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🎵 | Ayane Yamazaki releases album "Called" from AWAL in the UK worldwide

Photo album "Called"

Ayane Yamazaki distributes album "Called" worldwide from AWAL, UK

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In this work, I let go of the guitar, played the full-length vocals and chorus, and played the electric piano and synthesizer in the instrument, and finished it in one flow with all 6 songs.

Ayane Yamazaki will release her new album "Called" for the first time in 13 months on Wednesday, November 11th ... → Continue reading


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Electric piano

Electric pianoWhat is (electric piano)?ピ ア ノIt has the same keyboard and various mechanical sounding mechanisms, and converts the vibration of the sounding body into an electric signal with a sound collecting mechanism (pick up).AmplifierとspeakerPlay sound fromKeyboard instrumentIs.Unlike a normal piano, it requires electricity to drive the amplifier.The abbreviation is "electric piano".Pronunciation is diverse.

When you press a key, a mechanical hammer strikes a metal string, metal lead, or wire tooth and vibrates them.This vibrationMagnetic pickupConverted into an electrical signal by, which is loud enough for the next performer and the audience to hear.Musical instrument amplifierandLoudspeakerCan be connected to.synthesizerUnlike the electric pianoElectronic musical instrumentNot (electronic musical instrument).Rather, it is an electric machine.Some early electric pianos, like traditional pianos, used wires of various lengths to produce sound.Smaller electric pianos used short pieces of steel to produce the sound.The earliest electric pianos were invented in the 1920s. "Neo-" manufactured in 1929Bechstein'Electric grand pianoIs one of the oldest electric pianos.Probably the oldest model without strings(English edition) Of(English edition)It was Clavier.For other notable electric piano manufacturersBaldwin Piano CompanyThere is a company.


NeoBechstein Flügel.jpg
Neo-Bechstein (1929)
Vierlang-Forster electric piano (1937) .jpg
Vierling-Förster piano (1937)

1929, German piano makerBechsteinWas in trouble due to the Great Depression, and was a general electronics manufacturer.SiemensAnd Nobel Prize in ChemistryWalther NernstElectricity for popular music with the help ofGrand pianoDeveloped "Neo-Bechstein".This instrument is also known as "Siemens Bechstein"SoundboardIt was the first attempt to replace the acoustic amplification effect of Reinforcement with electrical amplification.It is unknown how Nerunst, known for thermochemistry, was involved in the development of musical instruments in different fields, but Oskar Vierling was named as a collaborator of Nerunst by the oscillator research group of the Heinrich-Hertz Institute, which was famous for electronic musical instrument research. There is. Vierling is another piano makerAugust FörsterWe are also developing musical instruments for the piano, and the result was released in 1937 as the Vierling-Förster piano.

After World War II, Harold Rose of the United StatesWounded soldierIt started with making it using abandoned military equipment so that he could make a living by playing music.This is"Rhodes piano (Rhodes Piano) ”was the prototype.Initially, it is hard to say that we were able to cultivate demand, but eventuallyRock 'n' rollMusic played at high volume such as drum kits and wind instruments on the pianoElectric guitarI can't compete with the volumeHammond organAnd the demand for electric pianos will be born.Musicians who enjoyed using new tones that are not similar to the piano also appeared, and the electric piano bought the rights of Harold RosefenderAndorganIt was developed and developed by various manufacturers including manufacturers.

In Japan, it is impossible for ordinary people to buy a piano to educate their children because the house is small, the floor structure is not strong enough, and the stairs cannot be carried up in the housing complex. For that reasonorganIt was used as a substitute, but the feeling of keystrokes is completely different from that of a piano.Nippon Columbia has developed the trademark "Erepian" because it is a piano with a lightweight structure for home use.

JapaneseYamahaIs a so-called electric grand piano, which has a string structure equivalent to that of a grand piano.CP-70, CP-80Was developed.alreadySeoul-FunkUsed in music, etc.ClavinetIt features a unique distortion of attack similar to that of an acoustic grand piano, and has a more brilliant sound than an acoustic grand piano.Fusion,popularUsed in general.

In the 1980sPCM sound source,FM sound sourceWith the development and commercialization of the synthesizer, the expressive power of synthesizers will develop at once.Developed by YamahaFM sound sourceThe electric piano tone built into the DX7 synthesizer is often used for ballads, etc., and its unique clear tone is useful.Large and heavy mechanical electric pianos were swallowed by this wave, and new products were hardly developed in the 1980s.Rhodes Piano also brandedRolandSold to.The company has given the digital piano the Rose brand name.Sampling technologyPhysical model sound sourceWith the development of, digital electric piano tones have become very realistic, but there is still a great deal of demand for mechanical electric pianos. In 2006, the mechanical electric piano "Rose Mk7" was announced under the Rose brand name for the first time in a while.

About instruments that are easily confused

The electric piano has a mechanical string striking mechanism.Therefore, the audio signal itself is generated by an electronic circuit.Electronic piano,Digital piano,synthesizerIt is a completely different instrument from the above.In digital pianos and synthesizers, an electric piano may be selected as one of the tones to be generated, but this is an electronic reproduction of the tones of an electric piano (comparison of these instruments).Electronic pianoSee item).

In addition,Ondes Martenotョ ョ 狗 狗Maurice Martenot 1931When I came to Japan, an introductory article called "Radio Pyano" was written in the newspaper, but this is Ondes Martenot, which is different from the electric pianos of any mechanism described in this article.

Pronunciation method

String striking type
通常 のピ ア ノA method that uses a mechanism to hit the strings with a hammer, similar to the above.The vibration of the strings is converted into an electric signal by a piezo element or an electromagnetic pickup, amplified by an amplifier, and produced.Soundboards are often omitted. 1929 NeoBechsteinIt was first realized in, and then adopted in the Vierling-Förster piano.
Typical model: Yamaha CP-80,Hohner Clavinet,Kawai,Baldwin,Helpinstill
Method of hitting a piece of metal
Typical models :, Columbia Erepian, Horner Electra Piano
Method of hitting the tuning fork
Typical model: Rhodes
Method of flipping metal pieces
Representative models: Hohner Chamberlet (played with a rubber plectrum), Pianet (metal pieces sucked up by the keyboard elastically separate and vibrate)
String type
Classical keyboard instrumentHarpsichordA method of picking strings, similar to the above.
Representative model: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

A typical electric piano

Rhodes piano (Fender Rhodes Piano)
A kind of cantilever-shaped metal piece called a tone generator is hit with a hammer, and the vibration causes a nearby bar.tuning forkBy resonating a resonator like, a unique tone that sounds from a sharp striking sound and a long-extending decay sound is produced.The raw sound produces a clear, strong-attack sound with characteristics similar to a sine wave, but the tone control built into the piano and the amplifier are used.OverdriveThe groaning and powerful sound of the bass when distorted slightly gives a unique impression. Since the 1970s, a unique sound has been recognized, and it has become a representative instrument of electric pianos.
Wurlitzer piano
Structure to hit the lead (diaphragm).It has a piano-like action compared to Rose and has a built-in speaker, but is lighter than Rose. Widely used from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s.Carpenters,Small Faces,Supertramp,Donny HathawayBesides being famous forQueenIt is also performed in "My Best Friend".
RMI Electra Piano
Since it is an electronic oscillation type, it is exactly the initial stage.Electronic pianoIt falls into the category of. An instrument widely used in rock and jazz for similar purposes from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.CRUMARVarious electronic organ makers have produced similar musical instruments.
Horner Electra Piano
Upright pianoEquipped with a Wurlitzer-like action and a rose-like lead on a body like this.Led Zeppelin OfJohn Paul JonesUsed habitually.Very rare.Jones brought a Rhodes piano to the tour because it was a bit too delicate to play in a loud rock band.
Hohner Pianet
The tuned metal piece is sucked up by a rubber suction cup attached to the keyboard, and the metal piece vibrates apart due to the repulsive force and sounds.It is possible to play with some strength.ビ ー ト ル ズ,Zombies,GenesisIt was widely used from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. At the end of the 1970sClavinetWas incorporated into.
An instrument developed after the Hohner Chamberlet (pronounced by playing a piece of metal with a rubber plectrum attached to the keyboard) was produced in small numbers.The ancestor of the pianoClavichordSimplify the mechanism ofMagnetic pickupAttached.Unlike the clavichord, where the tangent pushes up the strings, the protrusions attached to the back of the keyboard slam the strings against the metal frame to produce the sound.Suitable for guitar-like play, widely used in soul, funk and rock.
Columbia・ Erepian
A structure in which the reed (diaphragm) is hit with a normal felt hammer.It emits a tone similar to the original Fender Rhodes.
Today's amplifier section has an earphone output, which allows the listener of the performance sound to be limited to the performer himself.Yamaha Silent PianoIt also had a function like the forerunner.
It is unclear whether this was evaluated, but according to the magazine advertisement at that time,Rudolf SerkinWhen he came to Japan in 1964, he touched Elepian and said "Good idea!"Showa era magazine advertisement, Natsukashimono.
In addition, the amplifier section was also equipped with an external audio input, which could be used as a speaker with a built-in amplifier, and could also mix the performance sound and the external audio.
Later, it moved to the "electronic piano."Currently, the company has withdrawn from manufacturing electronic musical instruments.
Yamaha CP-70, CP-80
It actually has a string structure and detects the vibration of a hammer hit with a piezo (piezoelectric) pickup. The CP-70 and 80 were developed as grand pianos that can be disassembled into two, easy to carry and miking, and produce realistic sounds, but their tones have become unprecedented and popular. Was to be obtained.RoseYamahaDX7However, the sound of this instrument was difficult to reproduce with a synth, so it was often used until the late 1980s.

Synthesizer's famous electric piano tone

FM sound sourceEquipped withDigital synthesizer..Known for its excellent electric piano preset tones, it was used in a wide range of genres, including pop music.The unique transparency and brilliant tone are the main selling points of this model, and are often1980 eraIt is also described as a sound that symbolizes.It is still very popular today, and there are many examples of later synthesizers and samplers that reproduce the DX7 electric piano.
The DX7 contains a large number of electric piano presets based on the basic data at the time of shipment from the factory, but in general, the term "DX7 electric piano" often refers to the 11th tone of the preset.
Korg M1
PCM sound sourceSynthesizer equipped with.It has a unique tone with a heavy attack, and is characterized by a clear and powerful sound image.TRINITYWaveforms have also been ported to later synthesizers such as the X5D and XXNUMXD, allowing you to play with almost the same sound.
Roland JD-800
PCM sound sourceSynthesizer equipped with.There is a characteristic sound with a strong attack and a hard feeling like hitting metal.Compared to the stage piano represented by the company, it makes use of the bright sound that is hard to be buried even in intense tunes.House musicSuch asElectronic musicIt tends to be used frequently in.
In particular, preset 53 tone is widely known.Tetsuya Komuro 1990 eraIn the middle of the year, it became famous for being a favorite for music.As an exampleTRFYou can hear the sound of the JD-800's electric piano in the intro of "Boy Meets Girl".Later Roland synthesizerFantom seriesだ け で な く,Yamaha OfEOS B2000It is also recorded in synthesizers of other companies.

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