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📺 | "Kamen Rider Decade" is back with a spin-off! RIDER TIME new work decided to produce

Photo Ore Decade! --Tsukasa Kadoya passing by in Reiwa – (c) Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (c) Ishimori Productions, TV Asahi, ADK EM, Toei

Resurrected with the "Kamen Rider Decade" spin-off! RIDER TIME new work decided to produce

If you write the contents roughly
Although it is called a spin-off, it is a work that is luxurious and quite enthusiastic about the content, staff, and so on.

Spin-off "RIDER TIME Kamen La ..." of the special effects drama "Kamen Rider Decade" broadcast in 2009 → Continue reading

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Spin-off(British: spin-off, spinoff) Has the following meaning:DerivationIt refers to things and by-products that are generated by specific or derivative. In turn, it refers to a specific derivative phenomenon or derivative in each field. More details are given in each section as different concepts use the same terminology.

Also, depending on the field, the terms used as synonyms and synonymsSpin out(British: spin-out, spinoutThere is). This is originallyAutomobile spinThen, it means jumping out of the course, and in some cases, it shifts from the meaning of "jumping out" and refers to a specific derivative phenomenon.

Spin-off in science and technology

Science and technologySpin-off in a field was developed in a specific fieldTechnologyFor civilian diversion (private sectorneedToDiversion) To do.Or a private-sector product (also called a spin-off product) produced using the diverted technology.

In particular, the development technology of national R & D institutions (Military technologydevelopment of,Space development,natural ScienceTransfer of research, etc. to the private sector (Military-civil conversionEtc.) in many cases. For exampleGPS-インターネット-HUDand so on.


Antonymas(British: spin-on, spinon), But this refers to the case of diverting private technology (civil technology) to military technology.

Spin-off in business

management-Economy(Business) Field spin-off and spin-outCompany,組織(Hereafter, for convenience, "Parent companyIt means to separate a part of (called) into another independent company or organization.


With the parent companycapitalSpin-off to make another company that has a close relationship such as having a relationship, and to establish another company that has little or no relationship with the parent companySpin outDistinguish as.

Spin-off in work production


Spin-off in the field of work production is an existing work (Main story) Derives from another work related to it.The work produced in this wayDerivative workOrSpin-off worksCall. TV drama in Japanmovies,ComicOften used in derivative works such as.


OriginallyRadio Drama,TV dramaDifferent fromprogramIs an English word that means that is derived.

Side StoryIt may be translated as a work, a sequel, or an extra edition, but it is a mistake to simply think of Gaiden and spin-off as synonymous.


Same as the main story媒体Often produced in, but sometimes produced in a different medium (such as a TV drama from a spin-off movie). In this case, the focus of the story is different from that of the main story, and it is distinguished from general movie, drama, and manga.

Japanese movie

Japanese movieThe pioneer of the spin-off work at1963年 OfToei movie"Life theater』(Koji Tsurutastarring·Tadashi SawashimaDirector)[1].

Shiro OzakiThe autobiographical novel ofLife theater』Was made into a movie seven times before this work, and the main character was Yukiyoshi Aonari who was modeled on Ozaki himself, but Toei'sShigeru Okadaproducer(Then, the company's president) thought, "It won't be the same as before."[2]Persuade Ozaki[3], Was just one of the supporting roles in "The Remains"Knight・Kadotaro Koyama, the main character of the sword angle[4].. This work was a huge hit, and Okada continued to suffer from poor performanceHistorical dramaから[5], The mainstay of ToeiNintendo movie lineSwitch to[6][7]For about 10 years since then, the "Toei Nintendo Line" has been a huge success in Japan's postwar Japanese movie history.[6][8].

Single cut

MusicRelated termsSingle cutHowever, this is the original song of the album recorded as the title song of the single board in the reverse pattern after several years, and it is formally close to a spin-off.

As a representativeMiyuki Nakajima Ofyarn(Originally"EAST ASIA』)),SMAP Ofthe only flower in the world(Originally"SMAP 015 / Drink! Smap!』Recorded songs) and so on.


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