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🎵 | Ame No Parade announces national tour next spring

Photo December 12 @ Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo)

Ame No Parade announces national tour next spring

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* Scheduled to be distributed through streaming services and major download services such as iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora.

Carrying the second new album "Face to Face" in 12 released on December 23 (Wednesday) ... → Continue reading


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RecoChoku Co., Ltd.(RecoChoku Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfITAffiliated company.Also,"RecochokuIs a paid service operated by the companyMusic distributionsite.

The company name is the old name of the management site "Directly managed by a record company"(RecoCompany直Business →Reco direct), And as the name implies, it was a company jointly funded by a major domestic record company, but since December 2013.NTT DoCoMoBecame the largest shareholder[2]..We develop Japan's largest music download service and all-you-can-listen service.In recent years, the business has expanded to the BtoB area.

The communication slogan is "Music dreams.』.

Services provided

For singles, albums, video clipsMusicDownloadServiceThe largest and the firstRinging songIt is also the site that started the service.Smartphone (available for Android and iPhone), PC,Nintendo 3DS,Nintendo SwitchCorresponding to.
A flat-rate all-you-can-listen service centered on J-POP.980 yen (tax included) per month.The number of songs is over 1000 million.All-you-can-listen to major domestic and foreign artists.


Participating companies (2019å¹´11Current)

Current participating companies


Past participating companies


RecoChoku Annual Ranking

Full delivery (Chaku-Uta Full,Smartphone) The songs with the highest number of downloads per year on the company's website are announced.The aggregation period is from December 12st of the previous year to November 1th of the current year.The first place in the past year is as follows.

RecoChoku Rookie Cup

Since 2008, it has been holding music awards for new singers on an irregular basis.About 20 groups participate each time, and the singer whose entry song Chaku-Uta is downloaded most during the period will be the Grand Prix (winner).Until the second time, it was called "Reco Nao ♪ Rookie Cup".Successive Grand Prix winners are as follows (entry songs in brackets).

RecoChoku audition

Program provided by one company


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