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🤖 | "Gundam SEED" "MA-1" jacket with the image of Kira & Aslan is now available!Military Blanc ...

Photo "STRICT-G x ALPHA INDUSTRIES MA-1 NATUS" Mobile Suit Gundam SEED "Kira Yamato Model" 35,200 yen (tax included / shipping and handling not included) (C) Sotsu / Sunrise

"Gundam SEED" "MA-1" jacket with the image of Kira & Aslan is now available!Military Blanc ...

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"STRICT-G x ALPHA INDUSTRIES MA-1 NATUS" Mobile Suit Gundam SEED "Kira Yamato model" "STRICT-G x ALPHA INDUSTRIES MA-1 NATUS" Mobile Suit Gundam SEED "Athrun Zala model" is priced at 35,200 yen ( Tax included / shipping and handling not included).

A military fashion bu with the motif of Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" ... → Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED(Kidosenshi Gundam Seed,MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED) IsJapan OfAnimethe work. 『Gundam series』Belongs to oneRobot anime.. The abbreviation is "SEED"(seed).

The catchphrase is "" Duel (Duel), Storm (Buster), Electric Shock (Blitz), Shield (Aegis), Attack (Strike) Five Gundams appear !! ”」[1].


Every day broadcastingBy (MBS) productionTBS seriesで 200210/5から 20039/27All 50 episodes were broadcast. First on the TBS nationwide networkGundam seriesIt is a work.As a sequel, "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY] Is being produced.

This work was produced by Sunrise 9th Studio with the aim of "Gundam that can be a new standard for a new generation," "First Gundam in the new century (21st century)," and "Return to origin."[2]..This is the first digitally produced TV series of VTR images in the Gundam series.

In addition to "seed" in the title, "Genetic manipulation”And“ beginning ”are also included.[3]In addition, the acronym S is "GundamTheThere is also a meaning of[4]..In addition, the boarding machine of the main character, which was customary in the Gundam series, is not the rule of the title, and instead, "SEEDIt reflects the setting of an unknown mutant gene abbreviated as ".Also of sunriseYasuo MiyagawaAnd Bandai Namco GamesShin Unozawaの案[5]For the first time in the original Gundam work by Sunrise, the title was given the title "Mobile Suit".

Just as multiple Gundams appeared in the past works divided into enemy army and own army, more than 10 Gundams will appear in this work, but in the play of this work, "GundamThe word "Kira YamatoIt is drawn as a pet name that an individual named his boarding machine[6], He boardedStrike GundamとFreedom GundamHowever, this word is not used in the play except that it was called "Gundam".

Video software from March 2003, 3VHSVideo cassettePlate andDVDA total of 2 volumes were released in two versions, and the DVD version recorded sales of more than 13 million copies in total.[Note 1].. On February 2010, 2, a DVD-BOX of all 23 episodes of TV was released, and on February 50, 2011, a DVD-BOX containing all the sequels and special editions was released.

Plastic modelAnd related goods, "" which was developed in the media mix at the same timeMobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAYAnd 'Gundam SEED MSV] Also gained popularity. In 2004Tokyo Anime AwardAnimation of the Year[Note 2]Has won two awards for Excellent Work in the TV category.Also,Kadokawa Shotenof"Monthly new typeIn the "Latest Strongest Best Anime 2006" that was submitted and tabulated in the September 9 issue, it was selected as No. 100 along with "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY".

The copyright management of the conventional Gundam work was jointly managed by Sotsu and Sunrise, but from this work, Mainichi Broadcasting System, which is the production station, has joined it.Copyright noticeWas "© Sotsu / Sunrise / Mainichi Broadcasting System" and "© 2002 SUNRISE INC". After 2010, Mainichi Broadcasting System will be removed, and the copyright management of the SEED series will return to the management of the two companies as before.

Digital broadcastingIn October 2011 after the transition toHD remaster projectAnnounced. It was remade as "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster", and started with Internet video distribution on the website from December 12, 23, and satellite broadcasting from January 2012, 1.BS11Series, terrestrial broadcasting from January 1TOKYO MXDigital TV broadcasting will be broadcast on two affiliated stations from March 2.Blu-ray The BOX series has been released.


About the scene that has a sexual and cruel depiction in part and makes the bed scene smellBPOHave been asked to answer once[7].

The theme of the work

According to director Fukuda in an interview on the official website on September 2004, 9, the first work of the "Gundam SEED" series is "Kira and Aslan as the main characters."Non-warI drew the theme. "[8]. Also in the same year12/10In the same interview, the second work "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYAbout Executive ProducerSeiji Takeda"I will continue to appeal that it is not a war from the previous work," he said.

In addition, Takeda said, "America has been reelected.ブ ッ シ ュPresident FallujaDevelop a mopping operation in Japan and deepen the confusion(I.e.He also mentioned "the situation" and said that by watching "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", "I hope the viewers will be able to draw the world situation to themselves and think about it."

Production episode

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" (hereinafter referred to as "SEED") started broadcasting in 2002, but it is said that the project already existed in October 2000.[9]..In an interview, director Mitsuo Fukuda said that he was conscious of works with a lower target age group than the conventional Gundam series.[9]. Also,UltramanSeries andKamen RiderThe fact that the series was making works tailored to each era, and the Gundam series itself is already "Mobile Fighter G GundamBecause there was a new work like "Mobile Suit GundamIt is said that it has become a policy to create works that match the times while having the same items as[9]..In a later interview, Fukuda said that he was affected by the 9.11/XNUMX terrorist attacks and formed the main character of SEED from the concept of Islamic soldiers fighting in the U.S. military.[10]..Fukuda once supervised the setting that the mechanics who appeared were powered by electricity.GEAR warrior DendoRegarding the handling of the Gundam aircraft, it is said that it emphasized the aspect as a symbol of the character on board.[10]..In addition, Fukuda is a work that he had previously directed in the production.GEAR warrior DendoIt was solidified by the staff who continued from ", and Takayuki Yoshii, who was the president of Sunrise at that time, and the producer of MBS.Seiji TakedaSaid that he made an effort to create an environment and supported the hit of "SEED".[11].

In addition, Yoshihiro Kano, who was in charge of plastic models at Bandai at the time of "SEED" broadcasting, said in an interview that a five-body Gundam appeared in the mechanic development.New Mobile Report Gundam WIt is said that it is due to the influence of[12].

On the other hand, I was in charge of settingShigeru MoritaWas broadcasting just before the interview∀ GundamWas commercially sluggish, and there was pressure from all sides to emphasize more commercial success.[13]..In addition, in response to the fact that the fan age group in Gundam's hobby population was rising at the time of production, there was an order for "SEED" to emphasize appeal to elementary and junior high school students.[13]..In "SEED", a confrontational composition was drawn by the genes of coordinator and natural, but this idea is said to be producer Seiji Takeda.[13]..In addition, Morita participated in the planning of "SEED" during the production of ∀Gundam, and while "∀Gundam" had more back settings due to the color as SF, "SEED" was filmed by director Fukuda. He said he had been asked to create a setting to explain the description of.In addition, since he also supervised the setting side at the dubbing site, he said that he added technical terms to Gaya while adding to the script he owns.[14].

Keiji Shimomura, who was in charge of setting production, said in the column that there was also a draft title "Gundam SAGA" at the beginning.Also, at the time of the meeting,Submarine warship] And Heisei "Kamen Rider seriesAnd special effects works such as "Armor Senki Dragner』The topic was often seen[15].

In charge of setting the world viewHiroyuki YoshinoAt the time of the interview, "SEED" was adopted from the proposal of the next Gundam work submitted by Fukuda et al.He says that there was an influence of taiga dramas and shojo manga in the production of the scenario.[16].

Fumikuni Furusawa, who acted as a producer, said in an interview that 10 Gundams appeared before the final decision on the title of the work, so a name such as "Gundams" was also nominated as a candidate (a bar with the same name already exists). This idea was put off because it wasn't there).In addition, the script of this work is a method that Chiaki Morosawa of the series composition reworked what was submitted by other scenario writers, and it is said that it became a joint name in the number of applicable stories.[17]..In another interview, Furusawa said that the design of characters and mechanics was decided through auditions of 5 or 6 people.[18].

Kunio Okawara, who served as a mechanic design, wrote in his own book that the plastic model at the time of "SEED" was the first in the Gundam series.Mobile Suit GundamSince it was a hit since "", the sequel "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYIs said to have been produced[19].


CE70, plant and "Earth AllianceThe war that occurred in "" was intensified by the shooting of nuclear missiles into the agricultural plant Unius Seven.The war, which was expected to end with the victory of the Earth Alliance, which is superior in quantity, has passed 11 months due to the stalemate.

CE71, a boy coordinator majoring in engineeringKira YamatoLived peacefully in the colony Heliopolis of the Neutral Orb.But within this colonyAllied development of 5 MSsとNew battleshipIs being built in secret, and Zaft's Creuset Corps, who received the information, begins a capture operation at its own discretion.Everyday life changed completely and the colony turned into a battlefield.While escaping, Kira arrives at the MS factory and finds himself in a fierce shootout between Allied and Zaft soldiers.Among them is my best friend when I was a childAslan ZaraThere was.

Aslan, who reunited with Kira in an unexpected place, was confused but MS "Aegis Gundam"Stolen.Kira is a coalition engineer who was presentMarie RamiasAs prompted by, the remaining aircraft "Strike GundamI will try to escape.However, he gets caught up in the battle with MS Jin of the Creuset corps that has been waiting.At first, Murrue, who is not a pilot, is maneuvering with his arm injured by shooting with Aslan, and although he is gradually forced into a difficult situation, Kira forcibly changes maneuvering at the time of desperation and is unfinished Defeat Jin by doing a feat of instantly rewriting the OS of the aircraft.

Kira reunites with her friends who have escaped safely, but the battle is still going on.Since Strike Gundam can only be handled by Kira, Murrue asks him to sortie in order to successfully escape from the colony.Kira also inevitably boarded the Strike Gundam and fought against Zaft in order to protect his friends.


Earth Alliance / Archangel
Plant / Zaft
Orb Emirates

Appearing weapons / terms

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

In all of "~ ReTracks", the vocal part is left as it is and only the song part is arranged.

Opening theme

Song titleNumber of usesLyricsCompositionArrangersong
Original textHD remaster
INVOKEPHASE-01 --1301.PHASE-01 --13.PHASE-13Inoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraTMRevolution
momentPHASE-14 --2614.PHASE-15 + --24.PHASE-25Vivian or KazumaYasuo DobashiVivian or Kazuma
BelievePHASE-27 --4025.PHASE-27 --38.PHASE-40Saeko NishioYoshiki AoiShinya SaitoTamaki Nami
RealizePHASE-41 --FINAL-PHASE39.PHASE-41 --48. FINAL-PHASEBOUNCEBACKYasuo OtaniHiroaki Arai, Yasuo OtaniTamaki Nami

Ending theme

Song titleNumber of usesLyricsCompositionArrangersong
Original textHD remaster
Though they were always togetherPHASE-01 --26
Void battlefield
Chiaki IshikawaYuki KajiuraSee-Saw
Even though we were together like that ~ ReTracks01.PHASE-01 --26.PHASE-28
RIVERPHASE-27 --39Tatsuya IshiiZentaro WatanabeTatsuya Ishii
Ringing Universe
44.PHASE-46, 48.FINAL-PHASENakashima MikaLori Fine (COLDFEET)Ken ShimaNakashima Mika
Akatsuki's carFar AkatsukiYuki KajiuraFictionJunction featuring YUUKA
Akatsuki no Car ~ ReTracks38.PHASE-40
Distance27.PHASE-29 --37.PHASE-39
39.PHASE-41 --43.PHASE-45
45.PHASE-47 --47.PHASE-49
Yuki KajiuraFictionjunction

Insert song

Song titleNumber of usesLyricsCompositionArrangersong
Original textHD remaster
On a quiet nightPHASE-07 ・ 08 ・ 09 ・ 14
AFTER-PHASE, the battlefield of the void
Yuki KajiuraToshihiko SahashiLacus Clyne(Rie Tanaka)
On a quiet night ~ ReTracks07.PHASE-07 --09.PHASE-09
Proof of waterPHASE-36 ・ 41
Far Akatsuki
Yuki KajiuraLacus Clyne (Rie Tanaka)
Proof of water ~ ReTracks34.PHASE-36, 39.PHASE-41
MeteorPHASE-26 ・ 29 ・ 35 ・ 47
Far Akatsuki
33.PHASE-35, 45.PHASE-47Inoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraTMRevolution
Akatsuki's carPHASE-24 ・ 32 ・ 40Yuki KajiuraFictionJunction featuring YUUKA
Akatsuki no Car ~ ReTracks23.PHASE-24
zipsVoid battlefieldInoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraTMRevolution
INVOKERinging UniverseInoue AkioDaisuke AsakuraTMRevolution

List of stories

  • The number of episodes, the main broadcast date, and the subtitle are those of the old broadcast version (original) on the left and HD remastered on the right.[Note 5].
Number of storiesMain broadcast datesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorMecha drawing director
Original textHDOriginal textHD[Note 6]
PHASE-0101.PHASE-01 2002


False peaceChiaki RyozawaMitsuo FukudaTakeshi YoshimotoHisashi HiraiSatoshi Shigeta
PHASE-0202.PHASE-0210/121/10Its name is GundamYasuhiro MinamiKenichi OnukiUeda Yoichi
PHASE-0303.PHASE-0310/191/17Land of collapseHiroyuki YoshinoKazuhito KikuchiKoichi TakadaShintakuro
(Nakamura Productions)
Kenichi Takase
(Nakamura Production)
PHASE-0404.PHASE-0410/261/24Silent runAkinori EndoNaoki HishikawaYoshida Tohru
Hiromitsu Morishita
PHASE-0505.PHASE-0511/21/31Phase shift downKogure Kyoko
Chiaki Ryozawa
Kuroki winterTakeshi YoshimotoShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-0606.PHASE-0611/92/7Gundam disappearingAkinori Endo
Chiaki Ryozawa
Tadashi HoneycombYasuhiro MinamiMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-0707.PHASE-0711/162/14Scars of the universeHiroyuki YoshinoKatsuyoshi YatabeKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-0808.PHASE-0811/232/21Enemy divaChiaki RyozawaKazuhito KikuchiTeruo SatoShinichi Sakuma
PHASE-0909.PHASE-0911/302/28The disappearing lightKogure KyokoKuroki winterMasato MiyoshiYoshida TohruHiromitsu Morishita
PHASE-1010.PHASE-1012/73/6Separated roadAkemi Omode
Chiaki Ryozawa
Yasuhiro Minami
Mitsuo Fukuda
Akihiko NishiyamaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-1111.PHASE-1112/143/13Awakening bladeHiroshi OnokiKoichi TakadaShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-1212.PHASE-1212/213/20Frey's selectionAkemi Omode
Chiaki Ryozawa
Naoki HishikawaSatoshi TobaKenichi Onuki
PHASE-1313.PHASE-1312/283/27Stars falling in spaceHiroyuki YoshinoKazuhito KikuchiTeruo SatoShinichi Sakuma
PHASE-14[Note 7]- 2003
-In the endless timeHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Katsuyoshi YatabeHisashi Hirai
PHASE-1514.PHASE-15 +1/114/3Each lonelinessChiaki RyozawaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-1615.PHASE-161/184/10Burning dustShigeru MoritaKuroki winterMasato MiyoshiHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-1716.PHASE-171/254/17Kagari againAkemi Omode
Chiaki Ryozawa
Yasuhiro MinamiAkihiko NishiyamaKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-1817.PHASE-182/14/27PaybackHiroshi OnokiShin YamaguchiSatoshi TobaShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-1918.PHASE-192/85/1Fang of nemesisHiroyuki YoshinoKoichi TakadaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-2019.PHASE-202/155/8On a calm dayChiaki RyozawaKuroki winterOsamu SekitaShinichi Sakuma
PHASE-2120.PHASE-212/225/15The end of the dustShigeru MoritaShin YamaguchiMasato MiyoshiShintakuroKenichi Takase
PHASE-2221.PHASE-223/15/22The sea dyed in crimsonHiroshi OnokiKunihiro MoriAkihiko NishiyamaHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-2322.PHASE-233/85/29Fateful encounterYuichi Nomura
Chiaki Ryozawa
Katsuyoshi YatabeKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-2423.PHASE-243/156/5War of only two peopleKogure Kyoko
Chiaki Ryozawa
Takahashi OhashiSatoshi TobaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-2524.PHASE-253/226/12Country of peace[Note 8]Hiroyuki YoshinoKoichi Takada
Mitsuo Fukuda
Koichi TakadaShin YamaguchiHidetoshi Omori
Masami Nagata
PHASE-26[Note 7]-3/29-MomentShigeru Morita
Chiaki Ryozawa
Editing / Composition: Yasuo Akihiro
Director: Mitsuo Fukuda
PHASE-2725.PHASE-274/126/19Endless RondoKatsuyoshi YatabeHisashi Hirai
PHASE-2826.PHASE-284/196/26KiraChiaki RyozawaHitoshi MatsuoOsamu SekitaShintakuroKenichi Takase
PHASE-2927.PHASE-294/267/3Sadame's wedgeShigeru MoritaShin YamaguchiMasato MiyoshiHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-3028.PHASE-305/37/10Time of flashYuichi Nomura
Chiaki Ryozawa
Prince MatsuzonoSatoshi TobaKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-3129.PHASE-315/107/17The sky of mourningHiroshi Onoki
Chiaki Ryozawa
Hitoshi MatsuoAkihiko NishiyamaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-3230.PHASE-325/177/24In the promised landKogure Kyoko
Chiaki Ryozawa
Shin NishizawaKoichi TakadaShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-3331.PHASE-335/247/31Dark fetal movementShigeru Morita
Chiaki Ryozawa
Naoki HishikawaOsamu SekitaShintakuroKenichi Takase
PHASE-3432.PHASE-345/318/7The tip of the eyeYuichi Nomura
Chiaki Ryozawa
Hitoshi MatsuoShintaro InokawaHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-3533.PHASE-356/78/14The sword that descendsHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Shin Yamaguchi
Katsuyoshi YatabeKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-3634.PHASE-366/148/21In the name of justiceYoshitomo YonetaniMasato MiyoshiMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-3735.PHASE-376/218/28God's lightningHiroshi Onoki
Chiaki Ryozawa
Shin NishizawaSatoshi TobaShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-3836.PHASE-386/289/4Fire of determinationHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Tokushima Hisashi
Hirokazu Hisayuki
Akihiko NishiyamaShintakuroKenichi Takase
PHASE-3937.PHASE-397/59/11AslanYuichi Nomura
Chiaki Ryozawa
Koichi Takada
Prince Matsuzono
Koichi TakadaHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-4038.PHASE-407/129/18To the Akatsuki universe (Sora)Hiroshi Onoki
Chiaki Ryozawa
Yoshitomo YonetaniOsamu SekitaKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-4139.PHASE-417/199/25Shaking worldTokushima HisashiKatsuyoshi YatabeMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-4240.PHASE-427/2610/2Lacus sortieHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Shin NishizawaShintaro InokawaShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-4341.PHASE-438/210/9Things that stand in the wayShigeru Morita
Chiaki Ryozawa
Hitoshi Matsuo
Hirokazu Hisayuki
Masato MiyoshiShintakuroKenichi Takase
PHASE-4442.PHASE-448/910/16Spiral encounterHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Tokushima HisashiSatoshi TobaHiromitsu MorishitaYoshida Tohru
PHASE-4543.PHASE-458/1610/23Door to openChiaki RyozawaShin NishizawaAkihiko NishiyamaKenichi OnukiYoichi Ueda
PHASE-4644.PHASE-468/3010/30Place of soulHirokazu Hisayuki
Tokushima Hisashi
Koichi TakadaMt. Yoneyama KoheiYu Ikeda
PHASE-4745.PHASE-479/611/6Nightmare againHiroyuki Yoshino
Chiaki Ryozawa
Tokushima HisashiOsamu SekitaShinichi Sakuma
PHASE-4846.PHASE-489/1311/13Dies iraeTokushima Hisashi
Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Katsuyoshi YatabeShin YamaguchiKunihiro Abe
PHASE-4947.PHASE-499/2011/20Light of the endShin NishizawaSatoshi TobaShintakuroKenichi Takase
FINAL-PHASE48. FINAL-PHASE9/2711/27To tomorrow that never endsChiaki RyozawaYoshitomo Yonetani
Mitsuo Fukuda
Masato MiyoshiKenichi Onuki
Hiromitsu Morishita
Yoichi Ueda
Yoshida Tohru
AFTER-PHASE[Note 9]Not broadcast[Note 10]To the edge of the stars-Mitsuo FukudaMasahiro TakadaHisashi Hirai-


Audience ratingRecorded a minimum of 4.6% and an average of 6.2%, achieving the highest audience rating in the Gundam series since Heisei.[Source required]..After this workMainichi Broadcasting Production Saturday night 6pm animation(Common nameSat 6) Has been established as an animation frame, and the later program "Full Metal AlchemistAnd the sequel "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYWill produce hit works such as[21][22]. The highest audience rating is 2002% of PHASE-12 "Stars Falling in Space" broadcast on December 28, 13, and is the 8th place in the history of the Gundam series.[Source required].

Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcastingSaturday 18: 00 - 18: 30TBS seriesProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido Broadcasting[Note 11]
IwateIBC Iwate Broadcasting
MiyagiTohoku Broadcasting
YamagataTV You Yamagata
FukushimaTV You Fukushima
Kanto regionTokyo Broadcasting
YamanashiTV Yamanashi
NiigataBroadcasting System of Niigata
ToyamaTulip TV
Tottori-Shimane Sanin Broadcasting
Yamaguchi TV Yamaguchi
EhimeAi TV
KochiTV Kochi
FukuokaRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System
NagasakiNagasaki Broadcasting
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting
OitaOita Broadcasting
OkinawaRyukyu Broadcasting
Chukyo wide areaCentral Japan Broadcasting CompanySaturday 17: 00 - 17: 30[Note 12]
AomoriAomori TVSaturday 17: 30 - 18: 00
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting
IshikawaHokuriku Broadcasting
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcasting
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureSanyo Broadcasting
HiroshimaChina broadcasting
HD remastered distribution site / broadcasting station
Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
All over JapanGundam SEED
HD remaster project
Official Website
201112/23 - 201211/23Updated Friday 23:00Online deliveryBandai channelIt is a link format of
Only for paid "1,000 yen monthly unlimited viewing" service subscribers
You can watch the advance delivery between 12:00 and 12:30 noon.
Gundam Channel (YouTube) 20208/14 -Updated Friday 21:00
BS11 20121/1 - 11/25Sunday 19:30-20:00BS broadcastingAnime +frame
TBS channel 2 20153/25 -Monday-Friday 6:30-7:00CS broadcastingBroadcast date and time is the one at the time of the main broadcast
With repeat broadcast
TokyoTOKYO MX 20121/3 - 11/27Tuesday 22:29-22:59Independent station

other than this,AnimaxHD remastering is also used as the broadcasting source on pay broadcasting stations such as.

Special Edition Trilogy

All 50 episodes of the TV series (belowOriginal text) Is reconstructed and a new cut is added to some parts. Consists of a trilogy of "Battlefield in the Void" depicting PHASE-01-21, "Distant Akatsuki" up to 22-40, and "Sora" up to 41 --FINAL-PHASE. ing.

Keep the screen aspect ratio at 4: 3 normal size and make the upper and lower parts of the original image 16: 9 wide.Croppingdoing4:3Letterbox (Case 1)New shooting.Several voice actors have been changed due to various circumstances (such as living overseas), and castings that are in charge of two or more roles per person due to concurrent posts as sub-characters are increasing, and in subsequent related game works, members of this trilogy version and dubbing There are many things that have been done, and the sequel "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY』Recollection scene is partly adopted.

The story has been significantly shortened, and some have been replaced with new cuts to scenes that are completely different from the original, or the existence itself has been omitted (from the Heliopolis lifesaving pod).Flay AllsterIs not kiraSai ArgyleHugging withMorasim CorpsDoes not appear,Clotho BuerRaiderDiaka ElsmanBeing shot by the Buster and killed in action, etc.).

Prior to the release of the DVD version, the two works "Battlefield of the Void" and "Haruka Naru Akatsuki" were broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting in a two-day style, but "The Universe of Ringing" was only released on DVD and was broadcast on TV. Was not done.

The sequel "SEED DESTINY" and the remake version "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster』Also, some cuts are diverted (in the former, the left and right of the 4: 3 part of the original image are cropped according to the 16: 9 normal screen ratio, and in the latter, only the 16: 9 part is cropped).

On October 2019, 10, "Void Battlefield HD Remaster" will be screened at the ULTIRA theater, a large screen standard, as the Mobile Suit Gundam 25th Anniversary Project "Gundam Video New Experience Tour".[23], "Special Edition II Haruka Naru Akatsuki HD Remaster" will be screened on February 2020, 2[24].

  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED-Battlefield in the Void-[Note 13], MBS / TBS series, March 2004, 3-Broadcast on March 22, 3
    • "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Special Edition: The Battlefield of the Void" DVD &UMD, Bandai Visual, released on August 2004, 8 & April 27, 2009
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED-Distant Akatsuki-[Note 13], MBS / TBS series, March 2004, 7-Broadcast on March 27, 7
    • "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Special Edition II Haruka Naru Akatsuki" DVD & UMD, Bandai Visual, released on September 2004, 9 & April 24, 2009
  • "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Special Edition Final Edition Ringing Universe[Note 13]DVD & UMD, Bandai Visual, released on October 2004, 10 & April 22, 2009
  • "G-SELECTION Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / SEED DESTINY Special Edition DVD-BOX" DVD, Bandai Visual, released on February 2011, 2

HD remaster project

The sequel "The sequel, which began to be announced in October 2002, marking the 10th anniversary of the program broadcast on October 5, 10.Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY] Is a general term for revival projects centered on remastering.

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster" is the official title, and it is treated as a separate work from the TV series.

Unlike the original HD remaster, such as reshooting or up-converting SD material,Screen aspect ratioIn 4: 3 wide size with the upper and lower parts cut from the 16: 9 normal size original imageHigh definition= High DefinitionLinear PCMNewly shot with sound source, etc., adopting a remixed version of some music, replacing the ending in the latter half, replacing with a new cut / partial addition, processing change of each effect / background, TV / VHS / DVD version ( "Original") andSpecial Edition Trilogy、そして『DESTINY』とのセル画の統合・再編集といった大幅な変更がされている。原典の第14話・第26話は未放送となり、「01.PHASE-01 偽りの平和」(略)「14.PHASE-15+ それぞれの孤独」「15.PHASE-16 燃える砂塵」(略)「24.PHASE-25 平和の国へ」「25.PHASE-27 果てなき輪舞」(略)「48.FINAL-PHASE 終わらない明日へ」などの話数表記に改定され、第24話(旧25話)を「平和の国へIt became a total of 48 episodes that were renamed to[Note 5].

ストーリー構成は原典に沿っているが、「14.PHASE-15+ それぞれの孤独」で第1話・第2話を回想しているシーンでは、第1部「虚空の戦場」でのコールドオープン(ラスティの出撃シーン)やメビウスゼロとシグーの交戦シーン(リニアガン斬りをしない決着描写)を、「38.PHASE-40 暁の宇宙へ」のエンディング映像には、第2部「遥かなる暁」のものを採用したりしている。また、「36.PHASE-38 決意の砲火」からムウが搭乗するようになったストライクが全篇新規カットによるMultiple Assault StrikerIt was revised to a perfect strike equipped withShiho HanenhusHas been added as a new cut to the Creuset corps discourse scene at the Carpentaria base in "39. PHASE-41 Shaking World", and the timing of its first appearance has also been revised.

On the other hand, a hint that is conscious of the connection to the sequel "DESTINY" has also been added, and "36.PHASE-38 Determination of Fire" runs to the port at the cold open in the first episode of "DESTINY"Shin AsukaAnd one cut of the family is inserted, and Shin, who seems to have just entered the academy in the speech broadcast scene of Patrick in "1.PHASE-39 Shaking World"Luna Maria HawkとMeyrin HawkeSisters,Ray the BarrelNew cuts that are gathered together are added.In the details, in the Orb Liberation OperationAnti-aircraft gun,Supply shipCut and freedomKusifias Rail CannonThe shooting scene of is diverted by addition / replacement.

Official website from December 2011, 12 (Bandai channel)・BANDAI NAMCO Live TVPre-delivered on Internet videos such as, then on January 2012, 1 at the beginning of the yearBS11Satellite broadcast on the 3rd of the next dayTOKYO MXTerrestrial broadcasting started at, and after the final episode, a spot rebroadcast of the episode that won the top ranking in the audience popularity vote was performed under the title of "HD Remaster Selection".In commercial development, Bandai's plastic model 1/144 scale HG SEED series has been renewed, and the "Reunion Series", which is a remake of the theme song and insert song released by Victor, has been sold as a CD / download, and a comicalized version has been serialized. There is.

The staff is also listed separately in the ending credit as "remaster staff", and there are some positions such as "HD remastering" that did not exist in the original text.

The video software is released as a Blu-ray BOX series in all four volumes.Differences from the broadcast version are the unification of the first phase opening in the latter version redrawn from PHASE-4, the audio commentary by director Mitsuo Fukuda and the voice actors of the main characters, "AFTER-PHASE Hoshi no Up to the edge "[Note 9]Recording etc. can be mentioned. There was no cheap element compared to the DVD version, and it was a full price that was almost the same as the new animation 4 cool.

Since the development of the HD remastered version, this material has now become the standard for CS broadcasting and video distribution sites on the Internet, and the means of viewing the original TV broadcasting version is decreasing.

The production credit is only "Sunrise",Copyright noticeIs "© Sotsu / Sunrise" and "© 2002,2011, XNUMX SUNRISE INC.".

Movie version

Although the production was announced in 2006, it has not been completed until now, and the production has been virtually discontinued.

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Wonders One Color
PlayStation 2
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PlayStation Vita

Crossover works

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Nintendo GameCube
Swan crystal
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo DS[Note 17]
Nintendo 3DS
PlayStation Portable


200710/1Daiichi Kosho, a major karaoke equipment manufacturerDAM stationReleased "Singing Warrior Gundam SEED SCORE", in which the characters of "SEED" and "SEED DESTINY" judge singing by voice.It attracted a lot of attention as an original content other than the Bandai series.
Theme songbook

Novel / manga


At the time of the main broadcast of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", an actress after EDAya UetoA plastic model commercial starring was being broadcast[25].."Aya Uedo in GUNDAM PLA-MODEL CM" is on sale online in the magazine as a video software that collects these broadcast commercials.[26].


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