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🎭 | [December 1th East Japan] Let's spend the year-end and New Year holidays laughing at the theater! East Japan Theater Performance Schedule


[December 1, East Japan] Let's spend the year-end and New Year holidays laughing at the theater! East Japan Theater performance schedule [with ticket]

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Lumine the Yoshimoto Saturday, Sunday and New Year Special Performance <2nd> Date: January 2021, 1 (Sun) 3:14 Open 15:14 Start
Venue: Lumine the Yoshimoto (Tokyo)
Tickets: For general sale
Online performance: None
All seats are free Advance sale 4,500 yen
[Neta] Gin Shari / Jaru Jaru / Razor Ramon / Kazuyuki Sakuma / Tenjiku / Trendy Angel / Chocolate Planet / Plus / Minus
[SP Comedy] "Are you pickpocketing for your father ?!": Yuichi Kimura / Mt. Ooyama Hero / Buffalo Goro A / Mizudama Repuu Corps Ken /.

Source: Rough & Peace News Magazine At Rough Maga, information on special performances during the year-end and New Year holidays delivered by Yoshimoto Kogyo ... → Continue reading

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Tentacle(Tenjiku Mouse)Yoshimoto KogyoA Japanese comedy duo belonging to the Tokyo head office.2004Formed in April.bothOsaka NSC26th generation.King of conte2008・2009・2013ファイナリスト。キャッチフレーズは「奇天烈Satsuma Domain. "


Katsumi Kawahara (Katsumi Kawahara) (1980-01-21) 19801/21(41 years old) -)
Blur・ In charge of making material, the standing position is on the left.Shaved head[1].
KagoshimaSoo-gunOsaki TownBackground[1],Shoushikan High Schoolgraduate[2]..In high school, he belongs to the baseball club.
Blood type A.left handed.
Favorite artistsGo Nagabuchi.
Until 2008Osaka-Great powerTown "Kizu Wholesale MarketI was working part-time with Seshita for 6 years.[3]..He insists that he hasn't had time to sleep because of the part-time job here, and he hasn't slept just by lying down six years before he started working part-time in the market.I want to sleep! I want to lie down on ○○ (bed, gravel road, etc.)!A story was born that shouted out[4].
Fans are called "Unko-chan".
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks OfChiga UniversitySimilar to a player.
At the talk live, he revealed that he had a naughty younger brother.
CatI like and have a cat[5]
HobbyPicture bookを読むこと。特にお気に入りの絵本は『Nguma』(Shuntaro TanikawaBy).
From July 2020, the filmmakerKento YamadaAlso started activities as a "director" in collaboration with[6].
"Wednesday downtown』の企画で、NSC大阪26期生の中では在学中、同期から一番の天才と評価されていたことが判明した[7].
Has an agent contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo with a pin[8].
Yutaka Seshita (1979-07-29) 19797/29(41 years old) -)
KagoshimaKanoyaBackground[9],Kagoshima Prefectural Kanoya Technical High SchoolAfter graduating, he belongs to the baseball club in high school.I have twin sisters.
Blood type is A type.
What type of woman do you likeSuzuki Emi[10].
In the young ageKenji Tamura"Charcoal grilled meat tamuraI was working part-time at[11].
Blogで知り合った岩手の女性と2か月間の交際を経て、2007年9月26日に結婚。2008年3月28日のbase YoshimotoIn his solo live, he revealed that he would become a father as soon as he got married.The eldest son was born on April 4, the same year[12]..After that, the eldest daughter was also born[13].
"Is ○○ of messenger all right?』(Every day broadcasting) Synchronized ibis (Fujisaki Market) Revealed that the monthly income is less than 40 yen[14].



高校卒業後、お笑い芸人を目指し、2人で大阪に出てきた。天竺鼠(Guinea pig)というのは「Guinea pig」のことであり、科学実験に用いられるというイメージから「未来を担う」コンビになるように、というのがコンビ名の由来。20歳のとき、色々経験しておいた方がいいという川原の提案から、一旦コンビを解散[15]..Kawahara is in Kagoshimacarpenter, Seshita to make moneyTokyo-KabukichoでhostWas doing[15]..By the way, when he was a carpenter, Kawahara was a long hair.After that, the two met again in Osaka and togetherOsaka NSCEnrolled in.The Osaka NSC era is nowCandy,Fujisaki Marketのメンバーと仲が良かった。NSC時代は一貫して上位クラスに所属するなど成績優秀だった。当時、2人は共同生活をしており、毎朝明け方からKizu Wholesale Market[3]でバイトをしていた。市場での持ち場は瀬下がFish shop[3]、川原がGreengrocer。瀬下は社長から信頼されていて相当仕事を任されており、番頭にまで昇進し、正社員になってくれないかと頼まれていた[3]..On the other hand, Kawahara seems to have been entrusted with hard work.This market is called by some as a greengrocer entertainerDota PontaAlso occasionally visits to buy.Sometimes I work together, and when I thought that Toi and Kawahara were talking about something, it seemed that they were excited about "what vegetables are cheap" (Seshita talk).From such a connection, both of them are in the Ponta Corps.

Both of them are Masatake Takechi (Super Maradona) Gathered only former comediansTakechi ArmyBelong to.King of conteIn 2008, he advanced to the final, but the result was 6th.The following year, King of Conte 2009 was the only one to advance to the final for the second consecutive year.The result was 2th. In October 7, the first DVD was released on "Tenjiro".2Released under the title.What's more, why is the photo in it?Silver riceIs.By the way, the title of the second DVD is "Tenjiro"4, The title of the third DVD is "Tenjiro"5. "M-1 Grand PrixHe was unable to advance to the finals while experiencing eight semi-final advancements and nine repechage appearances (only in the 8 tournament, quarter-final advancers were also able to participate in the repechage).This is the most record for a person who has never experienced the final.

In my hometown of Kagoshima, from April 2010, 4Kagoshima TVThe main MC program "Delphi's Oracle" started with Tenjiku[16]..A man to whom KEEN, also from Kagoshima, belongs laterduo-C & KAlso joined MC and was broadcast for about 3 years[17][18]。C&Kとは、番組企画のミュージックビデオ「電波マスター with 天竺鼠・石神愛子 from デルフォイの神託」での共演をはじめ、鹿児島テレビが毎年行う特別番組『KTSの日』や、終了した『デルフォイの神託』に代わり開始された『見っどナイト』などのテレビ番組、C&Kのミュージックビデオ「嗚呼、麗しき人生」、C&KのYouTubeチャンネルで行われた「New Single『嗚呼、麗しき人生』発売記念 YouTube Live」や、天竺鼠・川原チャンネルの「嗚呼、麗しき人生【天竺鼠 川原 究極シリーズ】」でも共演しており、C&Kが出演するLive concertAs a guest, Sapporo City on October 2013, 10PENNY LANE 24, Kagoshima City "Caparvo Hall" on May 2014, 5, "Caparvo Hall" on July 17, 2015Kagoshima Arena』And appeared. On June 2017, 6,Orix Theater』のライブイベント「」にもC&Kの出番にVTRで登場しており、『見っどナイト』の特別番組公開収録も兼ねた『鹿児島アリーナ』での2018年3月31日のコンサートでは、『デルフォイの神託』での大喜利コーナーを再現したり、歌の途中で登場して壇上でOne blackbeard crisisThere are friends both publicly and privately.

base Yoshimoto→5up YoshimotoWas appearing in20142Graduated to.20161Move the base of activities to Tokyo in earnest.

Art style

mainlyControlButComicAlso do.Tale overallSurrealIs.I also do short controls, but there is no tsukkomi in each control.Between the short conte and the short conte, the two of them hummed "bridge, bridge, bridge ..."[Annotation 1]。またこの他にも川原が「ショートコント♪ショートコント♪ショートコントが始まるよ〜♪」等と口ずさみ一向にネタを始めず、1つショートコントをし再び「次のショートコント♪…」と歌いだしそのままステージの照明が落ちて終わるパターンもある。

BothKagoshimaI'm from, but in the storyOsaka DialentSpeak at.At the beginning of formationKagoshima dialectI was a manzai, but the accent was too strong to convey.


Kawahara's pinneta.With a pin, put sunglasses on a leather jacket with a patch and put it on your headeggplantI often make a story with a character who wears a headgear.The habit is "Moffunnyo"[4]..In addition, there are one-shot gag such as "Moffunki", "Ear GOOD", and "Seriously indefinite imprisonment".mainlyFlip art..A thing that turns the picture drawn in the sketchbook.

You can crush various things with your face down or bind them with eggs.As a character that appears, "Odekotori-kun" is famous.The last line is "I'm sleepy!".



  • 2007 BGO Upward Lol Performing Arts Award New face award
  • 2008 2th Laughing supernova New face award
  • 2009 30th ABC Owarai Rookie Grand Prix Best Rookie Award
  • 2009 BGO Kamigami Performing Arts Award Event Title Award
  • 2014 35th ABC Owarai Grand Prix Winner
  • 2020 House-1 Grand Prix 2020 Winner (Kawahara)[19]

Award race results

M-1 Grand Prix

VenueDate and TimeRemarks
20043rd round advance[20]1495[21]NGK Studio2004/11/14
2005Advance to the semi-finals[22]593[23]Namba Grand Hanatsuki2005/12/11
2006Advance to the semi-finals[24]3896Namba Grand Hanatsuki2006/12/10
2007Advance to the semi-finals[25]4213Namba Grand Hanatsuki2007/12/9
2008Advance to the semi-finals[26]4460Namba Grand Hanatsuki2008/12/6
2009Advance to the semi-finals[27]4597Namba Grand Hanatsuki2009/12/5
2010Quarterfinals advance[28]4812Namba Grand Hanatsuki2010/12/431rd place in qualifying
2015Advance to the semi-finals[29]1155EX THEATER ROPPONGI2015/11/19Qualifying 15th, Loser Revival 10th
2016Quarterfinals advance[30]2613Namba Grand Hanatsuki2016/11/7
2017Advance to the semi-finals[31]3637NEW PIER HALL2017/11/15Qualifying 20th, Loser Revival 3th
2018Quarterfinals advance[32]3553NEW PIER HALL2018/11/6
2019Advance to the semi-finals[33]2424NEW PIER HALL2019/12/2Qualifying 19th, Loser Revival 5th

King of conte

年度ResultVenueDate and Time
2008Advance to the final (6th place)TBS TV2008/10/5
2009Advance to the final (7th place)TBS TV2009/9/22
2010Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2010/8/29
2011Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2011/8/25
2012Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2012/9/1
2013Advance to the final (3th place)TBS TV2013/9/23
2014Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2014/9/10
2015Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2015/8/28
2016Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ2016/9/9
2017Lost the quarterfinalsCurian Hall2017/8/15
2018Lost the quarterfinalsCurian Hall2018/8/16
2019Lost the quarterfinalsCurian Hall2019/8/16
2020Lost the quarterfinalsYES THEATER2020/8/18



tv set

Past regular appearance

Crown special number



  • (FM OH!, October 2015-)-Kawahara only



  • HIS Hatsuyume Fair (December 2010-January 12)



  • Tenjiku / Kawahara Channel (March 2016-)
  • 1510 yen bald-kun channel (December 2018-)
  • Full Power Warrior Seshitaman Channel (April 2020-)
  • Kawahara's (July 2020-)


  • Monoboke BATTLE (H.I.S. Kansai, 2010)
  • HITOSHI MATSUMOTO presents documentary・ Season 1 (Amazon Prime Video, 2016) --Kawahara only
  • IPPON Grand Prix latest tournament broadcast & DVD release commemoration (Nico Nico Live Broadcast, June 2016, 6) --Kawahara only
  • Sashimeshi# 154 Straightener / Hori Atsushi x Tenjiku / Kawahara (LINE LIVE, June 2016, 7) --Kawahara only
  • Back IPPON Grand Prix (Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, November 2016, 11) --Kawahara only
  • Speed ​​Wagon Monday The NIGHT (AbemaTV, June 2017, 7) --Kawahara only
  • NAMBA of Tenjiku! (KawaiianTV, December 2017 --November 12) --Ended with the end of Kawaiian TV broadcast
  • Tsuyoshi Domoto's XNUMXth "Hakone Futari Journey with Best Friend" Part XNUMX (GYAO!, June 2018, 5) --Kawahara only
  • Tsuyoshi Domoto's 2018th "Hakone Futari Journey with Best Friend" Part 5 (GYAO !, May 18, XNUMX) --Kawahara only
  • House-1 Grand Prix 2020 ~ Comedy Home Performing Game No.1 Battle ~ (May 2020, 5,ABEMA) --Finalists → Winners[34][19] * Kawahara only[35]
  • Colorful ~ 77 billion plays with the power of laughter ~(2020å¹´9月11日 - 18日、Amazonプライム・ビデオ) - 笑いの精鋭[36]
  • Mofunno ☆ Tourist (January 2021, 1, ABEMA)[37]

Live alone

  • 2006
    • 10/19 "All Night Final Live in Umeda"(Base Yoshimoto / Osaka) First solo
  • 2007
    • 3/24 "Countdown Live in Kyobashi"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • August 8 Unit Live"Now, the most interesting event in base"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 9/12 "Returned Tenjiku in base Yoshimoto"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2008
    • 3/28 "Summer Live"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 8/3 "August 8nd Festival in Wach Upper"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 12/7 "Full thanks guerrilla live"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2009
    • 3/14 "There is talk, there is porori, there is no laughter, there is no song in you"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 11/21 "Transportation motorcycle people limited live"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
  • 2010
    • 5/30 "Live for constipated customers only"(Base Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 8/1 "Tokyo RAT Tenjiku Live in Solo"(Yoshimoto Prince Theater / Tokyo)
  • 2013
    • 7/27 "(Celebration! Tenjiku 9th Anniversary!) Tenjiku, who loves Osaka the most, will have a 1-hour collaboration live with stories, talks and corners! Because he loves Osaka!"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 8/16 "(Celebration! Tenjiku 9th Anniversary!) We will have a live show that Tenjiku, who loves Tokyo the most, will show off his favorite story recently! Because he loves Tokyo!"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2014
    • 2/9 "I love Tokyo live in Osaka"(5up Yoshimoto/Osaka)
    • 2/23 "I love Osaka live in Tokyo"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • 4/26 "Hatsutenjiro"(ABC Hall / Osaka)
    • 5/17 "JIMOTO-We have become so chubby-"(South Japan Newspaper Hall Minami Hall / Kagoshima)
    • 6/22 "I'll leave the single title to you."(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • 8/24 "Tenjiro NGK Solo Live" King of Tenjiku ""(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
  • 2015
    • 1/10 "Jumping Volley Live" (LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • 12/23 "Next year, I'm going to Tokyo for a while! I'm going to go to Tokyo! A collection of the best stories of Tenjiku that everyone chooses."(Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall / Osaka)
  • 2016
    • 4/1 "This year, I'm a little bit from Osaka, so I'm going to get rid of it!"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • 7/22 "Great luck live-just come and get better luck-" (YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • 8/5 "Great luck live-just come and love luck up-" (LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • 12/9 "Tenjiro DVD recording LIVE" (LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2017
    • August 3- Tenjiku's first national tour "Because I made a wonderful DVD."(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 3- Tenjiku's first national tour "Because I made a wonderful DVD."(IMS Hall / Fukuoka)
    • August 3- Tenjiku's first national tour "Because I made a wonderful DVD."(Imaike Gas Hall / Nagoya)
    • August 4- Tenjiku's first national tour "Because I made a wonderful DVD."(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 4- Tenjiku's first national tour "Because a wonderful DVD was made." Additional performance(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Level 2"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 8- "Level 2"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
  • 2018
    • August 4- "Level 3"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 4- "Level 3"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 8- "Live that seems to be enjoyable"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
  • 2019
    • August 7- "This is the real Milky Way live"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 7- "This is the real Milky Way live"(YES THEATER/Osaka)
    • August 7- "This is the real Milky Way live"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)


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