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🎥 | Self-praise for the movie "Takizawa Enbujo" starring Snow Man Sakuma "Beyond the framework of the movie"

Snow Man talks about his passion for the movie starring the photograph

Self-praise for the movie "Takizawa Enbujo" starring Snow Man Sakuma "Beyond the framework of the movie"

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I played a villain (in the movie), so it was fun to be able to show a smile in the special video, "said Tatsuya Fukazawa (28)," I can only see the villain's smile here. " did.

Johnny's XNUMX-member idol group "Snow Man" starred in the movie at the National Art Center, Tokyo on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Fukasawa Tatsuya

Tatsuya Fukazawa(Tatsuya Fukazawa, 19925/5[3] -) is Japanesetalent,An actorso,Male idol group-Snow ManIs a member of.Johnny's OfficeBelongs. Nickname isFukka[Note 1].

TokyoBackground[3].Blood TypeType B[3].


My mother applied for an additional audition for a variety show[6], 2004Joined Johnny & Associates in August[2]..After that, the unit in Johnny's Jr.JJExpressAct as a member of[7].

In 2009Mis Snow ManSelected as a member of, since 2012Snow ManAct as a member of[8].

After 15 years of underlaying as Johnny's Jr.[Note 2], CD debut as Snow Man on January 2020, 1[9].


The oldest and youngest member of Snow ManRaul11 years old[10]..Among the members, I am mainly in charge of MC[11].

When he first joined the company, he said it was "cool", butHideaki Takizawa"Anyone can put on parentheses. You are better off aiming for the third piece," and changed direction.[12][13].

Good at impersonationKamenashi Kazuya,Matsumoto JunI often show off various senior impersonators[14]..The iron plate material is "Kawai IkutoJun Matsumoto's impersonation[13].

Special skill is a crane game[3].. YouTube "Johnny's Jr. Channel』But showing off that skill[15].


The appearance in the groupJJExpress,Mis Snow Man,Snow ManSee.Only personal appearances are listed


TV drama



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注 釈

  1. ^ SaitamaFukayaImage character "FukkaBecause the nickname is the same, you can meet on YouTube "Johnny's Jr. Channel"[4], Fukasawa's birthday and when the drama appearance is decided, there is interaction such as congratulations on Twitter[5].
  2. ^ This is as of 2020Ryohei AbeWith[2]Johnny's longest record in both age and Jr. history[6].


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