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🎥 | Koichi Sato, life's first radio personality "Please feel free to ask"


Koichi Sato, the first radio personality in his life "Please feel free to ask"

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What's more, I'm glad that it's the historic program "All Night Nippon," which has been broadcast since I was a kid.

Actor Koichi Sato will broadcast on December 12rd, Nippon Broadcasting System "All Night Nippon Gold of Koichi Sato-Movie" ... → Continue reading

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All Night Nippon

"All Night Nippon』(All Night-NIPPON) IsJapanese radio stations-Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.TheKey stationAs a radio broadcast all over JapanMidnight programIs. Commonly known as "All night","ANN[Note 1]".Here, in addition to the contents of the current broadcast frame of 25:00 --27:00, the history of the entire program including "All Night Nippon", which is mainly broadcast from 22:00 --29:00, is also included in the title. Describe.For details, refer to the frame and program articles.In addition, "All Night Nippon" is treated as "All Night Nippon" on the Nippon Broadcasting System website.Mucomi PlusSee another article.


196710/2Of the radio that started onLongevity programAs of October 2019, in the Nippon Broadcasting System production program, the broadcast period is "Telephone life consultation』It is the second place after[1][Note 2].

The series of All Night Nippon series is basicallyLive broadcastHowever, it may be recorded due to personality intentions, schedules, etc. that prevent live broadcasting.[2]..Even in the case of recording, most of them are "Simultaneous package"("Record and put outIt will be a pseudo live broadcast.BasicallyYurakucho(From April 1997 to July 4 when the head office building in Yurakucho is rebuiltOdaiba-FCG building) Nippon Broadcasting System It is a live broadcast from the head office building, but if the schedule is involved, the studio of the local station on the net or OsakaBreeze TowerFrom the studio permanently installed in the Nippon Broadcasting System Kansai branch office, there are also cases where equipment is rented from a local hotel where the personality stays, and the program is planned and broadcast live outdoors or from overseas.In either case, the studio at the Nippon Broadcasting System headquarters, which is normally used, is used as a receiving sub for BGM and commercials, and an announcer and two personalities are also on standby in case of deficiencies.

Also, since 1999, "LF + R"The eraSUPER!''.com''R''Saturday Special, And after "LF + R"Good!''Sundae''ever green''GOLD''0 (ZERO)''PremiumMany programs are being broadcast under the All Night Nippon brand, and in addition to the original 25-29 hour frame, after the introduction of "LF + R", the name "All Night Nippon" is intermittently given even at the 22-24 hour frame. The program is being broadcast.For more information"Transition of Nippon Broadcasting System Night WideSee.

現在は、旧1部(25:00 - 27:00)を『オールナイトニッポン』、旧2部(27:00 - 29:00)を『オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO)』と称している。

List of program slots currently being broadcast

2020 Professional Baseball Nighter Off Season (October 2020-)
AirtimeMonday-ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday (once a month)
Another programAll Night Nippon
Premium[Note 3]
Another program
Another program
All Night Nippon
All Night Nippon
All Night Nippon
Saturday Special
Another program
All Night Nippon
All Night Nippon 0
All Night Nippon 0
All Night Nippon 0
(ZERO)[Note 4]
Hidetake Takashima
All Night Nippon
Moon Ichi
Another program
Another program


List of program slots currently being broadcast Broadcast time 2020 (April 2020-)
Program nameMon-ThuFridaySaturdaySunday (once a month)
Premium(No broadcast)19 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)
(No broadcast) 
MUSIC1022 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)
(No broadcast)
GOLD(No broadcast)22 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)
(No broadcast)
All Night Nippon25 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)
(No broadcast)
0 (ZERO)27 pm (CET)
(90 minutes)
27 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)
27 pm (CET)
(110 minutes)[Note 5]
Saturday Special(No broadcast)23 pm (CET)
(90 minutes)
Moon Ichi(No broadcast)27 pm (CET)
(120 minutes)

Net detailsfollowingreference

All Night Nippon
  • Monday --Saturday 25:00 --27:00 (36 stations net)
All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
All Night Nippon MUSIC10
  • Monday --Thursday 22:00 --24:00 (20 stations net (Tohoku Broadcasting is non-net because it broadcasts its own program only on Monday). Tuesday --Thursday Tohoku Broadcasting jumps at 23:50)
All Night Nippon GOLD
  • Friday 22:00 --24:00 (17 stations net,Tohoku BroadcastingJumped at 23:50 and IBC Iwate Broadcasting jumped at 23:00)
All Night Nippon Saturday Special
  • Saturday 23:30 --25:00 (34 stations net)
All Night Nippon Premium
  • Saturday 19:00 --21:00 (5 stations net)
All Night Nippon Tsukiichi
  • Monday 3: 00-5: 00 (Kanto Local)

Current personality

Broadcast dayNamePersonalityBroadcast systemProgram start date
All Night Nippon MUSIC10 (Monday-Thursday 22: 00-24: 00)
MondayAll Night Nippon MUSIC10[Note 6]Ryoko MoriyamaLive broadcast2015/9/28
TuesdaySuzuki Anju2015/9/30[Note 7]
1st and 3rd waterYuko Natori2015/9/29[Note 8]
2 WednesdayChisato Moritaka2020/4/8
4 WednesdayKaoru Kishitani2020/4/22
ThursdayMarina Watanabe2018/1/4
All Night Nippon Gold (Friday 22: 00-24: 00)
1st fridayIchiro Furutachi's All Night Nippon GOLDIchiro FurudateLive broadcast or recording2016/10/21
2st fridayTakuro Yoshida's All Night Nippon GOLDTakuro Yoshida2020/4/10
4st fridayYumi Matsutoya's All Night Nippon GOLDYumi Matsutoya2016/4/22
3rd and 5th goldAll Night Nippon Gold Special Night[Note 9](Weekly)2013/10/11
Once a monthLove Live! Series All Night Nippon GOLDLove Live! Series2020/7/24[Note 10]
All Night Nippon (Monday-Saturday 25: 00-27: 00)
MondayMasaki Suda's All Night NipponShogi ShibataLive broadcast2017/4/3
TuesdayHoshino Gen's All Night NipponHoshino Gen2016/3/28[Note 11]
WednesdayNogizaka46 All Night NipponNogizaka46(regular:Mai Shinnai)2019/4/3
ThursdayNinety Nine All Night NipponNine Tinerecording2020/5/14[Note 12]
FridaySanshiro's All Night NipponSanshiroLive broadcast2019/4/5
SaturdayAudrey's All Night Nipponオ ー ド リ ー2009/10/10
All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) (Monday-Thursday 27: 00-28: 30 / Friday / Saturday 27: 00-29: 00)
MondayFirst Summer Uika All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)First summer squidLive broadcast2020/3/30
TuesdayCreepy Nuts All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Creepy Nuts2018/4/3
WednesdayNobuyuki Sakuma All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Nobuyuki Sakuma[Note 13]2019/4/3
ThursdayPuddle Bond All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Puddle bond2020/4/2
FridayMarbled Myojo's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Marbled star2019/4/5
1st saturdayAKIrecording2018/10/6
2nd-5th Saturday○○ (personality name) All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)(Weekly)Live broadcast or recording2018/4/7
All Night Nippon Premium (Saturday 19:00 --21:00)
SaturdayKis-My-Ft2 All Night Nippon PremiumKis-My-Ft2Live broadcast2020/10/3
All Night Nippon Saturday Special (Saturday 23:30 --25:00)
SaturdaySixTONES All Night Nippon Saturday SpecialSixtonsLive broadcast2020/4/4
All Night Nippon Monthly Ichi (Sunday 27:00-29: 00)
Sunday (once a month)Hidetake Takashima's All Night Nippon TsukiichiHidetake Takashimarecording2019/4/14


(As of November 2021. Announcer not included)

Appearance period[Note 14]
RecordPersonalityStart dateEnd dateAppearance period
Longest regular personalityTakashi Okamura 199404In charge 2509 months-[Note 15]
Shortest regular personalityhide 199804 1998050 001 months[Note 16]
Promotion related
RecordPersonalityStart datePromotion dateAppearance period
Program first promotionDolphin 197407 1975010 006 months
-R first promotionYuzu 1998041998/10
-ZERO first promotionMitsurou Kubo & Mineko Nomachi 201204 2013040 100 months
Promotion in the shortest periodDaddy Takechiyo 198004 1980070 003 months
Nine Tine 199404 199407
Promotion in the longest periodSanshiro 201503 2019040 400 months
Return related[Note 17]
RecordPersonalityEnd dateReturn dateSuspension period
Program first returnThat one1973/121974/100 009 months
Return in the shortest timeKunihiro Matsumura 1996061996/100 003 months
Daisuke Muramoto 201503 201507
Return in the longest time[Note 18]Naofumi Kogami 198903 201801 2809 months


Transition of program frame

Transition of personality

"List of All Night Nippon personalities","Nippon Broadcasting Night Wide Transition #All Night Nippon"See



The dawn of the program

The background to the start of broadcasting was the recession in the mid-1960s and 1964.Tokyo OlympicsDue to the breakthrough of television, advertising revenues have plummeted, forcing the radio industry to develop new listeners and advertisers (sponsors) (Radio away # 1960sSee also).In response to this situation, Nippon Broadcasting System began broadcasting in April 1964.Audience segmentationThe organization was introduced and the organization policy was drastically reviewed, but the movement spread at midnight.

Broadcast started1960 eraThe second half is so-calledBaby boom generationWas a college student, and "All Night Nippon" focused on such college students and high school and junior high school students who are busy studying for entrance exams, and until then, it was rarely played on TV or radio.ビ ー ト ル ズ,Led Zeppelin,Jimi HendrixEtc. overseasLockFrom musicThe Folk CrusadersEtc. JapanFolk songUntil then, the organization was organized to play the cutting-edge music of the younger generation.

The predecessor program is on Nippon Broadcasting System 195910/10Was being broadcast from "" (DJ:Itoi Goro).Subsidiary "Midnight Broadcasting Co., Ltd."[26] This program, which was produced by Itoi, is said to handle the tasks normally performed by the staff, such as selecting songs and operating the turntable.Disc jockeySince it was a style and it was in line with the idea of ​​making a labor-saving program for the station, "All Night Nippon" started broadcasting in the form of developing the program.

19658ToNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.But,Doi MasaruWas seen as the "prototype of late-night broadcasting" by "", which started as a DJ.Akinobu KamebuchiHowever, in an interview later, Kamebuchi said, "Mr. Doi uses abundant and skillful onomatopoeia and onomatopoeia that are commonly used in the current broadcast, and the tempo of the announcer is completely different. I spoke to young people with a machine gun-like speed. In the sense that it overturned the concept of radio broadcasting, it made me feel that a new era had arrived. "[27].

Broadcast started at midnight on October 1967, 10.Broadcast time is Monday-Saturday 2:25-00: 29 (the next day before dawn 00:1-00:5).The original DJ ("Personality(Since 1969), Nippon Broadcasting System announcer Goro Itoi (Monday),Yasuhiro Saito(Tuesday),Koichiro Takaoka(Wednesday),Tetsuo Imani(Thursday),Tatsuo Tsuneki(Friday),Ichiro Takasaki(Saturday. Although he was not an announcer, he appeared on a Nippon Broadcasting System program as a producer and DJ).Itoi, who was the DJ of the predecessor program "All Night Jockey", served as the DJ for the first broadcast.The first song, which is the first song played in this program, isJefferson AirplaneWas "only you"[28].

At that time, he was the director of the organizationTatsuro IshidaWas the director of the organization at that timeShigeaki HasamaHas established the following four major principles in launching the program.[29].

  • Appoint people inside Nippon Broadcasting System such as announcers and directors instead of external talents
  • Unsponsored
    • I didn't sponsor the program for one year after the program started because I didn't like the content of the program being spoken by the sponsor.[30]..When adding a sponsor later, it is a condition that the program content is not touched in the form of "sponsor sponsor", and when the personality reads out the sponsor name, "the above is the name of each company.SponsorIt is from this principle that "de" is added.This principle is still adhered to,TunnelsAnd "SUPER !!"提供I once read aloud.
    • In a later interview, Kamebuchi said, "I don't want to be tied to sponsors to maintain the freedom of the show. However, unnamed shows can only be sold at low prices. It sells. You don't have to forcibly sponsor a show if you want to sell it at a bargain. If you make a good show and broadcast it well, you should get a high-calorie sponsor even if you keep silent. "[30].
    • Although we adhere to the principle of sponsorship, we started in 1988.Yumi Matsutoya's All Night NipponAfter that, SaturdayonlyThe appointment of sponsors will begin. 2001 "NISSO Saturday Special @ llnightnippon.com Tamasso OngakudoFrom "", a crown sponsor came to be attached, and in 2002, "TOSHIBA Presents @ llnightnippon.com LF + R Listeners BEST!After that, Saturday's All Night Nippon was "○○ presents The official program title is "XX All Night Nippon".
  • Use a small studio, don't call guests
    • By confining yourself in a small studio and giving it a feeling of loneliness, it makes you feel as if you are talking one-on-one with the listener.Similarly, calling guests was also prohibited.The number of staff at the time of live broadcasting was also the minimum, with only the director[Note 20].
  • Lower news itemDon't do it
    • Before the start of "All Night Nippon," the sex appeal program was in full swing at midnight.Takasaki was also friendlyAkio MoritaFrom "This isSony OfTrannyIs difficult to sell, "he said.
    • On October 40, 2007, which was the 10th anniversary, "BEAT CRUSADERS Hidaka Toru's All Night NipponSaito Yasuhiro, who made a special appearance in the movie, said, "I didn't do the off-color humor because it was related to the dignity of Nippon Broadcasting System and I shouldn't lose to other stations. Therefore, I did it alone without a partner. ".On the other hand, he said, "Instead of not doing off-color humor, I specialized in talking about the toilet at 26:XNUMX."

In a later interview, Akinobu Kamebuchi talked about these four principles, saying, "War for entrance exams and young people. You would have thought that there was a chance in the middle of the night. Is it all Ishida Ism? Managing Director Ishida and his Mr. Hasama, the director of the right arm, had a vision for the future of radio, which led to the development of late-night programs. At the planning stage, it was aimed at young people, especially junior high school and high school students, wandering life, and university students. And it was clearly stated that young people are not the names of the performers, DJs are not the name of the personality, what can they tell us? In that case, the basic framework was decided with the feeling that "our employees can use it." That is the four articles that Ishida and Hasama put up. "[31].

According to Akinobu Kamebuchi, "Let's create a youth plaza for lonely and lonely young people" was the concept at the beginning of the All Night Nippon program.[32].

Regarding the specific concept, Kimio Nakagawa, a new employee of Nippon Broadcasting System and a member of the public relations department, said, "Basically, I think about the idea of ​​music programs and what to talk about. You can use postcards from listeners or your own. It doesn't matter what happened around me. There was an easy part where I could write a song if I was in trouble. "There was no section like this as a program, and it was a simple program in which the listeners introduced the news and the music selected by the personality himself was played.

As an identity in such an early program, the opening "When you dance and I sing, a new era night is born.Music instead of the sun, dreams instead of the blue sky, a fresh night[33] Leading All Night NipponThe phrase is given.This phrase was used by Tsuruko Shofukutei with a large arrangement until the 1980s, and was broadcast from 2003 to 2009 when the first DJ Yasuhiro Saito served as a personality.All Night Nippon Evergreen],ANAI was able to hear it in "All Night Nippon Classics" of SKY AUDIO, an in-flight program for international flights.This statement was made by Shin Yamanoi, a program writer at the time.[34].

The program targeting young people mentioned above has been well received.As an episode to express that, the amateur group who held a dissolution concert in September 1967Folk CrusadersThe song "Returned Yopparai" from the album that was independently produced byIchiro Takasaki Radio kansaiI heard that it became popular in the late-night program, and on October 1967, 10, I got the master of this song from a person concerned with Radio Kansai, and on October 13, 1967, immediately at All Night Nippon. When it was aired, the response from listeners was great, and the same song was broadcast several times in one night, which triggered a nationwide boom and recorded sales of 10 million copies in two months. Can be mentioned[35]..By the way, this song is from TBS RadioPack-in musicHowever, although I considered broadcasting it, I am a sponsor of "Pack".Nissan Motor [Note 21] Could not be broadcast due to the existence of[36]..Minor songs and sometimes dissidents that can never be played on these daytime radio shows[Note 22]The selection of songs unique to late-night programs, including new songs from overseas, stimulated young people.[Note 23].

First Golden Age (1-1968)

Attracted by the personalities of the unpretentious announcer personalities who were "older brothers", 2 requests and letters were sent to each personality every week, and "All Night Nippon" started quietly without anyone knowing. In less than a year, it has grown into a signboard program of Nippon Broadcasting System, which has received tremendous support from the young people at that time, TBS "Pack-in music・ Nippon Cultural Broadcasting "Say! Young], The midnight broadcast itself becomes a kind of social phenomenon as a "midnight liberation zone".

While competing programs are crowded, "All Night Nippon" emphasizes dialogue with listeners above all, and the subtitle is "Viva Young"(= Youth Banzai!) Is adopted.The opening style mentioned above also emphasized the subtitle, "" Viva Young "All Night Nippon, this program ...[37]".In September 1968, the newsletter "Viva young" was published, and the 9 copies it published were always sold out (All Night Nippon was the first to bring printed matter to radio programs).In this way, "Viva Young" (= Youth Banzai!) Has been around since the 5s.1970 eraIt becomes the slogan of "All Night Nippon".

1969, From January to ThursdayHidetake TakashimaHowever, Akinobu Kamebuchi will be in charge of Saturday from October.In particular, Kamebuchi was not originally an announcer, but became popular as a DJ for "Telephone Request" that was broadcast early on Monday (midnight on Sunday), and was appointed to All Night Nippon.[38]..Kamebuchi sits in front of the microphone as a personality from the director, jumping and running around in the studio with it, and one day the broadcast of the singerKenji SawadaBroadcast live from your home and even broadcast the sound of running water when you infiltrate the toilet[Note 24]The unusual and novel DJ style attracted the attention of listeners, and at once became the signboard personality of "All Night Nippon" and brought a new breath to the midnight broadcast.[Note 25].

In July of the same year, the same personality companionYasuhiro SaitoWithTurtle & AnkoAs CBS / Sony Records (currently:Sony Music Entertainment) From The Folk Crusaders' song of the same name, The Zootolvy, which was used under a different name.Athlete's foot songIt became a smash hit with a record of the song "" and sold 20 copies.This song was familiar to Beethoven and Mendelssohn's free playfulness and rebellious spirit.

From midnight on June 1970, 6 (before dawn on July 30)Nationwide netStart.This day Yasuhiro Saito's All Night Nippon Then,3 stations of "STV Radio", "Shizuoka Broadcasting System" and "Radio Osaka"You can listen to the credit readings of the sponsoring sponsors as an online station.In addition, as a commemorative broadcast for the start of the nationwide network on this day, the personalities from Monday to Saturday at that time were gathered (Tuesday midnight, Yasuhiro Saito, Monday, Goro Itoi, Wednesday, Akinobu Takaoka, Thursday, Kunio Ceiling, Friday.・ Tetsuo Imanito, Saturday, Akinobu Kamebuchi).

Furthermore, in 1971, he and Tetsuo Imahito (who subsequently served as Vice President and Advisor of Nippon Broadcasting System, passed away on December 2009, 12.[39]) Is an epoch-making project to interact with listeners across Japan.Viva Kurige"Is also done.In this project, the ceiling, which was originally popular with car lovers since school days, was just released with Imahito at that time.Honda 1300 Coupe 9It was a plan unique to late-night broadcasting, which is a confusion between public and private on the ceiling, to shake hands with listeners all over the country.In the memory of Yasuhiro Saito, 3 listeners met two in three months.This coupe 64 was provided by Honda, and it is said that it quickly turned black due to writing from listeners.

In this way, the first is Kanto local, and the sponsor sponsor is Nippon Broadcasting System (currently:Pony canyon) Even if there was only one company, the radio waves reach a wide area at night, so in the Kanto regionLocal showDespite this, postcards arrived from all over Japan, and in response to that, the number of online stations gradually increased, and multiple sponsors came to be attached.This era is the first golden age of "All Night Nippon."Regarding this, Kamebuchi said in a later interview, "In fact, when the program became stronger one year after the start, leading companies like Japan became sponsors one after another."[30].

In the same year, Goro Itoi, who turned 50, will continue broadcasting from 1:17 on January 13th to 30:19 on 15th.50 Hours Marathon DJ] Was also held, and the race was completed safely.

Talent personality / two-part system introduced (2-1972)

The late-night broadcasting boom continued into the 1970s, but changes in the tastes of young people and changes in the times (from the student movement generation)Shirake generationNippon Broadcasting System will begin to pursue new broadcasting styles in line with the transition to.Therefore, as of the end of June 1972, personalities other than Akinobu Kamebuchi, Tetsuo Imahito, and Goro Itoi will drop out.

1972For one year from July, Akinobu Kamebuchi said, "Viva turtle show』と称して、毎日25:00 - 27:00を担当した(9月までは月曜日担当の糸居五郎が継続していたため、月曜を除く毎日25:00 - 27:00。10月から月曜を含む毎日25:00 - 27:00となった)。次いで毎日27:00 - 29:00までは最初は今仁哲夫が担当した『Viva Tetsu Show"But, 1973From 1 monthKen Ikeda[Avoid ambiguity]Is in charge of "Vivaken ShowWas broadcast.At this time, the concept of a two-part system that divides the program at 27:2 is born for the first time.

This era was the first stagnation period for All Night Nippon, and Kamebuchi said, "It was very hard for me to be in charge of the program six days a week. I think the program started with a feeling like" defeat processing ". Not only "All Night Nippon", but the whole midnight broadcast was ruined. It was overexposed, or it appeared on the "sunny stage". Then it is not a midnight broadcast. That's right. I thought that the creator and the talker would have to change it again, but once it's done, it's difficult to change it. The number of internet stations has increased, and not everyone can be an announcer of Nippon Broadcasting. Since the station Anna was the basis, then you can do it. It feels like a landing until it changes shape. Until then, it seems like a middle ground between people who do interesting things like Mr. Itoi and Mr. Imahito who are in charge of music. I was broadcasting, but after the "Viva Kamebuchi Show", I focused more on music.Simon & GarfunkelI enjoyed translating the lyrics and featuring them, and playing the Beatles pirated version.I also changed the theme "Bittersweet Samba".There was a Motown funk guitarist who asked me to make it (#Theme songreference).Unfortunately, the rating (listening rate) was not very good.But that made me "OK".Anyway, in order to make the next big jump, it's my job to shrink once, destroy the old image, and straighten it.This time, as a creator, I decided to make a completely new "All Night Nippon," "he said.

On the other hand, Nakagawa, who became the director in 1973, also revealed that it was a turning point, saying, "The turning point is when the announcer of the station completely stopped at the stage when the" Viva Kame Show "and" Viva Tetsu Show "started."Furthermore, "after that, talents came in, so the program itself became bigger, and we were able to create a field where even bigger people could enter," reveals the true intention of using the talent personality in 1973.

In this way, from 1973, Akinobu Kamebuchi changed from his personality to a general producer and director, and worked on the production of All Night Nippon.[40]..Then, from July 1973, the decisive turning point will be reached in which talents, entertainers and singers will be in charge of personality for four hours as before.The first phase of this talent personalityKatsuya Kobayashi(Monday),Izumiya Shigeru(Tuesday),That one(Wednesday), masked personalityカ ル メ ン(Friday),Kishibe Shiro(Saturday) (Yasuhiro Saito revived on Thursday. Also, CarmenThe first female personality in All Night history).So to speak, it was also the beginning of the second "All Night Nippon", and the prototype of the current All Night Nippon was completed.

However, each personality except Anonenone, including Shiro Kishibe's departure in just three months, is the next. 1974By the summer, all the boards will be dropped, and for the next three years, an unstable era will continue in which personalities do not take root and are replaced in a short period of time.The reason for this was that he could not withstand the long-run broadcast of 3 hours both physically and speaking, so from July 4, the personality will be replaced at 1974:7.Two-part system introduced in earnestIs done.

With the introduction of the two-part system, the number of personalities became insufficient, so in the mid-2s, not only talents and singers but also general auditions (sponsored by All Night Nippon, "National DJ Contest") focused on finding unknown newcomers. I'm pouring.In addition, the announcer of the local local station that was online the program also had the program for a while ("Jump out! National DJs』\ Grand PrixTakeaki KashimuraSuch).On the other hand, when selecting a talent personality, the program staff basically auditioned in advance before deciding whether or not to hire, but if you have the speaking ability and ability to do a radio program, you can do it by job type. Because I started to adopt it for personality regardless of my knowledge of musicAkiyo Nosaka,Junji InagawaThere are also unique personalities that clearly deviate from the original flow of "All Night Nippon."At this point, the original concept of the program (a 4-hour late-night program for young people, mainly music by Nippon Broadcasting System announcers and related parties) was lost.[41] However, the concept of "for young people" and the fact that the singer had the program made it barely possible to maintain its appearance as a "music program".

On the other hand, DJ Goro Itoi, who had once dropped out, 19752nd Friday, then Wednesday 1977It was revived in October on Monday (10nd part), which is the old nest, and in "All Night Nippon", which changed from music-based to talk-based, it was the only one that created the atmosphere and spirit of the beginning.Goro Itoi's Monday Part 2Continued until Itoi retired in 1981.

From the mid-1970s when the stray state continued 1980The first thing that stood outThat one,Shoufutei Tsurumitsu,Tamori,Tokoro George,Tied boyorioSuch asColorsystem·Comic songIt was a program in charge of the singer.

In particularShoufutei TsurumitsuAt first, many postcards of protest were sent due to the peculiarity of passing the program in Osaka dialect, but there are news items such as "Midnight Story".Lower news itemAt the end of the 1970s, 2 postcards were sent to the program every week, and the radio listening occupancy rate grew to a sign personality of 80% to 90%, and other days of the week. Even after it became a two-part system, Tsurumitsu continued to broadcast for four hours on Saturday (it will be broadcast for four hours on Friday for a while, but it will return to the original two-part system in a year and a half).Anonenone, which was very popular at that time, was on the showNobuo HaradaAt that timeMitsuo SendaWas in charge of "Say! Young』During the live broadcastNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Call the studio inKuniaki ShimizuAlso boarded the studio during the live broadcast of "Say! Young" and called "Anonenone's All Night Nippon"The program was promoted and the program was jacked to further spread the popularity of the fans."Anonenone Happy Studio", which opens the studio to general fans in the latter half of the program and promotes various projects such as "Seven Mysteries Corner", also gained popularity. TamoriIs taken up by Tsurumitsu as the same topic "What an uncleIt became a hot topic in the program contents that demonstrated Tamori's underground characters such as "Controversy" and "NHK Patchwork News".

Furthermore, it was in full bloom at that timeFolk song,new musicA singer's program ignited,Takeda Tetsuya-South kosetsu-Dolphin-Yamada Panda-Kazuhiko Kato・ Autotomy Haiku [Jekyll Hyde] (Osamu Kitayama)・Keisuke Kuwata-Go Nagabuchi-Chiharu Matsuyama-Takuro YoshidaHe acted as a personality while changing his face.In addition to this, it is a conventional flowKurari Mantaro,Masahiko UeyanagiLF announcers such as also continued to support the program.AndMiyuki Nakajima( 1979--Monday 1st copy)Beat takeshi( 1981--Thursday 1st part) will enter the second golden age in the early 1980s.

また 1977After that, "HOUSE house''Space Battleship Yamato''Galaxy Express 999''1000 years queenAlong with the release of the movie theater, a 4-hour special was broadcasted with a radio drama and talks by the performers and staff.Later, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting will focus onAnirajiIt can be said that it is a sword.

It is the pillar of the current All Night NipponThe program structure of "talk-based," "corner-based," and "news postcard-based" is a system established in this era.AndPostcard craftsmanIt was also around this time that he began to take advantage of it.In this way, there were quite a few listeners who gave up on the entire program because All Night Nippon changed the program content and DJ significantly, but on the contrary, it was a new one that was attracted to the "charm of personality itself" that was different from before. A large number of listeners will be acquired, and as a result, the program name, broadcast time zone, and theme song will remain the same, and the "creator", "listener", and even the "concept" of the program will change with the times. A fluid style of going on will be formed.

While the original broadcasts of "Pack in Music" and "Say! Young", which could not respond to the changes of the times due to this style, were discontinued in the early 1980s, only "All Night Nippon" was able to ride the waves of the times and broadcast at midnight. Only survive as a synonym. In 1973, he returned to the program production and organization department from the popular personality of the first golden age, and the efforts of Akinobu Kamebuchi who continued to search for the new era "All Night Nippon" as a behind-the-scenes result became fruitful.[40]..Kamebuchi said, "I started hiring talent when I was the chief producer of the show, but I could learn a lot only with the successes and failures of the employee announcer era."[38].

From stable period to late-night broadcasting long-term downward trend (1986-1999)

For about 1980 years since the mid-10s, the late-night program of rival TBS Radio did not take root and strayed, and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting also said "Miss DJ Request ParadeSince then, we haven't focused on late-night broadcasting for a long time, so it was also the time when the scheme of "midnight broadcasting for young people = All Night Nippon" was most established.

1985Tsurumitsu's all-night for 12 years has ended, and after that, AB Brothers andKeishuTakes over Saturday's comedy frame (in the AB Brothers era) 1986From April, Saturday will also shift to a two-part system), 1988From the new music mogulYumi MatsutoyaIs in charge of the first part on Saturday 1999Will be active for a long time.

198610/1In commemoration of the 20th year, a special program called "ALL DOGETHER NOW" was broadcast.Miyuki Nakajima,Tunnels,Kyoko Koizumi,Beat takeshi,Sunplaza Nakano,AB BrothersSix groups of personalities from the first division at that time gathered together (officially) 19856/15HeldNational Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldAtInternational Youth Year Memorial ALL TOGETHER NOW"ofSpin-offIt is a project, and DOGETHER is a word for "TOGETHER" and "Dogeza").

From the mid-1980s to the early 1990sBand boomIs boiling, and its influence gradually appears in the selection of all-night personalities. In the first partSunplaza Nakano-Daemon Kogure-Kenji Otsuki-Naoto KineEtc., but in the second partMaki Watase(LINDBERG)・Keiko Terada(SHOW-YA)・AYAKO(PINK SAPPHIRE)・Kaori Kawamura-THE East Southwest NorthWill play an active role and play a part in the boom.In the early 1990sElectric groove,YUKI(JUDY AND MARY),Kazuya Yoshii(THE YELLOW MONKEY),Senri Oe,Kenji OzawaとSchauda Lapar,EAST END x YURIThere are many core fans from famous places such asKazumi Izumi,Ishikawa YoshihiroProduced a wide range of personalities.

Comedy personality in the first part on Tuesday, 1985TunnelsAppeared, and more 1989On Friday 1st copyUtchan NanchanAppears.Was a disciple of a rakugokaIjuin HikariIt was around this time that he played an active part in the second part on Wednesday and Friday and showed his prominence as a radio star at once. Ran through the 2'sBeat takeshiWhile making a substitute on the way 1990The program continued until, but after thatTakeshi Corps OfAsakusa KidAlso in charge of. 1993ToKunihiro MatsumuraBut then 1994Served as a long-term personality until September 2014Nine TineWill appear (from October 2014, 10 to May 2, 2020)Takashi OkamuraWas in charge of it alone, and started broadcasting as the second term from May 2020, 5).

Also, in this era, in a different sense from the stray period of the 1970s, it was also an era in which personalities from different industries were introduced.Was a top idolKyoko KoizumiAppeared in the first part of Wednesday in 1.After that, the program in charge of female idolsYuki Nae-Anai YukoIt came to be seen sporadically.Besides, the theater company "Third stageWas presided overNaofumi Kogami,magazine"Weekly playboy』Editor'sTakamine Komine,manga artistsakuramomokoSuch.The best part is that in 1992, the amateur Ronin & was appointed to the second part of Wednesday (Yuko Anai mentioned above was a 2-week limited pitching while these two were absent from studying for entrance exams. T).laterAkutagawa PrizeBecame a writerHitoshi TsujiEven in this eraECHOESHe serves as a personality as the vocalist "Hitonari Tsuji".Fukuyama Masaharu(1992年1月から1994年6月、同年11月から1998年3月、及び2000年4月から2015年3月まで担当)が、当時若手イケメン俳優・歌手というポジションで認知されていた彼の「素」を本番組で公に広く知らしめた。ただ、この頃になるとオーディションでパーソナリティを発掘し番組で育てていくことよりも、知名度ありきでパーソナリティに採用することが増えてきた。

1991In October, to commemorate the entry into the 10th year, Miyuki Nakajima, Tamori, Beat Takeshi, and Tsuruko Shofukutei all-night Nippon broadcast a one-night revival.Also, 1997From October 1998Until March, in commemoration of the 3th anniversary of the start of program broadcasting, past personalities will be in charge of "All Night Nippon DXIs being broadcast from 19:00 to 21:00.

However, in the mid-1990s, late-night TV programs were enhanced.Video deck,game machine,computer,mobile phoneDue to the spread ofAway from the radioBecomes more prominent, and the long-term downtrend of the entire midnight radio is visibly apparent.Furthermore, even within the same radio industry, the number of commercial FM stations has increased rapidly since the end of the 1980s.Super FM magazine』(TOKYO FM) 『FM Night Street』(JFN), Etc., as commercial FM stations began to produce programs centered on AM radio-like material talk in the middle of the night, the pie of all listeners was dispersed, and CM income at some local stations The headwinds for late-night broadcasting of AM radio became stronger, such as the decrease in production costs due to the decrease in production costs.The number of postcards and faxes sent to the program has also dropped sharply (in 1997,Ninety Nine All Night NipponThe total number of postcards and faxes sent to the address was about 3000 per week, which was about one-seventh of the popular programs of the 1960s and 1970s), not only for All Night Nippon, but also for AM radio. There was a dark cloud in the future of the late-night broadcast for young people.Under such circumstances, Nippon Broadcasting will pay attention to new tools such as personal computers, mobile phones, and e-mails, and will carry out a major reorganization of the night zone including "All Night Nippon" in order to integrate the relationship between those IT devices and AM radio. It will be.

1998In the spring reorganization, the two-part frame (2: 27-00: 29)R (abbreviation for relaxation)With "All Night Nippon R』Renamed to.Except for Friday midnight and Saturday midnight, it ended at 28:30 and was shortened by 30 minutes.At this timeInternet broadcastingA live studio broadcast was conducted on a trial basis, and this attempt was later made into "LFX488It was made use of.

LF + R (1999-2003)

1999In the spring reorganization, the start time zone was significantly advanced, and then the two-part system was changed to a three-part system, and the night zone was changed to "LF + R(Love & Friends + Radio)After calling it, from 22:00 to 24:00, a form similar to the old first part "allnightnippon SUPER!Started, 25: 00-27: 00 linked with the Internet "@ llnightnippon.com, 27:00 --29: 00, or 27:00 --28:30allnightnippon-rHowever, various problems have occurred since the beginning of "LF + R" (LF + RRefer to the section of).

In the 2000-minute frame from 23:30 to 25:00 on Saturday midnight in 90,Masaharu Fukuyama's all night nippon saturday special ・ Soul Radio"("Durian Sukegawa's Radio of Justice!』Launched the successor program), and was dismissed in 1998Fukuyama MasaharuWas re-appointed.

2003With the spring reorganization, the "LF + R" brand will end, and the SUPER frame from 22:00 to 24:00 will be "All Night Nippon Good!] And renewed the personality. In the com frame 25: 00-27: 00, the title returned to "All Night Nippon" for the first time in four years, and "allnightnippon-r" also returned to the title used for one year from 4 with "All Night Nippon R".

After the end of LF + R (2003-2012)

Focusing on young peopleAway from the radioAnd as television broadcasts all night, the radio industry began producing a number of programs for older people, such as the baby boomers who once listened to the radio in the 1960s and 1970s.All Night NipponTBS Radio"JUNKIn the midst of intensifying competition with the young people and tapering the listening of young people, we entered the midnight broadcast in the reorganization in the fall of 2003.NHKof"Radio midnight flight"All Night Nippon R", which was for young people, was discontinued from Monday to Thursday, and instead, "All Night Nippon R" was strongly conscious of middle-aged and older people.All Night Nippon EvergreenWas started broadcasting, and the personality re-appointed Yasuhiro Saito, one of the first DJs.The show lasted for six years, and was in charge of all night in the late 1s, even after Saito retired in the spring of 6.Kurari MantaroAppointed "Mantaro Kuri's All Night Nippon RWas broadcast.

In addition, from November 2009, 11, in the night wide frame from 30:22 to 23:XNUMX, "All Night Nippon GOLD』Start.A personality targeting a slightly older age group than the original All Night Nippon broadcast in the midnight frame is appointed.

In July 2006, on some programs of "All Night Nippon"Less StupidStart.Detail is"Nippon Broadcasting System Podcasting StationSee.

200710/1, Because it is the longest live program broadcast 40 days a week to commemorate the 6th anniversaryGuinness World RecordsI applied for.From the same day, "All Night Nippon Evergreen" will be discontinued at 28:30 (4:30 in the early morning of the next day) on Nippon Broadcasting System.

On the other hand, the special program "Kumi KoudaKota's remarks in "All Night Nippon" become a problem.The program was pre-recorded, and the producer in charge apologized ("Ninety Nine's All Night Nippon" broadcast on February 2) and almost half of the production employees were replaced in-house because the check system did not work.

Two-part system revival for the first time in eight and a half years (8-2)

He has supported All Night Nippon as a director since 2007, and became a producer of All Night Nippon in April 2018.Yuichi TomiyamaAll Night Nippon was in a slump during the period from the late 2000s to the mid-2010s, stating that it "barely maintained the show."[42]..In addition to the diversification of entertainment during this period, the background is that young people stopped listening to the radio.[42]..In addition, All Night Nippon itself was a difficult time, with some days of the week having no sponsors in the mid-2010s.[42].

Meanwhile, 2012For mobile terminals from AprilMultimedia broadcastingとして新たにスタートするNOTTVのサービスの目玉の一つとして『All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)』(Monday-Friday 27: 00-29: 00), and by NOTTVSimul broadcastingHas started[43]..This "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" was the revival of the second part of the program, which was the first in eight and a half years since the end of Monday-Thursday of "All Night Nippon R" in the fall of 2003.The personality audition for this frame will start in January 8.YouTubeAs a result, 1609 groups of applications were collected, and after the video screening by the staff of All Night Nippon, the staff of All Night Nippon in the second screening by those who passed it were conducted in the form of open recruitment utilizing As a result of the interview, 2 groups of personalities were announced and selected on March 2012, 3.[44]..In particular, it was selected as a general public personality for the first time in 19 years.Kosuke MotomuraWas appointed for one year from April 2012 to March 4.

He was the planner of this program and also the first chief director of "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)".Atsushi Matsuoka"In the first place, the program called All Night Nippon was a place to introduce new talents to listeners. I had the idea that" It is All Night Nippon that discovers new talents. " I was[45]、1990年代から2000年代にかけて見られた知名度ありきのパーソナリティを起用するという方針から、かつて、1970年代半ばに見られた新人パーソナリティの発掘・育成を図るという方針に転換している事を窺わせている。また、YouTubeを利用した投稿を用いたことについて松岡は「とにかく面白いことができる人であれば何人でもかまわない。とにかく気軽に応募して欲しいということ。これだけインターネットが普及している時代なのでやはり、動画投稿サイトを使うのが良いだろうという結論に達しました」とも語っている[45].

Yuichi Tomiyama, who became the producer of All Night Nippon in April 2018, said that the appointment of Part 4 was "the idea of ​​appointing seasonal people who are in good condition or have been completed".[42]..On the other hand, the second part says that there is a wide range of personality appointments, such as "actively appointing young people who can expect growth".[42].

In particular, the broadcast from April 2014 to March 4Woman Rush Hour All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)In the case of 』, despite the broadcasting time from 27:29 to XNUMX:XNUMX, while many female fans are waiting at the entrance of the Nippon Broadcasting System headquarters in Yurakucho, tune in to NOTTV and watch this program. Was said to have been[46].

February 2013, 2 22:22 --February 00, 2:24 is "Chiharu Takeshi is also here! All Night Nippon 45-hour special where the legendary personality talks about the present』Broadcast.The program will be on the 24th from 9:00 to 12:00 "Tokyo marathonIt was a 2013-hour long live broadcast (partially recorded) with a live broadcast of "45" in between.

During the reorganization period in April 2013, following the video distribution of "All Night Nippon 4 (ZERO)" that NOTTV started in 2012, Tuesday (Mitsurou Kubo / Mineko Nomachi's All Night Nippon) And Wednesday (DIENOJI Nobuhiko Otani's All Night Nippon) All Night Nippon Part 1 also had a one-year simultaneous live broadcast with video[47]..In addition, during the reorganization period in April 2014, the frame was moved from Friday to Wednesday.AKB48 All Night NipponWas broadcast live on NOTTV with video.[48].

2013年9月16日より21日までの6日間は、「『オールナイトニッポン』×YouTube エンタメウィーク[49][50] For the first time in history, all the frames of the old 1st and 2nd copies (excluding 2nd Saturday) were distributed as a video under the title of "Interlocking Project".[50][51].

With Nippon Broadcasting System from February 2015, 2Yoshimoto KogyoInternet distribution program jointly planned and produced byAll Night Nippon w』(月-金曜19時から10分から15分程度の動画を配信)がYouTubeを用いて配信[52].

Since the reorganization in October 2015, the previous "All Night Nippon GOLDTake over the broadcast frame from Monday to Thursday of ""All Night Nippon MUSIC10』Broadcast has begun[42]..About this program, Tomiyama said, ""Radio midnight flightWe are aiming for a program that is easy for a wide range of people in their 40s and above to listen to before going to bed. "[42].

As of the end of June 2016, with the end of the NOTTV broadcast that was simultaneously broadcasting "All Night Nippon 6 (ZERO)"[53], The video distribution of this "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" will start on March 2016, 3.LINE LIVEWas inherited by[54].. "AKB48's All Night Nippon" continued to be broadcast even after the transition of "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" to LINE LIVE, but it will be broadcast simultaneously on June 6 (midnight on June 30) of the same year when NOTTV closed. After the end, and after a blank period after that, August 6th of the same year (midnight on the 29th. On that day)Keyakizaka46Is a personality. ) FromSHOWROOMMoved to video distribution in[55][56].

50th anniversary of broadcasting (2016-2018)

As part of a project to commemorate the 2017th anniversary of All Night Nippon's broadcast in October 10, "All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Logo / Production Project」が発足し、2016年11月10日から2016年12月15日23時59分までの期間を設け、2017年10月2日にオールナイトニッポンが放送開始して50周年を記念するロゴをプロ・アマ問わず一般公募という形でニッポン放送主催によって行い[57]As a result, the total number of applications was 1081, and on February 2017, 2, the final selection result was announced on the stage of "Nippon Broadcasting All Night Nippon 4th Anniversary ALL LIVE NIPPON VOL.50", and at the same time, All Night Nippon started broadcasting. The 5th anniversary logo has been officially decided[58][59]..From the total number of 1081 proposals, the logo designed by a graphic designer living in Oita Prefecture was selected as the All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary logo. Explained the image of the commemorative logo that he designed[59]..In another interview, he explained that he made it with the image that "I was wondering if I could put my feelings of listening to the radio into shape, and the listener put on earphones at night and laughed secretly." , "I can grin alone, but I can share only the time. I think that there are fans of various personalities, but among them, sharing time with everyone is one connection, It's like a bond, isn't it? I expressed that kind of thing, "explains the intention of creating this logo.[60].

From January 2017, 1, in commemoration of the 14th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting,Shofuitei Tsurumitsu's All Night NipponRevival version of "Efukutei Tsurumitsu's All Night Nippon. TV @ J: COM]J: COMThe production TV "Locally-based adult talk varietyBroadcast as a program[61].

In addition, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting, "Discovering a new radio personality" for the first time in five years since 2012, "All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary / Personality AuditionWas performed by both professionals and amateurs[62][63]..The application method is to use "LINE LIVE" to create a self-promotion video, and then write the URL of the video and necessary information on the application form on the Nippon Broadcasting System homepage to complete the entry. I take the[62][63].. Applications will be accepted from January 2017th to February 1th, 11 at 2:5[62][63]In mid-February, in addition to the number of people who watched the video, the number of evaluations, which is one of the functions of LINE LIVE, was taken into consideration, the first selection was made, and the result was notified to the applicant. Then, in late February, an interview was held by the All Night Nippon program staff.[62], A comedy duo as a new personality from the 3 groups who applied for this audition on March 22LampampsWas chosen[64]..Also, from the applicants who could not pass the examShared seat start-Ranja Thai・ EMILY () ・Katsuya TakasuBy September 4, 2017 groups ofAll Night Nippon RWas appointed as a personality[65][66].

In addition, on March 2017, 3, as a catch phrase for the 22th anniversary, "Live & FunWas enacted[67]..this is,"Live"=" We are constantly making history in an ongoing manner, always sending out raw information ","Fun= "The origin of All Night Nippon, the liberated area at midnight, the spirits that always value the bond with young people"[67].."All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Logo"Live & FunA graphic designer living in Oita Prefecture, who also produced the All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary logo, worked on the logo design with the catch phrase.[67].

The 2017th meeting on April 4, 28Galaxy award(Broadcast criticism conferenceThe prize-winning work of (sponsored by) was announced, and it is the first personality of All Night Nippon that has carved a history of 50 years.DJ Personality Award"Hoshino GenWon[68].

On June 2017rd and 6th, 3,ALL NIGHT NIPPON 50th Anniversary Britney Spears -JAPAN TOUR 2017-The performance of Britney Spears in Tokyo, which has been in Japan since 2002, was titled "All Night Nippon" and was held as a performance commemorating the 50th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting.[69].

On July 2017, 7, "Thank you! All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary, "Songs related to All Night Nippon" will be broadcast on a regular program from 5:13 to 13:17, and will be personality from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.Akihisa SoguchiAnd "Thank you! All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary ChronicleBroadcast as[70].

To commemorate the 2017th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon Broadcasting from July 7, 31, as a new service of the Web media "allnightnippon.com" operated by Nippon Broadcasting System, "All Night Nippon i』Started operation[71][72].

From August 2017th to August 8th, 7, as a project for the 8th anniversary of All Night Nippon, "Welcome Ariana! “One Love Manchester” with ALL NIGHT NIPPONOn May 2017, 5UK-ManchesterWas held at the live venue ofAriana GrandeCharity campaign "One Love Manchester"All Night Nippon", which has been cherishing "music" and "youth" for 50 years since the start of broadcasting, agreed with this campaign, and "All Night Nippon" and "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" from Monday to Friday. , Saturday's "All Night Nippon Saturday Special Okura-kun and Takahashi-kun" and "Audrey's All Night Nippon", we accepted the message and introduced the message[73][74][75].

In addition,Tokyo Girls CollectionIn collaboration with All Night Nippon, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, we promoted All Night Nippon at the 2017th Tokyo Girls Collection 9 AUTUMN / WINTER held on September 2, 25.[76].

Also, as a project for the 50th anniversary of All Night NipponYahoo! JAPANWith the cooperation of, we will hold a smartphone movie contest with the theme of "MY HOME TOWN" for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter (October 4 to September 2017).[77].

During the so-called night-off period from October 2017 to March 10, all-night Nippon's successive personalities appointed in the past were appointed to commemorate the 2018th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting.All Night Nippon Premium』Broadcast[78].

On November 2017, 11, the special program on TV, which was the base of this program,<BS Fuji Sunday Premium> "The Genealogy of All Night Nippon 50 Years at the Time of Heat"(21: 00-22: 55.BS Fuji) Is broadcast.Served as a personality in the pastMasahiko Ueyanagi[79],Kubo Beeswax,Minako Nomachi[80], As of 2017Mai Shinnai(Nogizaka46) Appeared[Note 26].

As All Night Nippon celebrates its 50th anniversary, "2017 projects" are being held from January 1 to October 2018.[81][82]..Since the personality of the early stage of the program involved the employee announcer / director in the All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary project, all employees of Nippon Broadcasting System were recruited and "150 projects" were selected from 50 projects. Ta[81][82].

Already, "50th Anniversary Jingle produced by Gen Hoshino (described later)" "ALL LIVE NIPPON Vol.5" "50th Anniversary Logo Established by Public Recruitment of Listeners" "50th Anniversary Personality Audition" "Britney Spears JAPAN TOUR 2017" " Eight projects such as "Thank you! All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Chronicle", "Welcome Ariana! One Love Manchester with ANN", and "All Night Nippon personality appearing in the Tokyo Girls Collection" are being held.[81].

As one of the 50th anniversary commemorative projects, we solicited voice messages with the theme of "I and All Night Nippon" recorded on a smartphone for about 30 seconds by e-mail, and sent the voice messages.Creepy NutsBroadcast as a special jingle on the BGM of the composition "~ Your voice flows in All Night Nippon! ~" Me and All Night Nippon "Listener Jingle"[81][83].

Also, during the three months from November 2017, 11 to February 27, 2018, we will discover a broadcast writer who will be in charge of All Night Nippon from among the listeners "Find a genius once in 2 years! All Night Nippon broadcast writer audition" "I do[81]..As for the selection method, the number of stories adopted during the period in the target corner of each program is totaled, the ranking is announced every week, and finally, the one who ranked high and All Night Nippon We will interview the program director of the program, narrow down some people, and hire them as program staff of All Night Nippon from April 2018.[84].

In addition, following 2017, the personality that will build the next era will be solicited from the general public and will be appointed as the regular personality of "All Night Nippon 2018 (ZERO)" from April 4. Who is the personality to carry? ~ All Night Nippon "next0 audition" was held[81]..To apply, use "LINE LIVE" to create a self-promotion video with the theme of "my disappointing story", and then fill out the application form on the Nippon Broadcasting website with the URL of the video and the necessary information. Take the method of writing matters etc. and completing the entry[85][86][87]。期間は2018年1月26日正午から、2018年2月11日23時59分までで、2月中旬に、1次審査を通過した方への連絡をニッポン放送から行い、2月下旬に、2次選考として、面接を行って[85][86][87], Successful applicants on March 3Four thousand headsWhen,Muneko NemotoAnd the actressNagai TanWas officially announced and appointed as a regular personality of "All Night Nippon 2 (ZERO)" from April 2018.[88]. Also,Tally turkeyとShared seat startWas appointed in the Saturday weekly frame of "All Night Nippon 2018 (ZERO)" from April 4[88].

In addition, a 60-second radio drama called "All Night Nippon Theater", a mini-drama newly written by Shoji Kokami, will be broadcast for 2018 weeks from April 4, 2, with the motif of "All Night Nippon".[81][89]..This is a 50-second continuous mini-drama written by Shoji Kokami to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting. The broadcast format is 6 episodes, and each episode will be broadcast 1 times. Has become[89].

Other things that have already been revealed

  • "All Night Nippon Official Twitter & Instagram Account Opening" that spells behind-the-scenes stories and off-shots of programs such as All Night Nippon[81]
  • "All Night Nippon Side Story" that spells 50 years of history in "Unknown Episode"[81]
  • All Night Nippon's regular personality appears on a monthly basis, and from the schools all over Japan that applied, a monthly lottery is limited to 10 schools, and a program that runs only for that school is produced and broadcast on the school "All Night Nippon in School Broadcast"[81][90][91][92][93][94][95]
  • "I want to listen again! All Night Nippon Jingle Library" that broadcasts the jingle that has been broadcast for 50 years[81]
  • Live event "Takashi Okamura's All Night Nippon Kayo Festival in Yokohama Arena 2017" produced by Takashi Okamura[81]
  • "Ryoko Moriyama Musical Supper Adult Trip in Taiwan 3 Nights 4 Days Trip" to tour Taiwan including her own "Live & Dinner" with Ryoko Moriyama[81]
  • "ALL LIVE NIPPON Vol.2", the first two-day live event where all-night Nippon personalities gather[81]
  • Limited edition of 500 "adult wristwatches" realized by collaboration between All Night Nippon and Seiko "All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Chronograph Wrist Watch"[81]

There are plans such as.

During the period from February 2018th to March 2nd, 26, in the broadcast frame from 3:2 to 21:21 (Kanto local, radiko premium can be heard nationwide), Tsuruko Shofukutei was welcomed as a personality.All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Special-Ano story that can be said nowIn addition to the social phenomenon caused by All Night Nippon, which boasts a history of 50 years, we will unravel from the personality at that time and the testimony of the staff at that time, up to the "cleanup book" written by the director in charge at that time. Is a thing[96].

A poster for the 2018th anniversary of All Night Nippon will be posted at JR and Tokyo Metro stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area for a week from February 2th to 19th, 25.[97]..Also, this is "All Night Nippon at #radikoAs part of the campaign, you can shoot this poster and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag "#radiko All Night Nippon", or find this photo on social media and retweet or By reposting, there is a plan to present a set of clear files that All Night Nippon and Tower Records collaborated with by lottery and radiko's original bluetooth earphones to 50 people.[97].

On December 2018, 3,Nippon Budokan"All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Concert with that wonderful singing voice again" was held at[98].

2018年3月28日12時から2018年4月4日24時にかけて、放送開始50周年を迎えたオールナイトニッポンとメジャーリーグ通算50勝を達成したMasahiro TanakaA stadium jumper limited to 50 pieces will be produced and sold in collaboration with[99]..Masahiro Tanaka was in charge of the personality of "Masahiro Tanaka's All Night Nippon NY" during the year-end and New Year holidays, and this project was realized because he was deeply involved in it.[99]..Tanaka says, "Nippon Broadcasting System broadcasts" Masahiro Tanaka's All Night Nippon NY "every year.For me, it's like a New Year's tradition, and it's one of the pleasures.This time, as it is the 1th anniversary of All Night Nippon, I made a stadium jumper as a collaboration goods with my 50 major wins that I achieved last year.This jacket was designed by Tsuyoshi Noguchi and NIGO® of HUMAN MADE®, and it has a very cool finish.The buttons are made of HUMAN MADE® and are also reversible, with the serial number embroidered and attention to detail.I also want to dress up on a regular basis.Please wear this jacket and come visit us at the stadium! "[99].

From April 2018, ``Collaborate Japan], A three-minute corner where one group of personalities collaborate with one company every month, regardless of whether or not they are regular all night, is started.This corner crosses all days at around 3 o'clock.

2018年4月19日(18日深夜)1時から『菅田将暉のオールナイトニッポン』の中で、オールナイトニッポン50周年スペシャルラジオドラマとして2013年4月から2016年3月までレギュラーとして放送された『Alco & Peace All Night NipponThe novel "The main character is the listener of"Go out on a bright night』Shogi Shibata-Shang Baishi Meng Yin-Kenjiro Yamashita-Natsuki HanaeBroadcast with the appearance of the main cast of[100][101].

On April 2018, 4, Nippon Broadcasting System will be part of the "All Night Nippon 24th Anniversary Project".Fukuoka OfKurate TownNewly established in "Kurate"Block chainAnnounced to cooperate with the "Village" initiative[102].

"All Night Nippon 2018th Anniversary" won the semi-grand prix at the award ceremony of "Broadcaster Grand Prix 5" sponsored by the general incorporated association "Broadcaster's Association" on May 19, 2018.[103].

From August 2018th to September 8st, 27, in commemoration of the 9th anniversary of the start of All Night Nippon broadcasting,All Night Nippon Comedy Radio Star Week, 0 sets of comedians were in charge of the personalities of "All Night Nippon" and "All Night Nippon 12 (ZERO)".[104].

From October 2018, 10, following last year's night off,All Night Nippon PremiumWill be broadcast, and the broadcast time will be from 18:00 to 20:30 from Monday to Friday, and the broadcast time will be expanded by 2017 minutes compared to 40.[105]..Especially on Friday, as the first personality of Johnny's unit in the history of the 50th anniversary of All Night Nippon.Kis-My-Ft2Appointed[106].

October 2018, 9 28:13 --00:17[Note 27] To conclude the 50th anniversary project,Thank you 50th anniversary! Tadashi Kakihana and Mai Shinuchi's All Night Nippon Music Request[Note 28]"The 50th anniversary of" All Night Nippon "with" Music "", "I want to listen to it again! That famous scene", "Music request", and "All night with you" to talk to successive personalities. The program was composed of "Nippon"[107]..As a guestKunihiro Matsumura(13:XNUMX),Sanshiro(14:XNUMX),Hidetake Takashima(15:XNUMX) appeared.

On October 2018, 10, in TokyoChiyoda Wardof"Imperial HotelThe party that supported the 50th anniversary of All Night Nippon gathered at the All Night Nippon 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Party "All thanks JapanWas done[108]..The party was attended by approximately 500 All Night Nippon personalities and officials.[109]..Among them, he supported All Night Nippon from 1974 to 1985.Shoufutei TsurumitsuGave a speech saying, "From 28 to 40 years old, when I was important as a human being, I was poisoned by ANN and I was erotic!"[110]..In addition, he has the longest appearance record of a female personality in All Night Nippon for 1988 years from 1999 to 11.Yumi Matsutoya"I have improved my humanity with ANN. I want to continue to have fun," he renewed his determination.[110].Beat Takeshi All Night NipponDealt withFumio TakadaIs "Say! Young50 years, "Pack-in music"Congratulations on 50 years!", He gave a speech referring to the program titles of other stations that shared popularity with All Night Nippon, which supported the golden age of late-night broadcasting.[110]..In addition, the personality of the early days of All Night Nippon "Turtle & AnkoOrGo NagabuchiWas involved in All Night NipponAkimoto YasushiAlso gave a speech, andオ ー ド リ ー,Third generation J SOUL BROTHERS OfKenjiro YamashitaAlso rushed to this party[110]..At the end of the partyChihiro Watanabe ジ ョ ン · レ ノ ンof"conceivedWe made a new start for the next 50 years of All Night Nippon.[108].

From the Heisei era to the Reiwa era (2018-)

Became Chief Director of All Night Nippon from April 2018Gen IshiiGot[111]..The goal I set at that time was "ANN's counterprogramTBS Radio"JUNKTo win at the listening rate. "[111]..Ishii said, "In addition to attracting people who are not listening to the radio, I wanted to take advantage of ANN's strengths, which have a wide range of personalities such as actors, artists, idols, and comedians."[111].

From October 2018, 10 (midnight on the 7th) to the first Saturday of every month, entitled "", the first time in All Night Nippone sportsThe program that deals with[112].

On February 2019, 2, the illustrator who is also a listener of "All Night Nippon"Yusuke NakamuraHowever, it was revealed that he worked on the original illustration of the personality of "All Night Nippon" (Tuesday to Sunday from 1:3 to 2019:2 (Monday to Saturday at midnight)), and that illustration was the Nippon Broadcasting System timetable February 2. At the same time, a poster with original illustrations from February 1st to February 2th will be exhibited on the 28st floor of the Nippon Broadcasting System headquarters.[113][114][115][116].

20195/1,Hoshino Gen's All Night Nippon"But,HeiseiNew era to replace "ReiwaIt became the first All Night Nippon under.

From October 2019, 10 to March 5, 2020, on Saturday from 3:21 to 19:21, "All Night Nippon PremiumWas organized and served as a personality on Friday 2018.Kis-My-Ft2Was appointed again in response to the listener's request for resurrection[117].

For the week from October 2019th to October 10th, 14, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Nippon Broadcasting System, "a week to cherish music"All Night Nippon Music Week][118].







From October 2019, 10 to May 24, 2020, with All Night NipponSCRAPBy collaboration withReal escape game"All Night Nippon Escape from the greatest crisisThe event will be held[119][120].

Also, in April 2018, he became a producer of All Night Nippon.Yuichi Tomiyama"Since I became the producer of" All Night Nippon "," All Night Nippon "has already been based on the radiko value as well as the listening rate. For radiko," live "and" time free " There are three numerical values, "(missed listening)" and "total", which is the total, and these are the evaluation axes for program creation. "It has said[121]..In addition, Ishii said, "Personalities are also active in interaction, and the number of people who listen to other ANNs has increased. Until now, there was only a vertical connection from ANN to ANN0, but now With radiko's time-free function, you can listen to it anytime within a week, so the horizontal connection is effective. I think that some people "listen while listening" to live broadcasts or forget to turn them off and count them as numbers. However, time-free is the number of people who say "Let's listen to the program", so it is easy to use it as an evaluation standard.オ ー ド リ ーWakabayashi-san announced his marriage, and Iguchi-san was a guest.aikoAnd "BeetleThere were many time-free playbacks especially when singing enthusiastically. "[111]..In addition, Tomiyama said, "Actually, in terms of the numbers only for radiko, it has increased significantly from about a year ago. The numbers for" All Night Nippon "and" All Night Nippon 1 (ZERO) "have been the time in the last few years. The total number has been raised significantly, as free numbers have been heard several times as much as live broadcasts. "[121].

During this period, personalities appeared on each other's programs, and personalities appeared as guests in "All Night Nippon" and "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)".[111].. Also in 2020Japan Academy AwardAtTakashi OkamuraWon the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award, aiming for the "Topic Award"Hoshino GenとShogi ShibataWas restrained as a rival[111].

Then, the efforts during that period were successful, and in the "Metropolitan area radio listening rate survey" conducted by Video Research in February 2020, "All Night Nippon" and "All Night Nippon 2 (ZERO)" were the same on average from Monday to Saturday. Take the lead alone in the time zone[111]..This single leader in the same time zone was the second consecutive term following the `` Metropolitan area radio listening rate survey'' conducted in December 2019.[121]..Regarding the efforts to create this program and the analysis of the listening rate, Ishii said, "JUNK has been studying counterprograms such as ANN for a long time, and analyzed that" it was exciting when I was this guest. " Nippon Broadcasting System lost to JUNK in terms of listening rate, but did not take sufficient measures. So, when I first became Chief D, "Let's take care of the counterprogram. JUNK It will be a learning experience to find out what kind of project you are doing on a good program, and there should be a way to fight based on that. ”He said, because it is made by D of the same generation, listen properly. I'll try to refer to the good points. I started by abandoning the number one grace of ANN. "[111]..In addition, Ishii said, "Although the listeners of each program are mainly fans, we consciously set up so that other programs can be listened to by horizontal and vertical connections, which improves the listening rate and the number of radiko plays. It leads to the result. "[111]..In addition, as the number of All Night Nippon listeners increased, the number of sponsors providing All Night Nippon during this period increased to more than 30, and in the 21st century, the number of sponsors provided became the largest.[42].

Also in 2020radikoIt's been 10 years since I started the service, so Ishii said, "In the extreme, the programs I'm doing are targeted at people who listen to radiko, and at ANN, the numbers of radiko are perfect instead of the conventional listening rate. It is a criterion for judgment. As a whole radio station, we will make programs for those who listen to conventional radio, but ANN does not have to think about it. "[111]..In addition, Tomiyama said, "With the advent of radiko, we are producing in the context of digital content in addition to the elements of analog radio so far. Therefore, we also utilize SNS and think that we can listen to it at any time in a time-free manner. After saying, "With the problem of not being able to find a point of contact between young people and the radio, if the radiko app is installed in the smartphone, it will be the same as having a radio for each person." I think it's the biggest event in the radio industry in the 1st century. I think the best thing about this fusion with digital is new contact and diffusion with people who don't know radio. " Are[121].

In addition, Ishii said, "There is no doubt that the radio industry is tough, so I want to create a mechanism that allows young D and broadcasters to live on the radio so that the people who create the content can get the money right. ANN touches the radio for the first time. Since it is often the entrance to people, I hope it will be a breakthrough. ANN wants to take on various challenges while maintaining the concept that "people who are the faces of the times talk about interesting things regardless of their titles". "."[122].

Live broadcast on April 2020, 4, "Ninety-Nine Takashi Okamura's All Night Nippon』And personalityTakashi OkamuraWas regarded as a problem on the Internet because he made inappropriate remarks about women's contempt in the program.In response to this, Nippon Broadcasting System announced on April 2020, 4, over this inappropriate statement, "Currently.CoronaThere were comments due to lack of awareness of women, and lack of consideration for women's dignity and occupation.We apologize to everyone involved and those who were uncomfortable listening to the broadcast. Released an apology comment to the media[123]..The problem of inappropriate remarks in All Night Nippon occurred on January 2008, 1, when the one-shot special number "Koda Kumi's All Night Nippon" (which was a recorded broadcast at this time, but was broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System). It was the first time in about 29 years and 12 months since the remarks in question were overlooked and the broadcast was broadcast as it was, causing a fire on the Internet.)After that, on April 3, 2020, Okamura apologized to the listeners and everyone involved, but at that time, Hiroyuki Yabe made a live appearance and gave an "open sermon" to Okamura.The following week, on May 4, Yabe gave another "public sermon" to Okamura.Then, on May 30th, the following week, Yabe returned to full-scale personality for the first time in about five and a half years, and the old title "Ninety Nine All Night Nippon], And broadcasting as a combination was resumed.After that, at the regular press conference of Nippon Broadcasting System held on July 2020, 7, the presidentMaki Hihara"It was a statement lacking the dignity and consideration of women. I would like to apologize for this statement," and then Nippon Broadcasting System employees and affiliated production companies involved in the production of the program.Mix zoneAt the press conference, it was revealed to the director who belongs to the company that he summarized the "series of circumstances and problems" this time, made it as a material, and called attention.[124]..On top of that, he said, "We, the staff and the person in question, take all the criticisms seriously. We are very grateful to the listeners for their warm reactions."[124]..In addition, regarding whether to return to the live broadcast format, he said, "Mr. Okamura is also a good adult, so he understands well and responds."[125], "Now, I'm recording it because of the Taiga drama (" Kirin ga Kuru ") and various schedules (of Okamura) and Mr. Yabe, but if I have time early, it will be broadcast live. "Return"[2].

For the week of September 2020st-September 9th, 21, comedians will be personalities for the first time in two years since 9.All Night Nippon Comedy Radio Star Week』Is done[126].







From October 2020, 10 to the end of March 3All Night Nippon PremiumWill be organized in the broadcast frame from 19:21 to 2018:2019 on Saturday, and Kis-My-Ft2 will serve as the personality following 2020 and 12, as of December XNUMX. Ongoing[127]..However, on Nippon Broadcasting System, in October and November 2020, "Nippon Broadcasting Show-up NighterWas organized, so initially the streaming service "SHOWROOMWas delivered in the form of audio.[127][128].


Goro Itoi called "" before 1984 even at midnight on SundayTakao Kito, Hatae Kinjiro (Takafumi Hatae) And others were in charge of the telephone request program.The person in charge of the past is as follows.

Since April 1984, it has become a program in charge of female artists and idols who do not have All Night Nippon (the first program is "Touch Me EPO").

After that, Sunday's telephone request was revived in October 30, which marked the 1997th anniversary of All Night Nippon.Since then, the following programs have been performed, including the LF + R period.

  • Yasuhiko Akasakaのオールナイトニッポン電話リクエスト(1997å¹´10月12日 - 1999å¹´3月28日、23:00 - 25:30)
  • @ llnightnippon.com HYPER REQUEST SUNDAY! (Akihisa Soguchi)(1999å¹´4月4日 - 1999å¹´10月3日、23:00 - 25:00)
  • Momono Mikoto@ Llnightnippon.com Sunday Request Night (October 1999, 10-March 10, 2000, 3:26 --23:00)
  • SILVAAll night nippon Sunday Special “Luv mode” (April 2000, 4-March 2, 2001, 3:25-23:30)
  • Yuko NakazawaAll night nippon Sunday Special (April 2001, 4 --September 15, 2001, 9:23 --23:30)
  • Yuko Nakazawa's all night nippon Sunday SUPER! (October 2001, 10-March 7, 2003, 3:30-23:00)
  • Iijimaai@ Lllnightnippon Sunday.com (October 2001, 10-March 7, 2003, 3:30-24:30)

Another program with All Night Nippon was published in April 2008-March 4.Takashi Uehara's All Night Nippon Supporters』(25:00 - 25:30)が、2009年10月11日 - 2010年9月12日には、『All Night Nippon Sunday] Is being broadcast.

After that, it was broadcast in a single shot, "ROLLYとHiroko TaniyamaのオールナイトニッポンR』(2012年10月14日、27:00 - 29:00)以外は日曜日のオールナイトニッポンは放送されていなかったが、2013年4月改編から2018年10月改編にかけて『Miyuki Nakajima's All Night Nippon TsukiichiWas broadcast.It will be the first time in 2003 years since "Yuko Nakazawa's allnightnippon Sunday SUPER!" And "Ai Iijima's @ llnightnippon Sunday.com" ended in March 3 on Sunday's All Night Nippon regular frame.In addition, "Miyuki Nakajima no Tsukiichi" is online at some stations, and most stations broadcast delayed nets of other programs or programs produced by production, or maintenance during the time when Sunday specials are broadcast. This is the first time that a nationwide network (partial) has been made on Sunday because most of the time is allocated to.

From April 2019, once a month, from 4:25 to 30:27,WANIMA's All Night Nippon ~ Hello ~"[133] From 27:00 to 29:00Hidetake Takashima's All Night Nippon Tsukiichi"[134] Has started broadcasting. WANIMA will be a slide from Saturday's monthly broadcast, and Takashima has returned to All Night Nippon for the first time in 1972 years since 47.After that, "WANIMA's All Night Nippon ~ Nichiyobi ~" ended on February 2020, 2, and as of September 19, "Takashima Hidetake's All Night Nippon Tsukiichi" is being broadcast.

Theme song

History of hiring

There are various theories about how it was adopted as the theme song.

  • Actually, I used the song that was side A ("Tijuana Taxi"),Ichiro TakasakiThe program staff mistakenly played "Bittersweet Samba" on side B, but Takasaki liked it and changed to this song (however, "Bittersweet Samba" is side A of the album "Whipped Cream & Other Delights". 4th song. "Tijuana Taxi" is the 1st song on the A side of another album "Going Places !!", and it is pointed out that it cannot be mistaken.[135]..It may be a compilation or a single, but details are unknown).
  • I had a different song ("Lemon Tree" or "Tijuana Taxi") as the theme song candidate, but "Bittersweet Samba" recorded on the same side of the recorded record was mistakenly played and I listened to the song Ichiro Takasaki decided as the theme song[136].
  • There is testimony that denies the above theory.
    • (Masamichi Okazaki), who worked as a producer from the 1970s to the 1980s, was asked by Ichiro Takasaki to select a theme song.Ichiro AsazumaHowever, he just chose "Bittersweet Samba" from the beginning, and the above misunderstanding theory testifies that Takasaki "made a story like an urban legend."[137].
    • Yasuhiro Saito said, "I heard that the theme of this song was originally planned."All Night Nippon Evergreen』Speaking in[Reliability required verification].
    • "" (Broadcast on February 2007, 2)[Reliability required verification]among,Hideo MatsumotoHowever, he made it clear that Ichiro Takasaki had decided from the beginning, not the mistake of the staff, and at the same time denied the "staff mistake theory".
    • Tochigi Broadcasting50th Anniversary Radio Special "Midnight Bitter Sweet Samba" (broadcast on March 2014, 3)[138][Note 29]Ichiro Asatsuma mentioned this in an interview, and when Takasaki asked him to search for a candidate song for the theme song, he chose from the songs copyrighted by Asatsuma's company and let Takasaki watch it. It was said that "the performance is good, but the sense of rhythm is ... not this", and Takasaki himself chose "Bitter Sweet Samba" among the other songs on the same board.After that, Takasaki said, "Turn the board inside out ..." to make the story interesting as an anecdote. WP: V # SP→ [139]


  • "Tamori's All Night Nippon], When Herb Alpert was invited as a special guest, the version of the theme song at that time was played in full performance without talk.
  • 1973-At the opening around 1974, the performance by Dennis Coffey (to be exact, "Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band") (in 1973)King recordReleased for more domestic use.The original song has a playing time of 2 minutes and 40 seconds.When used as a theme songIntroAdopted "Bittersweet Samba" arranged with the original song (slightly arranged).LockKey orDiscoTone version, especially the introElectric guitarAs another instrument, with a rhythm different from the theme song currently usedBongo(This song was released for overseas by A & M Records in 1973 and is recorded on the B side.[140]).However, it was later returned to the original (Herb Alpert) version from time to time, and the use of the "Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band" version was on Saturday midnight around the end of 1974.Shofuitei Tsurumitsu's All Night Nippon』It became.
  • In the past, some stations (not all stations, but CBC Radio) until 3:1 am (end of Part XNUMX) by internet stationsRadio OsakaEtc.) will be cut in from the middle of the connecting song until the opening of Part 2 (time signal at 3:XNUMX am) and played as the ending, and the announcer of each station will sponsor the program.sponsorAnd the announcement of the end of the program was included.It is not currently being performed, and after fading out the connecting song (that is, the ending song of Part 1) by the time the next program startscommercialEtc. came to enter.
    • CBC RadioIn the case of, the above-mentioned "Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band" version was used when jumping off at 3 o'clock (from about 2:58:30 to about 1 minute 20 seconds). Until 1986, "Viva Young, All Night Nippon.This program was read aloud by the sponsors like "○○ ......", but around 1987, "Viva Young, All Night Nippon.Then today is around here. 』Only narration was included. It has been out of use since around 1988, and each commercial is flowing as it is now, and it is 3 o'clock.
    • In the case of Nippon Broadcasting System, the ending song of Part 1 is played until before the time signal at 3 o'clock, and just before entering the time signal, a jingle called "All Night Nippon of XX" is inserted and the time signal is entered, and Part 2 (current ZERO / R) Rush into the frame).
  • Also, now, on Thursday, "Ninety Nine All Night Nippon, Saturday's "Audrey's All Night NipponYou can listen to the full performance of the thing where the passage is repeated.In addition, in some programs, a song introduction, sponsor reading, and a corner call may be applied to a program that repeats a part different from the previous one endlessly.
  • In the second part, due to the process of setting up the program (the large 2-hour broadcast frame is divided into two for convenience), the style of not playing at the opening, playing at the ending, and ending the program at the end of the song has continued for a long time.[141] However, in "R", there were many cases where the program was opened as a different program frame from the old All Night Nippon, and the ending was often just faded out (even if it was Saturday alone). It will be held, and depending on the week, it may be broadcast at the jumping point of Nippon Broadcasting System). In "ZERO", the reason is that the old part 2 is revived, and the song is used in the same composition as the old part 2.
  • From December 1988 to January 10Emperor ShowaDue to the deterioration of his physical condition, Japan was surrounded by a self-restraint mood, and during that time he replaced it with a completely different BGM.
  • In 2014, he won first place in the voting project "Unforgettable Music Ranking You Encountered in" All Night Nippon "", which was held as one of the 60th anniversary projects of Nippon Broadcasting System. When I contacted him, it was discovered that he did not know that it was being used.[142].

Weekly song

  • A new album will be released in heavy rotation as "Nippon Broadcasting Director's Push" on a weekly basis regardless of the day of the week.This used to be Monthly (the name of Hebirote at the time of the month is "All Night Nippon Superdisk").
  • Since April 2012, the recommended songs of this program have been played at the ending.

Show jingle

Before and after the commercialJingleThese jingles were used in various ways in special programs and special projects commemorating the 40th, 45th, and 50th anniversary of the start of broadcasting (the ones in the latter half of the 1990's were not used). There are also many jingles).Even in the current regular broadcasting, jingles that are not currently used may be broadcast at the intention of the director.The following are common jingles that were played in programs other than "MUSIC22" from "SUPER !!" at 23:10 and XNUMX:XNUMX. There is also a pattern in which this is played before the commercial and the jingle of each program is played after the commercial.

ResponsiblePeriod of chargeRemarks
The Three GracesMarch 1967, 10-
From the start of broadcasting to the 1970s, "♪All Nite Nippon♪ "and" ♪Bever Young! Paya Paya BibayangThe jingle of "♪" was the mainstream.
Even if this jingle is no longer used by other personnelShoufutei TsurumitsuIn charge 1982Continued to be used until.
For a while, it was no longer used in all programs,Sunplaza NakanoSince the title was "Viva! Young", which was the only one in charge at that time, it was used only during the national broadcast commercial (from 00:30 to XNUMX minutes every hour).
After that, it was shown on a memorial program when Goro Itoi died.in the pastKurari MantaroIs in charge of "Mantaro Kuri's All Night Nippon RAnd "All Night Nippon Evergreen" by Yasuhiro Saito.
In the 1970s, Akinobu Kamebuchi was in charge of "Viva Kamebuchi"Turtle, turtleAnd "when Yasuhiro Saito was in chargeAll Night Nippon, Anko (Anko San)There was also a jingle dedicated to the DJ in charge.
Junko OhashiApril 1977-
EPO April 1982-
Unspecified1980 eraTatsuro Yamashita-Takeuchi Mariya-Taeko Onuki-Miyuki Nakajima-Hiroko TaniyamaWas in charge.
Kadomatsu ToshioMarch 1986, 4-
In the 20th anniversary version of the jingle, "20th Anniversary”Is included.
Even after the 20th anniversary, the relevant part is deleted and continued to be used.
CrayonMarch 1989, 1-
To Be ContinuedMarch 1992, 3-
AM stereo broadcastingUsed with the start.
Keizo NakanishiMarch 1992, 7-
In the 25th anniversary version of the jingle, "25th Anniversary”Is included.
March 1993, 3-
L⇔RMarch 1994, 5-
One of these patterns is used in "Kurimantaro's All Night Nippon R".
Ken HiraiMarch 1995, 10-
Charmy Smile & Green HeadMarch 1997, 7-
In the 30th anniversary version of the jingle, "thirty Years”Is included.
Ram Jam WorldMarch 1997, 11-
UnknownMarch 1999, 3-
Early stage of "LF + R"
smorgasMarch 2001, 4-
savage geniusApril 2002-
At that time, it was a unit of "Oh" who is in charge of vocals & lyrics and takumi of guitar & composition.
Used in "SUPER!".
Changin'My LifeVocal / lyricsmyco, KeyboardNoritaka Henmi, Composition / guitarShintaro Tanabe.
Used in ".com".
Sum 41March 2003, 3-
Overseas artists of this programJingleThis is the first time I have worked on.
I used it every day until July 2005, 7, but in the Ninety-nine charge, only one pattern continued to be used until September 1, 2008.
Tommy february6March 2003, 7-
It was used every day until July 2005, 7, but only Thursday and Friday continued to be used until April 1, 2007.
B-DASHMarch 2003, 10-
Friday / Saturday "R" exclusive jingle.
The one that sings "All Night Nippon R ~".
Since all "ANN" were unified to the same one as 2009:10 from October 9, 25, the jingle dedicated to "R" disappeared.
OkukoMarch 2005, 7-
Yasei Jeronimo & Love Guerrilla ExperienceMarch 2006, 5-
Remark SpiritsMarch 2007, 4-
In the 40th anniversary version of the jingle, "40thOr "40th Anniversary”Is included.
GIRL NEXT DOORMarch 2008, 10-
Yu SaikaiMarch 2009, 10-
MAN WITH A MISSIONMarch 2012, 1-
In the 45th anniversary version of the jingle, "45th Anniversary] And other phrases are woven into it.
kz (livetune) x Hachioji P (vocals:Hatsune ミク)Early dawn on April 2013, 4[Note 30]-
January 2017, 1, early 3:1[Note 31]
It was used until just before the announcement because the successor was a surprise announcement during the broadcast on the start date of use.
Hoshino GenJanuary 2017, 1, late 3:1[Note 31]-
at first"50 anniversaryIt was used as a 50th anniversary version of the jingle with phrases such as "," and has since been used with some changes to the lyrics.
"Hoshino Gen's All Night NipponWas started to be used during the broadcast, and it was also announced that it was made by Hoshino.[143][144][145].



  • What we can do now (Pony canyon)-Song: All Night Nippon Personalities (All personalities at the time of October 1992)[146] Participate vs.Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeMade for exercise.In each program, the instrumental version was used as the CM filler at the time of broadcasting. )
  • Bittersweet Samba (Polydor) --Performance: Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass (released on October 1994, 10. Also includes Tijuana Taxi, which was originally planned as the theme song. Out of print)


  • All Night Nippon (LP) (Canyon record : December 1970) -First All Night Nippon album, all personalities at the time participated
  • Pirate Radio Station (LP) (Canyon record : November 1971) -Tetsuo Imahito and Kunio Ceiling's rare journey of Viva Kurige, a radio drama with all personalities, and a song by the Kamekame Chorus.
  • Midnight Broadcast Graffiti All Night Nippon (Epic Sony Records : November 1991) -Goro Itoi, Viva Kameshaw (Guest: Anone-A precious recording that was invited to the guest for the first time by All Night Nippon and later became a personality), Yasuhiro Saito (Final episode, on the phone appearance) Take over the personality of midnight Thursday from the next weekKaitentai OfTakeda TetsuyaBesides, for studio guestsAki Mizusawa,Takashi Sugawara(Billy BanBan)) Includes excerpts from each
  • All Night Nippon Radio Days Bitter Hits (Toshiba EMI (currently)EMI Music Japan))
  • All Night Nippon Radio Days Sweet Hits (UM3 / USM Japan)
  • All Night Nippon Personalities Hits ~ Youth ON AIR ~ (Pony Canyon)
The above three works are the 3th anniversary compilation album released in 2003.
  • All Night Nippon EVERGREEN (EMI Music Japan,Victor EntertainmentOthers) --A compilation album commemorating the 2008th anniversary of the simultaneous release of 1 albums on January 23, 6.


  • Youth All Night Nippon (Takara)
BCL radio figure.When you press the button that imitates the knob, you can hear some sounds of programs such as Jingle, Goro Itoi, and Tsuruko Shofukutei.Bittersweet Samba is original. Released in 2004.
  • Nostalgic All Night Nippon Candy (Bourbon)
A coffee candy with an 8cm CD consisting of a part of the program content and a personality song (Shokugan). Released in 2004.
The famous game "Super mario bros], The graphics of some characters have been replaced with the faces of the personalities of the time.
In 1987, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the start of program broadcastingNintendoCo-produced with.
  • All Night Nippon 40th Anniversary Cup Noodles produced by Nissin Foods and Myojo FoodsCircle K / ThanksReleased on October 2007, 10 [3]
  • Let's make All Night Nippon! (mobage)
In addition to being able to manage the program yourself, a program management simulation social game packed with various guests and attractive sponsors, interaction with other users, competition for business cards, area expansion at the location using the GPS function of the mobile phone, etc.

Internet station

Currently, "All Night Nippon (Part 1)" is a program that can be listened to in all prefectures on the broadcast target area, with 36 stations nationwide.Nippon Broadcasting System is the key station for Internet stations in rural areas.National Radio Network (NRN)However, since the LF + R era in 3, when it became a three-part system, the situation has become complicated, with the network stations changing depending on the time of day. As of October 1999, among Japanese private AM stations, no one is broadcasting the "All Night Nippon" series outside the Nippon Broadcasting Area.Gifuhoso(Gifu Chan),MBS Radio,Ryukyu BroadcastingThere are only 3 stations (RBCi Radio).


  • The "Broadcast program" column in the table is as follows.
    10… All Night Nippon MUSIC10 (Monday-Thursday 22: 00-24: 00: Mon 19 stations, Tue-Thu 20 stations)[Note 32], All Night Nippon Gold (Friday 22: 00-24: 00: 17 stations)[Note 32]
    A1 ... All Night Nippon (Monday-Saturday 25: 00-27: 00: 36 stations)
    A0… All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) Weekdays (Monday-Thursday 27:00-28:30, Friday 27:00-29: 00: 14 stations)[Note 32]
    0S ... All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO) Saturday (Saturday 27:00 --29: 00: 20 stations)[Note 32]
    SS ... All Night Nippon Saturday Special (Saturday 23:30 --25:00:34 stations)
*… A frame that used to be online for programs in the same time zone but was discontinued[Note 33].
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast programRemarksNet start date
Kanto wide areaNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.NRN10A1A00SSSProduction Bureau
[Note 34]
HokkaidoSTV radio10A1A00S■[Note 35]1970/6/30
Hokkaido BroadcastingNRN / JRN----SS2003/10
AomoriAomori Broadcasting10A1■■SS[Note 36]
[Note 37]
[Note 38]
IwateIBC Iwate Broadcasting10A1■0SSS[Note 39]
[Note 40]
[Note 41]
MiyagiTohoku Broadcasting10A1A0■SS[Note 42]
[Note 43]
[Note 44]
AkitaAkita Broadcasting-A1--SS1979/10
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting Corporation10A1-0SSS[Note 41]1977/4
FukushimaRadio Fukushima■A1--SS[Note 45]1982/4
IbarakiIbaraki BroadcastingNRN10A1A00SSS[Note 46]
[Note 47]
TochigiTochigi Broadcasting-A1A00S-1995/7
YamanashiYamanashi broadcastingNRN / JRN10A1■■SS[Note 48]
[Note 49]
1991/4[Note 50]
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcasting■A1■■SS[Note 51]
[Note 40]
[Note 52]
Chukyo wide areaTokai radioNRN10---SS[Note 53]1999/10
CBC RadioJRN-A1■■-[Note 54]
[Note 55]
NiigataBroadcasting System of NiigataNRN / JRN-A1A0■SS[Note 56]1976/6
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting10A1A0■SS[Note 57]
[Note 58]
[Note 59]
ToyamaNorthern Japan Broadcasting■A1A0-SS[Note 60]
[Note 61]
IshikawaHokuriku Broadcasting10A1-■SS[Note 62]
[Note 63]
FukuiFukui Broadcasting10A1■0SSS[Note 64]
[Note 65]
[Note 41]
Kyoto-ShigaKBS Kyoto
(KBS Shiga)
NRN■A1A00SSS[Note 66]
[Note 67]
Kinki wide areaRadio Osaka-A1---1970/6/30
Asahi Broadcasting RadioNRN / JRN■---SS[Note 68]
[Note 69]
FM COCOLOMegaNet10----[Note 70]
[Note 71]
[Note 72]
2013/10[Note 73]
WakayamaWakayama BroadcastingNRN / JRN10A1■0S■[Note 74]
[Note 75]
[Note 41]
[Note 76]
HyogoRadio kansaiIndependent station■-A00S-[Note 77]
[Note 78]
[Note 79]
Tottori-Shimane Sanin BroadcastingNRN / JRN■A1--SS[Note 80]1985/4
OkayamaRSK Sanyo Broadcasting10A1--SS[Note 81]1997/10
HiroshimaChina broadcasting■A1■■SS[Note 82]
[Note 83]
[Note 84]
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcasting10A1-0SSS[Note 85]1988/4
EhimeNankai Broadcasting■A1A00SSS[Note 86]
[Note 87]
[Note 88]
KagawaNishinippon broadcasting■A1A00SSS[Note 89]
[Note 90]
[Note 41]
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting-A1-0SSS[Note 88]1977/4
KochiKochi Broadcasting■A1A00SSS[Note 89]
[Note 91]
[Note 88]
FukuokaKyushu Asahi BroadcastingNRN10A1A00S-[Note 92]
[Note 93]
RKB Mainichi Broadcasting SystemJRN----SS2000/3
Nagasaki-SagaNagasaki Broadcasting
(NBC Radio Saga)
NRN / JRN10A1■0SSS[Note 94]
[Note 95]
[Note 96]
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting■A1■■SS[Note 97]
[Note 98]
[Note 99]
OitaOita Broadcasting10A1-0SSS[Note 100]
[Note 101]
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso10A1-0SSS[Note 102]1977/4
KagoshimaMinaminihonhoso■A1-0SSS[Note 103]
[Note 104]
OkinawaRadio OkinawaNRN-A1--SS[Note 105]1977/4

In addition to the year-end and New Year specials being held on the Internet stations, special program broadcasts to commemorate the victory may be organized on the day the local professional baseball team wins, and both may be suspended.As an example,

  • September 2013, 9: Tohoku Broadcasting- Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles"GOLD"-"0 (ZERO)" is suspended when winning the league
  • September 2016, 9: China Broadcasting- Hiroshima Toyo Carp"Saturday Special Okura-kun and Takahashi-kun" will be suspended when the league championship is won.
  • October 2016, 10: Hokkaido Broadcasting- Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters"Saturday Special Okura-kun and Takahashi-kun" are suspended when the Japan Series is conquered.

And so on.

Chukyo wide area

In Aichi / Gifu / Mie prefecture, one copy frameJRNSingle seriesCBC RadioIt is broadcast on (CBC), and CBC is from Nippon Broadcasting System to Tokyo.Chiyoda WardIn the XNUMXth danCBC Tokyo branch officeThe program is online via.For transmissionNTT CommunicationsBandwidth guaranteed IP line is used[149]..At the beginning of the program, Nippon Broadcasting System tried to expand the broadcasting area, and first requested the NRN affiliated Tokai Radio to broadcast, but the popular program produced in-house "Midnight Tokai"(Current:"Tokai Radio Midnight Special』) Was being broadcast and the internet was turned down.For this reason, when I asked CBC, initially, "CBC VIP & VIPS ~ Midnight Rainbow ~ "→" CBC VIP Young "Although it was broadcasting its own program such as "Midnight Tokai", it was inferior to "Midnight Tokai", and there was a backlash within the company, so there was a history of accepting the broadcast.Later, Tokai Radio started broadcasting "Saturday Special" at 22:XNUMX, so this program series was broadcast across stations in the Chukyo wide area.

Only one copy is broadcast on CBC[Note 106]..In addition, Tokai Radio announced on weekdays at 27:28 and XNUMX:XNUMX.Hino Midnight Graffiti Run! KayokyokuIs received from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, and the frame after 27:00 is not broadcast in the Chukyo wide area.[Note 107]..In addition, Tokai Radio will announce "Monday-Thursday 25:26Listen? ~Live 4 Life~』Broadcast started in October 2012, so NRN programs were on the front and back on Monday-Thursday at 10:25 and 26:2015.However, from October 10, it will be a program after 25:XNUMX.unison!→ →& CAST !!! Hour Love Nights!Will continue to be broadcast, while at 26:XNUMX,Listen? 2-3Was discontinued in just three months and returned to the in-house production frame, so the NRN programs were on the front and back at 3:25 on Monday-Thursday. As of March 2020, the broadcast at 3:25 will be canceled, and from April of the same year, the program will be produced in-house for the two hours covered by this program. In March 4, "Hino Midnight Graffiti Run! Kayokyoku" is scheduled to end at 2:2021 and 3:27.

Keihanshin district

Radio Osaka (hereinafter, OBC) and KBS Kyoto (hereinafter, KBS) have long been online for this program in the Keihanshin area, but from April 2001, the independent station AM KOBE (hereinafter, KBS) has been online for three years. AMK, current CRKRadio kansai) But "SUPER!" → "Good!" Was posted online.Until then, the in-house produced late-night wide program "Kobe Acoustic StoryWas being broadcast, but it was decided to receive this program on the net at the same time in the form of a sales purchase from Nippon Broadcasting System.Also, from April 2007, the jumping net of "Evergreen" was started irregularly, and after October, the frame was expanded to the full net from 4:10, and the successor frame "Kurimantaro's All Night Nippon R" " All Night Nippon 27 (ZERO) ”is also continuing online. CRK is one of the radio stations nationwide from 0:25 to 28:XNUMX on TBS.JUNK] → LF "All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)" is the only station organized in this order.Also, "All Night Nippon 1 (ZERO)" is the only station that does not net "All Night Nippon (0st copy)".

In July 2009, in the Keihanshin area, a unique night wide program "ABC Music ParadiseAsahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC, nowAsahi Broadcasting Radio) Is Monday-Thursday, the in-house production is discontinued, and Nippon Broadcasting System's "Howl in the galaxy! Space G Men TAKUYA』It was decided to net.Since this frame was transferred to "All Night Nippon Gold" in November 2009, this program series will be online at ABC after OBC at the station in Osaka.However, in response to the start of online reception from ABC's Nippon Broadcasting System during that time period, CRK and KBS withdrew from online reception during that time period due to the October 11 reorganization in the middle of "TAKUYA", and KBS excluded Friday. The counterprogram of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting "Recommendation!, CRK resumes in-house production during the relevant time period[150] doing.Also, from April 2010, the "Saturday Special" frame "Soul Radio" was launched online on ABC Radio, and the successor frame "Okura-kun and Takahashi-kun" continues to be online.

From October 2013, "Miyuki Nakajima's All Night Nippon Tsukiichi" will be released on the FM station in Osaka.FM COCOLO[Note 108] Will be online[151], It was the first time in the history of this program that it was online at an FM station.Furthermore, from the reorganization in April 2014, it will be online on FM COCOLO in the form of receiving the end of ABC's net of "All Night Nippon Gold" (excluding Friday. "All Night Nippon MUSIC4" from October 2015 will continue. Net)[152].

この結果、2021年1月時点で京阪神地区においては、『MUSIC10』はFM COCOLO、1部はOBCとKBS、『0(ZERO)』はCRKとKBS、『サタデースペシャル』はABCとKBSというように、番組ごとにネット局が変わる事態となった。

KBS 1978It started in April, but before the start of the Internet (as of July 4), "Japanese archipelago request(23: 00-26: 00) and "Music on Stage" (26: 00-29: 00 Thursday-Saturday, the time difference starts due to another program).

Saturday Special

Saturday 23:30 --25:00 "Saturday Special" frame ("Soul Radio" → "Okura-kun and Takahashi-kun") is the original "Durian Sukegawa's Radio of Justice!] Was not an All Night Nippon frame, and the situation of the Internet station is further complicated.

In Hokkaido, STV Radio used to be online as in the 25: 00-29: 00 frame, but since it was discontinued in March 2002, a blank for a year and a half was left. 2003Since October, it has been online on the competing station Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC).Similarly in Fukuoka Prefecture, "Saturday Special" is available even though the 10:22 --00:23 frame and 00:25 --00: 29 frame (including Monday) are all broadcast on Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (KBC). Only in the frame, there is a phenomenon that RKB Mainichi Broadcasting is online.In particular, RKB Radio is not a member of NRN, so it is a special case like CBC.In the Tokai area, Tokai Radio, which took over the "Jambel Jean" frame, started online from the start of "Soul Radio" broadcasting, and from April 00, ABC also started online as mentioned above, especially in urban areas. The "Saturday Special" frame is different from that of some online stations.

Correspondence when the program is omitted on the net station

This program from 12:25 on December 1 (broadcast section on December 00 in the newspaper) is "All Night Nippon Radio Charity Musicson』Broadcast as (Radio Charity MusicsonPart of).Previously, Nippon Broadcasting System was not broadcast because it was a broadcast unique to the Kanto region, and was only sent back, but since 2007, each network station including non-Musicson participating stations has been online for programs originating from Nippon Broadcasting System. ..There are two cases, one is to suspend the normal content and serve as the personality of Nippon Broadcasting System of the year, and the other is to broadcast the content of the normal "Part 1" personality and welcome the personality of Nippon Broadcasting System of the year as a guest.On the other hand, Internet stations such as China Broadcasting, which broadcasts the planned program of "Radio Charity Musicson" on its own, omit the net only on this day, and some sponsors only net the CM as the sponsor of the planned program. We will take alternative measures, but depending on the year, we may receive programs from Nippon Broadcasting System.Until 1, "All Night Nippon MUSIC2017 (All Night Nippon GOLD)" will be sent as part of Musicson on the 24th from 22:00 to 24:00, but this will be broadcast only by Nippon Broadcasting + Musicson non-participating stations.However, if there was a station that developed Musicson in the neighboring prefecture, a special edition of another personality might be sent (Ibaraki, Osaka, Yamaguchi, etc.). Since 10, Nippon Broadcasting System will broadcast the contents of the Kanto local area during the time of "MUSIC2018 (GOLD)" and send a special edition of another personality to non-participating stations.

World Baseball Classic,FIFA World CupIf the broadcast of this program overlaps with the broadcast of this program on the day when Nippon Broadcasting System broadcasts or nets baseball / soccer broadcasts that are held in Japan or overseas at midnight of Japan time, this program will not be broadcast and only backtracking will be performed.At that time, depending on the game to be broadcastBroadcast rightBecause ofradikoSince it is not possible to broadcast on, the announcer of Nippon Broadcasting System in the meantimeDue to broadcasting rights, we will not broadcast on radiko.Please listen by terrestrial broadcastingThe explanation will be broadcast.In addition, many NRN stations also give priority to relaying games, so this program will not be broadcast (in some cases, jumping).Therefore, in some cases, there are only two stations, Radio Osaka and CBC (because Tokai Radio is often used for the Chukyo area and ABC is used for the Kansai area).

Before the broadcast timeNatural disasters(Earthquake-typhoon-(I.e.-Storm and flood damage) Occurs, but basically some exceptions[Note 109]Except for, the series of this program is often broadcast as usual, but in the areas affected by the natural disaster, the broadcast of the day may be omitted (for example,2016 Kumamoto earthquakeSome areas of Kyushu, including Kumamoto at that time).


  • In the so-called "Part 1" frame, the name of the sponsoring company is read aloud, but the personality itself reads out the name of the sponsoring company live.[Note 110]..After the network station is established, the location of Nippon Broadcasting System and the number of network stations as of the broadcast date will also be read aloud (the content of the reading is """All Night Nippon of XX", this program is ... With the support of each company, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo[Note 111]・ Nippon Broadcasting System will be sent to key stations via the 36 stations nationwide.It is fixed with. ).This system has not changed consistently since that time, but in the 1970s, shortly after the establishment of the Internet station, there was a time when the Internet stations were introduced one by one from the north.Depending on the personality, there is a personality that plays what was recorded in advance, and in the case of a pinch hitter, there are cases where the announcer of Nippon Broadcasting System reads out the same content and makes a pre-recorded announcement.
  • The first part of the CM frame is 1 frames at 25:6 and 26 frames at 5:25, but the sponsors are actually the net sales CM frame of the sponsor company in the first half of 2:26, the first half of 1:XNUMX, and the time signal. In the first CM frame, only the infomercial frame "Collaborate Nippon", which is in charge of a personality different from the main story, is available, and in the other CM frames and "ZERO", each local CM is broadcast on the net station.During this time, from the internet lineCM fillerDifferent songs are played for each CM frame, but the songs played are carefully selected songs such as songs related to successive personalities, staff's hobbies and personalities, and depending on the personality, the music selected by oneself is played. ing.
  • いわゆる「1部」の放送時間は3:00までだが、一部ネット局(主に「オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO)」非ネット局)では、局名告知もしくはCMのため2時59分頃にフェードアウトして終了する。このため、2時59分までには必ず放送を終了するように(大概は2時58分前後に喋り終えている)構成されている。それは金曜と土曜の「ZERO」においても同様であるが、多くの局は5:00が24時間放送の基点時間としているため、局名告知の時間を設ける都合上、4:58までにはコメントを切り上げるように構成されている[Note 112]..In some stations such as Nippon Broadcasting System, at the end of "Part 1", a title call by each personality will be entered and connected to the time signal, and it will be "ZERO".Even non-net stations broadcast up to the time signal without inserting commercials,TBS Radio,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.There is a station to switch to the program of.
  • In the so-called "2nd part" frame, which is currently broadcasting "ZERO", the personality starts after this time signal saying "Thank you for your hard work, Mr. OO" to the "1st part" personality. Has long been a convention (some personalities start without saying this).But,Radio kansaiThen, just before the counterprogram, TBS Radio's "JUNKTherefore, it is a production without a vein.
  • In the studio of Nippon Broadcasting System, an announcement at the time of the earthquake is posted in front of the sub glass. In "All Night Nippon", the announcer calls attention to listeners to ensure safety in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake during broadcasting, but in the case of a veteran personality, the person himself memorizes the precautions, so be careful without going through the announcer. Is calling.
  • With Nippon Broadcasting SystemBS Fuji(BS digitalTV station) In the program of the jointly produced program "Comedy Next Breaker"ComedianThere was a corner "The Road to All Night Nippon" where you can talk based on All Night Nippon.
  • CBC RadioThen, from April 2009th ​​to May 2th, 1,master stationIsNagashima transmission stationDue to the facility renovation work in Japan, the broadcast was suspended from midnight to 0 am, so the broadcast of All Night Nippon was suspended for one month (only the sponsorship part was broadcast as a commercial in the program immediately before the suspension).
  • Shinetsu BroadcastingThen, from April to September 2009, due to the setting of a broadcasting suspension time with a wave stop for cost reduction etc., the broadcasting of All Night Nippon was suspended only on the days that correspond to holidays.Only the commercials of the sponsoring companies were broadcast together immediately before the suspension and immediately after the resumption.
  • KBC RadioThen, on a local program in Northern Kyushu, once a month,All Night KBCThe program is being broadcast.
  • The homepage and email address basically uses the domain of "allnightnippon.com" used in late-night broadcast programs of Nippon Broadcasting System (including programs without the All Night Nippon crown), but some derivatives Some programs (MUSIC10, Sunday, etc.) use the regular program domain "1242.com".


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Planning / events

  • All Night Nippon Radio Charity Musicson --Every year, broadcast on December 12 (dawn on December 24) except midnight on Sunday (dawn on Monday)
  • Say! Young All Night Nippon Are you ready? Oh!(2010å¹´ - 2011年)- 1960年代末期から1980年代初期まで当番組の裏番組として放送の『セイ!ヤング』(文化放送)とタッグを組んだ番組。放送は、土曜日の20時30分-21時30分で、21時まで文化放送で放送して、時報の後21時からニッポン放送で放送するというリレー放送である。
  • All Night Nippon 45th Anniversary Special Project
  • All Night Nippon High School Swimming Club


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