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🧑‍🎨 | It seems that I was really surprised when I tried using "Eatable Art" for junior high school boys' lunch boxes (laughs)


It seems that I was really surprised when I tried using "Eatable Art" for junior high school boys' lunch boxes (laughs)

If you write the contents roughly
The website of Frontier Co., Ltd., which sells it, publishes various ways to make it, so I will refer to it and surprise my family!

There are only a few left in 2020.My family also made this year's bento box.Make lunch every day ... → Continue reading

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Frontier (real estate company)

Frontier Co., Ltd.(British: FRONTIER, Inc. ) IsTokyoChofu CityHeadquartered in, a comprehensive housing consulting company for housing selection and remodeling.In addition, the J-Wash chain franchise is being developed as a franchisor (headquarters) in Japan.

Our Business

  • Remodeling & maintenance business
  • Nationwide franchise development business
  • Real estate sales / brokerage / management business
  • Rental property cancellation business


  • 1986July --Founded Honda Shokai, a house cleaning business in Kamitakaido, Suginami-ku.
  • 1986August --Incorporated the organization and established J-Wash Co., Ltd. with a capital of 8 million yen.
  • 1987March --Started remodeling business.
  • 1989August --Started painting and waterproofing business.
  • 1989September-Started exterior wall cleaning & coating business.
  • 1992May-Increased capital to 5 million yen.
  • 1992June --Started coating business for natural stone and artificial stone.
  • 1994February-Cross coat development.
  • 1994October --Started nationwide FC business for exterior wall cleaning, cross coat, and house cleaning.
  • 1995March --Headquarters relocated to Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome, Shinjuku-ku.
  • 1998April --Started renewal FC business specializing in rental properties.
  • 2000July --Increased capital to 7 million yen.
  • 2001September --Obtained ISO9 certification.
  • 2002August-Development of chic guard.
  • 2004March --Headquarters moved to the 3th floor of Shinjuku Sumitomo Building.
  • 2006August-Changed company name to Frontier Co., Ltd.
  • 2006November --Opened Real Estate Division.
  • 2009February-Headquarters moved to the current address.
  • 2013July --Opened Nihonbashi Sales Office.
  • 2015July --Opened Kanagawa Sales Office.


Total number of stores

(As of 2017 year 8 month)

  • 61 stores in total


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