pay out.After moving to the sky, the peculiar individual of the Rigid Quest also accurately captures the hunter with a pointer-shaped red electric arc, and also performs an attack called "air-strengthening breath" that burns out the target place with a super-maximum lightning breath.Immediately after this, in an angry state, it leads to a sudden drop of power and a large discharge kick, which is extremely dangerous. In the G-class quest, an attack was added in which the claws were swung in the air to shoot six thunderballs all at once, and immediately after that, a discharge press was set up.

Weapons made from Berculos material have a lightning attribute, and are characterized by a slight concentricity and an effect of increasing defense.

The design of Berculos is a phoenixPhoenix(The wing claws that look like long tail feathers correspond to it)[24]..Berculos was held in 2011Masanori HataIn the popularity survey of the collaboration project "My Favorite Monster" with, it won the first place with a support rate of 21.06%.[38].


  • Also known as: Meirairyu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 8.5)

A subspecies of Berculos, similar in body shape to Berculos but with a white body color.It inhabits areas other than canyons such as highlands and trees, centering on snowy mountains, but it was originally set to become the current appearance as a result of repeated mutations to adapt to the harsh environment of snowy mountains.[24]..As a result, it came to control the energy called "Meirai", which is a black or red-black electric shock with dragon-type energy, which is different from normal electric energy.The wings have the property of generating red-black static electricity, and the horns control the movement of the emitted lightning.[39]..There is no change in the fact that the horns and spines of the whole body are the organs that control bioelectric current.[24]..Unlike Berculos, which always dances in the air, they often hunt on the ground.[24].

It has a wide variety of discharge attacks like Berculos, including the biggest discharge kick, but all of them are electric shocks that have changed to dragon attributes as described above.However, since it is a subspecies of Berculos, it has a paralyzing effect as a difference from the dragon-type electric shocks emitted by other monsters.He has also mastered some discharge methods that are different from Berculos, and he shoots lightning in six directions from the struck claws, shoots gliding attacks while dragging the claws that release lightning, and hits the ground with the force of rising lightning. There are many wide-ranging and powerful actions such as dropping to.In addition, since it is not normal electricity, electric leakage does not occur due to site destruction, and conversely, there are differences in constitution such as paralysis and abnormal conditions due to sleep being effective.

There is no change in the behavior pattern etc. in the Rigid Quest, but the flash ball has stopped working.The peculiar individual is characterized by its pale bright yellow wings and large horns and spines.It jumps into the air and irradiates a beam-shaped breath to the ground like Kushaldaora, and while jumping back, swings its claws and shoots six thunderballs in three pairs in a crossed manner.Like the particular Berculos mentioned above, biting has the added effect of reducing the sharpness of the weapon to the minimum.Attacks that lie down on a large gap and discharge are no longer used.A peculiar individual of the Rigid Quest sprinkles an explosive thunderball while flapping its wings, and an attack is added that shoots electric shocks around and behind with its body and claws while making one rotation in the air.In addition, when starting a quest in which a peculiar individual appears among the rigid species quests, a more powerful "phantom thunder dragon (phantom dragulos)" may appear with a low probability.This individual is no different from a normal peculiar individual except that it is always angry at first, but when it is given a certain amount of damage, it suddenly collapses to the ground, becomes charged for several seconds without moving, and then hits directly to exhaustion with a single blow. Get up with the mighty lightning of.After this, it was always in a state of rage, and the power, agility, and range of the attack were all greatly improved, and there was no fear at all, and with that terrible power, the stones at the feet began to float in the air one after another, almost the existing In addition to all actions, the Dragon attribute version of Berculos's attack will also be used.It also uses a deadly attack that shoots a wide range of black thunder with super high power that makes it meaningless to resist by flying in a disturbing manner in a figure of eight.If you succeed in defeating this individual, you will be able to obtain the title "Kourin" and the item "Merai Dragon's Scales".In addition, there is also the quest Dragulos, which far surpasses the phantom thunder dragon.Due to the influence of lightning, the end part is discolored, and he is good at rough techniques such as chasing a hunter and making three consecutive summer salt attacks, or peeling off the bedrock with claws and then breaking it with a breath.In addition, if it receives a large injury, it will collapse once, but after that it will be revived by the explosion of a thunderstorm that charred the whole body, and it will be in a "runaway state".[40]..In the runaway state, the attack power of Dragulos itself continues to increase over time, and that state is represented by the color of the granular light generated around it, indicating that the attack power is higher in the order of red, purple, orange.[40]..It is also possible to stop the increase in attack power, and if the hunter continues to attack Dragulos, a reverse change will occur[40]..In addition to this, the runaway Dragulos will deliver a breath that boasts a tremendous attack range, a thunderstorm that drops from a shock wave, and eventually a super discharge that involves near the entire field.There are many dragon-type attacks because it always bears lightning, but the lightning produced by Dragulos of the quest is special, and the dragon resistance on the hunter side can only be half the normal effect.[40].

Weapons made from Dragulos materials have a high dragon attribute and are characterized by a very high consensus rate.The name of the basic armor series is the "Beldora" series.Rigid armor, on the other hand, is called "Emit" and has a slightly different design.Dragulos was held in 2011Masanori HataIn addition to winning the second place with a support rate of 10.61% in the popularity questionnaire of the collaboration project "My Favorite Monster" with[38], Holds the second most popular user in the 2014 survey conducted by Enterbrain.[41].

Paris Apria

  • Also known as: Donryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 5.0)
  • Total length: about 2000 cm[24]

Inhabits the canyon.A flying dragon species with a slimy skin like an ichthyosaur and a uniquely shaped tail.It has a quadrupedal skeleton like Tigalex.He is constantly hungry and is called a "drinking dragon" because he eats things as if swallowing.[35]..Food is especially meaty and noisy to taste[35], There is one side that can be called gourmet[29]..Paris Apria always says something no matter how many people encounter it[24], Even in the actual quest, whenever I meet a hunter, I always devour raw meat with big bones.Since the functions of digestive juices and organs (especially the liver of the dragon) are very strong, feeding poisonous meat does not cause abnormal conditions, and poisoning, paralysis, sleep, and other abnormal conditions caused by weapons have no effect.Depending on the strength of the digestive juices, it may eat not only monsters of various sizes but also ores.[24]..It's so powerful that when Paris Apria ceases to live, the digestive juices in the body begin to dissolve Paris Apria's own body.[24]..It does not have an organ to exhale, but a powerful individual can swallow and exhale a large amount of water like Ganototos.In addition, the jaws are strong, and the chewed rock may be shot into a shot.The slime of the epidermis is due to the body fluid secreted, and the weapons that can be made from the material of Paris Apria have a unique sharpness due to this slime.Each part of the body has a clear strength of resistance to the three systems of cutting, striking, and shooting, and the player is required to accurately aim at the weak point for each weapon type.The evolutionary process of Paris Apria to its present form is a mystery, but it has been pointed out that it has much in common with the small aquatic creature "Pepper eel" that lives in the canyon.[24]..Sansho eels also have many mysteries in their ecology, and they also have a strong appetite, such as frequent cannibalism among the same races.[42].

It is very slow to move and does not have much physical strength, so it is easy to hunt, but the material of Paris Apria itself is not popular.[35][43], The selling price is also obviously low compared to other monsters[44]..However, it swallows various materials such as moss moss skin, paws stamps, monster scales, and blue fire dragon wings, and these can be spit out and obtained as items by using specific means.The main purpose of hunting is said to be this spitting item[35]..It becomes quicker by spitting out what was swallowed, but when the meat is eaten, the abdomen swells visibly and the movement slows down.Pari apria has the property that the color of saliva changes regularly, and meat corresponding to that color, such as purple saliva, needs to be fed with poisonous meat.If you eat any other meat, you will get angry and rampage.This is because, as mentioned above, it was "noisy" and did not suit the mood of Paris Apria.[29]..If you launch an attack when you are full, you can spit out the material, but at the same time you also launch an attack that hits vomit, and if you hit the vomit, some items can not be used (bad smell) and the state of drunkenness becomes abnormal I will fall.The vomit remains on the ground as a collection point, but the raw meat icon can be reused as a trap meat item as it is, and the vomit from which the material can be obtained tends to have higher value items in the order of white <green <purple <light blue.After vomiting, he becomes angry and acts faster than before, and when repeated many times, the action speed of Paris Apria becomes faster and faster.

The Rigid Quest Paris Apria has an attack that shoots a large amount of highly compressed water as a linear breath.The materials swallowed are also more valuable, such as the reverse scales of the female fire dragon and golden hair, as well as the jewels of the flying dragon species that can only be obtained here.The tongue of the peculiar individual has turned deep blue, and the body color is more reddish.In addition to spitting water breath even in the upper quests, he relentlessly bites and attacks as if chasing the targeted hunter.Has strong vital capacity[24]A characteristic attack of a peculiar individual is an attack that inhales a large amount of surrounding air and then exhales vomit.At the time of inhalation, this attack is instantly sucked into the mouth of Paris Apria, causing the breath to hit directly in front of you.This is an action of trying to inhale the whole prey, but not being able to inhale it, and pouring vomit to weaken it for the time being.[24]..In addition, the peculiar individual of the Rigid Quest may collect stones, crush them, and launch a stunning attack that blows vigorously to the front.The fierce individual began to play Gunner's bullets by spraying it on himself with saliva mixed in with the attack of dropping stones from the sky in a shotgun manner.The quest Paris Apria is stained with the return blood of its prey[45]It has a grotesque appearance that is red-black and terrifying, and its eyes are red as if it were bloody.It is far more greedy than the usual Paris Apria, and immediately after entering the area, the hunter does not look at him and devours the mountain of Dosfango's corpse, and a terrifying sight unfolds from the opening.In battle, it is based on a peculiar individual, but it has been strengthened incomparably.In addition to learning new techniques such as going straight from the left and right and digging into the ground many times, body pressing enough to smash the ground, spin and roaring techniques like Tiga Rex, and squeezing a wide area in front with stomach acid , A technique called "Hakushoku" that draws a hunter to his pocket in an instant and showers him with a lump of stomach acid.[46]Attacks using various body fluids with a foul odor are particularly intense.In addition, the rocks that fall in the aftermath of the violent Paris Apria stunned the hunter with certainty, and the action speed was such that the normal Paris Apria was vomited four times from the beginning of the battle, and the angry state peaked. It has reached and is a strong enemy that cannot be touched.In addition, the biggest feature of the champion Paris Apria is "Ricochet liquid" on your body.[47]"Body fluid wrapping state" that wraps a special body fluid called[40]Depending on the color of the ricochet liquid, abnormal conditions such as poison, paralysis, and sleep are given to all physical attacks of the contact system, and at the end, it becomes a terrifying appearance like a bloody crimson ricochet liquid. The attack power will be further intensified.At the time of this dying, a dive press with tremendous power that almost instant death is confirmed will be delivered.In addition, according to the statistics of the first week of distribution, the quest failure rate of Paris Apria is the highest among the five quests that appeared in Forward.5.[48].. The G-class Paris Apria now drips a large amount of gastric juice into the orbit passed by the rush.If you touch this residual gastric juice, you will be seriously damaged, and you will fall into an abnormal state of foul odor and drunkenness. The G-class Paris Apria swallows the scales of the G-class fire dragon and female fire dragon, as well as the hair of the fighting beast Gougalph.

Weapons made of Paris Apria material have a water attribute, and melee weapons can be a very rare sharpness gauge as mentioned above.Depending on the weapon, yellow is suddenly changed to purple, which is four levels higher, and there are many cases where the performance is too extreme, such as one color green or one color white from end to end of the gauge.The latter is a setting that can withstand long-term hunting by intentionally leaving the slime that is a characteristic of Paris Apria material.[49]..On the other hand, the Paria series, which is the armor made of the dragon material, has strong defense, such as the skill for swordfighters to strengthen the guard performance and the skill for gunner to strengthen the evasion ability.Skills such as energy recovery are activated in the Divore series of rigid armor.

The original idea for this monster was "sputum sputum.SalamanderIt is called "Wind Monster", and it is also based on the officially implemented appearance of Paris Apria.[24]..Since Season 5.0, when Paris Apria was implemented, was an update centered on the caravan corps "Palone-Caravan" that uses air routes, it is said that Paris Apria was developed as a special monster with a strange concept. Is[24]..During development, it was particularly difficult to set the body color, and the initial setting image has a black impression like the Paris Apria of the current championship quest, but wandering in search of a color that does not overlap with other monsters, the development staff says "stupid" The change to a more unusual color in combination with "Na Chara"modelingContinued until[24].


  • Also known as: Hyokoryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 8.0)
  • Total length: about 1390 cm[24]

A fox-faced flying dragon with colorful body colors such as blue, green, and orange.The mouth does not close completely, giving off an atmosphere that seems to be violent, with countless fangs always exposed.Very cautious, it was not confirmed to exist because it lived in the innermost part of the tower until recent years.[50]..It is extremely rare to leave the habitat, but in recent years there has been a series of high-altitude sightings.[24](It also appears in the canyon).As will be described later, it is an ice-type flying dragon species, but its major feature is that there are no quests in cold regions such as snowy mountains.

Like Tigalex, it has a quadrupedal skeleton.The tough front legs have sharp claws, and they fight with the front legs and long brush-shaped tail.Claws extending from the muscular forelimbs are essential for hunting prey with agile movements[24]..The claws not only serve as a weapon to easily cut through prey, but also allow for sudden braking by thrusting them against the ground.[24]..Utilizing this, it rotates at high speed, or stops rotating and suddenly reverses rotation, while shooting a slash with the other claw that is not thrust.In addition, it has been confirmed that the left and right nails are occasionally struck to sharpen the nails that were missing due to a violent attack.[24]..Sharpen your nails at specific times, such as after breathing out during the game.The tail with a brush-like texture is not intentionally swung around, but is swung around so that the tail is hung with the force of swinging the front leg, so even if you avoid the attack by the front leg, the tail will attack with a one-temporary shift. ..The personality itself seems to be restless, and there are things that are rough and wide as a whole, such as swinging big and hitting the front legs, spinning around the body and blowing off the hunter, somersaulting in the air and hitting the body on the ground. There are many.Always alert, sensitive to sound[24]..Also, the characteristic of Duragauer is its appearance during anger.When you get angry, your body freezes, the green color changes from a slightly dark body color to a pure white figure in an instant, and the spines on the tail also stand upright.Nail batThe shape is reminiscent of.Part destruction can only be done during this anger.

During the battle, it rushes straight to the edge of the field like a bullet and spits out a breath of cold air that freezes, and the hunter who touches the breath becomes "frostbite" where stamina is consumed abnormally quickly.This condition is invalidated immediately even if you have used a fast-paced drug or hot drink in advance, so there is no choice but to use an item to overwrite it later or to invalidate it with a powerful skill.Sleeping gas may be released from the tail, and when landing from a large jump, it is released vigorously to induce sleep to the hunters around.Furthermore, if you attack Duragauer while you are in a "counter standby state" ready for an attack from a hunter, you will be counterattacked with a strong claw attack, and when you receive it, you will fall into a "knee collapse" that kneels and faints on the spot. I will end up.Knee collapse always causes fainting, but stunning skills cannot prevent it.In addition, "Kamaitachi" who shakes the front legs and emits a huge whirlwind of cold air.[47]It has a distinctive attack.Contrary to the simple action of swinging the front leg a little, this ice tornado has a very wide attack range, high power, and more powerful properties than breath, such as frostbite effect.

Duragaua, a rigid quest, has significantly enhanced offensive behavior such as improved rush tracking ability, sending out as many as 4 monsters at a time, and spitting 3 breaths in 3 directions at the same time, and jumping to the landing point of cold air. Performs a very powerful combo attack that hits the hunter who flew by wind pressure and hits the cold breath directly.Also, even if the flash ball explodes, it will be "avoided" by a step-like operation.The peculiar individual is characterized by its curved horns, enormous claws, and a slightly light blue body color.Wearing an ice breeze that nullifies some of Gunner's bullets, the roar is given a frostbite effect as well as a damage check.In addition, all the characteristics of the rigid quest Duragauer are inherited by the peculiar individuals of the lower and upper quests.Actions such as jumping and taking a distance and spitting breath from a long distance, covering the surroundings with ice in an instant, shaking the tail and releasing sleep gas are added.After a moment of accumulation, the peculiar individual of the Rigid Quest launches an attack that shoots three shots at a time while swinging the left front leg and drawing a semicircle. In the G-class quest, a huge ice block is instantly created and crushed from directly above, and an attack that shoots nearly 3 pieces of ice in almost all directions is started.

Weapons made from Duragauer material have the dual attributes of ice and sleep.The armor is designed with a Japanese taste from the image of an ice fox dragon fox.[51]..In particular, two types of head armor are available, one of which has an appearance reminiscent of a fox's Noh mask.Another head armor reflects a brush-shaped tailAsparagusDesigned like the tip of the, it was especially noticed by enthusiast players[52].

Before the implementation of Duragauer, in Season 6.0, a monster with a slightly different concept, such as Olgaron, a fang beast species that hunts in cooperation with males and females, and in Season 7.0, Raviente, a large subjugation quest that challenges up to 32 players, is implemented. There were many.Based on that, Duragauer's concept is to move speedily and still be able to play seriously between hunters and monsters.[51]..In addition, the appearance at the beginning of development is quite different from the present, and from the order contents of monster development of "ice attribute, intelligent, mysterious, quick movement", at first I came up with a "certain dark hero", and a bat close to it It was designed as a monster with the image of a figure[24]..However, it is said that the bat was changed to a fox-faced monster because it was decided to be NG.[24].


  • Also known as: Banryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Season 9.0)
  • Total length: about 1900 cm[24]

A flying dragon whose existence has been confirmed in the newly discovered hunting ground "Highlands".It features sharp horns that look like they are integrated with the head.Often referred to as a regent-shaped horn[29][24]..The ventral side of the body is covered with flesh-colored skin, and the legs and back are covered with a dark blue crustacean.

Glenzebull himself is ferocious and carnivorous[24]..However, they have a unique territorial consciousness and do not prey on any timid herbivores, so they coexist perfectly.[35][24]..It is said that this is because Glenzebull has a habit of attacking only ferocious prey that is not intimidating, without chasing "escape prey".[24]..This very aggressive and barbaric personality is why Glenzebull is also known as the "barbaric dragon."[24]..Glenzeburu attacks with slow physical attacks and water breaths.In addition, the spines that Glenzeburu wears on his body have the property of attracting lightning like a lightning rod.[24]..In the highlands where the savage dragons live, the weather changes drastically and sudden thunderstorms may begin.[24]..It's a godsend for Glenzebull, who uses water attacks and thorns like lightning rods.[24]..When the weather turns into a thunderstorm, Glenzebull attacks the stormy weather, exposing its ferocity to stab its prey.[24]..In the game, this setting is expressed by the specification that the weather changes to a thunderstorm when Glenzebull becomes angry.The attack power of Glenzebull in an angry state has more than doubled from normal.In the lower quests, you will not be angry until the end.At the time of implementation, Glenzebull was originally two quests, HR71 and HR100, but since the season 2 update was shortly after the Xbox 9.0 version of MHF came into service, HR360 was specially used as a trial. Prepared with low difficulty specifications[53].

The movement is a slow category like Gravimos, and the attack method is a power type that makes full use of the huge body as a whole.[54]..Rough attacks such as thrusting the horns and then scooping the ground, turning the horns and jumping into the enemy with the whole body, and back jumping that shoots a strong wind that blows away the hunter are conspicuous.There is no sign that one corner will be scratched even if it is treated unreasonably[55]..The reaction when falling into a pit is different from other monsters, and the hunter cannot approach from the front because he swings his horns and wings violently to resist.The body has an organ that produces water components, and as a breath of water, it spits out in a straight line or a grenade to attack.Unlike water breaths such as Ganototos, what Glenzeburu spits is characterized by a large mass of water.[53]..The grenade-shaped water breath is strengthened in stormy weather, and when it lands, it disperses innumerably into smaller water polo, draws a parabola again, and then falls.Even in body press attacks from the sky, the water flow spreads around in stormy weather.In addition, when Glenzeburu becomes paralyzed, it also has the characteristic of releasing paralyzed gas to the surroundings and counterattacking after returning.

The Rigid Quest Glenzeburu is designed to shave off a straight water breath.It also uses an attack that shoots innumerable thorns while making one rotation, pierces the ground, and drops lightning like a lightning rod.The peculiar individual develops like a spear with huge horns, and attacks the horns to crush the bedrock.The peculiar individual of the Rigid Quest has the same basic behavior pattern as the upper ranks, but it may shift to a "furious state" in which a specific action is performed during the battle and something like steam is ejected from the whole body.[56]..In a state of rage, the speed of action is greatly increased, and the range of attack is widened by the water splashing to the surroundings when performing various attack techniques. In the G-class quest, you can now shoot multiple rocks when attacking by thrusting the horns in succession and then piercing them up.The rocks that fall from above are so powerful that they cannot be guarded, and the hunter faints when eaten.

Weapons made from Glenzebull's material are named "angry hair" up to the rigid species, and "barbarian shell" in the G class, and have a water attribute.In addition, the armor is designed to imitate Glenzebull, and the chain, thorns, regent-shaped horns, etc. look like a long time ago.Juvenile delinquentlooks like[29].. G-class body armor is given multiple general-purpose and highly useful skills, and the Hunter Navi implemented in MHF-GG also has the subject of specifying G-class Glenzeburu.

From the concept of "a muscular monster with a heavy blow", "linked to weather changes", and "there is an action to destroy the terrain", it is said that a regent (horn) was added to make an impact.[24]..Also, although only a ferocious impression is conspicuous, when Glenzeburu appears in the initial area after the start of the quest, there is a low probability that you may accidentally fall from the sky.


  • Also known as: Doganryu
  • Appearance: MHF (from Forward.5)
  • Theme song: Great sand castle

A giant dragon found in the desert with a skeleton very similar to Akamutrum and Ukamurubasu.Similar to these, the forelimbs have no wings and develop as walking legs.A long time ago, there was a legend that there was a "red sand mountain" in the desert area.[45]..However, there is a setting that it turned out that the substance is this Odibatras in recent years.[45]..Odibatras is a monster boasting a huge body that can be mistaken for a rocky mountain in the desert, but it moves with its huge body hidden in the sand, and it is a demon death.[46]..For this reason, it is metaphorically referred to as "a tower on the sand."[46]..In addition, the original meaning of "a tower on the sand" used in reality is a word that compares "things that do not last long or are unrealizable" because the tower built on the sand collapses immediately because the foundation is weak. Is[57].

The whole body is wrapped in a scarlet crustacean, and the development of the crustacean on the back side is particularly remarkable.turtleIt is a huge shell like this.The mouth has large teeth, but all are shaped like molars.The shell that covers the giant body and the white horn-shaped protrusions that grow in various places are organs that sense sound.[58]..The lower jaw has a grid-like protrusion that sucks dust[46]..There is a hole in the front of the shell, and a cannonball-like mass that compresses the sucked dust is fired from here like a cannon.[46]..When it gets serious, the shell rises up and a myriad of small launch ports, which can be called secondary armament, open and shoot sand cannonballs like barrage.Odibatras is good at attacking with skillful sand, taking advantage of the desert land.[45].

Odibatras is the owner of terrible phagocytosis according to his body[46]..Even the rocks and structures around the prey are preyed on without prefectural borders and destroy the entire area in order to secure the necessary food.[46]..A specific example is a scene that attacks the tail scorpion Akra Vasim.[59]..This appetite disrupts the ecosystem in the area where Odivatras emerged, and in some cases can lead to serious consequences.[46]..In the quest where Odibatras appears in the game, all monsters on the field disappear except for the crossbow dragon.[60]..When Odibatras appears, damage to surrounding towns may occur due to dust.[35]..There is also a setting that the desert (Sekumea Desert that appeared from MH2 to MHP2G, MHF) has become a devastated environment as seen in the game because of the appearance of Odibatras in the past.[61].

After the start of the quest, it has not yet appeared directly, and a terrible sandstorm is blowing in the area that is the initial position.When the hunter approaches the center, a crossbow dragon breaks through the sandy mountains and appears.At the time of battle, they perform the same bullet battles and rushes as Akamutrum and Ukamurubasu, but as mentioned above, the attack range of most actions is extremely wide due to the effect of sand.For example, if you scoop the ground with your front legs, a tsunami of sand that swallows the entire body of the hunter will occur, and if you hit the left and right, dust will scatter over a wide area from your tail and front legs.A unique behavior is the use of a condition called "sand restraint" that stops and restrains the hunter.[47]..When a hunter falls into a state of sand restraint, he is trapped at the top of a sandy mountain and changes to an abnormal state of a "pit" that is buried in the ground if resistance is insufficient.In long-range battles, you can use a crustacean with innumerable gun gates to fire sand bullets like mortars, shoot extremely powerful sandstone bullets from the largest gun gate in the front of the shell, and huge sand. Attacks such as mortaring in almost all directions with a breath.In addition, Odibatras who became angry has a slightly darkened body, and a sandstorm occurs in the area.The bind voice that is sent out when angry has the effect of exploding the ground, and even if the hunter's defense power is sufficient, it is so powerful that it will be exhausted with a single blow.

Odibatras is a monster that can be ordered from the HR100 Rigid Quest, but it will always be "repelled" in the Rigid Quest and cannot be completely subdued. You can subdue Odibatras in the Hardcore Rigid Quest, which can be ordered from the HR300 with a secretary skill rank of 100 or higher.In the Hardcore Rigid Quest, several new actions have been added, such as an attack that spits a tremendous amount of sand breath and then causes a big explosion.Odibatras, the quest for the supremacy, launches a huge sandstone bullet into the sky and blows it away, and then launches an attack that sweeps away in all directions with a sand breath.Odibatras is set with a balance of difficulty that is relatively easy to challenge among the quests[62].

Weapons made of Odibatras material do not have any attributes, but they are extremely powerful weapons in the same rank range, such as having the highest attack power and sharpness with a high consensus rate.Also, in the case of weapons made of Odibatras material, the reading of the part described in [] in the name of the weapon is very characteristic.To give a few examples, "Crossbow prison whistle [Gekiraku]" is not [Gekigakuda] but [The vulture】[63], "Crossbow sword [Crossbow]" is [Sugoku Killer】[64], "Crossbow [Crossbow]" is [Neraiatsukuute】[65], "Crossbow prison gun spear [Assault]" is [Tsukihana Chiute】[66], "Crossbow mallet [small crush]" is [Arakukudaku】[66], "Crossbow prison spear [rabbit]" is [Tonicakutsuke】[67], "Crossbow Prison Great Sword [Shinjitsu]" is [Shin Nandemo Tatsu】[68]However, these are some of the weapons whose readings have not been officially released.The armor is designed to be armored as if it embodies a crossbow dragon like a fortress, and features an offensive and defensive armor skill that balances offensive and protective systems.

At the time of implementation in the Forward .5 update, there are three types of Odibatras quests: Rigid Quest, Hardcore Rigid Quest, and Supremacy Quest from SR300. It did not correspond to the pattern of implementing monsters (sometimes only from the top)[69]..This is the last update as "MHF"[70]In addition to the intention to set the impact and difficulty level like the last boss on the Odibatras that appears in, the crossbow dragon is HR100 or higher from the viewpoint that the lower and upper monsters have already been enriched by the update so far. This is because it has been implemented as a monster for players.[69]..Regarding the design of Odibatras, as many as 5 new monsters were planned to be added in MHF-G, which is next to Forward.10, but it took time and effort to decide to differentiate from them. Is being told[69].


  • Also known as: Shintenryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G1)

Newly discovered in the highlands, the same terrestrial adaptive flying dragon as Nargakuruga and Tigalex.The body is covered with yellow hair and features black fin-like needles with sharp blades protruding from the whole body. Especially, the one that grows from the tip of the tail is thick and huge like a spear.Although it is different from the original ears, two large spines stand from the head to remind us of the ears.

The needles on the whole body are not the spines that actually grow from the body, but are formed by hardening the fats and oils secreted from the body.[71]..The needle was jaggedsawSuitable for tearing the enemy's skin in such a state[71]..A large number of needles can be freely blown, and in addition to being used as a projectile, they are scattered on the ground like a makibishi and used as a trap for installation systems.[72]..It is a solid hunting method that uses this needle to block the retreat of the target and ensure that it is killed so that the targeted prey does not escape.[71]..This is because Hujikiki needs a lot of food to maintain its body.[71]..In addition, Hujikiki has a habit of acting alone over a wide area without forming a flock.[71]..It also leads to the high frequency of being attacked by foreign enemies.[71]..According to the theory in the work, the needles of the whole body are originally intended to protect the body.[71]..Sharp claws with a strong aggressive impression are also considered to be evolutions for defense against foreign enemies.[71]..As will be described later, Hujikiki changes to a more violent personality as his physical strength decreases.[73]..Poison, paralysis, and internal organs (bags) of sleep, which can be peeled off from Hujikiki as materials, play a role in the state where Hujikiki has become violent.

In the game, it is a light movement like Verioros, and mainly uses quick movement attacks.When some attack techniques are launched, a needle is ejected as a long-range attack, or the needle is pierced directly into the ground, and the released needle remains on the ground for a certain period of time and becomes a trap.When a hunter steps on a needle, he gets scared with damage.During the battle, it is necessary to go around so as not to step on the needle as much as possible.You may spit up to 3 consecutive breaths that produce tornadoes.Hujikiki makes a tricky attack on this tornado by shooting a needle and scattering a large amount of needles around the tornado.It may also take a defensive posture by curling up like a snake's bureau.Hujikiki, who has entered the defensive position, has a hardened flesh, and when a hunter attacks, he shoots a needle and counterattacks while maintaining that position.When Hujikiki's physical strength is greatly reduced, it becomes stormy weather in the highlands.[74], Hujikiki emits a blue light and shifts to a "furious state"[47]..Hujikiki, who was in a state of rage, caused a huge tornado and then wore a small tornado-shaped whirlwind on his tail.[73]..The tail wearing a whirlwind has a wide attack range, and has the effect of flying a hunter into the sky.In addition to the addition of new actions such as an attack that makes the thorns fall like rain and a tornado of the tail that continues from the needle skipping, the needle is poisoned, paralyzed, or sleep abnormal. Will be definitely triggered.Both the needle that was blown as an attack and the needle that was installed like a makibishi cause an abnormal condition.In the game, the rage state will not be released over time.

Weapons made of Hujikiki material do not have any attributes, but their high attack power and melee weapons have the highest sharpness.If you equip the armor derived from the needle dragon, the swordsman will have a special skill to bounce the attack around when guarding the monster's skill, and the gunner will have the skill to strengthen the rapid fire function of the light bow gun[71].

HujikikiHedgehogIs the motif[72]..The setting that the needles of the whole body are originally intended to protect the body is also common to hedgehogs.


  • Also known as: Bokyoryu[75]
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G2)

A flying dragon species monster that has evolved uniquely to survive in the harsh environment of the polar sea[71]..You can move freely in the ice as well as on the ground and in the sky.[71]It is called the "Emperor of the Polar Sea" who can freely run on land, sea and air.[75]..Ultramarine blue with the same color as the sea, suitable for the landscape of icy land[76]And the wing membrane has a burning flame-like pattern.Sawshark,SawfishFrom the head likesawThe appearance is characterized by the growth of shaped parts.It has a dorsal fin on its back, and its tail is exactly the shape of a fish's tail fin. At first glance, it looks like an ichthyosaur monster, but it is a flying dragon species.

Strictly speaking, the long part that grows on the headCornernotnoseIs an evolution of[77][78]..The saw-shaped nose has a number of jagged blades on the left and right, and its shape is similar to a double-edged saw.When it finds its prey, it plunges from the sky and has a saw-toothed nose.harpoonTreat like and skewer the prey[71]..Eating is an animal diet and requires large amounts of food to maintain body temperature in the frigid polar waters.[71]..Therefore, all animals other than yourself are considered to be predators.[71]..It is also known as the "Rogue Saw Dragon" because of its rough ecology and its appearance.[75]..Anorpatis has a body that specializes in shaving ice blocks rather than swimming in the sea, and can swim in ice and snow at high speed.[71]..When aiming for large preysharkIt is said that only the dorsal fin like this is put out on the ice to perform high-speed ramming[71]..Those who are struck suffer both bruise and laceration[79]..The surface of the dorsal fin鑢Because it has a texture like, it is set that countless scratches will remain in the place where Anorpatis hunted.[79]..The crustacean of the whole body is very hard, and the surface has a jagged shape like a saw blade.[80]..This not only means that you can move freely in the ice and snow, but also that you protect yourself from foreign enemies.[80]..The ventral side is not covered by the shell[80], This part is white against the blue shell.The abdomen is covered with thick subcutaneous fat to keep the heat out of the body[80]..When cutting or hitting a hunter's weapon, this abdomen without a shell is the weak point of Anorpatis.In addition, the steam inside the body may be released to the outside, and the icicles created by freezing in the outside air of the polar sea may be poured down.[81]..When a hunter hits these icicles, he faints.Anorpatis spews steam from the whole body when it becomes angry.

In the movements in the game, in addition to many original actions, the behaviors of Rio Leus, Rio Leia, and Diablos of works after MH3 are also incorporated.Breath is an ice attribute, and when it lands, it emits a blast around it and has the effect of inducing multiple geysers.If you move backward while accumulating, spit 3 breaths at the same time.A tail-striking attack with Somersault, such as Rio Leia, puts the hunter in a snowball state, in addition to having icicles in front of him.On the ground, the saw-shaped nose is swung vigorously, and a bind voice with a wide range of damage judgment is delivered.When the saw is pierced into the ground and then made one revolution, a large hole is opened in the ground and a huge water column is generated, from which Anorpatis glide and plunge into the hunter.Since the inside of the geyser cannot be seen from the outside, it also has the effect of impairing visibility.In the air, it is not only a simple gliding attack, but also a tricky gliding that draws a V-shape, and it may go low in the air while spitting breath many times.When it dances violently in the air while emitting steam, it releases an oversized breath to the ground, and the icicles continue to descend over a wide area for a long time.If you dive into the ground, you can continue from the above-mentioned rush using the fins, jump out of the ice and shave the surroundings with a saw, attack the hunter on the surface with a movement like a dolphin jump, or attack from the ground. ..In addition, as an behavior peculiar to Anorpatis, there is a pattern such as diving from the air to the ground or jumping directly from the ground to the sky.[77]..At the same time as the raid from the ground, there are attacks such as jumping up to the sky and spitting breath, or assaulting the hunter from the sky and disappearing into the ground.

Furthermore, when Anorpatis's physical strength is significantly reduced, it will perform a "dragon attribute release" that emits a red-black electric shock with an explosion sound, and will move to a stage called "awakening state".[73]..After this, Anorpatis wears a black electric shock, and the effect of the dragon attribute is given to various attack actions, and it becomes two attributes of ice and dragon.[73]..In the awake state, some behaviors also change, such as launching a series of Somersault attacks.

All weapons made from Anorpatis material are water-based, and the maximum sharpness of melee weapons is set to sky blue.The armor made of the sword dragon material is characterized by the skill "Gorgeous release (protection of the three worlds)" that invalidates the roar, wind pressure, and vibration of monsters at the same time.

Anorpatis has a development concept of a monster that rampages in all three layers: ground, air, and underground.[77]..Also, at the time of MHF-G1[82]It was a monster positioned at the top of G-class monsters[83]..On the other hand, according to the Famitsu survey, players who cited Anorpatis as a monster they are not good at account for a quarter of the total number of respondents.[83]..Regarding the AI ​​adjustment of Anorpatis, there were as many as 1 new monsters that were supposed to be implemented in G10, and it was stated that debugging and test play per body was not enough.[83], Will continue to make adjustments in the future[84]..It is also said that while the offensive side is intense, the defensive side of Anorpatis is set a little low, such as the weakness of the meat is quite soft and the attributes are easy to pass through.[85].


  • Also known as: Kikai Ryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G3)
  • Theme song: The altar that shines, the absolute person of the white wings[86]

A new species of Rio Leus, also known as the "King of the White Blue Sky," is a legendary flying dragon that has been said to "appear only when light shines on the old tower" from ancient times.[87][35].. Adopted in the first package illustration of PlayStation 3 version and Wii U version MHF-G[88].

The whole body is white, and blue light is leaking through the gaps in the shell.The thorns and wing claws emit blue light, and the pure white wings are characterized by a characteristic pattern like a honeycomb structure.It is contrary to the flying dragon "UNKNOWN", which looks like a jet-black female fire dragon, and normally it is said that both do not appear at the same time.[89]..It is also a monster whose tradition varies greatly depending on the region, and in one region it is said that "a person who encounters a white flying dragon fulfills his ambition" and is enshrined as a sacred creature, while in another region "white flying dragon" It is said that disaster will come to those who meet the dragon, and people are afraid of it as an unclean creature.[87]..Instead of a fireball of fire like Rio Leus, it emits a pale white "light" to attack.The mouth emits light that has converged into a beam, the wing claws emit light bullets, and the tail also emits countless light bullets and lasers.Light can be emitted even from the cross section of the cut tail.The appearance itself is similar to Rio Leus, but the movement is completely different[90].

In addition, Zelreus has various shapes, which is the biggest feature.[87][91].. The tradition that "it captures the hearts of those who face each other"[87]As you can see, in the actual battle, it is decided based on the type of attack received from the hunter, and it changes its appearance so that it is always advantageous to the weapon types of various attack systems such as cutting system, batting system, bullet system.When Zelreus continues to receive cutting damage from the hunter, he grows five blades on his legs and shifts to a form with an enlarged tail.At this time, amputation system attacks on the legs and tail are almost unusable.There are many techniques to play with hunters fighting at close range, such as launching a hovering kick from the air and shooting a ray from the tail to explode the ground, or flashing the surroundings with a blade of light immediately after one rotation.If you receive a lot of damage from the batting system, move to a form with huge horns.The blow attack on the head is reduced.There are many frontal attacks, such as wearing light on the head and aiming for a counter attack with a breath, or piercing the ground with a horn and then piercing it to shoot a large explosion of light.When it receives a concentrated attack with bullets and arrows, it shifts to a form with huge wing claws, and the wing gains high defense against shooting.After somersault, he shoots light bullets from his wing claws to shoot, and crushes crystals created in the air to rain light bullets. He specializes in techniques against long-distance enemies.

Appeared as the first player in the G-class quest.In addition to some stats and some techniques limited to the fierce species, the timing to change the form is very early compared to the Zelreus of the rigid species quest, and it has the property of switching many times during battle.Cooperation between players is especially important in the fierce species[91]..If all of the participating players are of the same type of weapon or challenge alone, Zelreus will be specialized for that type of weapon until the end.In addition, the top of the tower that fights with Zelreus reproduces the setting of folklore, and it is a special background wrapped in light shining from the sky.[91].

All weapons made from Zelreus material exhibit a "light attribute" that combines fire and lightning attributes.The armor is called the Altera series, and the skill "adaptive attack" that always applies the attack system that gives the highest damage to the attacked part regardless of the weapon type is activated.

Zelreus is developed with the image of light[91][90]..In addition, it is said that the iconic monster "Rioreus" in the Monster Hunter series was adopted as the prototype in line with new elements such as service in on the new platform.[90]..As mentioned above, the behavioral aspect is completely different from Rio Leus, and director Ryumi Kimoto at that time also described it as "Mecha Leus".[90].. PS Vita version MHF-G has the second highest quest failure rate in the closed beta test statistics[92].


  • Also known as: Kokusenryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G3.2)
  • Theme song: A vivid spark that blooms in the darkness of despair, the king of light abandoned 荊[93]

fossilAn ancient flying dragon species that was thought to have become extinct in the distant past because its existence was only recognized in the form of[35][94]..In modern times, descendants have been confirmed by members of the Hunters Guild who were investigating the cave on Shioshima.[94][95]..Similarities can be pointed out in shape with the spiny dragon Espinus, which belongs to the same flying dragon species, but Melaginas is covered with a gorgeous armor-like outer shell with golden spines on a jet-black shell, and a large drill-shaped angle that grows from the tip of the nose. And features a huge tail like a rock drill[95]..Having lived in the dark, out of reach of light since ancient times, the eyesight has deteriorated, and instead it has very good hearing with large ears that have developed.[94][96]..Because I can't see, I'm checking the location of the prey with a sound, and it's not noticed when the hunter approaches with a sneak foot (such as crouching forward), but when I make some noise such as running or using an item, it immediately The position is recognized by[95]..When it senses a hunter's sign, it tries to grasp the surrounding situation by utilizing its greatly developed ears.[97]..He has a ferocious personality that keeps aiming at the opponent once decided, and the targeted person must keep escaping from the onslaught of Melaginas until the target is changed.[95]..After Melaginas stretches his spine and searches for surrounding sounds, the hunter who is confirmed as the target of attack will see an effect like white vibration at that moment.[97]..In addition, various parts of the body are equipped with organs such as jet structures, and the tip of the tail is particularly tubular.Rocket engineIt is formed by a propulsion mechanism like[95][96]..By injecting attribute energy when moving or attacking, you gain explosive instantaneous power and movement speed, and fight at a furious speed as it is[95][97]..He also performs rushes and wing attacks like Espinus, but has many unique movements, and is good at techniques such as piercing the ground with his horns and tail.Furthermore, by emitting a golden dragon thunder that has the power of a dragon from its horns and tail, it attacks surrounding enemies at once, and it may also spit out a low-temperature spherical breath or beam-shaped breath with a dragon thunder.

Melaginas, a G-class fierce quest, may generate a tornado with a dragon thunder, and in addition, it turns to the hunter while attacking without performing an axis alignment action, so it repeatedly attacks in rapid succession. It has become like.Instead, monster bones may fall from the top of the cave during battle only for the Relentless Quest, and the inside is a safe zone that is not attacked by Melaginas at all.[96][97]..Bones, regardless of monster hunter, collapse after being attacked a certain number of times.Also, only the hunter who is the target of Melaginas will change the BGM to a dedicated one.In the Rigid Quest, only "the vivid sparks that bloom in the darkness of despair" flow.

Weapons produced from the material of Melaginas exert the dual attribute "darkness attribute" of ice and dragon.Simply equipping a Melaginas weapon of the Relentless Rank or higher activates the "Weakness Special Effect" skill that increases the power of attacks on the weaknesses of monsters.[94]..In addition, Director Ryumi Kimoto (at that time) commented on the naming of "darkness attribute" that "the attribute of a fairly medium-sized name is ..."[94]..In addition, the armor made of black dragon material is given the habit of reducing the damage received during that time in exchange for the danger of being relentlessly targeted by monsters for a certain period of time.[94]..This is an image from the perspective of the recipient, which is the ecology of intensively attacking the target, which is also a characteristic of Melaginas.[94]..The armor design is made by multiplying "Monster Hunter-ness" by "Aku's strength".[94].

The brilliant dragon Zelreus appears at the top of the tower that shines light, has a white shell, and manipulates multiple attributes called "light attributes" that mix fire and thunder, while Melaginas inhabits the deepest part of the cave where light does not reach. However, it is covered with a black or gold outer shell, and is paired in many respects, such as controlling the multiple attribute called "darkness attribute" that combines the power of ice and dragon.[96]..It is revealed that Melaginas, which was implemented as the second after Zerleus, which is the first fierce species monster, was developed with the concept of "black Espinus", "If Zerleus is white, Melaginas is black".[96].


  • Also known as: Raigo Ryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from GG)
  • Theme song: The roar of ultramarine armor

A monster of the genus Flying Dragon that lives on the top of the tree and has a look and skeleton that closely resembles Tigalex.Whereas normal Tigalex has orange and blue stripes, Diorex has a whole body covered with blue or navy blue ore, and has wings that are large and sharply developed like thorns at the tip.[98].. Called "power generation board"Power generationIt has organs in its body and has the ability to generate electricity.[98]..The electromagnetic force generated by the electricity generated by the thunder dragon is strong enough to deform the surrounding terrain.[99]..In particular, the power generation organs of the head, arms, legs, and tail are powerful, and it is possible to amplify electricity and turn it into propulsion.[99][98]..Diorex uses the electricity it produces in its body for predation and defense[99]..His personality is extremely violent, and when he discovers a foreign enemy, he is said to rampage until the surrounding area becomes scorched earth.[35].

The gray scales and shells that can be said to be the main body of Diorex are actually soft, and the whole body is fragile.[99][98]..In order to make up for that weakness, magnetic ore is attracted using the magnetic force generated by applying electric power, and it is used as a substitute for armor by wearing it.[99][98]..The outer shell looks deep blue because the ore that was put on it discolored at high voltage.[98]..The outer shell of armor made of ore is called "armor"[100]..Armor, which boasts exceptional hardness, is bounced off even by weapons with a purple sharpness gauge, and attributes such as fire, water, and lightning other than dragons are "absorbed" rather than effective, resulting in physical damage. Will reduce to[97]..In order not to be hit by Diorex's armor, it is necessary to have the skill to invalidate the hit and the sharpness of sky blue, which is the upper rank of purple.Armor can be destroyed, but after a while it will be reattached.The dome-shaped large discharge attack that occurs when re-wearing armor is extremely powerful, and armor of the corresponding rank often runs out with a single blow.[97]..In addition to delivering this discharge immediately after the start of the quest, the initial position of the hunter is set in front of Diorex, so if you approach immediately without knowing anything, you will be exhausted as soon as the battle begins. There is also.

Diorex is based on Tiga Rex[101]However, there are few attack techniques that make similar movements (the roar at the time of anger transition is the same to some extent).It may fly a rock that has been charged and accelerated by electromagnetic propulsion, or it may launch a high-speed rush attack that applies electromagnetic propulsion by itself by releasing the electric power stored in the leg.[98]..A tricky attack is also launched in which an assault is launched from a rock wall created by transforming the terrain with electromagnetic force in a manner similar to a triangular flying kick.In addition, the armor worn by Diorex has a high defensive power as described above, but any part of the body may emit orange light, and the meat quality is temporarily softened only in this light emitting part.In addition, just before the attack action, the part to be used in the attack glows blue.When you attack the part that emits blue light, the light emission stops, and if you do the same for all the parts that emit light, it is possible to cause a special fear.[97].

Diorex, which appears in the G-class Relentless Quest, uses a high-powered pale ray breath created by concentrating electric power on the head to fan out about 270 degrees, or floats a rock mass in the air with electromagnetic force. By jumping over it, a rockfall attack by a collapsed rock may be launched.[98][97].

Weapons made of Diorex material have a lightning attribute, and if you equip a weapon of a fierce rank or higher, the "reverse scale" skill that includes the effect of preventing you from exhausting with a single blow from a certain level of physical strength is unconditionally activated. To do.The Diorex armor is designed to reflect the appearance of blue armor, and in exchange for the penalty of increasing all damage received, the "absolute defense posture" skill that is protected by the effect of preventing almost any attack is activated only once.[102]..The defense disappears when it is effective, but it is automatically restored after the specified preparation time has passed.

PlayStation VitaAccording to statistics in the closed beta test of the version MHF-G, Diorex of the rigid quest is announced to have the highest quest failure rate.[92]..In addition, it is popular with users because it is fun to destroy parts of the whole body other than the torso.[103]..The concept of the development of Diorex is "Enjoy the new weapon type" Koryu Club "implemented in the same MHF-GG (Double Gee)".[102]..It is assumed that the weak points will be revealed by destroying the armor by making a special attack on a hard part with a short reach or making full use of the dragon spirit piercing of the big skill.[101]..While Diorex was developed as a monster for the dragon club, the monster with the characteristics for all weapon types, which is the opposite concept, has the same GG-implemented bird species "Hanahotori Forokururu".[102].


  • Also known as: Soonryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G6)

Flying dragon species confirmed to exist in the highlands[104]..Blessed with a very huge body, it is comparable to the dragon Akamutrum and the crossbow dragon Odibatras, which belong to the same flying dragon species.[105][106]..Eating is omnivorous and eats whatever you eat[104]..It is said that they are fighting for territory with the barbarian dragon Glenzeburu and the needle dragon Hujikiki, who live in the highlands.[105]..The setting personality is mild-mannered, and although their ancestors once flew in the sky, they continued to be preyed on due to poor survival competition with other flying dragons, and were driven to the brink of extinction.[105]..Meanwhile, individuals who could not fly due to injuries etc. began to live on the ground, and they achieved new adaptive evolution and survived, leading to the ecology seen in the work.[105]..Although it is classified as a flying dragon, its appearance is very different from the flying dragons that have appeared so far.The torso is very large, especially in the mouth with a large number of teeth.[104]..The pattern on the abdomen is also whale-like, and it is real.Baleen whaleIt looks like it has wings and legs.There are multiple holes in the upper part of the upper jaw to let out air, the wings are formed by fine streaks that make a beautiful sound when played, and the tail is parasitized by large shell-like creatures, but the shell Most of the contents are hollow[104][107].

As the name of "Soon Dragon", the head, wings, and tailsoundIt is also a characteristic of Povolbalm that it is an organ for producing[105]..Every time the upper jaw breathesaccordionAn accordion-like instrument that expands and contracts to release air from a hole, a stringed instrument that makes a sound by vibrating and opening and closing the muscles of the wing membrane, and a shell with a hollow inside that plays the same role as a percussion instrument.[106][104]..In this way, the whole body of PovolbalmMusical instrument", And by ringing these in battle, it gives itself an effect like the" hunting whistle "handled by hunters.[105]..When it comes to battle, he "plays" by making full use of various sound organs in his body.Playing with a wind instrument-like head results in "increased attack power", playing with a stringed instrument-like wing results in "increasing defense power", and playing with a percussion instrument-like tail results in "recovering physical strength". ..When the attack power increases, each technique leads to great damage, and the defense power and recovery of physical strength bring about a prolonged battle.If the part you want to play is destroyed, just before that, perform "Recovery performance to repair the part" to restore it to the state before the part was destroyed, and shift to the original performance as it is.[105]..In addition to being able to interfere with the performance if a certain amount of damage is given to the part being prepared during the preparatory movement, a predictive effect will be applied to the part to be played next.[105]..If you have destroyed the part even once, you can get the reward for destroying the part even if it is repaired.[106]..In addition, these performances also directly benefit the surrounding hunters.For example, in the case of a recovery performance, the hunter side is displayed as "improved metabolic capacity", and the effect of continuing to recover after the red gauge of the physical strength gauge is given as well as the recovery of physical strength. In the G class, these three types of performances may be performed at the same time.

In addition to playing, Povolbalm's bind voice (roar) has a special effect, and if you hit it directly with the sound pressure, the hunter will be "confused (sounded)".[105]..If you fall into this abnormal state, the hunter will not be able to act for a certain period of time like fainting, such as laughing or dancing on the spot for some reason.[105]..It also has tricky attacks, such as shooting shock wave-like effects from vibrating wings, launching assaults from the ground with movements like whale jumps, and rushing backwards.[97].

The armor made from the materials of Povolbalm also incorporates abundant "music" designs.For example, a large sword is a piano keyboard, a twin sword is a metallophone, and a bow is a drum.It also has an attribute "playing attribute" that is given to weapons related to sound, and playing is a multi-attribute that simultaneously exerts water and ice attributes.The armor is designed with a drum and fife band and a marching band as a motif, and the details of the parts are decorated with gold to give it a luxurious appearance.[106][108]..Interviews say armor design has a good reputation[106][105].

While there are many monsters designed with an emphasis on good looks and monsters with agile movements in Monster Hunter Frontier, Povolbalm was implemented with the concept of a large and comical monster with a different taste.[106][108]..The feature that the body is equipped with musical instruments was also devised in the direction of developing the comical personality of Povolbalm under the plan that "If the hunter is strengthened by the hunting whistle, the monster may strengthen the monster". Is a thing[106][108].


  • Also known as: Enkakuryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G6.1)

A flying dragon that lives in the volcanic belt and looks very similar to Diablos.The difference from Diablos is that the whole body is covered with a piercing red-black shell.Like Diablos, it is a herbivorous dragon that feeds on cacti. Like Diablos, its ancestors lived in desert areas, but the oasis that had been rooted in it disappeared due to a large-scale drought. It is said that he tried to move to another area, selected a volcanic belt where his favorite cactus lived in spite of the harsh environment, settled there, and evolved to adapt to the scorching environment and became the current figure.[109]..When you meet Valsabros in the game, the monster will try to eat the "burning cactus" that grows nearby instead of the hunter, and will not aim directly at the hunter until the cactus disappears for some reason.When Valsabros succeeds in ingesting the cactus, it emits a wavy flamethrower that burns over more than half of the field, with its horns and wings glowing bluish purple.The flame horn dragon, which became active after ingesting the cactus, immediately moves from the rush to the next attack without interposing a preliminary movement, and makes many powerful attacks such as hitting the horn vigorously against the ground three times in a row. There are many actions that use fire, such as giving an impact to the ground to cause an eruption or running around while spreading flames from the tail.In this state, the defense power is high, and the effect of abnormal conditions such as paralysis is weak, so it is difficult to give an effective hit.On the other hand, it is also possible to prevent the hunter from eating the cactus.Valsabros' favorite food can be collected as it is if it grows on the ground, and can be handled and carried as a carry item.However, it is large, heavy, and has thorns, so if you carry it around, you will always be damaged during that time, and as long as you have a cactus, you will always be the target of Valsabros.In addition to simply aiming with a rush, there are a wide variety of sabotage behaviors such as creating "pits" around the area to fit hunters and sprinkling explosive fruits.It is extremely difficult to protect the scorching cactus alone, but since the scorching cactus can also be rolled vigorously in the direction the hunter is facing, multiple people repeatedly pass and catch to weaken Valsabros. The key to the strategy is to let them do it.If you protect the cactus from Valsabros for a while, Valsabros, who was exhausted to chase after the hunter, will be exhausted and the body that was blowing fire will also smoke.The weakened Valsabros is recognized as a chance to counterattack because it only makes weak attacks such as waving its tail and biting on the spot, and its flesh becomes soft.The fatigued state is released over time.

Valsabros, who appears in the G-class Relentless Quest, will make attacks such as shooting a blade-shaped flame from the tail with a rotating momentum.In addition, the appearance field is the "decisive battlefield" of the volcano, but unlike the conventional "decisive battlefield", the range of action of the hunter is wide, such as the lava river that was flowing to divide the area is cold and solidified. The terrain has been changed to make it wider.

Weapons made from Valsabros have a multi-attribute "flame attribute" that has both fire and dragon attributes.Also, armor made of Valsabros material will continue to consume stamina whenever the hunter is out of weapons, but will activate aggressive skills that dramatically increase attack power.

Glad Moss

  • Also known as: Suisairyu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G7)

A flying dragon species monster reminiscent of Gravimos. It belongs to the category of "starting species".It is covered with a sand-colored crustacean and has a weathered appearance such as moss growing on it.It has innumerable injection ports not only in the mouth but also in the tip of the tail, from which a large amount of water can be injected.In the in-game monster list, it is described as a direct ancestor of the armor dragon Gravimos.A monster that originally lived in the desert, but at some point a large drought occurred in the desert, and many individuals left the desert due to it, but some of the glare moss was water. It is said that he evacuated to the remaining underground area, where he spent an eternal time while retaining his ancient appearance.Gladmos has been identified in recent years because even underground water sources have been depleted and have crawled to the ground in search of water.[110].

According to the original concept of "specializing in one attribute and manipulating it skillfully", glare moss, which is a water attribute, uses a large amount of water during battle.It is no exaggeration to say that there is no blind spot because it is fired from the injection port of the whole body, and the effect of the water released is far superior to that of conventional monsters.Contrary to its sluggish appearance, once it is ready to attack, it moves very quickly, such as jetting water to launch a high-speed gliding attack or tackling it.Also, when you think that you jumped up, you suddenly crashed by throwing water from your back, or when you stepped on when you finished the attack and took a breather, a strong splash of water was emitted to the surroundings, and there are many feint-like attacks. Is listed as.In addition, hunting is not straightforward, such as spouting water from the tail and attacking the rear, and shaking off fragments of the outer shell that have the property of exploding in some attacks, but between attacks The movement of is slow like Gravimos.

In the G-class opening quest, a strong torrent breath is spit on the ground, and a great technique is performed to blow up a wide area around it with a violent spray.The power of this spray is extremely high, and immediately after that, a huge geyser with a tremendous effect is generated, so it is a very dangerous attack that will be exhausted with a single blow by being launched into the sky with the spray and hitting the next water column as it is. It has become.

Weapons made of glare moss material boast extremely high water attribute values ​​that are outstanding compared to other weapons.The armor is designed to faithfully reflect the appearance of Gladmos, which has a jet port on the whole body, and when the hunter's remaining physical strength is 100 or more, the attack power increases by 1%, which activates the armor skill that balances offense and defense.


  • Also known as: Eijaryu
  • Appearance: MHF-G (from G10)

A small monster that lives only around the ancient building "Unmi Fort".Although it is small, it has the same flight ability as Gabrus and is classified as a flying dragon species.The skeleton is similar to Gabrus, but the details are different, such as the existence of three wing claws.The body color is based on green and white, and the protrusions such as the nails and head are gold.There is a golden crustacean from the top of the eyes to the top of the head, and it looks like it is wearing a helmet.The wing membrane is dyed in cool light blue and white, and the edges are jagged.It has an acute-angled form overall, in contrast to Gabrus, which has a rounded and eerie appearance.It has excellent flight ability and can maintain flight almost all the time.Gliding attacks may be launched against opponents who are regarded as enemies.It is also possible to breathe fire from the air.Egulas lives in Fort Unmi and flies around in groups.Although it acts in a flock, Egulas rarely attacks large monsters, and it can be said that it is a monster with a relatively timid personality.

It is not hostile to the ancient dragon "Emperor Dragon Guanzorum" that lives in Unmi Fort.Rather, it has been found that it seems to have a coexistence and symbiotic relationship with Guanzorum.The two have a master-slave relationship in which Guanzorum is likened to a "king" and Egulas is likened to a "servant."The target, which the main Guanzorum considers to be an enemy, is mercilessly attacked in a group.The movement seems to follow the orders given by the Emperor Dragon, such as gathering according to the male dragon of Guanzorum and attacking in cooperation with Guanzorum.


  • Risui Ryu
  • Appearance work: MHF-Z

Boga Badrum

  • Bakumuryu
  • Appearance: MHF-ZZ


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