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🎥 | Mackenyu Nitta with a bow, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Haruma Miura inspire ... "Gunsei Senki" special news release


Mackenyu Nitta with a bow, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Haruma Miura inspire ... "Gunsei Senki" special news release

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As additional casts, Kaho Mizutani, Kanako Miyashita, Tomohiro Ichikawa, and Mitsuomi Takahashi were also announced.

A special video of the movie "Brave -Gunsei Senki-" (released on March 2021, 3) starring actor Mackenyu Nitta ... → Continue reading

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Kaho Mizutani

Kaho Mizutani(Mizutanika Kaho,1997(9)May 11 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer.

Shizuoka[1]Hamamatsu cityI'm fromKenneBelongs.


Grandmother without permission2012After passing the audition I applied for in the spring,KenneBelong to. First lesson once a monthCMHave passed the audition2013In 4 monthOhara AcademyDebuted in the TV commercial "I Want to Feel"[2][1].. TV drama "July of the same year"Real escape game closed room beautiful girl』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Makes a drama debut as an actress[3][4].

After that, he also appeared in TV dramas,2015From JanuaryDream road』(Nippon TV) Regular appearance as a navigator[5].. The same year, the 18th birthdayMay 11In my hometown浜 松First photo book "Kaho Mizutani" (Crocodile books) Announced[6][7].. Released in November of the same yearSenior and girlfriend』After the first appearance in the movie,2016First movie starring in "" released in January[8].

From HamamatsuTokyoOne way one and a half hoursShinkansenWhile attending, I was able to balance my entertainment activities with my academic career.[9], In March 2016Shizuoka Prefectural Hamamatsuko East High SchoolGraduate from[10][11].. After graduating from high school, concentrate on performing arts[12].

2017May 7, Debuted as a singer with the theme song "Blue Tears" in the short film "Tomorrow, at the beach of Alize" tomorrow[13].May 8Holds First One-man Live "Let's Get Going"[14].

2018May 2,Osaka Castle HallAppeared in the music event "LIVE SDD 2018" held at[15].. same yearMay 3Than"Going! Sports & News』(NTV) appeared as a weather caster (in charge of Saturday),casterAlso try for the first time[16].

I took a rest for a foot surgery in September 2018.[17], Returned in November of the same year[18].

In November 2019, we will focus on ``Ray web''Ray』(SHUFUNOTOMO) Become a member of the new unit "Raygirl"[19]..In the same month, the appeal of Hamamatsu City was widely promoted both domestically and internationally.PRAmbassador to Hamamatsu City, Ambassador Yaramaika[20].



TV drama

Delivery drama

Entertainment shows

  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • Breast Kyunsukato and grandma's 5 yen bill (July 2015, 7)-played by Miho Nakamura
    • World Rejuvenation Judy (October 2015, 10)-Playing Tomomi Kitahara
    • I want to listen to your tone (February 2016, 2)-the role of Rui
    • Christmas chest kyunsuka and fried bread is the taste of first love (December 2016, 12)-Hitomi Shimada
    • Chest Kyunsuka and Love Borrowing Competition (June 2017, 6)-Kokomi

Other TV programs


  • BLUE TEARS by Kaho Mizutani (April 2017, 4-September 1, 9,FM FUJI)[43]
  • Kaho Mizutani 19-year-old recipe → Kaho Mizutani 20-year-old recipe (June 2017, 6-June 20, 2018,FM OH!)[44][Note 1]
  • Kaho Mizutani 19-year-old summer vacation (August 2017-August 8, 7,CROSS FM)[45]







Photo album



注 釈

  1. ^ At the beginning, it was "Kaho Mizutani's 19-year-old recipe", but on the birthday, the title was changed.


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