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🎥 | Snow Man / Mukai Forbidden?Tucky messing around "I was able to do it for the first director"

Snow Man who appeared in a crested hakama

Snow Man / Mukai Forbidden?Tucky messing around "I was able to do it for the first director"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, Meguro Ren (23) mentioned the scene of the sword fight and said, "Since the photographer was in between us during the shooting, there was a sense of reality.

Johnny's XNUMX-member idol group "Snow Man" starred in the movie at the National Art Center, Tokyo on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Meguro Lotus

Meguro Ren(Meguro Ren, 19972/16[3] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Fashion Model,singerAndMale idol group-Snow ManIs a member of.Johnny's OfficeBelongs.

From Tokyo[3].. Blood type B[3].. Nickname isMeme[4].


Joined Johnny & Associates in October 2010[5].

2016 year 11 month,Universe SixIs formed.

2019 year 1 month,Koji Mukai,Murakami Shinto RaoulAnnounced to join Snow Man[6]..After that, he was active as two groups concurrently, but at the end of the performance of Johnny's Jr.'s Tokyo Dome on August 2, 2019, he left Space Six and completely transferred to Snow Man.[7].. CD debut as Snow Man on January 2020, 1[8].

May 2020, 5, acting as a regular model "FINEBOYSWhen it was announced in the June 2020 issue that it would be the first independent cover page, the server went down in just 6 seconds, and it became difficult to connect after that.[9]..And on the 29th of the same month, it was announced that it would serve as the cover of the second consecutive issue in the magazine.[2][10], The server went down in 6 seconds earlier than the June issue[11]..Reprints of both the June and July issues have been decided.[12].

Johnny's Jr. Official Entertainment Site ・ISLAND TVPublished his own hair self-cut video at.The appearance of cutting hair half-naked has received a great deal of attention on SNS.[13].


TV drama

*The starring works areTaiziNotation






Music video


注 釈

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