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📺 | Takuya Kimura "Kyojo" SP edited version will be broadcast at the end of the year! Eight students in the 198th term will appear in the sequel

Photo Instructor Kazama with a sharp look – "Kyojo II" poster visual – (C) Fuji TV

Takuya Kimura "Kyojo" SP edited version will be broadcast at the end of the year! Eight students in the 198th term will appear in the sequel

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In the previous work, it became a hot topic that Kudo, Kawaguchi, Miura, Oshima, as well as gorgeous casts such as Kento Hayashi and Daigo Nishihata appeared in the role of students in the 198th period who gathered at the school where Kazama stands on the podium (commonly known as Kazama school). It was.

For the broadcast of the SP drama "Kyojo II" starring Takuya Kimura (Fuji TV series, January 1rd and 3th from 4:21 to two nights in a row) ... → Continue reading

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"School』(Kyojo) isHiroki NagaokabyPolice schoolSet inJapan OfPolice novelseries.Already published is a series of worksShort edit3 volumes, 1 feature film. What is a "school"?Police schoolInclass".

Based on "Kyojo" and "Kyojo 2"Fuji Television Network, IncAtTV dramaWas converted into 20201Broadcast on[1][2] 20211, "Kyojo II" broadcast[3].

Evaluation of works

The first work "Kyojo" is "Weekly Bunshun Mystery Best 10 No. 2013 in "1", "This mystery is amazing! It ranked second in the 2014 edition.Although it is classified as a detective novel on the official website of Shogakukan, some people evaluate it as a school novel because it is set in the police academy.[4].

"The police academy is not an institution for training good police officers, but a place to screen out unqualified people."It is a story that depicts the growth of students in a harsh police academy, and at the same time, a mystery that an instructor with good observing ability uncovers the evil thoughts that the students had in the extreme state, a prospective person Highly rated as a story of a teacher who grows up[5][6].. 『Marks Mountain』I drew the pulling of the legs between police officersKaoru Takamura,Shadow season』Made the human in the police department the main characterHideo Yokoyama,Cover-up』Draws a police organization from a career perspectiveKonno SatoshiHas been developed by many writersPolice novelIt is also evaluated as a work that pioneered a new genre.[7].



Kazama School

There were 98 students in the 41th short-term course <Kazama Kyojo> at the time of admission (of which 6 were girls), and as of the end of May at the beginning of the story, 5 had declined to 4.

Kazama Kimichika
Instead of Uematsu, who took a leave of absence due to illness, he became the instructor in charge. 50s, gray hair, unfocused eyes.At the flowerbed behind the dojoZinniaI take care of beans.
He has a soft demeanor and does not threaten students.He has excellent observing ability and watches the trends of students.
<Kazama Kyojo> Deputy homeroom teacher.Weight 120 kg.martial arts(judo-kendo) Full-time instructor.Judo 6th dan.A violent instructor who raises his hand to a student for a trivial matter.
Sadamu Miyasaka (Sadamu Miyasaka)
Four teams.When I was just getting my driver's license, I had an accident in a low-traffic area and thought that I might not be able to help, but with the help of a local police officer, I started to become a police officer.He was strongly opposed by his parents and once took up a teaching profession in elementary school.
Kazumichi Hirata
Three groups.In the job change group, I used to work at a building management company after working in a restaurant chain, but all of them have been painful and quit.Father helped Miyasaka,OfficePolice officer.
Yota Tsuzuki (continued)
Three groups.Shows less emotion on the poker face.He has excellent grades and can handle everything smoothly.The desire to be assigned is crime prevention.
Shinobu Kusumoto (Shinobu Kusumoto)
Group leader of the third group. 26 years old.The smallest physique among girls.Former interior coordinator.Belongs to a caricature club.Health committee member. He lost his fiancé Kazuma two years ago.It is said that the interrogation technique is high.
Saori Kishikawa
Shinobu is the closest.The largest physique among girls. 24-years-old.Belongs to a caricature club.
Nobuteru Toba
From an early agePolice motorcycle memberI longed for it and acquired the ability to guess the moving speed of people and things.Belongs to the calligraphy club.
Takashi Inabe
Baby face.Kendo 2nd dan.The ants that entered the room through the gap became familiar with Toba in common.
Yura Motohisa
Car mania.The desired department isCar police..Belongs to the pottery club.He is uncoordinated, a sniffer in the school, and is ignored by everyone.WaspHave been stabbed inAnaphylactic shockIs overly afraid.
Jun Kusakabe
32 years old. Former who returned a C-class boxer license two years agoProfessional boxer..Serve as the class president.He has a wife of the same age and a 3-year-old daughter.The grades of the department are not good.
Takumi Kashimura
It is called a procurement shop behind the scenes because it barters various things that it needs (equipment such as buttons on uniforms).
Manabu Yasuoka
Characterized by plump cheeks.Good at tracking.With a height of 161 cm and a weight of 49 kg, he has barely cleared the physique restrictions of the recruitment test.


The original teacher of Kazama Kyojo.A demon instructor who immediately yells at a trivial matter.pneumoniaI will be hospitalized and take a leave of absence.
Female instructor.Clap the blackboard or the student's hand with the pointer.The tone is polite, but the personality is insidious.
head teacher.A petite man with an inverted triangular face.
Assistant Inspector..Prefectural police special rescue team P-REXMember.
Dormitory brother.Police Officer.. 36 years old.Kashimura is a senior and junior at the same university.I often come to the police academy with an insert.
Assistant police officer.Prefectural Police Headquarters as a lecturer of driving skill classTransportation riot policeComing from

Series list

The first work in the series.A series of short stories.Kazama Kyojo for the 1th short-term course.
  • Works: Occupation / Jail / Ant Hole / Procurement / Foreign Body / Backwater
  • First appearance: "STORY BOX』vol.1(2009å¹´9月)、vol.4、vol.5、vol.8、vol.11、vol.14、vol.17、vol.18(2011å¹´2月)「初任」を改題
  • Book: June 2013, 6,Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-386355-1
  • Paperback book: December 2015, 12,Shogakkan Library,ISBN 978-4-09-406240-3
Kyojo 2
The first work in the series.A series of short stories.Kazama Kyojo for the 2th short-term course.
titleFirst appearance
wound"STORY BOX" September 2014 issue
Mindful"STORY BOX" September 2014 issue
Penalties"STORY BOX" September 2015 issue
敬慕"STORY BOX" September 2015 issue
On the desk"STORY BOX" September 2015 issue
奉職"STORY BOX" September 2016 issue
Kyojo 0 Criminal Instructor, Kochika Kazama
The third work in the series.A series of short stories.The story of Kazama when he was in the First Investigation Division before becoming an instructor at a police academy.
titleFirst appearance
Masked locus"STORY BOX" September 2014 issue
Three art gallery paintings"STORY BOX" September 2017 issue
Bronze graveRenamed "The Man Who Steps on Baidu" in the September 2016 issue of "STORY BOX"
Fourth final chapter"STORY BOX" June 2016 issue, "Double Stage" renamed
Ring requiem"STORY BOX" December 2016 issue, "Atonement" renamed
Poisonous skeleton"STORY BOX" September 2017 issue
Kazama School
The fourth work in the series.Feature film.Kazama Kyojo for the 4nd short-term course.
  • First appearance: "STORY BOX" August 2018 issue, November issue of the same year, February 8 issue, May issue of the same year, August issue of the same year, November issue of the same year
  • Book: February 2019, 12, Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-386563-0
  • Paperback book: December 2020, 12, Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-406852-8

TV drama

Fuji Television Network, Inc60th anniversary special planAs 20201/4-1/5Was broadcast for two consecutive nights[2][8]..The script isRyoichi Kimizuka, StarringKimura Takuya[1]..The stage isKanagawa.

catch copyIs "Only those who survive here can become police officers.".The appearance is different from the characters in the original, and the settings of other characters are diverted.

Received the January Monthly Award in the TV category of the Galaxy Awards.

20211/3・ "Kyojo II" will be broadcast on January 1th.[3].

School Synopsis

Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy's first-term short-term course 198th term, Uematsu Kyojo trainees are one month from enrollmentPolice handbookUematsu, an assistant professor, Hattori, an assistant professor, and Suga, who is in charge of practical skills, will receive rigorous training.Meanwhile, instructor Uematsu was hospitalized due to illness and took leave.Until Uematsu returned to work, a white-haired elderly male instructor named Kimichika Kazama came on behalf of him. "Police academy is not suitable as a police officersieveHe is a cold-hearted person who has the belief that "a place to go to school" and mercilessly pushes the dropout notification form to those who are not suitable.Can the trainees safely graduate as police officers under Kazama for the remaining five months until graduation?

School II Synopsis

The stage is about two years after the previous work.Sada Miyasaka, who was a 198th gen member, stood on the front line as a police officer and was an instructor for the 200th semester during temporary enrollment.Above all, I was concerned about Torusuke Urushihara, who had just been pulling the foot of the training, and encouraged me, "I was not good at all, but I was able to graduate. So do your best." After finishing the instructor, I returned to normal work.Kazama saw the secrets of the 200th trainees one after another, and those who lacked aptitude were mercilessly sifted out of school.A few months later, one day, Urushihara runs around the school and suddenly begins to behave suspiciously, such as jumping out because of the toilet during class.The instructors suspected drug use due to abnormal sweating and misalignment of the eyes, but Kazama knew the purpose of Urushihara.Urushihara, who was confused by Kazama's point, burst into tears on the spot when he saw a notice posted on the bulletin board.And at the police academy, Ishiyama, Kusakabe, Kusumoto, Tsuzuki, and Hishinuma of the 198th term are called to Kazama.So from Kazama, MiyasakaMartyrIs conveyed ...



Kazama Kimichika
Performance- Kimura Takuya
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy instructor.The class isAssistant Inspector..Instead of Uematsu who took sick leave, he acts as a substitute instructor for Uematsu Kyojo.
I always carry a binder containing the dropout form.Instantly detect minor changes, lies, and secrets of trainees, and mercilessly drop out of school to students who are judged to be unsuitable.However, the prospective trainees are given a chance to recover by giving them special challenges and clearing them.We diligently maintain the flower beds in the garden of the police academy.Occasionally, I can't help professing that I have a grudge against the police.
Before being assigned to a police academy, he was a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division.He took care of Tono sent by Shikata and was investigating together.Tono asked a suspicious person about his duties one nightawlKazama, who was stabbed with a stab, was also stabbed and was seriously injured, losing his right eye.Since then, he has been wearing a prosthesis on his right eye.

Beginner's course 198th short-term course Uematsu Kyojo → Kazama Kyojo

Sadamu Miyasaka
Performance- Kudo Asuka[9]
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy Kazama School Trainee.The class isPolice officer→Assistant Inspector[10]
After graduating, he will return to the police academy as an instructor for the 200th temporary enrollment period.I care about myself by superimposing myself on Urushihara, who was behind others.After the temporary enrollment period, I returned to normal work, but during traffic control at the intersection where the traffic light broke down, I went through Urushihara, who was about to be late for the curfew, and immediately after giving him words of encouragement, I entered the intersection. Being hit by a carMartyrdid.
Shinobu Kusumoto (Shinobu Kusumoto)
Performance- Oshima Yuko[11]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Previous jobInterior coordinator..My sister's skin is on good terms with Saori Kishikawa and is trusted by other students.
It has excellent interrogation technology and is highly evaluated by Kazama and Hattori.When asked by Kazama about his motive for becoming a police officer, he replied, "I've longed for him since I was a kid," but in reality he was trying to arrest the criminal who ran away from a man he was dating.He has hay fever and always has a handkerchief soaked with mint oil.Kishikawa's car in the photo resembled the color of a hit-and-run car, so she thought she was the culprit and sent a threatening letter, but Kishikawa noticed that she caught her thigh in the parking lot pallet. Will be seriously injured.When Kazama is questioned and confesses everything, he is told that he was suspicious of Kishikawa.After receiving a dropout recommendation after Miyasaka, he remained at school because it was judged that he was likely to leave school, and returned to class with his crutches.Later, he understood the meaning of Kazama's actions, visited Kishikawa who left the police academy, and apologized to each other for reconciliation.
Kazama rebelled against Tsuzuki and Kazama who cursed his father in the graduation test, but after hearing Kazama's intentions and Tsuzuki's thoughts, police officers realize that they always think about the feelings of the suffering victim.
Even after graduating, I keep holding the dropout notification form I received from Kazama as a talisman.
Yota Tsuzuki (continued)
Performance- Ryosuke ally
Kazama Kyojo trainee.When asked what motivated him to become a police officer, he answered, "Because there are various complaints about police officers."He has excellent academic results in poker face, but his practical skills are not good enough.Kazama, who was once a detective in the Investigation Division, is wondering why he turned into an instructor and is investigating his identity.
They are far from the other students and are isolated with no close friends. For students who refused to cooperate face-to-face with Kazama, who gives trainees "tasks", or who were given "tasks" by Kazama, such as Miyasaka and Kusumoto He does not try to hide his hostility by calling him an "instructor spy".
Ever since he witnessed his father, who once ran a town factory, being treated unfairly by police officers, he began to resent the police officers and at the same time aspire to be a "police officer on the side of the sufferer."It wasn't until Kazama's father was insulted that he exploded his emotions, where he revealed the true reason for becoming a police officer.At the graduation ceremony, I thanked Kazama for being able to put my thoughts into words.
Hazuki Hishinuma
Performance- Haruna Kawaguchi[9]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.The mother is a prefectural police officer.Although she looks good, she has a light personality that makes her look like a trainee at a police academy, and she secretly checks her makeup with a hand mirror during class.For this reason, Suga and Hattori are bothering their heads.She often acts with Edamoto, but thinks of her only as a companion.Kazama plans a color scheme, but on the contrary, he is pointed out his own problems and is forced to drop out.For the first time, Edamoto, who was denied himself and looked down on him as if he was going to revenge, lags behind in practice and department.He realizes that the action was intentionally done to correct himself, but Edamoto will drop out due to the circumstances of his parents' house.After understanding Edamoto's true intentions, he began to review himself, who was frivolous and looked down on others, and grew up as a person.
At the graduation ceremony, Kazama promises that Edamoto and Edamoto will do well as police officers for the other person they were thinking about.
Jun Kusakabe
Performance- Miura Shohei[11]
Kazama Kyojo trainee. 32 years old.FormerProfessional boxerHowever, at the end of the fourth round, he returned the license and changed his job to a police officer.I have a wife and children.In contrast to Tsuzuki, his practical skills are excellent, but the department is busy with supplementary classes and additional exams.Knowing that there is a "procurement shop" that sells items that are originally prohibited from being brought into the police academy, he tries to catch them and take credit for himself.When Ishiyama hears that the procurement shop is Kashimura, he asks him, but he is pointed out that his grades are poor, and in return he receives a model answer from the department.As a result, he is made into a criminal of a small fire that broke out at a police academy and faces the danger of leaving school.Kazama reveals Kashimura's behavior and proves that he is not the culprit of the small fire, but this time he is expelled from school due to cheating.In the wake of this incident, he reviewed his weaknesses and was judged by Kazama to be promising and was able to avoid dropping out.After that, I will work hard on my own studies and raise the score of the department.
At the graduation ceremony, Kazama asked, "Can I stand up even if I go down next time?" And answered strongly, "I don't feel like losing."
Kohei Ishiyama
Performance- Yoshihiro Murai
Kazama Kyojo trainee.I keep smiling.The mood maker of the school, such as making a large serving of rice at Edamoto and wanting an overtly disgusting Kishikawa drawing drawn by Kashimura.I had asked Kashimura to procure an adult magazine, but I found it in Kusakabe and confessed everything.Kazama also confesses that there is a procurement shop and that he requested procurement, but he is not asked because he offered it.
After that, he graduated safely without causing any major troubles or being told by Kazama to drop out.At the graduation ceremony, Kazama evaluated the brightness and salute with tears.

Kusumoto, Hishinuma, Kusakabe, Tsuzuki, and Ishiyama were called to the police academy two years after graduation and were told that Miyasaka had died.Unable to accept the sudden death of his fellow student, Kusakabe rushes to Urushihara, but Kazama screams, "Mourning at work!"

Kazumichi Hirata
Performance- Forestry capital[9]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.He changed jobs to a police officer from a restaurant chain store and a building management company.Each of the previous workplaces has suffered from a lot of overtime and bullying from colleagues.His father is a police officer at a police box who once helped Miyasaka.He has a dark personality and is the number one student in the school, lagging behind other students.Miyasaka is called "Miya-chan" and he helps with cleaning the toilet, but in fact he knows that he is deliberately playing a failed student, and he hates it internally.He is frustrated by strict rules and penalties, and is forced into both body and mind by saying, "You can quit," Kazama.One night I finally lost confidence and energy, so I confined Miyasaka in my room on the way back from running, using the detergent I took out of the toilet and the sulfur-containing bath salt that Miyasaka had thrown away.Hydrogen sulfideTrying to be a companion to gas suicide.However, Kazama, who noticed this attempt, ended the attempt because he had replaced the detergent with water, and was expelled from the police academy.
Tetsuhisa Nanbara
Performance- Kai Inowaki
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Nickname is "Minami-chan".Firearm mania.Kusumotosurvival gameInvite to.Since he is familiar with guns, his shooting training results are excellent.He is moonshine a deadly pistol while he is out on vacation, causing him to explode during maintenance and injuring his arm.
A moonshine gun brought to a police academy is discovered in Miyasaka, and he stops by robbing his police notebook.A pistol and ammunition hidden in Kazama were discovered from the medical certificate of the hospital, and the muzzle was pointed at Kazama at the shooting training ground and pursued.After confessing the hidden place of Miyasaka's notebook, he was arrested and expelled from school.
Takumi Kashimura
Performance- Daigo Nishihata(Naniwa Boy / Kansai Johnny's Jr.)[12]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.The habit is "Thank you."He was troubled by the shift at the simulated police box at night, and he said, "I wish I could ask a security company."
Sprinkles, marker pens, and even cosmetics, all the essentials of school life are easily available to him.Kusakabe says, "Don't have anything."
It is also a "procurement shop" that secretly procures prohibited items such as game consoles and past test information and sells them to students.Kusakabe can see his true identity, but on the contrary, he points out his poor grades and gives past lesson reports in return for overlooking.As a result, Kusakabe is made into a criminal of a small fire caused by senior Ozaki in a mock room on the school grounds, and he is in danger of leaving school.However, Kazama was handcuffed to the desk of the simulated police box, and after all was revealed, he was expelled from school.
Saori Kishikawa
Performance- Aoi Wakana
Kazama Kyojo trainee.She is weak and delicate, but she becomes a police officer to change herself.He always acts with Kusumoto and relies on even the smallest things.While getting used to school life, a threatening letter from an unknown sender arrived and his mental instability caused him to suffer anemia during the interrogation practice and was cornered to the point of falling down, but Kusumoto cheered him up.However, when he realizes that the sender of the blackmail is Kusumoto, he traps her in the parking lot, injures her, and leaves school.After that, I have a part-time job at a cafe.Upon receiving Kusumoto's visit, they apologize to each other for their treatment and settle.
After graduating from the 198th grade, he reunited with Ishiyama, who had a police box, and salutes him.Two years later, he visited the site where Miyasaka was killed and quietly joined hands.
Yuna Eramoto (Yuna Edamoto)
Performance- Tomoda Nobuo
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Former girlwrestlingHe has a unique career as a player.Act with Hishinuma.Rice is always large.He has the best physique among the female students, and in the security implementation (riot police training), he pushes the fully equipped Suga back and kills him.The riot police who came to inspect the training are expected to be talented and are scouted by the riot police.Good at sign language.
My parents' house runs an inn.He will take over for his older brother who was hospitalized due to illness, and will struggle to correct Hishinuma's selfish behavior by the time he leaves school voluntarily.After realizing the true intention and exchanging a farewell hug with Hishinuma who decided to correct himself, he left the police academy with tears.In fact, Kazama secretly thought about it, and when he was interviewed by Hishinuma and TV, he used the sign language "like" in response to Hishinuma's remark that he respected the instructor.
Since taking over the inn, he has been training as a proprietress, and police officers at the police box praise him as "I've followed the board."The photo that Miyasaka sent before the line of duty is displayed at the inn.

Beginner's course 200th short-term course Kazama Kyojo

Nobuteru Toba
Performance- Takeda[13]
Kazama Kyojo trainee. Aspiring to be a police officer aiming to become a police motorcycle member who had longed for when he was a child, impatiently not having a regular job before the age of 30.My previous job was a motorcycle courier rider.He is the oldest in the school and is called "senior" from the same period, but he is dissatisfied.
He has excellent hearing because he trains his ears, which are necessary for traffic control, and has the special ability to accurately guess the speed just by listening to the sound of a car or seeing the ripples on the surface of the water.However, he developed acute otitis media during swimming training.Write a lie in the diary so that Kazama and others will not realize it.Furthermore, fearing that it would be discovered, he falsely reports that he has not seen Inabe, who was suspected of going out without permission, even though he had witnessed it in the library.Kazama gave me a dropout notice because I wrote a lie in my diary and made a false report about Inabe.The next day, earmuffs containing ants from Inabe were attached to both ears with an adhesive, and the eardrum was eroded, resulting in a temporary decrease in hearing.
As I got older, my admiration for police motorcycles diminished, and I had mixed feelings about becoming a police officer and betraying Inabe. Becoming a police officer will be a compensation for Inabe, "and he renewed his determination to train.After graduating from the police academy, he became a dream police motorcycle member.
When he was working on a motorcycle courier, he visited the building where Kazama lost his right eye by delivery, and was in a mess with the criminal who attacked Kazama.
Shiho Ishigami
Performance- Meng Song of Shangbaishi[14]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.He was a trainee in the 199th short-term course of the introductory course, and was on good terms with his fellow students, Urami and Ran.However, in the practice of traffic control, she learned that she had intentionally hit Urami by car in order to get the seat of the president, and she cares about running, but she tries to commit suicide in front of her.This became a trauma, and he took a leave of absence due to poor physical condition due to regret that he hurt his run, but he could not give up the dream of a police officer and returned to school as a trainee for the 1th term one year later.However,"SuicideThere are still traumatic injuries such as trembling in the hands when hearing the words and facing the death of a person.
Kazama told me that "police officers always carry people's lives. You already carry the life of running", overcame the trauma, reunited with running and Urami before graduation, and graduated from that. Report to Kazama at the ceremony.
Megumi Shinobu (Megumi Oshino)
Performance- Haruka Fukuhara[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.He is aiming to become a police officer when he was saved by a police officer when he was once victim of a sexual crime.She is not good at exercising and cannot be satisfied with push-ups, so she is behind in the art class and is being bullied by female students in another school.At the same time as receiving encouragement from Domoto, he was taught strength training and changed to a personality that would not lose to bullying.
He is good at harmonica, and Kazama evaluated the tone.
When he realized that Domoto was the culprit of the loss of equipment, he replaced the evidence and was forced to drop out by Kazama for concealing the criminal.Domoto, who noticed that he was hiding himself, gave him a wristwatch and played harmonica at her request to leave the police academy.
Urushibara Tosuke
Performance- Yuma Yamoto[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.A problem child who is often reprimanded by Suga because he is often late or panics because his sense of time is different from that of a normal human being.After returning to school one day, he ran around the school and jumped out due to the toilet during class, and his behavior became suspicious, and Suga and his deputy instructors were suspected of using stimulants.
On the day I went out, I had Miyasaka pass through the place where I was about to be late for the curfew at the intersection where the traffic light broke down, and immediately after that, I was so worried that Miyasaka was hit by a car. His true purpose was to find the notice posted on the bulletin board.The notice of purpose that I finally found contains a report of Miyasaka's line of duty, and I cry on the spot.
Feeling responsible for Miyasaka's line of duty, he volunteers to drop out of Kazama.However, although there is no description, he is told that he is carrying Miyasaka's life and remains at the police academy.After that, he began to act 10 minutes before the meeting time, and grew up as a police officer by receiving kendo training from Higa.
At the graduation ceremony, he salutes Kazama, saying, "Senior Miyasaka is still alive in me!"
Higa Taichi
Performance- Haruaki Sugino[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Serious and honest personality.Kendo in high school and collegeNational bodyplayer.He works as a partner for Kazama at the dojo and trains Urushihara.
Tazawa, a deputy instructor, noticed that he had excellent grades and a serious personality, and he was deliberately tempted, but he refused.However, a rumor that he is a problem child who talks to the instructor makes him in danger of leaving school, but Kazama who sees everything escapes the difficulty.
During the rescue training, he grabbed Tazawa's arm that slipped, but he was not pulled up and was injured.And I promise that she will become stronger as a police officer when she returns at a later date.
At the graduation ceremony, he stated his goal to win the police kendo tournament.
Soma Rikito
Performance- Meguro Lotus(Snow Man)[15]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.My mother is an executive of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police.He has a calm observation eye and is excellent in education, practical skills, and surgical department, but he is not good at pistol operation.He became a police officer because he couldn't resist his mother's strong wishes, and he hated his mother and wanted to quit.He steals and hides school items that can be used as materials for bombs in an attempt to deliberately make a fuss, but Kazama finds out and ends the attempt.After that, he learned that he had a child with Isagi and decided to continue as a police officer for her and her child.
At the graduation ceremony, I read the answer as a president.
Chiaki Sakane
Performance- Hina Higuchi(Nogizaka46)[16]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.With a gentle personality that does not like conflict, he graduated safely in the 200th term without causing any problems.
He belongs to the same music club as Shinobu and is in charge of the xylophone, and at the graduation ceremony, Kazama told me to continue playing music.
Kenta Yoshimura (Kenta Yoshimura)
Performance- Junki Totsuka[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Bright 200 seasonMood makersExistence.When Toba suddenly rampaged under Kazama's instructions in the first class, he ran away from the school first, and when Kazama asked what to do if he encountered a criminal, he said, "Police officer. I'll call you, "he gave an irrelevant answer and made Kazama amazed.
After surviving the training with his own brightness, Kazama asked the same question as the first class at the graduation ceremony, and answered, "I will catch it myself without calling the police!"
Takashi Inabe
Performance- Atsushi Maeda[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Although he is not good at studying, he is dexterous and aims for forensics recommended by teachers.Trying to get close to Toba, who is a year away.His hobby is collecting insects, and when ants enter Toba's room, he tries to catch them alive.One day, Toba, who was accused of going out without permission and was afraid to discover the lie he wrote in his diary, did not testify to his alibi.Therefore, despite being innocent, he receives corporal punishment from Suga and raises a grudge against Toba.Invite Toba to the shooting training ground and attach earmuffs containing ants to both ears of Toba with instant adhesive.He exhaled his hatred for Toba, took revenge by letting Ali eat his eardrums, and dropped out of the police academy.
Maya Domoto
Performance- Aya Takatsuki[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.An athletic girl who is victorious and hates to lose.When I was a kid, I was bullied and learned martial arts to become stronger.Therefore, Hattori praises him in the art class.By helping Shinobu who was being bullied by another female student, she became friends with her.He is working hard in the training room and has a good personality, such as inviting Toba, who had been blocked by the matter with Inabe.
In fact, he had a homosexual taste and was dropped out because it was discovered that he had stolen and concealed the equipment that Sakane touched.Last night, when he saw Shinobu who was able to do push-ups, he entrusted his watch to him that he was okay without him, and told him not to stop the police.All the equipment I had stolen was used by Sakane, but in the caricature class, I secretly drew the figure of Oshino blowing harmonica on the back of the drawing paper, and it seems that the person I was most interested in was Oshino. There was a depiction.This was also spotted by Kazama, but when asked, "Did you convey your feelings firmly?", She answered "No" with tears and left school.
Toko Isaki
Performance- Sae Okazaki[3]
Kazama Kyojo trainee.Honor student who is friendly to everyone.My father and uncle are executives of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and the only daughter of the police family.He is excellent in liberal arts, practical skills, and arts, and when he clears Kazama's task first, he will be awarded the "Excellence Award" by Principal Shikata.
The photo frame that I brought into my room at the police academy contains a commemorative photo taken at a party of police officials who were taken to my childhood.I continue to care about the boy I saw at the party and in the picture.
In the latter half of the course, he loses his appetite, his grades gradually decline, and he collapses while running.In fact, he became friends with the same situation, had a relationship when he went out on vacation, and had a child with him in his stomach.He decides to drop out, but Ishigami proposes to take a leave of absence.The nameplate on her desk, which has left the school, is placed in a zipper bag with a picture of flowers, unlike other dropouts.
When he attended the graduation ceremony of the 200th term, he took a pose with his right fist pressed against his chest (the same pose as the boy in the photo), and realized that the boy in the photo was actually Satori himself. ..Knowing this, I shed tears.

Beginner's course 199th short-term course Kazama Kyojo

Keisuke Urami
Performance- Takahiro Miura[14]
199th trainee.Running was a rival competing for the position of president and was his best friend.One day, during a traffic control training, a car driven by a runner runs out of control and is hit by a serious injury that breaks his right arm and right leg.After that, he returned to school and graduated safely.
Reunited with Ishigami who returned to school.
Miyu Sakuno
Performance- Yui Sakuma[14]
199th trainee.I had to drop out of school due to family reasons, and when I said goodbye, I sent words of encouragement to Urami and running.
Ryuichi Kogari
Performance- Ryu Kashima[14]
199th trainee.A mood maker.
Izuma Motohisa
Performance- Shigeoka Daiki(Johnny's WEST, 2nd work)
199th trainee.Urami was a close friend and a rival competing for the position of president.
During the traffic control training, I was surprised by the bee that came into the car and made a mistake in steering, and repelled Urami.However, after being questioned by a prefectural police officer, it was discovered that he had intentionally run away in order to become the president, and he was told to drop out.Ishigami encouraged him to be at a loss on the rooftop, but instead he jumped off and committed suicide.Although he survived, he suffered serious injuries such as a broken hip and left the police academy with sequelae on his legs.
Reunited with Ishigami and Urami, and promised to overcome the aftereffects and become a police officer again.
Motohisa Ito
Performance- Kentaro Ito(1nd film)[17]


Kyoko Hattori
Performance- Hitomi Sato[18]
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy instructor. Deputy instructor of the 198th Kazama Kyojo.The rank is assistant police.In charge of the department.Serious but Suga's story for shooting trainingイ ヤ ー マ フHe has a rather insidious personality, such as blocking it with a corpse or pushing it away when Nanbara, who was a corpse in practice, tried to answer his own question.When he was just assigned to the police academy, he seemed to have been close to the students, but he was blamed for it.It seems that he rarely praises students, but he appreciates Kusumoto's interrogation skills and Domoto's martial arts skills.When I was interviewed at school, I put on my make-up and tried to stand out from the students.
In the 200th class, in addition to classroom lectures, I am also in charge of the art department.He complains to Tazawa, who is close to the trainees, but he is ignored and swayed by Suga.
At the graduation ceremony, Kazama and the students were seen off.
Taichi Suga
Performance- Masato Wada
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy instructor.The rank is assistant police.In charge of surgery. With the belief that "power is justice," he always treats students with angry voices.In security training, he attacks the trainee with an iron pipe in one hand, but he easily returns to the former female wrestler Edamoto.An unpleasant person such as Hattori and Ono not being able to hear the story properly.
At Kazama Kyojo in the 200th term, he served as a deputy instructor until Tazawa was assigned.She has come to make a small rebellion against her, such as staggering Hattori's story.
Harue Ono
Performance- Hitomi Takahashi
A janitor at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy.It features a strange behavior that you do not know whether it is a business or a hobby, such as taking the nameplate of the student's desk leaving school with tweezers and collecting it in a zipper bag.It's plain and doesn't laugh.Don't listen to Suga's story.
Only the nameplate of Toko Isagi was put in a zipper bag with a cute floral design.
Sadayuki Uematsu
Performance- Toshio Kakei
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy instructor.The original homeroom teacher of Miyasaka's school.The department in charge is the regional police.With sunglasses, a flashy shirt, and a yakuza-style appearance, a job question class is held.In contrast to Kazama, he had a sly personality and was flirting with Miyasaka and Hirata.About a month after Miyasaka and his colleagues entered the school, they were hospitalized due to illness and took leave.After that, he did not return until graduation.
Aiko Tazawa
Performance- Matsumoto Marika[13]
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy Deputy Instructor Apprentice.The class isPolice Officer..I came to a police academy after being a detective of a forcible criminal.
Kazama and Hattori complain because the rules are too strict, and they are close to the trainees by eating lunch with the trainees and giving lessons in a bright tone.
During his criminal era, he was forced to take responsibility for the loss of evidence by his senior detective, and was abandoned by other colleagues, so he has a grudge against the police.The purpose of coming to the police academy was to hit the resentment of his boss Kazama and intentionally cause a scandal.
He chose Higa, who has excellent grades, as a target, and although he was seduced and rejected by a color scheme, he plans to drop him out as a problem child.Kazama saw everything and was pursued.Higa was unable to pull up and fell due to slipping in the disaster relief training, resulting in a slight injury to her arm.
After returning, he submitted his resignation to Shikatada, but only received a letter of admonition and oral attention. After graduating from the 200th term, he returned to criminal work again.
Hideo Yomoda
Performance- Fumyo Kohinata[18]
Kanagawa Prefectural Police Academy Director.The class isPolice commander..He has a soft demeanor and treats trainees with honorifics.He has known Kazama for a long time and says he is responsible for the loss of his right eye.Akihiro Tono was once sent out of school and entrusted to Kazama, who was a detective in the Investigation Division at that time.
We also take care of the flower beds that Kazama takes care of.


Kenji Ozaki
Performance- Akira Ishida(NON STYLE)[18]
A police officer of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police.The rank is a police officer.A senior at Kashimura University.The person who invited him to a police officer sometimes trained at the dojo of the police academy, and then visited a mock police box to encourage Kashimura and others who were practicing.The contents of this deposit are supplies that are prohibited from being brought into the school, and Kashimura got the money to sell it.StimulantWas obtained.While inhaling stimulants in a police academy's mock hut, he makes a small fire and asks Kashimura to make his own alibi.He was later arrested on suspicion of using stimulants.
Kuniaki Hirata
Performance- Mitsuishi Lab.(Friendship appearance)
A police officer in the area section who works for a police box in Kanagawa prefecture.The rank is the police officer.Kazumichi Hirata's father.The person who rescued Miyasaka when he was in college, and continues to exchange letters with Miyasaka.When my son got upset and was expelled from school, he picked me up at the police academy.Reunited with Miyasaka, who graduated from the police academy, and greeted him with a smile.
After Miyasaka's line of duty, he stands next to his desk with a photo of Miyasaka taken in front of the police box.
Town police officer
Performance- Akashi family
A police officer at a police box in charge of the area where Edamoto's parents' inn is located.He visits the ryokan every time he patrols, and he is familiar with Edamoto.I have a comic dialogue with her.
On the anniversary of Miyasaka's death, he and Edamoto joined hands with Miyasaka's remains.
Mobile Gendarmerie
A member who came to inspect the security training for the 198th term.A man with a large pattern and intimidating atmosphere wearing sunglasses.I visited a police academy to identify candidates for joining the riot police, where the number of applicants is decreasing, and I especially liked the former wrestler Edamoto who pushed down the fully equipped Suga, handed a handmade poster and scouted directly. did.However, the scout failed because Edamoto had dropped out due to family reasons.
Akihiro Tono
Performance- Takumi Kitamura(DISH //)[19]
Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective.He was a junior of Kazama and was investigating together.
When he was a trainee, he was a student that Shikata was concerned about, and although he was not good at surgery, his lecture performance was excellent.After graduation, it will be deposited in Kazama.
One heavy rainy night, when I called out to a suspicious person during Kazama and the investigation, from behindawlWas attacked by.
In the newspaper article that appeared in the first work, it was only reported that "two police officers were attacked by thugs, one was unconscious and the other was seriously injured", and the safety after that is unknown.The second film ends with Kazama calling out to him, "Tono, don't die!"
The flowers in the flowerbed that Kazama and Shikata are taking care of are those grown by Tono when he was a trainee.

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule


Each storyAirdateLatte column[20]Audience rating[21]Remarks
First part2020/1/4Live-action police mystery of the gem
Kazama, a cold instructor, reveals the problems and conflicts that occur at the harsh police academy !!
15.3%New Year 3 nights in a row Takuya Kimura Special[22]
Second part2020/1/5Gem police mystery live-action
Who can survive the extremes and become a police officer
What is Kazama's true aim? Survival completed tonight
The audience rating isVideo researchResearch, Kanto area, household, real time
  • At the cross-net station,TV MiyazakiWas a time-shift net at midnight on the day except that the first night was netted at the same time.

Kyojo (SP edited version)

Each storyAirdateLatte column[23]Audience ratingRemarks
First part2020/12/29
Second part2020/12/30
The audience rating isVideo researchResearch, Kanto area, household, real time

School II

Each storyAirdateLatte column[24]Audience ratingRemarks
First part2021/1/3The scariest cop again!
The second live-action version of the gem of the police mystery !!
Who can survive the rigors of training?
Set in a police academy, Kazama's mind sees everything!
Second part2021/1/4The wounds of each heart ... The past of the right eye revealed
Who will survive Kazama Kyojo and become a police officer !?
Desperate survival complete settlement !!
Fateful encounter and farewell ... Departure of preparedness
The audience rating isVideo researchResearch, Kanto area, household, real time
  • Asahi ShimbunThen, an unusual composition was taken in which only the visuals of Kochika Kazama were posted without describing the latte column of the first part at all.[27].

Olive Related Products

  • Fuji TV 60th Anniversary Project "Kyojo" Blu-ray (Released on July 2020, 7,TC Entertainment, Part number: TCBD-0942)[28]
  • Fuji TV 60th Anniversary Project "Kyojo" DVD (Released on July 2020, 7, TC Entertainment, Product Number: TCED-1)[29]


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