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🎥 | Movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" TV Aichi's first terrestrial uncut broadcast!Now that the latest issue is on sale, it's a masterpiece ...

Photo "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" (C) 2009 Nagaru Tanigawa / Noizi Ito / SOS Team

The first uncut terrestrial broadcast on TV Aichi in the movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya"!Now that the latest issue is on sale, it's a masterpiece ...

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In addition to "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya," an anime movie is scheduled to be broadcast under the title of "Anime Festival."

The movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" will be broadcast on TV Aichi on December 2020, 12 for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting, uncut ... → Continue reading

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Suzumiya Haruhi series

Suzumiya Haruhi series(Suzumiya Haruhi series)The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya』(Suzumi and Haruhi's Yuutsu)Light novelseries. The authorTanigawa style,イ ラ ス ト TheIto no Iji.Kadokawa sneaker library(Kadokawa Shoten)Than2003年It has been published since June. From January 6Kadokawa BunkoIt is also published by.

8 timesSneaker award<Grand Prize> Work. "This light novel is amazing!] No. 2005 in the work category in the 1 edition.


Eccentric high school girlsSuzumiya haruhiSchool informal club established bySOS team"Bimyo extraordinary school story," centered on members of[1].. The story is a combination of a very universal and detailed depiction of high school life, and in fact a rough and unabashed development.[2], High school boysKyonFrom the point of view of the first person.

The author, Tanikawa, said, ""Urusei Yatsura], rather than Rumiko Takahashi's, I have unconsciously appearedOshii MamoruIt is Mr. 『Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful DreamerI liked it. "[3].

In October 2005TsuganogakuThe manga version byMonthly Shonen Ace,” began serialization. Since April 2006Television Animation"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] Was broadcast at each station, including independent UHF stations. From April 2009, TV animation was broadcast with the new edition added to the 4 edition. Movie version animated movieThe Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaIs2010年2/6Published more.

An animation of the spin-off work has also been made, and in 2009The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya''Nyoron, ChuruyaWas delivered on YouTube, and in 2015,The disappearance of Yuki NagatoWas made into a TV animation.

From April 2017, "World Trek English Communication" (Kirihara Shoten (Published), as a high school English teaching material, is listed under the name "Haruhi, an Amazing Girl" (only where Kyon meets Haruhi in Volume 1 of the light novel).

In 2019, it will be published continuously for 1 months from January (published every 5 volumes every month)Kadokawa BunkoThe "Suzumiya Haruhi Series" will be published soon. In addition to using photos of the cover, explanations are included in each volume[4].


The sneaker grand prize won the grand prize for a long time, and the author, Ryu Tanigawa, made a debut at the same time as the Dengeki Bunko. The volume reached over 1 in about a year.[Source required].

Although it was animated in April 2006, it was a hit despite the fact that it was a "midnight frame", "aired on only 4 stations centered on UHF locals", and 11 episodes in a "short period".Before the anime broadcast, it was 14 million copies, but after the Golden Week holidays it was 130 million copies, and in September it was 180 million copies.Eight volumes came out after the start of the broadcast, and volumes 9 to 280 were reprinted.It is unusual for books to sell more than 8% after airing.Out of stock at the store,AmazonThen,Da vinci code』And other than that, Haruhi was lined up in the top. Normally, even if the series is visualized, one volume sells best and falls gently, but in the case of Haruhi,Bulk buyingThere are a lot of fans who are different from the examples so far[5].

The first film "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is the 1thSneaker awardReceived <Grand Prize>[6].. other"This light novel is amazing!』2005年版で作品部門1位を獲得したのをはじめとし、2006年版で6位、2007年版、2008年版でそれぞれ2位と常に上位をキープしており、2005年版から4年連続でベスト10入りした唯一の作品であった[Annotation 1].

Reputed to be one of the most successful light novels[2].. It is said that the "festive element" that the surroundings were swung around by the innocent heroine matched the era of the time of the hit.[7].

The first edition of Haruhi Suzumiya's Astonishment is 51 copies both before and after, a light novel that has not been broken as of 3000Most record everSet up[8].

As of June 2011, the cumulative circulation of paperback books has exceeded 6 million.[8].. As of December 2017, the cumulative circulation of the worldwide series has exceeded 12 million.[9].

Long-term interruption

After broadcast of TV animation,2007年The announcement of the new issue was suspended for four years after the 4th volume "Split of Haruhi Suzumiya" published in April, but it was released on April 9, 4.The Sneaker] In the June 2010 issue, part of the content of the subsequent issue was published in advance.[Annotation 2], Next year2011年5/25[Annotation 3]The 10th and 11th volumes of "The Astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya" before and after the same volume in 5 Asian countries and regions at the same time[10]Published.

Two years later, on April 2, 2013, a short story was published in "Ito Noiji Art Book Haru Hyakka".

About 5 years later, the magazine "suspended"The SneakerHowever, as a revival of only one issue was decided in commemoration of the 30th anniversary, a short story "Seven Mystery Overtime" was posted in the special issue "The Sneaker LEGEND" on October 1, 2018.

Then, about a year and a half later, on November 1, 2020, the new volume 11 "Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya" was released.It is the first new issue in about nine and a half years since the previous work.[11].


"Haruhi Suzumiya, from Higashi-Naka. I'm not interested in humans. If there are aliens, futuristic people, aliens, or supernatural beings in this, come to me."

Immediately after entering high schoolSuzumiya haruhi.Beautiful girlHowever, his personality and behavior was a weirdo, and he was isolated in his class. However, he is a "just human" who talks to Haruhi with curiosity.KyonOnly will come to have a conversation.

One day after Golden Week, Haruhi lamented that there were no club activities that he could enjoy at school, and Kyung's remarks led him to come up with a new club activity. With Kyung, he occupied the literary club room and was the only literary staff member.Yuki NagatoInvolvingMaidandマ ス コ ッ トAs a seniorAsahina MikuruIs called "voluntary accompanying" and abducted. Furthermore, because I was transferred to the school halfway in May,Kazumi Koizumi(Haruhi says "mysteriousTransfer student)) and join the club, aiming to "find aliens, futuristic people, and psychics and play with them."SOS teamIs launched.

However, the other three members who gathered as members were real aliens, futuristic people, and supernatural powers, and Kyon was able to reveal his identity before and after the formation of the SOS team. They say that Haruhi, who is bored in the mundane everyday and thirst for the extraordinary, is an unknown entity that causes paranormal phenomena that they can not analyze, but Haruhi himself is aware of it. They say they haven't, and they have been sent to observe it without her being aware of it. Kyon, who initially thought it was a false statement, was forced to believe their words after being caught up in a paranormal phenomenon and at risk of life.

And Kyon and the members of the SOS team secretly solve the paranormal phenomenon that Haruhi himself is an unknowing source, paying attention not to realize the fact to Haruhi himself who is waiting for extraordinary , I will spend the days of being swayed by the speculation of the forces of aliens, futuristic people, and psychics, and dating Haruhi's everyday troubles that he causes or brings with him.


hero[Annotation 4]And a high school boy who is a storyteller. As an ordinary person with no special ability in the SOS group, he is involved in everyday and extraordinary events. "Kyung" is a nickname and his real name is unknown.
Suzumiya haruhi(Haruhi Suzumiya)
heroine[Annotation 4]. Kyon's classmate and SOS team leader. Although it causes various kinds of turmoil in search of extraordinary life, it is not known that he is actually attracted by supernatural beings with supernatural abilities, and he is always outside the mosquito net while being at the center of the case. The person being placed.
Nagato Yuki(Yuki Nagato)
Member of the SOS team. A literary staff member who is silent and always reads books. Its identity is a humanoid interface (≒alien) for contacting organic organisms created by the idea of ​​information integration, and it is possible to exercise a number of abilities that are separated from humans.
Asahina Mikuru(Mikuru Asahina)
A member of the SOS team.A senior student with a petite and cute appearance.Its true identity is a future man stationed in this era to monitor Haruhi, but since he is hardly informed about the mission "why it should be done", whatever happens, it usually just goes back and forth. ..
Kazumi Koizumi(Koizumi Itsuki)
He is a member of the SOS team and is the deputy leader. A good-looking male student who always follows Haruhi as Yesman. Its true identity is a psychic, and it supports the SOS group from the back with the organizational power of the "institution" and also plays a role of explaining extraordinary events.
Ryoko Asakura(Ryoko Asakura)
He is a classmate of Kyung and Haruhi, but in reality, he is an alien who belongs to a faction (radical group of information integration thought body) with the same power as Nagato Yuki. Although he lost against the opponent Nagato because he attempted to kill Kyon by himself, he disappeared, but he revived several times and played various positions.
Tsuruya(Mr. Tsuruya)
A classmate of Mikuru Asahina. While observing the behind-the-scenes situation of the SOS team, he supports them from a standpoint as an honorary adviser.
Kyon's sister(Kyon's younger sister)
Kyon's younger sister and elementary school student. Childish appearance and personality. He is not informed about the SOS team's backs, but is interested in the activities of the SOS team and is occasionally involved in events held by Haruhi.
Kyon's female friend in middle school. Because it has a power similar to Haruhi, SOS team will be noticed by hostile aliens, futuristic people, and supernatural powers, and you will know the situation Kyon has.
Kirimi Emiri(Kimidori Emiri)
A female student of the second grader (third year from Volume 2 "Division") belonging to the class next to Asahina.
(I.e. (Taniguchi)
Kyon and Haruhi classmates. Although it is an ordinary person, it can be the key to solving a problem from a casual conversation with Kyon.
Kunikida (Kunikida)
Kyon and Haruhi classmates. Kyon and Sasaki are from the same middle school. An ordinary boy student who sometimes participates in the activities of the SOS team with Taniguchi.

the term

The expression "3 years ago" refers to 1 years ago from the time of Volume 3 "Melancholy".

The official name is "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to greatly enliven the world (Sekai wo Ooini moriagerutame no Suzumiya haruhi no and).
It is a group formed by Haruhi that is less than a club, and its purpose is to "find out aliens, futuristic people, and supernatural powers and play with them." The leader is Haruhi. The deputy leader is Koizumi, and Mikuru also serves as the secretary and second secretary, but the title has little meaning other than Haruhi. Main activities include searching for wonders in the city and consulting on insane incidents, but often act with Haruhi's ideas,school eventIn addition to participating in events in the town,Part-time jobAnd so on. No activityAfter classMembers may gather even when Haruhi is absent, and at that time they spend their time on their hobbies.
There is no formal club room, and it occupies the literary club room on the 3rd floor of the culture club room building.Most of the equipment is procured (stolen) from somewhere by Haruhi and personal belongings of the members.In addition, Kyon applied for a club (the name at that time was "a service organization for building a world that supports the student society"), but the school has not been approved.
The five members are Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Yuki Nagato, Mikuru Asahina and Kazuki Koizumi. Three of them, Nagato, Mikuru, and Koizumi, belong to an organization that is interested in Haruhi's capabilities, and are aimed at monitoring Haruhi and Kyon, the "key." In addition, although the three people have a sense of companionship and trust as "SOS corps", it seems that the three powers to which they belong do not have a cooperative relationship with each other, and there are parts that can not be trusted as members of the organization. So, the three people know their circumstances and most trust Kyon, who is the most neutral position.
SOSWebsiteThere is also. The top page was designed by Haruhi based on the letters "SOS"emblemThere is also often used in the multimedia development of this work. In this regard as well, extraordinary upheaval has risen, and Nagato has redrawn after the incident is resolved and is now a "ZOZ team".[12]. The website has been completely renovated by Yasumi Watahashi in "Amazing" (Kyon says, "A typical example of a site that should not be done").
The story of "The World" is three years ago from the modified world.TanabataKyon, who had escaped to, screamed from afar to Haruhi, a junior high school student who returned home after drawing a mysterious geometric pattern on the schoolyard in the eastern part of the world.John SmithNice to meet you! It seems that it comes from the line "[13].
Tanabata three years ago
Includes "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody". The day of Haruhi Suzumiya, who was in the first year of junior high school at that time, painted a terrestrial picture in the schoolyard in the eastern part of the year. Kyon went backwards on this day by Mikuru who received a command from the future, and under the guidance of Mr. Asahina (Large) who was waiting for Kyon, he met Haruhi who was a first grader at the time and helped to draw a ground painting. At this time, Kyung told HaruhiJohn SmithI call myself.This event had a great influence on Haruhi, and in a conversation with John Smith (Kyon of the future), he believed in the existence of aliens, future people, and supernatural powers, which led to the reason why he later entered Kitataka.Haruhi hasn't told anyone about his encounter with John.On the other hand, Kyon cannot return to the original era because Mikuru lost TPDD (described later), but with the help of Nagato, who was in standby mode three years ago, he succeeded in returning to the original era by freezing time.
Even in "disappearance", this event has a very important position. "Disappearance" changed the world into a world that is not extraordinary, but it was changed during the early morning of December 3th, from December of the third year of junior high school to December 12th of the first year of high school. Years agoTanabataWas free from modification. Kyon gained common points with Haruhi of the modified world from there, and succeeded in operating the escape program left by Nagato before the modification, three years ago from the modified world.TanabataI was able to escape to. And with the help of Asahina (Large) and Nagato in standby mode, I got the chance to restore the world.
Loop phenomenon
"Endless Eight" "The promise of Haruhi Suzumiya''The puzzle of Haruhi Suzumiya''Recollection of Haruhi Suzumiya''Parallel of Haruhi SuzumiyaThe phenomenon caused by Haruhi's desire. A phenomenon in which a specific space-time is separated by Haruhi's ability, and that time loops and repeats endlessly. It often happens when the person feels "remaining regret" at the event proposed by Haruhi, and unless the regret is resolved, the loop phenomenon repeats endlessly.
Basically, all the specific dates, memories and actions are reset, but only the members who are close to Haruhi looped memory loss, "Feeling of sightIs present. However, Nagato et al.'s exception is the humanoid interface for contacting organic organisms, and memory is firmly maintained even when looped. In addition, when the loop occurs, there is no future after the end of the loop, so future people cannot contact the future and cannot return.
By the way, the influence of resetting memories is different depending on the time, and in "The Haruhi of Suzumiya", Kyon, Asahina and Koizumi all repeat the loop without resetting their memories. In the “Haruhi Suzumiya Promise”, the memories of the three were initially reset, but in the third loop, he noticed the “loop phenomenon” and succeeded in his memory. The memories of the three were not inherited in "Suzumiya Haruhi's Parallel", but Kyon, who realized the situation, asked Nagato to inject a nanomachine that reminds him of his previous memory every loop, and Koizumi and Asahina later. By receiving the treatment, I became able to take over the memory of the loop.
Computer Research Department (aka Compi Lab)[Annotation 5]
A cultural club located next to the Literature Club room. The director and four members belong. To the SOS teamcomputerWas robbed and applied for the online game match "Sagittarius Day" betting on its return, but Nagato's activity caused a devastating defeat Even though he cheated using the game, he got caught up in Nagato and said, "fair playThe program was rewritten to prevent fraud), and the game provided four notebook PCs used by the SOS team, other equipment necessary for communication, and various services.[Annotation 6]. After the match, Nagato occasionally participates in a hanging manner in response to the invitation of the manager.


Information integration
SpaceAn information lifeform with a very high degree of intelligence that arose from the sea of ​​information systems that spread across the globe. Since it has no substance, it cannot be observed by any optical means. Since it has no language and cannot communicate directly with organic life forms, we dispatched Nagato and other interpersonal interfaces. We are observing Haruhi as a clue to the autonomous evolution.
Being transcendental to space and time, information integration thought bodies and interfaces are not affected by Haruhi's loop phenomenon. Although it is the strongest existence in the story and has terrific information manipulation ability, it does not have the power to create information from nothing like Haruhi has. In "Disappearance", its existence also disappears when the world is modified, but finally, due to the power of Nagato from the future and the information integration thought body connected to that Nagato, the modified world is the original appearance. Returned to.
Although it is an “integrated” thought body, its intention is not monolithic, but there are factions such as “mainstream (center)”, “radical”, “moderate”, “innovative”, “eclectic”, and sometimes conflict. To do.
Humanoid interface for contacting organic organisms
Organics created by information integration thought bodies to communicate directly with humans and other organic life forms through languageandroid. Koizumi belongs toSuperpowerFrom the group "institution",TFEI terminalIt is called (TF AI Tanmatsu)[14]. According to Nagato, it seems that a considerable number of interfaces are masquerading as ordinary people and infiltrating the earth, and each belongs to a faction of information integration thought body. The ability to manipulate information also changes the surrounding environment, and by "synchronizing," you can share memories with yourself in the past and future, and boasts some of the best abilities in the production (however, use of these abilities Requires a license application to the Information Integration Thought).
Existence of wide area universe
Existence whose origin is different from information integration thought body. Since the thinking process is completely different, it is impossible for both information integration thinking bodies and humans to understand each other by ordinary means. Therefore, in the 9th volume "Division", I sent a humanoid intruder (the same existence as a humanoid interface for contacting organic organisms in information integration thought bodies). In the "Snow Mountain Syndrome" recorded in Volume 5 "Runaway", he is also the master of the space where the mysterious Western-style building that encloses the SOS group is built. Information integration thought body is provisional,Canopy areaIt is named (Tengai Ryoiki).
Information explosion
Also referred to as "information flare." A phenomenon that occurred mainly in Haruhi three years ago. The torrent of information could not be analyzed by the information integration thought body, and the information integration thought body became a trigger for observing Haruhi.

Future people related

Future person
Researcher from "Future". The aim is to adjust the history so that it will head to the future to which it belongs, among the futures that branch into many.
Prohibited matters
It is also simply called "prohibition." It refers to things that should not be taught to people in the past, such as information about the future and unreachable knowledge in the present age (however, people who know the information can speak). The futuristic person is subjected to a powerful mental manipulation during time movement, and is unable to speak of information that is a prohibited matter. It seems that if the other party already knows the terms and information, they can speak without problems. It is also related to the authority of future individuals, and if more authority is given, restrictions on prohibited items will be eased.
Seen from the future, what is said to occur historically in the past. However, rather than simply referring to what happened in the past, matters that lead to beneficial results for each future faction are considered "default" matters.
Official name "Time Plane Destroyed Device (Time Plane Destroyed Device: Time plane destruction device) ".To put it plainlyTime Machine.. It is also called a "time machine" and is used by future people when traveling in time. A device is not a physical device but an intangible part of the user's brain. Asahina-san was once "lost" in "Basaha Rhapsody" in Volume 3 "Boring". Her authority requires permission from her boss (Adult Asahina?).
As its name suggests, it allows time movement by breaking and penetrating the time plane, so traces that should be called "holes" remain in the passing time plane, and distortion occurs. The operation of TPDD is indispensable for the repair, but it says that a new "hole" will be opened.dilemmaNagato and his colleagues perceive this as an uncertain and primitive time transfer method.
Time plane theory
"TimeThe future theory that "is a digital phenomenon separated by time (CartesianIs similar to the idea of ​​"continuous creation". the time is"A collection of still images that make up an animationIt is explained that the future person's existence in the present age is like the "doodles" drawn in it. It is explained that even if the future person comes to the past, the future cannot be changed, but it changes. Instead, the history of future people's intervention is the figure of the future (expressed as a regulation in the work). The basic concept of Omoto was voluntarily written by Haruhi in the 8th volume of "Rage" and published in the literary club magazine.paperbased on.
Time quake
Also called "space-time earthquake". It is presumed to be a phenomenon like the shaking of space-time, which occurs when a force is applied to the time plane to cause a mutation. Three years ago, Haruhi generated a large time tremor, and a large gap called a "time fault" occurred in the time plane.Retroactive timeBecame impossible. It is not normally considered that one person interferes with the time plane, and the details are a mystery.
STC data
"Sensitivity time control (Sensitivity Time Control)”, the gain inside the receiver is changed with time in order to smooth the time change of the received signal caused by the change in the distance between the object and the antenna. From "Disappearance"12/18Will be modified by someone in the early morning.

Psychic related

Closed space
A space that appears when Haruhi's mental state becomes unstable. The frequency and place of appearance are indefinite,Life formIt is the same as the real space except that it does not exist, but it is grayish and dim, and the sunlight is invisible. It seems that electricity is on, and it turns on the light when switched on (however, communication means such as telephones, TVs, and radios are not working.[Annotation 7]). Normally, it cannot be invaded by physical means, but enters using the power of a supernatural power like Koizumi. Physical damage in an enclosed space does not affect the real world, but if left unattended the space will expand and eventually replace the real world.
Sasaki also creates an enclosed space, which is quite different from Haruhi's. Detail is"(I.e.See.
Blue appearing in an enclosed space巨人.. It is said that Haruhi's mental stress is embodied. It appears when her stupidity reaches the limit, and because of the role of relieving stress, she conducts destructive activities. When the god disappears, the enclosed space also disappears. Conversely, unless the god disappears, the enclosed space does not disappear. The only way to prevent the outbreak itself is to remove the cause of Haruhi's stress in the real world.
In the "division", the destructive activities of the gods have calmed down to the extent that they "poke into the building as if they were aware of it" (Koizumi talk). Then, in "surprise", Haruhi's unconsciousness completely manipulates the god man, and he receives Kyung and Haruhi who have fallen from a high place and saves his life.
Koizumi's "supernatural power" detects and invades enclosed spaces.[Annotation 8], It can change into a red sphere and attack a god, and other than that, it is no different from a normal human. It seems that it suddenly appeared three years before "Melancholy", and Koizumi says that Haruhi gave him the power, and that he realized that there were other humans who were awakened to the same power, and that he understood the role of defeating the gods. It seems that there are only about 3 psychic people with the same power as him all over the globe, and all of them belong to the "institution".
The organization of Tachibana and others who are hostile to the "institution" also has "supernatural powers", but in their case they recognize that it was given by Sasaki three years before "Melancholy", and Sasaki's closed space You can enter.
The name "psychic" is what Kyon started to call[Annotation 9]So, another name is used in "institution".
An organization that was established three years ago by people with the same "supernatural powers" as Koizumi, with the aim of monitoring Haruhi. It seems that several psychic people with the same power as Koizumi belong to it, but Koizumi seems to be unable to grasp the actual situation of the organization. In addition to him, several agents infiltrate the prefectural Kitataka, and some of them are university co-workers who understand the situation to some extent, such as a student council president.
The purpose of the activity is to "maintain the status quo" in the world. In addition to eliminating the gods in the enclosed space, Haruhi is implementing various measures (holding events, etc.) to prevent stress. It seems that it has a number of sponsors, and it spends a huge amount of money, mainly on Haruhi's stress countermeasures. He is also very good at gathering information, and has conducted thorough background surveys of Kyon and Kitataka students and has succeeded in contacting TFEI terminals other than Nagato.
“Everyone and everything"Haruhi was created three years ago while preserving its form," and advocates that she is the "god" of the world. There is a difference in the interpretation of Haruhi's abilities and the role that he seeks from the future group that Mikuru belongs to.
In "Melancholy" Koizumi described himself as the end of "institution", but in "Amazing" "all members of "institution" are comrades with one purpose, and there is no hierarchical relationship". I am rebuking my opinion. In addition, Kyoko Tachibana said, "Koizumi is the founder of the "institution" and the current chief executive officer," and it is unknown which is correct.

Concepts and phrases that appear in the work

Work stage

The place name that appears as the stage of the work changes the kanji, etc.[15]It's fictitious, but the model of the stage grew up by the authorHyogoNishinomiyaIn the vicinity, the animated versionlocation huntingIs also done here[16][Annotation 10].
Each volume of the 2009 version of the anime DVD is located in Nishinomiya City, including Nishinomiya Kita High School and the coffee shop Dream, and the movie version BD/DVD is Konan Hospital (Kobe CityHigashinada Ward) Location film is recorded. "Official Guidebook: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" (released in February 2010) is posted on the location map of Nishinomiya City. Because Tanikawa himself had not made a public statement, Nishinomiya City showed a cautious attitude even after the original and animated versions became popular.[19].. However, Tanigawa's message published in October 2012 described that he lived in Nishinomiya from the age of 10 (that is, 3-1973) and that he was set in Haruhi in Nishinomiya.[20].
The character is "Keitai"[21], "It's a stupid of Hommamon"[22]OccasionallyKansai dialectAppears, but basicallyMetropolitan dialectTalking on. There is no direct depiction geographically that the stage is in the Kansai region in both the original and the animation, and at the beginning of each animation version "Haruhi Suzumiya's Melancholy" the image zooming from space to the Kansai region It is the extent shown.
Prefectural Kita High School
Commonly known as "Kitataka". Prefectural ordinary course that Haruhi et al.University.. It is located on a small mountain, surrounded by residential areas and forests. Entrance examinationComprehensive selectionStudents who live in nearby school districts will be assigned to our school. According to Kyung, the breakdown of the students is "the guys whose grades were normal at middle school in the city."[23].. Haruhi et al. have 9 classes, and only 9 sets in which Koizumi is enrolled are special classes. Men's uniforms are blazers and girls' sailor suits. Change clothes from June to summer[24].. Tanigawa's alma materHyogo Prefectural Nishinomiya Kita High SchoolIs modeled[19][25]The anime version of the location was actually held locally[25][Annotation 11].
Movie version"The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya] The theme song,Chihara MinoriThe 8th single "Gentle forgetfulness"ofPVandJacket photoWas filmed in the school in January 2010[26].
North exit station
It is a major private railway terminal that runs in the city, and on holidays, it is crowded with people outside the city. The model isHankyuKobe LineImazu Line OfNishinomiya North Exit Station(Northwest exit) and the anime version of location shooting was also held locally.[27].. Ekimae Park is often used as a meeting place for SOS teams on holidays.
Kitaguchi Ekimae Park appears in the animated version under the same name as it actually is. However, the park was dismantled once in July 2009 due to the construction of an underground bicycle parking lot, and was renewed as "Nikita Park" in December 7, so it disappeared. The watch tower (established in 2010) that occasionally appears in the anime version was also removed in July 12, but a fan woman discovered the watch at a scrap company in the city. The watch had a second life on the roof of the trader, but after being exhibited at the Haruhi Summer Festival venue in August 1993[28][29]It was installed by Nishinomiya City in March 2014 for the first time in 3 years, at the request of fans. Only the upper half remained, but it has been restored to its original height[30][31].. The unveiling ceremony was held on April 4, and many citizens and fans gathered,Masahiro KonoNishinomiya Mayor (then) gave a congratulatory speech[32][33].
The designer who designed this watch, Masaaki Yamashita, commented, "I'm a designer." It was said that Haruhi was the first time to know Haruhi after being told by a watchmaker who asked for the restoration and repair of the clock tower that "that watch is supposed to be a great thing", and when I read the original work, I read through the book to "amazing" all at once.[34].
There are many abandoned bicycles around Ekimae Park, and in the "Melancholy" Kyon parked illegally in front of a bank store but was removed. The banks that appeared in the animeSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationThe Nishinomiya Kitaguchi branch was the model, but the branch moved in June 2013. Kyon uses a nearby bicycle parking lot for "conspiracy" and "split".
Gwangyangyuan Station
A private railway station located down the slope from Prefectural Kita High School. The model isHankyu Koyo LineKoyoen StationIt was said that the anime version of the location was also held locally. There is an old station building that makes you feel history.
Koyoen Ekimae Park
It will appear when Nagato calls Kyung in "Melancholy" and in "Sasaha Rhapsody", "Disappearance" and "Hitomebore LOVER". Kyon saysEccentric mecca.. The model in the original is unknown. It should be noted that the place where the station square park is set in the anime version (the vacant lot when the movie version was released) may be introduced as if it were actually a park.[35]Is a mistake[36].
A coffee shop
It is near the north exit station, and the SOS team is a regular customer. Kyon is always devoted to everyone. The store name is unknown in the original.
A coffee shop "Coffee Dream" near Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station where Tanigawa was a regular[Annotation 12]Is the model. In the anime version, the inside of the store is drawn in detail, and in the anime version, Tsuganogaku version, and Mizuno Makoto version, the store name is the same as the actual name. It has become a place of relaxation for Haruhi fans and is often featured in newspapers and other media.[37].. Fans have set up exchange notes and files that collect newspaper and magazine articles related to Haruhi and the store.[38].
Due to the owner's husband's death, it became difficult for the owner alone to fill up the large store, so the model store was closed on May 2017, 5. Moved to a neighborhood on the following day, June 10, and resumed business[39].
The newly opened library in front of the north exit station. The model in the original "Yuutsu" is a large complex in front of Nishinomiya Kitaguchi stationActor NishinomiyaInside,Nishinomiya City North Exit LibraryIs. About this, the municipal library side approved it in the public relations magazine[40].. Hanshin in the anime versionKouen StationIn the vicinityNishinomiya City Central LibraryBecame a model. In the original book "Yuutsu", it is the Central Library that the main building is said to be at a higher level.
Private Koyoen Academy
It is a private girls' school near Gwangyangyuan Station and is called Gwangyangyuan Gakuin or Gwangyangyuan Girls in the work. Appeared from "Disappearance". According to the description in the work, there are many wealthy students[41].. "Disappearance" is modified In the world, it has become one of the prestigious schools in the prefecture with the highest entrance rate, and is a co-school where Haruhi and Koizumi are enrolled.
In the anime version, it has many achievements in the sports field at a private girls' school near Koyoen Station.Shukugawa Gakuin Junior and Senior High SchoolIs a model[42].. At the school, a fan event "Haruhi Summer Festival" was held in 2012 and 2013.[43][44].. In addition, the school2016年From Nishinomiya City to Kobe City in AprilPort IslandIs a co-school after moving to[45][46].
With a similar school nameKoyo Gakuin High SchoolIs located near Nishinomiya Kita High School, but this is a private men's school known for its achievements at difficult universities.
There is a row of cherry trees along the river that is within walking distance from Kitaguchi Station. The name only appears in the anime version, along the Hankyu Koyo LineShukugawa,Shukugawa Park(The reading is also "Shukugawa") is a model, and is actually a famous spot for cherry blossoms. Actually, Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station is about 2.5 km away from Shukugawa, but Tanikawa says, ``Since it is not a model of the stage, it is not the actual model, so position information such as distance from one place to another place and distance and location is considerably ignored. "There is something that[20].
Kyegawa Shopping Street
A shopping street near the river. The name appears only in the anime version. Appears in "Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Adventure of Mikuru Asahina Episode00". The model in the original is unknown, in the animation version Hyogo prefecture which is about 20 minutes away from the actual Shukugawa by connecting to the Hankyu and Hanshin trainsAmagasaki OfAmagasaki Central Shopping DistrictIs the model.
Mount Tsuruya
A mountain owned by the Tsuruya family. Tanigawa style is a modelInstepIs saying[47].. The name "Mt. Tsuruya" was just named by Kyon.[48]So, the official name is unknown. The park where the movie is filmed in the anime version "Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Adventure of Asahina Mikuru Episode00"Kozan Forest ParkIs the model.
Luxury residential area
Appeared in "Wandering Shadow". A luxury residential area along the private railway line. The model isAshiyaIt is assumed[Annotation 13].. It is widely known that many wealthy people live in[49], My classmate, Hanaka, lives. In the movie version "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya", the address of Hannaka in the class list is written as Ashiya Yamate-machi, and it can be seen that Yamate-cho, Ashiya city is the model.
City Higashi Junior High School (Higashi Naka)
Haruhi and Taniguchi's alma mater. Haruhi had a "schoolyard graffiti case" three years ago. In the anime version,Nishinomiya City Taisha Junior High SchoolNorth gate ofNishinomiya City Kamigahara Junior High SchoolThe school building and schoolyard are modeled. In the original "Sasa no Rhapsody", there is a line by Mr. Asahina (Large) (from Koyoen Ekimae Park) saying "There is a school when you go down the railroad there." Actually, along the south railroad from Koyoen Station It matches the location of Taisha Junior High School in. In addition, the newspaper that appeared in the recollection of Kunikida in the first episode of the anime said, "From a helicopter above elementary school."

Time series in the original

The order of announcement of the original work is not based on the time series during the work, and the past events are often drawn back in time, and the characters in the work are involved in the past era by time travel. The same method was adopted in the 2006 TV anime version. It is as follows when arranged in chronological order within the original work. The grade is Haruhi's grade.

school yearseasontitleRecording volume
1st year of middle school7Bamboo leaf Rhapsody (when going back in time)Volume 3 "Boring"
Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (when going back in time)Volume 4 "Disappearing"
3st year of middle schoolUnknownThe division of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyon's recollection, dream)Volume 9 "Split"
9Rainy day"Surprising" first privilege "secret story"
3Editor-in-chief! (Kyon's novel)Volume 8 "Rage"
High school first yearApril-JuneThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 1 "Melancholy"
6Boring of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 3 "Boring"
7Bamboo Leaf RhapsodyVolume 3 "Boring"
Mysterious sign
Island syndromeVolume 3 "Boring"
8Endless eightVolume 5 "Runaway"
11Sigh of Suzumiya HaruhiVolume 2 "Sigh"
Asahina Mikuru's Adventure Episode 00Volume 6 "Upset"
Live aliveVolume 6 "Upset"
Sagittarius dayVolume 5 "Runaway"
Someday In The RainAugust 2006 issue of The Sneaker
12The Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 4 "Disappearing"
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (when traveling back in time)Volume 7 "Conspiracy"
Hitomebore LOVERVolume 6 "Upset"
Snow mountain syndromeVolume 5 "Runaway"
Where did the cat go?Volume 6 "Upset"
1The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyon's Recollection)Volume 7 "Conspiracy"
Azuppu NumbersVolume 12 "Intuition"
The Melancholy of Mikuru AsahinaVolume 6 "Upset"
2Conspiracy of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 7 "Conspiracy"
3Editor-in-chief!Volume 8 "Rage"
Wandering shadowVolume 8 "Rage"
High school first year4The division of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 9 "Split"
The startle of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 10 "Amazing (front)"
Volume 11 "Amazing (after)"
5Seven Wonders OvertimeVolume 12 "Intuition"
UnknownTsuruya's challengeVolume 12 "Intuition"
Extra editionUnknown[Note 1]Suzumiya Haruhi TheaterAugust 2004 issue of The Sneaker
Suzumiya Haruhi Theater is backAugust 2006 issue of The Sneaker

List of already published works

The title is fixed as "Suzumiya Haruhi no ○○", and mainly expresses Haruhi's feelings and situations in the title work.

Feature newly written work
Volume 1 "Melancholy", Volume 2 "Sighing", Volume 4 "Disappearance", Volume 7 "Conspiracy", Volume 9 "Split", Volume 10 "Amazing (front)", Volume 11 "Amazing (after)"
Medium and short editing
Volume 3 "Boring", Volume 5 "Runaway", Volume 6 "Upset", Volume 8 "Indignation", Volume 12 "Intuition"
(It consists of an irregular series of "The Sneakers", with new writing (except Volume 8 "Aggression"))

As of December 2020, the Kadokawa sneaker paperback edition has already been published 11 volumes, the Kadokawa Tsubasa paperback edition has been published 12 volume, and the Kadokawa paperback edition has 1 volumes already published because the sneaker paperback edition's astonishing first and second parts have been combined into one volume. Has become.

Number of turnstitleCollection workFirst edition issue date
(Release date)
ISBNFirst appearanceRemarks
1The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya2003/6/10
(Released on June 2003, 6[50]
ISBN 4-04-429201-9Newly writtenThe commentary by the sneaker editorial department is posted.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa Tsubasa LibraryEdition)
(Released on June 2009, 6[51]ISBN 978-4-04-631028-6Add ruby ​​to kanji for elementary school students
It is easier to read and some expressions have been changed.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa BunkoEdition)
(Released on June 2019, 1[52]
ISBN 978-4-04-106773-4From the sneaker paperback edition
Exclude cover picture, frontier, and illustration
The cover has been changed to a photo of Shiori Iwakura (the same issue will be published later).
The explanation has been replaced by Yasutaka Tsutsui from the editorial department.
2Sigh of Suzumiya Haruhi2003/10/1
(Released on June 2003, 9[53]
ISBN 4-04-429202-7Newly written
Sigh of Suzumiya Haruhi
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 1[54]
ISBN 978-4-04-106771-0The postscript has been deleted,
A commentary by Sayuri Matsumura is inserted.
3Boring of Haruhi SuzumiyaBoring of Haruhi Suzumiya2004/1/1
(Released on June 2003, 12[55]
ISBN 4-04-429203-5The Sneaker
2003 year 6 month number
"Boring of Haruhi Suzumiya"Kadokawa Tsubasa LibraryNo Tsubasa Special
"The story you find is the yearning high school life! ] Also recorded.
Bamboo Leaf RhapsodyThe Sneaker
2003 year 8 month number
Mysterious signThe Sneaker
2003 year 10 month number
Island syndromeNewly written
Boring of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 2[56]
ISBN 978-4-04-106772-7Same as aboveThe postscript has been deleted,
A commentary by Kaoru Hayamine is inserted.
4The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya2004/8/1
(Released on June 2004, 7[57]
ISBN 4-04-429204-3Newly written
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 2[58]
ISBN 978-4-04-106770-3The postscript has been deleted,
The commentary by Ozaki world view is inserted.
5Runaway of Haruhi SuzumiyaEndless eight2004/10/1
(Released on June 2004, 9[59]
ISBN 4-04-429205-1The Sneaker
2003 year 12 month number
"Endless Eight" isKadokawa BunkoScience fiction anthology
Also included in "Mysterious Door Time is Full".
Sagittarius dayThe Sneaker
April-June 2004 issue
Snow mountain syndromeNewly written
Runaway of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 3[60]
ISBN 978-4-04-107418-3Same as aboveThe postscript has been deleted,
A commentary by Aya Hirano is inserted.
6Upset of Haruhi SuzumiyaLive alive2005/4/1
(Released on June 2005, 3[61]
ISBN 4-04-429206-XThe Sneaker
2004 year 12 month number
Asahina Mikuru's Adventure Episode 00The Sneaker
2004 year 2 month number
Hitomebore LOVERThe Sneaker
2004 year 10 month number
Where did the cat go?Newly written
The Melancholy of Mikuru AsahinaThe Sneaker
2005 year 2 month number
Upset of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 3[62]
ISBN 978-4-04-107419-0Same as aboveThe postscript has been deleted,
The commentary by Masaki Tsuji is inserted.
7Conspiracy of Haruhi Suzumiya2005/9/1
(Released on June 2005, 8[63]
ISBN 4-04-429207-8Newly written
Conspiracy of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 4[64]
ISBN 978-4-04-107420-6The postscript has been deleted,
The commentary by Tahi Sakai is inserted.
8Outrage of Haruhi SuzumiyaEditor-in-chief!2006/5/1
(Same day release[65]
ISBN 4-04-429208-6The Sneaker
June, August, October, December, 2005 issue
Wandering shadowThe Sneaker
April-June 2006 issue
Outrage of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 4[66]
ISBN 978-4-04-107421-3Same as aboveThe postscript has been deleted,
A commentary by Tsunehiro Uno is inserted.
9The division of Haruhi Suzumiya2007/4/1
(Same day release[67]
ISBN 978-4-04-429209-6The Sneaker
2007 year 4 month number(Previous version)
The division of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 5[68]
ISBN 978-404-107422-0The postscript has been deleted,
An end essay by Yuuki Iwai is included.
The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya
(first Limit edition)
The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya (before)2011/5/25
(Same day release[69]
ISBN 978-4-04-429210-2The Sneaker
2010 year 6 month number(Prior publication)
It is a story that continues from "Split",
The chapter also starts from the continuation of the previous work (Chapter XNUMX)[Annotation 14].
The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya (later)Newly written
Rainy dayNewly writtenIncluded in the special booklet "The Secret Story of Haruhi Suzumiya"
10The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya (before)2011/6/15
(Same day release)
ISBN 978-4-04-429211-9The short story included in the special edition booklet included in the first limited edition is
It has the same specifications except that it is not recorded.[Annotation 15]
11The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya (later)2011/6/15
(Same day release)
ISBN 978-4-04-429212-6
10The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Kadokawa library version)
(Released on June 2019, 5[71]
ISBN 978-40-4107423-7Same as aboveThe Kadokawa Bunko edition is a front and back copy
The postscript has been deleted,
A commentary by Nozomi Omori is inserted.
12The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaAzuppu Numbers2020/11/25
(Same day release)
ISBN 978-4-04-110792-8Noizi Ito Illustration Collection Haruhi Hyakuhana
Seven Wonders OvertimeThe Sneaker LEGEND
Tsuruya's challengeNewly written
Works other than the main story
  • Suzumiya Haruhi Theater Fantasy Edition ("The Sneakers" August 2004 issue, December 8 reissue, S BLUE The Sneaker 2008th Anniversary AnthologyISBN 978-4-04-474813-5
Paperback book not included work
  • Suzumiya Haruhi Theater act.2 (“The Sneakers” June 2006 issue, February 6 reissue)
  • Someday in the Rain (August 2006 issue of The Sneakers)-Original script written by the author
  • Return of Haruhi Suzumiya (Recorded in Vol. 12 of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" May 2019, 5ISBN 978-4041079065


Television Animation

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

2006年It was broadcast from April to July under the title of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".All 4 episodes.In addition to the original volume 7 "Melancholy", the content along with a part of Volume 14 "Boring", Volume 1 "Runaway", Volume 3 "Upset" and the original story by the original author's script ("Samday Inn") It consists of "The Rain").

2009年From May,2006年A total of 2 episodes, including new episodes (contents along part of the original Volume 3 "Sigh", Volume 5 "Boring", and Volume 28 "Runaway"), will be broadcast in chronological order. It was.

The disappearance of Yuki Nagato

It will be an animation of the spin-off comic "Yuki Nagato's disappearance" by Puyo. It was broadcast as a TV anime from April to July 2015. In October, the OVA was released in the original comic. All 4 episodes including OVA.

Movie version

2010年2/6The movie version of the movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya] Was released. This is a visualization of the contents of the 4th volume "Disappearing" based on the flow of the TV anime version.

Web anime

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Web animation distributed on YouTube from February to May 2009.This is an animation of the spin-off comic "Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu" by Puyo.

Nyoron Churya

Web animation distributed on YouTube from February to May 2009.This is an animated version of Eretto's spin-off comic "Nyoron ☆ Churuya-san".


"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (Makoto Mizuno Version)

Mizuno MakotobyCartoonizationthe work. The serialization of "Monthly Shonen Ace" started in the May 2004 issue and ended in the December issue of the same year.

The book is all one volumeOut of printTherefore, it is completely impossible to obtain it at a normal bookstore.In addition, although it was recorded in the book until the September 2004 issue (9 episodes), Mizuno later managed it by himself that there was no book for the unrecorded part after that.BlogHas professed in. On the other hand, Kadokawa Shoten has thoroughly treated this "Mizuno Makoto edition" as "it did not exist at all from the beginning" after the serialization was over, and after the discontinuation, the people concerned showed this "Mizuno Makoto edition" in the table. I haven't talked about it, and the truth about the discontinuation is beyond theory and rumors.

Volume 1 contains half of the original volume 1 "Yuuuutsu" and "Volume of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" from the original volume 3 "Boring". The stories have not been developed in chronological order ("Blank Leaf Rhapsody" and "Haruhi Suzumiya Bored" are recorded in the order of "Melancholy").

About this "Mizuno Makoto version",journalist OfKenji AndoThe contents of an independent interview and analysis by Mr. Ando's book "Sealed workThe Melancholy ofYosensha)[72].. According to this, it was treated like a foreigner within the Kadokawa group at the timeKadokawa sneaker libraryAndo speculated that the original work, which had been coldly treated because it was a work of origin, was suddenly noticed because it was decided to make it into an animation, and there was a intention to change to a manga artist that fits the original more as part of the media mix strategy. doing. There was also a theory that "Mizuno released a doujinshi of "Haruhi" including sexual description during serialization", but the doujinshi that Ando acquired and confirmed[73]) Is a soft content, the theory is denied as irrelevant. On the other hand, before talking about the contents of the doujinshi and the sales strategy of the publisher, during the serialization period of "Haruhi"Secondary creationThere is also a theory that issuing a doujinshi itself was a breach of contract and caused the termination of the contract and serialization. For example, it is a store specializing in old books and doujinshi.MandarakeThe doujinshi's introductory text refers to this theory as it is related to the book.[73].. As mentioned above, the truth of this work is not clear. When Mizuno Makoto wrote a fanzine, there was no fact that there was a contract to prohibit it, and after that, Kadokawa side who made a problem with the issue of such a fanzine made strict rules. I can't confirm the fact that I made a contract. However, it has been proved below that, at least from some point, Kadokawa began to dodge contracts that ban such things from manga artists. Although not directly involved in the Haruhi series, the media mix project "Kamikawa Shoten" also developed after this work (Makoto Mizuno version).Strike Witches』, was in charge of one of the cartoonized workKyogoku ShinHowever, at the end of the magazine serializationBlogAmong them, it is difficult to participate in a doujin event with a secondary creation of the work that is in charge of cartoonization, and the character of "Strike Witches" drawn in the commercial series[Annotation 16]About the fact that after the end of the series, it will not be possible to draw at all, that is, it is a contract signed with Kadokawa Shoten at the time of serialization of cartoonized works, and the cartoonist himself was in charge of cartoonization Implicitly suggests that strict restrictions are imposed on coterie activities and secondary creations using characters[Annotation 17].

Tanigawa style (original)Mizuno Makoto(Drawing), Kadokawa ShotenKadokawa Comics Ace>, all 1 volumes

  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1 (2004年9/1First edition issued,ISBN 4-04-713658-1

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (Tsuganogaku version)

TsuganogakubyCartoonizationthe work. Serialized from the November 2005 issue of "Monthly Shonen Ace".In addition, "Monthly Shonen Ace" special edition "Ace assault]2007年Although the one-shot was serialized from the SUMMER issue2009年The serialization ended with the end of the publication of "Ace Assault" in the SPRING issue. Although it was serialized in "Monthly Shonen Ace", it was published in the November 2013 issue because the story caught up with the original story (until the end of the astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya, the latest issue as of September 9). The final episode was reached for the time being with the title "Part 2013 Complete".[74].. However, after the final episode, the monthly Shonen Ace February 2014 issue contains a comicalization of the episode of "Rainy Day" recorded in Haruhi Suzumiya's astonishing first limited edition bonus booklet "Haruhi Suzumiya's secret story". .. Even when the 2 volumes of the book were published, it was called "Part 20 Complete", and was included in the later development.[75].. In addition, the extra edition is published in the official anime fanbook "The Haruhi Suzumiya Official".

The contents have been completely re-partitioned, including the part that was made into a cartoon in the "Mizuno Makoto Edition". Also, unlike the original and anime (2006 version), the story is developed almost in chronological order.[Annotation 18].. There are also episodes featuring the original adaptation of the anime version and manga original episodes.[Annotation 19].

At the beginning of the serialization, there were many places where the story development was significantly different (there was a contradiction) and there were many differences between the animation and the character design (Kyon, Nagato, Asakura, etc.) It is now drawn with a character design that complies with, and now the story and design are almost the same as the original. Also, the parallel extra edition,Parallel worldA manga original work is drawn.

As of 8 volumes already published, the cumulative total has exceeded 350 million.[76].

Tanigawa style (original)Tsuganogaku(Drawing), Kadokawa Shoten <Kadokawa Comics Ace>, 20 volumes in total

  1. First edition published on April 2006, 4,ISBN 4-04-713811-8
    Original Volume 1 "Melancholy"
  2. First edition published on April 2006, 6,ISBN 4-04-713831-2
    Original Volume 1 "Melancholy"
  3. First edition published on April 2006, 12,ISBN 4-04-713885-1
    Original Volume 3 "Boring"
  4. First edition published on April 2007, 6,ISBN 978-4-04-713923-7
    Original Volume 3 "Boring"
  5. First edition published on April 2007, 10,ISBN 978-4-04-713981-7
    Half of "Endless Eight" from the original volume 5 "Runaway" and half of the original volume 2 "Sigh"
  6. First edition published on April 2008, 5,ISBN 978-4-04-715061-4
    The other half of the original volume 2 "Sigh" and "Live Alive" from the original volume 6 "Shaken"
  7. First edition published on April 2008, 12,ISBN 978-4-04-715148-2
    The first half is "Sagittarius Day" from the original volume 5 "Runaway", the latter half is the original volume 4 "Disappearance"
  8. First edition published on April 2009, 3,ISBN 978-4-04-715208-3
    Original Volume 4 "Disappearance"
  9. First edition published on April 2009, 7,ISBN 978-4-04-715269-4
    Original Volume 4 "Disappearance"
  10. First edition published on April 2009, 10,ISBN 978-4-04-715302-8
    The first half is "Hitomebore LOVER" in the original volume 6 "Shaken", and the second half is half of the "Snow Mountain syndrome" in the original volume 5 "Runaway"
  11. First edition published on April 2010, 4,ISBN 978-4-04-715429-2
    The other half of "Snow Mountain Syndrome" in the original volume 5 "Runaway" and "Where did the cat go?" in the original volume 6 "Upset"
  12. First edition published on April 2010, 10,ISBN 978-4-04-715544-2
    Prologue of the 7th volume "Conspiracy", "The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina" in the 6th volume "Upset", "Editor-in-chief straight line" of the 8th volume "Aggression"! Part of
  13. First edition published on April 2011, 2,ISBN 978-4-04-715656-2
    "Editor-in-chief straight line!" ] And a part of the original volume 8 "Conspiracy"
  14. First edition published on April 2011, 5,ISBN 978-4-04-715698-2
    Part of the original volume 7 "Conspiracy"
  15. First edition published on April 2011, 12,ISBN 978-4-04-715804-7
    Completed the 7th volume "Conspiracy"
  16. First edition published on April 2012, 3,ISBN 978-4-04-120185-5
    "Wandering Shadow" in the original volume 8 "Aggression" and part of the original volume 9 "Split"
  17. First edition published on April 2012, 11,ISBN 978-4-04-120459-7
    All the rest of the original volume 9 "Split" and part of the original volume 10 "Amazen Mae"
  18. First edition published on April 2013, 3,ISBN 978-4-04-120644-7
    Most of the original volume 10 "Amazing Before"
  19. First edition published on April 2013, 6,ISBN 978-4-04-120741-3
    Part of the original volume 10 "Amazing Before" and most of the original Volume 11 "Amazing After"
  20. First edition published on April 2013, 12,ISBN 978-4-04-120956-1
    The 11th volume of the original work "Amazing ・ After" is completed, "Rainy day"

Parallel extra edition

"Parallel Extra I Cinderella Story Suddenly"
Published in Volume 8. "SO3 company" is an abbreviation of "It is unavoidable to explode the earth three times in order to greatly boost the world."
Yuki Nagato
An idol discovered by Haruhi Suzumiya. The name of Yuki Nagato is a stage name given by Haruhi Suzumiya, whose real name is unknown.
After debut, it will make a big break on a planetary scale. The title of the released song is "No Reaction Girl".
Its identity isA world that exists in parallel on the same time axisWas the existence to observe.
Suzumiya haruhi
President of "SO3 company".
Kazumi Koizumi
Vice President of "SO3 Company".
Asahina Mikuru
Idol belonging to "SO3 company".
"SO3 company" chores.
"Parallel Extra Edition II Mikuru Dollar Baby"
Published in Volume 8.
Asahina Mikuru
Boxer from "SOS Jim". The strongest challenger. I'm thinking of getting a transfer story to give back to SOS Jim.
Owner of "SOS Gym".
Yuki Nagato
The worst champion.
"Parallel Extra III: Telegraphs from Meiji XNUMX's, Today's Weather Harure Naredo Wave Height"
Published in Volume 9.
From the actions of Suzumiya, etc.BotsuchiyanDevelop a concept of ".
Famous in the neighborhoodTomboy(Transmitter girl). A five-dimensional tea fighting competition is held in a group called "Essooesdan".

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" (China Version)

With the title of "Rin Miyagi KasugaGuangzhou Tianmu Kadokawa Animation People's Republic of ChinaWas issued atNatural』(Later renamed to “Tenman/Akafu”) from the first issue (September 2011 issue)[77][78][79][80]. However, suspended from April 2012 issue[81][82]More often than not, "Tenman/Akafu" is suspended with the May 2014 issue.[83]Therefore, the subsequent trends are unknown. Manga production production called Summer Zoo is in charge, and the director isNobody, The drawing is a pig treasure. Unpublished book.

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"

PuyoParody gag comics by.

"Disappearance of Yuki Nagato"

Spin-off of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".

"Kazuki Koizumi's Conspiracy"

PuyoA parody gag manga derived from Haruhi Suzumiya's melancholy.This is also a spin-off of Haruhi Suzumiya's melancholy, but the world view is the same as Haruhi Suzumiya's melancholy.Bimonthly magazine "Ultima Ace』From 2012 Vol.4 (released April 2012, 4) to 18 Vol.2012 (released October 7, 2012) serialized. The series has ended with the suspension of the publication magazine, and there are 10 episodes in all. Kazuki Koizumi's conspiracy was announced on page 18 of Ultima Ace Vol.4 by author Puyo to be included in the book The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and was included in Volume 7 of Haruhi Suzumiya's Melancholy. The protagonist is Kazuki Koizumi, who depicts the everyday life of the institution in a gag style with Morizono and Shinkawa.

"Nyoron Churuya"

ErettoParody four-frame manga work by. Originally published as a fanzineSecondary creative cartoonIt was, but thenMonthly Comp AceIt was serialized from the November 2008 issue to the October 11 issue.All 2009 episodes, all 10 volume.

Anthology comic

Tanigawa style (original), Kadokawa Shoten <Kadokawa Comics Ace>, 4 volumes already published (as of January 2010, 1)

  • Competition of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009年 First edition published on March 3,ISBN 978-4-04-715226-7
    • The first Haruhi Suzumiya seriesAnthology comic.. 『Tora-dora!Is famous forYasuEtc., comics and illustrations of 24 writers are recorded, and the cover illustration isPuyoIs in charge.
  • Festival of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009年 First edition published on March 7,ISBN 978-4-04-715277-9
  • Haruhi Suzumiya2009年 First edition published on March 12,ISBN 978-4-04-715346-2
    • Third Anthology Comic (released at the same time as below). Contains comics and illustrations of 3 writers. Cover illustrationTsuganogakuIs working on.
  • Kyon & Koizumi's disaster (2009年 First edition published on March 12,ISBN 978-4-04-715359-2
    • The first anthology comic that collects works mainly featuring Kyon and Koizumi. Contains manga and illustrations of 18 writers. Cover illustrationAya ShiganeIs working on.


Card games

  • "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Commuka" (Kyo Ani Shop!)
  • "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Character Serif Karuta Collection" (Kyo Ani Shop!)
"Reading CD" released as an option

Trading card game

Consumer games

"The promise of Haruhi Suzumiya"
BANDAI NAMCO GamesBy (Bandai Label)PlayStation Portable Software for. Released on December 2007, 12.The genre isAdventure games.
"The puzzle of Haruhi Suzumiya"
BanprestobyPlayStation 2 Software for. Released on January 2008, 1.The genre is a simulation adventure game.
"The turbulence of Haruhi Suzumiya"
Kadokawa ShotenbyWii Software for. Released on January 2009, 1.The genre is a choreography action game.
"Parallel of Haruhi Suzumiya"
Sega Software for Wii by. Released on March 2009, 3.The genre is extraordinary parallel adventure.
"Series of Haruhi Suzumiya"
By SEGANintendo DS Software for. Released on May 2009, 5.The genre is extraordinary series adventure.
"Recollection of Haruhi Suzumiya"
By BANDAI NAMCO GamesPlayStation Portableas well as the PlayStation 3 Software for.Initially scheduled to be released on March 2011, 3,2011年 The release was postponed on May 5th.The genre is Wanderung Adventure.Supervised by the production staff of Kyoto Animation, The Movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya". It is said to be a sequel to "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya".
"Mahjong of Haruhi Suzumiya"
PlayStation Portable software by Kadokawa Shoten.Initially scheduled to be released on February 2011, 2,2011年 The release was postponed on July 7.The genre is extraordinary mahjong adventure. It is a mahjong game using the characters of "Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu".
"Nendoroid Genere"

Browser games

"Unity of Haruhi Suzumiya"
Kadokawa Group Holdings, Glee Co., Ltd., Nexon Co., Ltd.feature phoneusesocial game.2011年 Service started on November 6[84].. July 7 of the same yearSmartphoneReleased for use.2012年 Ends on February 2th.Items are charged.
"Reincarnation of Haruhi Suzumiya"
In the sequel to the above game2012年 Service started on November 6[85].. A card battle game based on the story of the TV anime "Melancholy", in which the enemies and players fight while collecting cards. As the story progresses, the points for strengthening the player's level and cards will rise, and in the middle of the story, you will improve the performance by defeating randomly appearing enemies called "raid bosses". Depending on the ranking of the grade, you can get a powerful card as a privilege. In addition, there are events such as Haruhi Cup, Yuki Cup, and Mikuru Cup that use only one color each of Haruhi (red), Nagato (blue), and Mikuru (yellow). Powerful cards and items are basically charged. The service was announced on December 1, 2012, and the service was terminated on December 12, 4.
"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Stampry"
Operated by Kadokawa Shoten and Info Quest, with PCfeature phone Released on December 2010, 12 for[86].Smartphone Released on July 2011, 7 for (iPhone / Android).The genre is stamp rally social game.. 『Lucky Star Stampry] And released at the same time. As of December 2012, 12, all Stampley services will end.

iPhone / iPod touch

iPod touch/iPhoneDedicated application[87][88]. KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. development,2010年 Released on February 2th.In a game that reproduces the simulation game developed by Compi Lab that appeared in the novel Volume 16 (TV animation episode 5), the characters in the Haruhi series did not appear, and the mission was cleared by making full use of 11 fleets I will go.
2010年 At the end of February, it won first place in the game category and simulation strategy category.[89].
『THE DAY OF SAGITTARIUS III Drill Edition for iPhone』
iPod touch/iPhone exclusive application. KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO., LTD.2010年 Released on July 7th[90]. The message has been translated into Japanese, and the difficulty level at the beginning has been reduced.[91].
"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Illustration & Puzzle"
"Yuki Nagato Illustrations & Puzzles for iPad"
An application exclusively for iPod touch.2010年 Released on July 11th[92][93]
"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Illustration & Puzzle Deluxe Edition for iPhone"
iPhone-only app.2011年 Released on July 1th[94]. Also includes the amount used in Yuki Nagato's illustrations and puzzles[95].

Time series including comics and games

The titles including anime, manga, and games are arranged in the chronological order in the work as follows. The grade is Haruhi's grade.

school yearseasontitleRecording volume
1st year of middle school7Bamboo leaf Rhapsody (when going back in time)Volume 3 "Boring"
Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (when going back in time)Volume 4 "Disappearing"
3st year of middle schoolUnknownThe division of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyon's recollection, dream)Volume 9 "Split"
9Rainy day"Surprising" first privilege "secret story"
3Editor-in-chief! (Kyon's novel)Volume 8 "Rage"
High school first yearApril-JuneThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 1 "Melancholy"
6Boring of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 3 "Boring"
7Knowing Me, Knowing YouCartoon volume 3
(Cartoon original story)
Bamboo Leaf RhapsodyVolume 3 "Boring"
Mysterious sign
Mystery signCartoon volume 4
(Cartoon original story)
Island syndromeVolume 3 "Boring"
April-JuneSeries of Haruhi SuzumiyaDS game "Serial"
(Game original story)
Parallel of Haruhi SuzumiyaWii game "Parallel"
(Game original story)
Series of Haruhi Suzumiya (the beginning)DS game "Serial"
(Game original story)
8Endless eightVolume 5 "Runaway"
Stray cat Shamisen's view of lifeCartoon volume 5
(Cartoon original story)
10Get In The Ring
The turbulence of Haruhi SuzumiyaWii game "Puppy"
(Game original story)
11Sigh of Suzumiya HaruhiVolume 2 "Sigh"
The promise of Haruhi SuzumiyaPSP game "Promise"
(Game original story)
Asahina Mikuru's Adventure Episode 00Volume 6 "Upset"
Show Must Go OnCartoon volume 6
(Cartoon original story)
Live aliveVolume 6 "Upset"
Sound Around (Track 1-Track 2)Drama CD
"Sound Around"
Tales from the Thousand LakesCartoon volume 6
(Cartoon original story)
Sagittarius dayVolume 5 "Runaway"
The day after SagittariusCartoon volume 7
(Cartoon original story)
Someday In The RainAugust 2006 issue of The Sneaker
12The Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 4 "Disappearing"
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ~Another Day~[Annotation 20]Cartoon volume 9
(Cartoon original story)
Recollection of Haruhi SuzumiyaPSP & PS3 game "Recollection"
(Game original story)
Hitomebore LOVERVolume 6 "Upset"
Snow mountain syndromeVolume 5 "Runaway"
Where did the cat go?Volume 6 "Upset"
1Red Data ElegyCartoon volume 11
(Cartoon original story)
Azuppu NumbersIto Noiji Haruhi Art Collection
"Haruhi Momoka" collection
The Melancholy of Mikuru AsahinaVolume 6 "Upset"
2Conspiracy of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 7 "Conspiracy"
3Editor-in-chief!Volume 8 "Rage"
Welcome to Poison House[Annotation 21]Cartoon volume 13
(Cartoon original story)
Wandering shadowVolume 8 "Rage"
High school first year4The division of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 9 "Split"
The startle of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 10 "Amazing (front)"
Volume 11 "Amazing (after)"
5Seven Wonders Overtime"The Sneaker Legend" posted
Extra editionUnknown
(Before "Snow Mountain Syndrome")
Suzumiya Haruhi TheaterAugust 2004 issue of The Sneaker
Suzumiya Haruhi Theater is backAugust 2006 issue of The Sneaker
(Since "Someday in the Rain")
Sound Around (Track 3-Track 9)Drama CD
"Sound Around"
(Since "Conspiracy")
The puzzle of Haruhi SuzumiyaPS2 game "Confused"
(Game original story)
UnknownParallel Extra Edition I
Cinderella story suddenly
Cartoon volume 8
(Cartoon original story)
Parallel Extra Edition II
Mikuru Dollar Baby
Parallel Extra III
There is a telegraph since the Meiji XNUMXth, and today the weather is sunny and the waves are high.
Cartoon volume 9
(Cartoon original story)


BasicallyiOS Compatible apps.feature phoneFor Kisekae theme for sale, it is omitted. The game app is#gameSee section. Note that not all of them are currently distributed.

  • Yearstwi The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (release: November 2010, Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Of Haruhi SuzumiyaBOOK ☆ WALKERNavi (release: November 2010 motion portrait and Kadokawa Shoten) *Free application
  • Yuki Nagato's BOOK☆WALKER Navi (release: May 2011 Motion Portrait and Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Mikuru Asahina's BOOK☆WALKER Navi (release: May 2011 Motion Portrait and Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Haruhi Suzumiya No ni Poke (release: July 2011 Motion Portrait and Kadokawa Shoten) *Free app
  • Yuki Nagato Noani Poke (release: July 2011 Motion Portrait and Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Mikuru Asahina Any Poke (release: July 2011 motion portrait and Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Haruhi Wallpaper V (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation) *Free App
  • Haruhi Wallpaper (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Yuki Wallpaper (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Mikuru Wallpaper (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Kyon Koizumi Wallpaper (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Haruhi Calendar (Release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Haruhi Clock I (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Haruhi Clock II (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Haruhi Clock III (Released: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Haruhi Mascot (Release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Yuki Mascot (Release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Mikuru Mascot (Release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Kyung Mascot (released in December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • Koizumi Mascot (release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)
  • SOS Dan Mascot (Release: December 2010 Kyoto Animation)

Electronic medium

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -SOS Team Observation Diary-
Chara-anibyWindows CD-ROM for. Released on September 2007, 9. Includes desktop accessories, including backup data from the SOS team official website.A reprint of the CD-ROM sold at Comic Market 28.
"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Desktop Accessories"
By Kyo Ani Shop!Windows CD-ROM for. Released on March 2010, 3.


  • CRF The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Introduced in July 2014,SANKYO[96]


  • Pachislot The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Introduced on December 2016, 12,SANKYO[97]

Related books


  • Pokka Corporation TheKadokawa ShotenMagazine ofMonthly new typeHas launched a collaboration project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event and a canned beverage, Suzumiya Haruhi no Juice (July 2010). The catchphrase is "I have been able to support youth! The birth of sweet and sour tsundere juice!" Furthermore, in December 7, "Yuki Nagato coffee" was released as the second version. In both cases, one original telephone card is set in one case (2010 cans).
  • The startle of Haruhi Suzumiya and Dijon Racing collaborate,SUPER GT Of2011 season-GT300 classIllustration of Haruhi Suzumiya is arranged onItashaSpecification of type 997Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, "Haruhi RacingHANKOOKPorsche" participation[98].
  • Sendai TanabataHaruhi's "windwash" was displayed in front of the Kinkodo main store in Sendai for three days from August 2011 to 8, 6 at the festival.[99].
  • Asahi BeverageIs a coffee drinkWanda Morning Shot(Can 190g) Limited to 1 can of "Haruhi Suzumiya"Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu"Haruhi Suzumiya three-dimensional" which is one setFamilyMartReleased on December 2011, 12. Limited figure line-up is Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi Suzumiya (dress), Sasaki, Yuki Nagato, Mikuru Asahina.
  • GungHo Online Entertainmentof"Toy warsAvatar costume in collaboration with the movie "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya"[100]. The characters are "Haruhi Suzumiya", "Haruhi Suzumiya (Koyoen Gakuin Ver)", "Yuki Nagato" and "Mikuru Asahina (Santa Ver)".[101].
  • Nexonof"Tales weaver] Tie-up event, tie-up items[102].
  • With the 2013th anniversary of Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko in 25,Famitsu BunkoTo celebrate the 15th anniversary ofFool, Test, and Summoned Beast] And "Baka, Haruhi and Collaboration Fair"[103]If you purchase the target book during the period, the original prize will be won by lottery, or the paperback cover-shaped oversized belt will be drawn on each of the 1st to 3rd volumes by exchanging each illustrator.
  • HyogoRed Cross Blood CenterIn collaboration with, "Suzumiya Haruhi Blood Donation Support Operation", during the period (March 2014, 3-will end as soon as it disappears), if you donate blood at 8 blood donation rooms in Hyogo prefecture, Haruhi Ito will ×Kentsutsu-chanYou can get a collaboration poster[104]. The Nishikita blood donation room in Nishinomiya Kitaguchi, which is one of the seven locations, was a model of a shop where Haruhi and his friends purchase yukata at Endless Eight (a different shop at the time).[105][106]. 2000 posters are prepared, and the blood donation performance in Hyogo prefecture is 155.2% of the target on the first day, the average for 3 days from March 8 to 19 is 12%, which is a good result of exceeding 114.8% of the target except 2 days. Was[107].
  • Japan's best softwareof"The Cross Thesis of God and Fate AwakeningCollaboration with Haruhi Suzumiya in a sub-scenario[108].
  • Game onof"RED STONEIn collaboration with "Prefectural Kita High School" costume and magical ring that can transform into 5 SOS members[109].
  • Sammy Networks'7RHYTHM-Nanarhythm-' used pachinko's "Fever Haruhi no Yuutsu no Yuutsu" song "Adventure isn't it? ], “God knows...” have been added, and collaboration with high-rare characters from this work has been prepared for the “members” that can be obtained during the game.[110].
  • DMM GAMESAnd Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko 30th anniversary tie-up, collaborate on 8 out of 7 target titles[111].
    • "Shinki PROJECT], the advent event "SOS! Fantasy Adventure Tan!!" and Shinki "SSR Haruhi Suzumiya", "SR Yuki Nagato", "R Mikuru Asahina" were implemented in the collaboration memorial gacha.[112].
    • In "Battle Princess"Maso Gakuen H×H""Rental MagicaWith the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Yuki Nagato was installed in the gacha, and when you obtained the character, you could see the original story with a still illustration.[113].
    • "Otogi Frontier"Free life different world anything ya struggle record"Maso Gakuen H×H”, along with a full-voice event, “If there is an Otogi Alien in this place, come to me.”! Was[114].
    • "DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation"so"Maso Gakuen H×H"My choice in the brain is hindering my school romantic comedy with all my strengthThe collaboration studio with the motif of the work, pose cards of the Haruhi Suzumiya series, and a special sailor-style swimsuit at the school where the “SOS group” attends were implemented as “SOS group coordination gacha”.[115].
    • You can always get Tsuruya-san's limited card at "Megagas! Tsuruya-san's confirmed gacha nyoroyo! gacha", which was closed only 100 times per person in "Idol Houses ~ 4 Divas and Dreamy Me ~". If you draw ``Sneaker Bunko Collaboration 10 consecutive gacha'', you can get the character of this game wearing the costume of Haruhi Suzumiya series, and you can get a limited collaboration chibi dollar that collects a certain number of collaboration medals that you can get by drawing the collaboration gacha[116].
    • "Brave Girl Ravens" will hold "SOS member recruitment" where units of rank R or higher can always be acquired, and units "Yuki Nagato (UR + rank only)", "Haruhi Suzumiya (R ~ SSR + rank)", "Mikuru Asahina (R) ~ SSR + rank) ”was implemented, and the stages“ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ”,“ Adventure, right? ”, And the daily missions“ Enliven the world! ”“ Hare Haru Reyukai ”will be held.[117].
    • "Sengoku Providence"Musiuta""Rental Magica"Along with the Haruhi Suzumiya series, the battle princess "Mikuru Asahina" was installed in the gacha[118].
  • Cygamesof"Shadowverse] Special Login Bonus, Leader Skin Sale, Victory Reward Campaign Collaboration[119].


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外部 リンク

8 timesSneaker award・Grand Prize winning work
7 timesThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
(Tanigawa style)
9 times
No applicable works
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(Not applicable)

Animated movie

Animated movie(Animated picture,British: Animated movie) IsMovie theaterPublish onmoviesProduced asア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン(Anime) Video work. As an abbreviationAnime movie, Other movie theaterstheaterFrom the convention of callingTheater animation-Movie version animation-Movie version animationEtc. are also used as notations and names.


Television AnimationUntil, the movie was the only animation broadcast medium, and animation was mainly an animated movie that was shown in the cinema.

in Japanschool educationThe movies shown atEducational movieAnd,1960 eraから1970 era,Ministry of EducationSelection,Minister of Education AwardThere were many animated movies that won such a prize. Other, overseasWorld Expo,EmbassyAn animated movie was also produced to introduce Japanese culture. Until the 1970s, the name animation was not common,Cartoon movieIt was called (TV anime is TV cartoon).

When converting a TV anime work into a movie, in order to distinguish it from the TV series, the title of the work is often attached with "Theatrical version" or "Movie", and it is necessary to make a work completed in one piece, so it is the original for the movie. There are many works that are completed in a story. "Anime movie"Live-action movie,Special effects moviesAlthough it is a word contrasted with, etc.OVA) And other words.

After the release in the movie theater, the regionMunicipalities,Public bodyLoaned free toStarry sky movieIt may be released for free at an event called.


The world's first purely animated movieFrancePainterEmile ColeProduced by(English edition,French version』(1908年, Original title: Fantasmagorie)[1].. Cole was used by Blackton, USA (see below)Time-lapseLive actionFocusing on the technique of the movie, I created a complete animation work that excludes the live-action part from it. The video of "Fantasmagory" is drawn with black ink on white paper,Negative filmIt was shown as an animation movie of white lines on a black background[2].. The world's first animated feature film,America OfWalt DisneyProduced bysnow White』(1937年).

Before the spread of television,News movieAlong with that, a short animation was screened as the undercard of a general movie (main story).Many short theatrical animations were produced during this period. In 1937デ ィ ズ ニ ーUntil he produced his first color feature-length anime, "Snow White," it was common for short-length anime to be an attraction, where he enjoyed moving pictures rather than enjoying the story.

1940年, The world's first animated movie that incorporates stereo soundFantasia] Will be released. However, in Japan1955年.

In Asia, it was released in 1941 in China under the direction ofSaiyuuki The Iron FanIs said to be Asia's first feature-length animated film. Exported to Japan during the war in 1942, at the age of 16Osamu TezukaIt was a motivation for the Ministry of the Navy to produce the feature-length animated movie "Momotaro Umi no Shinhei" (1945).

In the United States, theater short animations have been repeatedly broadcast on television even in the television era.Even in Japan, from the 1960s until the mass production of TV animation,Tom and jerry''Popeye''Superman''Betty boopTheatrical short animation, such as ", was re-broadcast many times on TV.


20st centuryIn the beginning of the United States, was a pioneering work of animated movies, and it was a "pleasant one hundred facets" using a chalk picture on a blackboard (1906年, Original title: Humorous Phases of Funny Faces)[1], A "ghost hotel" that reproduces the mysterious phenomenon of the haunted house by a trick (1907年, Original title: The Haunted Hotel)[2].

Animated fatherWindsor mackay[2]Inspired by Blackton,VaudvilleFor the purpose of using for performance, "Little Nemo』(1911年, Original title: Little Nemo). These films were also shown in cinemas, setting a precedent for commercial use of animation (however, McKay himself was negative about commercial animation). Also, McKay's "Dinosaur gurty』(1914年, Original title: Gertie in the Dinosaur) is considered to have the world's first personality.

As mentioned above, before the popularization of television, a large number of short animations were made as the undercard of news movies. Widely known around the world for these short storiesデ ィ ズ ニ ー OfMickey Mouse,Donald Duck,Metro Goldwin Mayer OfTom and jerry,Fleischer Studio OfBetty boop,Warner Brothers OfBugs BunnyPopular characters such as[2].

A number of great achievements in movie history have been achieved.snow White』(1937年) Became the world's first color feature-length animated film[2](It's a black and white animation, not a colorアルゼンチンThen.1931年ToKirino CristianiHas released the feature animation "Perudopolis".

Other than Walt Disney who has had a great influence on American animationTex AveryThere is (real name Frederick Bean Avery). He created the trend of Tex-Avery school, and was good at eccentric characters and movements. To the representative character createdDroopyAnd so on,Jim CarreyThe movie "StarringMASKS』And later American movies,American comicsHad a great influence on.

From the 1980sComputer graphicsThe search for anime production has started. Computer graphics animationTron(1982)Jurassic ParkIt was already being used in live-action movies such as (1993).Pixar OfToy story(1995年) First,Three-dimensional computer graphicsA lot of theatrical animations have started to be produced and are now becoming mainstream.

Disney has been making masterpieces of feature-length animation since the 21st century, especiallyFrozen』(2013), the world box office record of 12 billion dollars,World successive box officeIn 5th place was recorded. The movie has more than 200 billion yen in box office revenue in Japan, and as an animated movie released in Japan, "Spirited Away] (2001) is the second largest box office income after the record.



In the Edo era, it was already called "copying picture"[2], There was a show of entertainment in which a shadow picture on a screen film made of cloth or paper, a picture written on thin paper or a glass plate was projected and moved using a phantom lamp, and the story and music were added and shown.[Note 1].. Of course, this is not a movie on film, but it is something that a person operates to replace or move a picture.[3].

Japan's oldest existing animation work isJunichi Konaiof"Namakura sword』(1917年Taisho6 years> open)[4]In Japan's earliestShort storyIt is an animated movie. this is1910 eraIt was a 10-minute work produced by the request of Japanese movie companies after receiving a short animation imported into Japan.2007年(HeiseiThe toy version was discovered in 19).1916年(Taisho periodFrom)Shimokawa concave sky,Kiyotaro Kitayama,Junichi KonaiOf the threemanga artist,画家Each with a paper animationCutoutHe worked on animation and produced anime works in 1917 (Taisho 6), both of which were released, but only this work exists.

Shimokawa, Kitayama, and Konai left behind in history as the founders of domestic anime, but all have withdrawn from animation production within a few years. afterwards,1920 eraWhen you enter, next to these three peopleKimura Hakusan,Sanae Yamamoto,Nobuo OfujiAnd so on. AlsoCell animationIn Japan where the introduction ofNobuo Ofuji AwardLeave a name onNobuo OfujiIs "whale" (1927年It has gained an international reputation in <Showa 2>.

1930 era

1932年(Showa7 years), Japan's firstTalkieAnime moviePower and the world of womenWas later named "Father of Japanese animation"Kenzo Masaoka ShochikuIs produced in. continue1933年(Showa 8)Ikuo OishiBy "Moving fox fox] Is produced.

1935年(Showa 10), using Japan's first three-dimensional animation shootingLive actionThe movie "Kaguyahime" is a movie companyJOIs produced in.ShowTheKiji Tanaka, ShootEiji Tsuburaya, DollAsano Mengfu, Kenzo Masaoka is in charge of the animation.

1940 era

1943年(Showa 18), Japan's first full-cell animationKumoto ChuripuIs produced by Kenzo Masaoka.

Second World WarTo the Japanese animation production that had been done on a small scale by individual artificial workshops on a small budget until then,MilitaryMore budget will be spent,War timeAlthough the content has a strong color,Mitsuyo Seoof"Momotaro's Sea Eagle』(1942年<Showa 17>), "Momotaro Sea God Soldier』(1945年Work such as <20> was produced. As a color short animation, "" was planned to be prototyped after 1943 (Showa 18), but it has been canceled due to the deterioration of the battle situation.

1950 era

1953年(Showa 28), Japan's first color (total natural color) stereoscopic animation movieCello playing Gauche』(Mitsui art professional Pook production, director Yasushi Kawajiri, Kenjiro Morinaga) was produced. For shootingMitchell Of35 MiriThe first camera in JapanConicolorNegatives were used.

1958年(Showa 33), Tokyo Central Puppet Theater produced "Kamamine Rinko Monogatari" and "The Fuefuki Prince". Tokyo Chuo Puppet Theater was later Tokyo Chuo Productions Co., Ltd., and produced many animated movies with Dentsu movie company.

1959年(34), Japan Education Television (TV AsahiThe predecessor of "in moral time"puppet showThe puppet movie "The Merchant of Venice", which was filmed and animated, was decided to be broadcast and production started.

1960 era

Toei videoIsWhite snake』(1958年) Begins with "Anju and Kushiomaru』(1961年), "Wanwan Chushingura』(1963年), "Gulliver's Space Travel(1965),Prince of the Sun Horus's Great Adventure』(1968年), "Flying Yurei boat』(1969年), "Cat in boots(1969) and other feature filmsCartoon movieSent to the world. These series areToei Manga FestivalSuch asNew YearPopular as a standard movie for younger people. Many of these movies were rented not only to the cinema but also to elementary school screenings as a 16 mm film, giving many children the opportunity to watch, free of charge at feature elementary animation elementary schools etc. The release will be handed over to later Starry Sky movie shows.

The dawn of the TV animation era

Mushi Production The1963年Japan's first full-scale TV animation[Note 2]"Astro boy] Started production. ThisTelevision AnimationIt is the beginning of the era. The following year from Japan's first TV animeFilm adaptationthe work"Astro Boy The Hero of the Universe』(1964年) Is produced. Since then, a large number of film adaptations of TV animation have been produced, and they have become an important part of animated films in Japan.

So far in feature animationFull animationIt was a Toei movie that came on the basis of. However, because of the influence of TV animation1966年of"Cyborg 009FromLimited animationBy applying 3 framesTelevision AnimationThe line called "B work", which is in the middle position with, will start. Traditional full anime has come to be distinguished as "A work".

In addition, Mushi Production aims for the opposite direction from the conventional animation movie for children, and as an animation movie for adults1969年Public theater work "Thousand and One Nights』Is the first workAnime llamaI made a two part work. This anime llama hit unexpectedly, and adult animation will be produced from here.1970年The second work "ク レ オ パ ト ラ],1973年Anime romanesqueSorrowful Belladonna] Has been published. Note that1969年Leo Production (currentlyStudio L) Was the first in Japan to take advantage of the anime llamaAdult-designated anime"㊙ Drama painting Ukiyoe Senichiya"ToeiReleased in the system,1971年In Tokyo TV video (laterNippon Television Video)ButTanioka YasujiThe original feature animation film "Yasuji's Porn Lama"Japanese herald moviesAlthough they are produced and made public by the distribution of these, none of these piggybacking works ended in failure because they could not achieve box office, critical, or work success.

Educational animated film

1960, Japan Education Television (TV AsahiThe predecessor of the Ministry of Education, "Morality Time", broadcasted Japan's first puppet movie "The Merchant of Venice" (produced by the Tokyo Central Puppet Theater). At that time, only puppet plays were broadcasted in studio live, so the broadcast of the film movie required permission from the Ministry of Education, and program producer Akira Kasahara made an effort to make this happen. The script was written and directed by Katsuo Takahashi, and the shooting was performed by a combination of Ryushiro Mori and Eiichi Murase using a 16 mm camera of French volume. It was broadcast as Japan's first puppet movie, with filming of a live puppet show, animation scenes added, and animations to erase the threads and wires that move the doll. Unlike the puppet show in the studio live, there is an advantage that the film remains as a work, and after the broadcast, the movie distribution company distributed this as a movie nationwide.

There are many educational animation films distributed by educational movie distributors in the 1960s, selected by the Ministry of Education, and produced by Tokyo Chuo Productions Inc. and Dentsu Cinema Inc.

At the "Animal Olympics" produced in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Chuo Productions Co., Ltd., Dentsu Movie Co., Ltd., and Educational Movie Distributor Co., Ltd. won the Minister of Education Award for their masterpieces. ..

  • XNUMXD animation movie
    • "The Merchants of Venice" "The Prince of Fuefuki" "Kamin Rinko Monogatari" "Kooni no Matsuri" "Peter Rabbit no Ken" "Animal Olympics" "Rabbit and Wolf" "Yudan is the Great Enemy" "Peter Rabbit's Orthuban" " "Rabbits and turtles" "3 bikini pigs" "7 hikinokoyagi" "cows and frogs" "well dogs" "Oyayubi hime" (cel animation) "lion and mouse"
  • Road safety series
    • "Let's keep the signal," "Skip dangerous," "Walking way"

In 1962, the three-dimensional animation TV drama "One Way Story" (all 13 episodes), which was produced by Daiei TV Room and featured a space dog, was completed.

"One Way Story" was written and directed by Katsuo Takahashi, camera was Ryushiro Mori, lighting was Eiichi Murase, and it was the first TV movie in Japan. It remains undiscovered.

In 1967, the Japanese three-dimensional animated film "Issikishi" (color 14 minutes, directed by Katsuo Takahashi) was screened at the National Film Bureau of Canada as a film introducing Japanese culture at the Expo Montreal, and then an educational film distributor. The film was also screened at Nikkatsu movie theaters throughout Japan. In the press of "Issikishi" at that time (color 14 minutes 1.5 volumes 154 meters), only the color part was highlighted in bold type because color movies were still rare.

1970 era

Finally, Toei Animation will also stop producing "full" animation for the theater. After that, "Toei Manga Festival"Mazinger Z』And converted to a new line for theatrical anime that became popular on TV. In addition, the "Toei Manga Festival" at this timeTohoof"Toho Champion FestivalIn addition, a part of the episode of the already-released TV animation that was not a new work was made 35 mm and it was screened as it was as a theater animation (Blow upSee also item). On the other hand, when Mushi Production went bankrupt, changes occurred in the late 1970s in the Japanese animation world, where Toei Animation was a self-introducing feature film for theater.

In the late 1970s, mainlyTelevision AnimationA work that is an original animation will appear.1974年Is a TV animation "Space Battleship Yamato] Will be broadcast. It wasn't very popular at the time of the main broadcast on TV, but when it was hit by the rebroadcast,1977年The movie version that edited the television broadcast was released, and it recorded a huge hit such as customers coming out all night from the first day. Next day1978年IsFarewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors] Was released and recorded an unprecedented blockbuster, and these two works made it possible to recognize that an anime movie targeting children was something that people of all ages can enjoy. After this, a lot of animated movies for theater will be made.

In the "Space Battleship Yamato" series, original works will be produced from the second work onwards, but in these sequels, a movie with a ratio that is not Cinemascope size is made, considering that it will be televised later. Has been done.

In 1978, a movie work "Partial composition of animation on live action"Fire bird』(Director: Ko Ichikawa) was released, but it was not a big hit because it was a science fiction boom at that time. In the same year, the world's first anime vision work "Lupine the XNUMXrd Lupine VS human replica] Was released, many works were released in the late 1970s. In 1979Hayao MiyazakiThe work that debuted for the first time as a directorLupin III The Castle of Cagliostro] Will be released. Although this work did not become a hit, it was highly evaluated by anime fans and people in the industry from that time, and it had a deep influence on later animators.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman''Sea Triton''Future Boy Conan''Alpine girl HeidiIt was also a characteristic of this period that a feature animation, which was a re-edited version of TV animation, was released at the theater in response to the boom in TV animation. While this is an animation boom application, production companies other than Toei Animation have specialized in the production of television animation until then and have no know-how to produce feature-length animation for the theater, and only respond to sudden demand. The lack of power[Note 3].. For the audience,Video deckrental videoThe popularity of the store was in the mid-1980s,re-airOther than that, there was the aspect that it was the only opportunity to re-watch popular TV anime.

In addition, of "Space Battleship Yamato"Toshio MasudaAnd the anime boom until the early 1980sLive actionFieldFilm directorThere are many examples of using this in animation.Onchi Hideo"To the earth..." (1980年),Urayama Kiriro"Taro no Taro" (1979). It is said that this was to convince a movie theater owner who was unfamiliar with anime movies at the time.

1980 era

In the 1980s, "Nausicaa of the valley of wind』(1984年) Was released to the theater and after thisStudio GhibliLaunchedTakahata IsaoAndHayao MiyazakiAnd so on every two yearsCastle Laputa in the Sky』(1986年), "My Neighbor Totoro』(1988年) And other original theater animation movies have been released. Ghibli started by Miyazaki et al. is a new label, and their talents are only noticed by some anime fans,Doraemon,Toei Manga FestivalContinued to worship the dust. It was after the 1990s that Ghibli became commercially successful and became known to everyone in the general public.

1980年Every spring breakDoraemon movie worksHas been published (2005年except for). This series has become a popular long-lived series, which has an average annual revenue of 20 to 40 billion yen, and new works continue to be screened as of 2017.

"Mobile Suit Gundam(First Gundam)1981年から1982年It was open to the public and attracted much attention. Initially, Mobile Suit Gundam was broadcast as a TV series in 1979, but was discontinued as it became unpopular. However, it has become more popular with rebroadcasts, the movie version has been released, and it is a sequel to the Gundam TV series.Mobile Suit Z Gundam(1985)”. In 1988, a further sequel anime movie "Char's Counterattack] Was also screened, and the number of spectators has reached 100 million.

It was released as "Post Gundam" under the influence of the Gundam blockbuster.Legendary God Ideon Contact Edition/Activation Edition], [Space Warrior Bardios Movie version], [Document Sun Fang Dagram], [Xabungle graffiti』Was released, but this one was not as big as Gundam.

1984年ToThe Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do you remember loveWas released and became a blockbuster work after Yamato and Gundam.

Sanrio The1979年of"Orpheus of the starsAfter ",The legend of Sirius』(1981年), etc.Full animationWas trying to hit the foreign market by producing an animated movie by. Other1985年In the first work "Yoshizaki Nishizaki" launched a huge project called Yamato Revival 3 Year PlanOdin Photon Sailing Ship Starlight],1989年Is a Japanese-American collaborative work, with a view to expanding Japanese animation into the world.Little Nemo] Etc. will be released. Both films were enthusiastic and costly, but at the show they were a total failure.

In 1982 the United States and the Soviet UnionCold WarDraws the horror of the near future war onFUTURE WAR 198X year』Was released, but there was also a situation where the campaign against the screening before the release and the labor union "the content was warlike" became a topic, and the screening was stopped before the release.

In 1983, Tokyo Central Production representative Katsuo Takahashi developed a video animation system that shoots animation directly on video.

The first video animation of the series "Urikohime", which was produced by the world's first video animation system as the world's first broadcast standard in "NHK program news / fairy tale series" after one year of trial broadcasting at NHK , "Sarkani Battle", "The Mouse's Wedding", etc.

In addition to the "fairy tale story book series" (Shogakukan) as a home video movie, "Kenchan Mika's Mysterious Journey" (Dentsu/NTT) "Riding a Monta-kun police car" (Educational film distributorMetropolitan Police Department) And other movies based on video animation were produced and distributed.

In the mid-1980sVideo deckrental videoThe spread of stores has changed the production of animated films. Original video animation (OVA)'S rise is OVA as a theater animationSingle building, Or conversely, once the plan for enthusiasts was released as a theatrical animation, and the business model was established in which the production costs could be recovered even in the later video sales. Although it was short-lived as a saucer, in Tokyo in 1989 a theater specializing in animation "Theatre Ikebukuro"[5]And "Shinjuku/ANIMECCA"[6]2 halls are born. Projects that have not been successful as theater animations will now be sold on the premise of video sales. Also, the existence of OVA is a small and medium-sized company that has been reluctant to be a subcontractor in TV animationAnime production companyBy embarking on the production of OVA, it became possible to gradually improve its production capabilities.Production IGWas one of the studios, which started in the 1980s and undertook OVA production and TV subcontracting, but after the 1990s, made a leap forward in theatrical film production.

1989年からGo! AnpanmanThe first movie ofGo for it! Anpanman Glittering stars] Has been released, and new works are being screened even now more than 25 years ago.

1980s,Roadshow,Mini theaterNot in the show (entertainment film work)ScreeningFor the purpose of being screened voluntarily by groups, themes were war experiences, bullying, discrimination (human rights protection), biography, etc.Children's bookFeature film based on[Note 4]Came to be produced. These works are more than entertainmentMoral educationThere is a strong element of, and the screening implementation organizations in each region select screening works (basically new works) and hold screenings.

1990 era

In the 1990s, theatrical animated films made a huge leap, and many works were made.1993年The movie "Crayon Shin-chanThe first work in the seriesCrayon Shin-chan Action Mask VS High-Grade Demon King"But,1997年To the movieDetective ConanThe first work in the seriesDetective Conan The Clockwork Skyscraper"But,1998年To the moviePokemonThe first work in the seriesMovie version Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back] Has been released. All 3 worksDoraemon] Along with the series, it has become a popular series that has been produced every year to date.

Also, almost every year, anime moviesJapanese movie OfBox office recordShines at the top of.1989年of"Kiki's Delivery Service],1991年IsOmohide],1992年IsRed pig],1994年IsHeisei Tanuki Battle Ponpoko],1995年IsIf you listen],1997年IsPrincess Mononoke],1999年IsMovie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb], and has recorded the top box office record of Japanese movies that year.1997年In addition toNeon Genesis Evangelion Movie version Air/Mokoro, to you』Was close to 25 billion box office.

2000 era

1998年Since then, in the early 2000s,2000年IsMovie version Pokemon Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI],2001年IsSpirited Away』, etc.Box office recordAlmost monopolizes the top[Note 5].. From these works, many hit works such as "Pokemon" were born and will be widely released outside of Japan.1999年"Theatrical version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack" released in the United States"Pokemon: The First Movie") Became the first Japanese movie to become the "US No. 1 hit" and ranked in the top 20 in the yearly movie box office. The second movie, "Pokemon Phantom Pokemon Lugia Bakutan" (2), also recorded box office revenue of $2000 million.[7].. In addition, the family longevity series of “Doraemon”, “Detective Conan”, and “Pokemon” are entering a stable period, and the average box office revenue of 2 million yen per year, “Weekly Shonen JumpAn animation based on the seriesONE PIECE] The series, etc., also cited box office revenues on average of 20 billion yen.

またHayao MiyazakiThe two directors, "Princess Mononoke" (1997) and "Spirited Away" (2001), set the record for Japanese box office performances for the second time in a row,Academy awardsオ ス カ ーIn addition to receiving the award,Berlin International Film FestivalButGold bear awardAwarded worldwide, the animated film has become a representative of today's Japanese movies.

Japanese animated films have been hit by European and Asian countries one after another, but in the United States, there are currently few examples of Japanese theater animated films that have been box office success. Even in the above-mentioned "Theatrical version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack", which was said to be an unprecedented hit in the American box office of Japanese movies, the box office revenue in the United States was 8574 million dollars, and the box office revenue of 1 million dollars which is a standard hit in the United States Even if it is the best performance in Japan "Spirited Away", box office income in the United States is $ 1006 million[7].. In addition, the number of Japanese anime movies released in the United States is still overwhelmingly small, and the number of theaters released per work is "Pokemon" "Yu-Gi-Oh!In general, there are few exceptions such as. On the other hand, when viewed as a Japanese movie in the US, animation is larger than live-action and special effects, and there is also a view as expected content demand.[8].. As an example, in the live-action work, “Godzilla 2000 Millennium(1999) is the only record in the United States that made $1000 million in box office revenue, while five animated films have exceeded $5 million in the United States.[7].

2002年ToWelcome to Pia Carrot!! -Sayaka's Love Story-] Has been released. This is the first time in historyAdult gameIs a theatrical animation based on.2004年IsOshii Mamoru("イ ノ セ ン ス]),Katsuhiro Otomo("Steam boy]),Hayao Miyazaki("Howl's moving castle]) and the works of the great masters continued. Also,"APPLESEEDIt was a year with many topics as a whole, including the decision to make a sequel before the release. However, none of these works could win a domestic anime award,Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalThe grand prize is "Mind games"Met[Note 6].. In addition, "Doraemon", "Detective Conan", "Crayon Shin-chan", and "Anpanman" are all finished producing cels. Next day2003年Since then, they have moved to digital production all at once (“Pokémon” has been digital production since 2002).

2005年ToDoraemon』Regular voice actors have changed,2006年ToLarge feature DoraemonThe first remake of the movieNobita's Dinosaur 2006Was released.2008年The first original work that is not a remake of "Doraemon Movie"Nobita and the Green Giant Biography] Was also released. In recent years, "Doraemon Movie" is a series of new and old remakes that have been published alternately.

2007年To1995年Was broadcast on TV animeNeon Genesis EVANGELIONIs a reconstructed work ofRebuild of Evangelion: Introduction] Was screened. The production method and advertising activities are similar to those of the self-produced movie, and the form of entertainment isSingle buildingAlthough it was the main one, it won the first place in the weekly box office ranking by starting from the 84th screening on the first day (first in history for movies with 1 or less screens)[9].2008年ToFrog man companyFirst theater latest work "Secret Society Hawk's Claw THE MOVIE President dies twice』Was awarded at the NY International Independent Film Festival, two categories, Best Animation Award and International Animation Best Director Award.

2007, animation production company ufotable By the way, in the format of all seven chapters, which is rare at the time,The border of the skyWas produced. InitiallyTokyoAt Theater Shinjuku inLate showIt was only open to the public, but since it attracted more customers every day,Morning showThe number of screenings has been increased by setting a frame etc., and it will be screened at 8 theaters nationwide such as Theater Diamond[10].. Eventually, the total number of spectators in all seven chapters was about 7.[11], Total box office revenue is about 3.6 million yen, cumulative DVD shipment number is over 75[12][Source invalid].BD BOX ranked second overall in the BD ranking and top in the anime division[13][Reliability required verification].. By September 2013, we recorded more than 9 million sales of related products such as BD/DVD.[14].. Eventually, all 2013 chapters were produced by 10.

2009年Published inONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD』Is the highest box office revenue as a theatrical anime movie based on manga. For the first time in the series, the original author acted as the supervising and production director, so it attracted the interest of the original fans. It was also a big topic that a limited edition comic written by the author was distributed as a privilege for visitors.

It is still mainstream that the works that gained popularity in TV animation are made into movies, but "Rathfone Multivariant』(2003年), "Shakugan no Shana』(2007年)likeMedia mixThere are also works that will be made into movies as a part of.

2010 era

Since 2010, the number of works in which the original author of the manga participates in the production has increased in theatrical anime movies based on the manga. In addition, the number of works that distribute limited comics and DVDs as a privilege for visitors is increasing. Main works areMovie version BLEACH hell(2010),Alchemist of Steel Holy Star on Wailing Hill(2011),Movie version FAIRY TAIL Phoenix priestess(2012),ROAD TO NINJA -NARUTO THE MOVIE-(2012),Movie version HUNTER × HUNTER Scarlet illusion(2013) and so on.

From the late 2000s,Midnight animeOr so-calledUHF animeThe movie version of is increasing. It is often released after a certain period of time from the end of the anime broadcast, and the contents are different, such as omnibus and new episodes. Another characteristic is that there are many cases where it is opened to the public on a very small scale.


USSRIn an era of feature animation films,Horseback foalAre produced. In the USSRStalinBy the instructions ofデ ィ ズ ニ ーIt was required to make an anime like. After Stalin's death,Roman KachernovIs a story for childrenCheburashkaAnimated and contributed to the Russian animation world and gained a high reputation.

チ ェ コ

チ ェ コIs traditionallypuppet show, And it was difficult to use the cell for economic reasons. ThereforeDoll animationIs thriving. To a representative writerIzzy Torunka(1912年-1969年) Etc. Torunka's masterpiece is "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1959年), "Hands" (1965), etc., especially "Hands"1968年 OfUSSRIt is highly regarded as a predictor of intervention.

Republic of China

In the Republic of China1941年, Asia's first feature-length animated filmTsubasa fan] Was produced by the Mankobumi Brothers.

Performance record of successive animated movies

Box performances around the world

アメリカ合衆国The films distributed by the major movie companies occupy a large position in the world market and are listed in the table below.performance incomeAll of the world's top works are by US majors. Regarding the system of the animation production studio,2006年 Ofデ ィ ズ ニ ーbyPixarAcquisition,2007年To20th Century FoxAnime producerilluminationFoundedユ ニ バ ー サ ルTransfer to2016年By universalDreamworks animationAs a result of the transition such as acquisition, the production studio of the top box office work as of 2016 has been consolidated into an oligopoly state by two series of Disney and Universal.

Even in the table below, under the umbrella of Disney (Walt Disney Animation StudiosAnd Pixar Animation Studio) and Universal Studios (Illumination Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation 2 Studios) production studio, and Fox production studio (Blue Sky StudioIt can be seen that it is almost occupied by three series of works, including the two studios of 20th Century Fox Animation).

Animated movies with top box office revenues
Excludes works that are still showing at source[15]
Title of workDistribution companyProduction companyRelease yearperformance income
($ billion)
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2013年12.765
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2015年11.594
Toy story 3
Toy Story 3
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2010年10.670
Kaito Glue's Minion Great Escape
Despicable Me 3
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2017年10.348
Finding Dolly
Finding Dory
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2016年10.282
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2016年10.238
Phantom thief minion crisis
Despicable Me 2
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2013年9.708
The Lion King
The Lion King
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1994年9.685
Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2003年9.403
Shrek 2
Shrek 2
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2004年9.198
Ice Age 3/Tyranno's Lost Property
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2009年8.867
Ice Age 4 / Pirates Great Adventure
Ice Age: Continental Drift
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2012年8.772
The Secret Life of Pets
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2016年8.755
Inside head
Inside Out
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2015年8.576
Shrek 3
Shrek the Third
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2007年7.990
Shrek Forever
Shrek Forever After
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2010年7.526
Madagascar 3
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2012年7.469
Monsters University
Monsters University
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2013年7.442
Karl's Flying House
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2009年7.351
Kung Fu Panda 2
Kung Fu Panda 2
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2011年6.657
Ice Age 2
Ice Age: The Meltdown
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2006年6.609
Bay Max
Big Hero 6
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2014年6.578
Moana and the legendary sea
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2016年6.426
Mr. Incredibles
The Incredibles
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2004年6.330
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2016年6.324
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2008年6.317
Hick and the Dragon 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2014年6.215
Remy's Delicious Restaurant
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2007年6.207
Madagascar 2
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2008年6.039
Rapunzel on the tower
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2010年5.918
Crude's first adventure
The The Croods
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2013年5.872
Monsters Inc
Monsters, Inc.
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2001年5.774
Cars 2
Cars 2
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2011年5.621
Cat in long boots
Puss in Boots
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2011年5.550
Kaitou Glue's Moon Thief 3D
Despicable Me
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2010年5.431
Merida and the Forest of Match
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2012年5.404
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2008年5.333
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2005年5.327
Boss baby
The Baby Boss
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2017年5.280
The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie
20th Century Fox20th Century Fox Animation2007年5.271
Kung Fu Panda 3
Kung Fu Panda 3
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2016年5.212
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1992年5.041
Blue 2 Tropical Adventure
Rio 2
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2014年5.001
Toy story 2
Toy Story 2
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios1999年4.974
Hick and the Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2010年4.949
Blue to the first sky
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2011年4.846
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2001年4.844
Monster Hotel 2
Hotel Transylvania 2
Sony PicturesSony Pictures Animation2015年4.732
Sugar rush
Wreck-It Ralph
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2012年4.712
LEGO movie
The LEGO Movie
Warner Bros.Animal Logic2014年4.692
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2006年4.622
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1999年4.482
beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1991年4.250
Ice Age 5/Stop! Planetary collision
Ice Age: Collision Course
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2016年4.086
Home Alien Buv's exciting adventure
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2015年3.860
Ice Age
Ice Age
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2002年3.833

Box performance in Japan

The Japanese animation movie market is different from the actual state of the world's entertainment, and is characterized by the significant presence of works by Japanese production companies.デ ィ ズ ニ ーandPixarThe box office performance of the work is not far from the global situation, but it does not appear in the top in the global marketStudio GhibliThe works of the two are of a scale that bisects Disney. Especially1997年of"Princess MononokeWas the first animated movie to record No. 1 in the box office revenue history of the Japanese movie market,Titanic], but2001年of"Spirited Away』And after taking the lead again2016年Currently keeps a record.

On the other hand, it is difficult for foreign works other than Disney to get into the top,20th Century Fox TheBlue skyFor the part of the work, the theater release in Japan is postponed. Again in JapanTv animationThere are many theater productions ofPokemon], [Detective Conan], [DoraemonNew works are released every year, and the sales are kept constant.

Animated movies with top box office revenue in Japan
Excluding works that are still showing
Title of workDistribution companyRelease yearDistribution income
(XNUMX million yen)
performance income
(XNUMX million yen)
Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love WarriorsToei1978年21.2[16]
Galaxy Express 999Toei1979年16.5[17]
Doraemon Nobita Dinosaur
Mothra vs Godzilla[Note 7]
Doraemon: Nobita's history of pioneering space
Invitation to Monster Land
Doraemon Nobita's Makai Great Adventure
Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman Supernatural Wars
Doraemon Nobita and the Dragon Knight
Professional golfer monkey Koga unexplored area! The Shadow Ninja Golfer is here!
The ghost's Q Taro advances! 1/100 Great Operation
Doraemon Nobita's birth in Japan
Dorami-chan Minidora SOS!!!
Kiki's Delivery ServiceToei1989年21.5[22]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Animal Planet
Chimpui Eri activity photo
Doraemon Nobita's Dorabian Night
Dorami-chan Arara ♥ Boy Bandits!
OmohideToho1991年18.7[23]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds
21 Emon Go Space! Barefoot princess
Tokimeki Solar Car
Dragon Ball Z Clash!! Warriors with 100 Billion Power
Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure Rise Up!! Avan's Apostle
Magical Taruruto Suki/Suki octopus grilled!
Toei1992年16.0[24]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Battle!! Three Great Saiyans
Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouchi Buchiyare!! New 6 generals
Bastard BLUES
Toei1992年15.0[24]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Red pigToho1992年28.0[24]Studio Ghibliworks
beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Studios1992年16.0[24]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita and the tin labyrinth
Dorami-chan Hello Dinosaur Kids!!
The sun is a friend Do your best! Soraemon
Crayon Shin-chan Action Mask VS High-Grade Demon KingToho1993年12.5[25]22.2[26]Crayon Shin-chanSeries
AladdinWalt Disney Studios1993年25.0[25]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Heisei Tanuki Battle PonpokoToho1994年26.3[27]Studio Ghibliworks
The Lion KingWalt Disney Studios1994年20.0[27]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
If you listen / On Your MarkToho1995年18.5[28]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Galactic Super Limited Express
Dorami & Doraemons Robot School Seven Wonders !?
Doraemon: Nobita's Winding Wind Adventure
The ☆ Doraemon's Kaito Drapan Mysterious Challenge!
Princess MononokeToho1997年117.6[30]201.8[31][32][33][34][35][36]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita's Nankai Adventure
The ☆ Doraemon's Mushimushi Pyon Pyon Daisakusen!
Doraemon is back
Movie version Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back
Pikachu's summer holidays
Doraemon Nobita's Space Drifting Note
The ☆ Doraemons A funny candy Okashina?
Nobita's wedding eve
Movie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb
Pikachu tank
TarzanWalt Disney Studios1999年28.0[40]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Digimon Adventure Our War Game!
Toei2000年21.6[40]ONE PIECESeries
Toy story 2Walt Disney Studios2000年34.5[40]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Legend of the Sun King
The ☆ Doraemons pounding locomotive!
Grandma's memories
Detective Conan The assassin in the pupilToho2000年25.0[40]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI
Pichu and Pikachu
DinosaurWalt Disney Studios2000年49.0[41]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
ONE PIECE Adventure of Nejimakijima
Digimon Adventure 02 Counterattack of Diabolomon
Toei2001年30.0[41]ONE PIECESeries
Doraemon Nobita and the Heroes of the Wings
Good luck! Giant!!
Dorami & Doraemons Space Land Crisis Ippatsu!
Detective Conan Countdown to heavenToho2001年29.0[41]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Celebi Encounter over time
Pikachu Hide and Seek
Spirited AwayToho2001年316.8[31][32][33][34][35][36][43][41]Studio Ghibliworks
Movie version Tottoko Hamtaro Adventure of Ham Hamland
Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah Large Monsters All-Out Attack[Note 7]
Peter Pan 2 Neverland SecretsWalt Disney Studios2002年23.0[44]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Monsters IncWalt Disney Studios2002年93.7[31][42]Pixarworks
ONE PIECE Rare Animal Island Chopper Kingdom
Digimon Tamers Runaway Digimon Limited Express
Toei2002年20.0[42]ONE PIECESeries
Doraemon Nobita and the Robot Kingdom
The ☆ Doraemons Goal! Goal! Goal!!
The day i was born
Detective Conan The Ghost of Baker StreetToho2002年34.0[42]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Latias and Latios, the gods of the City of Water
Shiny starry sky camp
Cat repayment / Gibblies episode 2Toho2002年64.8[42]Studio Ghibliworks
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End AdventureToei2003年20.0[44]ONE PIECESeries
Lilo and StitchWalt Disney Studios2003年29.1[44]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita and mysterious wind charm
Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Perman
Detective Conan The Labyrinth's CrossroadsToho2003年32.0[44]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Tanabashi no Wishing Star Jirachi
Dance Pokemon Secret Base
Finding NemoWalt Disney Studios2003年110.0[31][45]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Wan Nyan Space Time
Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Perman Octopus DE Pon! Ashi HA Pon!
Doraemon Anniversary 25
Detective Conan Silver Wings IllusionistToho2004年28.0[45]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Visitor of Destruction DeoxysToho2004年43.8[38][45]PokemonSeries
Shrek 2Dreamworks2004年25.0[45]Dreamworksworks
Howl's moving castleToho2004年196.0[31][33][34][35][36][46][43][47]Studio Ghibliworks
Mr. IncrediblesWalt Disney Studios2004年52.6[47]Pixarworks
Detective Conan Conspiracy on the horizonToho2005年21.5[47]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation: Mew and the Wave Leader LucarioToho2005年43.0[38][47]PokemonSeries
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDreamworks2005年22.5[47]Dreamworksworks
Chicken littleWalt Disney Studios2005年26.8[48]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur 2006Toho2006年32.8[48]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Requiem for DetectivesToho2006年30.3[48]Detective ConanSeries
CarsWalt Disney Studios2006年22.3[48]Pixarworks
Brave storyWarner Brothers2006年20.0[48]
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of Aomi ManafiToho2006年34.0[38][48]PokemonSeries
Tales from EarthseaToho2006年78.4[31][48]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita's New Makai Adventure-The Seven Wizards-Toho2007年35.4[49]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Azure CoffinToho2007年25.3[49]Detective ConanSeries
Theatrical version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Dialga VS Parkia VS DarkraiToho2007年50.2[38][49]PokemonSeries
Remy's Delicious RestaurantWalt Disney Studios2007年39.0[49]Pixarworks
Rebuild of Evangelion: IntroductionClock works-カ ラ ー2007年20.0[49]EvangelionSeries
Doraemon: Nobita and the Green GiantToho2008年33.7[50]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Senshi no ShikiToho2008年24.2[50]Detective ConanSeries
Kung Fu PandaDreamworks2008年20.0[50]Dreamworksworks
WallyWalt Disney Studios2008年40.0[50]Pixarworks
Ponyo on the cliffToho2008年155[31][46][50][51]Studio Ghibliworks
Movie Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Giratina and Ice Sky Bouquet ShaimiToho2008年48.0[38][50]PokemonSeries
Doraemon: New Nobita's Space Pioneering HistoryToho2009年24.5[52]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Jet Black TrackerToho2009年35.0[52]Detective ConanSeries
Evangelion: XNUMX You Can (Not) AdvanceClock works-カ ラ ー2009年40.0[52]EvangelionSeries
Movie version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Arceus To the time and space of transcendenceToho2009年46.7[38][52]PokemonSeries
Karl's Flying HouseWalt Disney Studios2009年50.0[53][54]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Mermaid Great BattleToho2010年31.6[53]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan The Shipwreck in the SkyToho2010年32.0[53]Detective ConanSeries
Theatrical version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Phantom Champion ZoroarkToho2010年41.6[38][53][Note 8]PokemonSeries
Toy story 3Walt Disney Studios2010年108.0[31][53][Note 9]Pixarworks
Borrowing ArriettyToho2010年92.5[31][53]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon New Nobita and the Iron Man Corps -Habatake Angels-Toho2011年24.6[55]DoraemonSeries
Rapunzel on the towerWalt Disney Studios2011年25.6[55]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
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