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🤖 | Netflix Anime "Transformers" Chapter 2, 12.30 delivery!

Photo Autobot chasing the whereabouts of All Spark

Netflix Anime "Transformers" Chapter 2, 12.30 delivery!

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Meanwhile, the Decepticons, who lost All Spark, were faced with the harsh reality of being left behind on a perishing planet.

Chapter 2 of the Netflix anime "Transformers" series "Transformers: War for Sai ... → Continue reading

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matrix(OrMatrix) Is a word that originally means "what you produce."The specific events and things that this word refers to are described below.


Originally"uterusMeansLatinDerived from (<Mater mother + ix)Matrix OfSound recordingAnd ("Matelix" in English), something from thereproduceMeans things.this"Functions to createIs often named with a focus on.Also uterineShape / conditionIt may be named by paying attention to.

When translating into Japanese, translations such as "base" and "substrate" may be applied, but the "creating function" and "shape" that are strongly felt in the original language are difficult to convey, and are not always well received.For example, "maternal body" or "uterine body" may convey nuances, but such translations are rarely adopted.After all, it is often written in katakana.[Source required]

The word "interstitium" is also used in biology and medicine.Example:Cell stromal

The translation of "country rock" is also used in mineralogy and "country rock" in mineralogy.Example: Composite materialBase material


Specific examples are as follows.For other derived examples, see "Matrix (disambiguation)"checking.

natural Science
  • It records or transfers a mixed signal of multiple channel input signals, and "separates and reproduces the original multiple channel signal" from the mixed recording or transfer signal (for example).FM stereo system,4-channel stereoUsed for etc.).
  • Sci-fi drama "Doctor Who(1963-) 88 episodes "Deadly Assassin" (1976).The virtual space where knowledge is accumulated is called "matrix".
  • William Gibbson Ofcyber punkSci-fi novel "New Romancer(1984), "Count Zero" (1986), "Mona Lisa Overdrive" (1988), "Memory Shop Johnny" (1981), "Chrome assault(1982), or the movie "JM" based on the memory shop JohnnyJohnny MnemonicTerminology in (1995, USA).In those works, on a computer networkCyberspace(CyberspaceThe "virtual reality space" built in), the "visual reproduction" of data extracted from all human computer systems, and the "synesthesia illusion" are called "matrix".
  • Sei YukiCartoon work ofSuperhuman rockIn the seriesSuperpowerWhen a person transforms into another person, the genetic information that is copied from the other person's body to reshape his or her body is called a gene matrix.
  • "Robotech』・ In the seriesProtoculture (resources)FoundRobotechScientist "Zor Derelda"But Cyan Macross class-Name ship (≒ 1st ship) It is said that it was concealed in (Sian Macross) and sent to the third planet (Earth) of the solar system, and without the "Protoculture Matrix", "Protoculture (resources)" cannot be reprocessed. , Important in the seriesMcGuffinWill play the role of"Robotech: Shadow Chronicle"(Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Japanese translation example "Chronicle of Shadows") also plays an important role.
  • John Matrix is ​​a movieCommandoHero of.
As a concrete exampleMatrix 5.1ch..Master sounds 2ch stereoDolby Pro LogicIIMatrix 5.1ch sound is completed by expanding to pseudo / virtual 5.1ch surround using the matrix decoding technology.A sound in which a sound whose original (that is, master) is not 5.1ch is pseudo-5.1ch is sometimes called a matrix 5.1ch.The opposite is the original 5.1ch sound.Discrete 5.1chCan be mentioned. (Example: Dolby Digital 5.1ch, DTS 5.1ch, LPCM 5.1ch, etc.)
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Matrix or idioms using the matrix

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