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🎥 | A terrifying proxy war plan ... "Kirin ga Kuru" 34th Synopsis The price of burning

Photo Mitsuhide, what do you do !? – (C) NHK

A terrifying proxy war plan ... "Kirin ga Kuru" 34th Synopsis The price of burning

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Mitsuhide was told by Koma (Mugi Kadowaki) at the clinic of Toan (Masaaki Sakai) that he visited for his daughter's treatment that Yoshiaki decided to side with Tsutsui and leave Nobunaga.

The 34th "Compensation for Burning" of NHK's taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru" will be broadcast on NHK from 29 o'clock on the 8th.Oh… → Continue reading

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Masaaki Sakai

Masaaki Sakai(Sakai Masaaki, 1946(21)8/6 -) isJapan Oftalent,singer,An actor,chairperson,Radio personality.. Real name,Masaaki Kurihara(Masaki Kurihara). Nicknames are "Machaki", "Sakai teacher", "master" and "Mr. Kakushigei".

entertainer, Has various titles such as talent, singer,1990 eraLaterTV programI am active mainly in the moderation of.HoriproThroughK-dash-Tanabe AgencyPersonal entertainment office under the umbrellaS dashBelong to.



1946XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sakai SanjiAs the second son ofTokyoSetagayaBorn in. The submission of the birth registration by Shunji of my father was delayed for two months, and in the family register8/6Was born[2].

At the age of 5, my father took meStudioMade a debut in the entertainment world by appearing in the movie as a child actor after going to[2].

ChildhoodKamakura cityI was spending time at a big mansion.

The Spiders

KanagawaKamakura cityIt is inKamakura GakuenI was 16 years old while in school 1962,Aki TanabeLeadMusic band"The Spiders, And then joinedInoue Junと と も にvocalIn charge. "The setting sun is cryingAnd so on. For juniors from Kamakura Gakuen,Keisuke KuwataThere was


1970After the dissolution of Spiders,singerIn addition to developing activities, he is active in various fields with actors, moderators, comedians.

1970Started inIt's time]Second series Of 1973Appeared until, and coupled with the popularity of the program,Yuho ChihoTogether with them, it became a successful career as an actor.

1978から 1980OverJourney to the West], [Saiyuki II] In the leading roleSon GokuAnd became very popular with children. 1976FromNew Year hidden arts competition』, and every year the expert mastered and showed off the personal art of dashi stock, and demonstrated his entertainer skills.

1981から 1986Until the song program "The Top TenWas also the moderator. 1999IsKamayatsu Hiroshi,Toshiyuki InoueAnd the unit "Son FilterWas temporarily formed,CDThereleasedid. Starting with live activities,12/31Introducing the original song "Yei Yei" toThe 50th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』I participated in.


2006of"Journey to the West』In the final roundBuddhaGuest appearance as a role,Ruyi stickIn his hand, he performed the performance of yesteryear. 2008,Impossible love"so,Commercial broadcast OfSerial dramaasSunday Theater"Papa Survival』, Starring for the first time in 13 years, the theme song"Forgotten thingsSinging 1993It will be the first time in 15 years since the announcement "CATCH ME"singleHas been released.

2013The 6thShitamachi Comedy Film Festival in TaitungWon the Comedy Honor Award[3]did. 2015IsAsakusa Public HallFront "Star squareThe bill was installed in.

Private life

1974Married a general woman, 1980Divorced. It was rumored that the award was 1 million yen and became a hot topic in some media.[4][5].

1989,Misato OkadaAnd the second marriage. The eldest daughterClothesBrand designer fashionBloggerKikuno, the second daughterKoharu KuriharaEven though I make two women 2001Divorced to[6].. Okada said at a divorce press conference, "The enormous amount sentNakamoto-Year-end gift"It was hard for me to deal with", "My father when I was a childE.H.EricReceived fromdomestic violenceでPTSDOnset, 1995The condition worsened from the time I experienced a miscarriage. The sound of Sakai casually throwing postcards at his desk was also sensitive, and it became painful to live with him. "The cause of the divorce was that" there was no violence or rant from Sakai. " I'm talking.

65th birthday 2011On August 8th, I met a general woman 6 years younger than I met around 2002 and had been dating for more than 8 years for the third time.[7].


  • My hobby was the coverage of the programイタリアBy car, the Italian classic car event "Mille Miglia, And its Japanese version, "La Festa Mille Miglia".
  • When I participated in "Mille Miglia", an Italian who was watching the game said "Machaaki!", So I thought "I became famous", but when I listened carefully, I heard that the Italian was riding "Maserati". I just pronounced it bluntly.
    • Classic carAt the eventコ レ ク シ ョ ンOf "Alfa romeo 1900 SS Zagatocoupe""Fiat 8V Zagato Coupe "etc.1950 eraIn addition to participating in a rare car ofCisitalia 202I have also served as a driver.
    • "Maserati Quattroporte","Ferrari FFI use it regularly and drive it on a daily basis.
    • When I was young, I didn't like cars, and because I was busy, I didn't have time to get a driver's license until I was about 30 years old. I wasn't so enthusiastic after getting my driver's license, but I suddenly became absorbed in watching Mille Miglia in Italy for a TV program. "The car was delivered in advance on the day of the license examination.Mercedes-Benz SLWas carried into the parking lot of the test site, and after obtaining a license, I drove home.
  • MahjongIs a hobby, "THE wareme pon』The most contestants in history. Communication match mahjongToorumonAlso appeared in the advertisement of.
  • "New Year hidden arts competition』Introducing high-difficulty tricks every yearMr. KakushigeiWas also said. At the time of recording "Nishiyuki", it took only one week to learn the stick art of the Peking Opera, which normally takes three months.DVDIt is told in the privilege video of. 2006,Shingo KatoriIs the main characterJourney to the West』In the final roundBuddhaEven when he appeared as a guest in the role, he performed a wonderful sticking performance.
  • Full nameMasayuki SakaiBecause it closely resembles that, there was a typo in the TV section of the newspaperStoryI was doing
  • 1975Came into the same Tanabe agency as SakaiTamoriAs for, regarding the entertainment, I advise you to give up the entertainment world, saying, "Get sunglasses in front of your seniors," "It's better to go back to Kyushu." Tamori said, "This is my principle." I thought, "If this guy sells, I'll quit the entertainment world." I came to contact them.
  • 2011The most favorite womanentertainerToKaori MochidaSakai's poem "Farewell lover"soduet official[8].
  • My father was forbidden to go to the roller skating rink because I grew up in a wealthy family and I had a defect, but soon after that, a roller skating rink was built in my home garden of 4000 tsubo in Kamakura.
  • Other than his father, there are also entertainment-related persons in his relatives. My uncle was the firstMinatoya Koyanagimaru,Kanjiro KagamiIs my cousin. Also, my mother, Chiyoko, was named "Miura Tamako" for about two years.Shochiku Girl Opera CompanyHave been enrolled in.

Music activity

Major singles

  • Solo activity only.
#Release dateA/B sidetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerStandard product number
Nippon Columbia
1 1971
Side AFarewell loverOsamu KitayamaKyohei TsutsumiLL-10163-J
Side BLet's live comfortably
2 1971
Side AI don't know the blue skyOsamu KitayamaKyohei TsutsumiLL-10176-J
Side BI'm a lover
3 1971
Side AFrom tears to tomorrowOtari summerTakeo YamashitaMasakazu HiroseLL-10177-J
Side BMorning letter
4 1972
Side AInvitation to happinessYu AkuKyohei TsutsumiLL-10185-J
Side BEveryone wants love
5 1972
Side AIf you are luckyAtsushi HashimotoKyohei TsutsumiLL-10193-J
Side BYoung traveler
6 1972
Side ATrue heartYu AkuKunihiko SuzukiHiroshi TakadaLL-10206-J
Side BSeason not to return
7 1973
Side ALover eraMichio YamagamiKyohei TsutsumiLL-10215-J
Side BThe pain of love
8 1973
Side ACity lightsYu AkuKeisuke HamaKenichiro MoriokaLL-10220-J
Side BAt the subway stationTakeo YamashitaTatsuzaki Takaji
9 1973
Side AFarewell to the twilightOtari summerNakamura YasushiHiroshi TakadaP-307
Side BTears pass by
10 1974
Side ANews from early springYu AkuHirao MasaakiTatsuzaki TakajiP-333
Side BGoodbye forever
11 1974
Side AHydrangea poemYu AkuKeisuke HamaTatsuzaki TakajiP-346
Side BCity of nightfall
12 1974
Side ADead leaf innYu AkuInoue TadaoKenichiro MoriokaP-366
Side BTwo free
13 1975
Side ABefore tomorrowTakuro YoshidaIzuzo SeoP-417
Side Bafter the festivalOsamoto OkamotoTakuro Yoshida
14 1975
Side AA man who goes byIzumiya ShigeruP-438
Side BTo say goodbyeKoji IshizakaKoichi SakataHiroshi Takada
15 1976
Side AStrawberry seasonKitajo TadashiKeisuke HamaMegumi WakakusaP-453
Side BIn a scenic city
16 1976
Side AAt that time youKonosuke FujiKawaguchi MakotoPK-37
Side BA city with a slope
17 1977
Side AIn a small voiceMasato SugimotoMegumi WakakusaPK-85
Side BI can't laugh
18 1978
Side AInside outMachiko RyuOnoMotoki FunayamaPK-104
Side BGood night TokyoJuichi SaseMitsuo Hagita
19 1978
Side AIt's too late nowAkira ItoMickey YoshinoPK-133
Side BEven at the end of this roadTakekawa YukihideMickey Yoshino
ビ ク タ ー
20 1979
Side ASTAY WITH MEWillow georgeMotoki FunayamaSV-6597
Side BShanghai ExpressChiaki TetsuyaKoji Mamagino
21 1979
Side ASONGOKUYoko Narahashi
Michio Yamagami
Takekawa YukihideMickey YoshinoSV-6653
Side B20 billion years of darknessMasami SugiyamaKazuo Otani
22 1980
Side AModerateAkira ItoKoichi MoritaMotoki FunayamaSV-7002
Side BOnly One Earth
23 1980
Side AFar Lady LeeAkira OtsuSuzuki KisaburoTadashige MatsuiSV-7069
Side BBlue umbrellaKenji KadaniKoji Mamagino
24 1981
Side ALonely One in tearsAkira OtsuSuzuki KisaburoMasao OmuraSV-7119
Side BThat girl is little dynamite
25 1981
Side AMerry-go-roundMasako ArikawaSatoshi TeraoInoue KanSV-7154
Side BSuch a moodMasaaki Sakai
26 1982
Side AFlying whale[Annotation 1]Takashi MatsumotoEiichi OtakiHiroyuki NambaSV-7259
Side BMidnight seagullSeiji SuzukiNatsumi Hirai
27 1984
Side A倖 ・ Se ・ na ・ WomanNakamura YasushiHiromoto TobizawaSV-7451
Side BHarbor lightYoshihiko TsudaNakamura Yasushi
28 1986
Side ATwenty three nightsAkira OtsuTakashi SatoChito KawachiSV-9177
Side B~ Jet'aime ~ From the handset
29 1988
Side AYo ・ se ・ yoYukawa ReikoTetsuji HayashiMotoki FunayamaSV-9304
Side BEasy Girl
30 1989
Side ASalvia heartAkira OtsuTakashi SatoChito KawachiSV-9391
Side BEden named home
31 1991
01Voice of the sea Voice of the forestKamanosuke HamaguchiMitsuo HagitaVIDL-10128
32 1991
01Carnaval of loveAkira OtsuSadao WatanabeSoichi NorikiVIDL-10139
Nippon Columbia
33 1991
01Farewell lover
(1991 Ver.)
Osamu KitayamaKyohei TsutsumiTachimi YanoCODA-8887
ビ ク タ ー
34 1993
01CATCH ME[9]US Rice CLUBShohei NarabeVIDL-10325
02Far shore
35 2008
01Forgotten thingsAkimoto YasushiGajinNobuyuki ShimizuVICL-36433
02Psychic heart[10]Tsutoshi Goto
36 2011
01Don't say that[11]Yokoyama swordVIZL-429
02Aikuchi McKeeKen RenK. WeillYokoyama sword
03SeptemberYokoyama sword

Main planning singles

  • Hatchaki Dance (May 1972, 5,Nippon Columbia SCS-163)
    • Side B "Tatakae! Hatchaki Seven"
  • Hatchaki March (1972, Nippon Columbia SCS-180)
    • Lyrics: Takase Takase / Composition: Kenichiro Morioka / Arrangement: Kenichiro Morioka
    • Nippon Television Variety "Hatchaki! Machaaki!!"Than
    • Side B "Painting Monster Monster Gora"
  • Shakariki Blues (November 1973, 11, Nippon Columbia SCS-10)
    • Lyrics: Takase Takase / Composition: Kenichiro Morioka / Arrangement: Kenichiro Morioka
    • Nippon Television Variety "Machaaki's Shakaliki broadcast!"Than
    • Side B "Ganbare Papa"

Main album

  • Machaaki's Best Score (October 1970, 10)
  • Machaaki alone (1971)
  • Sound Now! (July 1972, 7)
  • Lover's Era / Masaaki Sakai Folk Album (May 1973)
  • Sunday After Dark (1978)
  • Twenty-three Nights Masaaki Sakai Collection (February 1987, 2 / VDR-21)
  • Real Best Collection 1966 ~ 1991 (November 1991, 11 / VICL-25)
  • NEW BEST ONE Masaaki Sakai (August 1999, 8 / VICL-4)
  • Masaaki Sakai / Shinguru Collection (August 2004, 8 / COCP-25-32841)
  • COLEZO! Masaaki Sakai Best (March 2005, 3 / VICL-9)
  • Donut board memory Masaaki Sakai (June 2006, 6 / COCA-28)
  • Forgotten Things of Time (September 2008, 9 / VICL-24)
  • Golden best Masaaki Sakai (March 2011, 3 / COCP-23)


Tie-up song

1971From tears to tomorrowTBSTV drama "It's time"Insert song
1973City lights
1975A man who goes byTV AsahiTV drama "Ishimatsu in the Machaaki ForestTheme song
1978It's too late nowNippon TVTV drama "Journey to the West"Insert song
Even at the end of this road
1979SONGOKUNTV TV drama "Saiyuki II"Insert song
1980Far Lady LeeTBS TV drama "Emperor's cooking numberED theme
1981Merry-go-roundNTV TV drama "KidTheme song
Such a moodNTV TV drama "Kid" insert song
1982Flying whaleTV Asahi TV drama "Fuji SantaroTheme song
1986Twenty three nightsNippon TelevisionIt's SAKAI~dessert souk~ED theme
1988Yo ・ se ・ yoNippon Television's "Haunting! Billiards" theme song
2008Forgotten thingsFuji Television Network, IncTV drama "Impossible loveTheme song
Psychic heartInsert song for Fuji TV drama "Muri na Renai"


TV drama



Television Animation






Music program

Special program


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
1971(Showa 46)/22 timesFirstFarewell lover18/25The Peanut
1972(Showa 47)/23 times2If you are lucky03/23Akari Eiko
1973(Showa 48)/24 times3City lights04/22Saori Minami
1974(Showa 49)/25 times4Dead leaf inn05/25Junko Sakurada
1975(Showa 50)/26 times5Before tomorrow03/24Keiko Fuji
1976(Showa 51)/27 times6Strawberry season04/24Saori Minami (2)
注意 点
  • Appearance order is expressed as "appearance order/number of participants".
  • The number in parentheses of the opponent's singer's name represents the number of matches with that singer, and the parentheses next to the remarks bird etc. indicate the number of times the bird etc. served.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Eiichi OtakiCover of the same song.In addition, in the credit of the original song version, the lyricsTakashi MatsumotoIs another nameEdomon bullet iron, Composed by Eiichi OtakiTaraobanai, Is written as.
  2. ^ Appearing only in the TV broadcast version. In the DVD versionChoIs dubbed.


外部 リンク

Gate side wheat

Mugi Kadowaki(Mugi Kadowaki, 19928/10 -) isJapan Ofactress.. Same real name[3]. HumanitéBelongs.


ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBorn in Tokyo, spent up to 5 years old, then grew up in Tokyo[1][2][4]..From an early ageClassical balletStudied under Mitsuyo Kishibe.ballerinaI was seriously working toward this, but when I was in the second year of junior high school, I felt the limit and gave up[5].

As a teenager when I was in high school, I was looking for an alternative to ballet.Miyazaki Aoi,Aoi YuSeeing the Japanese movie works in which they appear, as the same artistactorI was interested in and sent a resume to the entertainment agency when I graduated from high school saying "I also want to appear in a movie"[6][7]After graduating, persuaded his parents who opposed entering the entertainment world to enter the entertainment agency[1].

2011,TV drama"Misaki number one!!Debuted with[8]..At the beginning of debutBlooming agencyBelonged to[9][10].

2013, "Chocola BB Fe Charge" (Eisai), And in the same year, starred in the movie "Schoolgirl Complex", the first photo book in Japan.[Note 1]Become[11][12][13]. 2014Published inR18 +Designated movie "Whirlpool of love], For the first time, he won the heroine, "a female college student who looks sober and serious, but has the strongest libido than anyone else."Wet placeAnd challenge nude[14]..The same work and "Dark Gold Ushijima-kun Part2], [Shanti Days 365 days, happy breathing6ndTAMA Film AwardBest Emerging Actress Award[15], 36thYokohama Film FestivalBest New Artist Award[16], 88thKinema Junpo Best TenNew Actress Award[17]Has won each newcomer award. 2014,Nippon TVSeries midnight drama "Sailor Suits and Aliens ~The Last 11 People on Earth~The first drama[18].. In 2015NHKContinuous tv novel"Rare』, The heroineTaiho TsuchiyaAttracted attention by playing the role of a friend of[19][20].. In 2016Double life』In the movie first starring[21].

201510/30,Acute epiglottitisBecause of the inspection hospitalization[22]..The drama "The heroine"spark』Crank-in was ahead of the next month and was hospitalized with care.11/2Found in the throatpolypTo undergo resection surgery[23]..At a later date, the movie "The world is yours from todayIt was revealed that it was an emergency hospitalization the day before the crank-in, and it was big enough to prepare for death.[24].

2018,Wakamatsu ProductionA movie based on the true story ofCan you stop us"soKoji WakamatsuPlaying the hero who is absorbed in making movies under the director, the 61stBlue ribbon awardWin the Best Actress Award[25].

2019September, movie "Goodbye lipsIs the character ofNana KomatsuCD debut as a guitar duo "Haru Leo" with a mini album "Sayonara lips"[26].. 41st in the movieYokohama Film FestivalIt was awarded the best actress award along with the Komatsu[27].


The name "wheat" is the real name[28]..Since wheat grows straight, it was named with the desire to grow it as straight as wheat.[29].. I have a younger brother who is four years younger.

I learned special skills for 12 years since I was littleClassical ballet..When I was in the second year of junior high school, I realized that it would be difficult without my natural background, so I gave up, but I made use of that special skill and aired it in 2.Tokyo GasAttracted attention for playing the role of ballerina in the CM "Gas Mask MASK OF GAS" series.[2][30][31][32][33]..When he won the Blue Ribbon Award, he revealed that he wanted to become famous as an actress as soon as he could not go to see his friends and teachers for a long time because he quit ballet to escape.[25].

Takahiko Kageyama"Actress who feels the bottomless potential", ""Rare』Even if you take the heroine's rare sister-in-law and a close friend, that presence that she showed is because she has a deep nostalgia as an actress.An average actress can't leave that much impact, "and" I have the impression that I haven't come across a work that meets her potential. I'm looking forward to the time when I can meet her. "[19].

He has appeared in works of various genres, from movies, theatrical performances, dramas and major works to independent works, but Kadowaki himself says, "I wish I could do both indie and major works without any barriers."[25].

When I was in high school, I often spend time alone, and I used to borrow four or five DVDs in order from the "A" line at a rental DVD store and watch them.From the beginning, all the movies had "love", but in the end it ended with "sa".[34].


TV drama





Other TV programs




  • REBORN -Vocals by Seri (Mugi Kadowaki)-(Released on September 2017, 9) * Song in the movie "Miracles of the Namiya General Store"[123].Tatsuro YamashitaIncluded in the single "REBORN".
  • "Farewell Song" (released May 2019, 5)- Nana KomatsuWith the name of the duo "Haru Leo" (the movie "Goodbye lips』By role) mini album[26].




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