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🎥 | The 15th year of the year-end "kid messenger" is the great poor GoTo Las Vegas! <With comments>

Photo This year, "The Great Poor GoTo Las Vegas"! – (C) NTV

The 15th year of the year-end "kid messenger" is the great poor GoTo Las Vegas! <With comments>

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<Hosei Tsukitei>
Many people have already come out and I have been energized.

New Year's Eve's annual Japanese TV series "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende! New Year's Eve Special" Absolutely laughing yes ... → Continue reading

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Tsukitei Hosho

Tsukitei Hosei(Tsukihosei, 1968<Showa 43>2/15 -) isJapan OfRakugo performer,comedian.Yoshimoto KogyoOsaka headquarters affiliation[2].NSC6th gen member of Osaka school.The real name and old stage nameKunimasa Yamazaki(Yamasaki Hosei).

HyogoNishinomiyaI'm fromOsakaMinoh CityResident[2]..Father of three children, the eldest daughter, the second daughter, and the youngest son.Hyogo Prefectural Nishinomiya Minami High School,Rissho UniversityFaculty of Psychologygraduate.Dropped out of the master's program at the Graduate School of Psychology[3].

From January 2013, the stage name is "Kunimasa Yamazaki, Renamed to Takaza name "Hosei Tsukitei".Kamigata Rakugo AssociationMember.DashiIs "Yamazaki Ichiban".Blood type is O type.



1988 Hiromitsu YasuhoAnd formed "GSX" and made its debut.

1989 Taking the opportunity to advance to Tokyo, the combination name was changed to "TEAM-0Renamed to.To advance to TokyoDowntown3 months earlier than.

The same year "Use of oysters in downtown"(Less than"Kid messenger(Notation) Participated as a prelude from the second broadcast and appeared on the 2th.Later it will be the first regular appearance program.

1991 12 timesABC Comedy Rookie Grand PrixReceived the Best New Face Award.

To a pin entertainer

1993 "TEAM-0Is dissolved.Started activities as a pin entertainer.

1998 "Genius TV-kun] → "Tensai TV kun wide"Lisa StegmeyerHe also served as the third moderator and was in charge of three years until 3.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The animation that was broadcast on the system "Class King Yamazaki』Theme song" Yamazaki Ichiban! "Is sung and made into a CD.

1999"Yoshimoto Tom Chikko story"Yamazaki" that appears incockroachIt becomes the original story of.

2001 With a general woman 11 years youngerShotgun weddingAnnounced.The wedding pattern is "Use of kid』Broadcast in.

2002 Yoshimoto Fandango TVThe female idol duo "AiAi" will be debuted from the program "Kunisho Ongaku Kobo" broadcast on.

2005 TOKYO FMIn commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the entertainment life, a 3-hour live special program will be broadcast. "M-1 Grand Prix2005 ”Cheat TakeyamaFormed a comic dialogue "Takeyamazaki" and participated in the race, and lost in the third qualifying round.Nakamura UsagiCo-authored "Rabbit / Kunimasa's Life Rose Counseling Center-For those who are addicted to the swamp of suffering".

2006 "M-1 Grand PrixIn "2006" in "Takeyamazaki" with Kanning TakeyamaKenji TamuraFormed "Kenji Tamura and Takeyamazaki" and participated in the race, and lost in the third qualifying round.

after thatGenitalA type of penile disease in which the corpus cavernosum hardensPeyronie's diseaseSuffer from.

2007 Ayumi Murata"Birthday" and "Legendary Wolf" in the second album "Happy Candy"LyricsとCompositionI do.He suffered from diverticulitis of the large intestine and returned to work after being hospitalized for about XNUMX weeks.

2008 The first special program for the New Year, "Celebration Yamazaki Kunimasa 20th Anniversary, Honma is better than New Year!" Will be broadcast on Kansai TV.Published his first photo book & essay "Miracle".

Renamed to "Hosei Tsukitei"

2008January,Tsukitei HappoWas allowed to call himself "Hosei Tsukitei", and at the Happo study session on May 5th, the rakugo story "AmidaikeTo play.December 12th of the same yearKyobashi KagetsuAs a rakugoka, he goes up to Takaza.

Scoop samisenAt the 2nd World Championships (December 2008, 12), although he participated for the first time, he was ranked 21rd in the individual division.[4] become.

2009Joined the Kamigata Rakugo Association in December.

2011From January 1th, "Nationwide pilgrimage, Tsukitei two-person trip" with Tsukitei Happo will start from Yoshimoto Asakusa Kazuki.

2012In September, moved to Osaka to concentrate on rakugo activities[2].. From December 2012, 12, the following New Year's Day 17, all activities will be "Tsukitei HoshoAnnounced to act as[5].. (Details will be described later3. As Tsukitei Hosei(See)

2013, The stage name is changed from the real name "Kunimasa Yamazaki" to the Takaza name "Tsukitei HoshoRenamed to.Even after the name change, he is still a member of the kid messenger.Downtown-Hitoshi MatsumotoFrom "Yamazaki",Masanori HamadaIt is called "Yama-chan" fromCocoricoThere was a time when they were called "Mr. Zaki" by the two of them, but in the telop, they are generally fixed to "Shosei".

2019, Hosei Tsukitei and Kenji Tamura will co-produce and host a large-scale outdoor event "Osaka Parfait" from November 11th to 9th at Expo '10 Commemorative Park in Osaka.


Hobbies include personal computer, piano, English conversation, table tennis, etc.[1].. "Type XNUMX Information Technology Engineer Examination" (currentlyApplied Information Engineer Exam) Has been passed on the internet, but it is denied in the interview.[6]..It is said that even if you slip at work due to child trouble, you will forget it when you see the child's face[7].

Art style

In the early days, it was an idol style, and it was so popular that you got 16 boxes of cardboard chocolates on Valentine's Day, but soon.Sliding art,Tweaked artCalm down[7].

Perhaps because of that, "It's just slipping and it's not interesting.[8]"I can't make myself laugh[9]It is often regarded as low, but about thisHitoshi MatsumotoIn his book "He says it's interesting, but it's not interesting, that's interesting"If you say Yamazaki is interesting, it will hinder your business."[10].

As Tsukitei Hosei

Immediately after turning 40, I was worried about future entertainment activities and routes, and my desire to take on challenges other than TV work became stronger.Koji HigashinoWhen I consulted withClassical rakugoIs recommended.I was reluctant to say "classical performing arts ..." because I had never heard of it before, but in realityKatsura sparrowof"Takatsu's wealthWhen I listened to it, I woke up to the fun[5][11]..After that, Hosei began to think "I want to do it, not just listen to it", and started studying rakugo in earnest and entered Tsukitei Ichimon.[11]..It was a drinking companion who became a disciple of Tsukitei IchimonTsukitei HachimitsuThis is because he volunteered for an introduction to his father, Happo, through Yakko.[11][12]. In 2008Tsukitei HappoHe made his debut as a guest performer at a rakugo party, and was officially named "Hosei Tsukitei" by Happo at the launch.[11][12]..Of the masterTsukitei good morningSince is a brother of Shijaku Katsura, in the world of art, Shijaku Katsura is the "great uncle" of Hosei.

Actively Tsukitei Ichimonkai, parent-child association with master Happo, study session called "Tsukitei Hosei / Juban Game", Hanagata Yose, East-West Young People's Association "Yami Nabe no Kai", Happo and Tsukitei Ichimon practice "Hachisei-tei",Tenman Tenjin ShichoteiAppeared in the morning, lunch, and night seats. January 2011, 1 is "Lol] First appearance in the special Tozai Daikiri.He has also performed with the master master, Tsukitei Kachou. From January 2013, 1, the stage name will be unified to "Hosei Tsukitei" including during talent activities.[13].


tv set






Current appearance program

Past appearance programs




original video




Single Author


Photo album


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