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🎥 | Tsuyoshi Kusanagi & Masami Nagasawa "Mainichi Film Awards" nominations most often "Wife of a Spy"

Photo Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Masami Nagasawa cranked in for the leading award at the "75th Mainichi Film Awards"!

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi & Masami Nagasawa "Mainichi Film Awards" nominations most often "Wife of a Spy"

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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of "Midnight Swan" was nominated for the actor starring award, and Masami Nagasawa of "MOTHER Mother" was nominated for the actress starring award.

The 75th Mainichi Film Awards nominees and nominees have been announced, and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa is in the darkness of history for the first time ... → Continue reading

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Actor Leading Award

Takeshi Kusagi

In this item,JIS X 0213:2004 characters (Takeshi Kusagi"Kanji of "Nagi"" (bow + shear)) is included (Details).

Takeshi Kusanagi(Kusanagi Tsuyoshi[2],1974 Showa49 years>May 7[2] -) isJapanMen oftalent,An actor,Voice actor,singer,chairperson,YouTuberAndMale idol groupSMAPAll activity periods (1988 - 2016 )ofMembers.Ehimebirth[3],SaitamaBackground[2] OfKasukabeRaised[3].Name"彅" is Japanesenative scriptandspecial character[† 1].. CorporationCULENBelongs.


1987, when I was in the second year of middle schoolJohnny's OfficeEntered.After that, the male group "Skate boysWas formed in April 1988.Male idol group"SMAPBecame a member of "(The activities of this group after that are"SMAPSee the page. ).Kinichi HagimotoFound talent from "Kinkira Rin 530!!"auditionPassed the test, and after repeated rigorous training, he made a regular appearance at the youngest of the program with the start of broadcasting this program from the same month.

1993 year 2 month,Horikoshi High SchoolI went to school from my home for 2 hours one way, and graduated from the perfect attendance award for 3 years without being late or absent.At that time, the graduates of all Horikoshi courses were awarded the "Horikoshi Award", which is presented to 10 people who were excellent in their studies and well-behaved.Kusanagi was the first graduate of the performing arts course to receive the Horikoshi Award.[† 2][4][† 3][5].

April-June 1997, starringSerial drama"Good person.Has exceeded the average audience rating of 20% for all broadcasts and recorded an initial audience rating of 24.6%. By acting of this work,Drama Academy Award "Best Actor Award". August of the same yearVideo researchAccording to the talent image survey result by, the popularity ranking first place was obtained among the talent belonging to Johnny's office.

In October 1998, in the Kusaku crown programYusuke Santa Mariaと と も にModeratorAct asEntertainment shows""Pu" Suma] Started broadcasting. In the same year, Kusanagi saidDVD & Video Grand Prize Best Talent Award" "MEN'S CLUB Received the "Best Dresser Award".

In 1999, the leading stage "Kamata March]CatchWas rated by the "great genius"[6].. Male from the same yearBest Jeanist Award JapanWas selected for 5 years in a row and entered the Hall of Fame.

April 2001Crown programIn person South KoreaRelated activities (KoreanAbout the program "Interview withChonan Kang(Hangul: 초난 강) ”has started broadcasting, and this has taken the opportunity to advance into South Korea.Details and subsequent activities related to Korea# About KoreaSee.

The leading movie released in 2003, "Yellow springIs unusualLong runBecame. The starring serial drama "The way i liveAnd "Yui gaeri" acting and music activities, "ATP Award Individual Award"[7][8].. In addition, he received the "Drama Academy Award for Best Actor" and "TV LIFE Annual Drama Award 2003 for Best Actor" for his performance in "Boku no Ikiru Michi". This drama is starring Kusanagi "I series trilogyIn the first work of 』, all three of my series became a series with a maximum audience rating of over 1%.

In 2004, starring serial drama "Me and her and the way she lives』Exceeded the average audience rating of 20% for all broadcasts, and recorded an audience rating of 27.1% for the final episode. The starring movie "The movie released in March of the same yearHotel Venus"ButWorld Four Film Festivalof"Moscow International Film Festival Won the "Best Prize in Competition Perspective"[† 4].. In October of the same year, Kusanagi received the "Japan Innovator Award Japan Cool Award", which is given to an original person who stands out in the Japanese industry. Broadcast in November of the same yearFuji Television Network, IncThe leading drama of the 45th anniversary of the opening of the station "Violin crossing the straitIs Japanese "Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Received the "Excellence Award" and the "Soul Drama Awards 2006 Short Drama Category Best Work Award" sponsored by the Korea Broadcasting Corporation. In addition, by the acting of "Me and her and her way of life" "Violin across the straits",Hashida Sugako Award Received the "Hashida Award".

October 2005, 8-November 27,Nippon TVA series of large-scale charity programs24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"]Shingo KatoriAlso served as the main personality. This time, he recorded and held the number one rating of the "24-hour TV". In addition, Kusanagi is a special drama of this time "Little driver last dream, And this drama also holds the number one rating in the "24-hour TV" Special Drama series. In addition, Kusanagi was a large Fuji TV affiliate from the same year to 1.Music program"FNS Song Festival"[† 5] Chaired in[† 6].. This program won the "Fuji TV President's Award"[9] At that time, a certificate of commendation was awarded to Kusanagi[10].

June 2006, nationally,Digital terrestrial broadcastingBecame the main character of the promotion campaign. Detail is#Main character promoting the spread of terrestrial digitalSee. The leading movie "released in July of the same year"Japan sinking』Recorded the first appearance first place[11], Box office revenue exceeded 50 billion yen (box office revenue of 53.4 billion yen). This work is from countries around the worldAsia,EuropeIt was also released on the screen, and was screened on the largest number of screens in South Korea, recording the first appearance in the first place, and became the first feat in history as a Japanese movie.[12].. The starring serial drama "My path"Drama Academy Award for Best Actor", "TV LIFE Annual Drama Award 2006 for Best Actor", and "Drama of the Year 2006 Best Actor for Best Actor". In addition, due to the performance of the main stage "Father's Return / Rooftop Madman" that was performed in the same year, "Yomiuri Theater Awards Received the Haruko Sugimura Award and the Outstanding Actor Award.

In April 2009, he refrained from performing arts activities for about a month due to a scandal. Detail is# ScandalSee. In July of the same year, laundry detergentCMRecorded the 1st place in favorability[13].. The same serial drama "July-September"Appointment helper"Drama Academy Award for Best Actor" and "TV LIFE Annual Drama Award 2009 for Best Actor", and this work is "TV LIFE Annual Drama Award 2009 Best Actor" and "International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2010 Serial Drama" Category Excellence Award"[14] Was awarded. The movie "Starring movie" released in September of the same yearBALLAD Nameless love song』By the performance of "52ndBlue ribbon awardNominated for Best Actor[15].

Broadcast for 2010 consecutive nights in November 11TBSThe 60th anniversary of the opening of the station and the 65th anniversary of the end of the war99 years of love ~ JAPANESE AMERICANS ~"Is"Hashida Sugako Award Grand Prize"Tokyo drama award2011 "One-shot drama category Grand Prix". The following year, the screening of this work became the stage for this drama.SeattleLos AngelesMade a good reputation[16].

On January 2011, 1, the movie "Starring" was performed at a theater in Tokyo.1778 story of me and my wifeAt the screeningEmpress MichikoInteracted with. Kusanagi and the Empress watched this work together next to each other. In addition, before and after the screening, the two of us talked to each other, shaking hands to conclude. Kusanagi was praised for acting by the Empress[17].. In addition, there are ordinary guests in the surrounding seats when watching, and it is unusual for the Empress to watch a movie released in this way.[18].. The details of this exchange are related to Korea#Activities,#episodeSee also This movie isMy seriesRecorded first appearance in the first movie production[19].

On June 2012, 6, at the Central Ceremony of "Radio Day and Information and Communication Month", by making a great contribution to the complete digitalization of terrestrial television broadcasting,Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsA letter of appreciation was presented by[20][21].. The leading movie released in the same year "Appointment helperMovie Plus Award Winner of the 2012 Best Movie Actor Award.

The leading serial drama "Broadcast in 2015"Money war"Drama Academy Award for Best Actor" and "Drama of the Year 2015 Best Actor for Best Actor". September of the same year,ShimachuFor the performance of CM's CM work, it received the "2015 55th ACC CM FESTIVAL ACC Gold Award" and this work received the "2015 55th ACC CM FESTIVAL ACC Gold Award"[22].

The leading serial drama "Broadcast in 2016"ス ペ シ ャ リ ス ト"But"Galaxy awardReceived the "My Best TV Award Grand Prix". December 12st, SMAP dissolved[23].

2017 May 9,Inagaki Goro,Shingo KatoriLeaves Johnny's Office with[24].. same yearMay 9Established official fan site in collaboration with Inagaki and Katori,May 10It was made a full-scale start[25]..At the same time, the new office "CULEN" (represented by former SMAP manager)Satoshi Iijima) Also announced that they will belong[26].. Video sharing site since November of the same yearYouTubeOpened his own channel "Youtuber Kusanagi Channel" inVideo distribution activitiesAlso started. Won the 2017st place in "10 Top 1 Channel Subscriber Acquisition Ranking" announced by Ebili Co., Ltd.[27].. By February 2020, 2, the number of subscribers reached 9 million.[28].

On December 2020, 12, he revealed through his office that he had married an ordinary woman.[29].

February 2021, 3, starring movie "Midnight swanThe role of transgender played in 』is evaluated, 44th Japan Academy AwardWon his first Best Actor Award[30]..In addition, the work won the Best Picture Award.[31].


CMInsinger-chairpersonHas been widely used in such as.

Since 2001KoreanHave learned and have contributed greatly to the exchange between Japan and Korea.[32].. We have earned the trust of the government[33][34],Empress Michiko,Choi Ji WooIt is also highly evaluated by[17][35][† 7]. Also,Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Promotion Association - NHK,Commercial broadcastConsists of 127 TV companies and receiver manufacturersDigital Broadcasting Promotion Association[36] It has been acknowledged by the country that it served as the main character for the promotion and promotion of terrestrial digital broadcasting, and made a great contribution to the complete digitalization of Japanese terrestrial broadcasting.[21].

As an actor

The movie ""Yellow spring''Japan sinking",TV drama"Good person.''I series trilogy''99 years of love ~ JAPANESE AMERICANS ~",stage"Kamata March"I have a tank of fire," etc. Accumulated track record[37][38][39], Acting ability is also highly evaluated[40].


#Creating a role/posture,#Physical ability/actionSee also.

P, director, screenwriter, etc.

KusanagiPlaywright-Director-Naoki Prize writer OfCatchRated as "Great Genius" by[6].. At one point, he was the director and director of the stage "Kamata March" starring Kusanagi. I think I didn't play."[41]After that, he said, "I was shocked."[42].

It is known for a long time to place many orders for actors in the production, but he said that he is a genius, Kusanagi. I have never placed an order for acting. He tells him to do whatever he likes. Also, Kusanagi was described as "a very smart child," and he said, "I felt like water was sucking up on a blotter paper, [raising my hands straight up], and growing like this. Well, [making a gentle sloping line with your hands] This kind of thing doesn't happen. The genius is [powerfully and promptly raising your hand right above].[43].

Regarding "Kamada March" written and directed by Tsukasaku, in the work after Kusanagi starred in the role of Yasu, the diary of the work in the situation where it is necessary to decide the actor of the role of Yasu from other than Kusanagi. It is written in (Contents of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Office Official Website)[44]Furthermore, it is written as follows.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's Yasu stands in front of us like a mountain. I know I can't win. — Let's use it[44]

In addition, the work starring the actor who played Yasu and the work whose title was only "Kamada March" were the last works starring Kusanagi.

SomedayJD SalingerThe novel "Caught in the rye fieldIt is written that there is only one actor in Japan who has the ability to play the main character, Holden, and he writes down the high ability and concludes with "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi."[45].. Someday, "If you ask me to give you a book to leave for posterity, I will not hesitate to recommend this'Catch in a rye field'." "This original was written in 1951. [Salinger is in this book] The United States, which has been victorious and touted as the ally of the new world, has actually entrusted the already deep and harsh pathology to the desperate self-contradiction of the boy [Holden] who cannot live properly. " Stated[44], "People can't live alone. I want you to know your true self because you want to be loved and loved. So what is your true self? It's very scary to know even yourself, but Holden He firmly looked down at "the bottom of his heart". "" The courage to look at the bottom of his despair and loneliness led to the hope of life for all. "" There is only one Holden. Shown[45], Salinger has already entrusted Holden with the role of Kusanagi, which he wrote as follows.

Sorrow is hidden behind a gentle smile, and a beast sleeps secretly in the quiet appearance. Once he utters a line, the beast awakens and rampages, and his interior is torn into sharp fangs. Have the courage to look straight down and accept the pain, desperate loneliness — Let's use it[45]

In addition, Tsuka wrote the following when he associated "Catch in a rye field".

I thought about the kindness of the cruel and innocent genius Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.
How are you
Are you crying ... — Let's use it[44]

SomedayDaniel keyesThe novel "Bouquet for Algernon"[Omitted] There is only one man in Japan who can express the transparent sorrow of Charly Gordon [the main character] in his despair, forgiveness and sympathy," Kusanagi wrote.[46].

Kusanagi and Tsuyoshi worked together only in the 1999 and 2000 "Kamada March", but Tsuyoshi has described the concept of a work starring Kusanagi in addition to this work.Lung cancerAfter his death in 2010, the production staff who had been working for many years always said, "I want to do it with Kusanagi again." It's a pity that it didn't come true. I think it was. "[47].

Director / Screenwriter / Naoki Prize WriterMatsui KesakoWas convinced that he was a genius when he starred in "Kamada March" about Kusanagi, and he starred in Kusanagi's stage "Father Return / Rooftop Madman" (Hiroshi Kikuchi OfclassicThe former "Father's Return" is from Takamatsu, and the latter "Rooftop Madman" is from Sanuki.dialectUsedDramaWork of[48]After watching the play, he described it as "a really mysteriously pure actor" and said, "For example, Masayo Umezawa is a skillful actress, but when he stands on the stage, it looks like the actress is doing it, but the grass. Tsuyoshi just sits on the stage and reads the newspaper, and on the contrary, it looks like a young man from the Meiji era is there. I think this is really amazing. Any actor aims for it. You can do most of the things you can't do. That's why you're a genius. " In addition, Matsui also said that the creator of this work brought this play to Kusaya, "It seems that it seems to have reminded us that this is the only person who can perform such a play on the stage these days." Is writing[† 8][49].

Matsui also wrote about Kusaya, "I can perform with amazing concentration," and mentioned Kusaya's sensitivity, "I highly value him as a genius actor." I have written[50].

Director / ScreenwriterKawahara MasahikoDescribes Kusanagi's talent as "natural talent"[51], Kusanagi wrote, "I strongly assert that he is the No. 1 actor of that age."[52].

ScreenwriterLyricist・ Drama artistYuji Sakamoto"If there was an actor's Olympics, the representative from Japan would be Mr. Kusanagi."[53].

Science fiction writer OfSakyo KomatsuThe blockbuster movie "I wanted Kusaya to do it" was nominated by Komatsu and released in 2006.Japan sinking』Starred. This work was an exceptional production cost in Japanese movies[54].. In addition, it was the last work of Komatsu's visualization work. Director of this workShinji HiguchiSaid that he was surprised to see the role possessed and controlled by Kusaya.[55].

Starring KusanagiMy seriesDirector history in dramas and movies[† 9] HaveHoshino"There are roles and works in his hands, and I'm always amazed," he said of Kusanagi.[56].. In addition, Kusanagi in the work is said to be "the role itself".[57].

In addition, when Hoshi looked back on his work with Kusanagi, he described Kusanagi as "an actor who the director can talk to from the bottom of his heart." "He listens to this story really seriously." I talked about everything, including the fact that I was there. "[56].

The star is the movie "1778 story of me and my wifeAn impressive event during filming, especially unforgettable, is that the main character of a science fiction writer starring Kusanagi tells the final story without letters on a blank manuscript paper after his wife's death so that it can be conveyed only to his wife. I mentioned the time when I was shooting a long last scene to write, and when I asked Kusaya what he was writing after the rehearsal without deciding the sentence to write there, the star I realized that it was a letter to my wife that I had never imagined, and said, "The moment I heard [Kusaya's reply], I cried, and ran away while saying" OK, OK ... "and cried in the shadows. I couldn't say anything more. And the production. He started crying tattered during the performance. It was totally unexpected, "he said." It was a really great scene. " Is saying. In addition, Hoshi states that he thinks that the work is in the hands of Kusanagi.[56].

This is one of the moments when Hoshi is doing this job and I think Kusanagi is amazing, and Hoshi said, "There are many other moments I can remember, and I can talk about it even overnight. I was able to taste many of them. " In addition, Hoshi said about Kusaya, "For example, even if he is 75 years old and I am 90 years old, I want to make something" "I am a person who makes me think that way", and Kusaya is "important"treasureIs expressed[56].

A drama / movie starring Kusanagi, "MEET THE TEAMAnd 'Appointment helper』Has a director historyHiroshi NishitaniDescribes Kusanagi as a "great actor"[58].. Nishitani describes Kusaya as "he has a very beautiful spirit," and evaluates Kusaya's ability as "a lot of roles are neatly addicted." Also, "When Mr. Kusanagi created something called Hikoichi, of course I would like to work with him in other roles in the future, but I really don't want to erase the existence of Hikoichi. Let me continue my journey. I really think that I want to ... "[59].

The movie starring Kusanagi "Hotel Venus』DirectorShuta TakahataIs "super-class" about grass[60], Said to be genius[61]I'm referring to a facial expression[62].. Also, when Takahata was originally the director of Kusanagi's crowning program "Chonan Kang" in the variety field, he directed two related short drama starring Kusanagi and was the assistant director in the work of the first drama. When he had no experience with him, he also said that Kusanagi had taken the lead in shooting.[62].

Served as the director of "Mother of Eyelids" starring KusanagiEri WatanabeSays that he is genius when he enters the role, "I will grasp the role with a sense and when I am convinced, I will shape the role as a miniature painting".[63].. Also, while describing Kusanagi as "a genius person," he was so busy that he wondered when he was asleep, but his role in this work was never repeated. It says that it is difficult, there is also a turn around, it is a great concentration, and this is a quick thing to say, and it says that it is ears and a keen sensitivity.[64].. After the closing, he said, "I was crying every time I wrote a letter to my mother and reunited with my mother." It's hard to do a fresh performance every time," he said, "a person who concentrates on feeling like a character anyway." It's a reality that only you can get out"[63].

Commercial broadcastFor the first time in five consecutive nights, a blockbuster drama with a total broadcast time of 5 hours and a half or more99 years of love ~ JAPANESE AMERICANS ~] In charge of the scriptToshiko HashidaIt was nominated from and starred. Hashida usually makes no requests for casting, so this appointment is a rare act. In fact, Hashida wrote the script after Kusanagi's appearance was decided, and it was reported that it was "just Kusanagi's work." The production cost of this work was so huge that it would be unthinkable in a normal drama. In addition, the main character of this work, which was planned and written by Hashida over a period of four years, was written in the image of Kusanagi from the beginning, and there are other cases where Hashida "addressed" assuming a specific actor in the past. Not in[65].

Hashida described this work as "my testament", the culmination of all his thoughts on his lifelong theme "war and peace", and when he was planning, he looked back to "who is the main character?" In fact, Kusaku was the first thing that came to mind in my mind.” He added, “I thought there was only him. I thought there was only him.” .. Furthermore, Kusanagi said, "When I actually tried it, it was a wonderful act, and it made a drama more wonderful than the script I wrote. I can really cry when he plays."[66].

Kankuro MiyatoSaid in a movie starring Kusanagi that he looked back on the work of the director and the scriptwriter, and said that it was a scene where he was truly saved. In addition, Kusanagi refers to "natural things", "I can nod that many directors want to work many times" "The person who stirs the imagination that I want such a role next" Says[67].

Writer/DirectorKoki MitaniWrote, "I am amazing as an actor," and said, "I saw the moment when a character "transfers" to an actor for the first time," and wrote about Kusanagi when he worked together. In addition, Mitani describes the state in which Kusanagi has a role possessed by him as "agarless sewing", and spells that even when Kusanagi is in production, even if a natural disaster occurs, he can pass it in that state, Concentration."[68].. Mitani said of "burst! ~ Dangerous Futari", "Mr. Kusanagi's "quiet madness" at the last is goosebumps. I do not know any other actors who can make such expressions." Writing[69].

Influence on other actors' perspectives and co-stars

Tsukkouhei isManami KonishiThe president of his office briefly told Konishi about his wishes, and when he brought Konishi to Tsukasa, he said that it depends on the ability of Konishi's opponent, and after that, Looking back on Konishi's appearance in the decided "Kamata March" starring Kusanagi, he wrote, "The other party was genius Tsuyoshi Kusanagi", and about the influence of Kusanagi on Konishi "The true genius is It will grow your partner and make you feel like tomorrow."[70].

Ryoko HirosueKusanagi said, "I saw "Kamata March" and went twice," and said, "Mr. Kusanagi's all going" and "I love you". Are[71].

Shinichi TsutsumiWhen he first co-starred in a TV drama with Kusatsu, he witnessed Kusatsu's acting and was greatly impressed by its open and innocent sensibility and the way he lives in that role. We continue to marvel at Tsuyoshi's talent."[72].. Tsutsumi also said that when he visited the rehearsal hall of the stage "Father's Return / Rooftop Madman" starring Kusanagi, he first met Mr.[73], "Furita [Shinta Furuta(Kusaya and Tsutsumi each have a history of acting together)], but he said that Kusanagi was "wow". When I actually co-starred, "I see. I understood what you [Furita] was saying,” he recalls.[74].

Co-starredYuko Takeuchi"Isn't it just saying that you suck the role?" about Kusanagi, "Mr. Kusanagi can make anything his own"[75].

Shingo KatoriSaid that Kusanagi is a genius, and he is also pursuing Kusanagi's overseas performances completely privately.[76].

movies"BALLAD Nameless love songAragaki YuiLooked back on Kusanagi, who played the role of Matabei, a warlord in the Warring States era, in this work when he put on make-up and put on wigs and armor, "become the Matabei itself in a vicious atmosphere...", When I saw it for the first time, "I was really shocked and overwhelmed. I was impressed by what an amazing actor it was, and thanks to Mr. Kusanagi, I was able to become a princess. I think that is the case."[77].

Saito KoSays Kusanagi as a "bottomless container"[78].

Kusaku starring serial drama "Money warYuta TamamoriSaid during the shooting period of this film, "I feel that every day I have the size to accept any performance of me, and to bring out the goodness of the co-stars including me each day". Says[79].

Masachika IchimuraAsked when he asked, "This actor is a great actor," he mentions that he is the only person. He mentions how to work with power, how to bring it, etc.[80].

Inagaki GoroAsked the most popular member of SMAP, and when only Kusanagi answered his name, he dictated that various actresses wanted to co-star with Kusanagi.[81].

Role making/posture

The following categories are related to each other, and the evaluation contents that go beyond the category are also described.#Evaluation,#Physical ability/actionSee also.


Kusanagi was told as follows.

It's a matter of course that people are trying hard without sleeping, but I think professionals are the ones who don't show them. — Shuta Takahata,[62]

Starring movie "Japan sinking』DirectorShinji HiguchiSaid that he was "very stoic" about Kusanagi, and talked about the great concentration of his ability to face the work.[82], Reminiscent of seekers[55].

Starring drama and movie "Appointment helper』DirectorHiroshi NishitaniExplains about the role of Kusaya in this work, Tsubasa Hikoichi, that for Hikoichi, the aesthetics of life is "patience", "A man named Takeshi Kusatsu is very stoic, I think that if you really have a personality, you'll be adoring Kusaku-kun very much.Hikoichi can't live in stoic like Kusaku-kun, but you can imitate that stoic. "It is a patience," he said, and the loneliness of stoicness is what attracts the actor, Takeshi Kusagi. In this movie Hikoichi became an outlaw away from the organization[59].

Learners and hard workers

Shingo KatoriSaid, "Anyway, Tsuyopon is a student," and said "I'm really into it."[83].. Katori also said that he really loves Kusanagi as an actor, "I admire how seriously I work on my work," he said in a series.[84].

The full cover of the 1930s movie, which was released in 2008.You in the mountains Love in Tokuichi』DirectorKatsuhito IshiiDescribes Kusanagi who starred in the role of Tokuichi, who is blind, as Tokuichi itself. According to Ishii, Kusanagi was equivalent to making a role, and he actually learned how to massage from massage and made it more accurate than the original version. In addition, Ishii said that Kusanagi at the shooting site was "involved and it was amazing", and he mentioned that there was no other actor like that.[85].. In addition, Ishii who was paying attention to the rare talent as an actor of Kusanagi who concentrates on the role[37] Said that from the beginning, this role was not conceivable except for Kusanagi[86].

Eri WatanabeDescribes Kusanagi as a "genius hard worker"[87].. The stage "Mother of the Eyelids" starring Kusanagi is the intention of the producer who highly appreciates Kusanagi, and Watanabe plays the classic drama "Mother of the Eyelids".Shin HasegawaI did not rewrite the lines faithfully to the original, and I dared to leave the words that I no longer use at all, and performed all over the place[† 10] Performed the production as[88].. Watanabe wrote in the column, "Mr. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who starred, [...] had a super-hard schedule. However, he memorized the lines, memorized the actions, memorized the movements, and pursued the essential acting. I think I did my best to save my life without giving up until the end. " According to the column, Watanabe hugged the producer and cried after witnessing that the first day was open and it was very good.[88].

About Kusanagi Co-star of this workShinobu Otake"It was amazing to practice alone," he said.[87]"I stuck to my ears. I thought it was amazing."[89].. Also, Watanabe says, "I'm a person who works hard." "I can't forget the appearance of practicing dancing alone in the corridor during the break time of the lesson. It's probably because of the recording of the program or something. After all, I'm not resting at all. After all, I have to work hard. When I saw Tsuyoshi, I was encouraged to do my best. "[63].

Produced and directed the stage "burst! ~ Dangerous Two" starring Kusaya (starring the role of a huge amount of dialogue)Koki MitaniAccording to him, before the curtain of this work opened, Kusanagi remembered all the lines of the script quite early (already read from the beginning to the end of the script before the first day of the lesson), and in that state. I was there and faced all the lines in the script every day. Mitani revealed that he was surprised at that, and wrote in the column, "This is the first time for an actor like this." In addition, in that column, about Kusaya during the lesson, he also spells out the embodied feeling of the role, which is also surprising.[90].. In addition, Mitani mentions how to approach the work, saying, "Mr. Kusanagi, who has always thrown his best since the time of training," even after the curtain of this work opened.[69].

Body modification

Starring serial drama "The way i live』In the role making, from the original smart body shape to dietary restrictions[91] Weight loss according to the medical condition of the role[92]Finally lost 9 kg[91].. The next long-term filming movie, "Hotel VenusIn the role of 』, bulk up by doing muscle training, aerobic exercise and diet for the purpose of increasing muscle mass, and gained 15 kg from the former state.[91].

"My way of life" is a story about how the hero, who is in a position to die of cancer a year later, survives the year.[56] So, here are some comments from the people involved when they looked back on this work many years after the crank-up. Kusaya reduced the weight according to the progress of the medical condition of the role, and care was taken not to let the surroundings care about the extreme weight loss due to dietary restrictions, without giving notice, there at his own will It has come to be understood that it was thorough.

directed byHoshinoDescribes the main character, Kusanagi, as "living was already expressed as a holy body."[57].. Also, "He has stopped eating since this work was decided." "I'm getting thinner and thinner. Not only do I lose weight, but I take the role very seriously and seriously ..." "Very quiet. It's like entering from the appearance, so it feels like the main character appears there. "[56].

In addition, "I noticed that he was getting thinner, and I felt like,'Don't do your best. The director [star himself] can't get rid of it." But the most impressive thing was the final one. When I was on location for the first time, when I saw his body for the first time in the scene where I received a heart massage from my doctor, the roses were terrifying. I was surprised at "Ah!" I wondered if he was doing so thoroughly. Playing a sick person is not something that the director can demand so much. But he did so much. "" And he wasn't nervous. , Not foretelling, just quietly ... He's that kind of person. "[56].

Played the role of the main character's doctorFumyo KohinataAbout the situation at the time of recording, "The energy of Kusanagi-kun's" Boku no Ikiru Michi "was amazing. Depending on the setting you are suffering from, you will lose weight every time you meet. I fell down and was taken to the hospital for a heart massage, but at that time, the ribs were already protruding. I felt something devilish beyond the level of "amazing". "[92].

During the period when he kept his body bulked up by making the role of "Hotel Venus", the magazine "TarzanWhen the cover of 』was displayed, it was mentioned that he was very gesturing and was described as having acquired excellent muscles.[91].. An advertising poster that allows you to see the bodyMagazine houseIt is also noted that the reaction at the company when it was posted on was an unprecedented excitement, and it is also highly evaluated there.[93].

Kusanagi maintained his body shape even when "Hotel Venus" cranked up in October 2003 and the completion preview of this work was held in February 10.[91].. At that time, Kusanagi starred in the serial drama "Me and her and the way she livesThe reporter of "Tarzan", who was closely related to Kusanagi, called "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's hat-off volume" and described the reporter's own muscle training as "It's an embarrassing story, but edited." I hate muscle training, which competes for 1 or 2 in the club, but I started at home after seeing Kusanagi-san's shooting. It's about 30 minutes after my usual jogging and biking. I'm surprised, because I was inspired by Kusanagi-san's appearance, "he said. He mentioned that the interview started from the point where he was disturbed by Kusanagi's super-busy muscle training. There is no compromise in making a body. The situation is that early morning location and late night rise continue every day in the shooting of the drama, and it is better to recover from fatigue before doing muscle training. When I finished shooting late at night, I was even impressed by Kusanagi's high professionalism. Even in the 13th year of the editorial department of "Tarzan", it was a difficult event to meet. A few days later, the movie "Hotel" When I met him at the party for the premiere of "Venus", I felt Kusanagi-san's soft and gentle eyes. From the next day, I decided to start muscle training. "[93].

Also, before the release of "Hotel Venus", the actors and singersTsuyoshi MoritaIs "duetIn a private life interview with ”, he told reporters that he wanted to see“ Hotel Venus ”, and at that time he mentioned that he saw the making video of this movie on TV and mentioned that he was training Kusanagi. He said, "If you take it off, it's super macho !!" and talked about what he thought was really amazing and what impressed him when he saw it. "Because (Kusanagi) Tsuyoshi doesn't have a macho image, right?" Wow, that's okay, I'm gonna do it too ", so I went to buy iron arrays and muscle training goods on that day." He said, "I was influenced by Kusanagi and used for muscle training." We have a complete set of goods, and it is publicly announced that it is about the third day since we started doing muscle training for the first time.[94].

Even after that, Kusanagi changed his body shape by gaining and losing weight and controlling muscle mass depending on the role.[† 11][95][96][97][98].

Actions on the chair, personality, and surroundings

Has been a director since 1997 in a serial drama and movie starring Kusanagi.HoshinoIn 2012, Kusaya was described as "very supportive" and described as "a supportive existence." "He's always a very nice person. Usually, humans have some dislikes and flaws, but he doesn't seem to have them," he said.[56].

Has co-starred in a serial drama starring Kusanagi since 1997.Takeshi UjijiIs also the drama "Appointment helper』, And in the discourse during the shooting period of this work, he said that" Kusanagi-kun is the most important thing "about the fact that the scene is always lively", and further "Kusanagi" What's the big thing about that vessel? I really fall in love with it when I see it. Not only when I'm playing Hikoichi, but also when I'm shooting or when I'm face-to-face, "size" "I feel it," he dictates Kusanagi as "a very big man."[99].

Served as the director of "Mother of Eyelids" starring KusanagiEri WatanabeHe mentioned Kusaya's good personality, saying, "I'm a gentle person with roots, and I've been comforted and helped when I was depressed." I will never blame anyone if I make a mistake. "[63].

Serial drama "Money warCo-starred with Kusanagi, who starred in the main character, and his younger brother.Yuta TamamoriAbout Kusaya, during the shooting period, "I was very nervous at first and I was often asked to talk to me, but [...] He always talks from the same perspective, and the story is interesting." In addition, he mentioned that Kusanagi has a bright influence on the scene, and said, "When I see that, I feel like it should be the leading role." He also touched on "a place where you should be busy but always as usual and never show a tired face" and said, "I think he is a big senior."[79].. In addition, after cranking up, he wrote, "Why are you so kind and [...] masculine?", "I really respect you," and "I hope I can become such a great senior in the future."[100].

"ス ペ シ ャ リ ス トKaho MinamiSaid that during this serial drama shooting period, Kusaya, who is the main character, has a stance that is considerate of everyone, so I think that he is facing the production with a good sense of tension. In addition, Minami mentions that it is fun to talk about Kusaya in the field and that he is a person who is worried not to give extra care to the surroundings, which is an expression of Kusaya's attitude. However, he dictated that it was a consideration that did not put much pressure on people. He added, "If I think I've failed in the way I say the lines, he will quietly say'OK, OK'" and he says he will be saved.[101].

Kusaya is busy and often puts it in the field, brings homemade food and behaves, and also brings the ingredients and cooking utensils and cooks and behaves on the spot. It has been revealed from the surroundings, and along with the episode, it is said that Kusanagi is leading the scene in a good direction.[102][103][104][105].. Those who ate curry cooked for 3 days with lots of shank and vegetables and many kinds of spices said, "It has a very deep taste and aroma, and everyone refills many cups for 10 minutes. It's gone in about a while. Mr. Kusanagi is really kind to make it even though he is busy. "[106].

In addition, the co-star who is also a junior in the office, Kusaya made pasta on the spot after the day when the drama was shot in the concert 2 performance of his own group, and the concert still remains. He talks about what he cares about.[102][103], "Bring materials to the site and make them"[102]"I brought a pot, a frying pan, and a gas stove in front of me. I was happy."[103]"I really got the power ~"[102]"Kusanagi-kun gave me a meat sauce with beef rumbling. I ate it lightly for about three people. It was energetic and delicious. I really appreciate it!"[102]"It's a site where I often study other than acting!", He said about Kusanagi.[103]"Thank you for always having fun and delicious food. I will do my best for the rest of my work with a filled heart."[102].. In addition, if you are a girl, you may want to marry Johnny's target by mentioning only Kusanagi's name and saying, "Good cooking, usually kind, and respectable!"[102]Even after cranking up, he dictated, "I thought Kusanagi was a professional not only in the play but also in the field," and said, "All actions and remarks are amazing." Even though it was difficult to star in the movie, he always livened up the scene, and [...] I thought he was a really amazing person. "[105].

Physical ability / action

The movie "Matabei" starring the warlord of the Warring States periodBALLAD Nameless love song] InBelow freezingExtremely cold, such as recording 8 ° C(I.e.In the bare feetWarajiAbout 10 kgarmorIt was a day when I was shooting action scenes while wearing my clothes all the time. Co-starToshihiro YashibaOn the day when the largest number of extras on location gathered in the battle scene, Kusaya often talked to the extras in consideration of the morale of the extras who are fighting in the frigid cold. He mentioned that he had responded to the situation many times, and stated that "the warm behavior of the chairman [Kusaya] made the masterpiece scene." In addition, the role of Beibe is mainly the sword fight of the spear. The sword fight in the duel scene was described as "a warrior's spear judgment that passed through the shrine."[107].. directed byTakashi YamazakiAccording to him, Kusanagi was enthusiastic about training even in a busy schedule long before he started shooting horseback riding and sword fighting scenes. Yamazaki describes the sword fight as more difficult and heavier than the sword, and talks about Kusanagi's own movements and actions during the rehearsal, and mentions that he is an actor who creates details. In addition, Yamazaki recalled, "It was Mr. Matabei himself at the scene" and "I feel like I was possessed by that", and touched on Kusaya's high physical ability, saying "I was just surprised." Is[107].

The movie "Hikoichi" starringAppointment helperAlso directed by KusanagiHiroshi NishitaniAlso, he is very particular about the fight style that pursues reality, and Kusaya is doing all the action scenes with a gut, so a scene of jumping downstairs without using the stairs in a series of chasing the escaping yakuza (the stand where the model is displayed) I rushed into) etc.StuntAll the action scenes in the area ofStuntmanIt was something that Kusanagi himself worked on without it.[108].. Nishitani also mentions Kusaya's great physical ability and highly appreciates the action.[109].

In the scene where the video work is bintaed, Kusanagi pulls out a serious binta from an actress who can not be reluctant to hit Kusanagi, and even in the scene where a man hits the abdomen, Kusanagi really hits it strongly. It was revealed to the staff that he was leading himself and taking into consideration the other person's role, and it was highly evaluated, and even in the movie "Ninkyo Helper", all the fists and kicks to Kusanagi's body were really included. As a result, Kusanagi's body is scattered around.moleA close reporter wrote that it was full[108].

The last fight scene with the yakuza group in this work was taken from night to the end of the morning for two consecutive days, and it was in the cold midwinter.asphaltHe was unilaterally kicked and beaten all night in the harsh environment of the ground.[108].. After that, while the scenes of the other performers were being filmed in this shoot, Kusaya did not sleep at all, and he continued to fall to the ground for a long time, devoting himself to the role itself. Witnessed itRyudo UzakiTalks about Kusaya in his chest, which he thought was amazing, and what Kusaya looked like after this shoot was over.makeHe also mentioned that he didn't complain at all behind the scenes, saying that he didn't complain at all, and said "real". He also expressed his respect for Kusanagi and described it as "a man among men."[110].

Kankuro MiyatoWas a movie starring Kusanagi, and thanks to Kusanagi, he was able to do the action he wanted to do (a hard sword fight that Miyato couldn't do because he couldn't explain it). Talking about[111].. He also said, "Mr. Kusanagi has a high level of physical ability, of course, but he is very particular about how to move his body, or he is insanely dexterous."[112]As for Kusaya, the fact that the motor nerves are wonderfully good is reflected not only in the action scene but also in a little gesture and movement, for example, Miyato himself is also an actor, such as a state where he can not move well due to mental shock. Perhaps because he knew the difficulty of such movements, he was jealous of Kusaya who could easily embody such movements, and said, "I was sighing at the scene saying that I could do anything."[67].

About Korea


April 2001 South KoreaProgram about related activities "Chonan Kang』Started broadcasting on the Fuji TV series, and took this opportunity to advance to South Korea. At that time, Japanese culture was severely restricted in South Korea, and Kusanagi, who was preeminent in Japan, was under an unknown situation, and before the later Korean wave boom in Japan. "Chonan Kang" is also the stage name of Kusanagi related to Korea, and this program is the crowning program of the person himself.[† 12].. It is said from the surroundings that Kusanagi has been enthusiastically studying Korean while he is busy, and in the same year the producer of this program.Akihiro Arai"Anyway, if you go to the dressing room, you can open a reference book." "He has a great attitude." That kind of invisible effort by Kusanagi is one of the secrets to the popularity of this program. I also dictated what I thought. Kusanagi's Korean language proficiency has reached an extremely high level that allows simultaneous interpretation. In addition, Kusanagi is also popular in South Korea, and it has become more recognized as SMAP with Chonan Kang rather than Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP.[113].. Kusanagi has greatly contributed to the exchange between Japan and South Korea.[32].

Origin of "Chonan Kang" etc.

Before the start of the program "Chonan Kang", the staff tried to pronounce the kanji of Kusanagi's name "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi" in Korean on-yomi, and said "Chonan Kang" as it was. It was adopted as the entertainment name and the program name. In fact, "彅" is Japanesenative scriptTherefore, there is no Korean on-yomi, and the Korean on-yomi of "Go" is closer to the pronunciation of "gan" than "kan".

In Korean culture of this era, names of people from other countries are pronounced close to their original sound.HangulTranscribe and readJapanese,Chinese peopleThe same applies to personal names that can be written in kanji such as, and it is not common to call the kanji by reading it aloud in Korean. Therefore, it can be said that the name "Chonan Kang" is a literal stage name created by the above-mentioned trigger. Therefore, it is also known in South Korea as "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi" with the stage name "Chonan Kang".

There is no clear definition of the stage name "Chonan Kang", and he has published a short story collection of Korean true story novels "Moon Town Mountain Town" under the name of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.

The opportunity to start the program "Chonan Kang"

Korean movie"Connection the contactAfter watching ”on TV, I often listened to Korean lines, and I was attracted to the sound of Korean, so I started a program that took up Korea on my own initiative.[32][114].


The program "Chonan Kang" started broadcasting on April 2001, 4, and since its shooting, he has visited Korea frequently for many years, and has been working on many interviews with Korean magazines and newspapers and appearances on Korean TV. is made of. On May 13, the same yearKorea Tourism OrganizationThe program "Chonan Kang" attracted many tourists to South Korea and was presented with a thank-you tile for its contribution to the public relations of Korean tourism.[115].. This program is not a program that calls for tourism in South Korea, but it shows the great influence of Kusanagi in Japan and South Korea. In the same year, KoreaSitcomThe work is a TV drama series "New Nonstop" (MBC) Made two guest appearances[† 13][116][† 14][117].

On June 2002, 6, the program "Chonan Kang" was released.Federation of All Nippon Television Program Production CompaniesReceived the "ATP Award TV Reporter Award". In the summer of the same year, in the name of Chonan Kangsingle"Ai no Uta-Chonmaru Saranheyo-" has been released in Japan and Korea[† 15].. The lyrics of the song are translated from Japanese lyrics into Korean by Kusanagi. The song will feature the theme song of the program "Chonan Kang" and Kusanagi.Japanese Kentucky Fried Chicken It became a Korean-style twister CM song. In December of the same year, the Korean conversation book "Chonmaru Book" under the name of Chonan Kang was published in a series and became a bestseller.

August 2003, 6,TBSKorean news special programRoh Moo-hyunA conversation was held with the president in Korean, and the pattern was broadcast simultaneously in Japan and South Korea.[† 16].. At that time, Kusanagi was also entrusted with the important role of an interpreter.[118].. Also, the next day, about Kusanagi, who had a conversation with President Roh.Empress MichikoAsked Mrs. Roh, "How was your Korean?"Kwon Yang-sookResponds "I was good"[119].. The Empress was Kusanagi in 2008.Lee Myung-boI also know that I am talking with the president in Korean[17].. In 2011, when the Empress watched the movie "The Story of Me and My Wife 1778" starring Kusanagi with Kusanagi and praised Kusanagi's performance, the interaction between Kusanagi and the Empress became a hot topic in the world. The media also reported that the Empress was also interested in Kusanagi acting as a bridge between Japan and South Korea. During this exchange, the Empress praised Kusanagi, who had been studying Korean for 2001 years since 10, saying, "It's wonderful."[17].

August 2004, 1,Tokyo-Minami Azabu OfKorean embassyCourtesy visit,Cho Se HyeongI had a conversation with the ambassador in Korean. At that time, the full-length Korean Japanese movie "Kusanagi starring"Hotel VenusWas completed[† 17] Is telling[113]..In response, Ambassador Zhao said, "I think it will be a great contribution to cultural exchange between Japan and South Korea."[† 18][120].. Ambassador Zhao said, "Every Korean knows that Mr. Kusanagi is good at Korean."[† 19][120]. afterwards,Chihiro KameyamaTells Kusanagi that he saw Kusanagi talking to the Korean ambassador, expressing his respect for Kusanagi, and taking on Kusanagi as a "Japanese treasure" and "diplomatic". Moreover, I think it's amazing because Korea was the closest and farthest country. "[121].. In June of the same year, this movieWorld Four Film Festivalof"Moscow International Film Festival Received the "Best Award in the Competition Perspective Category". When he was the main personality of "8-hour TV" in August of the same year, he also acted as an interpreter when a Korean actor came as a guest. In October of the same year, KusayaNikkei BPReceived the "Japan Innovator Award Japan Cool Award"[† 20].. The Japan Cool Award was newly established in the same year and attracts people from all over the world.PoliticsOfValuesAnd cultural attraction, so-calledSoft powerSelected from the perspective of the person who contributed to. Kusanagi received the award for his great contribution to cultural exchange between Japan and South Korea. There were also reasons for selection such as "Mr. Kusanagi's activities are encouraging for Koreans in Japan."[† 21][122].

SMAP's album "SMAP" released in July 2005SAMPLE BANG!』Recorded Kusanagi solo song" Hanul ~ Yong Wonan Saran ~ (Sora ~ Eternal Love ~) ", Korean male singer groupSHINHWALee Min Woo (in charge of lyrics) and Shin Hye Sung (in charge of chorus) participated. Kusaya and the two of them were also interviewed, and the collaboration between the big stars of Japan and Korea was covered in the media of both countries.[123].. In the same song, Kusaya is also in charge of the translation, the first section is a translation of the Korean lyrics into Japanese, and the second section is sung in Korean as it is.

August 2006, 8, starring drama ``Violin crossing the straitWas awarded the "Soul Drama Awards 2006 Short Drama Category Best Picture Award" sponsored by the Korea Broadcasting Corporation, and KusanagiSeoulAt the award ceremony, he gave a speech in fluent Korean on the stage and was applauded.[124].. The following month, the leading movie "The movie that was screened on the largest number of screens in South KoreaJapan sinking』Recorded the first appearance first place, became the first feat in history as a Japanese movie[12].

On April 2008, 4, in a special news program of the TBS series, South KoreaLee Myung-boA conversation was held with the president in Korean, and the pattern was broadcast. Kusanagi was also appointed as an interpreter. At the time of this dialogue, President Lee requested that he be appointed as the "Japanese-Korean Cultural Ambassador" for cultural exchange. Talking with the President of South KoreaRoh Moo-hyunFor two generations with the former president[113].

In 2010, a Korean actress starred in the serial drama "Winter Sakura"Choi Ji WooAppeared in friendship and co-starred. Choi Ji Woo sympathized with the content of this drama, and said that it was starring Kusanagi, a pioneer in Japanese-Korean cultural exchange. Shooting of[125]

In February 2011, Kusanagi translated the Korean book of Lee Chul-hwan, who recorded an exceptional bestseller with a cumulative total of more than 2 million copies in Korea. Was published[126].. Choi Ji Woo was so impressed with Kusanagi about this[35].

January 2012, 1, JapanMinister of Economy, Trade and IndustryFrom KoreaLishuiWill be held from May 5th to August 12th of the same yearYeosu International ExpoAppointed as a supporter of the Japan Pavilion[34].

November 2012-In February 11, he played the role of using Japanese and Korean lines in the leading stage "Tank of Fire for Me". This work is from Korea in 2013.CapitalA story set in a suburb centered on friendship that transcends Japanese and Korean nationality, and was evaluated as "sufficient to reaffirm Kusakayu's exceptional talent as an actor."[127].. In 2012Tokyo-OsakaThe curtain was closed with great success[76], Staged in Seoul in 2013, at the end of the first day,Standing ovationIn South Korea, where there is almost no custom, he received a big applause and cheers from the crowded audience, and responded to the cheers with an incredible look. An unusual standing ovation in Korea lasted more than 5 minutes[128] [129].. Tickets for the Seoul performance at the National Theater of Korea (the largest capacity in Korea), which is said to be the Korean Theater Hall of Fame, were all sold out, and the curtain was closed with rave reviews.[127].. In addition, Kusagi entered South Korea on January 1th and received a lot of hospitality from many Kusatsuya fans at the airport. I also received the unusual hospitality that I received the insert (a special package with a caricature of Kusanagi was used for meals and desserts for about 27 people considering the amount for Kusaya's staff). Reported[† 22][130].

"Pu" Suma

"" Put "Suma" is Kusanagi's crown programYusuke Santa MariaVariety show, which was the moderator withTV Asahi seriesIt is a longevity program that was broadcast from October 1998 to March 10.

Oricon Entertainment"Original Confidence" published by "Original Confidence" was conducted in 2004, and the ranking was announced in the 10/18 issue of the same year, and "Put" Suma was published by all generations. Recorded the No. 1 of late-night TV programs supported by. In addition, only "Pu" Suma was supported by all generations. Even after that, in the November 2010, 11 issue of "Ori Star", phrases such as "a program that always ranks high in the viewing ranking of Ori Star readers" and "the secret of its popularity" were used, and it was highly evaluated for many years. It was.

Main character promoting the spread of terrestrial digital


June 2006, 6, nationally,Digital terrestrial broadcastingBecame the main character of the promotion campaign. In addition, in history, this main character is only Kusanagi[131].. Toward a complete transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting,Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Promotion Association - NHK,Commercial broadcastConsists of 127 TV companies and receiver manufacturersDigital Broadcasting Promotion AssociationKusanagi, the main character of the same character, has been engaged in various activities such as energetically visiting the whole country. The achievement is#AwardSee. Also, in Dpa's "Ayumi of Digital Broadcasting", it is the only person whose name is written there, and it describes the inauguration of Kusanagi and the presentation of a letter of appreciation from the country to Kusanagi.[† 23][131].


On June 2007, 6, at "The 13st General Meeting of Digital Broadcasting Promotion Association (Dpa)", he was a key player in the promotion and promotion of terrestrial digital broadcasting. A letter of appreciation was presented by the president of[132].

At the Central Ceremony commemorating "Radio Day / Information and Communications Month" on June 2012, 6, KusanagiMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsMore thank-you letter was presented[20][21].. When presenting a letter of appreciation from the Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThe outline of Kusanagi's achievements on the official website is as follows.

As a main character to promote the spread of digital terrestrial broadcasting, he has appeared in many well-known spots and has been making efforts to disseminate the attractiveness of digital terrestrial broadcasting to the public by using posters, leaflets, etc. and participating in events. , Made a great contribution to the complete digitization of terrestrial broadcasting in Japan. — Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications[21]


Shingo Katori

Shingo KatoriIsジ ュ ニ アSince that time, he has had a very close personal relationship, and both have professed to be the closest to each other. They are called "Tsuyopon" and "Shingo". Katori said about Kusanagi, "I'm a friend who hugged each other many times and cried when it was hard. Tsuyopon's existence is big."[133]From an interviewer, “For Katori-san”treasureWhen asked "What is it?", He immediately answered "Tsuyopon".[134].. Kusanagi sometimes described the relationship with Katori as "the same tree originally".[135], "Shingo is the person who knows me best of all humankind."[136].

Kusanagi and Katori became friends to play together every day in private when they were juniors, and each otherHomeI'm staying with each other all the time. As a child, two people every day all nightダンスI choreographed and slept together so that I would faint in the morning[137][138], Two people playing games all night[139],HarajukuTwo people go to the store and come togetherclothesEtc., and two people who dressed the same alwaysBoomboxCarry aroundHibiya Line,Shibuya OfHachikoI was dancing together in front of me[140].. There are many such episodes where two people spend the same time together regardless of work, and he also states that both of them are the people who spend the most of their time together. Also, in 2003, Katori recalled that he was on a diet with Kusanagi outside work before, and said, "I wasn't fat."[141].

Kusanagi and Katori's intimacy is often mentioned by a third party since childhood, and in 1996 they were together.UK Ofク ラ ブWhen I went toLGBTIt was confirmed that Katori was a couple to this man and Katori was confirmed. In the dialogue between the two, the reporter wrote as follows. 『Weekly Pia』," The two had an intimacy far beyond mere teammates. "" From there, you can feel a unique bond that is different from your childhood friend, best friend, or brother. "[142].. 『non-no』," Two people who have walked together since they met in their early teens. The relationship full of love is well known. Even in the studio, there is one line of sight between Mr. Kusaya and Mr. Katori. There is an atmosphere where you can talk with each other. "[143]"It's more like a lover who has been dating for many years, rather than a close friend (to each other)."[144].. 2016New Yearof"Asahi Shimbun], "Maybe a couple"[145].

The two are connected to each other [where they are deeper than their best friends and feel deep. It is described as "ching" in the sense of "a word that is not used unless there is a deep relationship of mutual trust", and Katori starred in Kusaya in 2013.SeoulWhen watching the performance completely privately for one night and two days, Katori commented to a news reporter, "It was the best. I cried the most and laughed so far." To that effect[146].

Katori put the name of Kusanagi in the title, and wrote the following poetic sentence.

A calm, warm and transparent heart. — Shingo Katori,[147]

When Katori was asked about the person he wanted to be reborn in 2015, he answered the name of Kusanagi as the only person who is the best person, and talks about the charm of Kusanagi, the area where he thinks so. Katori said about Kusanagi, "It's really big," and argued about the size and tenderness of the vessel.[148].


TamoriIs called "Tsuyoshi" and "Tamo-san".1990 eraMore Tamori ownIzuIt is a relationship that sometimes invites Kusaya to stay at his villa or house.その際、タモリが手料理を振る舞っていたりAt that time, Tamori is serving home cooking[149][150]I'm going to buy that material together[151].. togethersquidThere are days when I went fishing. Also, Tamori's "You can laugh!When Kusanagi regularly appeared in "[152].

In the "Waratte Iitomo!" Corner "Don Pisha! Private Calculation", the respondent Tamori answered "1" in the theme "How many entertainers have gone to play at home in the past year?" Reveals that is Kusanagi.At that time, when Tamori went to Kusanagi's house, Tamori himself was drunk, so he opened the window of the room and said, "SceneryIt's nice," says an episode of Tamori's head hitting a screen door with a dwarf. Moderator of this cornerShingo KatoriAlso, at the beginning of the progress of this theme, he said, "By the way, I am" one person "", revealing that it is Kusanagi and telling the episode, and knowing the state of Kusanagi's room with Tamori and Katori. The conversation arose because of[153].

According to Tamori, Tamori go occasionallySoba restaurantThere is, and the shop staff does not treat him as a celebrity at all, so when I went to Kusaya and his soba shop, the shop staff treated Kusaya as a celebrity, and when I made a bill. When asked by the shop staff who asked who they heard about this place, Kusaya answered that it was Tamori, and he answered to the shop staff, "What ?! Tamori-san, why do you know this shop ?!" There is an episode that Tamori himself was in front of him, but he didn't notice it until the end.これにより、店の人がタモリを芸能人のタモリだと認識してないだけだったと判明したThis turned out that the store clerk simply didn't recognize Tamori as a celebrity Tamori.[154].

Ken Takakura

Ken TakakuraAfter receiving a letter from TakakuraCorrespondenceTakakura called Kusaya to the hotel room to eat together, and invited Kusaya to his house.[155].

Takakura's last work "to you』Co-starred. Prior to the film's release in August 2012, when Takashi appeared on a live TV program featured by Ken Takakura, Takakura's own desire to appear as a surprise came true,[156]For Takakura, who rarely appears on TV, it was a one-time live broadcast appearance in his lifetime.During this live co-star, Takakura was next to Kusaya from beginning to end, talking about each other and frequently touching Kusaya.Takakura highly valued Kusaya and wanted a movie to co-star with Kusaya, but it will not come true due to Takakura's death in 2014.In addition, Kusaya was asked by Takakura to attend the award ceremony for "To You" held in December 2012 on behalf of Takakura.Before the ceremony, I talked to Takakura on the phone.授賞式のステージ上では高倉に託されたメッセージを代読し、高倉との共演を振り返っているOn the stage of the award ceremony, he reads the message entrusted to Takakura and looks back on his co-starring with Takakura.[157].

The steak shop that Takakura used to go toKanazawaAccording to the owner, Takakura brought back souvenir meat to Kusanagi when he last visited the restaurant, and told the owner that he would eat it at night with Kusanagi.[158].

Tomoya Nagase

Tomoya NagaseIs Nagaseジ ュ ニ アAt that time, Kusanagi and Katori made something like "a meeting that makes Nagase laugh" and often made Nagase laugh.[159].. Later, in December 1993, when Kusanagi was 12 years old and Nagase was 19 years old, he co-starred on the stage "Kiyo-no-Ribbon" starring Kusanagi. In a book published in October 15, Nagase named only Kusanagi under the title of "Ideal Senior" and stated as follows. "SMAP's (Kusanagi) Tsuyoshi, who co-starred in" Hime-chan's Ribbon, "takes care of me from the musical lesson to the end of the performance. Tsuyoshi is really kind and has a good personality. The story is interesting, and it's just the best! Tsuyoshi Kusanagi used to wear a cool necklace, and I once said, "That's good." Then, "This is my It's a store my friends are doing. Do you want to go with me?" And he still remembers it! I forget about it ... I want to be a person who is respected by my juniors. I hope I can be a senior who is as familiar as Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, not an inaccessible senior. "[160].

After that, each otherOld clothesLikes and only lovers can understandjeansTalking about and sharing information about various stores[161].


April 2009, 4, around 23 am,TokyoMinato-ku OfHinokicho ParkI was informed by a neighboring resident that I was getting drunk.Police officerWhen he went to the scene, he was drunk and there was one naked Kusanagi.Public obsceneOn suspicionCurrent criminal arrestWas done[162].. In the evening of the dayHouse searchWas done but nothing was seized[163], Was released the next day and held an apology conference. According to it, the person answered that he had no memory at that time[164].. After enough reflection, on May 5st, the following dayProsecution delayBecame[165].

After refraining from performing arts activities in this matter, he returned to work on May 5, and all regular program appearances resumed.[166].. All the commercials that were contracted at that time were restarted,Yamasa soy sauce"I think that Mr. Kusaya has been on the commercial since the launch of" Konbu Ponzu "10 years ago, and he has grown the product. I couldn't think of a substitute talent."[167].. The main character of the promotion of terrestrial digital broadcasting, which is a national item, declined the performance fee and offered to "use a considerable amount for the terrestrial digital broadcasting business."[† 24], Returned with participation in "Gathering for Promotion of Complete Transition to Digital Broadcasting"[168].

There were many voices defending Kusanagi on this matter.[169].Ken Takakura,Tomoya NagaseReceived letters from many celebrities and ordinary people[161][170]It is also revealed that Takakura had sent a letter to Johnny's office to protect Kusanagi.[170].. Also, during the self-restraint periodShingo KatoriI got a phone call every day and talked with them until late[171].. During that period, KatoriYamagataI was busy making many round trips between Tokyo and Yamagata due to the filming in Tokyo, but I went to the mountains between the filming of this movie.Wild vegetablesI'm picking it, and every time I return to Tokyo after shootingHaneda airportGo straight to Kusanagi's house and pick up the wild vegetablestempuraI fried it and ate it with Kusanagi[172].. In addition, for about 5 years from this matter, I had stopped drinking alcohol myself,TamoriThe ban was lifted due to the measure of[173][174].

Delivered on August 10, 2021, more than 8 years after the scandalABEMA"7.2 New new windowWhen asked "What I regret the most" in the program planning, Kusanagi replied "I took it off."[175].



Kusanagi was a child水 泳-kendo-Mechanical gymnastics-land-Ball skillsEtc. laterTaekwondoI have experience working hard on such things,SportsKnown for versatility[176].. About high physical abilityJapan Athletics FederationIt is evaluated by the strengthening committee as being excellent in motor nerves[† 25].


Back rollI have decided 10 or more consecutive moves[177].. Also, I decided the front air[178]At the SMAP concert,On the back6 humans who slept inPiano white keyOne by one) while jumping over in the side air while holding the microphone in one hand[179][† 26] In addition, he has decided on a continuous technique of "Roundoff-> backflip 6 times in a row-> backflip"[180][† 27], "Ron Dart -> rear stretch somersault (with both arms spread out in a straight line)"[181][† 28].

Studying as a student, characteristics of the student since then

In the fall after graduating from high school in 1993, when asked about the study situation when taking the high school exam in a conversation with a junior at the office, the staff who was there said about Kusanagi, "SMAP Ichiban's hard worker. I also brought my study tools to the destination, "said Kusanagi himself, who didn't say anything about it.[159].

The characteristics of that time have been seen for many years since then, and KusanagiShofuiteiWas told that "I am doing a lot to improve myself", and that is evaluated as "the top among SMAP",Fumi ShibamonIs rated "honestly and with all efforts"[182].


ReaderIs described as "a reading history that does not seem like a super busy schedule"[183].Katsuhito Ishii"We'll study Hangul, read books, and everything in his spare time, and he's all serious," he said of Kusanagi.[85].

Kyoko Koizumi asked for a chorus

Kyoko KoizumiAsked by KoizumisingleParticipated in the chorus for "Man's Girl Onco" (released October 1996, 10). Koizumi cites "the cutest" as to why he asked Kusanagi. In addition, in the series, he also said that it was "amazingly beautiful" and evaluated Kusanagi's face and eyes.[184].

Inducted into the Best Jeanist Hall of Fame

Men at "Best Jeanist AWARD" sponsored by the Japan Jeans CouncilBest Jeanist Award JapanSelected for the fifth consecutive year (5-1999) and inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also, about jeans about KusanagiEnglish,Political / economicIt is published in the textbook of. See "Textbook" below.


high schoolEnglish textbook[185] A photo of Kusanagi at the 2002 Best Genist Award Ceremony with the teaching material genre "Era/Fashion" has been published since 2003. High schoolPolitical / economicTextbook[186] A photo of the best jeanist, Kusanagi, has been posted in since 2014. It describes his involvement with jeans, his depth of knowledge, and his outlook on jeans. Also, high school English textbooks[187] Starring in the serial drama "The way i live』The photo of Kusanagi is posted. Scenes of conducting chorus and scenes in front of trees. Also,Junior high schoolEnglish textbook[188] A photo of Kusaya wearing jeans on a black jacket is posted on. It is written that he speaks Korean well.

High-paying taxpayer ranking-No. 1 among Johnny & Associates talents

Abolished in 2005High taxpayer announcement systemFor 2004, announced in 2003ChoreographerRecorded No. 1 among Johnny's office talents in high taxpayer rankings[189].

Tap dance at the Moscow International Film Festival

Kusaya, who has been devoting himself to dance since childhood, starred in the movie "The movie released in 2004.Hotel Venus] InTap danceIs stepping on. Of the director of this workShuta TakahataAccording to Kusaya, he has been practicing tap dancing for a long time before the start of shooting, and since he has high potential, he is quick to learn, and he is a person who brings goals to the top, so it looks good. After that, I continued to practice enthusiastically during the shooting period.[190].

"Hotel Venus" isWorld Four Film Festivalof"Moscow International Film Festival Winner of the "Competition Perspective Category Grand Prize", when Kusanagi greeted on the stage at the official screening, he gave a generous applause from the audience by tapping on a wonderful tap as in the play. Was done. Applause aroused even after the screening of this work, and the cheering "Bravo!" continued until Kusanagi left the venue. In addition, many spectators cried, and many praised voices were heard.[191].

Korean with a scene appearing in "Hotel Venus"An actor-singerJi Hyun-woo of "When I talked about responsibility in 2007, said about Kusanagi's impression in this work, "I thought "Oh, the top of Japan is really true"," "I was training very hard, I practiced tapping during breaks... I remember that," he recalls.[192].

Special lecture at the "10th Anniversary Symposium of the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child" co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNICEF

August 2004, 3,Ministry of Foreign AffairsAt the United Nations University Tanto International Conference HallUnited Nations Children's FundKusaya, who was invited as a special guest at the "10th Anniversary Symposium on the Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child" co-sponsored by (UNICEF), gave a special lecture in front of domestic and foreign experts and members of the Diet. Received applause[193]. Entertainers give a lecture in such a place like no other than Kusanagi. Being a star for the reason I was invited[194], Starring serial drama "Me and her and the way she livesIt was mentioned that he played the role of father for the first time and received a favorable reception.[195]The Foreign Affairs Committee said, "I think it would be very meaningful for Mr. Kusanagi to give a lecture."[194].

Recorded No. 1 in favorability in commercials

In July 2009, recorded the number one favorability in a laundry detergent commercial. According to Net Asia Co., Ltd., when asked in a free-answer format about the talents who have appeared or have appeared in laundry detergent commercials and have the highest liking, "Tsuyoshi Kusanagi" is mentioned. The number of respondents was the highest, and the results by age group also showed the highest number of respondents who named “Kusaya Tsuyoshi” in any age group.[13].

Recorded the number one access to the blog

Amoeba blogIn the movie "BALLAD Nameless love song(Released in 2009), Kusanagi's limited-time blog by himself and related parties recorded the first place in the overall access ranking. In this blog, Kusaya's own name was not written at all, and the role name of this movie was used instead. This is the first time that a talent belonging to Johnny & Associates has a blog for free viewing.

Playing the piano

"We are SMAP! 2010 CONCERT] InBallad OfduoSong "Short hairAtピ ア ノ OfNarrationI am doing. Keep an eye on the keyboard in the part where two people sing,vocalThere was also a scene where he played and talked while staring at Katori[196]. Then in the same yearRecochoku"Short hair" ranks first in the ranking of the favorite song of "We are SMAP!"[197].

Exchange with Empress Michiko

Less than,#BiographyAnd Korea related#ActivitiesFor detailed episodes other than those listed in.

On January 2011, 1, Kusaku starring movie "1778 story of me and my wife"Empress MichikoThey are watching side-by-side with each other, and a long handshake lasting about 3 seconds is completed at the end of the exchange that lasted about 30 hours from the welcome to the movie and the talk. The Empress called out to Kusanagi, "Let's meet again." In addition, the Empress was familiar with Kusanagi, and even said to her that she was "busy and difficult". In the media, a photo (two figures of Kusanagi and a smiling empress) with two people sitting next to each other in the seats before the screening was published.[17].

Complete the 100km marathon while carrying the "Onawa" on your back

2012'sFNS 27-hour TV It's alright to laugh! Midsummer super unity oversized issue! Should I work hard all night?』, The first runner in the history of the program volunteered for the 100km marathon, and completed the race in an unusual condition (see below for details). In addition, Kusanagi is also the "union leader" in this program. I am busy training for the 100km marathon, and for that trainingNPOCorporate Director of Nippon Runners・Japan Athletics FederationOf the strengthening committeeTetsuhiko KinWas involved. Kim wrote about Kusaya as "a sharp sensibility and a quick turn of the head. Moreover, he has excellent motor nerves", and his posture is also highly evaluated.[198].

In the actual 100km marathon, due to the jump rope performed at the program finale, from the turning point of 50km, [sure thingI ran through to the end in an unusual state of carrying a heavy "large rope" on my back, which is used when all the regulars on all days jump as a group.[† 29]. Kusanagi has been working without rest the next day after finishing the race, and from the off-shot taken by the photographer who was closely related to the recording of the song program two days after the finish, Kusanagi's right shoulder in a tank top It can be confirmed that there is a bruise because I was carrying a long rope[199]. Also, after finishing the race, my toenails are about to break and my solesBruiseIt is also clear that it was purple in[200]. In addition, in this 100km marathon, Kim also wrote down the impression of the day about Kusanagi, paying homage to "the figure of a man who does not show weaknesses".[198].

Pet dog walnut

Female born December 2016, 12French bulldogI have a. He is fond of the name "walnut" and has appeared frequently on Kusaya's programs and SNS. From April 2018Canon"EOS Kiss MTo the CMYuko Takeuchi(In addition, the appearance cooperation fee will be donated in full to the General Incorporated Association Old Dog Home Association to support the activities of the association). The song used in the commercial is the first song of Katori and Kusanagi's new unit "SingTuyo".KISS is my life."[201][202][203].



TV program

Below, programs other than dramas and anime are classified as regular, irregular, and single-shot.



One shot

  • All Star Blush Report! Happening Grand Prize (Spring '96, Spring '98) --Guest appearance
  • Sound Mania '97 (January 1997, 1, TBS) --Moderator
  • New Spring Festival Program Festival (March 1997, 3, Fuji TV) --Moderator
  • NONFIX Yoshinobu Takahashi's 300-day portrait-The reason for the giant- (January 1998, 1, Fuji TV) --Narration
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi ・ Go to California! ~ Find the ultimate jeans! (November 2003, 11, TBS)
  • Following the documentary "My Way of Life" (February 2004, 2, Fuji TV)
  • 24 Hours TV 28 "Love Saves the Earth" ~Living~(October 2005, 8-December 27, NTV)- Shingo KatoriWith main personality
  • Japanese History(September 2005, 9, Fuji TV)-Navigator
  • The Nonfiction Japan-Korea co-produced documentary "Running through now ... Two baby boomers at a crossroads" (August 2006, 8, Fuji TV) --Narrative
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori's trip to Denmark !! A journey of laughter and bonds (April 2007, 4, TV Asahi)
  • Astonishing video 88 barrage! Amazing water world-water test 2008 (August 2008, 8, Fuji TV) --Narrative
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Presents! Korea Tour with Mao and Miki Figure (October 2008, 10, TV Asahi)
  • Figure Skating Grand Prix Series Final 2008-Seoul (2008 October 10-25 December 12, TV Asahi)-Special Navigator
  • Suddenly! The Golden Legend."24-hour Warring States period life" (September 2009, 9, TV Asahi)
  • Lol(December 2009, 12 Nippon Television)-Surprise Appearance
  • TV TOKYO 45th anniversary commemorative program The sealed mystery of Sanzo Hoshi ~ A man who challenged the Silk Road 30,000 km ~ (September 2010, 9, TV Tokyo)-Navigator
  • Is it good for Takeshi Kusanagi? Variety 3 hours SP (October 2010, 10, TV Asahi)
  • The legendary stage that revives Tsukkoukou: The conflict of genius engraved in an unreleased video (March 2011, 3, NHK)-Narrative
  • Challenge to the world of "citizen runners"-Yuki Kawauchi, Japan representative of marathon- (July 2011, 7, NHK)-Talk
  • Tokyo Sky Tree Challenge to the World's Hardest (July 2011, 7, NHK)-Navigator
  • FNS Kayo Festival Uta no Summer Festival 2011(August 2011, 8, Fuji TV)-Moderator
  • Show me all the attractions of Sky Tree (May 2012, 5, NHK)-Moderator
  • FNS 27-hour TV It's alright to laugh! Midsummer super unity oversized issue! Should I work hard all night?(July 2012, 7-July 21, Fuji TV)-Unity leader
  • Fuji TV 55th anniversary music special program FNS masterpiece festival 55 years looking back with treasured images -NO MUSIC, NO TV.-(August 2013, 11, Fuji TV)-Moderator
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's "I lived in a news town!" (March 2018, 3, NHK)
  • (October 2018, 12th, 1,RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System[210]
  • Use of oysters in downtown!New Year's Eve Special Youth High School 24 o'clock that you should never laugh! (December 2019, 12-January 31, 2020, Nippon Television)
  • Can you charge Tetsuro Degawa? Let's go! The first New Year of Reiwa is the super power spot "Ise Jingu"! It's 158km from Seki-juku to Matsusaka, Toba, and Shima congratulations spots! Yo! New Year 3 Hours SP (January 2020, 1, TV Tokyo)
  • Refreshing(January 2020, 1, 6, NTV)
    • "Clear" Team VS "New Map" Team Parasport Showdown) Cast with Inagaki and Katori
  • Waruiko gathered(October 2021, 9th, 13,NHK E Tele[211]
  • Kusanagi Yasutomo Rabbit vs Kame (October 2021, 10, 3, 10, 17)Yomiuri TV

TV drama

Online delivery

  • 72 hours real TV(June 2017-11, 2,AbemaTV)-Moderator with Katori and Inagaki.
  • 27Hun Hongno Little TV (January 2018, 1, AbemaTV)-Hosted with Katori and Inagaki. Mori also appeared on the phone.
  • 72Hun A little more TV ~ Shingo Katori Birthday special program ~ (January 2018, 1-30st, AbemaTV)-However, Kusanagi will appear on the phone.
  • 7.2 New new window(April 2018, 4 -, AbemaTV)-Regular program hosted by Katori and Inagaki.
  • Live video of the legend of Namie Amuro revived by fans of all over Japan WE NAMIE FINAL Encore LIVE (September 2018, 9, AbemaTV)-Moderator[215]
  • Tokyo BTH ~ TOKYO BLOOD TYPE HOUSE ~ Episode 10 (December 2018, 12,Amazon Prime Video)-Situation variety drama starring Inagaki[216].
  • Nagisuke!(December 2019, 12 -, Amazon Prime Video)- Yusuke Santa MariaWith moderator[217].
  • (To be delivered in 2022,Disney +[218]



Television Animation

Theater animation






The following is a work written by Takeshi Kusanagi.

Language study

The following is a work in the name of Chonan Kang.

翻 訳

Photo album



Below is the name of Takeshi Kusanagi. monthly.

  • C'est la vie! (1994-1997,Wink up] Wanibooks)
  • I love it! (1996 -, "Monthly The Television] KADOKAWA)-The longest serialization in the history of the television.
  • Welcome to my "hiding place" (2004-2008, "MORE] Shueisha)
  • Absolute favorable opinion (2014-December 2017, 『Today"Shogakukan

News (Chinese)

Below is the name of Chonan Kang. Every week.


Read aloud CD book
  • Reading "Tsubakihime" with Tsuyoshi Kusagi VOICE ~Love me as much as I love~ (June 2002, Kadokawa Shoten,ISBN-978 4049070804)-Read aloud
Music cd single
  • Kyoko Koizumi"Otoko no Ko no Ko no Ko" (October 1996, 10)-Koizumi asked for a chorus[† 48]
  • Chonan Kang "Ai no Uta-Chonmaru Sarangheyo" (June 2002, 6)-Translation (Korean translation of Japanese)
Limited distribution


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