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Devil, magical warfare, twist, 100 crocodile ... You can see the trend of the internet in 2020! "Internet Buzzword 1 ...

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The MC will be voice actor Katsuyuki Konishi and freelance announcer Haruka Mori.

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Free announcer

Free announcerIs mainlyBroadcasterNot directly employed byannouncerThat is.


A person who works as an announcer without belonging to a broadcasting station as an employee/staff. In this case, “free” means that there is no direct employment relationship with the broadcasting station. CompleteFreelanceNot only that, those who belong to a staffing agency or an entertainment office are also called. Some individuals are active, but many areEntertainment office,Production ProductionBelong to. (Free) in order to distinguish it from the announcer (common name: Bureau Announcer) who belongs as an employee/staff.caster,reporterAlso called.

Unlike the station Anna, the number of broadcasting stations that can appear is not limited, and CM appearances are possible, but the amount of work is popular and the employment/work volume is unstable because it depends on the competence of the affiliated office. Especially 2009(HeiseiSince the beginning of 21, even key stations have posted deficits due to increased costs due to the digitization of televisions and a decrease in advertising revenue due to the recession and multi-media, so we have started to reduce labor costs as a countermeasure. There is a remarkable movement to replace the former free announcer with employees.Some bureaus give consideration to their achievements over the years, while others have a "quarrel farewell" over getting out of the board.

However, depending on the broadcasting station, it is said that even employees/employees have become unwieldy regarding salaries and promotions, and there are some who decide to switch to freelance even in this recession.

"Weekly true story』October 2011, 10 issue According to the extra-large issue, if the station Ana becomes free, the profit return rate is very hightalentHowever, even if it becomes less popular, it is said that the entertainment agency can expect annual sales of tens of millions of yen if it manages the wedding ceremony.Also, regarding the fact that the broadcasting station side avoids the station announcer that can be used cheaply and dares to appoint a free announcer as the main part of the program, "When there is a scandal in the program, the station side takes responsibility for the main free announcer. It is said that it has the advantage of being easy to escape well.

We do not have our own human resourcesSatellite broadcastingNews and sports channelsInternet tvAs a result of the increase in the number of free announcers other than TV and radio, most of them areTokyoThe local station announcer may have a base inTokyoThere are many examples of aiming for, and competition is fierce.In addition, as a result, there are many cases where people are forced to change jobs due to their daily lives.There are many cases of changing to other industries from an early stage, but many veteran announcers are doing moderation and narration other than broadcasting, and many of them earn their living by educating aspiring announcers.

NHKThe announcer isCountryandLocal civil servantnotGroup staffTherefore, even if you retire from NHK,dictateIt can not be said. NHKMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsNot an external station,Special corporation(Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsOuter organization) That's why.

Background of becoming a free announcer

There are roughly three types.

  • Station announcer retires from broadcasting station and becomes free announcer.
    • In the case of men, they often shift from their late 30s to their 40s. (For reasons why it is not good to stay away from the site by becoming a manager, or I am successful at my station but I want to try at other stations as well. (For example, if you are going upwards)Retirement age(Or, even after working for a few years as a part-time job for a certain period of time after being retired, even after working for a few years) Some people will be free after retirement.
    • In the case of women, there are many reasons such as the transfer of husbands to work due to marriage and the securing of time to devote themselves to childbirth and childcare.In some cases, after retiring from the local station Anna, after experiencing a freelance announcer, he changed jobs to another broadcasting station station Anna, caster, or reporter (example:Izumi Maruoka). Others received from the male producer of the stationSexual harassmentThere is also a direction due to[1].
In the case of retirement from the broadcasting station, there is also the meaning of establishing a lawyer to the old nest station, and there is a custom to refrain from appearing in other stations for a certain period (usually from half a year to one year) immediately after changing to a free position (apparently appearing in other stations for a certain period of time) If you don't, you may have an agreement with the Kosu station.In some cases, it may be possible to appear on a radio program in the case of affiliated station production programs, commercials of companies, and TV independent stations even immediately after you change free). On the other hand,Noriichi Otsuka,Tomoaki Ogura,Shigeru Tsuki,Shinichi HatoriThere is also an exception to have regular programs at other stations from the month following free transfer. Especially Ogura is Tokyo 12 channel (current:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The day after I retired,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Ohashi Kyosen's Sunday Horse Racing Nippon] Was appointed as the general moderator (Ogura was scouted as a free announcer.Ohashi KyosenThere was a lot of effort). Also HatoriNippon TVRetired on March 2011, 3, and on April 31, 4TV AsahiAnd regularCrown programIt was in the form of starting (this time it was said that there was a discussion with the senior management of both Nippon Television and Asahi. There is also a direction that it became easier for Hatori to get a job from another station even after becoming a freelancer.[2].
In addition, there are some people who rarely work at other stations after appearing as freelancers and only appear on programs produced by the Kosu station (example:Takae Mikumo-Etsuko Komiya-Takashima Aya, Former announcer of the radio station).

Regardless of male or female, there are various times when they become free, but there are cases where they are unable to carry out activities in their specialty / specialized fields, or are transferred to a department different from managers and announcers due to personnel reassignment within the broadcasting station. After failing the announcer test at the key station and working as a contract announcer at the local station, he asked for a turning point in Tokyo, etc., and offered himself to entertainment agencies and production productions by motivating his own vocational awareness as an announcer. In many cases, he becomes a freelance announcer by being scouted as a head hunter.

Free announcer in action

*The parentheses are for the station to which you belonged


It was
Et al.


It was
Et al.

Free announcer who retired or changed jobs


Old friend

Excludes people who died during a broadcast-local job.


Main free announcer office

  • In some cases, it is not a free-announcer/reporter specialist.
  • About companies/organizations with articles in WikipediaCategory: Announcer Productionchecking


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ "Weekly post』April 2013, 6 issue
  2. ^ "Weekly True Story" October 2011, 10 Extra-large Issue

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Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi(Konyuki Katsuyuki, 19734/21[3][4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,Stage actor.WakayamaWakayama CityBackground[3][4].Wise productionAffiliation[4].Tomokazu SekiIs chairingTheater company Hero Hero Q KampanieWas the deputy chairman of the[7].

Representative workAssassin's Creed"(Altair),"Tales of symphonia(Lloyd Irving),Game chicken -Shamo-"(Ryo Narushima),"Golden corda] (Nobutake Ozaki)[8].


Before debut

Since childhoodBoy scoutAt the same time, at the soccer club in Wakayama from the upper grades of elementary school to the third year of high school[9]サ ッ カ ーBecause I had a dawning life, I grew up without much opportunity to watch anime[10][11].. In high school, I belong to a movie study group because I can play games on the screen in the school auditorium.[12].. When thinking about his career after graduating from high school, Konishi said, "I don't want to go to an ordinary company," and a friend of a movie study group tells me that he has a career as a voice actor.[12].. Until then, he was so ignorant of the voice actors that he was only aware that the characters in the work were speaking, but he started collecting materials from the training school in the wake of his friends' words.[12].. When I asked my sister, who was also a voice actor, about Katsuta Voice Actor Academy, she was advised that "That's because it's Sparta, so it's okay," and she decides to admit that the tougher one suits her.[12].

I moved to Tokyo from Wakayama,Katsuta Voice Actor AcademyEntered as an 11th year student. At Katsuta, there are some people who say "I'm not good at voice actors, so please stop."Tomoyuki Morikawa(Katsuda's 5th gen.)"[13].. After graduating from Katsuta,Michiko Nomura,Nachi Nozawa,Kenji UtsumiJoined the training institute as a first-year student[13].. A year later, Michiko Nomura invited me to join Ken Production.[13].

After debuting as a voice actor

My first job as a voice actorゲーム[13].AnimeHe has only played the role of one word a few times, and less than a year after his debutTelevision Animation"King of Braves Gaogaigar』Will be decided[11].. In 2001Magic warrior Liwi] Debut[9]. Original authorMizuno Ryoof"Rhodes SenkiI was happy when the role was decided because I liked "[9].

According to Konishi, the role played was that there were many elderly roles until the third year after debut, but in 3, the TV anime "Mysterious CeresThe number of opportunities to play life-sized roles fromSAMURAI DEEPER KYO』Broadened the range of work[14]. 2015The 9thVoice actor awardAwarded Best Supporting Actor[15].


He is the deputy chairman of the troupe Hero Hero Q Kampanie. Soon after joining Ken Productions[16].. ChairTomokazu SekiIs a senior at Katsuta Seiyuu Gakuin[11]I was acquainted with, and at the beginning, a friend of mine was helping the theater company, so Konishi was helping.[17].. When I joined the company, when I went to the coffee shop where the troupe's meeting was attended with a friend, I was told by Mr. Seki who was interviewing the applicant for the group that "Konishi-kun will also join" "Ah yes I agreed with the flow[18].


2005ToOVA"Underworld ed. Saint Seiya Hades Hades ed."Or later,Hideyuki HoriからPhoenix IkkiInherited the role of. As well 2009Is,Dragon ball breaks] But from the moatGinyuIt has inherited the role.

2010IsTensou Sentai GoseigerFor the first time in the voice of Gosei NightSuper squadron series”. Konishi was anxious to appear in this series[19].. Next workPirate Sentai GokaigerIs good friends with Tomokazu Seki, who narrated in[20].

game"Hokuto Musou], the main characterKenshiroIs playing. Kenshiro has a shout "Attata!!", but among the voice actors who have played Kenshiro in various media, Konishi is probably the best person to say this shout at once. Evaluated[21].

"Toriko] InDanomiyukiWith the death of, he took over the role of Tengu's brunch.

As a gamer,Monster hunter』I like,New type』Mini column andDengeki PlayStation] But it is mentioned in the topic.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • Glittering Pikachu! (Mukhawk, Glion, Greggle)
  • Suisei no Gargantia-Around the Route, Haruka-(Pinion) *Preceding theater screening[142]
  • Magi Sinbad's Adventure(Baddle) *Included in the DVD special edition Vol. 3-4[143]

Web anime



  • Bakumatsu Roman XNUMXnd Act Tsukihana's Swordsman-Flowers blooming on the moon, flowers falling down-(Keiichiro Washizuka)
  • Monster Strike (Excalibur)
  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot(Ginnew)
  • Lost Decade (Tesla[253]
  • ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS (Tank top master[254]
  • FAIRY TAIL (Laxus Dreyer[255]
  • Puyo Puyo!! Quest(Ikki of the Phoenix constellation[256]
  • Captain Tsubasa RISE OF NEW CHAMPIONS(Roberto Hongo)
  • Saint Seiya Rising Cosmo (Phoenix constellation Ikki[257]
  • Invisible souls enshrining the darkness (Indra[258]
  • Shadowverse Champions Battle(Shadow Knights Zex)
  • Seven Knights -Space-Time Traveler- (Karma[259]
  • Star smash (Koya[260]
  • Birshana Senki -Genpei Hibana Dreams- (Tadanobu Sato[261]
  • AIM $ -All you need Is Money-diesel[262]
  • Beautiful Court Women (Innocent King
  • Shin Hokuto Musou App Version (Kenshiro[263]
  • Food language (Hachisen Oversea
  • Sangokushi Meishoden (Zhang Liao, Zhang Jue, Zhong Hui, Meng Da, Xu Sheng, Jiang Qin)
  • La Corda d'oro Starlight Orchestra (Domoto Daiga[264]
  • Alice in Spades: Wonderful White World ~ / Wonderful Black World ~ (Brad Dupre[265]

Doujin Game

  • The first novel game (2016,Zyro[266]


Responsible actor

Lee Bum Soo
  • Giant(Lee Gang Mo
  • Dr. JIN
  • Triangle (Jang Dong Soo)
Jerry Yen




Digital comic

Special effects

2000 era
2010 era


* IsInternet distribution.


TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

Video products

  • Mao from today!Series
    • Valentine's Day in Majinkoku!?
    • June Bride in Majinkoku!?
  • Golden cordaSeries
    • Golden corda primavera
    • Golden corda primavera 2
    • Golden Corda primavera 3 grand finale
  • Grand Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1~4 First edition limited edition privilege This sea is calling us ~ Experience the "Gran Blu" world! ~
  • Boy onmyoji Event DVD "Son" Thanksgiving-Listen to poetry that sounds elegant-
  • Tales of Festival 2008 + Viva Tales of
  • Tales of Festival 2009-2013
  • Neo romance series
    • Neo Romance Live 2004 Summer
    • Neo Romance Live 2005 Winter
    • Neo Romance ♥ Ala Mode 2
    • Neo Romance Festa Golden Corda ~primo passo~ Seikan Gakuin Festival
    • Neoromance Festa Golden Corda Hoshiso Gakuin Festival 2, 3
  • BLEACH SOUL SONIC 2006 Summer Festival
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Circled Thanksgiving
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Great Thanksgiving
  • Mizuki Nana7th album 『ULTIMATE DIAMOND』DVD "Shinjuku Koma theater chair performance "Nana Mizuki sings a lot"" (DVD)


Drama CD


  • Tell a loved one (Masahiro Aikawa)
  • Being too loved and lonely (Taiki Asakawa)
    • Bliss over loved
  • Excuse me from the open door (Arikawa)
  • The depth of love is about knees (Ishikura regular)
    • Ai properly
  • Love is a rose kiss (Masashi Kyusyu)
  • As the Lord keeps (shallow water)
  • It's not someday... Series (Kototsu Okitsu)
    • For someday not tomorrow/side Naoya
    • For someday not tomorrow / side succession
  • ...Virgin love. (Mikito Osato)
  • Liar falls in love (Hiroki)
  • Do you know our detective? (Ryunosuke)
  • Sea Series (Taichi Nakagawara)
    • If I close my eyes
    • If you reach out, the ocean will be far away
    • A faint sea
  • Eternal July (Shunichi Tachibana)
  • S series (Keigo Munechika)
    • S
    • S-bite-
    • S-Ri-
    • Decoy decoy bird
  • Escort series (Kasa Enomoto)
    • escort
    • Deal
  • Prince Lv1 (Roy)
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  • Shape of the key (Masato Ariga)
    • Where is the key
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    • Gakuen Heaven 2-Welcome to HEAVEN!
    • Gakuen Heaven Vocal Album ~SONG! MVP~
    • Gakuen Heaven Maxi Single ~SWEET CANDY~
    • Gakuen Heaven Maxi Single-BITTER CHOCOLATE-
    • Gakuen Heaven 3-Happy Paradise-
  • Casino Lily (Koji Kajino)
  • If you have the money! (Kotaro Kaito)
  • Cafe Latte Rhapsody (Shiraishi)
  • Boyfriend series (tree)
    • Do you need a boyfriend?
    • Secret of boyfriend
  • Kikyoan's flower thieves and aristocrats (Shigeki Chiba)
  • Kizuna KIZUNA Seeking the other side of the sun (Masaru Hirai)
  • KiKKa 5th Anniversary SPiN OFF "Honey and the Cross" (Jung)
  • Brothers only! BROTHER x BROTHER (Masato Shirakawa)
    • Brothers only! 2 BROTHER x BROTHER
  • Black Panther Knight-The Temptation of a Beautiful Admiral-(Aaron)
  • The beasts... delusions. (Mikito Osato)
  • Ice demon story(Wirt)
  • SASRA 1, 4 (Tsuyoshi Sumida)
  • The end of XNUMX years of love (Shusei)
  • Synapse coffin I・II (Yoichiro Higuchi)
  • GP Gakuen Student Council ExecutiveSeries (Haruma Kumagatsu)
  • In the weekend room (Masato Ariga)
    • In the room at midnight
  • Passion series (Haruka Kurosawa, member)
    • Secret passion
    • Whereabouts of passion Secret passion 2
    • Passion Splashes Secret Passion 3
    • Crystal of Passion Secret Passion 4
  • Shonen Bride Series (Ayato Kagamino)
    • Boy bride
    • Star and Cherry Blossom Festival-Shonen Bride 2
    • Feast of Fire and Mirror ~Shonen Bride 3~
    • Sword and Water Dance ~Shonen Bride 4~
    • Hana and Kogi no Yoi ~Shonen Bride 5〜
  • Shinjuku Bored Man-The Law of Desires-(Soujiro Himonya)
  • Seiryuji Temple Series (Naomi Fukasawa)
    • Honey drips every night
    • Seth is an aphrodisiac at night
    • The end of an endless night
  • ZE -ZE- 6 FINAL (Rikiichi Santou)
  • Selfish monarch Wagamama My prologue 2 (Reiji Nakao)
  • World's first love Series (Takano Masamune)
  • With the end of the world (Nobuhide Takamiya <Father>)
  • The world is for two people (Takehiro Horie)
  • SEXY EFFECT 96 series (Koshiro Kirino)
    • SEXY EFFECT 96
  • I love you even after a thousand years (Ichinogami Sotoku)
    • Extraordinary passion extra edition
  • The world is full of love (Makura Wakura)
  • Repeating the heat of the hands (Nagisa Tenkei)
  • The voice of a dragon that echoes in the sky (Fayewan <after growth>)
  • Tanatos Twins Series (Maxim Vasilievich Radionov)
    • Tanatos Twins 1912
    • Tanatos Twins 1917
  • Provocation trap (Kazushi Serizawa)
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  • Higashiyama Road crash report(Tachimi Gunji)
  • Dictator Love (Simon Lloyd)
  • Troublemakers 1 and 2 (Shinji Sakaki)
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  • A quiet fever (Masahiko Sagawa)
  • Dandyism of Nightless Castle (Takahiro Sakakai)
  • Pretty Babys (Akimori)
  • FLESH & BLOOD 1 -9 (Nigel)
  • Compatibility between forensic and criminal (Takami Enatsu)
    • True intention between forensic scientist and criminal Compatibility between forensic scientist and criminal 2
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  • Love sleeping in water
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  • Honey and the cross (Jung)
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  • Mail Boy Series (Junta Sekiguchi)
    • Mail boy
    • Mail Boy 2 The road ahead is difficult
  • Love at the fingertips (at Nakagawa)
  • LOVE MODE5 (Tenyuki = Haruomi Kashima's boyhood)
  • Repeat After Me? (Cyril Bertre)
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  • Your confession in both hands (Shohei Katsuki)
  • Love operation 1 (Takashi Okumura)
  • Where is our water (Tatsuhiko Sendo)
  • Knowing you and love of destiny (Shinichiro Hidaka)

Radio talk, reading CD

  • Quail Reading CD "Yamatsuki'
  • Work boy vol.3 occupation beautician
  • Work boy vol.4 occupation police officer
  • Oh To Na Limited Nursing CD Kartel 1 (older characters)
  • Golden corda Radio CD 1st movement --3rd movement Personality: Koniyama 30's (Katsuyuki Konishi &Kisho Taniyama
  • Monthly men's picture book followers edition black board (secretary)
  • Twelve friendly killers "INTRO DUCTION" (Tsuji Tsushima)
  • Boy onmyoji・Keep your voice distantYuki Kaida& Katsuyuki Konishi)
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari ~A Masterpiece~ (Part XNUMXTadakatsu Hondastory")
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Chisho & Goji Monogatari ~ (Honda Tadakatsu Monogatari Gaiden "Fight with the Lord")
  • ContinuedWonder studio syndrome EPISODE.2
  • Dirs The Story of the World ~Blue Book~
  • Diarz The World of Dreams ~The Book of Dreams~ (Episode XNUMX "King and the Knights")
  • Healed by the heavenly people CD Vol. XNUMX ~ Guardian deity Karou Raou ed. ~ (Karou Raou ed.[280]
  • True Blood DJ CD "Inu Raji TB-SHOW"
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari ~Satsuma/Choshu Edition~ ("Saigo Takamoristory")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Shinsengumi & Satsuma / Choshu Edition ~ ("Saigo Takamori Monogatari Gaiden")
  • Web radio Peach Talk・Perfect CD 8 MOMOTTO TALK CD Katsuyuki Konishi Edition (Kawaji Shinji& Katsuyuki Konishi)

Mobile content

Other contents


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
3/23Earth Defense Company Die Guard Original Soundtrack 2Public Relations Section 2 All Stars[Member 1]"this town"Television Animation"Earth Defense Company Dai Guard"Insert song
12/25"SAMURAI DEEPER KYO" Vocal Album KyokukyokuDemon Eye Madness (Katsuyuki Konishi"Iran"Television Animation"SAMURAI DEEPER KYO] Related songs
Kyoshiro Mibu (Katsuyuki Konishi"Prayer"
2/10Blowing Pew! Jaguar Drama CDHummer (Katsuyuki Konishi"Something pupa"Drama CD "Blowing pew! Jaguar] Related songs
2/21Vocal Collection Golden Corda ~espressivo~Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"L'armonia-What you gave me-"game"Golden corda] Related songs
8/25Golden Corda Fantasmagoria"Brightly"
Gakuen Heaven Vocal Album ~SONG! MVP ~Tetsuya Niwa (Katsuyuki Konishi"Take it to me"Television Animation"School heaven] Related songs
3/24THE BEST OF RIVAL PLAYERS XXIII Takahisa KajimotoTakahisa Kajimoto (Katsuyuki Konishi"OVER"Television Animation"Prince of Tennis] Related songs
July 6Bakumatsu Reika/Shinsengumi Drama CDKeisuke Yamanan (Katsuyuki Konishi"Dreams to dreams"Drama CD "Bakumatsu Reika Shinsengumi] Related songs
10/19Vocal & Performance Song Collection La Corda d'oro ~ espressivo 2 ~Tsukimori lotusKisho Taniyama), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"VIBRATO -the way you are-"game"Golden corda] Related songs
Tsukimori lotusKisho Taniyama), Ryotaro Tsuchiura (Kentaro Ito), Keiichi Shimizu (Jun Fukuyama), Kazuki Hihara (Seiichi Morita), Azusa Yuki (Daisuke Kishio), Hiroto Kanazawa (Hideo Ishikawa), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Overture -Overture-"
2/22Golden corda divertimentoShoko Fukai (Akira Sato), Amami Nami (Yuki Masuda), Hiroto Kanazawa (Hideo Ishikawa), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"FINE DAYS ~Tomorrow will be sunny!~"game"Golden corda] Related songs
9/8LOVELESS VOCAL ALBUMGourmet grass lantern (Katsuyuki Konishi"My dear one"Television Animation"LOVELESS] Related songs
Aoyagi Ritsuka (Junko Minagawa), Gazumasakari (Katsuyuki Konishi"ENTRUST"
12/22Water Melody 2 -The Memory of Scarlet- Character Song Flame Series IIIShield (Katsuyuki Konishi), Yoshiharu Kashiwagi (Hiro Shimono"Alone"game"Water melody 2] Related songs
Shield (Katsuyuki Konishi
2/23Shonen Onmyoji Character Song "Listen to Poetry Resonating" SummerGuren(Katsuyuki Konishi"Flame heart"Television Animation"Boy onmyoji] Related songs
3/21Shonen Onmyoji character song "Listen to poetry that resonates with elegance" Autumn"Oath"
5/25"Love☆Drops" Character Song CD

vol.3 Hugo & Kanade

Makoto Mashiba (Katsuyuki Konishi"Akatsuki Night"game"Love ☆ Drops] Related songs
7/4Golden Corda 2 ~felice~Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Liebe ~Dear you~"game"Golden corda] Related songs
7/6"Shonen Onmyoji" Character Song Katori Fugetsu ~Zanetsu~Masahiro Abe (Yuki Kaida),Guren(Katsuyuki Konishi"Scarlet taiga"Television Animation"Boy onmyoji] Related songs
7/25Character Song Album Minna no Uta!Shibuya victory (Katsuyuki Konishi"A faraway trip (Time river)"TV animation "NowMao from the day!] Related songs
Lord Weller Conrad (Tomoyuki Morikawa), Sir von Bielefeld Wolfram (Mitsuki Saiga), Sir von Voltaire Gwendal (Akio Otsuka), Lord von Christen Gunter (Kazuhiko Inoue), Sir Vonkerbernikov Anisina (Takayama Minami), Ken Murata (Yuki Miyata), Sir von Spitzweg Tetsier (Masako Katsuo), Glie Josac (Masanori Takeda), Shibuya Advantage (Takahiro Sakurai), Shibuya victory (Katsuyuki Konishi"Promise"
8/22Golden Corda ~primo passo~ Vocal CollectionNobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"To the far sky"game"Golden corda] Related songs
Tsukimori lotusKisho Taniyama), Ryotaro Tsuchiura (Kentaro Ito), Keiichi Shimizu (Jun Fukuyama), Kazuki Hihara (Seiichi Morita), Azusa Yuki (Daisuke Kishio), Hiroto Kanazawa (Hideo Ishikawa), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Harmony for you"
Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Character Song Album Meta-morphoseSaiki Rembart (Katsuyuki Konishi"REAL"Television Animation"Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica] Related songs
10/3Gurren Lagann BEST SOUNDSimon (Takiya Kakihara), Kamina (Katsuyuki Konishi)"BREAK THROUGH THE DREAM"Television Animation"Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] Related songs
10/24Nade Pro !! Character Song !? Series ~ Nagumo & Kai & Hitomi Hen ~Katsuya Hitomi (Katsuyuki Konishi"LADY OF LEGEND-To the Legendary Kimi..."Drama CD "Nadepro!!] Related songs
12/5Neoromance trillion wonder winterAoi Kaji (Mamoru Miyano), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"DECEMBER DREAM"game"Golden corda] Related songs
12/19Golden Corda 2 ~gloria~Keiichi Shimizu (Jun Fukuyama), Kazuki Hihara (Seiichi Morita), Azusa Yuki (Daisuke Kishio), Hiroto Kanazawa (Hideo Ishikawa), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Hallelujah-"game"Golden corda] Related songs
12/21Nadepro!! Character Song!? Series Vol.3 Phrases ~Labyrinth (Hitomi & Sakurakoji)KATSUYA (Katsuya Hitomi <Katsuyuki Konishi〉)"Kinobino Promise"Drama CD "Nadepro!!] Related songs
4/23From today Maou! Character song series vol.6 Victory in ShibuyaShibuya victory (Katsuyuki Konishi"HOME PLANET."

"World of window frames"

TV animation "NowMao from the day!] Related songs
Golden Corda 2 ~felice2~Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"After The Rain"game"Golden corda] Related songs
6/25Your Memories Off ~Girl's Style~ Character Drason Series vol.2 KutaKuta (Katsuyuki Konishi"Wish"game"Your Memories Off-Girl's Style] Related songs
8/27Monochrome Factor Character Song Factor4Ko (Katsuyuki Konishi"Dive"Television Animation"Monochrome factor] Related songs
1/7Monochrome Factor PERFECT VOCAL COLLECTIONSilver (Junichi Suwabe),Katsuyuki Konishi"Awakening ~ dark & ​​light ~"Television Animation"Monochrome factor"Ending theme
Ko (Katsuyuki KonishiTelevision Animation"Monochrome factor] Related songs
May 27"Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Crimson S" Character Song Vol.1Saiki Rembart (Katsuyuki Konishi"Proof -akashi-"Television Animation"Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica] Related songs
6/3Daughter Dora ◎ Dora 3Osma Lee (Katsuyuki Konishi), Catherine Glass (Sanae Kobayashi), Bobby Margo (Kenta Miyake"Assault Love Heart (Super Dimension Duet)"Drama CD "Daughter Dora ◎] Related songs
8/12Golden Corda ~secondo passo~ TearsNobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"My word ~Promise~"game"Golden corda] Related songs
10/29Nadepro!!-Try Kisama as a voice actor! ~Katsuya Hitomi (Katsuyuki Konishi), Kenta Nagumo (Kenji Nojima), Kai Naoto (Yuki Kaida"Precious world-Beyond Tobira-"game"Nadepro!!-Try Kisama as a voice actor! ~] Theme song

*Limited edition benefits

11/25Hetalia Character CD Vol.6 AmericaAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"W・D・C ~World Dancing~"


Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
2/24BLEACH BREATHLESS COLLECTION: 05 Hinosaki Shuhei with Wind DeathHinosaki Shuhei (Katsuyuki Konishi"MISS"Television Animation"BLEACH] Related songs
Hinosaki Shuhei (Katsuyuki Konishi), wind death (Kisho Taniyama"KILL"
3/24Golden Corda XNUMX-Examine your passion-Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"Dreams trajectory"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
Kyoya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening), Yu Mizushima (Mizuhashi Kaori"BLUE SKY BLUE"
Kyoya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening), Yu Mizushima (Mizuhashi Kaori), Yagisawa Yukihiro (Kentaro Ito), Shiro Seki (Seiichi Morita), Arata Mizushima (Daisuke Kishio), Togane Chiaki (Kisho Taniyama), Hosei Toki (Hideo Ishikawa), Reika Meika (Satoshi Hino), Shigeru Amami (Mamoru Miyano), Sosuke Nanami (Yuki Masuda
6/9WA! Ring!! World OndoWorld 8[Member 2]"WA! Ring!! World Ondo"Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
9/15Golden Corda XNUMX ~The melody is deep and sweet~Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening"Silver Lining"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
11/24"Hetalia World Series" Sound WorldUnion[Member 3]"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
12/15Bricon-BLEACH CONCEPT COVERS-Tosen Kaname (Tomoyuki Morikawa), Hinosaki Shuhei (Katsuyuki Konishi"thank you"Television Animation"BLEACH"cover
3/30PSP "Gakuen Hetalia Portable" OP/EDUnion[Member 3]"Yunai Teddy Stars☆"game"Gakuen Hetalia Portable] Theme song
10/12Sengoku Musoubarae CDMaeda Toshiie (Katsuyuki Konishi"Gamushara"game"Samurai warriors] Series related songs
10/26Nurarihyon no Mago -Sennen Makyo- Character CD Series Ryuji Hanakoin / Shubo HanakoinRyuji Hanaiin (Katsuyuki Konishi"Integrity"Television Animation"Nurarihyon's grandson] Related songs
9/19ZOO, ♪Full-time panda (Katsuyuki Konishi"ZOOt, ♪"Television Animation"Polar bear cafe"Ending theme
"Shirokuma Cafe-Full-time Panda"Television Animation"Polar bear cafe] Related songs
9/26"Hetalia Axis Powers" Marukaite BestAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"Marukaite Earth America ver."Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
"Hetalia Axis Powers" DIGITAL SINGLE THE BEST Plus αCanada(Katsuyuki Konishi) With Kumajiro (Iwamura Aiko"Canada whole introduction note"
1/30"Hetalia World Series" is the bestAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"Hatafute Parade America ver."Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
3/27Golden Corda XNUMX-Happiness of Koi-Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"XNUMXnd STAGE"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
7/24Hetalia Character CD II Vol.6 USAAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"I'm your HERO☆"

"CBC (Cowboyz Boot Camp) Vol.1"

Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
8/14Inazuma All Stars x TPK Character Song Album "Impression Sharing!"Nishiki Ryoma (Ryo Iwasaki), Zanark Avalonik (Katsuyuki Konishi"Great Soul"Television Animation"Inazuma Eleven] Related songs
11/6DIABOLIK LOVERS Character Song Vol.6 Rage SakamakiSakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi"The fate of a certain prophet"Drama CD "DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs
3/26Golden Corda XNUMX AnotherSky feat. JinnanKisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"ROSY ROSA ROSY"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
Togane Chiaki (Kisho Taniyama), Hosei Toki (Hideo Ishikawa), Mutsumi Serizawa (Yoshimasa Hosoya), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening
Macross 30th Anniversary Super Dimension Duet Collection Daughter KoraOsma Lee (Katsuyuki Konishi), Catherine Glass (Sanae Kobayashi"Assault Love Heart (Bobby non-intrusive version)"Drama CD "Daughter Dora ◎] Related songs
5/28Golden Corda Blue♪Sky Original SoundtrackMaestro ♪ Fields[Member 4]"WINGS TO FLY"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
6/25Anime "DIABOLIK LOVERS" DVD Volume 6Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi"Silver Rose -Reiji lyrics-"Television Animation"DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs

*Limited edition benefits

8/20Golden Corda Blue ♪ Sky focus on Seiso GakuinKyoya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"Moonlight Ensemble"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"RITSU Sings WINGS TO FLY"
Hosogakuin Orchestra Department[Member 5]"Andante-featuring Seikan Gakuin High School"
Hosogakuin Orchestra Department[Member 5],Shiseikan High School Brass Band[Member 6],Jinnan High School Orchestra Club[Member 7],Yokohama Amane Academy Chamber Music Club[Member 8]"Andante-featuring All of Main Characters"
9/24"Hetalia The Beautiful World" The rotating earth bestAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"Rotating Earth Rondo America ver."Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
11/14Lady GO Hasha GO Daishu GO! Tamagotchi!Oyajichi (Katsuyuki Konishi"Old man's flower path"Television Animation"Tamagotchi!] Related songs
12/24"Gundam-san" ending theme "Gundam-san Ondo"[Note 3]Mr. Char (Katsuyuki Konishi), Amuro (Dai Yongyi), Mr. Bright (Ryutaro Okiayu), Mr. Garma (Kazuyuki Okitsu"Gundam-san Ondo"Television Animation"Gundam"Ending theme
4/15DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE CHARACTER SONG Vol.10Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi"Strawberry Sin"Drama CD "DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs
8/5Love prisonPrison boy[Member 9]"Prison of love"Television Animation"Prison school"Opening theme
Our sinful anthem"Our song of sin"Television Animation"Prison school"Ending theme
8/19DIABOLIK LOVERS Bloody Songs -SUPER BESTⅡ- Sakamakiya verSakamaki Ayato (Hikari Midorikawa), Sakamaki Kanato (Kaji Yuki), reverse winding light (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakamaki Subaru (Takashi Kondo"Bloody★Mayim★Mayim"Drama CD "DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs
9/16CD Love Cuisine -Monsters Recipe- Vol.4Hermann Valkoinen(Kosuke Toriumi), Oz Leopard (Katsuyuki Konishi"Amazing Cuisine ~ Hermann & Oz ver. ~"Drama CD "Love Cuisine -Monsters Recipe-" related songs
Golden Corda project ffNobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi), Fudosuke (Makoto Homura"Vienne-Vienna Forest Story"game"Golden corda] Related songs
9/30Enchanted (Ultimate) VenusRooster Mizuji (Hiroki Yasumoto), Chihiro Inuzuka (Masaya Onozaka), Jumonji Maki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Enchanted (Ultimate) Venus"

"St. Louis High School School Song Ver."

game"STORM LOVER] Related songs
10/28Anime "Hetalia The World Twinkle" Character CD Vol.7America(Katsuyuki Konishi"It's Easy!!!!"Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs

Requiem (2) Bloody Night Vol.Ⅳ

Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakamaki Kanato (Kaji Yuki"Beauty Parade"Drama CD "DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs
Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi
2/24DIABOLIK LOVERS LUNATIC PARADE "Fanatic of Night"Sakamaki Ayato (Hikari Midorikawa), Sakamaki Kanato (Kaji Yuki), reverse winding light (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakamaki Subaru (Takashi Kondo"Fanatic of Night"game"DIABOLIK LOVERS LUNATIC PARADE] Theme song
3/30Golden Corda XNUMX EverySkyKisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi"STELLA SOL STELLA"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
Kyoya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening), Yu Mizushima (Mizuhashi Kaori), near(Akira Sato), Kanade Kohinata (Takagi Reiko
Golden Corda XNUMX JOYFULMaestro ♪ Fields[Member 4]"JOYFUL"
8/17"LIMIT BREAKERS"BREAKERS[Member 10]"LIMIT BREAKERS"Television Animation"Cheer boys!!"Ending theme
9/28"Hetalia The World Twinkle" Hetalia☆BestAmerica(Katsuyuki Konishi"American Jet"Anime"Axis powers Hetalia] Related songs
11/16"Cheer Boys!!" Character Song Mini AlbumHasegawa Gen (Katsuyuki Konishi"Break Out-A shell is torn!"Television Animation"Cheer boys!!] Related songs
11/30Golden Corda XNUMX JOYFUL XNUMXKyoya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Kisaragi Ritsu (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakaki Daichi (Uchida evening), Yu Mizushima (Mizuhashi Kaori), Yagisawa Yukihiro (Kentaro Ito), Shiro Seki (Seiichi Morita), Arata Mizushima (Daisuke Kishio), Togane Chiaki (Kisho Taniyama), Hosei Toki (Hideo Ishikawa), Reika Meika (Satoshi Hino), Shigeru Amami (Mamoru Miyano), Sosuke Nanami (Yuki Masuda), Takumi Sunaga (Takeuchi"JOYFUL"game"Golden corda 3] Related songs
2/15DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN "Evening KNOW UNDER SKIN"Sakamaki Ayato (Hikari Midorikawa), Sakamaki Kanato (Kaji Yuki), reverse winding light (Hirakawa Daisuke), Shu Sakamaki (Kosuke Toriumi), Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi), Sakamaki Subaru (Takashi Kondo"Evening KNOW UNDER SKIN"
3/15DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.5Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi"Mr. Butterfly Mask"Drama CD "DIABOLIC LOVERS] Related songs

 Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST III-

Sakamaki Shu (Kosuke Toriumi), Sakamaki Rage (Katsuyuki Konishi"Absolute sensitivity libido"
11/1Moon Fang Nokoku/Scenic viewOda Nobunaga(Tomoyuki Morikawa), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Natsuki Hanae), Shingen Takeda (Katsuyuki Konishi), Kenshin Uesugi (Kosuke Toriumi),Sanada Yukimura(Daiki Yamashita),Date Masamune(Yuichiro Umehara"Moon Fog"game"Sengoku Night Blood"Opening theme
"Amazing scenery"Television Animation"Sengoku Night Blood"Opening theme
11/15VICTORIOUSShingen Takeda (Katsuyuki Konishi"VICTORIOUS"Television Animation"Sengoku Night Blood] Related songs
"Amazing scenery"
5/28Shaking Night!! ~Forbidden Quintet~[Note 4]Mimosa (Ryutaro Okiayu), Alexander (Tomokazu Seki), Old Pal (Katsuyuki Konishi), Jinfiz (Kiyoshi Tamura), Alaska (Sorayoshi Takahata)"Shaking Night!! ~Forbidden Quintet~"game"Cocktail prince] Theme song
7/4Character Song Collection Vol.1 "Hidden World"Husband (Katsuyuki Konishi"Wish flower"Television Animation"Kakuriyo no Yado"Ending theme
8/22Azure Al FineIzu no Kaze[Member 11]"Azure Al-Fine-our tension super MAX ver.Television Animation"Grand Buru"Ending theme
"miracle"Television Animation"Grand Buru] Related songs
9/5Golden Corda 15th Anniversary Vocal Complete Box 2013-2017Hiroto Kanazawa (Hideo Ishikawa), Nobutake Ozaki (Katsuyuki Konishi), Akihiko Kira (Uchida evening"NEVER END"game"Golden corda] Related songs
9/19Best Album AbsoluteOda Nobunaga(Tomoyuki Morikawa), Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Natsuki Hanae), Shingen Takeda (Katsuyuki Konishi), Kenshin Uesugi (Kosuke Toriumi),Sanada Yukimura(Daiki Yamashita),Date Masamune(Yuichiro Umehara"Afterglow and Covenant"Television Animation"Sengoku Night Blood] Related songs
12/19"Sen Musketeer" Absolutely Noble Song Series Noble Bullet 10 Matchlock & Kurofune GroupKimbee (Katsuyuki Konishi"Go through the rough waves of life"game"Thousand Musketeers] Related songs
1/16SSSS.GRIDMAN CHARACTER SONG.4New century junior high school student[Member 12]"Xenon's Justice"Television Animation"SSSS.GRIDMAN] Related songs
Max(Katsuyuki Konishi"The future of distant days"
7/3☆ 3rd SHOW TIME 1 ☆ Yuta Hoshitani & HanasakurakaiKasakurakai[Member 13]"We, Ayanagi Gakuen Kasakurakai-Next-Generation-"Television Animation"Star-Mu』Third insertion song
8/21☆ 3rd SHOW TIME 8 ☆ Ryo Fuyuzawa x Takashi Chiaki & Kasugano x Entering SummerRyo Fuyusawa (Souma Saito), Takashi Chiaki (Katsuyuki Konishi"Two of us"
9/4☆ 3rd SHOW TIME 10 ☆ team Otori & HanasakurakaiKasakurakai[Member 13]"Sound Lost"TV anime "Star-Mu" related songs
10/23Fighting spirit! Chemoner maskNoB with chemoner mask (Katsuyuki Konishi"Fighting spirit! Chemor mask"Television Animation"Flagship! Kemomichi"Opening theme
11/20KING OF FIREK'(Tomoki Ono),Maxima(Katsuyuki Konishi"BLACK'"game"THE KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS] Related songs
11/11Tales of Dream Project -Festival Songs-Tales of Dreamers[Member 14]"Endless Journey"Event "Tales of festival 2020"Theme song

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2007/9/19Hyakuka Voice -Male Voice Actor-Katsuyuki Konishi"Apache Baseball Army"
"Flower child Runrun"
"Dream operation PMP1"
"Gale Xabungle"
"STORY spilled from the sky"
"Stardust Boys"
"Blue Rain"
"Candy Candy"
"Devilman somewhere today"
2014/4/13Disney Voice Dream DuetKatsuyuki Konishi,Mitsuki Saiga"Hakuna Matata"
2014/4/16CoughCough[Member 15]"Forever together feat. Katsuyuki Konishi"
* Kobukuro music cover
"Best Friend-The Day of Departure"
"You and you"
"Miki Nagasawa-Forever Alone"
"Scar dreamer"
Tomokazu SekiUnit with
2014/9/18Coughing down 2"Welcome back, today's me"
"A place called you"
"Write Home"
"Forever Together feat. Tomokazu Seki"
* Kobukuro music cover
2015/10/7Yasuko Ni Presents "Ai no Hero"Tangerines and blowfish"Love Hero"Hiroki YasumotoDuet with
In the name of mandarin orange


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