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🎥 | 2021 Academy Awards fastest forecast! Is Netflix work surely the most nominated !?


2021 Academy Awards fastest forecast! Is Netflix work surely the most nominated !?

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In addition, Netflix's "Chicago 7 Trial" directed by Aaron Sorkin based on a true story is also influential.

The upcoming Academy Awards will be held in April 2021.It is also an unusual year with few works released in theaters due to the corona virus, and since the last time ... → Continue reading


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The Trial of the Chicago 7

"The Trial of the Chicago 7(Chicago Seven Saiban, original title: The Trial of the Chicago 7) Is2020年Published and delivered toアメリカ合衆国 OfCourt movie.Aaron SorkinDirected his own original script.Chicago SevenDraws real defendants called.StarringEddie Redmain。アメリカでは新型コロナウィルスの流行により配給のパラマウントは劇場公開を断念し、Netflixに権利を売却した。Netflixは配信に先駆けて、一部の映画館で公開している。また、2020年11月、Participant media TheAmblin Partnersの株式を終了し、同社との関係を終了したため[5]、本作における日本においては、パーティシパント・メディアがアンブリン・パートナーズの所有者として担当する最後の作品となる。


1968年..August 8, ahead of the presidential electionIllinoisChicagoでDemocratic PartyNational convention was held.Along with that, young people from the anti-Vietnam War group gathered from all over the country to hold rallies and demonstrations.And near the venueGrand ParkThen, the demonstrators and the police clashed and became a riot, leading to an incident that left hundreds of injured.

Approximately five months after the Republican Nixon administration was born, seven leaders of each group who participated in the demonstration will be charged with conspiracy and other charges for inciting riots and will stand in court.Unconventional members are repeatedly charged with contempt of court in rebellion against the conservative presiding judge.Among them, Bobby of the Black Panther Party defends himself without a lawyer, hits the anger that his companion was shot dead in a police investigation, and is finally detained.Even the mild-mannered Derringer violently attacks the staff due to the opposition to the presiding judge.

Attorney Kunsler summons former Attorney General Clark as a witness for rebirth.Clark testifies that the investigation at the time led to the conclusion that it was the police that triggered the riot.The prosecution's lawyer, Schultz, responds that it was a decision made during the previous administration.

At the end of the trial, citizens submit recording tapes as evidence.It was recorded at Hayden's rally, inciting the audience to bleed in the face of police violence against friends.Hoffman, who stood in testimony, defends Hayden by quoting the Bible.

At the end of the trial, Hayden, who was asked to make a statement by the presiding judge, reads out the names of US soldiers who died in the Vietnam War, which continues during the trial.Despite the heightened presiding judge, other members, lawyers, and even listeners stand up.Eventually Schultz also stood up and expressed condolences to the dead.Hayden and his colleagues were sentenced to five years in prison, but were later retried and the prosecution abandoned the prosecution.


* Japanese dubbed in parentheses.


2007å¹´In July, Aaron Sorkin wrote a script about the Chicago Seven trial.Stephen SpielbergWas reported to be the director[6].2008å¹´On January 1, it was reported that Sacha Baron Cohen would appear in this film.[7].. Spielberg plays Bobby Seale on the 15thWill SmithTo the role of Tom HaydenHeath ledgerIt was reported that he intends to appoint[8].. July,Writers Guild of America strikesHowever, because it lasted for a long time, the production of this work was interrupted.[9]..After the strike, Sorkin set about rewriting the script.Spielberg also said he would use an unknown actor for most of the major casts to keep production costs down.[10]..Behind this decision was in June of the same year.National Screen Actors GuildHad been showing a move to go on strike.If a strike is carried out, even if you have a first-class cast, it will be wasted.[11]..After that, Spielberg decided to drop the director and became the successor directorPaul greengrass,Ben stillerWas mentioned[12][13], Did not come to a decision.

2018å¹´On October 10, it was reported that Aaron Sorkin had decided to take a megaphone himself.[14].. In December, it was reported that the production of this work was stopped due to the production cost.[15]..The project was restarted because we were ready to sell the distribution rights.[16].

Casting / shooting

Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne will appear in October 2018[17][18].. On November 11th, it was reported that he was in talks to appear in this film.[19].2019å¹´February 2, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Alex Sharp,Seth RogenWas reported to appear in this work[20].. On August 8, it was announced that Frank Langella and Mark Rylance would appear.[21].. In September, Jeremy Strong was appointed to replace Rogen who left the board.[22].. In October, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was appointed to replace Majors, who was to leave the board.[23], Kelvin Harrison Jr., Michael Keaton, Thomas Middleditch, Max Adler cast[24][25][26].

Of this workMain shootingStarted in Chicago in September 2019[27][28].

Public / Marketing

It was reported that on August 2019, 8, Paramount Pictures acquired the US distribution rights for this film and will be released nationwide on September 30, 2020.[29].. July 2020, 7,The epidemic of the new coronavirus does not converge at allParamount, who saw the situation seriously, abandoned the release of this work and sold the distribution right to Netflix for $ 5600 million.[30].. The official trailer of this work was released on September 9[31].


RHas 248 reviews, with a critic approval rating of 90% and an average score of 10 out of 7.79.The site's summary of critics' views is: "Thanks to a timely, true-story story, the actors have been able to fully demonstrate their talents. The Trial of the Chicago 7 takes advantage of Aaron Sorkin's strengths. It is a moving work. "[32]. Also,MetacriticHas 47 reviews, with a weighted average of 76/100[33]..As a critical opinion, he points out that there are many points that are far from historical facts.


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