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🎥 | Movie version "Kimetsu no Yaiba" V7!Alan Shirahama & Yuna Taira "10 / 1" 4th place start [Movie weekend box office record]

Photo 300 billion yen "Theatrical version" Kimetsu no Yaiba "Infinite Train Edition" – (C) Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha, Aniplex, ufotable

Theatrical version "Kimetsu no Yaiba" V7!Alan Shirahama & Yuna Taira "10 / 1" 4th place start [Movie weekend box office record]

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Director Koichiro Miki, such as "The Traveling Cat Chronicles," made a movie of Kaho Miyasaka's comic, which is known as "We knew it."

The national movie mobilization ranking for two days on Saturday and Sunday (October 2th to October 11th) was announced by the entertainment news agency and became a big hit ... → Continue reading

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Tabineko Report

"Tabineko Report』(Travel cat report),Arikawa HiroshibyNovels.文藝 春秋Published by the company "Weekly BunshunWas serialized from the October 2011, 10 issue to the April 27, 2012 issue,2012年A book was published in November.The cover illustration isTsutomu Murakami.. 34stYoshikawa Eiji Literature New Face Award, 26thYamago Shugoro PrizeCandidate work, 4thBlogGrand Prize (Novel Category), 4thYamada Futaro AwardFinal candidate nominated work.

In addition, a picture book based on this work was published on February 2014, 2.[1].

Bibliographic information

Writing history

2011 Hiro Arikawa wrote and wrote the scriptTheater Theater25th act "Another theater!"Theater group caramel box OfJoji AbeAs a guest performer, the two became friends.After that, Arikawa collaborated with Caramel Box and said, "Here Comes the Sun』Written.With that as a trigger, I started writing this work on the premise that it will be staged.[2].


Knowing his death, Satoru has to let go of his cat Nana, and travels in a silver wagon in search of Nana's taker.It was also a journey to reaffirm Satoru's childhood to the present over time.

Main characters

hero.Originally a stray cat, he became Satoru's domestic cat who helped him since he broke his right leg in a car accident. The name "Nana" comes from the fact that the tail is bent into a "7" shape.Hybrid male.Since then, he has lived as a partner of Satoru for more than 5 years.Dexterity such as unlocking the cage with your nails.Understand human language.
Satoru (Satoru Miyawaki)
Another hero.Nana's owner. A man in his thirties.I had to let go of Nana for some reason.Since he used to have a cat, he is good at handling cats.
A cat that Satoru once kept.Similar to Nana.When Satoru lost his parents, he was taken over by a distant relative of his mother, who loves animals, and was taken care of, but when Satoru was in high school, he died in a car accident.
Kosuke (Kosuke Sawada)
Satoru's childhood friend and elementary school classmate.I picked up a bee that was a kitten with Satoru.It inherits the photo studio of my parents' house.
Yoshimine (Daigo Yoshimine)
Satoru's middle school classmate.I have a kitten with a tea tiger pattern, Chatlan.
In junior high school, his parents, who were so fond of work that he didn't care about his family, divorced and wanted to live with his grandmother, who was often entrusted to him.Currently, he inherits the fields that his grandmother had.
Sugi (Sugi Shusuke), Chikako (Chikako Sugi)
Satoru's high school and college classmates (although high school is transferred on the way).Pets are allowed in a place where you can see Mt. FujiPensionHe runs a cat peach and a dog tramal.Shusuke is a dog school and Chikako is a cat school.Nana tells us that she had a child in the epilogue.
Noriko (Noriko Kashima)
Satoru's maternal aunt.He is single and takes over Satoru, who lost his parents when he was in sixth grade.He lost his parents early, and was raised by an older sister who was eight away.JudgeBecause I am doing this, there are many transfers.I've been bitten by cats before, and I'm not good at cats.
I will live with Satoru who has lived alone since I became a member of society,LawyerAfter changing jobs toHokkaidoMove to.Nana tells us that she picked up a kitten in the epilogue and started keeping it.


Hiro Arikawa and Joji Abe's unitSky rocketPerformed at Kinokuniya Southern Theater from April 2013rd to 4th, 3.[3]..In addition, a pamphlet containing a newly written gaiden, a stage script, etc. that was planned to be incorporated into the novel was released.[4].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySatellite theaterBroadcast on[5].

Appearance (stage)

Staff (stage)

  • Original / Screenplay- Arikawa Hiroshi
  • Director --Etsuko Shirasaka
  • Producer-Joji Abe
  • Art-Michiko Inada
  • Lighting-Hideshi Katsumoto
  • musics - Yugo Sasakura
  • Sound-Takeshi Hayakawa
  • Costume-Ayako Kurobane
  • Stage Director-Shin Muraoka

Radio Drama

In 2014, NHK FM "Youth adventureThe main cast was the same cast as the stage version, and the radio drama was broadcast.[6].

Appearance (radio drama)


2018å¹´10/26Release.StarringFukushi. Original authorArikawa HiroshiIs also in charge of the script[8].

2018 (XNUMX) the day before the national release dateHeisei30 years)10/15ToTokyoChiyoda Ward OfMarunouchi PiccadillyPrince Tokuhito and Princess Masako at the charity preview of this movie held in Japan (currently:Emperor Imakami,Empress Masako) And the eldest daughterAiko's princeAttend.Director Koichiro Miki was also present next to the Crown Prince family, including Sota Fukushi, who starred in the appreciation.[9].

2019年8/9ToNippon TVseriesof"Friday Road SHOW!』First terrestrial broadcast.A new cut scene was added at the time of theatrical release[10].


ス タ ッ フ


2017年1月25日から29日にかけて博品館劇場にて公演された。脚本はFumio Tsubota・有賀ひかる、演出は石丸さち子が担当した。ナナ役とサトル役は日替わりで交代する。



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