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🎥 | Aya Ueto's uniform and twin tails!To the future Shizuka-chan

Photo Aya Ueto

Aya Ueto's uniform and twin tails!To the future Shizuka-chan

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Uedo seems to have been quite reluctant to wear the twin tails and uniforms this time, and every time the people around him said, "It looks good on you," he said, "Please don't say anything (laughs)." There was also one act in which he turned down while hiding and commented, "I want to use Time Furoshiki right now and return to Shizuka-chan when she was wearing her uniform."

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Time Furoshiki

Doraemon > Secret tool > Time Furoshiki

Time FuroshikiIt is,Fujiko F. Fujio OfComic"Doraemon]Secret tool..The first appearance is "Time Furoshiki" (included in the second volume of the ladybug comic "Doraemon").


FuroshikiA tool that imitates.When this furoshiki is covered, the flow of time around the covered object reverses or progresses, and the state of the object itself changes significantly.The effect acts on both inorganic substances and living organisms.Even if the object is larger than the thyme, the effect will be extended by just covering it with a part.
Whether to rewind or advance the time is used properly on the front and back of the furoshiki, and the color scheme is different on the front and back (red and blue in the animation setting)[1]..The handle is a clock-like pattern studded all over.


The standard size is 1 meter square.For genuine productsWoolmarkIt has a "time mark" similar to.The feel is the same as pure cotton.Wrapping on the front side advances time faster, wrapping on the back side returns time[2].

The cloth has a five-layer structure, and from the front side to the back side, the current leakage prevention film (Jiryu Roeiboshimaku), futuristic fiber,TachyonIt is a woven zone, past flow fiber, and current leakage prevention film.When wrapping an object, tachyon energy is released from the tachyon weave zone toward the outer surface.[3]..This internal illustration is of a cartoonistYuichi HasegawaIn the early days of debutShogakukanIt is said that it was drawn as a part-time job at the request of.

Four-dimensional pocketIn a four-dimensional space such as inside, the function does not work and it becomes just like a furoshiki[2]..But the movie "Doraemon Nobita's New Makai Adventure-The Seven Wizards-』Ignores this setting and is working in a XNUMXD pocket[4].


In the work, the broken thing is returned to the state before it was broken ("Restoration rayIs used in the same way),A humanIt was used such as changing the age of.However, even if humans are younger (new things), their memories before wearing the furoshiki will continue.Also, if you try to return something to a new one and cover it with a furoshiki for too long, it will return to the raw material.Mrs. Honekawa's mom tried to replace the tattered crocodile leather bag with a new one and turned into a living crocodile. "Doraemon Nobita Dinosaur』And fossils (Plesiosauria eggs,Trilobite) Is returned to a living state.Furthermore, in "Doraemon Dinosaur Expedition", fossils of dinosaur bones are put on, and in "Doraemon Ancient Great Expedition", the king's body is put on and revived.

Injury can be treated, and if the injured or missing part is covered with a furoshiki, it will be in the state before the injury (or completely healed) or before the loss.For example, in Volume 28, "Love Hands for God Robots!", When Shizuka (it takes a week to heal) who injured her right index finger touched the thyme, the injured finger healed after a week. In "New Doraemon Zen Encyclopedia", when Shizuka was bitten by a poisonous snake, she replaced her left leg with a glove and covered it with a thyme to return it to the state before it was bitten. In "The Doraemon's Special" "Unexpected ally !?" (Special Volume 1), when an adult who lost his left hand was put on, he not only returned the adult to a child, but also restored his lost left hand. ..

In "The Great Adventure of the South Sea," Nobita put a thyme on the door everywhere, set it 43 days later, and the ship was 43 days ahead.From this, it seems that Time Furoshiki is also effective for other secret tools, and it is possible to set a time timer.In addition, in "Shinju Manufacturing Akoya Case",Shinju Manufacturing Akoya CaseIt takes 3 months to make pearls, but the time is advanced to shorten the pearl production time to 30 minutes, and in "Strong-Ishi", a timer is used to keep jogging for 1 year. SetStrong IshiOn the other hand, the time is advanced by one year and the function is stopped instantly.Also,"Doraemon Nobita's Wan Nyan Space Time], The secret tool that was broken in the second phase of the second animation "Jaiko and Dorami ni Lover !?"Evolutionary degenerate ray gun,Animaker) Is being repaired.

In "Runaway to a desert island", when Nobita's age is returned, the childhood clothes that Nobita had not worn (lost) are completely returned to the state that Nobita wore just before leaving home. , Clothes that did not exist on the spot have been restored (in the first phase of the second TV animation "Uninhabited Island is my island", the worn-out clothes are returned to a new state).It was also broadcast on November 2, 1.LINE eye catchThen, after Doraemon ate Dorayaki, he covered the plate with a thyme bath and returned the time to restore all the Dorayaki that had already disappeared.From this, it is possible to restore the whole with just the fragments, or to completely restore the state at that time, including things that are no longer at hand or on the spot.

Where there was a strange change, in the quiz of "Zoku Doraemon Zen Encyclopedia", if you put it on the stamp, it will be a stamp issued in the past, and "The Doraemon's Special" "Sengoku no Haou Chapter 3 Ninja" (Special Volume 3) In), a man with an injured face was wrapped in a strip of thyme, but instead of returning to a child or before the injury, he became a monkey-like face (""Evolutionary degenerate radiation sourceThe same effect).

In "The Doraemon's Special", there is a scene to repair a torn thyme.A piece of furoshiki alone is effective, but in the case of a large object such as a dinosaur, it is not effective unless it is the original one (the same is true for a furoshiki re-sewn with a needle and thread).To fix it, wrap the rest with a part of the furoshiki and it will return to the original one.

"Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur 2006], The hands of the clock pattern now move, and it also has an automatic stop function.

In the original, "Black and white televisionDoraemon and Nobita took advantage of the failure ofColor TVThere is a description that "I begged for an egg, but because it was not accepted, I will return the black and white TV to a new one with a time fluffy", but probably because it did not match the times in the first period of the second TV animation "Tonda Time Furoshiki" "Doraemon Nobita begged for a wide-screen TV, but because it wasn't accepted, the 2: 1 TV was returned to a new one with a time lag.

In "Misekake Ogaki Pen" (included in the 4th volume of the ladybug comic "Doraemon Plus"), Nobita used it without permission and lent it to Suneo for 10 yen.


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  1. ^ In terms of settings, wrapping an object with the reddish color part facing up is retrograde, and wrapping the object with the bluish color part facing up is going forward.
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  4. ^ To be precise, it works in your pocket in the big feature, but another tool is used in the movie.

Twin tail

Twin tail(Japanglish[Needs verification]), orTwo tail(Japanese English) is longhairAt the center of the left and right or at a higher position,shoulderHung up to the lengthHairstyleThat. "TwinteSometimes referred to as the abbreviation. The former is mainlystoryOf the workcharacterIn the field of[1], The latter isdollsOften used in the field of.

In addition to twin tails, this article also describes two-sided up (Japanese English) and pony up as related hairstyles.

In the old days, the general name for this hairstyle was customarily used by mothers who had the hair of their young daughters.Two YuiCalled (Two Yuihi)[1], Refers to the thing that a young girl about one digit years tie to a position higher than the temple, and tie it to a position lower than the earPigtailsWas called[2].. Nowadays, the memory of old things is fading, and it is recognized as another new thing as a part of the up-style that many girl models of teens and over connect.

Origin of the name

It was the filmmaker Satoshi Imai who named this hairstyle Twintail.Origin isUltraman is backMonster that appeared inTwin tailIs.According to Imai, when he adopted this hairstyle for the character that appeared in his work, he called it twintail because it was shaped like the tail of a monster twintail.

Expression in the work

characterIn classifying belowattributeIt is recognized as one of the, and has a strong popularity as one of the elements to be noticed. Once thisHairstyleWas used in the work as a recognition of the "sign" that emphasizes the characteristics of the character, but in recent years that recognition has changed and is now used in various characters.

In addition,AhogeAs something similar to (hair that bounces like a tentacle from the head), you can also see twin tails standing upright depending on the character's actions and emotions. Hairstyles that resemble twin tails tend to be preferred, and there are many characters with long tails that stretch to the waist.

Hairstyles included in, or similar to, the twin tails

Two side up

There is a hairstyle that does not collect all the hair, but collects only a small amount of hair on both sides at the top of the ear, and the rest of the back hair hangs down (side up). However, because it looks like a hairstyle that is completely different from the twin tail, it is not a twin tail.Two side upIt tends to be treated as another hairstyle. It is a term derived from doll culture, and because it has little in common except that it is tied in two, it often looks like ordinary long hair rather than twin tails. "Rabbit knot" (silhouetteRabbitBecause it looks like), "Half twin tailIt is also sometimes called. However, since the common point of dividing long hair into two is common, the two-sided up is sometimes called the twin tail, but the boundary line is ambiguous.

Pony up

A small number, but only a small amount of back hair is put together like a ponytail, and all other back hair is a drooping hairstyle.Pony up"Or"Tail upSometimes called.

Some characters are used in combination with the twin tails, or, as is often the case with the twin tail characters, the hair in two may express the emotions of the character.

Vertical roll

A hairstyle in which the tied hair is swirled as a whole. When the hair is longer than the shoulders, the part of the hair up to the shoulders is straight or lightly wavy, and the one with only a light curl at the tip is often called a twin tail. In addition, vertical rolls often do not have enough hair length to be called twin tails.


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