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📺 | Sakurako Konishi, Shunsuke Nakamura and Chise Niitsu starring in "Keihan Line Story"

Photo (C) "Keihan Railway Story" Production Committee

Program PR by Sakurako Konishi, Shunsuke Nakamura, and Chise Niitsu, who starred in "Keihan Line Story"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, Ishida of NON STYLE, a popular comedy combination, will be in charge of the script.

In the "Midnight Drama" frame at midnight on Saturday, "Keihan Line Story-Kominka Minpaku ..." will start on Saturday, January XNUMXth next year. → Continue reading


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NON STYLE(Non-style) isAkira IshidaとYusuke InoebyJapan OfComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to the Tokyo head office.2000 May 5Formed a combination.NSCTreated in sync with the 22nd gen member of Osaka school.DesukoKEMURI"Prayer". LOL on air battle9th champion.2008 M-1 Grand PrixChampion.


Akira Ishida(Akira Ishida 1980 May 2 -) (41 years old)
Blur(RarelyTsukkomi) ・ In charge of creating material.married.Height 173 cm,Osaka Prefectural Higashiyodogawa High Schoolgraduate.
The standing position is poor (on the left).Blood Type TheType B.OsakaOsakawhere one is from.Often wears a white outfit.However, I don't like white very much, and in real life I often use black tools.In the scene where Tsukkomi Inoue becomes a narcissist, he plays the role of Tsukkomi.
In 2016, he was in charge of the script for the theater company Maza flag-raising performance "Koi no Mushi", and was the first to write a musical script.[1].
Yusuke Inoe(Yusuke Inoe 1980 May 3 -) (41 years old)
Tsukkomi(RarelyBlur) In charge.Unmarried.Height 163 cm[Note 1](Nominal 165 cm),Kobe Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Economicsgraduate.
The standing position is good (on the right).Blood typeA type..Born in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.JacketsunderTank topI used to wear the costumes of, but recently I wear shirts.NarcissistIt becomes a blurring role in the scene that becomes completely.
IndividuallyDay of the legendAlso active as a (musician).Also, a rock band for a limited timeflumpoolHe was also active as a support member of.


Originally, the two attended the same junior high school and high school.Inoue said, "If I fall out of college, I'll be with you.NSCIshida had decided to get a job as Itamae (because his father was Itamae), and Inoue went on to college because he passed the university.

During his two years of training in Itamae, Ishida was invited by two high school friends to join a trio called "Horigotatsu".Shinsaibashisuji 2-chome TheaterAppeared only once in Wachacha Break.After the dissolution, he called himself "Judgment Ishida" and became a comedian.On the other hand, Inoue, who had formed a punk band at university, broke up and was about to become a street musician.

On May 2000, 5, NON STYLE was formed after Inoue, who knew about Ishida's situation, accepted the invitation "I play the guitar, so you play the bass. Let's play a manzai in the meantime."Immediately after the formation, he was doing street comics near Umeda station in Osaka, but he thought it would be better to be a little farther from his hometown, so he started to do it near Sannomiya station in Kobe.It is said that there were enough people to gather up to 14 to 200 people and divide them into 300 yen overnight.sometimesTokui Yoshimi(チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル) AndMasumi Yagi(Savannah) Has come to see the two comics.When I first performed Manzai on the street in Umeda, a drunken man preached about Manzai for two hours, and I focused only on Manzai to look back on him.Now many times in Manzai competitionsWin"I am grateful to the man," he said.

base YoshimotoAuditioned in January 2001[2]Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo and makes his professional debut.

It's an audition group, but OsakaNSC22nd gen (Diane,Super Maradona,Missile man,Nego six,Kota Nakayama,キ ン グ コ ン グEtc.), Tokyo NSC 5th gen member (Onishi Lion,Three bottles,Heisei Nobukobushi,piece,5GAP,Rough controlEtc.) and are treated as synchronous.

From 2004 to 2007 "LOL on air battle』(NHK), And achieved stable results from beginning to end, and in 2006, he won the 9th championship (described later).

2006, 4thMBS New Generation Manzai AwardAt the end of the same year, the first title program "NON STYLE's Freestyle !!" was broadcast. By 2007, he won 6 comedy rookie awards and was promoted to the top group of base Yoshimoto.

On April 2008, 4, he graduated from base Yoshimoto, who had been with him for eight years, and entered Tokyo.Both of them settled in Tokyo, and after that,Kyobashi Kagetsu-LUMINE the YoshimotoMove the activity base to.

November 2008, 12, 21th 『M-1 Grand Prix』(TV Asahi series) advance to the final. 9th setオ ー ド リ ーUntil then, he held the provisional 1st place (however, Audrey was the loser revival slot), and won the championship with 7 votes out of 5 judges in the final battle (details will be described later).Announced that he will participate in the 9th M-1 Grand Prix the following year with the aim of winning consecutive titles.Successive champions will re-enter the 3rd championFootball hourSince then, it was the first time in M-1 history that the winner will participate again the following year, but he lost the semi-finals.After that, he won from the repechage and advanced to the final.He won 3rd place in the first round and advanced to the final battle for the second consecutive year, but the result was 2rd place (details will be described later).

On December 2010, 12, using the prize of 23 million yen won by the Grand Champion of S-1 Battle, the Saitama Super Arena will accommodate 1 people, which is the largest ever comedy live. NON STYLE NON COIN LIVE in Saitama Super Arena ”was held for free (By the way, the prize for the S-1 Battle June Monthly Champion was the solo live“ NON STYLE LIVE 2 ”held from July 1st to October 6th. ~ I was able to win the M-7. I used it for the production cost of the free sticker distributed to the visitors in "Thank you for the 31 people mobilization tour ~").


Art style

mainlyComicIs.Characterized by high tempo and a lot of blurring[9][10].. fundamentallyComic ManzaiIshida creates a sense of speed by constantly producing two or more blurs against Inoue's simple pretense.

At the beginning of the combinationDowntownI was aiming for a manzai like this, but in the process of continuing the street manzai, it changed to the current style[11].

2007 Ishida "Ikiri" (Ikiri) Inoue who wants to be coolKansai dialectMainly a style called "Ikiri Manzai", which is characterized by making fun of (meaning to get on the tone)[12].

2008 After that, I changed to a manzai style of "Inoue thrusts after Ishida is out of focus, and then Inoue thrusts himself into hitting his right thigh with a goo", and this style is changed to "M-1 Grand Prix". He made full use of it and won the championship (details will be described later).It has not been done since 2010.

Even if Ishida continues to say, "Oh, I'm tired of this story!" During the manzai, there are times when I'm forced to end the manzai with that skill.

Ishida is mainly in charge of making the material.Both of them like improvisation, so most of Tsukkomi is made by Inoue with ad lib.Inoue also thinks about Tsukkomi and the degree of perfection of the story in the flow of "I will do the story without showing the script written by Ishida to Inoue" → "I will do it after showing the script" → "Remember each one when I go home" Raising[9].. "If you show it to a person, that person may come up with a new idea about the story," he said.Also, I went to the audition venue andStopwatchThere is also a "reconnaissance" in which all the contents of the participating entertainers' stories are written down while measuring the time.[9].

I also have a taleKing of conteHas experience in advancing to the semi-finals.


  • Inoue is positive and extroverted[13], Ishida is often said to be introverted[14]..Ishida says, "I don't really want to be on TV, but it would be bright without Inoue (just hiding behind Inoue)."[11].
  • The relationship between the two"Inoue is the president of NON STYLE, and Ishida is an employee (subcontractor)."The people say[15].
  • Ishida is a former comedian who has been greatly influenced from the opportunity to become a comedian to the present.Shake down OfHey! KumaNames.
  • At the beginning of formationYodogawaIshida proposed "Yodogawa peanuts" as a candidate for the combination name because he was matching the material on the riverbed of the river, but Inoue rejected it because it was not good, and he liked Inoue at that time.Hi-STANDARDBased on the fact that I wanted to be abbreviated as "○○ sta" and that "it sells if the combination name contains" n "", there are still few horizontal combination names at that time, so "NON" Named "STYLE"[16]..In addition, this combination name was named in the variety show "Wednesday downtownWas selected as No. 200 in the "Dasa I think combination name ranking" created by conducting a questionnaire to 1 young comedians.[Note 2].
  • In junior high school, attendance number 1 was Ishida and attendance number 2 was Inoue.However, he said he had hardly spoken in junior high school.Also, at that time, Ishida was shorter.[18].
  • Around March 2008, there was a quarrel over Inoue's proposal to advance to Tokyo.Ishida later said, "Rather, I've been talking about it since I came to Tokyo."[15].
  • Six months after moving to Tokyo, the number of regular programs on TV changed from 10 to 2, but Ishida said, "I was free, but on the contrary, I had time to make material, so I had no complaints."[19]..Inoue recalled that he went on a "I want to win the M-1 Grand Prix tour" this summer and "I would be embarrassed if I didn't win, so I dared to drive into the cliff."[20].
  • At the 2008 M-1 Grand Prix victory conference, in response to the reporter's question, "Who do you think was the reason for winning?", Inoue said "Seniors who gave me various advice" and Ishida said "I still have a story." I was grateful to Inoue for pulling me by declaring that this year's M-1 will win from the unfinished.[21].
  • Since Ishida created all the material, Inoue said, "M-1's prize money should be 7% for Ishida and 3% for me." It became XNUMX: XNUMX.
  • August 2020, 4,Nowadays fan club[22]Established.

Achievements of the award race

LOL on air battle

He participated in "Bakusho On Air Battle" from 2004 to 2007, and achieved a good result of winning all 10 races, and in 2006 he won the 9th championship.

  • The first challenge was the broadcast on February 2005, 2 (the last regular broadcast in 19).Although he was trying for the first time, he got an over 2004 (500KB) and made a good start by passing the top.
  • At the beginning of his participation, he showed off his orthodox manzai, and took the style of pushing out Ishida's characters (such as sickly places and using his slender body to represent the radicals of Chinese characters), but in the fourth race (4). From October 2005, 10, Inoue's "Ikiri[Note 3]Character(For this reason, Inoue was usually on the stage wearing a top and bottom suit and a tie until the third race, but after the fourth race, he should stick to this character. "Wear a tank top under the suitI was standing on the stage in the form of ").this"Ikiri ManzaiAfter shifting to "", the results became stable, such as repeating high scores, so in "Onbat", this style was maintained until the final appearance.
  • In 2005, he achieved stable results and advanced to the first championship tournament by recording 5th place in the annual total KB ranking.Although he recorded over 1000 (1010KB) in the semi-final, he did not reach the championship with 750KB in the final.
  • In 2006, in all four races480KB or moreを記録し、3戦目では1å¹´9ヶ月ぶりとなるオーバー500(509KB・自己最高KB)を記録するなど驚異的な安定感で勝ち星を重ねていった。最終的に年間合計KBランキングでは4位を記録し、2年連続2回目のチャンピオン大会進出を果たす。その結果セミファイナルでは970KBを記録して2位で通過すると、ファイナルでは974KBRecord[Note 4]do it9th championShined in the seat.In addition, in the final of this tournament, in addition to the fact that Taka and Toshi, who was a provisional champion and was proud of overwhelming strength at that time, was expected to win the first three consecutive titles in history, there is only one NON STYLE group in Kansai. It was a difficult situation, but[23]Overcoming them and achieving the championship.The comedian from Kansai became the championHarigane Rock5 tournaments since then[Note 5]In addition, he became the last champion of the Kansai group in "Onbat".[Note 6].
  • In 2007, when he participated in the broadcast on November 11nd as a provisional champion, he won 2KB and achieved the top pass.All 10 winsAnd showed the dignity of the champion.10rd place (3KB) even though he participated in the 886th championship final as a seed[Note 7]In the end, the championship was not achieved and the 10th championship was surrendered to Total Ten Bosch. He hasn't participated since 2008, and was virtually graduated from the program at the end of this tournament final.
  • In "Onbat", he has maintained stable results from beginning to end, and was proud of his outstanding ability. 10 out of 9 wins470KB or moreIn all challenges including the championshipKeep in the top 5I was doing (note thatIn the normal round, I had only recorded the 1st to 3rd place.).In addition, the entertainer who has won 10 or more and has never fallen below the 400KB level is called NON STYLE.IwaigawaHowever, if we limit ourselves to entertainers who have achieved all wins (4 consecutive wins or more) in all races, NON STYLE is the only combination that has never fallen below 1KB.
  • Among all the champions, it is also the combination with the highest number of recorded KB including on-air and off-air (NON STYLE has the lowest KB of 2005KB broadcast on June 6, 11).On the other hand, the number of appearances and the number of over 441 acquisitions were both the second lowest among all the champions.[Note 8]..In addition, because the period from the first appearance to the achievement of the champion was short, the conditions for the number of challenges and the number of on-air conditions were not met, so it is not certified as a "Gold Butler" (For details, see "Gold Butler".LOL On Air Battle #Platinum Butler & Gold ButlerSee also the item).
  • While he had a stable record as mentioned above, he couldn't get the over 500, which is a proof of his high score, and could only achieve it twice out of 10 appearances (2-one step before). It was more common to record 480KB level[24]). According to the two people in the "Bakusho On Air Battle 2008th Anniversary Project" Heroes' Legendary Story SP "" broadcast on December 12, 30, "Over 500 is a wall and I couldn't take it even if I intended to take it""The champion was happy, but 545KB (perfect score) may be better.I wanted to get the perfect score"And so on.
  • UntouchableFollowing (6th generation champion), it is a combination that won both "Bakusho On Air Battle" and "M-1 Grand Prix".Only these two groups have achieved both championships in history.[Note 9].
  • As mentioned above, NON STYLE has won both "Onbat" and "M-1", but in an interview conducted later, Inoue compared the tendency of each examination and "I think that "Ombato" can be won by "the most sympathetic entertainer" rather than "the most entertaining entertainer". If there are 100 people in the audience, "Ombato" must be liked by 99 people, but "M-1" should be evaluated by 100 people even if only 10 out of 10 people are laughing. There is an air likeIshida also said, "It may be advantageous for "Onbat" to have no lye. On the contrary, "M-1" is useless if there is no actress"[25].

M-1 Grand Prix

He has participated in the "M-1 Grand Prix" since the 1st (2001) tournament, and lost the 1rd round in the 3st, 2003rd (4) and 2004th (3) tournaments, and the 2nd. (2002) ・ The 5th-7th (2005-2007) tournament ended in a semi-final defeat.He made his first appearance in the final at the 8th (8) tournament, which was his 2008th appearance, and won the championship.In addition, he participated in the 9th (2009) tournament the following year, and although he initially lost the semi-finals, he won the repechage and advanced to the finals for the second consecutive year (described later).

Until the final
  • NON STYLE was overwhelmingly popular among young people in Kansai, such as sweeping the rookie award race in Kansai in a few years from its formation and winning the championship in the above "Bakusho On Air Battle", but at the beginning of its formation I couldn't make it to the final of "M-1 Grand Prix" which I had been playing since.Like the above "Onbat", NON STYLE continued to show off his comics centered on Inoue's "Ikiri Chara" in "M-1", but Ishida was in the semifinals in "M-1" until the 7th tournament. In response to the fact that I could only proceed toThere is no future in the form of the current manzai""("Ikiri Manzai") was seeing the limits""Even if you continue the style up to that point, you just burn the past material'[14]I came to think that, "Abandon the style of Manzai that you have been doing so far and create a new Manzai(In addition, when I consulted Inoue about it, he said that he was initially opposed to it.)[11][14]..Until then, he was based in Kansai, but decided to move to Tokyo with the idea of ​​winning the "M-1".Naturally, all the jobs in Kansai have disappeared, and the name recognition in Tokyo was still low, so the number of jobs has decreased significantly.[26]..However, these decisions were successful and led to the first advance to the final of the 8th tournament.
8st tournament (2008 ) 1st place in the final [Turn: 7th score: 644/700 points]
  • It is the 8th time to participate and the long-awaited first advance to the final is achieved.The program catchphrase is "Street-style comics".In the first round, he showed the 7th "lifesaving" story.The bokeh was drawn out at a good tempo, and the manzai who sprinted at high speed while firmly grasping the viewer laughed at him.As a result, in the first round of this tournament, only 90 points will be obtained from all the judges.[Note 10]Received a high evaluation, 700 points out of a total of 644 points.It was the provisional first placeKnightsHe overtook (640 points) and jumped to the top.Scored the highest score (95 points) among the judgesEmiko UenumaIs "I often appear on my programs in Osaka, but these two people's free talk isn't very interesting (laughs).When I saw a manzai for the first time, I was surprised that I would do it.Was commenting[26]..Also, it seems that the other judges were almost unmarked for NON STYLE, and they seemed to be quite shocked to see the comics, and they did not get excited during the commercial, and everyone was discussing the evaluation of NON STYLE.[26](This is also due to the fact that NON STYLE hid a new manzai until just before.[11]).However, immediately after this, Audrey, who had won from the repechage, scored 649 points and passed the 1st place, so he will pass the first round in 2nd place and face the final battle.In the final battle, the story order was second, and the story of "horror movie" was shown. Like the first one, he invited a laugh with a high-speed manzai that creates a blur at a fast tempo.And finally, 2 out of 1 votes from the judges[Note 11]And won the championship.In addition, Ishida was crying from the moment the victory was decided, but Inoue, who was looking sideways, also supported Ishida at first and behaved patiently while holding back tears, but as soon as the air was over, he became nervous. I was unraveling, overflowing with emotions, collapsing on the floor and crying[26].
    • By the way, the 2nd championMasudaSince then, it has been the first time in six years to pass the first round in a position other than the first place, and it is the first combination to win the championship by showing the second story in the final battle.Furthermore, the 6th championBlack mayonnaiseIt was the first victory in the final election since then.[Note 12].
  • As mentioned above, the style of Manzai has changed since this tournament.After Ishida was out of focus, he hit his thigh with a goo and reflected on it, and Inoue struck it again.So to speak, "While there is a flow of ordinary comics, take another laugh in another flowChallenged in style[14]..In addition, Ishida said to this styleCompletely the material for M-1""Manzai for competitions that are only conscious of receiving on the final stage, not receiving in salesI had a completely divisive idea, such as saying[14]..Therefore, he said, "I was really worried about whether or not I would receive it in production."You have to do that much to beat the M-1It was said that it was executed from the thought[14].
    • The Manzai style mentioned above was completely "made to win the M-1" and is no longer available as of 2018.In addition, Ishida dislikes this style, and the broadcast on October 2016, 10, "EXD44"(TV Asahi) When he appeared in "I don't like the story of M-1 (when I won the championship) at all""I don't want to do it againI was revealing my true intentions[27].
  • The judges gave high marks, and after the tournament, Shinsuke Shimada said, "It was an overwhelming victory in me"Emiko Kaminuma also said,"Overwhelming victory.It was by far the best in meThere were a lot of acclaimed comments such as saying.Also,All giantIs "They were the ones who could come to the finals for a couple of years", And revealed that he had been praising NON STYLE for a long time.On the other handHitoshi MatsumotoIs "I didn't know them at all.I'm not good at talkingNon-slip storyI wonder if I will meet at"I was jokingly saying.In this way, while comics were highly evaluated, there were many scenes in which the judges severely commented that they were not good at free talk.[28][26].
  • NON STYLE is the first winner from the so-called "audition group" who is not an NSC graduate.[Note 13]At the time of the victory, both of them had 2 years and 8 months of experience, and they were the least entertainers among the duo who won the M-7 Grand Prix.[Note 14]..In addition, the combination belonging to Tokyo Yoshimoto will win the championship for the first time.[Note 15].
  • Except for the 1st tournament, all three teams that advanced to the final final were the first teams to participate in the final (and all three teams were the first to advance to the final final).In addition, the times when all three groups that advanced to the final battle belong to different offices (NON STYLE = Yoshimoto Creative Agency, Audrey =Kay dash stage, Knights =Maseki entertainment company) Is only for this year as of 2018.
    • In addition, Ishida later broadcast "History Unprecedented!! Festival of Laughter The Dream Match』, AudreyWakabayashi Masayasu(Summer 2009), Knights Nobuyuki Haga (Summer 2014) and others have teamed up with each other to show off their comics and win the championship.Although the tournament is different like this,Ishida is the only entertainer who has experienced a "winning victory" in combination with one of all three groups that advanced to the final battle.It has become.
  • Although he won the "M-1" in this way, Audrey, who won the repechage, got a lot of attention, and ironically, "The 2nd place combination will make a big break than the winning combination(This was often tampered with in variety shows that appeared immediately after the victory).In addition, this was the trigger, and after that, "Second place (second place winner) sells in the comedy award raceThe jinx of "" has come to occur frequently.[29][Note 16][Note 17].
9st tournament (2009 ) 3st place in the final [Turn: 9th score: 641/700 points]
  • Announced participation in order to aim for consecutive championships in the 8th tournament following the 9th[30]..The rematch of successive champions has been since the 3rd champion's Football Hour entered the 6th tournament,This NON STYLE is the first example of a winner participating in a row in the following year without any gaps.Met.Although the result was that he was eliminated in the semi-finals, he won the repechage and advanced to the finals for the second consecutive year.He showed off the "Yankee Manga" material in the 2th place in the order of the material and got 9 points from the judges, and advanced to the final battle by slipping over Knights (641 points) who was the provisional 3rd place (also for the second consecutive year). ).In the final battle, he showed the first "historical drama" story.But the result isPunk Boo BooHowever, he achieved the second group of "votes from all the judges" since the tutorial and won the championship. Eventually, he finished in 2rd place overall as in the first round and could not win the championship in a row.
  • As mentioned above, it was a rematch of successive champions, but since it was a "continuous appearance" instead of "interval" like in the past football hour, the previous year's winner NON STYLE will be "M-1" again this year. The pros and cons of participating in[31].. 2004 M-1 Champion UntouchableHiroya YamazakiIs a radio program "Untouchable Chicago Mango(Broadcast on December 2009, 12), he complained about the re-entry of NON STYLE, the champion of the previous year, in comparison with the football hour that he participated in at intervals.On the other hand, 17 champion Sandwichman praised Yoshimoto online immediately after the end of M-2007 1, saying, "It's amazing because we don't have the courage (to aim for consecutive championships)."
    • In addition, Punk Boo Boo, who won this tournament, is also participating in "M-1" with the aim of winning consecutive titles the following year, just like NON STYLE this year.For this reason, the winning combination of the previous year will participate in "M-2" for the second consecutive year.Also, by chanceThese two teams won the year when they were first elected in the final[Note 18]Although he rematched in the following year and won from the repechage, he is following almost the same path as finishing in 0rd place overall with 3 votes in the final decisive battle..
after that
  • "M-1" was once finished in 2010, but it will be revived in 5, five years later.The 2015th tournament is one of the winning combinations from 11 to 2001[Note 19]Will serve as a judge, and Ishida was selected as a judge from NON STYLE.In the final battle, Ishida voted for Trendy Angel, and that Trendy Angel won the championship in the end.


  • 2005 --ABC Owarai Rookie Grand Prix Jury Special Award
  • 2006 --Kamigami Mansai Grand Prize Excellent New Face Award
  • 2006-MBS New Generation Mansai Award Winner
  • 2006 --NHK Newcomer Performing Arts Awards Performing Arts Division Grand Prize
  • 2006-Upward Comedy Award Best Newcomer Award
  • 2007-Laughter On Air Battle 9th Champion
  • 2008-M-1 Grand Prix Final-Winner
  • 2010-S-1 Battle Winner


* Only appearances in duo are listed.Personal appearance is "Akira Ishida #Main appearances""Yusuke Inoe (laughing entertainer) # AppearanceSee.

tv set

Current appearance program

Regular program

Semi-regular program

Past appearance programs

Regular program


Special program that appeared in the main

  • NON STYLE freestyle !!(Every day broadcasting, December 2006, 12)
  • Good thief !! Shinovina(TV Asahi) Irregular broadcast (-September 2009)
  • weekly!Live Supreme Principle Broadcast NON STYLE LIVE 2009 ~ M-1 I was able to win.Thank you Thank you 2013 people mobilization tour ~ (BS SKY PerfecTV !, June 6, 23)
  • Full power x beautiful girl style (Kansai TV, December 2015, 12)- MC
  • NON STYLE's You and My Dream Seed (Yomiuri TV, March 2016, 3)- MC


Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

Video distribution

  • Smartphone Theater "Comedy Summer Team" (Osaka Channel, August 2019, 8)
  • Netademiro Overseas Drama x Comedy (February 2019, 2-May 8, 5,Hulu)
  • Even though I told you to run away ...(January 2019, 8-February 12, 10, AbemaTV)
  • [Fifth Broadcasting Station] 2nd Anniversary Special Live Broadcast (July 2020, 7)
  • Shinagawa!Park Time (2020, Shinagawa Ward Official Channel / YouTube)


Television Animation


  • Toyo Suisan Corporate CM "Smiles for all"
  • Toyota "Rush(2009) * Won the Rush-1 Grand Prix CM appearance right
  • Nintendo Recommended selection for everyone
  • "NON STYLE Naked Consistent Edition" "Wolf Man Edition" "Now the Age of Hair Removal for Men" "NON STYLE Burning Edition" "Rize Walk Edition" "NON STYLE is a Promotion Captain"[32].
  • Takeda Juku



  • "HON STYLE ~ Is it okay to put out a book like this !? ~" (2009, Wanibooks)


  • NON STYLE (The !! Travelers plus) Motteco bookstore (2010 05 å¹´ 月 日 25)
  • Easy! Cook STYLE (4 times in total)AjinomotoCook-Do * Cook-Do 1 Grand Prix victory
  • Yoshimoto online"NON STYLE Party" (Yahoo! Variety) (December 2008, 12-December 25, 2010)



  • Shinfu base Yoshimoto Neta Touta 2004 (December 2004, 12)
  • base Yoshimoto Neta Touta 2007 (May 2007, 5)
  • At NON STYLE (February 2008, 2)
  • Criminal and hostage (November 2008, 11)
  • NON STYLE LIVE 2008 in 6 Big City ~ Bad Man vs Date Man ~ (January 2009, 1)
  • LOL On Air Battle NON STYLE (March 2009, 3)
  • M-1 Grand Prix 2008 Complete Edition National Conquest of Tears from Street !! (March 2009, 3)
  • I was able to win the NON STYLE LIVE 2009 ~ M-1.Thank you Thank you 1 people mobilization tour ~ (February 2010, 2)
  • NON STYLE NON COIN LIVE in Saitama Super Arena ~ (March 2011, 3)
  • NON STYLE TALK 2011 Vol.1 (September 2011, 9)
  • NON STYLE TALK 2011 Vol.2 (September 2012, 3)
  • NON STYLE 12 Part 2012 ~ 12, 12 things NON STYLE should do ~ (September 2012, 9)
  • NON STYLE 12 Part 2012 ~ 12 things NON STYLE should do in 12, celebrating its 2013th anniversary ~ (March 3, 6)
  • Osaka Honwaka TV NON STYLE Charge! Honwaka Survey Team (1) (December 2013, 12)
  • NON STYLE BEST LIVE DVD ~ The back side of "Combi Mizunai" is also open to the public! ~ (September 2017, 9)
  • NON STYLE LIVE Combi No need for water ~ The back side of "Manzai pilgrimage" is also open to the public! ~ (August 2018, 8)
  • NON STYLE LIVE 38 Sanpachi (July 2019, 7)
  • NON STYLE LIVE Re: Controversy ~ Risoron ~ (September 2020, 9)
  • NON STYLE LIVE 2020 Let's talk with 5 new stories (September 2021, 9)


  • "Nico Nico Champ(November 2007, 9)
    • TV Tokyo anime "Sgt. Frog』10nd generation ending theme
    • Lyrics and composition: Yusuke Inoe
  • "If you look up, the blue sky" <Mini album> *Day of the legendAs
    • Lyrics and composition: Yusuke Inoe
  • "Mom"
    • Shown at the "2nd Comedian Serious Song Festival" of the NTV music program "MMM".
    • Lyrics: NON STYLE Composition: Yusuke Inoe
    • The CD is not on sale, but can be downloaded from the MMM mobile site.

Experience-based game

  • NON STYLE Love letter from Inoue (SCRAP, 2020, Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka)

Live alone

    • "NON STYLE LIVE ~ Attoma ~"
      • 2020 Shin Fukushima Performance (Fukushima Civic Center)
      • 2020 Shin Nagoya Performance (Nippontokushutogyo Civic Center Village Hall)
      • 2021 ・ Shin-Osaka Performance (COOL JAPAN OSAKA WW Hall)
      • 2021 ・ New Sapporo performance (Kanamoto Hall)
      • DX Tokyo Performance (Tokyo Dome City Hall)


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