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🎥 | December release featured movie rankings selected by movie fans announced! "Colorful on Sunday !!!" 11/29 broadcast


Announcing the ranking of featured movies released in December selected by movie fans! "Colorful on Sunday !!!" 11/29 broadcast

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What is the meat gourmet that foodie Amika, Chris Matsumura, and Kon Arimura, who has been sick since childhood, praise?

The information program "Sunday is Colorful !!!" (TOKYO MX) broadcast from XNUMX:XNUMX on November XNUMX (Sun) is the largest in Japan ... → Continue reading


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Chris Matsumura

Chris Matsumura(Chris Matsumura,10/2 -) is Japanesetalent,Fitnessinstructor.AvilaBelongs.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs staffAs the eldest son of Netherlands OfThe HagueBorn in.Grandfather is exMember of the House of Representatives OfKozaburo Takaishi.. afterwardsパキスタンMoved to, but returned to Japan at the age of 5Gakushuin Elementary SchoolEnrolled in.Akishinomiya FumihitoAnd alumni's younger brother,Sayako KurodaHe is also an alumni of (currently Sayako Kuroda) and a younger brother of an attorney.afterwardsUK OfUKGo to England.Since then米 国,カナダ,Brazil,メキシコ,France,オーストリア,ポルトガル,エジプト,ギリシャ,Hong KongExperience life in[1][2].

When I was a teenager, I was aiming to enter the entertainment world and had many auditions (Seiko Matsuda's opponent, Musukko Club, etc.).I haven't disclosed the exact time, but I used to keep it secret from my parentsEntertainment officeTo enter the,"Lion eraToextraHas experience of appearing in.However, it did not sprout, and after graduating from universityAdvertising agencyGet a job at[3]..After getting a job, he gains weight up to 85 kg due to overeating, but he goes to a sports club andaerobicsとダンスBy 3kg in 30 monthsdietSucceed in.After leaving the advertising agencyKen UeharaAfter experiencing the manager of[4], Turned into an instructor.I'm a big fanPink ladyIt is said that "Pink Lady Exercise", which incorporates the swing of the song into fitness, was a great success.[5].. 2005,Yuji Miyake's AmateurAnd of the Pink LadyChasingWhen you appear as a member of the group "Glitter Corps"[5],So-called"OneeThe character becomes a hot topic.After that, the entertainment agencyAvant-gardeBelonging to, he started his talent activities in earnest.The stage name "Chris" is an American actorChris O'DonnellNamed after (Chris O'Donnell).

Quiz! Hexagon IIThen,Shimada ShinsukeFrom "camelIt was named "" and became frequently tampered with, and since then, regular performers (Hexagon family).Also "KappaWas called by the nicknameYoshiaki Yamane(Un Girls) And the in-program unit "Camel and Kappa"[6]..Besides this, "Akina MinamiSuper Mild Seven "and"Mari YaguchiAnd participated in in-program units such as "Straw Hat".

In his book "Idol Theory That Nobody Can Write", he says, "I don't want to say the music that I should enjoy from the top, even though I'm not making it. I like music, not criticism." From the point of view, he calls himself "Onrakuka" who enjoys the sound, not a music critic.

In 2018, he worked on his first compilation album "Chris Music Promide" series supervised by song selection.[7].


ゲ イHas announced that[8].

He has a feud with his father and hasn't seen him for nearly 2012 years as of 20. "Even if my father diesfuneralI don't go to.You can't be fooled by the words parent and child or blood splitting. "[1].

Japanese music,Western musicI like music regardlessrecord,CD,DVDOwn more than 2 sheets[9]..My favorite genre isnew music,AOR,Disco,Fusion,Adult contemporaryAnd so on.It also covers a wide range of unknown singers and forgotten singers in new music.The official blog also takes up the records and CDs in the collection, and spells out memories related to the song and episodes of the singer.In addition to providing commentary and critique based on music knowledge[2][10],Olivia Newton-JohnOf CDs such asLiner notesAlso worked on[11],Japan Airlines(JAL) In-flight audio program "Chris Matsumura's MUSIC BOOK" is in charge of music selection, composition, presenter, and in-flight music of airline companies.[12].

On the radio "Bicycle raceListen toQueenI went to a record shop to buy a single immediately, but I was embarrassed by the nakedness of the woman in the jacket (I was not interested in women, of course), and instead the album "jazz』Is purchasing[13].

Tatsuro YamashitaThe most enthusiastic song of the song is "Let's Kiss The Love"Light named hope'[14][15].. Yamashita held in 2013concertIn the pamphlet sold on the tour, Yamashita's album "MELODIES』Is a dialogue on the subject[2].

Known as a big aviation fan, he blogs about aircraft collections and aircraft photos.[16][17]..He is so familiar with the aircraft that he travels just to get on the plane.


He has a negative view of social changes due to advances in information technology, and he is concerned about the ability to write anonymously on the Internet.Social media,Cloud computingIt claims that young people are losing their imagination and communication skills due to "side effects of the Internet" such as[18][19][20]..Also of musicDownloadNegative to sales[21][22].

Black companiesBy young peopleForeign technical intern traineeRegarding the "disposable" problem, "I have never been unemployed since high school, and I have never been worried about whether the hourly wage is 420 yen or if I sleep for 2 hours and have no overtime pay. "In my time, the hourly wage was 420 yen, but even if the hourly wage is 1,000 yen or more, I don't even apply for Japanese people (for job offers). For foreigners, it's a great working condition just in terms of money. "[23]It has said.


tv set

Current appearance program
Past appearance programs


Internet broadcasting



  • Monster Hotel(United States, released in Japan on September 2012, 9) --Lunell
  • Monster Hotel 2(United States, released in Japan on February 2016, 2) --Shrunken head







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